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5 Marketing Strategies That TRIPLED MY INCOME (Marketing 101 Online Crash Course)

Published on: December 7 2022 by MATT RILEY

5 Marketing Strategies That TRIPLED MY INCOME (Marketing 101 Online Crash Course)

5 Marketing Strategies That TRIPLED MY INCOME (Marketing 101 Online Crash Course)

ladies and gentlemen Matt Riley here and
in today's online class we're gonna be
covering marketing 101 and I'm gonna
show you how you can triple your income
if you're a small business owner or
really just any business owner because
marketing will help in general and it'll
help you get more customers to buy from
you and so we're going to be going over
five tricks today to help you do so and
I'm also going to give you examples of
why these actually work so well real
quick if you want to win a free coaching
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profile and click on this community tab
without further ado let's go over trick
number one which is the reciprocal and
really how to sum this all up into one
single quote is you scratch my back so
I'll scratch yours now what does this
mean when it equates to the business
side of things well if a brand provides
something good for you what's gonna
happen is you're gonna be more likely to
return the favor to that brand and for
example the first example I have here is
let's have you try a video where the
product helps someone else's life okay
so let's go over an example of an
e-commerce company that did this
perfectly so what they're selling is a
reusable Fly Trap and they had
preferably somebody in their target
audience in a video showing how this Fly
Trap actually helped with her life and
so what she did was she had flytraps set
up everywhere
near her horses so the Flies wouldn't
actually go to their horses and bite
them and so because this product
provided value to this customer and
they're showing they're displaying how
it's providing value to other people
other people are gonna want to watch and
this is probably why this ad has five
million views already and so this is
also kind of like a video tutorial where
we're guiding the customers step by step
on how the product actually works and
because they have this sort of tutorial
mini tutorial then they're gonna be more
likely to buy and purchase okay so the
second example of the reciprocal is
having a generous refund policy and so
this actually reminds me of its
I'm where I had a customer saying she
wanted a refund because she hadn't
received her order now when I went to go
check the tracking on her order it said
delivered and actually the same city on
her address was the same as what it said
on the tracking information now I don't
know if maybe she had already received
the product and she was just trying to
get her money back for free and received
free product and to be honest I was
really hesitant to give her a refund but
I just decided to do so and you know
just out of the goodness of my heart and
the next I thought great I just lost a
bunch of money
she's pretty angry so this didn't really
benefit me at all but to my surprise
what she did next was she actually
ordered ten different items from my
store because I had given her that
generous push and she said hey thank you
so much I actually trust you now and I'm
actually willing to buy more items and
then she said I'm gonna go and I'm gonna
comment on your Facebook page saying how
an amazing company you were and because
of that comment that may have actually
pushed other people to buy from my store
and so when you do good things to people
and when you provide value they're gonna
be more likely to return the favor
so example number three is you don't
want to try and sell all the time and
what I mean by this is let's say you are
blasting your email list with buy this
buy this buy this buy this every single
day every single week and they're gonna
get tired of it and they're not gonna
want to buy but what you could do
instead and it doesn't need to be in
your emails it could be on your Facebook
page or your Instagram page is you can
have something like five cooking recipes
and you can mix that in if you are in
the kitchen itch and so let's say you're
in the pet niche you can actually throw
in some emails or posts showing them
some tricks that they could teach their
dog and when they do there and when you
do this you're providing free value
instead of trying to get them to buy and
buy and buy all the time now they're
gonna say okay wow this is actually a
legitimate company they don't just care
about taking my money they actually want
to provide free value to me whether I
purchase or not okay so let's go over
number two which is the social proof
theory and to sum this one up in a quote
my best friend loves it so I bought and
what this theory suggests is that humans
actually trust products and services
more when others validate the value now
this kind of ties in to the second part
of my last story where one the first
part the customer had actually bought
more items because I gave her refund and
she was willing to trust me more and
then the second part was when she
actually commented on my Facebook and
that social proof allowed more people to
see my company I was more valuable okay
so when I was a kid I was trying to
decide whether to buy the Nintendo
GameCube the PlayStation 2 or the Xbox
and really I didn't know which one was
better than the other I was just a
little kid and I wasn't on the internet
like we are today I didn't have a
smartphone and I couldn't just look up
information and reviews just like that
but what happened was one of my best
friends actually had the Gamecube and he
told me that Super Smash Brothers was
really really fun and I said wow it
sounds so cool like I want to play it
and that actually led me to want to buy
the Nintendo GameCube and I grew up as a
Nintendo fan my whole life which was
amazing I've no regrets at all
Zelda was cool pokemons cool and
obviously now things are different
i still love nintendo but I'm more of a
playstation guy and I love Call of Duty
because well social proof my friends
actually play zombies so I wanted to
play zombies with them and it was super
fun okay so here's the first example of
how you can apply this to your business
and what social proof really is is it's
just testimonials and reviews from other
people now how do you get testimonials
and reviews so what you can do is you
can have an incentive for customers to
either post a review on your store or
shoot a video of themselves with your
product saying how much they love the
product and they're not going to just do
this randomly some might some won't but
if you give them a little incentive like
a 20% off discount coupon if they shoot
you a video then this is going to help
you with your marketing you're gonna be
able to put this in
video ends are gonna be able to put this
on your website and it's really just
gonna help with the social proof so
example number two is well social proof
actually just happens if your product is
good and this is actually just going to
improve your marketing because if your
product is good the marketing will just
come it'll carry on and what you want to
do is you want to make sure that your
product actually meets the customers
expectations when use and so this is why
you'll actually see ad costs get cheaper
over time and over time it's because a
couple weeks after your customers
