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4-Minute Shopify Setup - How to Set Up an Online Store Fast

Published on: December 5 2022 by Travis Marziani

4-Minute Shopify Setup - How to Set Up an Online Store Fast

4-Minute Shopify Setup - How to Set Up an Online Store Fast

in this video I'm going to set up a
complete Shopify store in just four
seriously just four minutes I'm gonna
have a little timer down over here we're
gonna count it down now at the end after
I'm done setting up the store so
basically in four minutes I'll have a
usable store but after that we're gonna
spend a little bit of time doing an
overview of Shopify and showing you how
you can enhance your store because it's
one thing to have a store that works
it's another thing to have a store that
people want to buy from but this is the
amazing thing and this is why I promote
Shopify and I love Shopify is it so easy
to use literally what other platform can
you set up a store in just four minutes
so let's get started with that I
obviously I have an offer as well on
Shopify if you're interested in Java
file I'll tok about later in the video
but let's get started and let's set up a
Shopify store in just four minutes the
first step if you want to start an
online store you can go to effective
e-commerce comm slash Shopify this whole
if you go to this link it's my my link
it'll give you a free 14-day trial of
Shopify plus have used my link to sign
up I will give you a free 30-minute
one-on-one consultation of course you
can just go to Shopify calm if you don't
want to do that so I'm gonna go here the
link is also up in this right-hand
corner if you want to take advantage of
that 14-day free trial plus a 30-minute
consultation so once you get here let's
start the timer you're gonna enter your
email so I'm just going to enter it's
gonna ask you some different stuff just
this stuff isn't that important so I'm
gonna put performance nut butter
store create your store all right so sit
tight while they're creating the store
so the nothing you can really do right
now it's just a waiting game let's see
yeah okay stores ready to go they're
just gonna ask for a few more
information this isn't important you can
put whatever you want I'm just gonna
choose Amazon next and this stuff is
important I'll put my name oops
and I'll blur this part out or I can
just make up some stuff
I'll write enter my store so this takes
a second boom we have a store so not
quite done yet we're gonna still have to
create our first product which is what I
recommend doing first so let's go add
product and my first product is
obviously gonna be performance nut
butter and I'm just gonna copy over all
this data from the Kickstarter page so
this doesn't count in my time because
it's it's just I already had this
information so it's pretty easy to do so
let me just show you and this is
probably the longest part of setting up
your store if you don't already have
this information I'd recommend just
sitting down and writing down whatever I
have a lot of information as you can see
but you don't need that much you can
have it a lot shorter and I'll show you
later some ideas in this video on what
you can do so let's go ahead and I'll
upload an image as well of it I will do
this as an image for the price I'm gonna
say it is well it is $24.99 and I always
like doing a compare app price because
the $29.99 is the non sale price we'll
go over later in this video this entire
product page I just want to hurry up and
get this done
wait I know that that is and you can
leave this blank if you if you're not
sure or just weigh your items I know
it's about 12 ounces SKU you can leave
that blank as well don't track inventory
you can leave all this blank don't worry
about any of this now this isn't the
optimal SEO but we can go over that
later so let's go ahead and click Save
product alright from here let's click on
online store so let's see what our store
actually looks like so right now
this is we can click here view this
theme it comes up in a new tab right
there so this is what the product looks
like and basically the store is ready to
go right now and now it doesn't look
great I'll show you how to make it look
better but it works right now somebody
tiknically by now there's only one step
they have to click checkout and the
current plan is not working so we'd have
to pick a plan let's pick a plan I
recommend starting with the $29 a month
plan and there's a lot of different
reasons but it's basically that's all
you need to know so at this point I'm
gonna pause it and fill in all this
information and then come back in just a
second all right at this point your
store has been verified and it's a
working store so let me show you what
this store looks like now it's not a
very pretty store in just a second I'll
show you how to make this look a little
bit better but let's let's go through it
Add to Cart checkout
I know you're thinking at this point
yeah it's a working store but it's a
piece of crap let's make it look good so
and this is once again let's see how
fast we can make it look decent so the
first thing we're gonna do I'm gonna
stik with this debut theme now you can
