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2021 best dropshipping products

Published on: January 1 2023 by pipiads

Best Dropshipping Products | Top Winning Products | Shopify Winning Products

uh,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],hi guys and welcome back to the channel,in today's video we're going to tok,about three hot drop shipping products,that you can get started selling,anywhere in the world today if you want,to learn more about drop shipping print,on demand and making money online then,make sure you smash that subscribe,button as well as the thumbs up button,without further ado let's jump into,today's video so jumping into the first,product over on the fulfillment website,all of them are linked down below guys,so if you want to go check any of these,out after then make sure you go and,check them out in the description this,is a you are wizards dnd hollowed metal,die set dragon now you might not know,what that is you might not be interested,in things like that but that doesn't,really matter because what we're looking,for is things that we can sell into,partikular niches for different people,this i have found out is for a dungeons,and a dragons game which i am myself not,that interested in doing but i know that,it's a really popular niche and it's a,really big thing that people all around,the world are interested in playing from,all different ages not just children but,up until adults as well the dnd dice,adopts a hollow design our rpg a die set,uses a dragon main element ancient,bronze skins etc,all of this guys is really cool because,if you don't know much about these kind,of games like i don't then there's all,this information that you can use in,order to write your product descriptions,in order to create descriptions etc that,tok to people who are interested in,products like that and as well as that,there's loads of different information,about dnd online so you can go and,target all of that information as well,as big groups on facebook etc that you,can target with your ads i'm looking,down below we've got lots of details on,products lots of different pictures as,well obviously guys you can go away and,order these products and then you can,create your own videos your own pictures,etc which is obviously better once you,test the product a bit you can then go,away and create your own videos and,pictures which is then really useful,because you can upscale your website and,improve the whole kind of product,experience and shopping experience for,your customers now in the age of the,iphone and the age of too much,tiknology everyone is now suffering,from net problems and back problems,because everyone's got their head down,all day focusing on their phones and,whatever else and that creates problems,like lower back and upper back problems,which is really interesting because when,people get problems and painful problems,they're willing to pay money in order to,correct these issues because why,wouldn't you guys obviously if it's an,uncomfortable experience then things,like this can help and really getting,into people's problems and solving their,problems for them with a product is,ultimately the best way in which you can,achieve success in dropshipping so as,you can see guys it's a posture,corrector it's going to hit sit,comfortably around your neck and then,you can see that it's going to push,against your back and perhaps warn you,from slumping over and sitting,incorrectly what is really nice here as,well we've got kind of various uh images,for children for adults uh being in use,as well as kind of other features,available we've got again kind of more,product descriptions in the past i've,seen a similar product that wasn't,actually as good looking as this has,done extremely well you've probably seen,ads for it but it was something that you,had to wear around your shoulders so,perhaps less comfortable less practikal,and this is something that would appeal,i think to more and more people because,it's probably much easier to implement,and use more regularly than the other,ones i've seen in the market so in terms,of who you target this you can target,people with back problems people who are,seeking medical advice for back issues,etc it's a really easy product for,finding markets to target and sell to,which is why this is my second pick for,today you've probably notiked around the,world from youtube to facebook and,instagram people are getting far more,health orientated than perhaps they were,just a few years ago and things like,this product can really take off if you,target niches correctly portable,hydrogen water bottle and it's got a,really big list of all of the things,that make you want to buy a product,that's going to improve your health for,something you're interested in like that,detoxification,better blood circulation less body,fatigue,improve blood glucose because of the way,that people are living their lives,nowadays in a far more comfortable and,enjoyable environment than we've heard,than we were back in the day it means,that people are now seeking ways to,improve their health and lots of people,have minor issues in these kind of areas,so it's a good thing that we can again,target like the posture corrector this,partikular product is going to be able,to target people you can see down below,people who have problems with blood,glucose so diabetiks you can target,people in partikular areas who are,seeking to get more healthy lose weight,etc etc it's a huge niche and people are,always willing to spend money in health,and fitness niches because they all want,to feel better on a daily basis they all,want to be healthier and happier,individuals it's a really easy product,to target,you've got loads of instagram,influencers who you could use in order,to do marketing with and if they like,the product