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TikTok Top Ads

TikTok Top Ads is a series of data launched by Pipiads.

TikTok Top Ads includes:

United states,Canada,Japan,Indonesia,Taiwan,United Kingdom,Germany,Australia,Vietnam, Singapore,France,United Arab Emirates,Korea,Thailand,Brazil,Spain,Italy,Philippines, Turkey,Malaysia,Netherlands,Saudi Arabia,Ireland,Sweden,Mexico,Switzerland,Norway,Israel, Russia,Luxembourg,Morocco,New Zealand,Kazakstan

TikTok Top Ads contains:

e-commerce, games, shopify, wordpress, app, dropship, spark ads, Cash on delivery.

TikTok Top Ads by country

  • Mexico

    Mexico: September 2023. 987726506 Ad Impressions,432 Days,2454269 Popularity,987726506 views,2408186 likes,7695 comments,38388 shares.

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  • Brazil

    Brazil: December 2023. 340290164 Ad Impressions,22 Days,1957405 Popularity,340290164 views,1929361 likes,9386 comments,18658 shares.

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  • United States

    United States: December 2023. 236682854 Ad Impressions,25 Days,1579551 Popularity,236682854 views,1550062 likes,11640 comments,17849 shares.

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  • Canada

    Canada: December 2023. 154951064 Ad Impressions,24 Days,1445541 Popularity,154951064 views,1431537 likes,7664 comments,6340 shares.

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  • Australia

    Australia: December 2023. 69642637 Ad Impressions,31 Days,1219083 Popularity,69642637 views,1185987 likes,6250 comments,26846 shares.

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  • Thailand

    Thailand: December 2023. 124218983 Ad Impressions,32 Days,913957 Popularity,124218983 views,893994 likes,4602 comments,15361 shares.

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  • Vietnam

    Vietnam: December 2023. 238649999 Ad Impressions,31 Days,882720 Popularity,238649999 views,849597 likes,17758 comments,15365 shares.

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  • Russia

    Russia: October 2023. 108743708 Ad Impressions,342 Days,832380 Popularity,108743708 views,764328 likes,4389 comments,63663 shares.

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  • Japan

    Japan: December 2023. 90176839 Ad Impressions,28 Days,651060 Popularity,90176839 views,641620 likes,4752 comments,4688 shares.

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  • France

    France: December 2023. 118666325 Ad Impressions,27 Days,582470 Popularity,118666325 views,575541 likes,3871 comments,3058 shares.

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  • Philippines

    Philippines: December 2023. 112438753 Ad Impressions,24 Days,508373 Popularity,112438753 views,495722 likes,5197 comments,7454 shares.

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  • Indonesia

    Indonesia: December 2023. 146274742 Ad Impressions,25 Days,484582 Popularity,146274742 views,477397 likes,3693 comments,3492 shares.

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  • Ireland

    Ireland: November 2023. 146777139 Ad Impressions,234 Days,468960 Popularity,146777139 views,462713 likes,1908 comments,4339 shares.

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  • Kazakstan

    Kazakstan: August 2022. 560613776 Ad Impressions,545 Days,424484 Popularity,560613776 views,420351 likes,556 comments,3577 shares.

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  • Morocco

    Morocco: August 2022. 93443764 Ad Impressions,51 Days,413326 Popularity,93443764 views,407769 likes,2385 comments,3172 shares.

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  • United Arab Emirates

    United Arab Emirates: December 2023. 105777805 Ad Impressions,21 Days,383458 Popularity,105777805 views,376933 likes,2055 comments,4470 shares.

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  • Germany

    Germany: December 2023. 50303077 Ad Impressions,22 Days,376969 Popularity,50303077 views,369978 likes,3906 comments,3085 shares.

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  • Korea

    Korea: December 2023. 139270197 Ad Impressions,30 Days,355694 Popularity,139270197 views,350915 likes,2607 comments,2172 shares.

