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1 Hour Dropshipping CHALLENGE in Lamborghini (FROM SCRATCH)

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

1 Hour Dropshipping CHALLENGE in Lamborghini (FROM SCRATCH)

1 Hour Dropshipping CHALLENGE in Lamborghini (FROM SCRATCH)

all right this is about to be one of the
craziest most unnecessary videos on the
channel but hey youtube's crazy
you got to do something different so not
only am i coming at you with probably a
pretty long video breaking down some
crazy crazy valuable tips relating to
e-commerce building a shopify store
and running ads but i'm also gonna be
doing it from the comfort
of my twin turbo lamborghini huracan
which is genuinely gonna kill
my back so before we start this video
first of all
drop a like for my pain that is
definitely about to come i'm headed to
the gym it's back in chest day so
hopefully i'll get these muscles moving
so that i can still walk after we're
done with this video all right so
get ready for it and i'm gonna head off
to the gym
so the goal for this video is to
completely set up your shopify store so
that it can make sales
create a great video ad we're going to
tok about the visual
i'm going to show you the amazing
creative that we set up as well as how
to write the ad copy then we're going to
dive into the ad strategies
that way within the next hour or so
you're going to understand exactly what
you have to do so that you could
literally launch
ads on facebook google tiktok
whatever as soon as today that's the
challenge today is to get that set up
here in this video so
without further ado make sure to drop a
like and let's jump in
so before i start screen recording
inside of my computer here in a moment
which is going to be the primary thing
we do
i want to explain the resources that
we're using and kind of what this video
is going to be about
so the two resources we're using number
one is the store that i already had
that is from our ecom season development
team you can always find that linked in
the description below if you're not
that's something we do at an at cost
service so you can get a quality store
built out
with all the product research done so
that's actually where this product came
and the cool thing is all the examples
we're about to go through the ad copy
we're going to write the video ad i'm
about to show you
all of this can be the same process for
any product you want to sell so that's
the great news
the second resource we're going to use
is the video ad i will show you a little
snippet of that right now as i'm
speaking i'll just lay it over
this is from viral ecom ads it's their
combo ad that's where they kind of mixed
animated clips with real clips
they turned it around in literally 24
hours this was a video i decided to film
last minute
and when you're a part of their vip
membership you get videos turned around
super quick so
if you want a super easy inexpensive way
to make some great ad creatives
instead of just using like a fuzzy
picture from your supplier that's a
great way to do it definitely check them
out linked below
i don't own the company or anything but
you guys can check it out with a little
discount code i have
and save like 20 so definitely check
that out now
with that being said we're gonna jump
through this i have a five or six slide
presentation put together i'm sorry
about the bad light in here i mean my
gosh we're sitting in a car
so anyways make sure to drop a like on
the video
and let's just start going through this
okay so while you could call this a
challenge or whatever i just wanted to
do this together with you guys
here's what we're gonna be going through
today okay number one we're gonna
analyze the store we're gonna tok about
what makes a store good
what things you need and partikularly
what things you don't need a lot of the
that people tok about and then might be
on a checklist to do eventually for a
store a lot of it you can ignore
until you have a product that's working
for you in your own ad account and
that's already making sales
okay the second thing we're going to
focus on which kind of relates to the
is writing product descriptions and
focusing on making a really high quality
product page so this kind of builds in
with the store
you're going to see a very standard
example my development team did not know
i was even doing this video again this
was last minute
all i did was pull one store basically
off the line okay
so as we're making these stores each one
is unique you're going to be able to see
a live example here in a moment in about
60 seconds of what a store looks like
and we're just going to modify the
product page i'm going to show you
different things that i like to do
we're going to tok about some apps and
we're going to go through stuff like
that okay
now the third thing we're going to dive
super in depth on creating an ad
now i already had the creative made from
viral ecommerce like i mentioned
but we're going to write the ad copy
together i'm going to show you a few
different things i look for
i'm going to tok through the ad
creative tok about what i like to do
for front end offers what i like to do
when we're running look likes what i
like to do when we're doing retargeting
all that fun stuff okay
and then the final point is we're going
to touch lightly on the ads
this is something you guys know me i can
blabble on for hours and hours and hours
and we've done a long tutorial recently
kind of a 2021
intro we toked a little bit about ads
inside of there but as always
if you really really want in-depth ad
stuff that's covered in the programs
where you can sit down for five to ten
hours and go through live examples
so let's start with the store i wanna
show you the store first and then we're
going to tok about some of these things
like i said this is exactly what you'd
be getting if you were to order the
so here is what it looks like all right
based around what the store service is
is having either one product store a
niche store or a general store
so this one is a niche store that i
grabbed off of the line and told them to
send my way
so this one right here is kind of
