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300 x 250 ads

Published on: December 31 2022 by pipiads

Get Lucky with LinkedIn Message Ads - LinkedIn Education Marketing Solutions

okay so i am joined here today uh by,three other lovely people i've got my,colleague bridget weedy here um who's,going to be taking you through the next,few slides as well as my colleague joyce,who will be kind of manning the q a for,this session so she'll make us aware of,any questions that we want to stop and,address um as well as my colleague,marley who,will be taking on the latter half of the,presentation but for right now i'm going,to hand it over to bridget um,i'm sorry i'm going to take you through,our agenda um which is going to start,with us toking about just you know,message ads 101 what are all the key,facts and figures you need to know um,the second thing we're going to tok,through is how to measure success with,message ads and the third thing will be,uh sharing some best practikes,i think we did mention below before in,the email to you all that we will be,following up with an email,that will include a template for you,guys to utilize when creating message,ads going forward,so we'll be passing that on to the,account teams and then the account teams,can share that with you uh people who,invited you so um with that i'm gonna,hand it over to bridget,thanks so much naomi um i see a lot of,familiar faces but also people that i,don't know so welcome so much great to,get to know you,for those of you who don't know me you,won't know that i am a huge messenger,advocate and lover so i'm really happy,to be able to do this session with you,all today we're going to start off with,what messages are what they look like,when to use them and then we'll really,dive into how to measure success i'll,then turn over to marley to tok you,through those best practikes,so,message ads are an ad unit that's sent,directly to a member's inbox when,they're live and active on the platform,i really want to highlight that point um,because that means we have the members,attention when that message ad lands in,their inbox they're going to be on um on,platform they're going to see that nice,little red,indicator that they have a message and,that's really how we grab the user's,attention,message ads are a cost per send product,which means that when you're bidding on,message ads you're bidding for the,amount that you're willing to send that,message out at and that's really,important when you're thinking about,your bid and budget strategy so really,want to make sure you're aware of this,this is different from our text ad or,sponsored content products which are,cost per click which means you're paying,when the member clicks on that ad,so as i said message ads are delivered,to someone when they're live on the,inbox and there are two really key,frequency caps i want you to take away,from this session regarding message ads,so the first is members can receive only,one message ad from any advertiser every,30 days that means that when you send a,message ad to a member you own their,inbox for 30 days no other advertiser,and any other vertikal is going to be,able to get into that inbox and that's,another reason that we see message ads,are such a powerful product the second,frequency cap i want you to be aware of,is around creative ids so a member will,not receive a second impression from the,same creative id for 60 days this was a,pretty recent change for us typically we,had said you only need one message ad,per campaign now with this new creative,frequency cap i'd really recommend that,you have three to five ads running on,any campaign at any given time to get,around some of these new creative,frequency caps that we have and you know,the idea of this creative frequency cap,is to make for the best member,experience and when our members have a,good experience you know their,advertising um typically works better so,that's a reason for this change and,three to five message ads is really what,we're going to recommend