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5 REAL Passive Income Sources I'm Personally Using ($12,000 / Month)

Published on: December 9 2022 by Buildapreneur

5 REAL Passive Income Sources I'm Personally Using ($12,000 / Month)

5 REAL Passive Income Sources I'm Personally Using ($12,000 / Month)

this video is for you if you're not just
looking to make a bunch of money but
you're looking for a way to make that
income come in passively every single
day month and week even if you aren't
actively putting in the hours i've been
in pursuit of this goal since i first
heard about it almost 10 years ago and
i've put my time and my money into a
whole lot of scams and projects that
completely flopped but that's led me
today to where i have five very stable
passive sources of income and cash flow
that come in every single month and in
this video i'm going to show you each
one of them and i'm going to point you
in a direction to get started some of
these just require a little bit of time
some of them require money but all of
them i found to be the best possible
methods for creating a large passive
income in a relatively short amount of
time i can almost guarantee that you
have not heard of number three and it's
my personal favorite now the first one i
want to tok about is a product called
yield nodes now what yieldnode is is a
service that i've been using for a few
months now and it has generated 10 a
month for all of its investors since
2019. now investor might be a wrong word
choice that i'm using here but let me
tok a little bit about what yield nodes
is i'll give a caveat here it's in the
crypto space a lot of people are very
hesitant to get in the crypto space but
this has been a very safe and consistent
return in in a crypto space that's
really been crazy for the past few years
so what it is is it does something
called master noting now you can see
right here master nodes they're the
infrastructure that sustain
cryptokurrencies so you've probably
heard of bitcoin maybe you've heard of
ethereum maybe you've heard of any of
the other hundreds of cryptos that have
come out over the last few years each of
these cryptos run on blockchains and
those blockchains need nodes to help
sustain them you can almost think of
them like servers okay we're not losing
amazon server or google server here
these blockchains run on nodes now these
blockchains actually pay out these notes
so when you have a node and it's helping
to run and sustain a blockchain you get
paid for doing that and because crypto
is so hot right now there's a lot of
money being paid out two nodes now one
of the tough things about nodes is that
it can be quite expensive and extremely
complicated to set up and in fact one of
my favorite node projects you can see
here is called gala node used to be
about 18k which is still quite a bit to
set up it's now up well past 90k i
believe to set up one single gala node
and that means that for a vast majority
of people we're not ever going to be
able to get in this game 95 000 on one
single project that very well could not
pan out is a little too risky for most
of us so what yield nodes does and we'll
show it on the screen here is they
actually go set up masternodes and you
give them money they set up the
masternodes and then you get paid for
doing that so they take 15 percent of
what your nodes make and you take 85 of
what your nodes make now for most of us
that's quite worth the cost because
there's quite a bit that can go wrong
setting up your own node and it's just
pretty hard to manage which means that a
lot of times you're not going to get the
returns that you hoped you would get
trying to run this yourself now the
thing i love about them is they've been
around since 2019 and they have been
very extremely consistent in fact in
paying out those monthly profits and
they're also very open so you can see
right here
they've averaged about 10 every month of
the money you put in coming back to you
that corresponds to a 120
return or if you compound meaning if you
put it back into more nodes when they
give you money you can actually turn
that into a 213 return every year which
means the people that got in in 2019
that purchased these nodes and then just
took their money and put it back in to
purchase more nodes were able to turn 10
000 into something close to four hundred
thousand dollars now that's not bad for
something that's safe and actually has
some real substance backing it up and
still able to get two hundred and
thirteen percent you don't find a lot of
that out there in fact if you go to
their website they project five to
fifteen percent in profit every single
month and they tell you that if the
yield ever drops below five percent a
month which is crazy because most things
are paying five percent a year for three
consecutive months your rental payment
will be returned to you along with all
your recruit profits no fuss no
quibbling there's not much out there
like this that i've been able to find
and i think this is probably my favorite
opportunity currently not not in just in
crypto but out there in general in the
passive income space so i'm not going to
hammer too much on this but we are going
to leave a link down below one to yield
notes so you can sign up if you'd like
to just get started we'll also leave a
link to a review that goes into much
more detail about how yield nodes works
and everything like that and then we'll
also leave a link to a tutorial if you'd
just like to dive in and get started
with yield notes now the next one is a
youtube channel which a lot of people
don't realize how passive youtube income
