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2000s ads

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

World's Funniest Commercials of All Time | Series-1

and there's your beautiful baby any day now, really, you're eating doritos. he's eating doritos at my ultrasound. do you see what i have to do? i know, give me that. [Music], [Music], [Music]. now, this is the house scammer, and not come over here by the slab cover. oh yeah, matt. [Applause]. [Applause] [Music], [Music], [Music]. the english believe it's a slur on your host's food if you don't clear your plate, whereas the chinese feel you're questioning their generosity if you do. at hsbc, we never underestimate the importance of local knowledge, which is why we have local banks staffed by local people in over 80 countries across the globe. [Music]. [Applause], [Music]. hsbc, the world's local bank. [Music]. bye zazu. condoms- fun, sexy, safe. [Music]. chicken of the sea, low-fat, preservative-free. [Music]. fishing has a fractured fibula. given my own saturday, so i could be able to go home tomorrow, daddy's gonna be so excited. [Music] that killed him. dr palmer, dr barbara palmer, dial 452.

Were 2000s Ads Actually Good?

next video commercials that every 2 000 kids knows. are you all ready for some [ __ ] Nostalgia? hey kids, that is so loud, that is so loud. [Music]. this was the biggest scam ever that y'all ever [ __ ] have one of these. this [ __ ] was such a [ __ ] scam. it's literally a [ __ ] paper plate. I'm glad this business probably no longer exists. if they do, they're definitely not making that much money. [Music]. dude, I'm gonna hate all these products. I'm gonna genuinely hate all these products, but they are nostalgic. I think everybody owned a [ __ ] Chia Pet at some point. bro, if you're, if you're around, if you're around like 2000 to 2006, like, if you were, you definitely owned a Chia Pet. the way they promote it in the commercial is like: oh, this is fastest, and while, like, chia seeds do grow pretty quickly, it is an anti-climate tactik process. it is not that fun. not that fun to watch these grow and even when they are full grown, like, what do you do with it? then I had this one, I had that one, I had the Scooby-Doo one, but, like you know, what's crazy is there's literally no point of the product. this is Daffy Duck, but Daffy, like, why? why are you growing the chia seeds here? it's like it's not even their hair, Kmart, you know. the only thing worse than this was the pet rock. do you guys remember the pet rock? I don't, I don't even know if I was alive during the pet rock, but I remember seeing the pet rock. dude, it was like, yeah, 1975, the pet rock. what a [ __ ] ingenious idea of whoever the [ __ ] made this. dude, they were probably a goddamn millionaire off of us. people ate that [ __ ] up too. imagine selling a crypto scam in the [ __ ] 90s or the 80s. oh, you would have made more money than you would have today. dude, people were [ __ ] so gullible like scams. scams like weren't really that big of a thing. if you could go back to the 60s, you could [ __ ] make any goddamn product and chill it to anyone and they would [ __ ] buy it. a pet rock: you get a rock in a box and people [ __ ] ate that [ __ ] up. yeah, I'll give you 50 bucks for that. you're [ __ ] kidding me. oh, you gotta pick the Rock. you gotta pick the rock now. I would say that our pedigree drops here are very feisty. this man is in a suit and tie selling [ __ ] rocks. I mean, that's what jewel? wait, that's what jewelry people do. that's exactly what jewelry people do. that's exactly. that is like word for word, exactly what jewelry people do, but it's different because it's something that you're wearing down up, down up. no, no, check this out. this new toothbrush will watch your world. or the one that bucket played songs, the dumbass toothbrush that played [ __ ] music. I think I owned one of these, or at least one of my friends did. I remember using one of these or seeing someone use one of these? dude the sound quality. not it right because they're portraying it in the commercial. it sounds pretty good, right? when you own one of these in the speakers in a [ __ ] toothbrush, imagine how muffled and imagine if you get it wet. it's just gonna sound like garbage. these were let. I owned one of these. I owned one of these two Huggable Pets that pop open into full-size pillows. they're soft, they're cuddly and they make perfect pillows. moms, your kids will absolutely love their Pillow Pets. you simply undo them. it's a pillow, it's a pet, I will say. I would say they got overrated, right, because they're not that cool, right, like I had one and they were like it was fine, it was a nice pillow, but