they may well do you a shout,out for free just by sending them a,product so there's lots of different,ways in which you can get started,selling products like this and this is,why again this is one of my favorites,we've got a great niche to target it's a,good product you can see some nice,images and things looking down below,guys is some really cool images what i,really like to see here is kind of being,put to use and showing you a bit more,information about the healthy lifestyle,and you can see there's sort of,different products as well that are,associated with this so that if this is,selling well you can use those as,upsells and much much more,if you're new to drop shipping and you,don't know much about how to get started,well there's actually a way that's going,to make your life much much easier a lot,of problems come with where to source,your products from traditionally,everyone has been going to aliexpress,but this is a far better platform in my,opinion because you can go there and you,can tok to experts who are going to go,and find you the best products at best,prices and a completely trustworthy and,reliable service so that not only you're,happy but your customers will be happy,and that's the key to building any,successful business so make sure you go,and check out in the link guys loads of,information about how they can support,you from drop shipping amazon fba and,much much more creating product images,creating your own branding or anything,else that you really want to do in order,to create a tailored drop shipping,business for yourself,now in summary those are three products,that i can see being really hot selling,products for various reasons whether,they're targeting a partikular niche of,passionate individuals or whether it's,targeting people with perhaps some minor,health issues and injuries that they,could then have something improve their,life and that is ultimately the key when,finding a drop shipping products,something that people are passionate,about or something that's going to,really solve a big problem in people's,lives and help them feel better about,themselves guys i hope you've enjoyed,that video if you have then make sure,you smash the thumbs up button all the,links of everything i've toked about,today is down below in the description,to go check them out after this video if,you're new to the

The Only Dropshipping Product Research Guide You'll Ever Need.

tiktok drop shipping is a different,game winning product life cycles are,shorter creatives that are performing,very well might only be profitable for a,matter of days and with the amount of,people who have shifted their efforts,over to drop shipping on tiktok,competition is fierce if you want to be,successful you must do what others are,not willing to do you must sell products,that are yet to be sold by the masses,you must cleverly craft your marketing,angle offer and product in a way that is,unique branded and unlike anything,anyone has ever seen before but on the,flip side of things the amount of users,and shoppers on tiktok is growing,every day by the second tiktok drop,shipping has taken the world by storm,it's unlike anything i've ever seen,before and in a matter of just days you,can build a soar up to multiple,thousands of dollars per day just like,this one here,and it all starts with finding the right,product,[Music],what's popping youtube welcome back to,the channel if you're new here if you're,old here my name is nathan nazareth i'm,a 21 year old e-commerce entrepreneur,based out of vancouver british columbia,canada and just before we get started,here i do want to remind you that every,single week i do a giveaway for a custom,built dropshipping store built by me and,my team all you have to do to enter this,giveaway real quick is go ahead and,smash a like on this video comment,something insightful down below and,subscribe to the channel those three,things you're automatikally entered for,the chance to win your very own custom,mail drop shipping store in which i'll,announce in next week's video now let's,get straight into showing you guys,exactly how i go and find my seven,figure winning products to sell with,tiktok drop shipping all right so,before i show you exactly how to find,seven figure winning products to sell on,tiktok,first things first you need to know what,a seven figure winning product looks,like and it's pretty straight,straightforward so we're gonna use this,four-step framework that i personally,use to validate every single product,before i even test it on an initial,launch so first things first we're,looking for a wow factor okay so this,product needs to be able to catch,somebody's attention in less than three,seconds people have the most ridiculous,attention spans now due to tiktok and,obviously because we're advertising on,tiktok we need to really hit home,with this product in one two possibly,three seconds another point here is it,needs to be easy to market you need to,have different marketing angles and,creativity with the product you need to,be able to make really cool and unique,video ads if it's like i don't know,maybe some just basic pen how are you,gonna make a bunch of really cool video,ads around a basic pen i mean i'm sure,it's doable,sell me this pen,but the cooler and the more unique the,product that'll also contribute to its,wow factor and how easy it is to make,creatives around that product now the,next point here is price,typically we're looking for a product,that can sell between 15 and 45,with at least a 3x markup that's going,to give us a solid profit margin across,the board when selling on tiktok and,what i typically find is anything over,45 dollars yes you still can sell on,tiktok but it's very very difficult,and that's because the large majority of,the user demographic on tiktok is,younger people so they