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$132k Marketing Funnel Shopify and Facebook Ads [Tutorial]

Published on: December 3 2022 by Dylan Pondir

$132k Marketing Funnel Shopify and Facebook Ads [Tutorial]

The above is a brief introduction to $132k Marketing Funnel Shopify and Facebook Ads [Tutorial].

Let's move on to the first section of $132k Marketing Funnel Shopify and Facebook Ads [Tutorial]!

$132k Marketing Funnel Shopify and Facebook Ads [Tutorial]

what is the first thing that a beginners
should learn before starting ecommerce
and Facebook ads you are about to find
out here in this video in this video I'm
gonna teach you the most important first
thing that you should learn before
starting your e-commerce Shopify brand
and launching Facebook ads it's gonna
save you a ton of money and it's only
gonna take five minutes of your day so I
highly recommend watching this in taking
action on it before doing that what I
want to show you is one of my real
facebook ad accounts it's actively
running and the reason that I want to
show you this first is I personally do
not trust anybody on YouTube that
preaches e-commerce or Facebook ad
results without showing the Facebook ad
account in real time and hitting refresh
in front of me so I'm about to do that
right here for you right here we
obviously have our dates so let's go
from I'll show you the past two months
so April 1st today is June June 12th
2020 when I'm recording this so we'll
update this and what you'll see is I've
spent twenty two thousand dollars to
make a hundred and thirty thousand
dollars back with Facebook Ads
the actual revenue on the Shopify side
is about a hundred and seventy thousand
for about a return of eight eight X so
every dollar that I put into Facebook
ads I got eight dollars back out of it
I'm gonna click refresh a few times
right now and with that said what I'm
gonna teach you today is the most
important thing that you need to learn
first before launching your e-commerce
brand on Shopify
and spending money on any Facebook Ads
take a look at my edit con here what
you're gonna notike is I only have four
campaigns and I know there's a filter
let me show you I have a total of six
campaigns throughout the into history of
this account to generate a hundred and
thirty thousand dollars one hundred and
seventy thousand dollars off of twenty
thousand on ad spend how am i doing this
with just four campaigns
well the secret that I'm gonna teach you
in this video is a marketing funnel
marketing funnels are actually a very
very easy concept it's overcomplicated
all across the internet but in reality
very easy I'm gonna teach you all about
a marketing funnel in the next three
minutes and then you're also gonna see
how I implement that marketing funnel
right here in in four campaigns to
generate massive results with Facebook
with that said if you could do me the
favor and just tap that like button it
is greatly appreciated and subscribe if
you're new to my channel my name is
dylan pearson i'm a facebook advertiser
ecommerce business owner and i run a
small advertising agency here in chicago
illinois with that said let me first hop
over and start to teach you the most
powerful aspect in e-commerce marketing
funnel 101 i'm gonna do things a bit
different today I hope you I hope you
could hear that sound it's the most
refreshing sound to hear anyways I'm
gonna do things a bit different today
I had a PowerPoint with nice pretty
professional diagrams drawn up and then
I got into a little tequila club soda so
I went onto Google and I found a mspaint
version that's available online so we're
gonna use that to break down marketing
photos take a little bit of throwback
and dive into it welcome to marketing
funnel 101 I'm having fun already this
is a throwback to my childhood so we
have marketing funnel 101 what is a
marketing funnel a marketing funnel
simply put in my words is the journey of
an individual from a non customer to a
customer and this is actually going to
become much clearer as I continue to
explain it here and remember this simple
concept can make you a lot of money with
e-commerce in facebook advertising I see
so many people dive into it and lose a
bunch of money because they don't
understand this basic topic so the next
three minutes could literally make or
break your future ecommerce business
when it comes to marketing funnels
you've probably seen the basic diagram
typically a marketing funnel is broken
up of four phases so let's draw this out
here we have one this is so much
I'm having way more fun making this
video then you probably are watching it
number two number three and finally down
here we have number four this is a
simple four phase marketing funnel each
one of these phases is made up with
different types of traffic and I'm gonna
explain that here I'm gonna make it very
very very easy to understand because
marketing funnels are very easy the
first phase is built with cold traffic
what is cold traffic cold traffic is as
it sounds it's people that are cold to
your brand they have never seen your
product they have never seen your
service they've never heard of you you
