Shopify App Detector

Detect shopify app by filling in any shopify store.

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Get Shopify App for competitor stores from the Shopify App finder.

Use PIPIADS powerful artificial intelligence shopify App detector to automatically detect shopify App from store information! PIPIADS uses artificial intelligence software to get your competitor shopify store's shopify App and App links directly from its source code.Just enter a shopify store, click "Detect" and see the App appear on your screen based on your store!

Get the shopify App detected by shopify App detector in can keep filling in multiple competitor stores until you get multiple Apps. lf you want,you can even use PIPIADS' free shopfiy App finder to click on the link to the shopify App from the theme you get and then use this App on your shopify site;no need to use a third-party application Do everything on PlPIADS - directly from your browser . Our artificial intelligence shopify App detector gets everything from the App!

How to detect shopify App easily

  • Type a shopify link

    Type a shopify link

    Enter any of the shopify store links on the text field.

  • Detect shopify theme

    Detect shopify App

    Click "Detect" and watch its App name and App description appear on your screen!

  • Detect shopify theme

    Copy or click the Get App

    Open the installation page of this theme, then you can install this theme for your shopify store.

Free online
Shopify App Detector

Our Al shopify App detector works directly from your browser;there is no need to download or install an application! Enter ashopify store URL and watch the All-generated App name appear on your screen. It's free to use; no credit card or subscription required.Let PIPIADS automatically detect shopify App for you. Have fun entering your shopify URL and installing its resulting App into your own shopify store!

Free online Shopify Theme Detector
 Easy to use shopify theme finder

Easy to use
shopify App finder

You don't need to figure out complicated code to use our shopify App detector. just start typing and view and click on your shopify App after the detector. it's that easy! shopify can be as diverse as you want it to be, and PIPIADS uses machine learning to refine the results,so you can keep typing in different shopify links until you find the shopify app you're happy with.

Detect the shopify theme
from PPSPY chrome extension

PIPIADS has a free chrome can use our chromeextension and open any shopify website.You can easily find theshopify theme, app,some store information, etc. installed for it.

Install Chrome Extension Free
Detect the shopify theme from PPSPY chrome extension
Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What are the rules that apply to my use of shopify App detector?
Shopify App detector requires you to enter any shopify store link to start working, we only support shopify store links. other types of stores are not supported at this time.
How do I get the shopify App from a shopify store?
Type a shopify store link on the text field and click 'Detect'. You will see the AI detected app name in seconds! Click the App and intall it for your shopify store.
What is the best shopify inspector?
There are now plenty of shopify App detect apps. While this feature is new on PIPIADS, you can bet it's the best because it's Plus, you get to detect shopify App from shopify detector-right within PIPIADS.
Can I also get Apps from shopify inspector other than shopify stores?
No, you can't. Our shopify inspector only works with shopify stores and does not support other types of stores at this time.
How can I get the shopify App from AI for free?
With PIPIADS, you absolutely can! PIPIADS also features a PPSPY in chrome extension. Just open any shopify store and detect the shopify App! detect more other shopify App.
Can you use the shopify App you got by installing shopify inspector?
Of course you can. But there are some shopify apps that are free and some that are paid. You can choose according to your needs. Of course, some shopify theme apps have a free trial days offered. You can use and cancel it anytime.
Can I share this shopify App detector to others?
You are more than welcome to share it. Good tools need to be seen and used by more people. What works for you will also work for others. You are more than welcome to share it with others.
What they say about PIPIADS

What they say about PIPIADS

I love using PIPIADS shopify App detector because it has the most and most comprehensive

tiktok ads I have seen in the market. It allows me to detect shopify App I need in just

a few minutes and takes my tiktok ads business to the next level.

Laura Haleydt - Advertising Marketing Manager

PIPIADS is a great tiktok ads spy tool with the best team l've ever seen. pipiads can provide tiktok ads, shopify theme detector and all kinds of data analysis, plus many product analysis and advertiser analysis features that other spy tools can't match. The free version is great, but the pro version is flawless. Remember,we are talking about an adspy tool and shopify theme detector that Pipiads offers is amazing and at worst a complete ad changer.

Laura Haleydt - Advertising Marketing Manager

The best and easiest to use simple adspy tool! l have tried tons of other adspy tools on the market and have been disappointed. With PIPIADS,l have had no problems with my ad finding business and my product finding business. lt has everything l need in one place, such as ad details and detect.shopify theme, very detailed data.

Diana B - shopify merchant