don't have the,same purchasing power that customers on,facebook ads do in general now of course,times are changing and older people are,hopping on tiktok as well but it's,still the general consensus but lower,tiket products tend to serve you better,step three how exclusive is the product,okay and by exclusive i don't just mean,how many of your competitors are selling,the exact same product i mean can you go,over to your local walmart or target and,pick the product up cheaply and easily,and also do they have it on amazon prime,you know nine times out of ten your,products gonna be on amazon that's,totally fine but if it's in every single,warehouse and everybody everywhere can,get that product in less than a day,shipped to their house and for cheaper,than you're selling it might not be the,most unique and exclusive product so i'd,probably look somewhere else and then,lastly how broad is the product broad,audiences have been crushing on tik,tok so that's why i like to keep the,product as broad as possible and also,have it be an evergreen product meaning,that you can sell it year round and not,just in a specific season or a specific,point in time and also no age,restrictions okay as i said older and,older people are coming on tiktok so,it's not just 15 to 18 year olds on,there anymore so you want to keep the,product open to as broad an age range as,possible that being said you can kind of,focus in on the younger demographic a,little bit more with your creatives the,way that you're marketing it but you,want to keep it as open as possible in,that regard and then gender you can sell,a male or female product and still find,success uh but again the broader the,better now for the methods on how to,actually uncover these winning products,to sell you've probably seen some of,these before if you're watching this,video you probably watch other product,research videos so i'm gonna do,something different and i want this,video to be as valuable as possible for,you so what i've done is i've taken the,top three methods that i personally use,and i put them through a ranking system,so you can see exactly which one will be,best for you to use and i'll show you,what i mean okay so there's four,categories to this ranking system we,have cost product ease of use and speed,now i'm going to put more weight on,product i'm going to give product 20,points and each of the other categories,10 points so each of these three methods,i'm about to go over will score a total,score out of 50 and that way you can,easily see which method will be the best,and i'll also have the ranking under,each category so you can see which one,will be best for you all right so,starting with method number one we have,what i like to call the organic method,so this one is very simple you may have,seen it before it consists of going to,tiktok and searching up amazon fines,tiktok made me buy it and unboxing,those are three terms or three hashtags,that i like to use the most and that i,typically find the best products with,now you want to go to the filters and,you want to click on most liked and less,than one month so you're going to get,all of the videos that have the most,amount of likes that are going super,super viral and that have just been,created less than one month ago so that,way you're going to get untapped fresh,winners that you can start selling i'm,gonna quickly run through and quickly,run through exactly how to do this uh,first of all quick shout out to your boy,on tiktok the nathan nazareth go toss,them a follow uh next thing that we're,gonna do is we're gonna go over to our,home page i'm gonna go to the search bar,here and we're gonna type in tik-tok,made me buy it,okay so from there we're gonna get this,top kind of feed here but what we wanna,do is go over to the top right hand,corner to these filters or these slider,looking things and then go to date,posted and click this month and then go,to sort by and click most liked then,just go ahead and click apply and you're,going to see all these product videos,that are going absolutely viral right,now so click on this,so one on this one as you can see it's,some sort of mini home projector with,the right creative obviously this,product is going to sell well on tik,tok it's going to fly the next one here,is looks like some really cool toy that,people can put in their office or,somewhere and play with it at home,almost like a fidget type toy um but,that is pretty cool like that's going to,catch someone's attention it's catching,mine right now so what you can do is you,can just scroll through all these videos,

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if you're looking to finish this year,making some serious money with your,online store then this is the video that,you're going to need to actually make,that crazy money with your Joshua store,you have to have a product that,customers actually want to buy and,that's exactly what I'm going to be,giving you today with my top 10 winning,products of December 2022 so without,further Ado let's go ahead and get right,into it what's going on everyone my name,is AC Hampton and I'm an eight-figure,marketer who gets to help students from,all across the world start and continue,their eCommerce Journey successfully and,some of these products that you guys,will be seeing today in this list of,products that you need to be selling,this December I found through my own,product research methods and I'm,currently selling them where my students,are currently scaling or I found them,currently training on the market today,on top of this I've dug deep into,product research and validation using,methods like ad spy AliExpress Google,Trends and more market research they,give you the best top 10 winning,products that you should be selling,right now and as you can see I'm,currently on this Google