can be and so i'm going to show you the
income and then i'm going to explain to
you just how passive this is i'm going
to prove it to you right here on the
screen now you can see right here these
are the payments that come out from
three different youtube channels that i
have one of them doesn't even involve my
face whatsoever one of them involves my
face but not very much and then this one
i'm you know my face is all over the
camera as you guys can see but you can
see right here i'm averaging uh in march
i made about six thousand dollars in
february 6 500 in january 8 600 so
anywhere from you know six to nine
thousand dollars is typically what these
channels bring in every single month now
we're going to pull up the data from one
of those channels this is actually the
channel you're currently watching which
by the way at the time of this filming
we are 500 subscribers away from hitting
that 100 000 subscriber mark which we've
been working for for a long time so if
you're not a subscriber we would really
appreciate that now anyway if you look
in there you can see right here this is
the revenue for the entire year of 2021
and it's you know up and down up and
but during the year of 2021 we actually
went to hawaii from the month of june of
may to about midway through the month of
june okay so right about from here to
here we were in the month we were in the
state of hawaii uh doing a vacation for
a month and you can see right here my
income didn't go down didn't go down
during it didn't go down after it very
little changes in income because of the
way youtube works okay you can put out a
youtube video and that video could very
well bring you in money for years or
even decades to come i'm sure there was
an ad that popped up right before you
watched this video and i'm sure if
you're anything like me you clicked skip
ad before it got to the end but for
those that didn't click skip ad i'm able
to make some of the money that comes
from the money that those advertisers
pay youtube i'm actually able to make a
pretty good percentage and in fact
youtube gives you the statistiks right
here you can see on average for every
thousand views that my channel gets i'm
making about 36 which is pretty good and
if you're going to go this route you're
going to want to choose a space where
there's a lot of money like affiliate
marketing or to make money online or the
passive income space but 36 dollars for
every thousand views is pretty good
especially on a place like youtube where
a video could easily blow up and in fact
our last video got close to 60 000 views
and so we'll let you do the math right
there on how much that video made now
the next one is through this company
called dfy real estate and you can see
right here i'm trying to spread this out
go all different directions there should
be something here for everybody of any
budget of any time frame to be able to
set up at least one of these passive
income streams now this one did take a
little bit of money to get started with
but it took almost no time and the real
beauty of real estate in general and
especially with dfy real estate here is
that we're able to build up an asset
that pays for itself without us having
to do any work what i mean by that is
i'm able to purchase real estate
properties through this company and
we'll explain how it all works but these
real estate properties run themselves
completely they're completely managed i
do no work at all except for maybe come
tax season i might fill out some forms
and stuff but i do very little to no
work and these pieces of real estate
completely play for themselves plus a
little bit more and what that really
means is that in 30 years i will
outright own each of the homes that were
running through dfy real estate and i'll
have done no work to do that so i'll own
a complete home which is a pretty
incredible asset right and for 30 years
it'll have just basically run on
autopilot while actually paying me a
couple hundred dollars a month to do so
i really don't think there's any better
opportunity ever than real estate like
there's nothing else that does that that
pays you to just sit there and hold
something while it continues to gain
equity and become an asset that you own
more and more of now let's tok a little
bit about how dfy real estate works and
the reason we went with them so one
thing that's important about real estate
is different markets do better over
different times right your local market
may not be the best place for you to be
investing and in fact my current local
market is very very hard to get property
right now and yours is probably similar
because of the nature of the real estate
market right now but what dfy does is
they specialize in a few specific
locations they'll go out once you come
to them and say i'm ready to purchase a
piece of real estate they will go find
the real estate they'll go do all the
numbers they'll go do all the rehab
they'll help you get everything figured
out with the loan then they'll go set up
property management and all you've got
to do is put down the down payment and
everything else is done for you they'll
find properties that typically manage to
bring in about 300 to 400 a month for me
each of those properties gets that after
all repairs after all the property
management fees and everything so you're
essentially sitting there making 300 a
month while you're gaining more and more
equity in this home and in 30 years you
own it outright i really love this i
don't have an affiliate link or thing
like that but i will leave a link down
below to these guys and you can go check
them out and let them know spencer sent
