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Best TikTok Ads

Best TikTok Ads is a series of data launched by Pipiads.

Best TikTok Ads includes:

United states,Canada,Japan,Indonesia,Taiwan,United Kingdom,Germany,Australia,Vietnam, Singapore,France,United Arab Emirates,Korea,Thailand,Brazil,Spain,Italy,Philippines, Turkey,Malaysia,Netherlands,Saudi Arabia,Ireland,Sweden,Mexico,Switzerland,Norway,Israel, Russia,Luxembourg,Morocco,New Zealand,Kazakstan

Best TikTok Ads contains:

e-commerce, games, shopify, wordpress, app, dropship, spark ads, Cash on delivery.

Best TikTok Ads by country

  • United States

    United States: September 2023. 513532064 Ad Impressions,152 Days,40182781 Popularity,513532064 views,38162909 likes,171813 comments,1848059 shares.

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  • Canada

    Canada: September 2023. 322619177 Ad Impressions,136 Days,21797003 Popularity,322619177 views,21083045 likes,154549 comments,559409 shares.

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  • Australia

    Australia: September 2023. 400524097 Ad Impressions,149 Days,18377272 Popularity,400524097 views,17430387 likes,99124 comments,847761 shares.

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  • Philippines

    Philippines: September 2023. 323613580 Ad Impressions,142 Days,12321749 Popularity,323613580 views,12043579 likes,48769 comments,229401 shares.

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  • Germany

    Germany: September 2023. 310610663 Ad Impressions,119 Days,9082759 Popularity,310610663 views,8861816 likes,42720 comments,178223 shares.

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  • Indonesia

    Indonesia: September 2023. 119577514 Ad Impressions,130 Days,8591446 Popularity,119577514 views,8444887 likes,31375 comments,115184 shares.

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  • United Arab Emirates

    United Arab Emirates: September 2023. 443490591 Ad Impressions,152 Days,7154095 Popularity,443490591 views,7019881 likes,30511 comments,103703 shares.

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  • Brazil

    Brazil: September 2023. 261572348 Ad Impressions,135 Days,6557381 Popularity,261572348 views,6417141 likes,31492 comments,108748 shares.

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  • France

    France: September 2023. 286719395 Ad Impressions,154 Days,6196430 Popularity,286719395 views,6112706 likes,26719 comments,57005 shares.

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  • Japan

    Japan: September 2023. 407804384 Ad Impressions,171 Days,5273099 Popularity,407804384 views,5148559 likes,31493 comments,93047 shares.

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  • Thailand

    Thailand: September 2023. 193311544 Ad Impressions,157 Days,4622089 Popularity,193311544 views,4562554 likes,13130 comments,46405 shares.

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  • Korea

    Korea: September 2023. 384909088 Ad Impressions,160 Days,4502495 Popularity,384909088 views,4411544 likes,30985 comments,59966 shares.

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  • Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia: September 2023. 388090941 Ad Impressions,177 Days,3923322 Popularity,388090941 views,3856465 likes,20242 comments,46615 shares.

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  • Mexico

    Mexico: September 2023. 482236318 Ad Impressions,162 Days,3851817 Popularity,482236318 views,3749698 likes,18385 comments,83734 shares.

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  • Switzerland

    Switzerland: September 2023. 146003616 Ad Impressions,132 Days,3794792 Popularity,146003616 views,3638738 likes,34506 comments,121548 shares.

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  • Malaysia

    Malaysia: September 2023. 137421042 Ad Impressions,136 Days,3784421 Popularity,137421042 views,3562379 likes,29197 comments,192845 shares.

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  • Netherlands

    Netherlands: September 2023. 81650307 Ad Impressions,119 Days,3485597 Popularity,81650307 views,3402817 likes,19967 comments,62813 shares.

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  • Spain

    Spain: September 2023. 165877191 Ad Impressions,77 Days,3017815 Popularity,165877191 views,2877108 likes,14326 comments,126381 shares.

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  • Taiwan

    Taiwan: September 2023. 487213450 Ad Impressions,119 Days,2714763 Popularity,487213450 views,2641865 likes,17525 comments,55373 shares.

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  • Norway

    Norway: September 2023. 163194388 Ad Impressions,159 Days,2722226 Popularity,163194388 views,2640807 likes,27918 comments,53501 shares.

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  • Turkey

    Turkey: September 2023. 143169120 Ad Impressions,137 Days,2643513 Popularity,143169120 views,2557215 likes,19670 comments,66628 shares.

