TikTok Top Ads

TikTok Top Ads is a series of data launched by Pipiads.

TikTok Top Ads includes:

United states,Canada,Japan,Indonesia,Taiwan,United Kingdom,Germany,Australia,Vietnam, Singapore,France,United Arab Emirates,Korea,Thailand,Brazil,Spain,Italy,Philippines, Turkey,Malaysia,Netherlands,Saudi Arabia,Ireland,Sweden,Mexico,Switzerland,Norway,Israel, Russia,Luxembourg,Morocco,New Zealand,Kazakstan

TikTok Top Ads contains:

e-commerce, games, shopify, wordpress, app, dropship, spark ads, Cash on delivery.

TikTok Top Ads by country

  • Netherlands

    Netherlands: August 2022. 192362509 Ad Impressions,411 Days,2676255 Popularity,192362509 views,2514373 likes,41204 comments,120678 shares.

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  • Philippines

    Philippines: October 2022. 32153165 Ad Impressions,25 Days,2478872 Popularity,32153165 views,2462203 likes,7733 comments,8936 shares.

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  • Italy

    Italy: October 2022. 49698997 Ad Impressions,24 Days,2486807 Popularity,49698997 views,2446255 likes,27682 comments,12870 shares.

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  • United States

    United States: October 2022. 182132491 Ad Impressions,25 Days,1047667 Popularity,182132491 views,1037911 likes,3665 comments,6091 shares.

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  • Vietnam

    Vietnam: October 2022. 41588564 Ad Impressions,23 Days,891179 Popularity,41588564 views,874088 likes,8819 comments,8272 shares.

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  • Russia

    Russia: July 2022. 227547841 Ad Impressions,271 Days,720891 Popularity,227547841 views,712514 likes,3785 comments,4592 shares.

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  • Spain

    Spain: October 2022. 31322143 Ad Impressions,23 Days,680283 Popularity,31322143 views,674208 likes,995 comments,5080 shares.

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  • Brazil

    Brazil: October 2022. 89899588 Ad Impressions,22 Days,542388 Popularity,89899588 views,535804 likes,2523 comments,4061 shares.

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  • Kazakstan

    Kazakstan: August 2022. 510415663 Ad Impressions,352 Days,528811 Popularity,510415663 views,523520 likes,1404 comments,3887 shares.

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  • Indonesia

    Indonesia: October 2022. 66266908 Ad Impressions,14 Days,483593 Popularity,66266908 views,472688 likes,5227 comments,5678 shares.

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  • Morocco

    Morocco: August 2022. 93443764 Ad Impressions,51 Days,413326 Popularity,93443764 views,407769 likes,2385 comments,3172 shares.

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  • Norway

    Norway: August 2022. 105429107 Ad Impressions,396 Days,343189 Popularity,105429107 views,339265 likes,1524 comments,2400 shares.

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  • Australia

    Australia: October 2022. 12495334 Ad Impressions,19 Days,343240 Popularity,12495334 views,338665 likes,2584 comments,1991 shares.

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  • Thailand

    Thailand: October 2022. 35786500 Ad Impressions,23 Days,324518 Popularity,35786500 views,317645 likes,1926 comments,4947 shares.

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  • Mexico

    Mexico: August 2022. 227631354 Ad Impressions,49 Days,311387 Popularity,227631354 views,303979 likes,1488 comments,5920 shares.

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  • United Arab Emirates

    United Arab Emirates: October 2022. 26255231 Ad Impressions,17 Days,311030 Popularity,26255231 views,302861 likes,4163 comments,4006 shares.

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  • Luxembourg

    Luxembourg: June 2022. 43658537 Ad Impressions,208 Days,274364 Popularity,43658537 views,273306 likes,511 comments,547 shares.

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  • France

    France: October 2022. 53987730 Ad Impressions,27 Days,227030 Popularity,53987730 views,224898 likes,1345 comments,787 shares.

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  • Malaysia

    Malaysia: October 2022. 21565430 Ad Impressions,23 Days,197528 Popularity,21565430 views,189716 likes,3068 comments,4744 shares.

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  • Japan

    Japan: October 2022. 30879793 Ad Impressions,21 Days,185328 Popularity,30879793 views,182373 likes,1530 comments,1425 shares.

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  • Canada

    Canada: October 2022. 20866074 Ad Impressions,26 Days,187166 Popularity,20866074 views,179562 likes,1902 comments,5702 shares.

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  • Germany

    Germany: October 2022. 29655216 Ad Impressions,17 Days,176440 Popularity,29655216 views,173737 likes,918 comments,1785 shares.

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  • Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia: October 2022. 67928241 Ad Impressions,15 Days,166106 Popularity,67928241 views,148703 likes,12488 comments,4915 shares.