it's literally a pillow. you're you're buying an overpriced pillow because it can fold with velcro into looking kind of like a lily bug. should we look at how much some of these cost to see if that, how much was a pillow pet? wow, oh, they look ugly as [ __ ] now. oh, they look garbage now. look at this [ __ ] chat. ew, what the [ __ ] is that. would you guys buy this one? I'm definitely snatching this one. I'm definitely snatching this one. this is more than just another stuffed animal. this is what the [ __ ]. is that? what the [ __ ] is that thing? and they're even machine washable. pillow pets are so soft and machine washable for when your child shits on the pillow. pillow pets make the perfect one. only 19.95 each. what the [ __ ] happened? inflation, really [ __ ], [ __ ] us, didn't it? head on. apply directly to the forehead. head on. apply directly to the forehead. head on. apply directly to the forehead. head-on is available without a prescription. what is head-on? what is head-on? what is head-on? what the [ __ ] at retailers Nationwide? that's the commercial. I have never seen that. I have never seen on. I've never seen that. what it? what does it do? head on, apply directly to the forehead. what does it do? you're about to be mesmerized? oh, no, no, no, don't [ __ ]. Fushigi me right now. this was the biggest scam. this was the biggest scam, bro. the magic gravity ball, my [ __ ] ass. this man should be sued. this was [ __ ]. no, no, the magic gravity ball, my [ __ ] ass, bro, scam gravity ball. I never bought one of these. I almost did. I remember the day. I remember the day I walked in a store. I passed it. it was like so expensive too, and I was like. I was like, can I have one of these? and my mom was like, uh, do you really want one? and then I thought about it and I actually said no. and then I walked away because I knew that deep down this hat, even at that young of an age, I knew this, there's something up. I knew there was something up. I knew that this wasn't some [ __ ], weird [ __ ] where I would just be able to [ __ ]. hold it and it would float in my hands. do you think you would get more hate as an influencer today promoting a crypto scam or Fushigi, which is more of a scam? I mean, you're actually getting a product with fushi. yeah, I feel like a crypto scam. you're still gonna get more hate. people might be more mad. to be fair, people might be more mad about Fushigi than a crypto scam. right, because a crypto scam you just lose the money. afushigi's a let down. the magic gravity ball. the magic gravity ball- no tricks, magic maybe an illusion, yo, magic Maybe. wow, they really. to throw that in there you can make Fushigi defy gravity. and this [ __ ] that was the one that convinced everybody. it was magic because he was really good with it. that's the average user when they buy a Fushigi. senses with its mind-blowing movements, young or old, big or small. the magic gravity ball for only 19.99? oh my God, for a second I thought that was 199, dude, they. I don't know why I thought that, but the way they [ __ ] promoted that animation I was like there's no way. what squishy, stretchy and transforms almost anything. problem is fun. you can feel, roll it, mold it or cover it. that's the way you foam it. look, now you can turn anything into a fabulous clone creation. I always wanted to eat this. the way you foam it look like I really wanted to eat this. a scooter, a skateboard, your shoes, with foam in your hands. the fun never stops. just ask anyone who Flames from parents. oh, I would [ __ ] eat the [ __ ] out of that dude morning. [Music]. it was a great ad. this is a great ad, and I don't even know who the [ __ ] this kid is. but every day I would wake up and I would hear this ad and it I actually ended up getting Reese's Puffs. it worked. this is an ad that worked on me. the perfect combination of peanut butter and chocolatey flavor. Reese's Puffs series part of a complete breakfast. it is not part of a complete practike, though. Reese's puff cereal is the most unhealthy [ __ ] ever like. if you read the [ __ ] nutrition label on on Reese's Puffs, bro, it's, it's like it's like 30, it's like 20 grams of sugar for like a cup and it has. it has like no nutritional value. you're just eating sugar every night this week. I love chef [Music] commercial, bro. I'd love to commercial [Music], also an insanely cheap commercial for them to make, just filming a camp. what do you want for dinner? now, that kid's a menace, though. if they think the best dinner they could possibly have is canned ravioli, you are out of your goddamn mind. what do you want for dinner? yeah, can I have the canned ravioli, Chef Boyardee? good commercial, but [ __ ]. no, I'm no.