Document that's,going to give you all these winning,products and everything you actually,need start selling them today and that's,going to give you the competitor,Facebook ad the ad copy the headlines,the competitor product page the,AliExpress product page profit margins,five interest tests and so much more and,if you smash that like button down below,and get this video to 2 000 likes you,guys will have full access completely to,this cheat sheet and I'm gonna go ahead,and leave it in the pin comment as well,as in the description down below and,before I dive into these products you,guys know I give out a free one-on-one,Consulting call every single week to one,lucky winner who's looking to be able to,get all their questions answered and,streamline their success while doing so,and for you to get the opportunity of,winning this week all you have to do is,smash that like button down below and,also in the comment section down below,comment the word Supreme December with,your goal that you have this December,2022 and I will be announcing the winner,from last week somewhere inside this,video so make sure you stay tuned the,entire way alright let's go ahead and,jump right into product number one,product number one is the magic mat,let's go and check out the competitor,Facebook advertisement and see what,we're working with alrighty this bath,mat is a game changer absorbs water in,seconds huge problem solver no more wet,slippery floors designed with quality,materials I mean I could probably think,of at least 10 people who would buy this,product right now so also has an,anti-slip base which is really nice to,have it stays perfectly in place and,even has a sleek and modern look hey,this product is going crazy on the,market especially if you take full,advantage but you do not have to listen,to me let's check out the engagement on,this ad and see what we're working with,1.8 000 comments 463 shares and it's,only been in the market for a couple,weeks and all these products are things,that are working right now not a month,ago not a week ago but right here right,now and this is how you can validate,that so if you come over here to most,relevant and you come over here to,newest you can see that they're getting,comments on it today I mean an hour ago,two hours ago 14 hours ago 21 hours ago,16 hours ago they are flooding the,comments section and people are actually,wanting to buy this product and when you,all know when there's a demand behind a,product it's time for us as marketers to,give the supply let's go and check out,the competitor potty page and see what,we're selling this item for so on the,competitor product page they're selling,this item for 35 I really like how their,product description shows in images and,in text why people will want to buy the,product in the first place so this is,great right here like prevent slipping,and it shows exactly how that's going to,be done with this picture perfect for,anywhere in the house and it shows that,right here in this picture and so on and,so forth so one thing I'll say is like I,do like the reviews but I want to make,every single one five stars you want it,to be believable so you want a good,range of five stars four stars you can,even maybe add a couple three stars in,there but you want it to look believable,when you're actually adding these,reviews to your store let's check out,the AliExpress link and see what we're,going to be buying this product for on,AliExpress so you can see we're gonna,get this item for 9.87 with free,shipping they're also showing other,colors and variants that are available,the competitor was not doing that so,that's another advantage that you,definitely have over 1200 orders 229,reviews 4.5 star rating the quality is,definitely there with that being said,the competitor was not charging shipping,so the selling price stayed at 39,dollars the product cost was nine,dollars and 87 cents with free shipping,which gives us a profit margin of 29.13,every single time you just sell one of,these and the five interest I would test,out with this product is bathroom Bath,and Body Works kitchen shower and bath,and before I hear about all the long,shipping times or working with,AliExpress check out this video right,here so you have a better understanding,of how to find a great supplier and the,best suppliers that you should be,working with to get the best results,with your online business and in my,one-on-one mentorship you also get,access to my private supplier who's,going to give you five to ten day,delivery on any product that you sell,and speaking about my one-on-one,mentorship there's now 10 new limited,spots that are now available for the,month of December so if you're looking,at me grab by the hand no matter your,experience level and be taught tested,and proven winning strategies that can,help you generate results with your,online store just like my current,students are doing right here I'm taking,10 dedicated people who are ready to,take action and learn how to create a,side hustle that can bring in an extra,five to ten thousand dollars back into,your pocket every single month if you're,looking to apply for these 10 limited,spots you can deem me the word,mentorship on my Instagram my AC,underscore Hampton or apply with this,link down below alright with that being,said let's go ahead and get right into,product number two product number two is,a full leg massager let's go ahead and,check out the competitor Facebook ad and,see what we're working with alrighty,Muscle Recovery relieve pain encourage,blood flow regain Mobility this,ultimately improves circulation elevates,stiffness and actually helps relax tight,muscles so we already know that this,solves a problem it has a great wow,factor it's being scaled to a mass,audience and there's a high perceived,value behind the product a 10 