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  • Turkey

    Turkey: November 2023. 513294046 Ad Impressions,137 Days,301485 Popularity,513294046 views,296259 likes,494 comments,4732 shares.

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  • Luxembourg

    Luxembourg: June 2022. 43658537 Ad Impressions,208 Days,274364 Popularity,43658537 views,273306 likes,511 comments,547 shares.

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  • Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia: December 2023. 101361821 Ad Impressions,25 Days,202496 Popularity,101361821 views,193653 likes,4978 comments,3865 shares.

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  • Taiwan

    Taiwan: December 2023. 54569291 Ad Impressions,32 Days,167839 Popularity,54569291 views,166104 likes,784 comments,951 shares.

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  • Sweden

    Sweden: November 2023. 137067585 Ad Impressions,184 Days,167768 Popularity,137067585 views,165170 likes,897 comments,1701 shares.

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  • Malaysia

    Malaysia: December 2023. 48044769 Ad Impressions,28 Days,171229 Popularity,48044769 views,160707 likes,2518 comments,8004 shares.

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  • Spain

    Spain: December 2023. 102147848 Ad Impressions,25 Days,105801 Popularity,102147848 views,103615 likes,1035 comments,1151 shares.

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  • Switzerland

    Switzerland: December 2023. 43010852 Ad Impressions,30 Days,105998 Popularity,43010852 views,103370 likes,660 comments,1968 shares.

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  • Israel

    Israel: October 2023. 96776657 Ad Impressions,279 Days,106059 Popularity,96776657 views,99956 likes,1079 comments,5024 shares.

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  • Italy

    Italy: November 2023. 88190682 Ad Impressions,209 Days,96749 Popularity,88190682 views,94955 likes,625 comments,1169 shares.

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  • Netherlands

    Netherlands: December 2023. 11044525 Ad Impressions,28 Days,74192 Popularity,11044525 views,70842 likes,220 comments,3130 shares.

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  • Norway

    Norway: December 2023. 37239974 Ad Impressions,23 Days,48366 Popularity,37239974 views,47792 likes,272 comments,302 shares.

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  • Singapore

    Singapore: December 2023. 8102126 Ad Impressions,31 Days,21914 Popularity,8102126 views,20073 likes,423 comments,1418 shares.

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  • New Zealand

    New Zealand: August 2022. 4198027 Ad Impressions,49 Days,4735 Popularity,4198027 views,4650 likes,48 comments,37 shares.

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TikTok Top Ads by category

  • Spark ads

    Spark ads: December 2023. 422670136 Ad Impressions,23 Days,2907571 Popularity,422670136 views,2837787 likes,26882 comments,42902 shares.

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  • E-commerce

    E-commerce: December 2023. 424081725 Ad Impressions,23 Days,2878397 Popularity,424081725 views,2819080 likes,20827 comments,38490 shares.

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  • Dropship

    Dropship: December 2023. 64624705 Ad Impressions,23 Days,2000864 Popularity,64624705 views,1974118 likes,6786 comments,19960 shares.

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  • App

    App: December 2023. 180614065 Ad Impressions,19 Days,964626 Popularity,180614065 views,954393 likes,6686 comments,3547 shares.

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  • Cash On Delivery(COD)

    Cash On Delivery: December 2023. 163532436 Ad Impressions,25 Days,446001 Popularity,163532436 views,437376 likes,4244 comments,4381 shares.

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  • Game

    Game: December 2023. 79582744 Ad Impressions,26 Days,116726 Popularity,79582744 views,114909 likes,780 comments,1037 shares.

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TikTok Top Ads by system

  • Shopify

    Shopify: December 2023. 59644467 Ad Impressions,22 Days,2015126 Popularity,59644467 views,1987735 likes,6938 comments,20453 shares.

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  • Woocommerce

    Woocommerce: December 2023. 32531232 Ad Impressions,25 Days,111101 Popularity,32531232 views,107589 likes,1576 comments,1936 shares.