look and you can custo at either
customizing the theme which we'll do in
a second or explore other free themes so
they have a bunch of different themes
and one of these might be better for you
that's really up to you but first thing
we'll do let's click customize theme and
this will all make sense in a second so
let's start out with the well so the
header the first thing I would do here
is instead upload an image now I have a
logo image and let's say I think that's
a lot that a little too small so let's
say 320 should be good yeah that looks
better now let's go down Save
okay go back from the header now image
with text overlay so that's this part
right here I'm going to say instead of
image with text overlay we could say mm
let me think about this so for this part
let's say get performance nut butter and
this is once again just a rough version
of the website you can go to performance
nut butter com to see the current
version and it might look just like this
who knows I I do that sometimes where
it's pretty much the same it takes a
while for me to iterate basically I'm a
huge fan if you're thinking about
starting an online store highly
recommend just putting something up
there and I know it's scary I started my
first online store four years ago and it
was scared you spend $29 a month but I
look at it as a tax a lazy tax I'm
willing to spend that $29 a month to
light a fire under my butt and that gets
me working on it that gets me continuing
to go towards my goal of having an
online store so put up something basic
and then continue to iterate in fact my
site my main site feed ants were calm
I'll show you really quick since we're
here this banner I put up just as a
quick banner because I needed something
to do and it's pretty bad the whole
website's not great but it converts
really well and it's I've done over a
million dollars in revenue with this
site well well over a million dollars in
revenue at that site and that is over
the course of four years last year we
did about $600,000 anyways let's get
back to this my point being just put
something up and use that $29 a month
payment that you have as fuel to
continue to iterate and make your
website better so let's go to upload
image I'm going to use this one and this
is something I recommend doing it I'll
get more in depth into this in a future
video and I probably should have done it
for this as well but name your JPEGs
with keywords so paleo keto healthy fat
is those are all key words of mine and I
might want to do you know something a
little bit more descriptive like this
one performance nut butter with box and
pouch that's not bad either
but anyway so I'm getting on a tangent
here let's go back and let's make this
website look pretty
so that's uploading and while that's
go and click Save
okay now we go back let's go to image
with text and so that's this image down
here now the image I decided to use was
this image because I think it looked
and I decided to say basically once
again something pretty plain I'm just
gonna say macadamia and then I can say
something like the on-the-go snack once
again not great so this image slide down
here I'm gonna go ahead and save it not
great but it works it gets the point
across and if they want more information
they can click on it in fact I think I
don't know if there's a way to I'll look
later if there's a way to link an image
and I recommend going back and adding
all this image alt text once again this
is a separate video this is all about
search engine optimization right now
we're just focusing on the basics so
let's go down this slideshow at the
bottom now I don't want that that's just
extra work right now that I don't want
to deal with so I just clicked that
delete button one more time I'll just
show you what it looks like it's just
this delete button right here
but I don't I don't want to delete this
section so you can delete the sections
you don't want and if you have any
questions on that please let me know so
okay so that looks pretty decent now one
thing is I don't like the fact that it
says home and catalog I want it to say
home and get performance nut butter or
something like that so people know when
they click on here let me show you what
happens right now when they click on
there it takes them to this page I don't
want that I want the it to just take
them to this page right here and I'm
gonna show you in a second here how to
change that so let's go back to themes
pages so we can go to navigation and
this is the main menu so let's go to
main menu and instead of catalog I'm
gonna say
get the Foreman's nut butter and then
instead of all products we're just gonna
go product select a product performance
nut butter save menu now I don't just
want it to say let's see if I can I
don't want it just to say let's do a
refresh just to say home and get
performance nut butter I want them to be
in about us section as well and the way
you would do that is you add a menu item
and you'd add a page but right now we
don't have any pages so we need to
create a page so we'll go to pages add
page and for the title I recommend doing
something with your keywords so I'm
