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$253,000 In A SINGLE DAY On Shopify (Case-Study Tutorial)

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

$253,000 In A SINGLE DAY On Shopify (Case-Study Tutorial)

The above is a brief introduction to $253,000 In A SINGLE DAY On Shopify (Case-Study Tutorial).

Let's move on to the first section of $253,000 In A SINGLE DAY On Shopify (Case-Study Tutorial)!

$253,000 In A SINGLE DAY On Shopify (Case-Study Tutorial)

all right we are back and in this one
I've got a really interesting video for
you guys before we do it there's a
couple things that I want to share with
first things first can't show you what's
in this whiteboard but these two big
ones we just had another one come in so
now we've got - this place is a complete
mess right now
the new couch thing came in this thing
is absolutely amazing but I want to let
you guys know about the giveaway we're
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it's not for you know a hundred dollars
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know we're gonna record and do a ton of
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we can do business stuff then want help
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if they want to learn Facebook Ads we
can do that essentially I'm gonna fly
them out all expenses paid and do a ton
of cool things get to spend the weekend
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intrigued to see I guess who wins where
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know what we end up doing so they're
gonna be a lot of fun but other than
that there's a really really cool thing
excuse me about the giveaway so along
the way there's a ton of cool things you
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through your link again it's free for
them as well then they're entered in the
giveaway super super awesome really cool
competitive structure and you guys are
gonna get to see the leaderboards as
well so under the topic in this video
two hundred and fifty three thousand
dollars in a single day with e-commerce
what is this all about take a moment to
think about that number we're toking
about a quarter million dollars in a day
let me flip around this whiteboard
should only end up showing you guys
something but that's a massive number in
wow that is revenue I'm gonna I'm gonna
have someone who's standing right next
to me in a moment tok about you know of
course you know what it was it did that
how they did that how they consistently
do that this is not all that but also
the profit margin and kind of everything
that went into it so it's a very
interesting structure very unique way
that he personally runs his ads does
everything with this store and I want
you guys to know because this is
something that I hold very close to me
is and this is almost impossible to do
so I don't expect you to be perfect with
this because I know I'm not think about
this if you're gonna take someone like
this friend of mine that I'm introduce
you to right here or even looking at me
or anyone anyone else you look up to
Grant Cardone kevin O'Leary you know
Mark Cuban whatever okay if you're
looking at someone and you might just be
getting started maybe in life and
business and finances maybe in a certain
business or in a fitness goal anything
like that you cannot compare your first
day to where they are currently so I
call this a 2 B B to C C to D so this
means is don't try and jump from A to Z
don't compare that go from A to B build
those habits get started then go from B
to C it's a little step by step you know
it's like Charlie Munger said or I
believe it was Charlie Munger step by
step step by step you get a head not
necessarily in fast spurts so just
continue right folks on that don't get
overwhelmed that being said though let
me introduce you to my buddy Harry all
right introducing Harry I'm gonna let
him introduce himself we also have a
store pulled up this place is an
absolute mess by the way it's been like
five dudes here just all day working and
I think we've post made it a total of
like 14 times but anyways I'm gonna show
you this store here in a second he just
logged into we're gonna go through tok
about some numbers the background
marketing products all of that stuff but
I'm gonna let him introduce himself
I'll leave his Instagram link down below
as well kind of more
Loki gob you should to you here to care
Instagram yes there you go
heck yeah yeah let's you introduce
yourself little know who you are what
you do all right so I'm Hardin from UK
I've been doing income for just under
four years now mainly side dropshipping
grandma a year ago so I was doing a lot
of other things before that but this
past years when the money's been
skyrocketing skyrocketing yeah spent
literally crazy
he showed me videos you know back in the
UK like renting out a house setting
everything up in the backyard with all
these like 300-foot tents with like tens
of thousands of boxes having 30