everything relating to tiknology
it has somewhat of a focus inside of
that niche space
but the cool thing is a niche store
doesn't mean to need to be like
everything led accessories for only
tesla cars right just as an example
that could be considered more of a
specific store a niche is just a general
and when we build these stores we want
to give you guys enough a little bit of
freedom and bubble space if you will
to be able to play around with multiple
products so take a look here
you got a camera drone you got a selfie
stik speaker smart watch i used to sell
these a lot back in the day
wire retention clips this right here is
the product we're gonna be focusing on
today just as an example
you gotta get a gaming mouse mouse slip
pad all this stuff
okay wireless chargers earbuds just just
the general
run-of-the-mill products that work these
are all products by the way that have
traction in the space
these are proven to be actively selling
so this will give you a great idea of
what you could sell you can always add
more products on
for this example i didn't need to do
that so as we kind of jump back around
let's go back to the home page i just
want to show you what makes up a good
store a high quality background photo
that's always
key one thing to think about i always
say this you're never
sending someone almost never are you
sending someone
to a home page right so here's how that
when you're running an ad similar to the
facebook ads we're about to tok about
we're showing the product we're directly
one product and so when someone is
interested in that product
why would you send them to your home
page on a store that has a lot of
because they might get lost in
transition especially if your store is
not that amazing
and it's not super focused or if you
have a lot of products it might be hard
for them to find that
so for an example on a general store you
would definitely definitely
want to make sure that you're sending
them to the product page now one thing
you can do if you have a general store
with a bunch of different categories
called collections if you're advertising
shoes for an example
and you have a bunch of different styles
of shoes you could send them to what's
called a collection page so they can
select them if you showed multiple in
the ad
so we always focus on that good
background usually when people grab our
stores they can immediately jump in
change the header up here
based on whatever product they want to
be selling right that's already
hyperlinked to the product you can
easily change that
you're obviously going to pick a name
for your store and then buy the domain
and pretty much after that you're good
to go
so they kind of build the store around
one product that's currently the hottest
and that would be this product we could
have easily done this example on this
product but i wanted to do something
unique in my opinion so let's just break
this down you know you got featured
products here that's always good
testimonials you can add these in for
your specific products if you want you
can write testimonies or import them
but you can do whatever you want you can
modify this
you have all of the different
information here that you can add in you
can add in your email a phone number if
you have it
if you don't have a phone support you
can just remove that right
quick links you can have your stuff all
the way to the refund policy
we put in a stok super simple one
you're going to want to make sure
you go ahead and change to your stuff so
whatever email you set up for your
very very simple so we already link
everything we build all the pages for
these are all of our different legal
pages that we've had written by our
business attorneys so
you can know that everything is solid
you just kind of plug and play your
so this is kind of what makes up a good
store now let's jump into the product
page okay we toked about the theme kind
of layout there the product page
let's start with the photos okay so if i
go to the product that we're going to
focus on which is these wire retention
now this is actually something that i
actually use i don't use this exact one
but i use these clips because they're
actually really helpful
so these kind of hold in your wires and
they don't let them fall out
so typically you know you unplug your
computer and whoop it just goes right
behind the desk right
so that stuff happens all the time it
does get really annoying so
i put those in and you kind of hide them
in the back i all mine are black because
my desk is like gray and black so it
kind of hides it
super super simple but you can get you
know fruity color ones and whatever so
there's a lot of different options here
these are some basic photos that you get
from the supplier right it's nothing
crazy fancy
which is why i always recommend as soon
as you get the product working
one of the first things you should do as
soon as you kind of see that momentum
is order the product and you're going to
want to take custom photos and as soon
as you do that
it opens up the door to get a lot of
custom content as well so
let's uh let's start going through some
of these uh things on the product page i
just want to point these out from top to
bottom so
photos always super important at least
show the product so for example
you would never just want to have this
right because it's a little fuzzy it's a
little small
it's a white background it's super super
basic so if we go back over here
i mentioned two different types of
photos there's lifestyle photos
and then there's standard photos okay
and those are two different things
so for an example standard photos would
mean something
like this right any of these it's just a
white background that shows the
product and the reason i call it
standard is because i've been in this
industry for so long and this is pretty
much all you see
it's the most standard thing it's
typically what suppliers will upload
to aliexpress or to whatever portal if
they're a drop ship agent
all of that fun stuff right but there's
a second type that you should be looking
for that in my opinion converts way
it's what i call lifestyle photos so
there's a couple reasons this is better