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A BUNCH of 2000s Commercials!

mr owl, how many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop? let's find out. one, two, three. how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? the world may never know. babies love to bounce, but did you know that zebras do too the bounce and spins? ever? put a little bounce in your baby's day. new from fisher price [Music]. once a baby discovers how to move, there's no stopping her. that's why pampers created custom fit cruisers with stretchy sides that are up to three times stretchier than huggies, for a fit that follows her every move. custom fit cruisers for the cruising stage. with each new stage, a custom pampers. we're right behind you every step of the way. jack, come on, you're almost there. i can't, i can't. don't. look down, look into my. we're almost there, come on, okay, come on. yeah. looks like you guys are ready to climb somewhere between the helicopter tour, deep sea fishing and the rock wall. it hits you. this is way more than a cruise. see for yourself at royalcaribbeancom and get out there. this is how the story goes of ronda and her runny nose. anytime a tissue neared, ronda's nose ran with fear. i want more than plain tissues. little nose pleaded. a magical touch was all it needed. half soft tissue plus moisturizing lotion, joined as one. puffs plus- what a notion. and little nose ran home happily. the moral and knows in need deserves puffs. indeed, they'll never recognize me now i'm incognito. well, it looks safe. it's great when you're good. there's no sense trying to disguise it. crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and go home style waffles. the part of this nutritious breakfast you just can't let go. [Music]. that's when it occurred to molly febreze tackles, odors and sports equipment. so why not take freshness? the whole nine yards febreze spray-on. freshness lovers, spray on coming through. sweet flavor of apples- here i got, and kellogg's applejack cereal- a sinilicious part of a nutritious breakfast. you ever get tired of second place. so, pal, i let you win. whoa hello, delicious. come on, tok to me, say something. will cinema find apple? you can find out only at applejackscom. as parents permission, welcome back. please get a pen and paper. oops, you have an extra pen, regular or gel ink, gel comfort, grip or standard comfort. you have any paper. staples has everything you need for back to school. bobby, you have any chop [Music], regular or dust free one. low prices staples. yeah, we've got that nude crush cuts. check it out. i crush the alien. well, i crush the director. i crush the tiki. i crush an animal's crush cup. huh yeah, nude animals crush cups. you crush it and slurp it. mmm cool, no spoon, nope, just crush and slurp for a blast of fruity flavor. awesome, i crush you crushing an animal's crush cup. no, animals crush cups- animals get your blast on. i had a poor customer service from your wireless company. come to t-mobile. highest ranked in the nation in wireless customer service performance by jd power and associates, it's the highest. it's pretty good. t-mobile, get more service. what's better than buttery popcorn? we read your mind introducing orville redenbacher's sweet and buttery microwave popcorn covered in butter and sprinkled with sweetness. it's a totally new way to get orvillized. hey, look at this, i've got something new. push to tok, push together. who do i want to tok to? i got my crew. they can always tok, but i can't tok to brian cause he's with a client. what about rudy jury duty? push the button down [Music], [Applause], see who's available and tok instantly with the push of a button on the largest push-to-tok network coverage area in america. now buy one phone and get a second free push to tok from singular. [Music]. hello, i'm a mac and i'm a pc and it's time to play. choose a vista. what's going on? well, vista comes in six different versions and i i don't know which to choose. i could spend a lot of money and get a version that has a lot of stuff i don't need, or spend too little and get stuck with one that doesn't do very much at all and max just have one version with all the stuff you need already. well, that's boring. this is fun. come on, big operating system. big operating system. daddy needs an upgrade. [Music]. didn't you make this here? come twinkle toes- new from skechers. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. twinkle toes- new from skechers. why does everything have to be a choice? what's wrong with the word? and new quaker oatmeal crunch gives you warm and crunchy. you start with warm whole grain oatmeal and then you add crunchy clusters. warm and crunchy. it's an oatmeal experience like never before. and guess who it's for new quaker oatmeal crunch in four great flavors. it's something new to smile about. switch to swiffer sweeper and you'll dump your old broom, but don't worry, he'll find someone else. swiffer sweepers- electrostatik dry cloths- attract and lock dirt, dust and hair on contact to clean 50 more than a broom. it's a difference you can feel. swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning. right now. with toys r us, it's our lowest prices of the holidays. plus, this friday and saturday only, it's our two-day super sale with up to 50 off toys from the hottest brands like barbie bratz, cars, tonka and more. the two-day super sale only at toys r us, the world's greatest toy store. [Music] [Applause]. the best thing about family, it's yours. the worst thing, it's yours. socks and underwear should be sold by the pound. if it's on a nice plate, any meal is special. is there such a thing as laundry elbow? they call it a living room, but it's more like a theme park. make peace with dust bunnies. everybody's gotta buy a puncher. sometimes, anytime's a good time for ihop's big steak, omelette, mouth-watering french toast or our famous fruit topped pancakes- ihop classics. starting at just 2.99 weekdays, anytime's a good time for ihop. so i got the whole vacation planned. first, disneyland: did you find your slipper on? second thought: let's start a california adventure. there's more magic than ever at the disneyland resort and now, when you visit two days, you get the third day [Music], free disney. now to book your magical disney california vacation. when did this happen? i. i don't have any talents worth showing. come on, gilbert, everyone has a talent. oh, i'm good at getting rashes. does that count? well, wow, looks like you found your talent, buddy. i've had a lot of practike. what was that? there's only one way to find out goldfish: the fun little crackers, always baked and made with real cheese. the snack that smiles back goldfish. inside every woman there's adventure and allure. introducing venus disposable razors: the one piece simplicity of the best. disposable with three blades that give you the smoothest and sleekest skin and a rounded, pivoting head that hugs your every curve. because inside every woman there is a goddess waiting to be discovered. new venus disposables. venus. reveal the goddess in you. hey, i'll trade my cheese sandwich. my pringles- no way. she next. no, i'll be your girlfriend. i'm taken a squirrel, nope. [Music]. yeah right, new pringles snack stacks. what would you do to put that crunch in your lunch? sour cream onion done. long. john silvers has a delicious new kind of fish: popcorn fish. try our new popcorn fish in our regular size for only 1.99, or in a basket combo with hush puppies, fries and a drink for just 2.99. you can dip them, pop them. you're going to love them. get ready, boy. i'm glad we got aflac. huh, i'm flack. oh, i've just got major medical, major medical, but helps pay the doctors. where's the doctor's boy? oh yeah, what about your family? [Applause]. don't think of them as tools. this is not a saw, it's a deck so we can grill out, and this, this is a shelf for our vacation pictures. and this, okay, this, okay. really, the home depot tool event: top brands, unbeatable prices, like the innovative ryobi one plus system, 118 volt battery powers- all 20 tools. so this is my nice, clean garage. right the home depot, you can do it. we can help announcing the store-wide clearance sale from blockbuster, where movies, games and more are on sale. buy great, previously viewed movies like b.