to get around,this creative frequency cap and then,here are just some benchmarks they want,you to keep in mind with message ads we,have an open rate of around 55 percent,about 50 to 60 percent and a,click-through rate about three to five,percent so as you can see people really,engage with message ads uh whether it's,opening it or clicking on that message,ad and we especially see that you know,within edu,so now i just wanted to take you through,what a message ad look like looks like,and highlight some of the key components,um so every message ad is going to have,a subject line here you can see you're,invited to join a data summit um and,then we're going to get into the meat of,the message ad the body of the copy here,you see we have two ctas or call to,action buttons um so here the cta is,register but you know within education,we'll see learn more apply now um,you know register for a webinar so you,can definitely customize that cta and,change it based on on what the message,on content looks like you're also going,to see that there's room for urls within,your message ad so i want to highlight,something here which is if you're using,the website visit or website conversion,objective you're not using a lead gen,form then please use those urls add,those links give our members a place to,click if you're going to be using a,legion form with your message ad i do,not recommend including links in the,body because it detends to distract our,member it gives them too many places to,go we're not being clear with what we,want them to do so,website visits website conversions use,those links use those urls if you have a,legion form,keep that,keep that message clear and just have,them click on the cta,the other thing i really want to,highlight for you is our 300 by 250,banner on message ads so,this is another place for you to get,your brand across um for you to grab the,member's attention what's really,important here to know is if you do not,utilize this ad space if you do not,include a banner in your message ad,another advertiser can take that space,um so think about you know you send a,message ad um you know i'm bridget meady,university um and now an ad for naomi,think university appears in my message,box it's a confusing user experience and,it means that you haven't utilized all,the real estate available so i would,really encourage you to use that banner,space,when you can,so now that we've toked about what a,message odd is um and what a message odd,looks like let's tok about when to use,message ads and as you read this slide,the the long story short is message ads,work in a lot of different ways for edu,advertisers um so first and foremost,foremost events open houses webinars,these are great ways to drive,registrations um two points i'll call,out here if we're using message ads for,some kind of event um i would give your,users or your members about two to six,weeks,to have that copy in their inbox so make,sure you're sending these in advance so,we can drive as many registrations as,possible the second note i will make,here is if you're driving to some kind,of third party,conversion site for registration just,make sure you can track those,conversions and tok to your linkedin,reps about the best way to do that,because we want to make sure we're able,to see how many registrations,we were able to drive with that message,ad unit,the second thing we see work really well,with message ads is prospecting always,on um prospecting works really well as,you can see this ad unit unlike text ads,and sponsored content you have a much,larger character limit so you're really,able to tok about that return on,investment for why your program and what,a prospective student is going to get,out of it and we see that members really,engage with this unit from a prospecting,perspective,similarly remarketing and lead nurturing,work really well with message ads,because you're able to give your,prospective students another message and,really align to where they are in the,journey there are so many questions that,prospective students have about your,programs and message ads are a great way,to be able to proactively answer