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  • Russia

    Russia: April 2023. 235840256 Ad Impressions,732 Days,2516238 Popularity,235840256 views,2459920 likes,16806 comments,39512 shares.

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  • Vietnam

    Vietnam: September 2023. 173198683 Ad Impressions,163 Days,2325920 Popularity,173198683 views,2283855 likes,16276 comments,25789 shares.

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  • Singapore

    Singapore: September 2023. 282216952 Ad Impressions,124 Days,2006870 Popularity,282216952 views,1957488 likes,12514 comments,36868 shares.

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  • Italy

    Italy: September 2023. 214833548 Ad Impressions,152 Days,1464670 Popularity,214833548 views,1430218 likes,6788 comments,27664 shares.

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  • Kazakstan

    Kazakstan: August 2022. 495514710 Ad Impressions,405 Days,743286 Popularity,495514710 views,734233 likes,4654 comments,4399 shares.

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  • Morocco

    Morocco: August 2022. 86445656 Ad Impressions,51 Days,427289 Popularity,86445656 views,420594 likes,2416 comments,4279 shares.

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  • Luxembourg

    Luxembourg: June 2022. 43658537 Ad Impressions,208 Days,274364 Popularity,43658537 views,273306 likes,511 comments,547 shares.

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  • Israel

    Israel: September 2023. 88017719 Ad Impressions,162 Days,185413 Popularity,88017719 views,180797 likes,1366 comments,3250 shares.

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  • Sweden

    Sweden: July 2022. 44061377 Ad Impressions,290 Days,174667 Popularity,44061377 views,171372 likes,1487 comments,1808 shares.

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  • New Zealand

    New Zealand: August 2022. 4198027 Ad Impressions,49 Days,4735 Popularity,4198027 views,4650 likes,48 comments,37 shares.

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  • Ireland

    Ireland: July 2022. 1375285 Ad Impressions,2 Days,1435 Popularity,1375285 views,1352 likes,55 comments,28 shares.

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Best TikTok Ads by category

  • Spark ads

    Spark ads: September 2023. 553108400 Ad Impressions,150 Days,47304834 Popularity,553108400 views,44997979 likes,204275 comments,2102580 shares.

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  • E-commerce

    E-commerce: September 2023. 448464073 Ad Impressions,151 Days,35948596 Popularity,448464073 views,33914563 likes,172492 comments,1861541 shares.

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  • App

    App: September 2023. 288680550 Ad Impressions,129 Days,17118489 Popularity,288680550 views,16715374 likes,40999 comments,362116 shares.

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  • Dropship

    Dropship: September 2023. 146138729 Ad Impressions,101 Days,11072845 Popularity,146138729 views,10023761 likes,52560 comments,996524 shares.

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  • Game

    Game: September 2023. 115725117 Ad Impressions,119 Days,9368543 Popularity,115725117 views,9041863 likes,54653 comments,272027 shares.

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  • Cash On Delivery(COD)

    Cash On Delivery: September 2023. 384793000 Ad Impressions,162 Days,8324411 Popularity,384793000 views,8172754 likes,41759 comments,109898 shares.

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Best TikTok Ads by system

  • Shopify

    Shopify: September 2023. 209231378 Ad Impressions,120 Days,17250474 Popularity,209231378 views,16192672 likes,70224 comments,987578 shares.

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  • Woocommerce

    Woocommerce: September 2023. 73748124 Ad Impressions,114 Days,3126953 Popularity,73748124 views,3087236 likes,16372 comments,23345 shares.

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best tiktok ads 2021

Best tiktok ads 2021 : RyanAir, DoorDash, Chipotle, WWE, HelloFresh, Guess, Washington Post, Taco Bell, Levi’s, Amazon, Samsung, Oppo & FC Barcelona, Nike, Stella McCartney.

best tiktok ads 2022

7 Best TikTok Ads of 2022 So Far

The M&S 2022 TikTok Campaign.

Samsung S22 TikTok Ads.

Adventure Chef Game's TikTok Content.

Coconut Lane's TikTok Content.

The 2022 BMW TikTok Campaign.

Curiously Cinnamon on TikTok.

University of Strathclyde's Approach on TikTok.

best tiktok ads course

TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media platforms of all time. More than 500 million people use TikTok every month, and the vast majority of users are between the ages of 13-24. If your target audience includes millennials or Gen Z, you really should use TikTok for your brand.

A big part of your success on the platform depends on how well you use it. Sure, you can just create TikTok ads and get a decent response. But brands that are active on the platform - either directly or through the assistance of TikTok influencers - will do better with a TikTok audience that values authenticity.