but a lifestyle photo would mean
something like this it shows what the
looks like being used so something as
simple as making the decision to
hey instead of just showing the products
i'm going to show the product being
used so it's like a toothbrush do you
want to have the toothbrush sitting on a
white background they get no perspective
of the size
what the color really looks like and
maybe it's someone who for whatever
reason doesn't brush their teeth
very much right so they don't really
know how it's used so you always want to
try to show the product in both lights
show it being used so for right here you
got the wires running through it you got
multiple of them
you get to see what that looks like
plugged into a computer wait it's on a
desk oh my gosh there's a coffee cup
right here
it kind of shows that product so it
really helps highlight your product
and uh those photos are always the best
to make ads off of so again we're going
to go through the ads here in a moment
your product name we name them super
basic you can always change it if you
but honestly wire retention clips
totally fine like you could
you could sell this product all day long
with that name the name is not gonna
hurt you
from this situation okay pricing you can
always mess with this if you want i
think our sourcing quote on these was
two dollars and twelve cents or
something so you can do whatever you
now notike though when we go back to the
shop page how many of these products are
on sale
right our development team is trained to
do what's called pricing psychology
so for an example the main product they
built this store around was this watch
like we toked about right that's the
only one that's on sale
the reason we do that is because if the
speaker's on sale the selfie stiks on
sale the drone's on sale all this other
stuff is on sale sale
what does that make the watch look like
it makes it look like it's not on sale
because now there is nothing unique
about the sale of the watch
so it drives more focus and more
attraction because if someone's browsing
this is an extra flare there's a big
thing that's to save 30 dollars
right and they get to see the strikeout
price so if you want to do a different
product or add another product all you
got to do is change that right so for
the wire retention
we would just go over here we would go
into the product
i'll show you how to do this real fast
it's just live inside of the back end
scroll down to your wire retention clips
boom boom you could change the name if
you want like whatever you want to do
but just scroll down here
and you can edit the price so for an
you go inside and you edit this sku this
one type of the product
it's what's called a compare at price so
if you want to sell it for
you know whatever it is we'll just go
back and bulk at all of them but you
want to sell it for 13.99
say that they're normally you know 26.99
the price is and then say it's a 50 off
discount you just don't want to do that
on all of the products
so one thing i like to do before i make
the decision to do what's called the
compare app price
i'll go look around on the internet and
kind of get a sense of what these sell
just so i can somewhat do something
that's believable
you know just so i can try to at least
fit in that space so if you want to go
ahead and edit any of the pricing
go ahead and do that you can just you
know 13.99 is what we're gonna sell it
boom apply to all keep it nice and
simple so you can do a lot of different
stuff inside of here
shopify keeps it super basic which is
nice but again having something like
where you can oh we gotta save the page
having something where you can go ahead
and add a compare app price
into the the product there it makes it
so much better just because it draws
more attention to the product
and whatever i'm bad at math but double
this maybe
26.99 roughly and then you could say
it's like 50
off right so you can kind of do stuff
like that and go in and edit them
okay so that's just about the product
page on the top
area obviously you got your different
skus or variants whatever you want to
call them
different colors keeping them simple and
make sure that each one you click on is
attached to it
i do see a lot of shopify stores people
ask me to review them all the time
and they're really not that great just
because it's hard to navigate let's say
i want to order a yellow one and i click
and then i don't get to know what it
looks like even this photo is not
you know we don't have amazing photos
for all the products that are working
that we find
but nonetheless you can easily take your
own okay so for example if you want to
tie that variant here
all you got to do i guess i mean you
could do it there as well but all you
got to do right here you see green is
associated to this photo
so all you have to do is click the
little photo next to it and as long as
your photo is
uploaded in here meaning right up over
here under your media
then you can just select that one and
boom it's going to be live and active
for it so we select green
done there you go green is attached to
green so just double check that that's
all correct and everything is accurate
but that's a little bit of stuff on the
photos right as well as the variants
now the description is where things get
a little bit more specific
so we have standard descriptions that we
use again once once your product starts
working you should definitely
go a little bit more in depth maybe add
in some of the custom content you've had
for an example the uh the file that i
got sent through google
drive from viral ecom ads have it all on
my phone not my laptop right now but
i'll throw up some of the videos
they sent me a lot of different stuff i
got animated content i got their
vertikal ad their combo ad
i got a bunch of different stuff so you
could insert some of that that maybe
you're not using at the moment in your
and just put it in the product
description put it in between this main
explanation and what the package
right this one's not that exciting of a
product in terms of what's in the
you just get the wire clips right super
simple and you could explain inside of