20 Rare Ford Pick Up Truck Commercials from the 1980s! (F-150 and Ranger)

of all the pickups on the market today,one carries them all it's the leader,ford with the best gas mileage ratings,of all the american-built pickups that,can carry a big 2500 pound payload with,more six-cylinder torque than any of,them do and as for the imports ford's,got them in roominess as well as payload,and now check out ford's base price,compared with the little imports yes for,total value ford carries them all it's,america's best-selling pickup,you're looking at a whole new kind of,small pickup ford's new size 83 ranger,now watch it drop it on america,rangers mileage is way up there yes with,its all-new diesel engine rangers,mileage is this high,and ranger has rugged twin high beam,suspension here and the widest cab of,any small pickup in there so drop it on,your ford dealer and land a new size,ranger for yourself,america's truck tough ford ranger,which full-size pickup has the highest,gas mileage ratings,you just saw it it's the 83 ford,but let's look at that again in slow,motion,yes ford gets gas mileage ratings this,high a new high for full-size pickups,plus it's built top with twin i-beam,suspension,so catch an 83 board for yourself,it's down to earth tough,now get special low financing during,ford's summer sell down,watch this tough truck demonstration,we're dropping the 78 ford pickup in a,free fall,to prove a point ford pickups are built,tough,let's see that again some terrific,pounding huh,it's nice to know a ford took a free,fall like this without damage,and good to know you've got strong twin,i-beam suspension up front when you hit,bumps like these ford built down to,earth tough 93 out of 100 of all ford,trucks registered over the last 12 years,are still on the job,ford means business in big trucks,and now ford announces the cl,a new lightweight cab over design for,new driver comfort in a spacious cab,with optional cab air ride new operating,efficiency with aerodynamic design to,help save fuel and new ease of servicing,to help reduce downtime ford's cl 9000,compare it with any line hauler on the,road today ford means business in big,trucks,[Music],since the beginning of the 88 model year,ford sales leadership over the second,best-selling truck line has been,stacking up at a terrific rate maybe,it's because ford trucks have been the,best built american trucks for eight,straight years or because ford has the,highest percentage of repeat buyers of,any full line of light trucks or because,they've been the best selling trucks in,america for the past three years,whatever if you stacked up ford's,current lead over the second place truck,150 000 the fords would actually reach,all the way up to the space shuttle's,orbit that's leadership built,for tough,if you need good gas mileage but you,can't make it with a small import pickup,you're caught in a kind of tug of war,and forged the answer now you'd expect,good mileage from a small truck but with,six cylinder pickups here's ford's,mileage breakthrough,and there's ford's full-size cabin box,and six cylinder power,and payload,it can actually carry the toyota,we call this the cinder block mountain a,tough climb for any 4x4 pickup and you,know that 4x4 gas mileage is an uphill,battle but this is a 1981 ford it,combines toughness with the best gas,mileage ratings of all six cylinder 4x4,pickups and it's the only american-built,pickup with independent front suspension,to step over bumps independently,yes ford conquers the mountain with the,best gas mileage and it's built,for tough,we're building this giant mountain of,logs to demonstrate why ford designs its,four by fours to log high mileage,without sacrificing toughness now this,log mountain is a rugged challenge for,any 4x4 but this tough ford does it it's,the only american-built 4x4 pickup with,independent front suspension to step,over bumps independently,when