If you want to know how to stand out on this platform, TikTok courses and classes can help you. Why work on your own to learn how to use and leverage TikTok for your brand when you can take a course that covers everything you should be doing on the platform to make it easy to succeed?The bottom line is that TikTok courses will help you save time learning how to use the app and also give you insight into the trending techniques and best practices you should be using.

TikTok is not like other social media platforms - even the TikTok alternatives don't reach the level of TikTok. And they definitely don't have the membership base that TikTok enjoys. But this uniqueness means that what works on other social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram won't work on TikTok. Why spend time on trial and error when you can learn from TikTok experts who have already done it?

best tiktok ads spy tool


There may be more than one tiktok adspy tool on the market, but without a doubt, pipiads is the best tiktok ads spy tool.

Pipiads is simply the perfect TikTok adspy tool for product research the best investment you can make for your e-commerce business to access the latest tiktok products and tiktok ad creatives of the moment.

Pipiads is the best tiktok adspy&product search tool for many years. With Pipiads, I can find the best tiktok products and best tiktok ads to market to all traffic sources with just a few clicks.

Thanks to its numerous features, Pipiads is the most complete tiktok ad spy tool on the market, giving access to thousands of tiktok ad examples to grow my e-commerce store.

Pipiads is a real gold mine for TikTok advertising, it provides the most perfect tiktok ad library data, numerous tiktok ad examples and viral tiktok products.

In a matter of seconds, I just had to access a few filters that allowed me to find the best tiktok ads and tiktok ads dropshipping winning products for me.

tiktok ads best practices

TikTok recommends keeping your ads between 21-24 seconds, so you need to get straight to the point and keep your main message short and to the point. According to TikTok, more than 63% of all videos with the highest click-through rate (CTR) highlight their key message or product within the first three seconds.

best time to run tiktok ads

The best time to run tiktok ads is between 10am and 12pm and 3pm and 9pm in your local target market. The main focus is on the time when the fan audience is resting and relaxing, containing off hours and after school hours. The dates are Friday, Saturday and Sunday would be good choices.

Top Ads: high-performing auction ads

See high-performing auction ads on TikTok. Let successful cases inspire your creativity.

Best TikTok Ads of 2022 So Far

We are now well into 2022, so we decided to take a look at some of the best TikTok ads to date. with over 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok cannot be ignored by marketers right now, especially those targeting the younger generation. Globally, TikTok ads may reach 884.9 million users over the age of 18, or 17.9% of all Internet users.

We've honed our skills working with many high-profile clients who are willing to experiment to reach the right audience. Many brands have found great success with their TikTok ads. Their ads resonate, attract high interest levels, and ultimately convert in the way advertisers want. This article examines some of the videos from the UK and abroad that stood out as the best TikTok ads in the first few months of 2022.

The Best Examples of TikTok Ads

With more than 1 billion monthly active users (over 130 million in the U.S. alone), TikTok is one of the top choices for brands looking to gain serious exposure.

While the platform has become famous for users mimicking each other's dance moves, for marketers and brands, advertising on TikTok offers a unique opportunity to engage with audiences in a way never before possible.

The platform offers five ad formats, and it's not uncommon for companies to mix and match multiple formats. Let's take a look at some inspiring ad campaigns that are sure to bring some great ideas to TikTok.

Best Practices to An Effective TikTok Ad Strategy in 2022

Over the past five years, TikTok has witnessed rapid growth in the number of registered users on the platform.

It is reportedly one of the fastest growing social media platforms in 2022.

With its rising popularity, TikTok offers a unique opportunity for brands that want to connect with their target audience on the platform.

Have you been considering joining this trend, but can't seem to figure it out?

To be more precise, we'll cover:

~ Why having a TikTok advertising strategy is important

~ Types of TikTok ads

~ Best practices

In addition to this, we have a FAQ section that you can go through to learn more.

Let's get started with TikToking!

Best TikTok Ads Examples in 2021

Pipiads brings you the best TikTok ads examples in 2021.

Here you only need to filter the ads in 2021 to see them.

Best TikTok Ads Examples in 2022

Pipiads brings you the best TikTok ads examples in 2022.

Here you only need to filter the ads in 2022 to see them.

What ads work best on TikTok?

The best examples of TikTok In-Feed ads

In-Feed ads make ads feel native, creating content like other TikTok creators. These auto-playing ads are displayed in a feed curated "for you" and can be up to 60 seconds in length with sound. Users can interact with them by liking, sharing, or following.

What kind of ads perform best on TikTok?