here how it's like you know you get a
bullet point list
explaining what's going on it's an
adhesive backing that you peel off and
it stiks to basically any surface
that's not wet
you could tok about all that stuff but
see how they highlight
key words here so this is where the
psychology comes into play so relating
to the customer this is your hook
do your charging cables always fall
behind the table or off to the side at
it's a relatable question and just know
from a marketing perspective
if you're ever asking a question you
want your customer or potential customer
to say yes so you want to make sure that
you're getting them in a green mood
especially here on shopify
yes means buying yes do you like this
yes is that a problem you have yes
yes puts them in a more positive mood
that's basically sales psychology
101 that's actually something i learned
when i was doing door-to-door sales ask
questions get them to say yes
get them to start having a good time so
as you continue down into the specifics
no more fumbling emphasis right
no more fumbling around on the floor
between the sofa and the end table or
between the bed and the nightstand
to find the ends of your charging cables
good enough to keep all your messy
cables organized
and accessible in the positions you
require simply use a cable clips holder
and right here you would put whatever
your product name is so for this case
we change it to wire retention clips
simply use
a wire retention clip on your nightstand
to keep charging cables in place
right so you can put all that stuff in
just plug and play a good life lifesaver
that would keep your computer cords
bundled up and
untangled at home or at the office right
i guess they didn't spell that right no
big deal and then your package includes
so for example
if you have a product that's more
interesting like
let's say this drone for an example the
package includes it's going to have more
than one thing right so i haven't even
looked at any of these that was my first
time you've been reading that
specifications here you got all the
specifics you get your features boom
boom boom
package includes boom for spare blades
four protection covers
one charging cable one battery one
remote one drone
all of that stuff but it focuses on the
specifics so for this one
six axis gyro allows for more stable
flying a more stable flying experience
it makes it easy to control
right you keep it super simple so it
just has all of this information that's
great and here's the thing i focused on
telling you guys right now about the
product description for a simple reason
the description comes before the ad copy
so from a psychology perspective if i do
that in this video
hopefully you guys will go do your
product description and build your store
before you write your ad copy why does
that matter you might ask
great question phenomenal well that
matters because
your ad copy as you're about to see in a
moment builds off
of what your product description is so
that's why i always love having that
highlight list feature like a bullet
point list like the drone had there
and you could easily add this in here so
you do that and then a couple
of those big uh main points are going to
be what your ad copy is based off of
so that's kind of everything to do with
the product page i really like to keep
it simple
although once we have a bunch of sales
coming in that's where we put more
attention on it okay
so feel free to check out those stores
if you guys want one or if you want to
really learn how to build them just
build it on your own
it's going to take you more time but you
can you can work on it and watch a bunch
of tutorials
get comfortable with shopify's editing
platform and you know then you have the
skill where you can do it yourself so
it's really just
whatever you want to do so that's the
store right kind of knocked those three
things down
let's tok about the ad creative okay
so in this example we have a couple
different things that i already showed
from viral ecom ads we have the 2d
animation i showed you the combo ad
where it's mixed with
animated as well as the real clips i'm
going to play that again
i'm pulling the music just because i'm
toking over it but
that is focused around showing a real
clip and then kind of splicing to an
then back to a real clip and then an
animation because it really shows the
product in use and shows exactly
how it works like there is no way you
don't watch this short video
and understand exactly what this product
is there's no way
so that's what you always want to focus
on having a very clear
video ad now before we get into the ad
cop because we don't need to tok a lot
about the video because it's already had
it made
just make sure that when you're making a
video it doesn't have animations like it
doesn't have to
it doesn't have to have real clips it
could just be animations it doesn't have
to be a testimonial
i recommend you try all of these things
right especially once you get your
product working
launch a barrage of tests just test test
test test test
because that's what helps you find out
not only what's working
but if you have something working it
helps you realize if something can work
even better
right and that's what it's all about
it's just testing launching a bunch of
different stuff so
i bought the uh the quarter four package
from viral ecommerce
has everything inside of there so just
to kind of show you guys all that again
all that stuff is linked down below
i do recommend them i've been just
truthfully running ads with them for
i think almost a year now it's been
since yeah it's been basically exactly
12 months
january of 2020 so breaking all that
stuff down been spending a lot
a lot of money on those animated ads
because i've been doing animations for
my main health and orthopedic brand for
about two years
but the animations used to be a lot more
expensive through this other source so
definitely a super helpful resource
there you guys can check it out linked
let's start toking about the ad copy oh
by the way
once you get your stuff working or make
sure obviously you've ordered the
product get a testimonial video
