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3 Ways On How To Increase Your Dropshipping Sales In 2021

Published on: December 2 2022 by eCom Tom

3 Ways On How To Increase Your Dropshipping Sales In 2021

3 Ways On How To Increase Your Dropshipping Sales In 2021

in the almost three years that i've been
teaching drop shipping on the internet
no question has ever been asked more
than tom how do i
increase my drop shipping sales well
today in this video i'm gonna give you
three ways to increase your sales
and how to get started with each method
today all right so let's go over the
three different methods right now in
this video so be sure to smash that like
button let's get it out to as many
people as possible
number one is going to be multi-packs
and bundles i've toked about this for a
long time now
but the method has not changed a lot of
people do not go out of their way
to actually do the multi-packs and the
or learn how to use sku grid in order to
do so or whatever software you're using
almost any software out there
sku grid any wholesale drop shipping
software that you're using
can do multi-packs or bundles it's just
that people don't want to learn how to
do it
and that's why if you learn how to do it
then you are going to see success and
increase sales and profit margins so the
theme of this video is going to end up
go where other people don't want to go
and do what other people don't want to
and you will see more success if you're
doing what everybody else is doing
then you're going to see the success
that everybody else is seeing when
you're doing multi-packs and bundles let
me put my phone down
what do i mean by that a multi-pack is
going to be the fact that you have
one item that you're selling but maybe
it would work well
in a two pack or a three pack maybe it's
one chair
and you know why would you only just buy
one chair if it's like a bar stool or
you probably want two or three maybe
four so you could do a multi-pack of
that at that point in time
also if you're paying for shipping at
that supplier say it's
ten dollars for this item for shipping
if you're buying one you will most
likely realize that as you put
two or three or four and even when i'm
drop shipping on from a website like
websterons i see this all the time
pretty much people will you buy you put
two into the cart and the shipping is
cheaper than if you put one into the car
so at that point in time you can even
price your items lower and you know do
what some other methods that we're going
to tok about later when you're doing
the multi-packs you can think of things
that are what you know what would work
well with one
two or three maybe four packs you know
any software out there can do it sku
grid and a lot of the other ones and you
just need to put in the time
to learn and understand it these
listings will probably take a little bit
to create it's going to take some time
to actually go out there and
make sure that everything's set up
properly but you know when you are doing
you're going to realize that the extra
work is going to go a long way
and number two i mean going along with
that is bundles think of something that
goes well together
so if we're thinking about maybe
something with camping related
you know you could have like a camping
like cast iron
cook thing or and some spatulas or some
sort of utensils for it or anything like
that you can think of
anything that goes well together and if
they're singular items
then why not put them together and even
is even better is going to be if you put
together two items from two different
that way nobody is going to really go
out of their way to snipe that item
and you're going to be probably the only
one selling that bundle or multi-pack
because the fact that
you have two items for two different
suppliers nobody wants to put in the
effort to learn
where the two different suppliers came
from and if they do then they don't want
to put in the effort to try to go copy
your listing it's all about being unique
and when you're unique on a platform
like ebay or amazon
you know millions of people are going to
see it and at that point in time or have
option to see it thousands of people
will most likely see it and as long as
the items are good and you're putting
them in front of the right people
then you're most likely going to make
the sales you know if there's people
that are just bulk uploading or listing
the same items up as everybody else
you're just competing with everybody
else but if you take an item from one
supplier and put it with another
supplier in a bundle
that makes sense then nobody's going to
go and copy you
maybe like one audacious human being
another thing i didn't even have written
down is variation listings specifically
on ebay
i've seen time and time again that
variation listings not only sell for
but do sell more often than if you were
just to list you know the same
item that has 15 different colors 15
different times if you put it on one
the listing is going to have better seo
from what i've realized and more people
are going to see it
and that's um you know that's very
powerful as well so number two
is going to be using whatever platform
you're on promotions
whatever they may be let's tok about
ebay promoting your listings
everybody promotes their listings a lot
of people do but you know maybe people
are just promoting it at a certain
and that's you know everybody can do
that you can just click but add 500 at a
promote them all at one specific rate
and then go from there i never suggest
promoting on ebay at the suggested ad
i think that it's grossly overestimated
and i don't think that there's any point
in really doing so
but what i do suggest is looking into
other forms of promotions there's the
volume discounts which a lot of people
don't do
which can go hand in hand with what i
was toking about earlier
with if the item you know multiple items
are getting added to the car
and the shipping is not changing then
you can add a very large bulk discount
to that listing and you know when people
are scrolling through ebay it will say
save up to say 10 15 15
when you buy more that's another thing
that's going to stand out when
somebody's scrolling through ebay
it's going to get your item pushed
higher by ebay by the cassini algorithm
and you know you're going to see more
results because of it i have one listing
that i listed up
that pretty much as i added two to it
the the shipping didn't change you had
three to it and it went up by like one
dollar from like 13 to 14.
when you add four it goes up by like one
more dollar so i literally have it
listed at the
fact and it's a cheap item but it's
heavy in the shippings a lot
so i have it discounted up to if you buy
i think it's 30 off another thing is
who's gonna buy four not everybody's
gonna buy four
so you're gonna get the seo boost of
saying buy four get 30
off but most people only buy one two
maybe three