you combine toughness with great,gas mileage you're bound to end up,at the top of the heap,america's truck it's built ford tough,here they come the 1981 ford trucks top,trucks aerodynamically designed to meet,the needs of the 80s it's america's,best-selling truck line with highest,mileage ratings in ford history yes for,1981 ford pickups break this mileage,barrier top bronco with the best,six-cylinder utility vehicle mpg tough,van with gas mileage ratings unbeaten by,any van plus 40-ton line haulers and,tough new diesel-powered mediums no,wonder ford's america's best-selling,truck line,you're looking at the king of 4x4,pickups ford and now announcing the heir,to the throne ford's new size ranger 4x4,now watch it tackle this monster,mountain of boulders the tough 83,rangers independent front suspension,claws up and over these boulders,independently and this totally new small,4x4 gets gas mileage this high the new,size ranger 4x4 once again top ford 4x4s,end up at the top of the heap america's,truck top ford ranger,[Music],this is deep gumbo mud in a 300 foot,long track the famous ford bigfoot can,handle it but can a standard 4x4 pickup,make it through,these ford 4x4s have great traction with,independent front suspension and real,power like ranger's powerful v6 or,ford's big pickups with powerful v8s or,diesels,you made it through yeah my ford shark,and me,the best built american trucks are built,for tough,some of the roughest roads aren't in the,mountains they're in big cities perhaps,even your city so we asked brad mccabe,to drive this ford ranger over some of,the meanest streets this city can dish,out but this stok ranger is built tough,with twin i-beam front suspension to,handle those cavernous potholes bone,jarring bumps and repair sections,and there's a new fuel-injected,four-cylinder engine or v6 power,unbeaten by any small v6 pickup nice,driving brad we work well together,my ford ranger and me the best built,american trucks are built for tough,when the going gets rough you need a,tough 4x4 like this the 86 ford ranger,stx this year only ranger offers this,new electric shifting system you just,punch a button at any speed and shift,from two wheel to ground grabbing,four-wheel drive and tok about power,ranger has a new 2.9 liter v6 no other,small truck has more horses the top 86,ford ranger 4x4 the best built american,trucks are built more tough,in the past you saw a big ford 4x4,pickup carry a chevy pickup of this,monster mountain of boulders but now,we're going to top ourselves by carrying,a chevy and towing a dodge pickup up the,same mountain because this year ford has,the most powerful lineup of v8 engines,gas and diesel of any pickup and only,ford has independent front suspension,for ground grabbing traction,no wonder they're america's best-selling,full-size pickups,the best-built american trucks are built,for tough,this is the new shape of tough the new,87 big ford pickup and to prove its new,toughness and power we're going to haul,this chevy up this monster mountain of,boulders while towing this dodge and,this year a gmc pickup 2. this new,aerodynamic ford has the biggest v8,engine and the new multiport fuel,injected six standard and a four truck,exclusive anti-lock rear brakes to help,you make smooth straight stops now,america's best-selling pickup gets even,better the best-built american truck six,years running built for top,see this long row of junkers,it's not too tough a road for the famous,ford bigfoot but can a regular ford 4x4,drive over it carrying a chevy watch as,the ford starts to claw over the twisted,metal only ford has wind traction beam,front suspension and this year only ford,has a complete line of multiport,fuel-injected engines yes the ford makes,it over the torture road and joins its,big brother ford the best-selling pickup,in the world the best-built american,truck seven years running built,for tough,this long row of junkers is no match for,the ford bigfoot,but here's a real test can a regular,ford 4x4 drive over it carrying a chevy,and towing the 14 000 pound bigfoot the,board starts clawing over the jagged,metal with a chevy on board and towing,bigfoot for