it could be a vertikal video that you
film of your friend with an iphone or
but have a real person on camera doesn't
have to be high quality
toking about the product i've always
found that that works really well in a
retargeting cbo
especially alongside other content that
you haven't used before
so be sure to check that out now let's
get into the fun stuff here with the ad
copy so you have a great video like that
how do you write the ad copy it's like
the picture on a billboard
versus what's on the text right next to
it so having your copy
is very very important because that's
what actually explains what's going on
oh and before we dive deep in the copy i
just want to show you exactly what i
meant here over on viral ecom ads
website you guys can go ahead and look
at their 2d animation
package that's just the same exact thing
that we had set up here
there's a bunch of different options but
you can do the split testing package you
can get the vertikal
animations you can get different you
know three packs five packs ten packs
they have a bunch of different stuff you
can just go to the ad packages in
general i mean there's a whole lot of
cool stuff
but it's super simple to get so for an
example like the q4
you'd go through do you want the
thumbnails you want to include story ads
yes or no
add its card or buy it now go ahead go
through the checkout process they're
going to have a little spot where you
can input your photos
as you're going through and purchasing
so as you guys go through that process
just make sure that you go ahead and
input the photo for the product
that way you can obviously get the
animations made off the photo that you
selected okay so
let's continue on here and start toking
about the ad copy there's two main
things we're going to tok about here
and do both of them and you'll see why
here in a moment
there's a reason you'll want to have
multiple ad copies it's just for split
testing purposes but
there's two ones easy to make one's also
easy to make they're really not that
there's four point ad copy okay this is
going to include your intro
slash hook i've used this ad copy for
three plus years it's never failed me
intro plus hook okay that's number one
your next point
is gonna be the information right so
this is where writing your product
description beforehand
really helps because you already have
all the information
right here right you have some of the
super important parts for an example if
you have a
like a bullet point list showing all the
highlighted main features
this is where you're going to build off
that so for this just off the top of my
literally right now on the fly and i
have more than i've already pre-made
i would say i'm tired of losing your
cables or never lose another cable again
stik these flexible uh wire retention
clips to any surface as long as it's not
boom there's your like information
information right there
what did what did we just say there
let's break that down we just
hooked them said never lose another wire
again never have it fall
always know where it is there's your
hook and intro then your information
it's flexible you can put on any surface
as long as it's not wet
there's your information next offer okay
buy a two pack right now and save 50
there's your offer then there's your
link okay that's your four-step ad copy
now your simple copy is low effort high
focus let me go through what this means
as an example we're going to start with
this simple copy first okay
so this is a simple copy down here no
more messy cables stay organized
stay recharged it's short it's simple we
addressed the product
but we also didn't it's almost more
mystery built around the product
and then this blank space right here
whenever i have a blank space
that means you put in your title so
um for example stay recharged
with wire retention
clips right and then you put your link
so it's even shorter it's even simpler
now here's an example just one of many
of a more of a four-point ad copy tired
of cables falling and always being out
of reach
question mark be careful asking
questions facebook doesn't like it too
much it's not going to be the reason you
get disabled
but sometimes they'll demote your ad
just make sure that whenever you do ask
a question like we already toked about
it needs to be a yes question something
you know the person is gonna say yes to
is it annoying when your cable falls and
it's out of reach or it takes a second
to get it
yes obviously now the information keep
everything together and clean
with the blank wire retention clips that
doesn't go too specific
on the specifics you could say you can
even add in another sentence if you
really want to make it a little bit
stiks to any dry
surface boom
there's your ad copy your offer save 50
by ordering two pack today
link boom put in your link and just so
you know when you guys go to put in a
link this is one little bonus point i'll
just give you
go to your product page scroll all the
way down and hit edit website seo
a lot of people don't know this you can
change this stuff right here at the back
right so wire retention clips that's
even a little bit long
so you can go in and modify it however
you like so
you could just have um like wire
cable or just you could just put wire
literally slash wire it could be as
short as possible
so you'll have your dot com domain slash
products slash
wire as short as possible always works
especially if you're putting it in your
ad copy
okay so that's a little bit on the ad
copy side of things
just because that's something that's
super important if you have a
great video and you pair that with the
right ad copy you're gonna be able to do
really well with it it's really not that
difficult so
those are just some ideas we can write
some more sometimes i really like to
have the simple
more like mystery modern type of ad copy
right here just where it's like super
super simple so we can write another one
of these for an example
just so you can see the thought process
behind it
stiks to any surface
uh any dry surface right stiks to any
this is you watching me live
stiks to any dry surface
hugs your cables tight like just
something funny and weird