000 common,7.6 000 shares in only a couple weeks,let's go ahead and check out the,competitor product page and see what,we're gonna sell this item for as you,can see there's selling this item for,169.99 and this is not with shipping,included one thing I really love about,the store is it definitely looks like,it's professionally done I mean it has a,nice clean store layout only focusing on,three colors Max black white in one,separate color there's no real pop-up,all over the place all the text is black,everything is congruent with the images,and ultimately you can see that they put,a lot of emphasis on the store and one,thing I'll say is they're not upselling,anything to even increase their average,order value so I always recommend two,different apps to do that one is,frequently bought together which allows,you to cross-sell cross-related items,and second is quantity Break by discount,which allows you to incentivize people,to buy more on your store by actually,givi

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Top 10 Winning Products To Sell In October (Shopify Dropshipping 2021)

ế quá số nào gái with Heart and today i,miss our loves to infinitive past seven,and tournaments during the weather today,in fear to play now M spacek ai ukas,grounds for any single best tropical,forests of the crowd and went down,forests have overcome the men is,inserted you what's time i hope you,enjoy this video and get about you if,you master the grave and Subscribe to,the Channel with that means They work in,small tok and brother,ai cày Xuân chó nên off,After The Avengers Smart Motor Viettel,brush Evolution support with someone,with seven million and minimize the,record to rubino hours they spend your,uninstaller wait for treatment of eye,pro IS a simple and beautiful and the,fruit is never feels quite old man and,the passage again the Magic English you,the best and thistle in vietnamese,present at the hands are you sit around,your name and when you come on your,Breath You can see the sport Super Shit,you guys were afraid to go shopping for,your potential customers and She doesn't,like to it is the most of answers Tân An,nay Tonight I think When you finish the,most money with Spark Irina one's Life,Stories For Children spend those Sweet,spot Essence in English artikles about,you utilize the other three parts in the,five parts in Australia,này xem có người tình yêu qua xuống,Westlife vẫn kecap của Arsenal product,number three wise partnership with Women,in first English missal input weather in,a and use present or Your Face as a,National the one simple enough people,meet in her brother industries Fusion,sushi cake afterwards it down the white,Night It's Perfect Time For Us Together,and one tourists When I miss you,everyday English exam Beautiful weather,and widgets in word hãy tinh yeuban,After The precious One spot in,specialist passport now I've just afraid,to Nu'est is Super Sekai hundreds of,tourists and cold weather and shipping,sologame stands for find all the music,you very small fish and social affairs,amoni nitrit nightsun deathwhisper,trusted and me something in some Places,near and mutual Friends Who whispered,live action and product number three or,four hundred years war of Brothers In,its Walls and her world is Used within,four anh em sẽ giữ hàm of useful if you,are you in the work for any problem,solved with hundreds and thousands of,its almost thousands Word Excel Word,start with Perfect World part store and,you can get it in your principal,pessimists pectin you can use present,for tourists surround and markets of,informal Supper callidora masteri,nightsun Chat with Super Happy mother,with sport and,uses Advertising on this site you will,tungstik Dragon City MP3 music festival,which word with English the beneficial,for people to the organizational card,which ensures flash wolves r Ford trong,Word Excel and Gentlemen tree is problem,in Turn on support and uses a way to,save print of other meals and greed and,this topic anh nhiều quá rồi thật khấu,với 10 were in the weather seal 2 Write,English If You Were Born with a Wide,toward the use of force and 45,activities about the Explorer internship,and yet easy-to-use and still want and,when it is very wash It is placed with,hội thảo you make money sound board is,installed or so i went Somewhere in the,one Park service meaning in the wife and,i stand in minutes of least in part you,can have higher About You Mp3 advertised,for example you with that ensures all,product number five ngoài ra Asus find,something ibus It's for then speak in,his personal and leaves Used for the,green tea Seed oil watch English,National instruments want to suggest you,for your interest in the city or need to,wait for the stress in ở,quán tuyến vuông is that your seat in,those nights and suites approval,surprised when i will you come all his,Friends unit is fast six làm báo sẽ,Bingo When It would make money with,Sweet and sour impending tự nhiên 6,intrapartum blackmores nighty night you,were all Together for the most Advanced,you miss out Some people on live use,pendragon coordinate with this Android,app will take care of your Fire Up on,the stored and Japanese use the market,is committed Surprise While Your Lips,Are Still Go After The Divine Road trip,would We hope you guys enjoy together,now We're all Together What's weather,speak in a revolutionary girl utena,somayman Over heels And striking The,Bear witness to view art And you is,suitable for peace ikasete The Voice,Android ba lô hình,experiences of use it Rains and used to,memories with a Wide Angle Beauty and,trendy brother and backward uniforms at,me press on the spot and special card,and writing to build An Amazing Slider,and Which grade are you see before this,web page will you come on your lives at,you'd better think that model,này thông tin We have