gonna say about performance a nut butter
the paleo keto vegan a healthy fat snack
and on top of that I'm going to put this
is the description so performance nut
butter is delicious macadamia coconut
cashew blended nut butter that contains
just a hint of Himalayan sea salt
performance nut butter was founded by
Travis Mars down who tells the story of
performance nut butter and how it
started in the video above as you can
tell I'm gonna add a video and this is a
video once again from my Kickstarter so
I can insert a video by clicking that
button then just paste in your embed
code which you can get I'm using Vimeo
you can get it from Vimeo you can get it
from YouTube as well if you want to use
a free option Vimeo looks a little bit
nicer but hey YouTube's free if you're
not sure which one to do just go with
YouTube cuz it's free now here's another
point I want to make so first off let me
save this
I really think everybody's about us
everyone's about us page should have a
video now if you don't have a video
first off you have one of two options
either just take out your iPhone try to
make some good lighting or go outside
and tok about you tok about the
product in fact that's what I recommend
doing but if you don't want to be on
video at least have a picture of you in
your family or you next to one of your
items people don't want to buy from big
names they want to buy from company they
want to buy from people they don't want
to buy from no-name companies so that's
another thing I highly recommend doing
is that getting a video or a picture in
your about Us page so let's actually
go back to pages so now you can see
about performance nut butter Papa and I
can always delete this page if I need to
so I'm gonna click view just to see what
it looks like about performance not
butter the Paleo keto vegan healthy fat
snack that looks great I mean it's it
could be a little bit better but for now
that's not bad what I will do in the
future is write more because some people
don't want to watch the video some
people just want to read it's a 5 it's
almost a six-minute long video I say a
lot in there and basically I can just
get someone to write or write it myself
everything that I say in a nice format
so people could read it and probably
throw in some images the goal is on the
baddest page to really capture them and
let them know that they're supporting me
they're not support it's not like
there's money's going to some big
no-name company they're supporting a
young entrepreneur that's really trying
to make the world a better place
so that being said I still I want the
link up here because I want people to
get to know about me and the company is
easily as possible so we're gonna go
back to navigation and go to main menu
and we're gonna click add menu item
about us just do about us you can say
any kind of things you want but for now
that's fine select page and about
performance nut butter very easy Shopify
makes everything so easy and that's why
I recommend it I once again you can sign
up using my link it's up up here or go
to effective e-commerce comm and if you
click up here to sign up to Shopify
using my link I'll give you a free
one-on-one consulting session plus you
get a 14-day free trial of Shopify and I
do get a little bit of a kickback from
Shopify but to be honest with you I get
a little bit of a kickback from every
single platform out there
I choose Shopify and I choose to
represent Shopify because I think it's
the best in fact some of the other ones
I won't name would give me more money in
fact one of them would give me $100 just
for sending one offer over there but I
think that it's crap I think that
Shopify by far is the way to go so
that's why I recommend it let me just
spend a little bit of time quickly
showing you some other stuff if you're
curious but once you get launched I have
a set second video and I'll do a part
- video that really goes in-depth to all
this but let's go over this menu here so
orders once you get launched and you
don't need to worry about this yet these
were all your orders are gonna be the
first step is if you don't have a
website just get the website up you
don't need to learn all this but I'll
give you an overview so you feel
comfortable all the orders will be here
people's shipping information will be
there for you people's name all the
information you need will be there
abandoned checkouts will be very
important as well well you can see right
here so I gave them my email and the
sample checkout I did earlier but I
didn't actually buy something so what
you can do is you can actually send a
follow-up email and say hey Travis Mars
eonni you didn't buy from us what went
wrong so this is a very powerful tool
that a lot of other platforms do not
offer products so a good thing about
this is you can see all the products so
obviously I just have one product
currently but if you have more you can
do that
it even has inventory control and once
again I'm not using this feature yet
gift cards collections is something we
did not tok about that'll be for a
future video but collections are
basically like categories you can make a