The beauty of TikTok is that brands can interact with their audiences. Generally speaking, the most successful ad campaigns are. original. Authentic and consistent with the brand image.

How do you find top ads on TikTok?

TikTok has launched a new ad library tool, currently called "Top Ads," that enables you to search for the best performing TikTok campaigns by vertical and region in order to gain inspiration from what they're doing.

You can also filter top ads on TikTok in just two seconds on pipiads.com.

How do you see top ads on TikTok?

There is no way to view top ads on TikTok, you can only view them using third-party tools, such as pipiads.com, which has a large number of top ads on TikTok.

Are TikTok ads any good?

There is no way to view top ads on TikTok, you can only view them using third-party tools, such as pipiads.com, which has a large number of top ads on TikTok.

Where are the winning ads on TikTok?

TikTok has launched a new ad library tool, currently called "Top Ads," that enables you to search for the best performing TikTok campaigns by vertical and region in order to gain inspiration from what they're doing.

You can also filter top ads on TikTok in just two seconds on pipiads.com.

What are all the ads on TikTok?

In-Feed Ads.

Brand Takeover.


Branded Hashtag Challenge.

Branded Effects.

Best ads on TikTok

Ads are an important element of social media, and TikTok is no exception. Here's everything your brand needs to know about TikTok ads, including what they are, how you should use them, why you should use them, how much they cost, and more.

TikTok ads perform best when it comes to ad interaction performance, or interaction rate, which includes: likes, comments, retweets, clicks, etc.

Use the least amount of money to achieve the highest fan interaction.

Best TikTok ad campaigns

Whether it's the best or not is determined by the tikTok ad data, which includes: ad impressions, days, likes, comments, shares.

This includes: ad impression, days, likes, comments, shares, etc. There is also the ad spend, conversions, sales orders, volume, turnover, etc.

All these factors will help you to determine which are the best TikTok ad campaigns.

Best TikTok ads examples

Whether it's the best or not is determined by the tikTok ad data, which includes: ad impressions, days, likes, comments, shares.

This includes: ad impression, days, likes, comments, shares, etc. There is also the ad spend, conversions, sales orders, volume, turnover, etc.

All these factors will help you to determine which are the best TikTok ads examples.

Best performing TikTok ads

Whether it is the best is determined by tikTok's advertising data, including: ad impressions, days, likes, comments, shares.

This includes: ad impressions, days, likes, comments, shares, etc. There's also ad spend, conversion rates, sales orders, volumes, turnover, and more.

All these factors will help you decide which are the best TikTok advertising cases.

All these ads you can easily find in pipiads.

Best practices for TikTok ads

  • 1. Prioritize vertical video

    In order for your ad to have the look and feel of native video, all video assets should conform to the recommended ad specifications (covered later in this article).

    If it doesn't, TikTok will most likely not accept your ad. And, even if they did, the ads wouldn't have that much of an impact. They may appear misaligned, or they may be cut off at the edges.

  • 2. Limit video length

    The best way to ensure that your video ad content is not trimmed is to keep the video length between 9 and 15 seconds.

  • 3. Start with an impactful vision

    Know that netizens are more willing to swipe to scroll to the next article if they don't find the content in front of them interesting.

    How can you get them to stay and watch your videos?

    To entice viewers to watch your ad, start with an eye-catching visual.

  • 4. Put all important elements in the center

    TikTok usually covers the outer edge of the frame. Therefore, it is best to keep all important elements of your ad centered. This should include your CTA (call to action) and brand name.

  • 5. Add background music

    TikTok requires audio settings to be opened. Instead of subtitles, it is recommended that you add background music clips and tracks to your ad.

  • 6. Don’t forget the subtitles

    Click-loving social media users may abandon an ad before it ends. You can write concise, informative subtitles so viewers get the gist of your video, even if they haven't finished it. TikTok recommends writing instructions in the local language.

  • 7. Include a compelling call to action

    It doesn't make sense to invest in advertising if it doesn't bring any real returns. Include a strong CTA in the form of a native button that prompts the viewer to perform an action.

    TikTok ads can cost a lot. If you want your ads to work, you need to optimize for the platform and audience. TikTok dictates ad specifications based on where the ad is placed. Ad composition, aspect ratio, image resolution, file type, and ad duration are different for different ad positions.

Best practices TikTok ads

There is no way to view top ads on TikTok, you can only view them using third-party tools, such as pipiads.com, which has a large number of top ads on TikTok.

TikTok ad creative best practices

There is no way to view top ads on TikTok, you can only view them using third-party tools, such as pipiads.com, which has a large number of top ads on TikTok.