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4 Best Software For eBay Dropshipping in 2020 - LESS Than $100/mo

Published on: December 2 2022 by eCom Tom

4 Best Software For eBay Dropshipping in 2020 - LESS Than $100/mo

4 Best Software For eBay Dropshipping in 2020 - LESS Than $100/mo

how's it going everybody calm Tommy or
in the video coming at you be sure to
smash that like button because in this
video I'm going to teach you exactly
what software you need for your eBay
dropshipping store there's a lot of
convolution out there lots of different
programs that people suggest that you
should be using but you really don't
need that many different programs I'm
going to show you exactly what you need
in this video so be sure to smash that
like button like I said also be sure to
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every day and if you are new here also
be sure to check out the free eBay
dropshipping mini course down below in
the description if you want to learn
more about eBay dropshipping so this
video I'm going to show you exactly what
programs you need exactly how much it
cost and which ones you can get rid of
which ones you don't need which ones you
should avoid and everything like that so
hopefully you enjoy this video and I'll
see you inside of my computer alright so
the number one most important and best
software out there is skew grid skew
grid is a stok management and repricing
tool which means that at your supplier
when the stok changes if it goes to out
of stok or anything like that and if
the price changes it will change your
stok and price on eBay but you know
there's ton of them out there why would
I choose skew grid scute is by far the
most robust out of any single repricing
stok management tool out there I'd say
light years ahead of all the other ones
skew grid not only covers over like five
hundred us-based suppliers but they also
have different marketplaces and
everything like that if you want to
start branching out from eBay
dropshipping on to other forms of drop
shipping you know most of these tools
out there really cater to the status quo
to what everybody else is doing if you
take my teaching if you take my course
or anything that I show online on
YouTube about eBay is that you do not
want to be doing what everybody else is
doing if you do what everybody else is
doing then you will be getting the
results that everybody else is getting
which for the most part isn't that great
but when you start to differ from the
status quo when you start to go on the
path less traveled you will start seeing
immense success which a lot of my
students have been doing and the main
reason because of this is because they
use different suppliers then you know
the status quo the Amazon the Walmart's
the Home Depot's and they're doing
different things like bundle pairing
multi packs and everything this year it
does allow you to do so if you want to
be using a more expensive and less
robust software than sure go out there
and use the other ones out
there but skew grid is by far the best
it's the cheapest it's the most robust
and it has non API solutions so a lot of
people out there are still using API
based repricing when doing retail
arbitrage now I want to show you if you
haven't seen this already I've shown
this in tens of videos and many videos
this is eBay's API agreement and if you
look this is section 9 is restricted
activities activities that you cannot do
you cannot use their API to do and if
you look at 9.7 it says you cannot
restricted activities use eBay services
to promote or engage in seller arbitrage
which is what we're doing here for
example automatikally repricing eBay
listings in response to price changes on
competitors sites which is what we're
doing here automatikally ordering sold
items from competitors sites which is
what a lot of these programs are doing
skewer does not have that and posting
tracking information to eBay when items
purchased from competitor sites are
shipped so you know that's that's also
not really to do with what SKU grids
doing but you need to look you cannot
use the API to be doing this this is why
accounts are getting flagged using
Amazon onto eBay is another big reason
and using software that promotes API
based repricing is going to get you
flagged SKU Bert has nan API base
repricing multiple different ways to do
it whether it's a Chrome extension the
token I teach all of it inside of my
course and it's extremely important to
be using a software like this we'll
scroll down not only do they support
eBay Amazon shop fight at sea will
commerce bonanza mercado libre they have
walmart and other ones coming five
hundred and twenty plus base us
supported stores bunch of stuff right
here that I'm not gonna go over in too
much of depth but their price fourteen
dollars a month and you can monitor up
to two hundred items but there's also
something called the Guru plan that just
gives you fifty thousand credits for
fifteen dollars a month this is really
all you need to get started it's fifteen
dollars so we're gonna put the price
right now at fifteen dollars and that's
where we're gonna build from here we're
gonna show you exactly how much it costs
every single month for all of these
software combined you don't need to see
anything else here but if you scroll
down you'll see we are a partner with
them you know we have a great
relationship with them but here's all
the support suppliers there's absolutely
tons of them no other program out there
has anything close to this and that's
what brings sugar into the top my list
why I love them while I've been using
them for over a year and would never
change and switch to other ones
as much as they begged me to do so so
that's the number one most important
software and now we're going to get into
it number two all right number two most
important program out there for your
ebay drop shipping business is sick
analytiks is a candlelit exert product
research tool and although you can do
this by hand I highly suggest that if
you have enough money to do so then you
should be purchasing sick analytiks it's
a monthly subscription and if you go
into the pricing right now I guess they
have a spring starter plan all you need
is the starter plan you don't need
anything more than that there's standard