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A BUNCH of 2000s Kids' Commercials

bye-bye. [Music] and it's expanding. it's the ever increasing, increasing spot SquarePants DVD collection. I love this show. over 20 DVDs make up this collectible, hysterical and most habitable collection. I gotta have more. add that the helmet polarity. there's SpongeBob seasons one, two and three bot sets, each with three discs and packed with special features. so why start small when you can collect them all? because once you own yellow you want all of that fellow. the sponge tacular collection includes sponge buddies, nautikal nonsense, SpongeBob Halloween, Sea Stories, Tales from the deep Mustard Seed, hide and seek, SpongeBob Christmas. SpongeBob season one DVD box set: the Seascape Capers home. sweet pineapple SpongeBob goes prehistoric sponge guard on duty. SpongeBob season 2 DVD box set: Fun For Hire. fear of a Krabby Patty. SpongeBob season 3 DVD box set: absorbing favorite squares. Gary lost in time. it's the complete SpongeBob SquarePants collection available now on DVD and be on the lookout for more Sponge tacular. SpongeBob DVDs coming soon. [Music]: I'm gonna drop some pianos in the street, of course. have fun. welcome to Toontown where you create your own Tunes. I get to do almost anything. your parents were missing. you can play online now. can't get a free trial at toontowncom. mom 20 shooting and stuff on Mechanic. I know it's okay. [Music]: are you tuned enough? hey guys, what sounds good? I want tea. cuisine with my kid who's eating cheese. pizza Vayner meal. use the special pizza sauce packet to paint your own masterpiece. the pizza's worth a thousand words, and the peaches and puddings. [Music] foreign. get ready to rock your style with Brat's magic hair grow and cut. now there's six new ways to style hair. which style rocks it best, that's for you to decide. cut it short, daring long extensions, fabulous bear for you too. crimp it, curl it, glitter it. who Rock their style the most? with Brat's magic hair grow and cut? you can vote now at bratzcom: magic hair grow and cut. each doll. so separately, ask before going online. The Little Mermaid felt at home in the tub, except when it came to washing. it was all slimy and slippery as jellyfish. fortunately, there's can do instant foam shampoo and body wash. the foam shampoo covers your head and helps stay out of your eyes, and the body wash helps to easily wash the rest of you. now, mermaids love to get head to tail clean every day. two: [Music]: Lego city has found its new hero. his name is Jack Elms, Leicester. this is his story in Lego City. the construction workers are busy building the city even bigger and better. hey, we need you to bring more bricks to the construction site. okay, no problem, I load up my new truck, the fire up ahead. hey, can you help? thanks, Jack, see you later. stop, Steve. hey, nice one, Jack, but watch out up ahead, no way quack, quack. well done, Jack, you made it. now it's up to you go online to nickcouk Lego City, to star in your own Lego city movie to send to all your friends, and to win Lego City sets where every pump is packed with real Hercules. yeah, foreign Cocoa Puffs is a chocolatey part of this good breakfast. it's Chuck E Cheese's new birthday party, starring your kit and featuring his own special Medallion. sweet, a balloonful cake, a lunch box, 100 tikets and more. Chuck E Cheese's new birthday party. your kid gets the Star Treatment. you get the credit. and right now you get even more. get extra 20 tokens free when you your child's party online at Chuck E cheesecom. that's 20 extra tokens free, plus new party platters and new birthday cakes at Chuck E Cheese's new birthday party. you like the Hubba Bubba? you like the Kung Fu? well, now you can win a Kung Fu Panda adventure to any one of six crazy places you can get a code from specially marked Hubba Bubba and log on to hubbabacom to enter. get your parents permission first. oh man, you will play. we will win for free entry. visit hubbabacom plus thousands of other prizes. [Applause]. introducing Spider-Man 2 web Action gaming system: one base unit that plugs