hugs your cables tight and then you can
put the product name or you could
literally have that be it you could put
your link
stiks to any dry surface hugs your
table your cables tight you could
literally just run that and then put
your link
right link okay so all like stuff like
that where it's just super simple
boom off the dome something funny
something cornier something cool that
just kind of relates to your product
your your product description is where
you're building off of for this
so as long as you have a little piece of
information in there you know like we
gave information here
stiks to any dry surface we didn't say
what what stiks to it that's what the
video answers
they get to see the product hugs your
cables tight that does give information
but that's also kind of a joke it's like
you know who would say that that's weird
that hugs your cables tight
right so it's just an example i'm always
trying to give you guys as many examples
as possible
by the way it's getting hot as hell in
this car so i hope you guys enjoy this
video drop a like down below
because i know if i turn it on you won't
be able to hear me at all three-step ad
strategy this is where we're gonna get
into some more specifics right now
with actually launching your ads okay
i always want to make sure that i don't
go too specific in here because
people get lost really really fast with
facebook so again
i can't reiterate enough if you want to
learn facebook go through our facebook
program it's literally a couple hundred
dollars it is
no amount of money for what you're
getting so you're gonna have to learn it
one way or another so just don't learn
it how i learned it because that took
forever so
here's a basic 50 a day testing strategy
this is probably going to be more in
depth than most people's courses
okay 50 bucks a day if that's your
starting budget
make sure you're only running one
product you might be able to get away
with two
but keep your focus on one here's what i
would do audience testing number one
you would do five ad sets
at ten dollars a day okay and for people
who don't like ten dollars a day
suck my blank unless you're selling a
higher tiket product
if you're selling a product that's 136
dollars right
maybe it's a telescope whatever you're
selling a telescope
well maybe take that fifty dollars and
just run
two x twenty dollars a day
plus one ten dollar a day have some
variations but the
higher price your product is selling for
that's where you have to
ultimately run a higher budget ad so
just always think about that you have to
have the budget
somewhat be correlated let me give you
an example if you're selling a product
for 30 dollars which is a very average
price range in the e-commerce industry
you're definitely gonna want to make
sure that you're spending about a third
of that every day on
ads here's why it makes sense and this
is how you validate it
for most testing on most platforms this
goes for
google this goes for facebook tiktok
as well from my experience
same thing you're going to want to let
your ads run for about three days or
so if you're following that three to one
ratio where three days of ad spend
equals roughly what your product sells
or more well you're gonna have a proper
test completed
in three to four days you're gonna know
okay this is kind of working or it's not
now obviously that's not the definitive
answer if an audience is working because
it all relates to data on your pixel
so just make sure all the audiences
you're testing right now if they don't
write them down because if you get your
product working and you get 50 sales
coming in a day 100 sales
you can go back and run those interests
and i almost guarantee they'll work
because now you have a ton of data right
so it just changes the whole landscape
so there's that kind of toking about
the audience testing launching
multiple each with the different
interests that's the thing the audience
get your testing out of the way okay so
get specific on that
number two demographic narrowing okay
here's my philosophy when you're
starting and you'll see the same thing
on our facebook program
when you're first starting unless your
product actually relates to just
one gender like if you're selling muscle
milk for men
that would have no purpose for women
yeah just narrow to men that that's
but if your product is the wire
retention clip
boom let's stik it on there this has
nothing to do with one gender
at all so why would you want to start
with one oh
okay statistikally women buy more stuff
online yeah some years that is true
but why would you want to narrow you
don't even know who your audience is yet
the only way to figure that out is to
test now the one thing i would go more
specific on if i were you
is try some top-tier countries first for
example the big four and the big five
us uk canada australia
those are your top four if you want to
add in another new zealand okay
those are typically known as the big
five that's what it's typically called
these are what's considered this is not
any hate on any other country i love
traveling i love all these countries
but these are known to have the highest
quality customers
based on average income per capita and
based on people who spend the most money
it's as simple as that this is business
nothing personal so if you're starting
with just these five
and you're testing a bunch of different
audiences well this is narrowed from
worldwide so
let's say you're selling laptops you
target apple right
or you target computer accessories or
computer or desktop or whatever
your audience might go from being
worldwide with 120 million
to being just these five with you know
27 million
so it's a lot more focused and that can
actually produce better results a lot of
the time
especially on a lower budget so if
you're running something at 10
a day or 20 a day you might find some
more success having a more focused ad
so facebook isn't trying to reach a ton
of people that are all across the board
in terms of their interests and the
languages and all this stuff so
that's a good starting place i would
highly recommend looking into that
number three here is simple creative
testing so
