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3 Hacks To INCREASE Sales With Google Shopping ADs | Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial

Published on: December 6 2022 by Shri Kanase

3 Hacks To INCREASE Sales With Google Shopping ADs | Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial

3 Hacks To INCREASE Sales With Google Shopping ADs | Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial

you know what is going on everybody
shriek canasa here to tell the three
hacks to significantly increase your
sales with google ads now if you guys
watch my last video basically if you
have already subscribed to my channel
you guys know that i recently released a
video where I went over how I'm doing
roughly eight thousand dollars in sales
every single day and the beauty about
that was it was done solely with Google
ads if you haven't watched that video
watch that video after this one but
hitting those numbers is definitely not
an easy task especially with Google ads
because with the Google like a lot of
you know who already use Google traffic
is somewhat limited to do only those
people who are searching for the
products on your store and if that
wasn't already bad enough whatever
traffic is searching for the specific
products on your store only a select few
people from the entire traffic as a
whole will actually click on your ad and
then a select few will purchase your
product from that so in the end it's
actually a very very small number that
actually purchased some your store so
without wasting any more time let's just
figure out exactly what you need to do
to increase your sales so before I
actually cover the first step if you
haven't already smash that subscribe
button down below and like this video
because I know you'll love it but the
first thing I want to go over which is a
big hack when it comes to significantly
increasing your sales with Google Ads is
to choose a specific product category
within the feed for Google Shopping out
on your Shopify store now for a lot of
people that don't know the feed for
Google Shopping app is basically an app
which connects directly your Shopify
store with Google Ads
and the beauty about this app is that
you can actually do some optimizations
on the app itself to actually increase
the sales and this is one of the biggest
hacks which I recommend and do myself
but the thing is with this hack I only
actually do it for those product which
are number one Ellie's getting me clicks
or number two Ally's getting me sales
but it's as simple as going inside the
feed for Google Shopping app clicking on
the specific products scrolling all the
way down until you see the product
category section and then choosing the
most relevant category from that section
but the reason why we do that is because
after choosing the specific category for
any given product you are basically
giving Google specific details as to who
to actually go out for and what kind of
keywords to rank for because without the
specific category Google is in a sense
just relying on the SEO keywords that
you actually have on
store so in a sense we're kind of
telling Google exactly what category the
product is in and this in turn makes the
Google algorithm life much much easier
because now they know who to go and try
to find but the real hack when it comes
to choosing the category is being as
specific as possible with the category
you don't want to just be a general
category but rather go deep into the
categories and choose the one that is
the most closest to what you are
actually selling so for instance if
you're selling drones on your Shopify
store don't just go and choose the
category electronics you want to go deep
into the electronics section until you
find drones or something similar but
again as I mentioned it kind of helps
Google to track down the related
audience there's no more real guesswork
involved and it doesn't really have to
rely on just the specific SEO keywords
within the description now we can just
look at the category that you've chosen
and then go out and find the specific
audience within that category that is
currently searching for the similar
keywords on your description so the SEO
optimization and Google product
categories can I go hand-in-hand and as
I said it brings you higher quality
traffic and it's especially useful when
you're again getting clicks for a
specific product or want to skill a
product further because again you make
Google's life easier but along with this
the hacker number two is actually
adjusting the bids for individual
devices now this is one of the biggest
things which I see a lot of people
ignore and that is not kind of narrowing
down on the specific device which is
getting the results the real strategy
that I use when it comes to devices is
actually very very simple number one I
increased a bit for those specific
devices which are bringing me in
profitable sales and it's kind of very
clear usually which device is profitable
and which device is not in my own
experience where I've notiked is that
mobile phones often spends the most
money but on my store desktop gets me
the highest return on adspend
so what I usually do is to kind of
increase the amount spent on desktop I
increased a bit for desktop itself so
that now the iGoogle ads campaign knows
that if anybody is searching from a
desktop to increase the bit of whatever
I have just by a few cents and usually I
said the increase bit anywhere from 10
cents to 50 cents for that given device
and this range kind of depends on the
results that that specific device is
getting foreign cents and the result is
not that great then I'll maybe increase
it by 10 cents but if the results are