you um they're actually really good
friends of mine and really really good
guys as well now the next one i want to
tok about is a digital course and this
is something a lot of people hesitate to
do but you absolutely shouldn't i can
almost guarantee that you specialize in
something i can definitely guarantee
that there is some subject that you know
more than me about and there's probably
a subject that i want to know more about
that you know more than me about now
there's a lot of different ways to go
about this but you can get paid just for
sharing knowledge and experience that
you've gained to doing something over
the years now there's two real routes
that you can go when you're selling an
online course you can use sites like
udemy.com or skillshare.com and what
these sites do is you just upload a
course they actually kind of go out
there and they have millions of people
using the site constantly and they'll
send you traffic they'll also take a
very large cut of the money that comes
in from the course and they'll do
different things with your pricing that
they can kind of choose your pricing
model a lot of times and things like
that so i don't love these guys but if
you have no audience at all it's an
option because they can send traffic to
your course and get eyeballs on your
stuff without you having to do anything
but the route that i think works better
and works for me is i use a
platform called thinkific i upload my
online course and that just means they
run they manage everything for me so i
just basically put in the videos and
then everything else is there all the
structure people can sign up and get
access to the courses and log in and all
that fun stuff but thinkific doesn't do
any of the marketing for me which means
i need to go do all the marketing and
then i get to keep all the profits that
come from my online course so let me
give you a 30 second overview of exactly
how this works i have a youtube channel
i make a lot of videos about affiliate
marketing it's something i'm very
experienced in so i also have a course
on affiliate marketing now what happens
is people go into youtube and they might
search things like affiliate marketing
tutorial right and there's a bunch of
videos now that third one down you can
see is a video from me that's got about
31 000 views that toks about affiliate
marketing i give a 59-minute video
meaning i go very in-depth in affiliate
marketing but i still have a lot more to
share so from there i send them to this
page anybody that's interested in
learning more than that hour tutorial
can share with them they go here and now
i have an hour and a half to a two hour
tutorial and even longer training so far
both of these have been free now the
people that watch that they have an
option of going even further so after
they've watched that training it takes
them to another link right here where
they can actually say okay i've watched
two and a half hours of spencer's
training i'm totally in if spencer has
more to teach i'm absolutely willing to
pay at this point they click buy
affiliate secrets 3.0 and you can see
this is the sales page that sells them
that final course that is now being
hosted in thinkific now anyone can do
this in any niche it's totally possible
it just takes work so if you don't have
a bunch of money right now to buy real
estate or any money to put into
something like yield nodes that's great
go make some money with a side hustle
like this i guarantee there are people
out there that would pay you for what
you know now the next opportunity i'm
going to be honest it's another one in
the crypto space but again it's very
simple you don't need to be an expert in
the crypto space you can do this with
little to no experience and the gains in
this are quite extraordinary and that's
the reason that two of the opportunities
i'm showing you here on crypto if you're
not using the opportunities currently in
crypto because of some reason or some
thought or somebody told you that it was
a scam or something like that you need
to change that mindset there is a lot
happening that's very legitimate in
crypto right now and you're missing out
on a lot of opportunities in fact i'm
going to leave a little plug here i'm
gonna leave a link down below to my
crypto channel where i have uh exclusive
content just on crypto and we share just
good quality crypto projects and in fact
we recently shared a crypto project that
went from 23 cents all the way up to 10
dollars per coin but let's tok about
this opportunity right here it's called
staking now again crypto's a totally
different ball game and we toked a
little bit about nodes and we're not
gonna explain too much about this but
just understand that there is incentives
for people that hold certain coins to
take those coins and promise not to sell
them basically say hey we're going to
stake these coins and essentially we're
going to put these coins somewhere as
owners of these coins and as people that
have exposure to these coins and we're
just going to sit on them we promise now
in return for that they actually pay you
more of those coins and i know that
might sound crazy that might sound like
a ponzi scheme et cetera et cetera but
there's a lot more that goes into this
that we're not explaining in this video
so i've got an account in a us-based
exchange a very very safe place called
kraken.com and all i have is coins like
this like this coin right here called
polka dot and i'm staking that polka dot
coin you can see here it's about seven
thousand dollars and they pay me 12 more
every year i'm also staking a coin
called kava and they pay me about 23 and