this is where it goes back to the videos
that we made from
the from viral ecom ads that they made
so you have multiple variants
right let's say you order five ads and
you film a testimony yourself you got a
group of these
ads well if you're just getting started
and you don't have sales coming in yet
here is something to think about okay
if you're doing that and you have five
videos let's just let's just call it
you only want to start with one so this
is where it just becomes biased pick
your favorite
start with one and then you're going to
want to run run that one
on each of these audiences that you're
testing because here's what i say
let's say you have five videos and you
want to launch five ad sets at ten
dollars a day
a lot of people like oh well you know
why don't i have each one with a
different interest in each one with a
video ad
okay then let's say audience number
three worked and it's working really
well dude you're getting
two sales a day already at only ten
dollars a day it's starting to work
why did it work answer that right now
i'll repeat this if each ad set has a
different audience
and a different creative how do you know
what worked
is it the audience or is it the creative
so now this just leaves you to have to
duplicate it
twice to then test the creative back on
the original
or test in the audience because you have
to switch it back and forth
so you have to go back and test each of
them again so that it's actually faster
to just separate it in the beginning
i've done the math on this and i've done
it so many times
you can do whatever you want at the end
of the day this is just my opinion i'm
giving this to you guys for free
but that's one thing to think about so
minimize your variables
if you really want to get fancy you can
run multiple ads underneath it just
don't have a ton
if you really want you could do dynamic
creatives but again there's no huge
benefit to that until you have something
that's working
and you know you can start testing a lot
of new stuff to see if you can find a
creative that works better
so that's super important inside here to
focus on with your ads
because having a 50 a day budget for an
inside of our agency ecom season for all
the clients we work with
when we're starting people from scratch
we spend about 70 to 120 dollars for
each product
the way we do that is through efficient
testing just like this
obviously there's more stuff that we do
we get very specific on some of our
strategy and our killing
rules and all that stuff but it's still
super inexpensive
so when people say you have to start
with maybe a two thousand dollar ad
either they don't know exactly what
they're toking about
or maybe they just learned a higher
budget strategy but one thing they might
be doing
is saying in general right two thousand
dollars is a great starting point
they understand it might not be your
first product that works or your second
it might take you four products and
inefficient testing along the way
because you don't know what you're doing
you've only bought two courses and
you're still learning right so having a
bigger budget is always better but that
doesn't mean you have to start spending
a lot right away especially on your
first product
i highly recommend you keep the spending
lower because the lower the spending
it's probably still going to take you
the same amount of time to get results
so go nice and steady and as you guys
are going through this focus on your
like you mentioned the theme the layout
making sure you nail your product photos
as soon as your product starts working
order that sucker get some videos get
some pictures dude i am not a
you guys might see my youtube videos
here i'm sure they're all they're so
high quality
it goes in and out of focus it does i
have a couple cameras
i have another one here this is the same
camera i'm using this is the first
camera i ever had
it's literally held together by tape
this is the first one the one i'm using
right now is just a new version of this
i'm not a photographer i know nothing
about cameras i hate tiknology
i just had to buy this big fat new
laptop the other day because my stupid
ass spilled water all over mine
i don't like like i'm not a tiknology i
can't tell you about
tiknology i'm that's not me right i
don't care about having the new stuff
so you can literally just use your phone
to take a picture of your product
you can use your phone to take a video
of it so work with what you have
and if not find a local photographer you
can probably pay someone
you know 40 bucks an hour and that
includes like editing and all this stuff
just say hey i'll pay you 150 bucks flat
rate i need you for one hour and then
you edit it right they'll edit a few
photos take a few videos
something simple like that it's very
affordable and it's very within reach
so you know that's something to focus on
then the product descriptions
this is something where you will become
very very good at this over time
same with ad copy it's purely based on
repetition so if you really want to
train this
and you're someone who wants to really
learn the skill go build your own store
don't order one from us over at ecom
season because again we don't make money
on that that's an at cost service
but go ahead and just build out a store
and add
so many products on there and write a
really good description for each one
because after you do it 30 times 50
times 40 times you're gonna start
getting good at it
you're gonna start understanding the
pattern you're gonna have different
things that you do and you're gonna find
your own little strategy you're gonna
craft your own thing
that works and especially once you've
done this on products that are producing
a lot of sales
you're definitely gonna get better at it
okay so that's everything with your
store now with your creative
like we mentioned always order the
product once it's working but a great
spot to start if you just have a photo
is through viral ecom ads so i would
start there like we'd already mentioned
that's linked below as well as with the
discount code
use that link go ahead order some of the
stuff like i showed you how to do