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TikTok Top ads

TikTok has just added an ad library tool that allows marketers to view the top performing campaigns across the app.

Pipiads has also added a TikTok top ads library, on which you can directly see the top ads for each country, category, and landing page system.

The "Top Ads" feature is designed to provide a better insight into which ad campaigns are attracting more users.

The library tool is still in the early stages of development and is completely different from Facebook's library, so many categories don't have any examples or ads yet.
You are advised to look for TikTok adspy tool if you want to find more tiktok ads.

In addition, TikTok warns that the ads shown are licensed by advertisers, which means some top-performing ads may not be included here.

So there are relatively few ads here, and they are largely of little use to merchants.

If you want to find tiktok top ads, I suggest you check out pipiads' tiktok top ads, which covers most of the tiktok ads and best performing ads.

Ads can be filtered by vertical and region, allowing brands and marketers to target their searches more closely.

For example, marketers can view auction ads by region and industry.

Results can then be further narrowed by time (last 7 or 30 days) and performance (clicks, impressions, video views).

These results can be clicked on to get more information about the ad.

They can also take a look at trends and displays.

Nevertheless, it provides some good insights into well-performing ads and can serve as inspiration for marketers to adjust their campaigns.

Top view ads tiktok

Top view ads tiktok means the highest ad impression ads on tiktok. It also stands for the most highly exposed advertising material.

For TikTok officials, they also provide a tiktok tool to view top view ads called Top Ads: high-performing auction ads. he can help you Explore Top Ads on TikTok. view top performing auction ads on TikTok. Let the success stories inspire your creativity. Anyone can use it without logging in.
TopView Ads is a new advertising option that builds on brand takeovers.

What makes TopView ads different is that unlike brand takeover ads, TikTok users are not bombarded with ads when they open the app - TopView ads are the first message after 3 seconds.

Example of a TikTok ad
It is displayed at the top of the For You page, which is TikTok's most premium space, with a 60-second-long full-screen video with autoplay and sound.

TopView ad example
Superplay, a gaming startup, wanted to increase awareness of its star game Dice Dreams in the Thai market through a branded hashtag campaign. For three days in October 2021, Superplay used three TopView booking ads.TikTok reported that the campaign had "over 270 million page views, 134 million engagements, 130,000 video creations, and achieved 132% of promised impressions."

Put your brand front and center by occupying the primary ad space on TikTok. topView ads grab users' attention by appearing at the top of the For You feed when TikTok is first opened. In this format, videos can be up to 60 seconds long, providing an immersive viewing experience with no other competing content.
TopView is perfect for brand awareness goals, as it guarantees extremely broad reach and high number of impressions. Brands should take full advantage of this can't-miss position by using a highly engaging video that leaves a lasting impact.

Top feed ads tiktok

TikTok feed ads are a tikTok ad type, a form of advertising. tikTok ads come in a variety of ad formats, and this is just one of them.

As feed ads tiktok, it also has its own top feed ads tiktok.

TikTok's standard ad format, In-Feed, allows you to embed a video ad that plays automatically in the user's For You feed. In-Feed ads are up to 60 seconds long (although the optimal duration is only 15 seconds!) ), play with sound, and look and feel like native content because they have the same user interface as organic posts.

Available for purchase directly through TikTok's Ad Manager, TikTok's In-Feed ads can be used for a variety of campaign objectives. Each ad has a clickable CTA button that can be used to drive traffic to external landing pages, app downloads, or to your brand's TikTok business account.

Design your In-Feed video ads so that they work vertically and keep in mind the safe areas you need to work to ensure that your key visual elements are not blocked by TikTok's user interface overlay.

Top feed ads tiktok is from amazon, amazon's highest ad play on tiktok is tiktok's highest played ad so far at 985.9M. this is just one of the ad videos. For Amazon, the ad play on tiktok is bound to be over 1 billion.

These 4 ad videos are top feed ads on tiktok.