full-time employees like packaging
orders absolutely insane ridiculous well
let's start off how did you even get
into e-commerce because I don't even
know that for about four years and then
what made that transition in the drop
shipping specifically so when I was like
13 14 Ollie's plays capable of FIFA and
I was like I was trading on that like
generating coins basic bottom right so I
started I started seeing always
promoting with like coin websites so I
basically just for like you know I can
generate this coins why not start
selling one and that started day one and
so I started it with well I took about
15 and my dad's blue-ray steep CDs took
him to a secondhand store sold for take
your CDs sold oh yeah put that money
into domain graphics and then she'll
focus Batman you had to pay for out
front yeah leave come over exactly first
day we did about thousand dollars BAM do
you show your dad that yeah he said it
was gonna fail like oh he knew you took
the blu-rays he didn't about not yet
okay so you started doing well with that
what sort of numbers were those doing
yours to online I was all digital system
so as a hundred cent profit
yeah so back then I was doing on one to
two thousand a day for about about a
year from your how all 1717
I get out college so high school fooling
us bars yeah that's not confusing why
don't you just call it high studies I
don't know three weeks before okay two
weeks before you finished high school
yeah my college is their equivalent
ever okay and so how old you now first
of all honey he's 20 okay so what made
that transition in the drop should
because that's physical products right
yeah so with virtual goods when you're
running own stores is like bunch of like
four or five year-olds are ordering and
when delivery is an instant yeah they
start messaging you you know things
about like I hate to call it just gets
really stressful when I'm just kind of
customer service yeah you gotta have
live chat 24/7 24/7 she's oh I got I
gotta wasn't really scalable to a point
I was making like forty to fifty
thousand a month profit with everything
else going on that wasn't really much
I'm toking a lost so you just kind of
hit your peak a good plateau and you're
making some money yeah okay so that's
what transition in now did you have some
pretty quick success right when you
started drop shipping or what did that
look like relatively quick cuz I don't
any pain in the e-commerce about two and
a half years when points already knew
what to look forward okay that makes
and so were you doing that alter
Facebook ads at the time yes I've never
actually done with Instagram never done
Instagram influencers absolutely crazy
okay and what sort of you know everyone
has their personal preference this is a
question for more so that people will
ask let's say anyone asked what types of
products you so what price point do you
like to stik around I know I have
friends who like the only one high
tiket or only want like free plus
what do you stay around you know usually
around about forty fifty dollars what if
you do opt on products which like to 300
yeah of course you have the different
margin yeah yeah yeah alright well let's
show this store we actually went ahead
and edited the name on it so you guys
won't be able to see it so good luck
with that
so this store typically said you haven't
run ads in a long time just doing it on
certainly four weeks
okay so it was all with Facebook four
hundred bucks a day right now four to
five hundred without doing any ads so
that's just again today with no ads
coming through you're doing any email
marketing or anything at all no so
stores just sitting here for an example
is the last whatever the last month yeah
boom so there you go
all with Facebook ads was this like kind
of the inception of the store by the way
now is day one day one okay
so you guys can scale the big five we
hit 12 K by day five they hit 12,000 a
day yeah so that right there is the
power of Facebook ads okay so let's dive
into that because obviously that has to
spark curiosity Facebook is what I do
fills you don't know if you you know
they always ask what you focus on
excuse me it is Facebook ads so that's
the scalability and consistency and
since you've never done influencers you
don't know about the volatility like I
assure you stores really do 40 thousand
and a day 50 grand that I did with
influencers and the next day can
literally be like just a couple thousand
dollars and you do nothing because if
you don't know shout out lined up or
nothing you know you can do 20k in a day
and then nothing for two weeks so I
personally hate inconsistency yeah so
tok about what you do with Facebook
specifically maybe drop a couple of tips
and tricks' things you've learned things
you've done wrong for sure but tok
about facebook and cuddle what you do
you know there's a lot different ways to
do it
so with me and I when I go and find
products I don't really need to anymore
because I've got I'm not trying to be
cocky or anything but I've got my fire
