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*STORY TIME* My WORST Month As An Affiliate Marketer (LESSONS LEARNED)

Published on: December 1 2022 by Robby Blanchard

*STORY TIME* My WORST Month As An Affiliate Marketer (LESSONS LEARNED)

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*STORY TIME* My WORST Month As An Affiliate Marketer (LESSONS LEARNED)

Haman's going on guys nobody blanchard
here in this video i want to share with
you my worst affiliate month ever when
it came to making money online how it
happened what went wrong and what you
can learn from it too so let's get into
it right now alright guys so in this
video we're going to tok about not
successes but my failures guys so I
think that so many people there's so
many gurus out there and coaches and
people that say they're crushing it each
and every day and honestly guys that's
not true okay because I can tell you for
a fact that if you're successful that's
probably because you've had a lot of
failures right and so I want to kind of
get personal and share with you one of
my biggest failures and one of the
months that I just it was it was awful
right as an affiliate marketer so and
actually it was pretty recent so it was
actually November 2018 which was just a
few months ago so it's just late last
year was my worst month as an affiliate
marketer and here's why so up until then
I was having a lot of success right I
was making thousands of dollars a day
each and every day on Facebook promoting
Clickbank offers and I was just doing
really really well with it okay
Facebook you know I was able to run ads
as having issues at the same time I was
running not only my affiliate offers on
my Facebook profile
my own business managers but also I was
running my client stuff through that
profile as well and up until then it was
fine everything was good there was no
issues at all but unfortunately guys
Facebook decided to make some changes
right so as you know Facebook's got a
lot more strict they've made changes in
terms of compliance in terms of what
they offer in terms of their policies
just because of all the heat they've
gotten over the last 18 months and so of
course that affects affiliate marketers
like me so in November of this past year
I was running ads and I remember I'll
never forget I came into the office I
remember looking at my accounts in all
of my accounts I had probably 12
business managers at the time they were
all shut down all of my accounts were
shut down also my personal profile get
this big red message across my business
managers and it said your advertising
abilities have been temporary or have
been limited so basically what that
meant was you know my profile was now
fried so I couldn't even run ads on my
with my profile and that was a big issue
because not only remember I was running
Ilia stuff but I also had all my client
stuff attached to that profile that was
bad because you know I was making quite
a bit of money with my affiliate stuff
but also you know my consistent revenue
was coming from my agency stuff and so
that was a really really bad month for
me because first of all I was dead in
the water
I had no accounts to run from I had no
business managers anymore that was
literally the worst month for me because
PRA I'm thinking what am I gonna do am I
ever gonna be able to run ads again am I
ever gonna be able to get successful
again what am I gonna tell my clients
what do I do about this this this is
this right and so all those thoughts
were going through my head and of course
I was a little bit worried I got a
little bit stressed out for a few days
but then what did I do guys I decided
you know what I'm gonna be resourceful
and I'm gonna figure this out okay
because when it comes to being an
entrepreneur you're gonna always have
problems guys just remember if you're
having problems that means you're alive
okay the only people that don't have
problems are dead people okay so just
remember if you have problems that means
you're alive and that means you're gonna
figure it out okay so now I've learned
to love problems okay because problems
are great alright that means if you're
having problems then you are pushing the
limit and you're at a point where you
can figure it out and every time you
figure out a problem that makes you more
makes you stronger and it makes you more
successful okay so that's what I did
guys I got resourceful and I figured it
out and alright and that was a first
world problem guys for me to write like
you know for me it was like geez how am
I gonna get my accounts up and running
so I can continue to make a lot of money
right yeah you know it wasn't a problem
like geez where am I gonna find my next
meal where am I gonna you know find
shelter over my head you know where am I
gonna find a blanket so I don't freeze
to death right okay first of all problem
so when you stop and you think about in
your putting perspective you can figure
it out okay so it's really important
just to remember that and kind of put
things into perspective okay and so I
figured it out guys so what I ended up
doing was I ended up working out and
setting up a new profile I ended up
having to run ads from my girlfriend's
profile for a while I was able to get
access through other people in the
business managers for my clients and
within about a week or so I was fully up
and running again with my agency right
now my affiliate stuff took a little bit
longer to get back up and running but
for me my priority was getting the the
seven-figure business up and running
because that would be really bad because
not only do there's a do I count on the
income of course but I have several
people that work for me in the agency
that depend on me providing for them
okay so that's a big responsibility and
something I don't take lightly and so
I've learned from that mistake and so
now going forward what I do is I make
sure that when I run ads for my clients
it's on one profile and when I work with
you know my affiliate stuff it's on a
different profile okay so that's a
little tip for you guys out there who
are running agency stuff and running
affiliate stuff okay so that's what I
learned so it was a crazy crazy month
for me I definitely did not make much
money that month at all you know I went
from making a couple you know a lot of
money on you know per month to now
making you know I was making nothing
because I couldn't run anything right so
and that was frustrating that was tough
to get through but I became resourceful
I realized that I hate it's a problem
but I'm gonna figure it out and because
of that guys because I didn't quit and
say oh I know what I give up two short
months later so that happened in
November I was back up and running in
December and then in January guys I
ended up winning the Clickbank affiliate
contest and I generated almost a million
dollars that month in revenue in two
short months before that guys I was
making nothing all right so that is just
to show you what's possible and it's one
of those things guys when it comes to
you you know quitting you just can't
quit because you're your breakthrough is
just it could be one step away it could
be tomorrow it could be you may not know
what's gonna happen in a week from now
right I mean things can change so fast
online too and that's why you know if
you are going through your struggles if
you are having issues well you know get
that account shut down or whatever
don't quit guys because your
breakthrough could be right there and
for me that was a perfect example I was
you know I mean I was down and out in
November and now I was a top affiliate
in the entire world on Clickbank and
that's opened up tons of more
opportunities clients now I want to work
with me even more because you know
they've seen my success and I was able
to open and create my brand new course
commission hero
so all these opportunities came out of
that failure guy so it's definitely a
lesson you want to learn today is that
even though you may be down and out
alright do not quit just remember that's
a first world problem if you have
problems that's great because it means
you're alive and you're not dead so just
figure it out
keep pushing forward and when you do
you're gonna become stronger you can
become more
Dillian and you're gonna become a better
person and a better business owner
overall so that's my advice and that's
kind of how I went from having that
really really tough month and how to
turning that into a success just because
I didn't quit hey thanks so much for
watching this video if you like this
video then I know you're gonna love the
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if you loved this video as always do
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so that's it guys I'll tok to you soon
and see you next video

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