actually buy your products
then what they'll do is they'll actually
organically comment in your posts
positive things and even without
incentives they will give you the
testimonials a good product or good
service actually does is it organically
creates the social proof so you don't
have to work as hard on this step okay
so example number three is influencer
support and so here's the perfect
example of this and this is doji catch
he's a pretty big influencer and she has
great songs that I love like say so and
boss and she's really just a huge
influencer right now in social media and
the Internet in general and so if you
didn't notike there are actually two
companies in here that are promoting
their product or service if you look at
the video it's really just doji cat
dancing it doesn't look like she's
pushing products or pushing services or
really trying to just get into your face
trying to advertise but it's just a post
that looks organic within social media
and it looks like she's just sharing it
to her followers and because of that her
followers are gonna be more likely to
trust the companies that are actually in
the captions and so here was hair by
jasmine and this is a service for it
looks like hair stuff and a lot of
people trust doji cap and if doji cat
trusts hair by jazmyne then doji cats
followers are gonna trust them as well
and so here's the other company that was
tagged in doji cats post which is
Alexander Wang New York and it looks
like they sell some lingerie stuff some
underwear stuff purses shoes even and
again doji cat trust this company
dojaquez followers are also gonna trust
this company now doji cats obviously
going to be really expensive too
work with if you have the budget you can
go hop on if you don't if you have a
lower budget then it's okay to try
smaller influencers with smaller
followings you're still going to get a
positive ROI if that influencers
audience is the same as your target
audience okay so let's go over the next
two tricks and I group these together
because they're kind of similar and you
probably actually already know these
which is the scarcity and urgency theory
and here's the quote only 14 left unless
by now and for the EECOM owners who
actually already know this I just want
to double check with you if we're
actually already applying it and so what
this really means is humans place more
value on the things they believe to be
rare and so if a product or a service is
easily accessible then they're probably
gonna place it on a lower value now
here's an example sure all of you
already know this and what a lot of
people do is they'll have the timer on
the product page but I actually like it
on the cart page so it looks a little
bit more real and I know fashion OVA
does this on their home page sometimes
which is working for them so that's cool
and the second example is you can have
some sort of wording offer limited to
the first 100 people and you can either
do this on your ad you can do this on
your website you can do both okay I'd
like to show you an example of this not
actually here on the video ad but if we
actually click over to their website to
view this awesome jellyfish lamp and
there's nothing here there's no urgency
or scarcity I can see they have a little
bit of social proof but when we actually
click Add to Cart they have this on
their on their cart page where it says
items are low in stok and so that
really is the scarcity part please limit
to fire for order another scarcity
tactik and here we have the urgency
tactik which is your Carter's preserved
for 15 minutes and you have that
countdown timing down and so here's a
really cool example if you are an
e-commerce store owner at the checkout
page maybe you can change the wording
not just to say free shipping but you
could say today only and so when they're
at the checkout a lot of people don't
have an urgency or scarcity tactik on
there but if you say today only that
might actually want to get the customer
to finish purchasing right then and
there and you can have these in sort of
asterisks or
you're displaying it in a way to where
it's it's gonna go away and it's kind of
just like and it kind of looks like it's
like fine print even though it's not but
the asterisks really display that you're
not trying to pitch it to them and so
this is kind of displaying from the
company Oh awesome you you've got free
no but it's expiring today by the way
just yeah just on the down-low
okay so let's go over trick number five
which is loss aversion tactiks and
here's a quote that somebody might be
thinking during this time is they don't
want to catch a virus so they must buy
this product now okay and what is loss
aversion tactiks well humans tend to
emotionally buy to avoid suffering or
discomfort and this actually works
better than triggering positive emotions
and how it works in marketing it's kind
of sad but it's the truth is if you have
sort of sad marketing you kind of
inflict that emotion on your customers
that's gonna work better than if you're
inflicting happiness on your customers
so here's an example is your video ad
will show your target audience in a
disgusting situation and then example
number two is your video shows an
awesome situation let's go over these
two examples here
and so this ecommerce company is showing
this antibacterial washing machine
cleaner now you notike how disgusting
and yucky all that gunk was in the
washing machine well what they're really
doing here is they're displaying to the
customer hey you've got all of these
germs bacteria gunk that's in your
clothes right now because it's all stuck
in your washing machine so here's our
product it's gonna clean it all out that
way you don't have to keep wearing
viruses every single time you wash your
clothes and so here they did an amazing
job of really inflicting that emotional
buying response getting the customers to
purchase immediately so here's a perfect
example of a commercial where they're
inflicting that happiness the amazing
situation that your customers gonna be
in and cleaning is usually boring but
here they're not just showing that
pain of cleaning they're kind of showing
how awesome cleaning is because they're
using their mr. clean product and then
at the end the target audience right
there is having a good time and so this
here is showing their target audience
may be exactly where they want to be how
amazing their life is gonna be if they
use mr. clean products so yes you could
show suffering or discomfort and how
your customer is gonna be in the worst
possible case scenario or you could show
how awesome your customer's life is
gonna be with your product and show that
it's gonna be a million times better but
I have to say why not just do both so if
you enjoyed this video I have to give
you the standard like subscribed with
the notification bell and then comment
down below and watch my other videos
because there's a lot of valuable
information there especially if you want
to start your own drop shipping or
ecommerce store and the last thing that
I have to ask from you is to share my
channel or my video is all over the
Internet if you want to post on Facebook
groups if you want to post on reddit you
want to post on other youtube comments
or just your Instagram and that would
really help support and grow the channel
and help me make more videos for you
thanks so much for attending today's
online class

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