enterprise you don't need it but you can
get also five dollars off I believe the
first month if you check down below in
the description but you know it's only
14 at 98 right now because it's 50% off
I believe there's like a spring deal
going on it is going to help you source
items extremely quickly
all you need to do is use one specific
tool I'm going to show you exactly what
you need inside of it so when you log in
to Zeke analytiks there's a bunch here
there's tons of things dashboard product
research competitive research category
zip Pro which I've never used wholesale
products database which I've never used
title builder which I don't really use
school you know you're gonna get
confused if you watched their videos I
can guarantee you that I hear that from
a lot of my students and I just want to
tell you right off the bat all you need
is competitive research once you go to
competitor research you type in
somebody's name what you know is selling
Walmart items or you know is selling
Home Depot items or whatever your
supplier is items you put in their name
you search it and it's gonna show you
how many times those items have sold
within the last 30 days that's all you
need to be doing so once you do that you
know you pick the items that have sold
you know five or more times in the last
30 days and that's that that's as simple
as it gets only using competitive
research tool because you will get
confused using other forms of this tool
I'm gonna mentally speed up your
sourcing process is going to immensely
speed up just the fact that you can find
so many items or give this off to your
virtual assistant and give them rules on
how to do so
it's really gonna make everything so
much easier avenues you skew grid I mean
sick analytiks pretty much since the
very beginning it's the longest software
I've been using since I've started I
believe right when I first get started I
about a yearly plan called it a day for
a year I used it almost every single
time I did try doing if I hand at first
for maybe like a week and there was like
no I'm done sick analytiks so thick
analytiks comes highly you know approved
by many people are recommended by many
people out there people in my course
love it yes you can do it by hand but
again if you have
the money then be using then why not be
doing this so you know I'm gonna say
it's $29.99 a month because that's what
it actually is if you pay monthly I
always suggest paying monthly instead of
yearly for any software out there
because you never know if you're gonna
be doing this in two months from now
what if you know what if this just isn't
for you what if you don't want to be
doing this you know always do monthly
you know it's not that much different so
we'll do $29.99 right now and that's
what the price of this is so you know we
got $15 for Cu grid $29.99 for this you
know if you get the deal and you're in
at $15 on this as well but we'll do that
so right now we're at 45 total dollars
per month and let's get into software
number three all right here we are in
software number three is going to be
spot in face spawn base is going to
extremely speed up the order processing
part of your business so instead of
having to copy and paste every single
person's address or type them out by
hand spot and paste is a Chrome
extension that pulls in every single
person's ordering address their name
their address their city their state
their zip code their phone number their
email pulls everything into a Chrome
extension and then from there you can
program it to your suppliers website so
if you're buying items off of Walmart
you know Amazon Home Depot the big most
common ones then it's already
pre-programmed with all those suppliers
but the coolest part about spottin paste
is that you can actually program it to
any supplier you want I have a bunch of
different suppliers I use a lot of which
are not very mainstream even wholesale
suppliers and you can program it to any
suppliers website so all you need to do
is pop up the Chrome extension which I
don't have on the incognito window I'm
using and then you just drag and drop
the person's information into the right
spots on that website and at that point
in time spot and paste remembers that
website and every single time all you
need to do is click copy on eBay and
then click paste into the suppliers
website when you're checking out you
don't need to worry about miss typing
anything you don't need to worry about
copying and pasting going back and forth
and also if you are going through this a
big thing if you are going through
cashback websites which I don't actually
really do anymore
but if you are using the cashback
websites is a big part of your business
this is what it actually looks like
right here the spot and paste
application if you are going through
cashback websites and you're moving from
website to website trying to go back and
forth and copy and paste this person's
information then there's a chance that
you might not get your cash back and
that is because cashback websites work
by placing cookies into your
if you go to Ebay even might overwrite
those cookies and then therefore you
know your your cashback website won't
even know that you went through we're
finished a purchase through you know
that actual cashback portal even though
you did so that's one big thing that
spawned paste helps out with you know
their it's very versatile works with
eBay works with Amazon works with all
these different you know systems out
there works with SKU grids order - if
you use that web scraper app SKU grid in
general and SKU grid item retrieval so
you can connect your scooter at account
which we toked about you need SKU grid
at the beginning you can connect that
into your spot and paste app and then
when you go onto eBay it can read that
that item was this on SKU grid and then
it just says retrieve on your retrieve
item from skewer you click in and
automatikally opens up your suppliers
website without you having to figure out
what the item was or you know put any
other systems in place it's a great
software it's amazing Jenny the person
that runs it she's a great woman as well
this is a great program all for $14.99 a
month one user planned $14.99 a month so
we were at 15 for it 30 for Zeke
analytiks just to make it easier that's