and load switches,for night and emotions died for you for,you ni soba phi shinai to At least,squares of the foremost with Sweet Lemon,question test result of which means that,let your trusted,prizes for tiknology and education The,Skies are some 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and winds,fortnite World reunite efu merchandises,family meal is Minh is perfect For Speed,rivals word which ensures your Quest,water Bright light is what number nine,for just one more time is it Nano take,over all i want this Circle of these,Steps to unique powers that you can see,your verification,trantriaudio a very Handy brother and,also and wet brush lovers and she is a,fun fit a wife I think his father is a,very tired today on free sparkled with,me if you bring your contacts with the,Skills that more detail that sinistra,password is English friend a beautiful,the life of Numbers or because The Fast,pace is very no need this app will come,on our lives at you ni shita casper,Windows error writing unit seven,nights in the world tonight We're,yukimura markets A Twist In Time with,Software on your friends and aesthetik,we know of the verbs In Use When writing,with City very hard for the morning and,At least for the countries with your,password pro with and they want to watch,on That 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Instagram punch and Subscrib

Top 10 Winning Shopify Dropshipping Products For August 2021 (SELL THIS NOW)

you already know what time it is it's,the top 10 winning drop shipping,products for,august 2021 video,[Music],just before we get started if you guys,want a free strategy session to help you,get started with dropshipping and,ecommerce,all you have to do is click the top link,in the description we'll book a chat,we'll tok but spots fill up extremely,fast so make sure you go do that,and smash the like button while you're,down there to help the algorithm,and support me and my channel without,any further ado let me just get straight,into the products,by the way do have a full cheat sheet,for all these products which i'll,release at 300 likes down below,again another reason for you guys to,head down there and smash that like,button,kicking it off with product number one,we have a,jump rope that basically has a digital,countdown timer,tracks how many jumps you've done and so,much more on it,now this just makes a lot of sense for,anybody who really cares about fitness,for tracking their macros calories you,know maybe they're in a caloric deficit,and they want to see how much weight,they can lose,they need to track their workouts all,that kind of thing it also just looks,super premium and high quality comes in,a bunch of great different colors,and because it's digital it has a higher,perceived value than a normal,skipping rope so you can probably make a,pretty solid profit margin,i'd imagine you could at least sell this,for 49.59,somewhere around there now keep in mind,it does say it's around 30,canadian which is relatively expensive,for this product i'm sure if you looked,around you could get this price down,because i have seen some competitors,selling it at a cheaper price,nonetheless the order volume has spiked,up like crazy and again it only says 117,orders guys but keep in mind,there are hundreds of listings for this,exact same product across aliexpress,so next thing you guys know i always,show you guys,a competitor website for a lot of the,products so,here's one that i found and basically,these guys are selling it at 20 bucks,which goes to show that you can,definitely get the product well below 20,because otherwise it wouldn't be able to,be profitable and it's basically the,same product here looks like a cheaper,less good quality version of it um but,basically it's the same idea it's got,the countdown timer the tracking feature,on there with the digital screen and,stuff like that,and these guys don't really sell the,product very well they have a bunch of,product photos but that's really about,it they have no gifts,they have you know no videos of the,product in action so i definitely think,you can make,a better landing page than this one um,so i definitely think you guys can make,a better landing page than this one all,right on to the next product here,we actually have a automatik drink,dispenser,so basically this thing helps you out,you know if you have kids maybe you're,living with,seniors or people who might find it hard,to potentially,you know open the fridge and access,different types of drinks,so you can easily attach it to like a,milk jug as seen in the example here,and it's basically gonna allow you to,dispense the drink a lot easier so you,don't actually pick up the milk jug,and pour it out especially when you know,those jugs are full and you open them,for the first time,i'm guilty of even spilling them um here,and there,but competitor website these guys are,selling it at forty dollars which means,you can definitely mark this product,up quite a bit and these guys are,actually doing very well i saw a,facebook ad they ran,with over a million views on it and i,like to think that for every million,views is roughly forty to fifty thousand,dollars in revenue generated from that,single ad alone,so i wouldn't be surprised if these guys,have cracked seven figures on this,product alone,and it's definitely a problem-solving,product that again a lot of people can,use,and i definitely think you could beat,out their landing page in terms of what,they've done,here they don't have a whole lot they,have an faq section which is great,but other than that you guys can,definitely get more reviews in there,with better higher quality photos,and of course maybe add some gifs and,lifestyle photos to the product,description as well,now on to product number three i really,want to show you guys this product,because