that's a great spot to start now the
only thing i do want to mention
if you're still product testing let's
say you don't know what's working
i don't recommend that you spend
a thousand dollars on each product so
try to keep your costs low
now you do want a couple different
variations of your your ad
so maybe order like a two pack or like
the q4 pack or
don't go spend 300 with viral ecom ads
and i'm sorry boys they might want me to
tell you to spend more but just being
honest because you know they make their
money long-term with having their
customers i know that so
make sure that when you're testing
products just get a couple of ads spend
70 bucks 80 bucks get the really high
quality ads
that will actually give your product a
chance of working a lot of people are
trying to cut corners and
you'd probably be better off just
testing slower and on a lower budget
but by doing things correctly don't
sacrifice quality okay
same thing with the ad copy make sure
you write a couple variations
this is just like the product
description once you do it a bunch
you're going to get good at it
you know what you could do and this is
something i used to do is a little
training exercise for myself
i think i used to mention it on youtube
i think i actually did some videos
showing it live
i would just scroll through facebook and
instagram i would find an ad it doesn't
matter what it's for i would even do
this for softwares
any ad that i come across i would just
look at their their video or their
look at their ad copy and i would
rewrite it i would just rewrite it
myself just for practike
right because inside their copy they're
already toking about some of the
highlighted features and blah blah blah
so i would just go ahead and really
focus on rewriting it
trying to craft it in my own way write
it a bunch of different ways and
try to make a really long format version
try to make a short one
things like that actually build your
skill and you'd be surprised i mean
i know friends in in the space myself
that make a lot of money
and they've never done that they're
really not good at copy but there's only
one way to build the skill and that's to
put in the work so that's a great way to
do it
again make some multiple variations for
whatever product you're testing
then uh the ideas we just toked about
this just kind of a live example you
could screenshot these if you want or do
they're nothing stellar or stunning but
they work and i would be totally
running any of these three right now
totally comfortable
putting 50 bucks a day behind some ads
for this copy
100 so that's the key there you could
screenshot this real quick if you want
with the three-step
ad strategy fifty dollars a day testing
get the audiences going right you have
multiple ad sets each with a different
narrow your demographics only based on
gender if you have to in the beginning
um and then you could try some top tier
countries first these right here are the
big five right you have the us united
states uk
which is united kingdom canada australia
oh my gosh what did i just do canada
australia and new zealand okay
so those are some of the great ones you
could get started with those usually
i don't want to say the highest amount
of purchases they definitely have a
higher cost per purchase just know this
going in
sometimes these won't be the cheapest
cost per purchase but it at least is
putting your offer
in front of people who are qualified to
buy who have the income who have the
shopping history
and all of that fun stuff so you know
you're at least putting it in front of
people who
could buy if your offer is good enough
right and then simple creative testing
minimize your variable variables
don't run a ton of stuff right away nice
and slow you want to make sure the
audience is working first
then you could start testing multiple of
your creatives on it so
just try to focus on following that
sequence this really makes it simple
but that's about all i got for you
inside of that presentation so
i want to just kind of summarize this if
you're trying to drop ship into 2021
there's a right way to do it and there's
a wrong way to do it i hope you
understand that
the idea of drop shipping is never going
to go away the business model the
might evolve right it always changes so
the ad strategies change the things that
are going on especially
facebook right now with their apple ios
dispute as well as the ftc lawsuit that
it started on december 9th
all of this stuff changes and stuff
adapts constantly in the industry
all the regulations always get adjusted
so it's just something i try to keep you
guys as
up to date with as i possibly can but
nonetheless i really hope that this
video broke it down
i don't think we made it a full hour in
the challenge but
my back is killing me and the
presentation's done so nonetheless i
really hope you guys enjoyed this video
if you got any value out of it i would
greatly appreciate if you smash a like
down below
consider subscribing be sure to check
out viral ecom ads
linked down below again there's a little
discount code there just to get some
product testing going with a great
creative as you guys saw a live example
of so
that was something i had ordered
literally yesterday so that as well as
the custom-built stores and if you want
to learn facebook and all that stuff is
linked below
as well as a free checklist that we have
so yeah without further ado i'd like to
then open this up to any questions if
you guys have questions with what's
going on in the industry right now
maybe questions on product testing
whatever you want to do
drop a question down below drop a
comment anything you want help with
i'll be here i'm here for you guys i
will be in the comments section okay so
hope you enjoyed the video hope that i
earned your thumbs up if not
do something drop a like dislike do
whatever i don't mind but
with that being said i will see you in
the next video and i can assure you it
will never
be from inside this car again because
this was a little bit painful
alright so with that being said hope you
guys enjoyed it and i'll see you in the
next one

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