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WordPress Tutorial | How To Add A Banner Ad To Your Sidebar

when six-figure affiliate marketer real,estate business owner blogger etc etc,today I'm going to show you how to add a,banner to your side column this would be,for something like affiliate marketing,or featuring your own banner or let's,just say your real estate agent and you,want to feature real estate listings I,want to show you how to put those to the,sidebar so for example here let me just,show you let me show you the sidebar for,a second so you see what I'm toking,about so some of us have wide themes and,some of us have sidebars and some of us,have both,well we actually all have access to both,in my case I can choose based on the,page itself whether or not I want a,sidebar to appear or not and sometimes I,don't now it's important to note that on,mobile this sidebar is going to push,down underneath this page it becomes,part of the page itself underneath all,the content so what you want to make,sure of is that you're not using that,right sidebar as a major call-to-action,because those that are on mobile aren't,gonna see it on the sidebar like that,like that it may become part of the menu,depending on the theme which is great I,use mine almost more as a it makes the,page look nicer it makes the page look,smoother and anyway so what I've started,doing now I started playing with these,calls to action on the side bar for,affiliate income to see how those are,gonna if those are gonna draw any,attention so on my real-estate one I've,got some steam cleaners on the,right-hand side here I've got our email,program on the right-hand side so I'm,kind of playing with these so I just,want to show you where to put it and,then you can test yours so if you go to,your dashboard there's actually several,ways to get here I'll just show you this,way go down to appearance and choose,widgets so regardless of what your theme,is widgets,design elements to the to the theme now,it's confusing when you're first,learning what is a widget where does it,go but after you get the feel of it it's,pretty simple so if I put a widget up,here it's gonna go up in the header,right which is going to be let me just,show you the website so that you get a,kind of an idea of what that is let's,just click on any one of the blogs here,alright so up here would be header right,so if I want something to go up here,some kind of a door whatever I could do,that as well and then we have our,primary sidebar which is what we're,gonna be working with and then below,that my theme has home top whole middle,home bottom after entry but depending on,your theme you might have a bunch more,options here as well and you can drag,these widgets over to add something so,let me show you what I'm toking about,so primary sidebar that's this right,here we were just toking about in my,case I have a search box,I have HTML code that's where I had,added that banner which is what I'm,gonna show you,I've got subscribe for blog updates I've,got my contact us information and that,all goes at the sidebar right so you'll,see it right here search I showed you,the search custom HTML that was the,banner get the blog updates that's the,text custom HTML boom got it all in,there right,ok so let's just say we want to add I am,right now over here on my elegant themes,Affiliate section and I want to add this,banner right here okay so we're gonna go,ahead and copy that and yes your sizing,is gonna matter so you'll have to play,with grabbing the right banners or,changing the dimensions of the banner,typically if you make it too wide it,won't fit so I'm going to add right here,custom HTML so I'm just gonna drag this,right over here to where I want it it's,going to open and you just paste in that,banner code that you got from the other,page,then you're going to choose where do you,want it to show up