If you would like to see other top feed ads tiktok, you can sign up for pipiads to view them now.

Top war ads tiktok

Top war is a worldwide famous game, very popular among gamers.


Here is the link to his app.

And for top war's ads on tiktok, it's very much. top war posted more than 700 ads and material on tiktok, spending a huge amount of money on advertising.

Currently top war tiktok ads are mainly focused on 36 countries, including Europe, America, Asia, etc., containing various languages around the world.

The total number of ad plays is over 4.5B and the number of ad interactions is over 17.3M.

This is the product analysis page of top war ads.


These are the top played ad pages.

See more on the product analysis page.

Top trending tiktok ads

Now the Top trending tiktok ads are mainly focused on game applications and e-commerce, of which game applications account for more than 70% and e-commerce only accounts for less than 30%.

And the game and application, the game accounted for a much larger than the application, and the game is very large spending and playing.

Top trending tiktok ads, e-commerce is mainly clothing, followed by gifts, lighting accessories, entertainment products and so on.

So the trending tiktok ads are more entertainment-oriented, which is also in line with tiktok's slogan: Don't make ads, make TikTok.

If you want the latest top trend tiktok ads, you can sign up for pipiads, which has a large number of https://www.pipiads.com , because pipiads is the largest tiktok ads library.

Top tiktok ads 2022

Top tiktok ads 2022 is tiktok's top tiktok ads in 2022. tiktok released a large number of tiktok ads in the upcoming year 2022. out of all the tiktok ads 2022, 10 top tiktok ads are listed.

They are.

  • 1. tiktokarab


  • 2. headandshouldersph


  • 3.google


  • 4.tacobell


  • 5.asiacellconnect


  • 6.TikTok for Good


    TikTok for Good
  • 7.TikTok MENA


    TikTok MENA
  • 8.TikTok MENA


    TikTok MENA
  • 9.Cute pets


    Cute pets
  • 10.Road to 2022


    Road to 2022

Top 10 tiktok ads

Top 10 tiktok ads is a summary from pipiads.

Top 10 tiktok ads is not only the above 10. It also contains Top 10 tiktok ads country, Top 10 tiktok ads CTA, Top 10 tiktok ads e-commerce, Top 10 tiktok ads App, Top 10 tiktok ads game, Top 10 tiktok ads brand, Top 10 tiktok ads e-commerce system, Top 10 tiktok ads time and so on.
You can find all of these on pipiads.

TikTok ads top up

When creating your TikTok Ads Manager account, select Manual Payments.
Manual payments for TikTok ads
Note: The payment types and payment methods available for your account depend on the country and currency in which you registered your account. In addition, some payment types or payment methods may not be available while TikTok is reviewing your account eligibility for use.

Next, you will need to add a balance to your account. To do this, go to your payments page. From there, click "Add Balance" and follow the prompts to add funds to your account using any of the supported payment methods.
TikTok Ads Manual Payments
Note: The top-up limit is $20~$50,000 per transaction and the same limit for other currencies.
TikTok Ads Manual Payments
If the transaction is successful, you will see a new amount in your account balance. If the transaction fails, please try again or troubleshoot the failed payment.

Explore top ads on tiktok

The TikTok ad library is a searchable library of high-performing ads.
In TikTok's powerful creative hub, marketers can explore TikTok ad creatives, filter by industry and campaign goals, and review analytics.
These ads have been running on the platform for the past 30 days.
This growing set of tools is known as Top Ads at TikTok. however, there is no shortage of value in the TikTok ad library. From spotting trends to better understanding the market, Top Ads is a powerful resource for TikTok advertisers at all levels. Unlike Facebook's ad library, Top Ads is limited to "ads authorized by advertisers and may not reflect all of the best performing auction ads."