into your TV with strap on the high-tik hand of Lake sensors, and prepare to tangle with Doc Ock at his terrifying tentacles. you control the action. spin your way through five different levels. let Spider-Man shoot webs, throw punches, jump rooftops, even swing into action, because with dark, awesome loose, the best defense is a spiky offense. Spider-Man 2 web action video gamepl. [Music]. [Music]. [Music]. I can dance. [Music]. you see who you wanna be, me, Lee. remember Schoolhouse Rock, the catchy animated tunes that made learning fun Conjunction Junction. well, Schoolhouse Rock is back in the best of Schoolhouse Rock video and it's teaching a new generation of kids that knowledge is power. yes, I'm only a bill. these classic songs that rock your Saturday morning are now available on the best of Schoolhouse Rock video. you get the top 25 animated songs plus a brand new tune from the original creators, and it's a special bonus. you'll also receive the official guidebook that includes all the unforgettable lyrics and memorable moments. the best of Schoolhouse Rock video in Brooklyn is 14.95, plus 4.95 shipping and handling, and Schoolhouse Rock is also available on DVD. call now. you're the best of Schoolhouse Rock on video. freedom is a wheel in your soul. it's Heelys and it's all about fun. so cruise around with your friends or simply show off and start new trends. it's Heelys. walk rope or create the next move. live on the edge. it's all about you. so get out and get on a roll, be yourself and free your soul. go to heatleasecom. hello. [Music]. yeah, what do we do? oh, your shoulders climb out, then pull you up, okay, oh, hello, man, this little hole is bothering me. oh, [Music]. number one video and DVD event of the year. can you believe it? it's too funny, too good to see. just once, there seemed to be no sign of intelligent life anywhere. Toy Story 2: coming to video and DVD Tuesday, October 17th. lady G ready to go? [Music]. hurry to McDonald's any way you can for a McDonald's Teletubbies Happy Meal. now treat your kids to one of four cute and cuddly toys, each with a detachable clip. there's one in every hamburger. Happy Meal still just 1.99. what could be better? it's Teletubby time only at McDonald's. [Music]. [Music]. you can compete for official Nintendo trainer Badges and be one of the first to try the brand new Pokemon Stadium game for n64.. make sure you bring your own Game Boy and game pack, because we're giving away the rarest Pokemon of all you. you might even see Pikachu there, coming to The Parks at Arlington February 19th and 20th. [Music]. [Music]. there's nothing more important under the sun. the camera. [Music]. you're going down after you. it has two dice, hundreds of questions and one DVD. slime Master. it's Nick Cena, the DVD board game with trivia from all your favorite shows. what gives SpongeBob and Patrick rancid grass? SpongeBob Sunday. test your knowledge with clips, puzzlers and questions. what are you here? what does Addie say next? oh, you're cute. kids, time for dinner. my head has a twin sister. summer. get ready to hang on tight en you to Six Flags. box of yummy Lunchables: Pizza. everyone gets a free kids tiket to Six Flags with purchase of a discounted adult tiket. think that's cool. try the chilling blue raspberry. Aaron. sorry, bud, you gotta Be This Tall. the ride, okay. uh, you're good. it's more than lunch, it's Lunchables. wow, isn't it beautiful McQueen? yeah, Sally, it sure is. wow, I love those curves. so do I. I meant the road. come on, just have a little fun. hello, sure is gorgeous. yeah, it's breathtaking with the new fun collection from hurt. the funny Reserve is the fun you'll drive, reserve the make and model you want and see cars, the new Disney Pixar film, only in theaters. are we still toking about the scenery? I'm just having a little fun. look the maps inside that scary dark Island. wait for me, boys. oh, this door needs a key. looks like fruit loops might fit. it's an elevator up we go. whoa, the map and dark treasure. they smell delicious. I say. purple and blue swirls, a fruity tasting part of this balanced breakfast. new dark berry fruit loop.