I'm gonna click Save,and just leave it right here,cuz I don't I don't need to hide it,anywhere right at the moment alright and,then we're just gonna do a refresh so,that we can see the banner itself ok so,there was that search this was the first,one and here's our new banner so you see,what I mean about the width so in this,partikular case a wider banner would,actually be more appropriate so I can,just simply change the width here or I,could choose something different back,now that I'm thinking about it something,like a short square would actually,probably be very appropriate right there,yeah that looks good I'm gonna move that,up so here's how you do that you come,over here and you simply drag and drop,so let me just close that and let me,close this one here so you just drag,where you actually want that one to be,so maybe I want to go and put that one,on the top and then just come over here,and do a refresh there it is right up,there on top so that's how you add a any,kind of HTML code banner on the right,sidebar

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Responsive Overview - Google Web Designer

大家好!我是Joey,今天,我要介绍如何 在Google Web Designer中,创建自适应文档,首先,我们可以在新建文件的对话框中,通过选中“自适应版式”复选框 指定要创建一个自适应文档,或者,我们也可以在任何时候 将任何文档设为自适应文档,只需转到“自适应”面板中,并选中“自适应版式”复选框即可,在本示例中,我们首先要 制作一个简单的广告素材,我们要添加一张鞋子的图片,和一些文字,将这些文字和元素居中,我们将以此作为基本文档,现在,我们可以开始 针对不同尺寸自定义该文档,我们转到“自适应”面板,从160x600的尺寸开始,在面板中点击该尺寸,可以看到,文档会相应更新 以便与其在场景上的尺寸保持一致,现在,我们可以 针对这一尺寸应用自定义样式,我们在选中这一行时所做的任何更改,都只会应用于160x600这一尺寸,所以注意看下,如果我们 将尺寸切换为300x250,刚才所做的更改全部都没有应用,接下来,我们可以顺着列表看看,这个文档在最热门的一些尺寸下,是不是也有理想的效果,300x250只使用基本样式,效果不错,160x600效果良好,250x250不应用任何自定义样式,就已经有很好的效果,300x50就必须要更改版式了,可以看到,当我进行这些更改时,“自适应”面板中显示了一个图标,表示针对这一尺寸应用了自定义样式,那么,我们来对这一尺寸做出一些更改,现在,我们的文档,在DV360广告最热门的 四个尺寸下都呈现出理想的版式效果,我们在配置这个广告的不同尺寸时,应当选中每行的第一个复选框,这表示该尺寸是投放尺寸,这样做是告诉发布平台,我们希望向用户显示该尺寸,第二个复选框表示,我们希望预览该尺寸,因此,当我们点击这里这个按钮 打开自适应预览抽屉时,就可以看到我们选中复选框的,四个尺寸的实时预览,这些预览 会随着我们编辑文档而实时更新,而且,先前我们已经看到了 通过点击“自适应”面板中的不同行,我们可以在不同尺寸间切换,同样,在预览抽屉中,我们也可以点击不同的尺寸进行切换,到目前为止,我介绍的都是,如何针对单独的尺寸 逐一应用自定义样式,不过,还有一些其他方式 可以在各个尺寸间应用相同的样式,例如,假设我们想让320x50,也成为投放尺寸之一,我们选中它作为投放尺寸并用于预览,从场景上和预览抽屉中可以看出,这些元素需要重新排列一下,但是,与其手动重新排列元素,为什么不选择直接复制300x50的样式,并将其应用于这个新尺寸呢?,所以,我们先选中300x50,右键点击 选择“复制覆盖设置”,然后,右键点击 “粘贴覆盖设置”将其复制到320x50,现在,可以在场景上 和预览抽屉中看到,样式已经从300x50,复制到320x50,现在,我已经介绍了 如何将样式应用于具体尺寸,接下来,我还要介绍一下,如何将自定义样式应用于尺寸范围,对这个示例 我想在文档中添加一个新元素,但是您会发现 标记元素工具处于停用状态,同样,添加新的文字元素也不允许,为了更改基本文档,例如添加或移除元素,首先需要切换回,“自适应”面板中的“修改默认规则”,我们在左上角添加一个标记元素“SALE”,在这个示例中 我要针对所有纵向屏幕尺寸,旋转这一标记,纵向屏幕尺寸是指,高度至少与宽度相等的屏幕尺寸,我们可以使用范围规则来做到这一点,为了添加范围规则,我们需要向下滚动到 “自适应”面板底部的,“范围媒体规则”部分,或者,折叠尺寸规则部分,又或者过滤尺寸,只显示,当前配置为供投放的那些尺寸,我会演示相关操作,现在,我们可以看到 面板的“范围媒体规则”部分,我们点击“添加尺寸范围” 并定义一条新的范围规则,它适用于宽度或高度不超过600像素的,所有纵向尺寸,我们要对尺寸应用的自定义样式是,旋转“SALE”标记,在我这样做的时候,可以看到,该范围规则样式被应用于两个不同尺寸,250x250和160x600,为了进一步演示这个新样式,是如何应用于规则范围的,我们要添加一个新的自定义尺寸,这是系统提供的 默认尺寸列表中没有的尺寸,我们点击“添加自定义尺寸”,创建一个100x300的尺寸规则,它是投放尺寸和预览尺寸,可以看到,这个尺寸需要我们 对图片和文字应用自定义样式,还要注意,应当旋转“SALE”标记,因为这个尺寸属于我们刚才定义的范围,可以看到,当我们点击不同尺寸规则时,如果规则属于刚才定义的纵向范围规则,那么当受到影响的尺寸规则被选中时,该范围规则会自动突出显示,为了帮助配置并直观显示范围规则,我们添加了一个特殊的对话框,可以点击这里的这个图标进行访问,这里显示的就是一个范围规则图表,在本文档的情况下 这一个三角形范围是唯一的范围规则,这条规则代表一组,最大为600x600的纵向屏幕尺寸,这些点中,每个点对应一个尺寸,也就是我们已经配置供投放的尺寸,可以看到 这个范围规则涵盖了三个尺寸,250x250,100x300,和100x600,这三个尺寸正是 需要旋转“SALE”标记的三个尺寸,我还要对本文档进行最后一项样式更改,那就是纠正,对尺寸300x50和320x50而言,“SALE”标记太大的问题,我当然可以直接逐一修改这些尺寸,但是出于演示的目的,我会介绍 如何通过范围规则解决这个问题,我们可以在“自适应”面板这里,手动输入范围规则的边界 使其涵盖这两个尺寸,正如我们先前定义纵向规则那样,但是,我们也可以使用范围规则对话框,直观地定义新规则,所以,让我们打开该对话框,可以看到这里有两个尺寸,对应两个高度为50的尺寸,这一个对应300x50 而这一个对应320x50,我们可以绘制一条新的 范围规则,涵盖这两个尺寸,任何涵盖这两个尺寸的矩形区域都可以,不过,我准备定义一个范围来完全涵盖,所有不超过600x150的横向尺寸,请注意,范围规则不允许重叠,每个尺寸不能为多条范围规则所涵盖,本示例中的规则之所以允许使用,是因为横向和纵向的方向限制,使其不会重叠,保存对话框,新的范围规则便添加到 “自适应”面板中并处于选中状态,我们还可以看到,如果点击,并选择高度为50的尺寸,因为这些尺寸 应涵盖在新定义的范围规则内,所以新规则在面板下方突出显示,为了对这条范围规则做出样式更改,首先需要选中它,我们可以在场景中缩小“SALE”标记,然后就能立即看到 受这一范围规则影响的两个尺寸,“SALE”标记都缩小了,看起来效果不错,最后,我们要在 自适应文档中添加一些动画,所以,我们回到 “修改默认规则”部分修改基本文档,我准备将一个非常简单的 鞋子踢动的动画添加到帧中,我们添加几个关键帧,一帧将鞋子放在中间,另一帧在屏幕外并小幅旋转,我们可以立即在自适应预览面板中,看到这个动画在各个尺寸下的效果,没有样式覆盖设置的 两个尺寸看起来很正常,但是其他尺寸都需要略微调整一下,那么,我们来逐一调整这些尺寸,修正关键帧,测试动画,动画效果看起来都很不错,像这样操作,我们就能 创建一个自适应动画文档,感谢使用Google Web Designer,感谢观看本教程!,祝您愉快!