I'm getting a
on a span of ten times or more I'll bump
it up significantly by up to 50 cents
and this is the same for those specific
devices which are actually not
performing that well and in my own
experience tablet kind of performs in
the middle for a lot of the Shopify
stores for some stores that could
actually be in the negative so if you
notike that one device is working really
horribly over another what I do is I
like to decrease the bit for that given
device and I'm kind of lenient when it
comes to decreasing the bits for devices
I like to decrease by five cents up to
20 cents no significant decreases but a
lot of people actually leave the
specific device after making this change
and they don't do anything further this
is not enough to increase the results
with that given device because we are
decreasing it while we're working on
improving that landing page for that
specific device so what I recommend is
that once you decrease the bit for a
given device go ahead and try to do
device optimization for instance if you
notike that mobile phone wasn't working
that well so you decrease the bid don't
just forget about that now go in and go
on your website on your mobile phone and
see if you can increase the conversion
rate and increase the overall
performance some of the easiest ways to
kind of increase the optimization of a
given device is by simply increasing the
speed of the website on that given
device so if you notike that on the
mobile device the speed is not that
great go ahead and work on that first in
addition you can try having important
information above the fold now if you're
on a mobile device the fold is basically
the bottom portion where the bottom half
gets cut off from the top and whatever
is above the fold is basically whatever
is visible on the current screen usually
what I've notiked is that the most
important and relevant information is
above the fold the audience is much more
likely to actually convert and the
conversion rates are much likely to be
higher compared to a website where the
important information is on the bottom
people have to scroll a lot remember you
don't want to make people work as much
people are kind of lazy they want
everything given to them so you want to
do exactly that when it comes to the
overall optimization but the third thing
you can do to kind of do proper device
optimization is that the call-to-action
buttons on that given device maybe it
could be that to cart checkout etc those
are very very bold and clear and big the
worst thing you can do is make that
button hard for your customer to see
because if it's hard for the customer to
see they'll leave your website in a
second so to kind of avoid that and to
kind of get better result
any given device make sure to do proper
optimization for that device after you
lower the bit but the third and most
important hack that you can actually try
for any specific Google ad account is to
actually create niche specific campaigns
or best seller specific campaigns now
with such niche specific campaigns or
best seller specific campaigns you are
basically putting in all of the given
products in your store that relate to
each other meaning in a specific niche
or the products that are performing the
best inside of one specific campaign
instead of doing it the traditional way
and just putting everything inside one
campaign and the main reason why we do
this is because niche specific campaigns
actually have a tendency of performing
better because like hack number one
we're kind of narrowing down what Google
has to advertise to the audience so when
the campaign is narrowed down within a
given niche or it's only the best
sellers it kind of makes Google's life
easier to find the high quality audience
within a given niche and it also makes
optimisation for that campaign easier
because one key word kind of bounces off
of the other and this kind of hack can
work for both general source as well as
niche stores because if you're already
within a niche and you run a niche store
you can narrow down the campaigns even
further and go specific product types
meaning if you're in the fashion
accessories niche you can make one
campaign for the bracelet and then one
campaign for the necklaces and so forth
but the biggest benefit of having a
niche specific campaign is that now you
can have niche specific bids because
unlike a general testing cabin where
everything is kind of crammed together
even the high cost products have the
same bit as the low cost products and
that's not the best way to be
advertising with Google in 2020 and
onward so these new specific campaigns
let you consider a different bid for
each given niche so that means you can
build kind of higher for those products
which cost a little bit more and then
bit lower for those products with low
profit margins and in the end when
you're doing optimization for the
campaign and scaling the campaign it's
gonna be much much easier for you to
actually scale but one con about this is
that once you have tested all of the
specific products within the niche and
none of them have shown any results then
it is time to kind of just abandon that
campaign and shut it off because you
have no more products within that niche
so always make sure that whatever niche
specific campaign you add to your store
you're always adding new products within
that campaign as well because that's the
only way you can
the optimization process and to give new
data or Google as account to work with
but if you found any type of value in
this video smash that subscribe button
and smash the like button and I'll see
you guys next time

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