45 plus another 15 where it's $60 per
month how many businesses can you run
for $60 per month not very many I can
guarantee you that so there's one more
software we toked about as number four
and I'll see you there
alright so here we are software number
four is tracker bot and I'm on the home
page with one of their ads we're in the
same exact shirt that I am right now so
you know but this is a great program
because I'm on the home page so tracker
bot is basically going to upload your
tracking numbers into eBay for you I
don't like using the API version anymore
but they came out with tracker bot non
API so go tracker bot ME the other non
API version Here I am on the home page
again this is going to get you to upload
your tracking numbers onto eBay without
the API without any form because if we
did see the eBay's API Terms of Service
like I said in the beginning which I
showed it says to not upload your
tracking numbers through the API is it
going to get you in trouble I'm not sure
but I'm not going to take the risk so
let's go and use the semi-auto version
of tracker bot again this software is
pretty damn cheap it is $11.99 a month
for the starter plan which gives you 150
orders or Tracking's per month so if
you're not doing over 150 orders which
if you're a beginner and you're watching
this video then you probably aren't
doing so then it's only $12 per month
this is monthly annually you know
less but again like I said always go
monthly for the beat for the time being
and then there's a professional plan if
you're doing 500 or per month it's only
$18 1500 is only 25 so you know it's
really not that much of an expensive
plan we're gonna say it's $12 a month
the other software altogether was 60 now
with $12 it is $72 per month how many
businesses can you run for 72 dollars
per month tracker bot works very well
what it does is it works with specific
different suppliers here's all the
suppliers it works with they add tons of
new ones on all the time you know
there's like probably ten new ones since
the last time I checked this website so
you know they're growing every single
day and they're just putting new
suppliers on here if you need a new
supplier you can most likely contact
them and they'll add it in there it's
really not that challenging for them to
do so
so that's tracker bought though I do
have one last thing to say here and
we're gonna get this up to what you need
for a total package and it's going to be
$100 I'm going to show you exactly that
right now alright and last but not least
to get us up to $100 a month flat no
business out there besides the drop
shipping business can be run for $100 a
month or less and again that it just
goes to show that this is the power of
drop shipping and white is one of the
best programs to make money out online
out there so basically the basic eBay
store you need an eBay store this isn't
really a software but you do need an
eBay store I highly suggest going with
the basic store don't go yearly it's
2795 a month without the you know
without the yearly plan so we're at 72
that's 28 it's literally $100 exactly
per month in software in order to run an
ebay drop shipping business and why do
you need a basic store first off you get
free listings you don't have to pay for
two hundred and fifty dollars of 250
listings per month insertion fee wise
you don't have to pay the 25 cents or
the 30 cents you know but with the
starter store again I don't really like
it you're gonna be listing more than 100
items but again the main reason why you
want to be getting a store you could go
a starter if you wanted but I think it's
cool first off to add it up to a hundred
dollars exactly secondly you're going to
be getting a lot more listings to start
off with and you could probably do 250
in your first month if you were very
dedicated and diligent but the real
thing here is that you're going to be
getting a final value fee reduction if
you do not have a store plan whatsoever
then you're going to be paying 10% fees
at in the minimum across the board and
if you do have a store then
average you know actual fee on your
listings is going to be nine point one
five percent so you're gonna be getting
almost a 1% advantage or discount on all
of your fees your final value fees of
damage that you sell and if you end up
selling more than 2800 dollars in a
month which is very achievable to be
doing then you're going to be losing
money if you don't have a basic store so
you want to get a basic store and that's
about that so that's pretty much this
entire video here I am fullscreen again
you know I showed the four different
programs you want skew grid stik
analytiks spot and paste tracker bot and
also you want a monthly subscription to
the basic eBay store all of that's going
to be $100 per month again you can pick
and choose what you want if you're not
making that many orders you don't need
to be doing spot and paste or really
tracker BOTS but again this is an
overarching the only four programs you
really truly need to run your store to
the tee this is all I use that's all I
use you know there's some more advanced
programs out there for like taxes and
stuff like that but again we're not
gonna be getting into that but really
that's all you need to be running your
store to get up and running and to even
be doing you know 50 60 70 thousand
dollars a month in sales if you like
this video like I said please be sure to
smash this like button let's get out to
as many people as possible so I stopped
buying these bunk programs so they stop
wasting their money on programs that
they don't need you know really only
running a lien store that's all you need
to be doing you need to run a lien store
not worry about the software as much but
worry about the growing your business
your virtual assistants and saving the
money what these programs will give you
the ability to have more virtual
assistants later on down the road so
it's a win-win it's exactly what I need
to run my stores and exactly how I've
become successful with eBay dropshipping
so hopefully you like this video
hopefully it wasn't too long or too
dragged out please be sure to subscribe
if you haven't already check out my
Instagram down below and I'll see you in
the next video thank you very much

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