Fill out all fields marked with an asterisk(*),and the campaign URL will be generated for you.

The full website URL(e.g.


The referrer(e.g. tiktok,newsletter)


Marketing medium(e.g. cpc,banner,email)


Name of the campaign


Ad group id


Name of the ad group


Name of the ad or creative

Gengerated URL

Share and copy the generated campaign URL

More information and examples for each parameter

The following table gives a detailed explanation and example of each of the campaign parameters:

Parameter Required Example Description



No __AID__

Used to identify which ads campaign this referral references. Use utm_id to identify a specific ads campaign.

Campaign source


Yes tiktok Used utm_source to identify a search engine,tiktok,newsletter name,or other source.

Campaign medium


Yes cpc Used utm_medium to identify a medium such as email or cost-per-click.

Campaign name


No __CAMPAIGN_NAME__ Used for keyword analysis.Use utm_campaign to identify a specific product promotion or strategic campaign.



No __AID_NAME__ Used for paid search.Use utm_term to note the keywords for this ad.



No __CID_NAME__ Used for A/B testing and content-targeted ads. Use utm_content to differentiate ads or links that point to the same URL.

TikTok dynamic parameters

NOTE: you can use dynamic parameters that TikTok will automatically generate for you.

List of dynamic UTMs:

  • __AID__ = AD GROUP ID

How to use utm paramaters for TikTok Ads

Step 1 Enter and copy link

First, enter the landing page link.

Then enter the rest of the content according to your own situation,

where campaign source, campaign medium, and campaign name are required content,

and campaign Id, campaign term, and campaign content are based on your more needs to decide whether to fill in.

How to use utm paramaters for TikTok Ads

Copy the link.

Step 2 Paste the link on the TikTok Ad landing page

Paste the copied link into the landing page link location in your tiktok campaign.

Paste the link on the TikTok Ad landing page

Then you can start placing ads.

Step 3 Track the shopify utm

During the advertising process, each converted order of your ad will be accompanied by the parameters you fill in, and you can easily see which parameters the order came from.

Step 4 EAggregate and analyze the sources of stores and products

You can see the actual effect of each parameter on order conversions directly in shopify by referring to the parameter reports, and then optimize and continue to manipulate ads for specific methods or words.

EAggregate and analyze the sources of stores and products

The 3 Essential Questions a UTM Link Can Answer

When all UTM’ed up, a link should be able to help you answer some basic questions about your web traffic:

  • Where is the traffic coming from?
  • How is it getting to me?
  • Why is it coming to me?

Essentially, UTM codes tell the story of how your traffic is coming to you.

This works by using three (or more) elements called “UTM parameters,” which we’ll cover in detail below:

  • Campaign ID(optional)
  • Source
  • Medium
  • Content(optional)
  • Campaign name
  • Term(optional)

That’s why a UTM-tagged URL looks like this:

See all those “utm_” bits? That’s where we’re labeling the traffic that comes from this link.

Why are TikTok UTMs important?

If you're spending a lot of time on social media (e.g. TikTok, Facebook), you probably post hundreds of new links every day.

The TikTok UTM code helps you track the performance of each link, so you can see where your traffic is coming from.

You can use the TikTok UTM variables within links to track general information, such as how much traffic you're getting from social media. You can also use them to track granular details, like how much revenue you're getting from your TikTok ads.

There are many, many ways to track links with TikTok UTM code.

The good news: If you deterTok utm parametersmine a strategic way to tag your links now, you'll save yourself a lot of time (and headaches!) in the future! .

(I'll share a method of UTM tagging that has been particularly helpful to me in measuring the success of my links, and I hope it will be helpful to you as well.)

But before we get into that, let's quickly set our expectations for what a well-tagged URL can accomplish for you.

TikTok utm builder

The TikTok UTM builder is a free tool from PiPiADS that uses pre-programmed formulas to attach unique UTM tracking code snippets to links that can be used in ads, articles, on social media, blogs, and more.

