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$0 to $100,000 Shopify Dropshipping Store (Subscriber Q&A)

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

$0 to $100,000 Shopify Dropshipping Store (Subscriber Q&A)

The above is a brief introduction to $0 to $100,000 Shopify Dropshipping Store (Subscriber Q&A).

Let's move on to the first section of $0 to $100,000 Shopify Dropshipping Store (Subscriber Q&A)!

$0 to $100,000 Shopify Dropshipping Store (Subscriber Q&A)

you know what is going on everyone
hating here coming back at you with the
brand new video and in this one we've
got T planets right here Tanner and
we've got a couple of questions I
narrowed it down from like a hundred so
I think like seven maybe eight really
good questions and this is kind of funny
I post on my story I don't know if you
saw you it was like an hour ago
and I said be selfish this is for you so
whenever this is something I always
believe someone directly gives you the
opportunity to ask a question ask
something as specific as possible to
your situation that will directly help
you so I believe the second question
that we're gonna get the second question
we're gonna go through here is gonna
build off of that whole idea of being
specific to you okay
so with that being said this is on like
how to grow a six-figure store I guess
that whole theme so you can kind of tok
about the numbers as much as you want
like how to grow six or seven how to
make your first dollar house it's all
like similar stuff that's a reference
point so you know get in a six figure
store it's not really hard if you break
it down it's like that's really only two
hundred and eighty dollars a day or
whatever roughly three hundred you know
that's not a lot like we were just
looking at a store he was mad how low it
wasn't it's more than double that there
you go so first question here from
Austin is it possible to still succeed
when the consumer has to wait two to
three weeks to receive their order all
that tanner take it off it's still
possible to succeed yeah of course I
mean so many consumers are I would say
not used to it but they're aware of it
nowadays as far as this how many
dropshipping stores are out there
ecommerce stores in general maybe some
stuff that's custom order takes a while
to get there no amazon offers like free
two-day shipping if you have crime which
is crazy to see if they don't have fun
and then it's longer if they don't have
it you know people are estimated to you
know they wait a week week and a half
whatever it is it's really just about
assuring your customers and making them
aware of you know when it's going to get
to them and arrive at their doorstep you
know if you have some complaints in your
emails you know assure them you know
make sure they have the tracking code if
they have one for the order and just
assure that yep it's gonna get to your
door if there's any issues with it let
let us know and you know we'll resolve
this issue the problem is not really the
shipping time the problem is that you're
not addressing it to them while they're
waiting that's why I always like to
bring up these unspoken objections so I
have an email newsletter sequence that
goes out after someone buys something
obviously down the road the goal is to
get them to buy more stuff part of that
is to bring that
up which minimizes so much the amount of
customer complaints and questions about
shipping time you know I think it's one
of those things where you're only really
getting into an issue if it takes like a
month or more that's just kind of
ridiculous but even up to three weeks
like I wouldn't really you know break a
sweat over that eBay okay it's just you
know whatever a longer product for them
to make and put together that's kind of
my thought process even right now just
look at how many big drop shipping
stores are out there you know
seven-figure stores probably eight
figures you know of course you always
gonna have people that complain and
don't agree with it at all and want
their money back but it is what it is a
very low rate no matter what yeah matter
what you do there's gonna be complaints
of course so this is a second question I
said that would come back to asking the
whole question concept where should I
start with ecommerce so I would say
YouTube videos that's where you should
start very basic you're already learning
you know what you want to learn learning
it that's not I don't want to answer
this question like that the thing I want
to bring up about this question cuz that
was my answer YouTube okay he said
research so doing that when you're
asking a question like this that's not
specific I understand it's coming from a
good place you're curious about that
that's a really good thing like
seriously it is however that that's not
like a good question asks it doesn't
directly help you that much you know
like where should I start from trying to
do this this or this so a lot of people
don't get that specific I recommend just
whenever you're asking a question to
anyone just be as specific as possible