six products right now which I've
already got all the data for I've got
all the pixel data I've got all the air
I've got like thousands of customer data
which I could launch ads on a 2k free
K&L a budget so when it comes to like
testing brand new products for me I
haven't done it in WoW like since that
summer since but when I showed you those
videos yeah with all the boxes yeah so
what's up YouTube yes sir with tok
about Facebook ad man you know the ad
spend has to correlate with the direct
return of the drop shipping business
model boom there you go from so huge
never ran a Facebook ad ever out of my
life alright continue on though about
Facebook and here's a little things
about you commerce you know what's kind
of your strategy and you said thanks
books all about data Oh
literally everything you've got data
even if it's saturated to do it ya know
that's what people don't realize you
people has is ecommerce saturated
certain things can be saturated to start
right now
a fidgets better yeah you could
theoretikally stills that would be a
sophomore women's leggings I'll drop it
out I had a big store on it was a lot of
women's products leggings boomed when I
told him that he was like how'd you do
he like bro it's all saturated I did it
from scratch scratch is what I focus on
with Facebook but when you come in with
data oh my god it's easy that's how
you're able to go from here to twelfth
oh you did you update for that in a bit
a little bit okay but tiny bit tiny bit
of day to go from you know zero to
twelve thousand a day in five days
that's crazy
I do have products where if you were to
start one right now even you most likely
if you were doing detailed targeting you
wouldn't you wouldn't have any success
or what at least you wouldn't have as
much yeah exactly yeah well there's
definitely products like that I just
stay away from you can kind of tell yeah
be logical with it cool well I want to
tok about or have you toked out real
quick one Golden Nugget that I know we
toked about before we we're gonna film
this Express track ship it yeah okay
so for those of you don't know what
Express track shipping is let's drop in
the easiest way ever to increase your
margin by just a couple percent like
that like that and when you're toking
about 400 K in a month that's an extra
by a couple percent it's next to ten
grand minimum like that or more that's
more that's more what mm all right well
show it so again this if you tok about
although the screen shot was fake you
can't fake on this here you go okay so
number orders she's one do the math in
the order value whatever it says it so
there you go so first of all what is all
this let's tok about Express track ship
in everything that's going on with that
what even is Express track shipping it's
nothing like we do
it's an idea what you do is when you go
to settings mini charge shipping you
obviously most of time got free ship
right the waiters is crying up one
called Express track shipping for like
$5.99 depends on your product I feel if
you're sending product for like $10
charge like $2.99 yeah I usually do 10%
depends on the product yeah of course of
course and you did just leave it mother
we increase the revenue about to around
not 2 to 3 percent but we can do even
further is Express attract insured
shipping okay even more
less people get it is an extra like
don't and so then you run that through
something like you know II packet or
something his pocket yeah so you can
charge more most people literally will
just and this is something I recommend
to if it almost always if you can do a
package ship it it's gonna get a faster
it's gonna reduce your customer
complaints by a drastik amount but by
doing something where you even offer it
as a different option there are people
who take it and you can make margin on
that yeah exactly and so whether or not
you actually even offer that and whether
or not you actually fulfill it with a
faster shipping service that's a whole
nother thing you know but if you yeah
you can if you want so that's one of
those things where you know offer a
package mitts a dollar fifty charge
three dollars okay boom extra money like
that people take it it's like starting
an upselling you don't know how well
that specific upsell might work but
start doing it's gonna start bringing
some money back but this will increase
the revenue to ya right there boom
that's a good gold nugget like one of
many you know saying to send us a lot oh
yeah what you're toking about you know
doing four hundred thousand or whatever
in a month first month by the way big
difference to vacations two vacations
there you go
exactly well first of all let's tok
about the margin real quick on that
store what sort of profits were you were
you hit oh we accidently just cut it off
what was the profit margin
35 percent okay okay not not too well it
was the first month so building a ton of
data usually for me even building from
scratch month to is where the profit
really starts coming in yeah so you're