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  • Sweden

    Sweden: July 2022. 61175242 Ad Impressions,299 Days,145935 Popularity,61175242 views,142365 likes,1687 comments,1883 shares.

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  • Turkey

    Turkey: October 2022. 61149631 Ad Impressions,27 Days,51221 Popularity,61149631 views,50469 likes,247 comments,505 shares.

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  • Switzerland

    Switzerland: July 2022. 9921132 Ad Impressions,126 Days,43123 Popularity,9921132 views,42403 likes,301 comments,419 shares.

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  • Israel

    Israel: October 2022. 14844031 Ad Impressions,25 Days,35764 Popularity,14844031 views,34177 likes,587 comments,1000 shares.

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  • Singapore

    Singapore: October 2022. 6801363 Ad Impressions,21 Days,33348 Popularity,6801363 views,32923 likes,280 comments,145 shares.

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  • Taiwan

    Taiwan: October 2022. 6521006 Ad Impressions,20 Days,28673 Popularity,6521006 views,28475 likes,110 comments,88 shares.

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  • Korea

    Korea: October 2022. 2893126 Ad Impressions,19 Days,25690 Popularity,2893126 views,24837 likes,412 comments,441 shares.

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  • New Zealand

    New Zealand: August 2022. 4198027 Ad Impressions,49 Days,4735 Popularity,4198027 views,4650 likes,48 comments,37 shares.

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  • Ireland

    Ireland: July 2022. 1375285 Ad Impressions,2 Days,1435 Popularity,1375285 views,1352 likes,55 comments,28 shares.

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TikTok Top Ads by category

  • Spark ads

    Spark ads: October 2022. 255614661 Ad Impressions,22 Days,2321215 Popularity,255614661 views,2280124 likes,27923 comments,13168 shares.

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  • E-commerce

    E-commerce: October 2022. 247124187 Ad Impressions,25 Days,1050670 Popularity,247124187 views,1037076 likes,4933 comments,8661 shares.

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  • Dropship

    Dropship: October 2022. 15795620 Ad Impressions,19 Days,598093 Popularity,15795620 views,587311 likes,2326 comments,8456 shares.

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  • Cash On Delivery(COD)

    Cash On Delivery: October 2022. 83711405 Ad Impressions,16 Days,498001 Popularity,83711405 views,473870 likes,16556 comments,7575 shares.

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  • App

    App: October 2022. 140782053 Ad Impressions,16 Days,430352 Popularity,140782053 views,414079 likes,13622 comments,2651 shares.

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  • Game

    Game: October 2022. 16860726 Ad Impressions,23 Days,58199 Popularity,16860726 views,56830 likes,915 comments,454 shares.

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TikTok Top Ads by system

  • Shopify

    Shopify: October 2022. 47300563 Ad Impressions,17 Days,1839004 Popularity,47300563 views,1793678 likes,6803 comments,38523 shares.

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  • Woocommerce

    Woocommerce: October 2022. 14241620 Ad Impressions,22 Days,283941 Popularity,14241620 views,274348 likes,1528 comments,8065 shares.

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TikTok Top Ads by country

See high-performing auction ads on TikTok. Let successful cases inspire your creativity.

TikTok Top performing ads

The beauty of TikTok is that brands can interact with their audience. Generally speaking, the most successful campaigns are. Original. Authentic and consistent with the brand image.

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Top performing TikTok ads

Top performing TikTok ads means they have very good data of plays, likes, comments, shares, spending, conversions, generated orders, transactions and so on, all these ads you can find in pipiads, pipiads is the best TikTok ads spy tool where you can try free and trial to find ads.

TikTok top view ads

The TikTok top ads -PiPiADS page is the one that shows you the top played ads under various countries and categories.

Top ads TikTok

Top ads TikTok is ranked according to the ads with the highest number of ads shown, and the ads with the highest number of ads shown are the highest.

How much do ads cost on TikTok?

How much does it cost to run a TikTok ad campaign? TikTok ad costs start at $0.50 per mile, or $0.02 per 1,000 views and clicks. TikTok paid ad campaigns also require a minimum spend of $500.

TikTok has been relatively slow to implement a formal advertising program. For this reason, brands have had to find other ways to advertise on TikTok. This is one of the reasons why influencer marketing is booming on the platform.

TikTok began experimenting with advertising in late 2018, although it didn't take off until the following year. In the early days, there was a lot of discussion about the high cost of TikTok ads. For example, it can cost $50,000 to $100,000 to take over a popular TikTok channel, while a hashtag challenge costs a flat fee of six days, or $150,000, with additional costs for businesses to promote the challenge.

However, now that TikTok has launched short native video ads, things are now much more affordable for brands looking to advertise on TikTok.

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