collection of a bunch of different
products and this has a lot of useful
features not important for now customers
so this is the one customer we have zero
orders eventually this will be full of
every single person that's ever bought
from you and it'll be it'll be amazing
my other might be dancewear site we have
I don't know fifteen thousand customers
some some crazy amount of customers and
it's really good because you can see all
the data here and you can see these
people spent over a thousand dollars I
want to treat them really well or this
person ordered twice but stopped
ordering what happened so this will
eventually be full and I'll just show
you a little preview what this looks
like so it's got my name it's got my
information my address email reports
another useful tool this is a more
advanced feature you can do discounts
you can create discount codes I will go
over this in a future video as well but
the main thing I want to focus on for
this video is look how quickly you can
make a beautiful simple ecommerce site
again let's look one more time at my
store and that's not bad this took me
ten minutes to do and it's not bad at
all obviously it'll probably take you of
just a little hint longer because you
have to come up with the wording but
don't sweat even if it's just a few
sentences that you just think of off the
top of your head write that down
put something up that is the most
important step to creating an online
store is taking that first little step
so if you want to support performance
nut butter go to performance nut butter
calm try it out it's delicious it's a
macadamia coconut cashew blended nut
butter but if you are just looking to
start an online store you can click up
here or go to effective e-commerce comm
slash Shopify to get the free 14-day
trial plus a free one-on-one session
when you use my link last but not least
I have a ecommerce starter pack that I
highly recommend you get it is it's the
e-commerce success pack as well I've
changed the names a few times but the
e-commerce success pack you can click up
here and you go to my email or sign up
for the email offer and I will send you
a checklist and this is the most
valuable thing I think for starting an
online store is a checklist of
everything you need to do to start your
online store and it's things that you
probably haven't even thought of like
one of the things we didn't go over
that's very important to do and if
you're of seasoned veteran of e-commerce
you'll know this but if not you probably
won't is well one your SEO like look at
this tighter and metal Meta Description
what is that
I'll explain it to you in future videos
or the e-commerce success pack but two
on the checklist of things like Google
Analytiks and Facebook pixel make sure
you install this right away as soon as
you launch your store install Google
Analytiks and Google Analytiks is the
best free tool out there it's an
insanely powerful tool that Google gives
away for free and Google's usually not
always the nicest to ecommerce store
owners but this is one of the tools that
is amazing so on that checklist I have
all these informations if you're a new
e-commerce store owner you probably
haven't thought about and I've opened
many e-commerce stores so I've thought
about this over and over again so click
up here for that link to get the
e-commerce success pack or to start your
free 14-day trial and get a free one on
moulting session with me I hope that was
helpful so that's the complete
walkthrough of Shopify now if you do
want to get a Shopify store you can
click up here I do have a link where if
you use my link to sign up for your
Shopify account not only do you get a
free 14-day trial I'll also give you a
free 30-minute one-on-one consultation
because when you use my link I get
credit I get a little just a tiny a bit
of money and in exchange as a thank-you
I want to give you something in return
so I'll give you the free 30-minute
consultation on top of that you can
click down here up here maybe it'll be
down here to get my ecommerce success
pact and I have a ton of information in
that I have checklists for starting your
ecommerce store checklists for Adwords
how to hire a virtual assistant like a
complete guide a ton of other great
all for free in my ecommerce success FAQ
right over here and on top of that if
you like this video and you're
interested in starting ecommerce
subscribe to my youtube channel I've got
a ton more videos on e-commerce and I
have a ton more coming out that you'll
get for free by subscribing last I know
this is a lot last but not least leave a
comment down below ask any questions you
have about e-commerce I answer every
single question and leave it in the
comment section I answer every single
question I love getting the questions it
makes me very happy to see that people
actually enjoy what I'm putting out
there and as I said I'll answer them so
that's it so you can sign up for Shopify
you can get my e-commerce success facts
subscribe if you like the channel and
leave a comment thank you so much for
watching this video and I hope to see
you in the next video

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