this product ties into that,original skipping rope product nobody is,doing it like this if you guys build a,brand,and you sell the skipping rope and this,product which by the way,is really hot and it's selling like,crazy right now you can start a full-on,fitness brand around these two products,because this product is selling like,crazy i mean it's super cool,it's like a hybrid yoga mat but,basically you can do,skipping rope on it you can you know,stretch you can do a bunch of things,but it's just the perfect thing to throw,in any apartment or home where you know,you don't have space for an entire gym,but you do want to do a little bit of,skipping yoga stretching,a bunch of different things that a lot,of people do on a daily basis,so it makes a lot of sense uh it is 30,to 40 canadian but again,shop around i'm sure you can get this,thing down 15,even because at the end of the day it's,just a mat again it looks super high,quality it's got some great graphics on,it,comes in a bunch of cool colors but,other than that it's just a matte,but it's all about how you brand it and,if you brand it alongside that skipping,rope,i definitely think you can have a lot of,success now on to,product number four we have a smart,insulation cup so,this cup has been going crazy not only,this year but,last year and every other year before,that this has dropped one of those,evergreen drop shipping products that is,here to stay,you can always build a great brand,around this thing of course,adding other products upsells cross,sales bundles,buy one get one tons of crazy offers you,can run,around a product like this but i think,the most attractive thing about this,product,is that it literally is gonna cost you,anywhere from two to four dollars per,unit and the fact that it's digital,again,increases its perceived value which,means that you can make a,massive profit margin on it sell in a,bunch of cool colors and again build a,great e-commerce brand around it moving,forward an example,of another site who is actually selling,this product right now,are selling it for 26 bucks so again,that's a massive markup especially,they're probably getting this thing for,two bucks or less if they're ordering it,in bulk,and doing volume which they are because,i found it from a,facebook ad again this is look more of a,general store so you guys can come on,here,and you can brand things a lot better,than they've done it i think capture,some of the market share for sure,now onto product number five we have,these rgb,led panels now you probably seen these,in your local best buy or something like,that,i personally have but they also go for,like 200 300,400 bucks sometimes and fact of the,matter is you can come on aliexpress and,pick them up for 14 bucks,yes it's not you know the official brand,but,that's where you can come in and build,your own brand around them,in order to then charge more and sell,other cool lighting products and stuff,like that,so i wanted to show you guys an example,of a brand that's taken it,and you know built an actual brand with,a loyal following a passionate audience,around it that's called nano leaf and,they're on wayfair they're in best buys,you're in a bunch of different places,and i mean seven panels for 450,bucks that is ludicrous that is madness,the amount of profits they are making on,this product,so obviously it's a hot product people,want it it looks super cool,hell i want it i kind of want to buy,some right now looking at it,but again the profit margin is massive,and if you run some,facebook ads and catch people on impulse,i definitely think the profits can be,there,big time with

Top 100 Dropshipping Products TO SELL NOW!

Noble straight to the point 100 of the,best most viral data backed Shopify Drop,Shipping products that you need to be,selling right now if you're looking to,make some serious coin,yes I did that welcome back to the,channel my name is Nathan Nazareth I'm a,21 year old e-commerce entrepreneur,based out of Vancouver Canada and today,I had my product research team send me,over a spreadsheet of 100 winning,products for me to review and I figured,why not break it down on a video for all,of you guys and if you want the entire,spreadsheet completely free all I'm,asking is that you go down below smash,that like button and we take this video,to over 1 000 likes and I'll release the,entire spreadsheet down below to my,product research team has sent me and,also quick heads up somewhere in the,next 100 products you are about to see I,have snuck in one of the products that I,am currently selling right now and,hitting multiple thousand dollar days,with if you happen to guess which,product that is correctly in the,comments down below I will reach out to,you and personally build you a custom,built Drop Shipping Store built by me,and my team completely for free good,luck all right so kicking it off with,product number one I'm just going to,show you guys how I'm going to run,through all these products so we have,have these smile slippers right here I,can say one maybe two good things about,them and then I'll quickly give them a,rating out of 10. If the product gets,rated at 10 that is an absolute test,that I personally would currently start,testing right now as a product if it,gets rated at nine and eight a seven,it's probably pretty good it could be,worth a test but there might have been,one or two things holding me back from,jumping the gun on it right then and,there anything below that if it gets,rated a one two three four well now you,know that not every single product my,product research team turns out is gonna,actually be one that I would personally,take to Market so going into Q4 I,actually think these slides would do,very very well over Q4 especially,Christmas time when everyone's getting,cozy in the household uh they actually,resemble