it's definitely gonna help you like my
Q&A we just did all basic questions I
mean we really want like the store side
of things that people like you know like
toked about we had to bring it
ourselves into a specific question like
make it ourselves yeah there's just no
way to answer a broad question like the
ones we get asked you know so like you
said just be specific as possible when
trying to get the right answer and we do
that and we select these questions
because we know it's gonna help you like
I believe that I know very well what my
audience needs help with specifically or
at least how to structure that question
so they receive it the best yeah I think
that's huge
luxe all around asks brand all of your
stores not necessarily and not right
away but I leave it in a position where
I can down the road
if the product is working so I'm really
only marking like one to two maybe three
main products right away and if it's
working then obviously I can transition
that more into like a branded store but
short answer no just from the start you
never know you never know what to expect
with an e-commerce store the product
you're testing so you know there's a lot
of time that goes into building a brand
you know something that people recognize
and know of so really just of course
yeah it's not working
this is a good one be Robert best way to
know if a product can be a winner I'm
gonna answer this very shortly test
that's it the only way to actually know
is testament behind all the research
strategies I got toked a little bit
about on YouTube obviously there's way
more in-depth stuff in the program which
you guys can check out below if you're
not already in there but I focus on two
main things which is what I do with
e-commerce product research and then
doing the actual marketing the marketing
is the biggest part but before that
there's a pre structure which does tie
into the research so there's a lot of
stuff that goes in the research finding
the right product is huge because if
you're just like not product testing you
think you found a cool product that has
a lot of orders most likely by the time
your testing area or trying to sell it
it's gonna be too late yeah you can take
you a long time especially you don't
know what you're doing ads boy first
time doing a store you know if you're
trying to like really catch like a back
move of a trend just as an example you
you're too late it'll take you too much
time so best way to know if it's in win
if it's gonna be a winner test it it's
the only real way to know okay this is a
really interesting one I've never got
which is why I wanted to bring it up
they're genuinely curious I like this
question who is easier to sell a single
product on Amazon or a single product
Shopify store have you ever done Amazon
no I've done research on it thought
about business a lot more risk involved
and takes more time financial risk
yes exactly guessing takes more time you
got it you know order all the products
up front stuff like that so margins I've
never yet margins for sure you know it's
great credibility can be fast shipping
and whatnot I've never done it so I
can't actually directly answer that
neither of us can a single product
Shopify stores work great I can tell you
that from experience that was my first
store that blew up was a one product
store otik there you go
I believe another question by Lux
all-around can you run a six-figure
store by yourself or does it have to be
a team so I'm gonna assume since they
replied to me on this I don't I toked a
lot about my team my employees people
who run the market and and things and
different components now as well
for all the stores that we run for
ourselves as well as for clients by team
do you mean the marketing end of things
or like a VA to fulfill orders because I
don't really start a store now without
having a v-8 fulfill the orders I'll
just be a waste of time
but you can totally like marketing wise
and just getting the actual sales you
can go run a six-figure a month store by
yourself that's not the
okay doesn't it's not really that much
time like once you figure that out so I
don't think no you don't need a team but
definitely I would highly recommend a VA
for the orders because that can yeah
there's a difference between a team and
outsourcing yeah
no outsourcing is just you know having
someone else to do things that are
essentially a waste of your time a team
is more helping aid the whole company
you know exactly product research
product testing et cetera but six
figures so you can definitely maintained
by so that's yeah you know so again to
break that down that's like less than
300 ollars a day revenue so six-figure
store is not that crazy might seem crazy
to you now but once you figure out to
get 300 a day there's almost virtually
no difference between 300 and 600 6 and
9 you know so on it just it's it's not
that much of a difference okay this is a
good one Mason what is the unicorn
method what the unicorn method no no six
nine hahaha unicorn method for those you
in the program you know what that is