Creative center tiktok top ads

The best thing about TikTok is that as you become more familiar with the platform, you have the freedom to continue to build and grow your business presence and leverage your community to fuel your creativity.
Creativity, a core component of results-based marketing, is sometimes overlooked, and as a result many ads don't reach their full potential in terms of ROI. To help you achieve your business goals with breakthrough creative on TikTok, we looked at the data to identify the best-performing creative attributes - such as video duration and hidden captions - so we could share the following general and category-specific best practices to help your ad performance soar.
TikTok provides a creative playground for businesses of all sizes, where entertaining and informative ideas can break through to potentially millions of future customers. However, in a results-driven world, we know that it's good to have some tips and tricks to give your next great idea the edge it needs before committing to paid support.

TikTok creative center top ads

Explore Top Ads on TikTok

See high-performing auction ads on TikTok. Let successful cases inspire your creativity.

Creative Solutions Finder

Discover the solutions that elevate your creative game on TikTok.

Discover what's buzzing on TikTok and get the scoop on the most popular hashtags, songs, creators, and videos in your region. Trend Discovery is here to inspire you, keep you in the loop, and maximize the success of your next TikTok video!

How do I find top ads on TikTok?

You can use TikTok Adspy tool to find top ads on tiktok.

Pipiads is currently the largest searchable library of tiktok ads. You can find top ads on tiktok in many ways, and the ads you find are the ones that are running on tiktok. These are the ads that pipiads collects from tiktok ads and analyzes the output data. You can register for free to view top tiktok ads.

Alternatively, you can use the Top Ads: high-performing auction ads provided by tiktok.
The TikTok ad library is a searchable library of high-performing ads. These ads have been running on the platform for the past 30 days. In TikTok's powerful Creative Center, marketers can explore TikTok's ad creatives, filter by industry and campaign goals, and view analytics.

How much is a TikTok top view ad?

TikTok ads start at $10 per CPM (cost per 1,000 views). In addition, they require you to spend at least $500 on a campaign.

You can check out this article to learn more about tiktok ads cost 2022.

What type of ads work best on TikTok?

Spark Ads. Spark ads allow your brand to boost organic content from your own account or from other users. research from TikTok shows that Spark ads have a 24% higher completion rate and a 142% higher engagement rate than standard In-Feed ads.

The tiktok e-commerce ads in the clothing category were also the best performers. This is followed by the gift category, entertainment category, etc.

TikTok Top Ads by country

See high-performing auction ads on TikTok. Let successful cases inspire your creativity.

TikTok Top performing ads

The beauty of TikTok is that brands can interact with their audience. Generally speaking, the most successful campaigns are. Original. Authentic and consistent with the brand image.

Pipiads.com has a large number of top performing ads and you can find a large number of these ads in less than 1 second.

Top performing TikTok ads

Top performing TikTok ads means they have very good data of plays, likes, comments, shares, spending, conversions, generated orders, transactions and so on, all these ads you can find in pipiads, pipiads is the best TikTok ads spy tool where you can try free and trial to find ads.

TikTok top view ads

The TikTok top ads -PiPiADS page is the one that shows you the top played ads under various countries and categories.

Top ads TikTok

Top ads TikTok is ranked according to the ads with the highest number of ads shown, and the ads with the highest number of ads shown are the highest.

How much do ads cost on TikTok?

How much does it cost to run a TikTok ad campaign? TikTok ad costs start at $0.50 per mile, or $0.02 per 1,000 views and clicks. TikTok paid ad campaigns also require a minimum spend of $500.

TikTok has been relatively slow to implement a formal advertising program. For this reason, brands have had to find other ways to advertise on TikTok. This is one of the reasons why influencer marketing is booming on the platform.

TikTok began experimenting with advertising in late 2018, although it didn't take off until the following year. In the early days, there was a lot of discussion about the high cost of TikTok ads. For example, it can cost $50,000 to $100,000 to take over a popular TikTok channel, while a hashtag challenge costs a flat fee of six days, or $150,000, with additional costs for businesses to promote the challenge.

However, now that TikTok has launched short native video ads, things are now much more affordable for brands looking to advertise on TikTok.