that of the Drew brand by,Justin Bieber the Drew house or whatever,it's called so again trending product,just like that we've seen similar slides,like the easy knockoff ones kind of go,absolutely viral so I'd give this,product a solid nine on to the next,product here we have the Galaxy,projector but this time it's in the form,of an astronaut again great product not,going anywhere I'll give it a solid,eight onto the next product here we have,this luxury matte puffer case this,product is doing exceptionally well and,it's probably going to sell even better,into the winter I'll give this one a,nine on to the next product we have,bedside lamps a little bit basic but,depending on how you Market it could be,cool I'll give this product a six on to,the next one here we have acne remover,treatment patch can also be used for,blackheads and pores and things like,that this product that's always in,demand but it is difficult to Market you,can buy it pretty much anywhere so for,that reason I'm gonna give it eight six,onto the next product here we have these,led neon strips a little bit of an,iteration on top of you know the regular,LED light strips that everyone Buys so,for that reason I give this product an,eight though it would still be tricky to,pull off you need some exceptional,marketing on to the next product here we,have this bedside table this one's,actually quite cool I think I've seen it,on Arctik shirt before given that the,price is pretty cheap and it does look,like a very very premium product I'm,gonna go ahead give this one a solid,night onto the next product here we have,a waist trainer again just great,Evergreen product that sells year-round,and can sell exceptionally well going,into the holiday season however it might,not sell exceptionally while going into,the holiday season so for right now I'll,give this product a six onto the next,product here we have this golf uh Mini,Putt lawn thing and I guess you can put,it in your house can be a good Christmas,gift etc etc uh overall it's pretty cool,product it's pretty unique I'd give this,thing an eight onto the next product,here we have these lip plumpers now this,is a great great product in the beauty,Niche that I could see doing very very,well on tiktok given how cheap the,product is given how valuable it could,be given the trend of having big and,full lips especially for women I see a,lot of people wanting to use this,product over the holiday season I think,ugc content would do great for it I'd,give this product a 10 the first on a,list thus far now let me just preface,just because I give a product a 10,doesn't mean it's going to do very very,well right away and same thing just,because to give me Product a six or a,five doesn't mean that it won't do well,these are just if I were to personally,rank them right off the bat I want to,give you guys some insight into how I,would make my decisions based on what my,product research team sends me now onto,this next product here we have this,watch car toy thing a great product for,Christmas I could see lots of kids,getting something like this lots of,parents buying it for the kids of course,around 11 it is a little bit pricey for,what it is but I still think it could,sell well I'm gonna give this thing a,seven on to the next one we have this,mini vacuum cleaner perfect for putting,on a desk or in your office or you know,if you're a college student or if you're,working from home etc etc it is cool,it's kind of quirky uh it's not all that,necessary and there's probably better,vacuums but also give it an eight on to,the next one here we have this computer,cleaning spray and this is actually in a,very premium looking uh little container,and this actually comes in so many,different colors in a somewhat premium,looking container it is really cheap of,course it does solve problem but I just,feel like the problem isn't that massive,and there's other ways to get around it,so people aren't going to necessarily,feel like buying this right off the bat,the end of the day it is just a mini,spray bottle so I'm gonna give this,product a five,um on to the next one here we have this,anxiety rig it's basically a ring that,you can just constantly turn on your,finger and play with or you can turn a,little flower on it this has been going,viral on tiktok for quite some time,it is getting pretty saturated but,overall a good product could sell well,going into the holiday season as a cute,little gift or something like that I'd,actually give this product a 9.5 on to,the next one here we have this,humidifying train again just another,iteration on the humidifiers the,humidifiers are a product that is never,going to go anywhere it always serves a,purpose it always solves a problem it,always sells if you can just package it,differently and Market it differently,it's still going to sell and I think for,that reason we haven't really seen a,humidifier like this the flame one was,big for a while this one could be that,kind of next humidifier that everyone,everyone's looking to buy for Christmas,or as a gift or something like that,because it isn't kind of these cute,little trains and different colors and,stuff so I'm gonna actually go ahead and,give this product a 10. on to the next,product we have this multifunctional,vegetable cutter uh it seems like it,could really serve a lot of different,purposes in the kitchen and be kind of,an all-in-one multifunctional tool would,be a little bit difficult to Market but,I think if you really spent the time you,made the right videos you showcased just,how valuable of an asset this could be I,think this product could turn out very,very well on a cookie Niche store I'd,give this thing a nine onto the next,product here we have this electric foot,file callus remover uh definitely a,problem-solving product a lot of people,would want to u