Half-Hour of Commercials 2000s Kids Will Remember - 2003 Commercial Compilation - #38

[Applause]. want to go camping for breakfast, introducing new kellogg s'more cereal with chocolatey gram pillows and marshmallows. part of this complete breakfast: kellogg s'mores- all the fun of camping without the camping. cool star enlightened, bull shaped chicken tenders- yeah, i wonder where they come from. [Music] maybe not. spongebob toys have floated back to burger king in every big kid's meal to swim, squirt and swing. it's nautikal nuttiness. you can collect all eight toys and create your very own bikini bottom bunch. have it your way. i wouldn't do that. you know what happened last time. airheads extremes. extremely sweet, extremely sour. airheads extremes, extremely out of control. he did it again. there's a great tasting new kind of baby bottle pop that you can drink, so it's just like a real baby. [Music] bottle- excuse me, baby new candy juice. baby bottle pops. bring out the baby. in the land of hyrule, the wind echoes. a legend that tells of a hero who traveled to the ends of the earth just to fulfill his destiny, which is to save me. the legend of zelda the wind waker rated everyone. now gogurt's bursting with even more flavor than ever. you're really gonna like it. new, better tasting gogurt, the grab-and-go yogurt, it oh dope. check this. 56, enormous levels, massive power-ups, outrageous enemies. huge features, huge game: rayman 3, hoodlum havoc. rated e for everyone. [Music]. so [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. hey, there is the cream filling. now that's the stuff. postness dude strawberry milkshake, gogurt, new swirl strawberry milkshake. the grab and go yogurt- hey there, how are those eggo waffles? yeah, they are, nigel. have we forgotten something it's nice to share? hey, hey, wait, what are you? whoa? you've got serious issues. pal lego waffles. the fluffy golden part of this complete breakfast. cody banks is america's secret weapon, sweet, the country's proud of you and he's taking care of business. you can count on me, agent cody banks. this one's a twisted balloon. this party stinks and there's no candy. see your own clown eyes. you guys need airheads. look. crunchberries shaped like airheads, balloons and airheads, candy free in special boxes. my cabin crunch is the fun part of this complete breakfast. [Music]. great parking spot. ronald's only a foot away. what i don't speak, dog, glad i got this dog trap. later i'll be speaking my language. now you can get an inspector gadget 2 toy that speaks, lights up or keeps go-go gadgeting. there's one in every mcdonald's happy meal. get happy, doc. it's like a duck. it's a bell. again on may 38th i have to find my son, chico, right prepared like this. nice from the creators of monsters inc. walt disney pictures presents a pixar animation studios film, finding nemo, rated g. you can see it may 30th. you were all like whoa and then we were like whoa and then you were like whoa. it's like he's trying to speak to me. i know it sure. [Music]. [Music]. [Music]. pokemon ruby and pokemon sapphire- only for game boy. advance, rated e for everyone. star wars: yoda's jedi power is in your hands with new yoda electronic lightsaber- real movie sound effects, light up blade. now you can wield the power of a true jedi master. star wars electronic lightsabers, each sold separately, batteries not included. you can own it april 11th on dvd and video. hang on and get ready for the ride of your life. harry potter and the chamber of secrets- now with 19 additional scenes. you can own it april 11th on dvd or video. atpg. [Music]. two good toys- yes, seconds away from the all-time score. sarah breakfast: okay, i've got honeycomb, honeycomb. oh man, that honey sweet crunch is calling me one. honeycomb cereal is part of this good breakfast. hey, mom, got any milk? [Applause]. you say i won for the trouble. two, four at a time. come on y'all. the bold fruit tastes, the jolly ranchers. the flavor never fades. 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