kusama pays 18 and when i say staking
essentially we just lock up our coins
and say we're not going to do anything
with them for a certain amount of time
so for example i can go to buy crypto
right here i can choose to buy kava and
then you can see in this urn section i
can go to kava and i can actually stake
the kaaba that i've purchased and that's
all i'm doing is locking it away for a
certain period of time and they're going
to pay me 23
yearly for doing that which is
significantly significantly better than
you can ever get inside of a bank
account or anywhere else pretty much if
you don't feel comfortable cracking you
can also use a site called nexo.io which
does something very similar except you
can do this with usd coins meaning you
don't have to buy a cryptokoin that
you're not comfortable with or not
familiar with you can actually do this
with coins that are essentially pegged
to the us dollar meaning they're always
worth one dollar and you can still get
up to 12 a year doing this which is
again significantly more than you can
get anywhere else so we'll leave a link
down below to nexo as well now the last
one we're going to tok about is the one
that actually brings in most of my money
but most of you are familiar with it
which is why we have it at the very end
and that's affiliate marketing now
you've probably heard of affiliate
marketing if you're in the side hustle
space there's a lot of people that are
constantly pushing this side hustle and
that'll probably be the case for pretty
much ever now that being said there's a
lot of ways to do affiliate marketing
and only a few of them actually result
in passive income which is the entire
goal of this video you need to pick the
right programs and you need to pick the
right way to promote those programs if
you want to have wins and passive income
wins in affiliate marketing now all
affiliate marketing is is we go out and
we take companies which basically every
company you can think of has some form
of an affiliate program and we go and we
promote those companies for example i've
promoted a few companies just in this
youtube video right here we can do this
on places like youtube or tiktok or
our own facebook page but we go promote
these companies and these companies give
us a very special link in fact you can
see my link right there anybody that
clicks this link and signs up for this
email marketing software which is a very
legitimate business will actually be
under me meaning that every time they
pay their monthly plan i get a
percentage of what they're paying and
you can see right here in the month of
april just about every single day i'm
getting a cut and in this case it was a
very large cut someone paid 2500 they
must really like the software i'd be
paying quite a bit every month to the
software and i was able to make a 700
commission now this is all done on
autopilot because they pay every single
month which means that every single
month when this person right here pays
active campaign i get paid it's very
much passive and i promoted probably to
this person years ago and they've just
stayed with the active campaign which
means i continue to make money every
single month so the best way to go about
this is we're gonna pick we need to pick
an affiliate program for a company that
has recurring commissions what i mean by
that is a company that the user pays
that company every single month and that
means the company will pay us every
single month as well so software is
probably the best space for this but
there's plenty of other ways you can go
with this as well after we've chosen a
company where we can actually get
recurring income and get passive income
from that next we need to choose a way
to actually promote that company you can
pick a social media platform any one
that works best for you you can choose
reddit facebook tiktok instagram any of
these platforms will work and you need
to start creating content that really
appeals to the people that need this so
for example if i was really gonna go
hard promoting this active campaign
product and i did a while back i would
make 10 youtube videos on how to do
email marketing best email marketing
software uh active campaign review right
how do i get started with email
marketing um email marketing 101 all
these different pieces of content that
revolve around people trying to get
started with your marketing and i would
tell them hey there's a link down below
i'm going to show you how to do this in
activecampaign go for it and that's all
i'm doing right i'm providing value to
the to the marketplace and of value to
the world and i'm naturally being paid
for that value as people sign up under
my affiliate link right there and that's
how affiliate marketing can turn into a
passive income win right here you can
see right here every single day
commissions are coming in probably for
the rest of my life based on all these
people that have signed up for
activecampaign using that link this year
last year some of them in 2017 2018
things like that now i need to know
which of these best appeals to you we're
going to make a lot of content on this
stuff over the next few months and i
need to know which one you guys would
like to learn more about obviously
there's six different ones let me know
in the comments down below and we'll
focus our future content on whichever
one of these subjects gets the most
interest from you the audience and as
always we're about to hit a hundred
thousand subscribers i'm so grateful for
each one of you subscribed and until
next video thanks for watching

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