that relates to Facebook what
specifically what I do so definitely
make sure you know that because that's
hugest how would make the money baby
what is it no I can't tell you that bro
can't say in here I'll tell you after
drop the sauce this is a good one what
thoughts are your thoughts on the
product research in the Oh bare lower
half so I actually don't do it through
there I do it externally so I don't
actually really look I can fulfill
through there cuz it's obviously a lot
faster a lot better but I don't do you
use the Oberto for the actual light urge
so basically this question if you don't
know / though they have like their own
thing now it's called overload supply we
can find products where they have
selected suppliers and then you can like
fulfill it by just having your credit
card in there like you don't have to
worry about anything else faster much
faster much easier but you have a VA it
doesn't really matter not all products
are on there exactly that's why I do
this product research normally how I
would anywhere else and then I'll check
over low supply to see if it's there
because if it is it makes things a lot
easier if it's scalable but for the most
part no I don't do product research that
through that so for research no to
cross-reference yes for sure
insta well it's a great question a lot
of you know coverage in the media lately
on this why is Facebook cracking down on
everything okay it's it's very simple
you guys have probably seen this
interview how do you sustain a business
model in which users don't pay for your
service senator we run ads I say you
know which is really hilarious all these
different things
you know Zuckerberg going through it's
it's the media bashing them it's because
the public in the media they want to
make a whole scene out of it they're
starting to realize like Facebook's not
really doing anything different than
they used to data wise privacy wise they
just have so much data and I guess
people are starting to realize what they
can actually do and how people can
target you yes and it's reaching the
surface distribution of that yes it's
finally coming up and some people don't
like it they just don't know the news
outlets need a story so Facebook has to
I guess kinda to some degree start
complying with that is this a lot like
its crowd controlling base yes that's
pretty much it you can't please the
people that use your platform then it's
going to be yeah exactly
the public perception of it what
Facebook stok dropped so much so yeah
last question here by Jim heard a bunch
of different opinions product
description emojis or no in the product
descriptions no in the ad copy yes we
have to be very careful about how you
use it where you use it and how many I
personally doll use emojis that's always
asking right yeah the description I
normally don't because sometimes like P
were on Android or they're on a computer
that doesn't support and I'll just show
like a random like bags in check yeah no
no I personally don't but of course
everyone has their different things
maybe it could help me make more money
you know I see on Amazon a lot
descriptions have like a little green
check and stuff emoji yeah that can be
simple you can do that like actual
emojis like facial reaction I think
that's good for catching attention in an
ad or some sort of marketing but not
over on the store depends I'm tropicals
I ran like it's got to look mature oh
yeah I always use emojis in the
descriptions in the descriptions on shop
five are not as much copy yeah yeah so
there's two difference is there but Jim
I hope that answers the question so no
not in the descriptions a lot of people
have a lot of questions but I really do
want to focus in on the whole point of
what I said about be specific whenever
you're asking a question we get like
hundreds of questions a day like
literally especially if you were to
combine YouTube and Instagram I do my
best to go through so many my DMS answer
questions and I get so many good ones so
many bad ones like you know I really do
think there is touching is a bad
question that doesn't mean I won't
answer it or won't help you but to a
degree can just kind of get annoying for
us I don't know if you guys can fully
understand that but if you're gonna ask
your question definitely just make sure
it's very specific to you you can't
already find it on Google or YouTube
would like very easily with a search a
lot of people don't even do that just be
resourceful be creative and if you can't
figure it out feel free to ask us
that's--it's if you guys have any other
questions below I'm gonna make sure to
be active in the comments so feel free
to drop that in the comment section with
that being said Tanner appreciate you
being on here giving up some sauce I'll
leave channel linked Haven gangs up the
name I'll leave his channel link down
below and if you guys enjoyed the video
be sure to drop a like and help us get
to 100k subs but a nice-looking
subscribe button and I'll be seeing you
tomorrow in the next video

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