are brand new to them and the best
correlation in real life that I like to
use is a relationship think about the
first time that you met someone that is
essentially cold traffic you make your
introduction you make your first
impression now now that you met that
person you've met with them maybe a few
more times you get to know them a little
more now they are warm traffic and in
the world of e-commerce this is someone
that's watched a video engaged with your
ad maybe the hit like maybe they shared
it they're getting warmed up to your
product or your service next you have
the third phase this is made up of your
hot audiences in traffic in the
e-commerce and advertising space this is
usually your website visitors people
that add it to cart initiated a checkout
and did everything on your website
except purchase in the dating scenario
this is probably when you ask them out
and so forth existing this is obviously
once someone has converted in e-commerce
and advertising they've eventually
bought your product became a client of
your service or whatever your conversion
of that is they are now an existing
audience and this is where you get
married so this is a simple funnel in
now what I want you to do is I'm gonna
take you back over to my ad account and
just remember this one cold to warm
three hot for existing now let me show
you something here we are back in my ad
account I'm gonna refresh one more time
just for proof now check this out
remember zero it one is
is cold look at my campaign zero one
cold zero one cold these are too cold
audience cold campaigns the only people
that see these campaigns have never seen
my brand or seen my product or been on
my website these are cold audiences now
look how this is performing 4x Rho as in
a 5.3 for growers Rho as for every
dollar I spent these numbers are what I
get back next remember to phase 2 is
warm audiences ok phase 2 warm 9.14
they've gotten warmed up they engaged
with my with my ads they've common that
they shared they've liked and I'm
getting a $9 return for every $1
invested finally hot audiences this is
this is essentially you know you're
dating you're about to get married these
are people that a visit my website added
a car initiated checkout 11x return on
you can see the funnel in action look at
these row as four five nine eleven it
keeps getting stronger because my
audience is continue to go through my
marketing funnel you don't need any
complex Facebook ads strategies you need
a marketing funnel and this is proof you
the proof is in the numbers and I'm
showing you legitimate numbers right
this works and this is what I teach all
of my students in full-time econ forget
about all of the five dollar day $10 a
day it's all about the funnel it's all
about the marketing with that set yes I
understand there are aspects to setting
up campaigns and running Facebook ads
that part can be a little confusing when
you get started but the reason that I
feel this is the most important aspect
of e-commerce and Shopify and Facebook
ads to start out with is because if you
go and learn all that complex stuff with
Facebook ads and you don't know how to
work a marketing funnel you will waste
every dollar you invest or I see the
screenshots all over the internet these
people like a 100k month and then that
dies and they don't know what to do next
because they don't have those core
skills and they their one out of a
thousand that a struck struck the gold
for a period of a couple months
learn this and I promise you you will
find wave of better results when you
start to spend your hard-earned money if
you haven't seen my breakdown of my
story when I got started back in late
2015 from 2015 to early 2018 I lost over
$30,000 on inventory Facebook ads a
bunch of mistakes I've hiring fate like
these gurus that weren't legitimate and
it all clicked once I really focus on
learning these core aspects of marketing
so if I could go back five years and
look at myself and give myself advice as
a beginner this is what I would say to
myself and I'm saying it to you in hopes
that it helps you a lot so with that
said that sums up my spiel learn your
funnels and it's gonna transform your
business speaking of I know I mentioned
full-time EECOM that is my mentorship
class I used to have links down in the
description but it's become an
application only as it is a legitimate
mentorship where I spend one to two
hours a week on zoom' calls I answer
emails everyday DMS from the limited
exclusive amount of students in there if
you are 100% legitimate feel free to
click the link in the description and we
can get in touch and see if it is a good
fit but if if you're just starting now
or you don't feel a hundred percent
confident that this is for you that is
not for you but I just wanted to mention
that so with that said if you have any
questions whatsoever leave them in the
comment I will answer all of the the
comments shoot me a demon DM on
Instagram I'll answer them there and I'm
here to help you succeed with your
journey into e-comm and Facebook ads
I'll see you in the next video Dylan out

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