TikTok utm parameters

Generate custom campaign parameters for your ad URLs.

You can add parameters (such as utm_source, utm_medium, and utm_campaign) to a URL to get reported data about the referenced campaign. For example, the link below will allow you to identify traffic to that comes from a specific TikTok adcampaign as part of a specific campaign.

You can create your URLs manually, or you can use a URL generator. There are three generators.

TikTok Ad URL Generator, which is used to generate URLs for websites.

TikTok link campaign code

There are three required UTM parameters - campaign name, source and medium. Then there are two optional ones - Term and Content.

  • Campaign Name.

    The link is part of the campaign and is a shared name for the campaign. We say "shared" because a good campaign name is one that can be used across channels.

    Use the product name or product description. This is the same parameter we recommend to apply the advanced UTM naming convention.

    For example: utm_campaign=product-launch

  • Source.

    The website or platform from which the visit came.

    Use TikTok, Google, Facebook, etc.

    For example: utm_source=activecampaign

  • Medium.

    The type of marketing channel your visits come from

    Use social, display, email, cpc, or similar. So, reuse the words from the default channel category in shopify Analytics.

    This will save you time and effort as your UTM data will then be available with the analytics platform out of the box and even more.

    For example: utm_medium=social-cpc

  • Term.

    From TikTok ads, by default it is used to trigger keywords for ads that contain links.

    Please use this UTM parameter to track the variety in the copy. But you are also free to use it for creative purposes. In addition to PPC keywords, you can use it for your TikTok ad headlines, or email subject lines.

    For example: utm_term=best-headline-since-sliced-bread.

  • Content

    Helps you differentiate between ads or posts on the same platform. Handy when A/B testing images or ad copy.

    Use this parameter to indicate the location of links - headline vs. body vs. image vs. footer. Or put in your version of the ad when testing. Or make your own advanced use of UTMs.

    For example: utm_content=ad-version-2b

UTM Guide FAQs

  • What does UTM stand for?

    UTM is an acronym for Urchin Tracking Module. They are short pieces of code added to a URL that tracks the source of website traffic.

  • What are TikTok UTMs?

    TikTok UTMs are parameters you can add to a link that allows you to track specific information about the link including channel, source, campaign, context, and term. Most marketers use UTMs to track traffic sources.

  • How do UTMs work?

    UTMs use a small snippet of code that provides specific information about a link. Depending on the UTM you use, it might track which campaign a click came from or how many people clicked a link in your email.

  • What is the point of UTMs?

    In marketing, UTMs are generally used to track marketing ROI. By placing small pieces of code in an URL, marketers can track exactly how a site visitor found their site. For example, a paid ad, TikTok Ads, or email campaign.

  • Do I need to use UTMs?

    If you want to understand how effective your marketing is, yes. UTMs provide detailed information about where traffic comes from, which allows you to understand what campaigns are actually driving traffic and revenue.

  • How to bulk add utm parameters to tiktok ads?

    After adding utm parameters, you can quickly clear parameters and links and quickly add the next utm link, so that you can add utm parameters to tiktok ads in bulk and quickly.

  • How to bulid utm link to tiktok ads?

    Quickly fill in the Website URL, Campaign source, Campaign medium, Campaign name and the utm link will be generated automatically, then paste the utm link into the tiktok ad landing page link location and you're done.

  • How do I add UTM parameters to TikTok ads?

    You can't add utm parameters to tiktok ads directly, you need to add utm parameters to the landing page of tiktok ads so that you can track the effect of tiktok ads, where you fill in the various contents of utm to generate a link with its own utm parameters, this is the link to your tiktok ads landing page.

  • How do I track my TikTok link clicks?

    Tracking the number of clicks on your tiktok links requires you to put the link into any tracker or tracking tool, such as google analytics, shopify analytics, etc. If you also want to track the source of clicks on tiktok links, click items, etc. you need to add utm parameters to it.

Ultimate Guide to UTM:Conclusion

UTM parameters provide extremely valuable insights into your traffic.