very little people will actually buy all
four so you're taking advantage of that
you're making more money because you're
offering this discount but nobody's
really taking advantage of it
and you're saving money on the shipping
in the long run there's other ways to do
it if you know that there's a flat
shipping rate
that's included into your listing price
let's say that the on
rsr is a wholesale supplier you know
they have 7.50 shipping across the board
if you're putting the 7.50 shipping into
the price your item so you're offering
free shipping
you can also offer something that maybe
is a discount if you buy
more than one if you buy two then take
you know save five dollars or something
like that
that means that you already know that
you have are gonna it's only gonna cost
seven dollars and fifty cents whether
they buy one or two items
so if they buy two then you're just you
know taking five dollars off that you're
still making two dollars and fifty cents
extra on top of the shipping
and you know it's getting your your
listings pushed to more people it's
really about
like i said going out of your way being
unique being creative on how to actually
make money
um and how to actually push your items
to other people if you're just listing
the same thing like verbatim you're
copying people's titles which
don't get me wrong i do as well but i'll
copy the title and then i'll look at
ways to actually go out of my way
to make sure that that listing is better
and then lastly is going to be
diversifying your suppliers so we've
toked about this
for years now if you're drop shipping on
and you're using amazon walmart home
depot which you're going to get flagged
if you use amazon nowadays
walmart like everybody's doing it i'm
not saying you won't make money but
everybody's doing it
at the very least if you're doing
walmart like just
just do like variationless things do
bundles do something else
do multi-packs just do something else
diversify yourself because i've seen the
people that do do it
are absolutely killing it i've seen
people selling a hundred thousand
dollars a month
on ebay with strictly walmart listings
literally only have like 500 listings
and they're they're their profits are
higher than 10 so
it can be done am i going to go out of
my way and do it no i do not do walmart
onto ebay i don't do home depot on ebay
if i'm doing retail i'm doing other
suppliers one of which i mentioned
and some other ones but it's mainly
wholesale at the moment but if you're
this diversifying suppliers doesn't
matter whether it's retail
or wholesale you want to diversify if
you know i've toked about
a specific amount of wholesale suppliers
on youtube a specific amount
of retail suppliers on youtube but
there's other ones i've never toked
maybe inside of courses and trainings
i've mentioned it before
but i highly doubt it there's there's a
few there's one on amazon that i
specifically used for
almost a year that legitimately before
they like they cut me off from their
program that i legitimately was making
25 profit margin they were lower priced
items so you had to sell a lot but they
were selling a lot
it's making 25 30 profit margins on
these items retail
but i had a special program with them
and i was making like
six seven thousand dollars a month
profit literally just with this one
supplier i've never mentioned them out
here so
you know there's secrets out there and
the best of the best aren't going to say
oh this is where i'm selling my items
this is not where i'm
this is where i'm selling from you need
to go out of your way and do the
research and find your own
when you get your own secret suppliers
and you diversify
then that's where you're really going to
see the success you know and if you pair
that all together
god forbid you diversify to a supplier
that has like maybe like when i was
selling that one supplier on amazon
assignment there was like
four or five of us doing it on amazon
like in
in bulk like thousands of listings from
it and just really pushing this one
probably only four or five of us not to
mention there was very little
and as long as none of us were
undercutting each other that much we
were still making like
20 to 30 profit margin at that point in
time if you diversify yourself even
where you're doing multi-packs from that
supplier or bundles or you're doing some
form of variation listing
then you really took it to the next
level you know there's only four or five
people using that supplier to begin with
now if you start diversifying yourself
are any of those people going to go out
of their way to copy you
or they going to be content in the fact
that you you know that there's only like
four or five people doing it so they're
still gonna be making good money they'll
most likely be content
so to recap multi-packs bundles
variationless things i didn't write
variation listings down but
it came to me while i was toking and
how i forgot about it different various
forms of promotions
we toked about ebay promotions
discounts volume discounts shipping
discounts things like that
they also implemented recently like an
offer code you could say hey thank you
for buying from me
use this code yadda yadda ya they can
come back and give them like five
percent off or something
that will increase sales um i don't
think it's as good as
just a volume discount or something like
that but it could work also
on amazon i've seen people that are drop
shipping that will do ppc
and actually do paid ads and as long as
they run a very low campaign
i've done it before you do make sales
i'm not very good at it i'm sure i could
get better
but i know there are people that are
absolutely killing it doing it that way
and then diversify your suppliers you
the suppliers is probably the most
powerful part but you can still be using
the same suppliers as everybody else
go out of your way use different methods
and still see success that way
so if you like this video like i said
earlier please be sure to smash that
like button let's get it out to as many
people as possible
subscribe to the youtube channel and hit
the little notification button
so you get notified every single time i
post a video like this hopefully this
video was helpful if you have any
ask them down below in the comment
section if you want to reach out to me
dm me on instagram that's where is that
i think that that's
one of the most the best platforms for
you know if you're just leaving comments
it's not really like a conversation some
people probably
won't like to leave some comments that
they would ask in the dms
so reach out to me there we answer every
single one
and yeah if you like this new video
style video format i've done like three
of these already
and i do think that this is a you know a
better way to do it so
hopefully you enjoyed this video thank
you very much and i'll see you in the
next one

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