How this Tiny Motor is More POWERFUL than Your Car

koenigsegg are used to making ridiculous,hypercars with bonkers top speed numbers,and minimum four figure horsepower,numbers however now they've created an,electric motor that makes 330 horsepower,that is somehow smaller than my head,that's madness now two of these motors,with this single inverter will make 660,horsepower and weigh less than 85 kilos,this tiny bundle of power is the work of,swedish hyper car makers kernigsik so,how does it actually work let's get into,it the motor has been dubbed the quark,which is actually a type of soft,spreadable cheese and probably the noise,of posh duck mate,unfortunately that isn't how it got its,name is much more complicated and,scientific than that and there's no easy,way to tell you the real definition of,the term quark the quark is any of,several elementary partikles that is,postulated to come in pairs as up and,down varieties and they have one has a,positive charge of two plus two thirds,and the other has a charge of negative,one-third and they held together to make,hadrons essentially they're the bits,that make up protons and neutrons you,remember that from physics let's look at,how the motor actually works the mystery,is that magnetism is an important part,of how electric motors work and kernel,exec have cleverly combined two methods,to create the quark e motor he uses,something called raxiom flux which,sounds made up because it is kernington,got the name from a combination of,radial and axial flux which are two,different ways that electric motors,usually function the two terms refer to,the direction in which the motor's,permanent magnets create the field so in,a motor you have coils that rotate,between magnets and depends which way,round they go the axial does it along,the axis that is more perpendicular and,the radial does it running outside the,difference between these two is that,radial flux tends to be more power dense,and axial flux tends to be more torque,dense so combining the two creates what,koenigsegg calls a class leading torque,to power to rpm to weight matrix,are you keeping up good while doing that,they've managed to keep the weight down,to an astonishing 30 kilos and for,reference that's 15 kilograms lighter,than the motors tesla used in its,everyday models and about the same,weight as the following a giant otter a,double radiator 10 year old child a bear,cub a garden bench a pair of speakers or,an adult dalmatian that doesn't give you,your efforts i don't know what will the,quark achieves the incredible figure by,making the shaft out of lightweight,alloy steel and even using the air core,tiknology on its rotor the same stuff,that they use in the carbon fiber wheels,the steering wheels the seats etc and,koenigsegg are no beginners when it,comes to making things lightweight the,jessico's 21 by 12 inch rear wheels,weigh just 8.4 kilos each that's less,than both of your arms so certainly mine,they just love carbon fiber and they're,not afraid to use it absolutely anywhere,they can its dimensions are incredibly,small as well koenigsegg used an energy,drink as a comparison i think we can do,a bit better than that it's about the,same overall size as a watermelon and,similar width to a passat brake disc and,the same height as a footlong subway,stood on its end the power output of 130,kilogram motor is 330 brake horsepower,on 443 newton meters of torque that does,sound incredibly impressive but how does,it compare to the most powerful motor,that tesla makes they're the real,benchmark here there isn't a ton of info,on the dimensions and the weight of,tesla's motors but elon musk recently,claimed that the ones found in the,bonkers model s plaid are small and,light enough to be picked up by one,person even without knowing the sizes,that does sound like it could be similar,to the quark unless elon musk has picked,his one person as a bodybuilder or,something the plan uses one motor in the,front and two in the back to make a,total power output of 1006 brake,horsepower and just over a thousand,pounds feet of torque very similar,numbers to what the quark is capable of,with the same amount of motors albeit,less torque it would be so interesting,to compare these two against each other,i know we shouldn't compare a combustion,engine to an electric motor because,physics and stuff but it does give you,some perspective bmw's turbo straight,six the b58 makes around the same brake,horsepower with just 370 pounds feet of,torque but weighs almost 140 kilos so,where will the quark be used where it,differs from tesla's full ev approach is,that it's been designed to bolster an,internal combustion engine the engine in,question is the koenigsegg gamera's tiny,friendly giant which uses their amazing,camless free valve tik you might have,realized from the mad names crazy,horsepower and wild doors that christian,von koenigsegg likes to do things a,little bit differently to everyone else,we might be used to big supercharged and,turbocharged v8s from koenigsegg but the,tfg is a relatively small two liter twin,turbocharged three cylinder,kernight two liters three cylinders,surely surely not as you might have,guessed kernigsig were never gonna leave,it there and so the combustion engine,combines with an electric motor on the,crankshaft to send 600 brake horsepower,to the front wheels rear drive is then,taken care of by a single electric motor,on each of the rear wheels the gamera,will have four seats eight cup holders,and a combined output of 1700 horsepower,with the use of the electric motors the,numbers are just mind-boggling the idea,is that the quark motors will work in,combination with the combustion engine,like a tiny little