good at math what's the profit on that
then I promise my mouth won't st see
looking up quick years he's always you
know math
you dropped out of high school or
college for them crazy well if there's
any closing thoughts we can always make
more videos if you guys want to see more
videos with Harry or any of other people
I'm with or just doing something we can
definitely pump out some more content
but you know if there's any closing
thoughts you can leave them with things
that actually will go with this because
I know you get a bunch of whack DMS and
this video will probably increase that
that will tell you at all but what would
you say is something people should avoid
when they're doing anything with like
selling a physical product online
whether it's trap shipping or not what's
something people do wrong all the time
it's one thing what's something that
irritates literally I guess I mean DMS
from people right trying to sell me
stokers trying to sell leggings as I
said trying to be the next movement
watch or something yeah don't do that
you're not gonna get any success and if
you do that's what in a medium yeah it's
not it's luck which will be yeah so once
that dies out now you don't have any
skills it's not gonna work again yeah
okay especially starting how about you
don't know what are you doing so now
let's ask this I'm gonna put it out cuz
I know you guys are curious so then how
would you find a winning product well
what's one thing you do well what's
something you would recommend to them
Mulvey I'd recommend buy especially
right now in the winter is winter right
now yeah this is so many products out
that you actually just think of what
people need and don't have or you've not
seen yet right say like this product it
was a winter product no one has it and
it's useful right okay so you folks on
trend products trying you do seasonal
trend absolutely okay
BAM there you go so you do you build
brands or you more so just building
stores stores building pushing massive
numbers through it so I don't care about
building brands oh yeah there you go get
in the cash getting the cash flow I like
that who's that wind strike exactly
yeah so and for credibility he makes a
lot of money as I mean you've just seen
it's about to be getting a Lamborghini
Huracan which we actually at the
dealership the other day and do a lot of
other fun stuff so crazy crazy stuff
bring up a paypal sure show them some
more results how much you have locked
and stripe and PayPal right now I'm
actually one thing one day thousand
dollars leave this okay BAM
there you go you count about two below
zero please transfer what happened here
he's got how much is that in US two
hundred three hundred thousand US
dollars on hold and just just show you
guys I'll hit command R it's refreshing
there haven't even given up 100 nights
down well log in you can't fake this
you can't fake this BAM there you go so
what's actually gonna happen with this
when he mentioned to me is he might
actually end up suing PayPal because
it's friendly right exactly the three
inner grams just you know not a small
amount of money by any means but they're
supposed to give you a time period that
says K your money's on hold for a
hundred eighty days which is our
standard and they haven't even given you
the estimate right yeah we're just under
24 after December 21st yeah so PayPal if
they messed up or let it slip through
the cracks
that's a violation of their what they
can do yeah exactly
sue to him well let you know how that
goes if that happens well other than a
guises I hope this video helped if it
did first of all make sure to give them
a follow on Instagram we're gonna help
hit 3000 drop it it's down below leave
it link down below as well as the
giveaway if you enjoyed this video make
sure to drop a like especially if you
want more videos with other people
coming on as always posting every single
day on this channel as he knows he sees
me out here making some videos so
working bad grinding but make sure to
hit that subscribe button and with that
being said obviously you need tomorrow
the next video peace oh and by the way
just to add this to the end because we
totally forgot to tok about the title
we got a little bit sidetracked the
reason it was 253 K in today's because
that's his highest single day on Shopify
right yeah so a little over 100 k of
that was with one product and the others
was what split between two other stores
or something with Yesi similar this kind
of interesting thing with Facebook Ads
similar to house at least I have one
friend who whenever something's working
he'll duplicate it six times just to see
what performs better
he'll do a similar thing with multiple
stores of the same thing so that's what
he did with the other part with the
biggest single product on there over a
hundred thousand in a day so biggest day
253 K how much that was profit hunter k
not terrible there you go so honor K
profit in a day that's it

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