swedish tag team the,e motor will handle the lowdown grunt,for instant acceleration and then tap,into the combustion engine torque to,provide the top end punch koenigsegg,claims that all of this means that the,camaro will effortlessly surge to a top,speed of 248 miles an hour the best,thing is that i don't think anyone will,doubt them compared to some of their,other cars 248 miles an hour is,basically walking pace at the same time,as announcing the quark they also,announced the terrier it's koenigsegg's,name for the new electric drive unit,which houses two quark motors and a,single david inverter yes they made,their own inverter and yes they called,it david meant to be like a david and,goliath reference i think not only is it,compact but it can also run two motors,at a time where a regular inverter can,only handle one despite the terrier's,dimensions and total weight of 85 kilos,it's still capable of 660 brake,horsepower it's also a torque vectoring,unit which means it can electronically,vary the torque and send it to each,wheel it means no one wheel peels and it,much better handling it can also help,the car rotate and slow down wheels,individually it's very clever the terra,gets its name because of its small,energetik and fearless demeanor just,like the dog apparently there isn't a,huge amount of information on it but,koenigsegg says it can be bolted,directly to a chassis or moniker that,opens up possibilities for different,designs in the future which could mean,the removal of additional subframes this,is undoubtedly clever tik and we can't,wait to hear more about it from,koenigsegg they've even said that the,quark could be used outside of,automotive in both marine and aircraft,applications where a power sapping,transmission isn't required the 1700,brake horsepower camera may have four,seats but it's not exactly going to be,cheap and only 300 will be made so i,wonder how long it'll be before this,compact e motor tik makes its way into,more everyday mass-produced electric,cars koenigsegg have said they're,offering this tik to visionary,companies and entrepreneurs so who knows,what that means only time will tell,where tiknology like this will go thank,you very much for watching you should,check out this other video about,porsche's mad electric turbo and i'll,catch you in the next one

How To Design Google Display Ads [Canva Tutorial]

hey friends welcome back to life,marketing the channel for all things,digital marketing to help small,businesses grow in today's video we're,going to design google display ads,[Applause],now there's multiple image sizes for,google display ads and the websites that,show your ad will ultimately decide,which ad size will be featured what's,important is for all of the ad sizes you,prepare you have to make sure three key,things are visible number one is your,key image this can either be your,product or service image number two is,your message google display ads will,appear in different possible areas in a,web page be sure you set your message as,eye-catching and visually appealing as,possible as it goes for any ad you,design your goal is to catch your,potential customers attention number,three is your cta button buy now learn,more visit website of course an ad,graphic wouldn't be complete without a,call to action button giving your,audience direction on what the ad is,inviting them to do and what clicking on,the ad will prompt if you have extra,space in your graphic feel free to add,your brand logo in there but essentially,you want to feature more of the project,image itself rather than your brand,since the goal is to promote your,product so a logo isn't a hundred,percent necessary in this case google,display ads take up a small portion of a,web page so it's important to utilize,the space in your ad graphic and make,every space you take up count with that,said let's go ahead and jump into canva,and design our ad once you have their,homepage opened click on the create a,design button over here click on custom,size,and let's make one for the display ad,size 300 by 250 pixels in previous,design guides we've created graphics for,our mock coffee brand called coffee cat,and that's what we'll be using for this,design guide as well at this point you,can either assemble your own design from,a blank canvas using canvas library of,elements or,you can use any of their available,preset designs here on their templates,tab and edit it according to what fits,your branding and featured product or,service best use colors fonts textures,and elements that suit your branding,once you're happy with the design and,you've made sure it has the three key,elements we previously mentioned let's,go ahead and adjust the design for other,sizes the top most performing google,display ad sizes are 300 by 250 pixels,which is the size we've just designed,336 by 280 336 by 280 pixels,728 by 90 pixels,300 by 600 pixels and 320 by 100 pixels,it's important to adjust elements in,your ad for each and every ad size,variation because different dimensions,require different positioning and sizing,of elements in your graphic to ensure,that your ad whatever the size may be,features what you're promoting best also,before i forget google display ads have,to be 150 kb or less in file size so be,sure you double check your file sizes,and compress any design that goes above,the 150 kb limit and now we have a,complete ad set of the top most,performing google display ad slices,that's it for today's video this has,been another design guide by life,marketing if you learned anything please,give us a thumbs up and follow our,channel for more essential digital,marketing guides once again this is,jelly thanks for watching,[Applause],[Music]