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7 Secrets to Success With Facebook Ads

Published on: December 5 2022 by Travis Marziani

7 Secrets to Success With Facebook Ads

7 Secrets to Success With Facebook Ads

when setting up your targeting for
Facebook ads use super niche targeting
I'll show you how to do this as well as
how to epicly steal your competitors
audience later in this video the next
secret is to use audience insights and
this is a free powerful tool and most
people aren't using it correctly split
testing is a tiknique that the
professionals are using that most
beginners miss I'll show you how to do
this properly the perfect Facebook ad
has three elements that work together
I'll show you how to use all three of
these elements as well as the biggest
mistake that beginners make when
creating their Facebook ad number five
we have lead ads and lead ads are my
favorite type of ad basically it makes
it so people can give you their email
right on Facebook this makes it better
for Facebook because it keeps them on
their platform it makes it better for
the user because it's easier for them to
give you their email and ultimately it's
better for you because the user is more
likely to give you their email phone
number or whatever contact information
you want creating engagement is the
secret to making your ad go viral and
I'll show you exactly how to do this the
last secret is to set up remarketing
once someone's already been to your
website wants make them come back again
until they purchase from you these are
the best type of people to show your ads
to because you already know that they're
interested in your product I quit my
corporate jobs six years ago and I
struggled trying to figure out all these
secrets and now I'm gonna give them to
you for free so pay attention I wish I
would have known these when I first
started it would have saved me a lot of
time and by the end of this video you're
going to be an expert at Facebook Ads
the first secret is super niche
targeting most people make the mistake
of trying to make their audiences too
big they target everybody that likes
dogs that's way too big of an audience
you need to niche down further how about
moms that like dogs that are 35 to 45
that live in Los Angeles and also like
Lululemon that's a better niche Facebook
once the steel is much money from you as
they can and if you pick a big audience
they're gonna take a lot of money from
you that's why you need to be as
specific as possible this will also
allow you to test different groups of
people and see who responds to your ad
but don't just guess on what audience
you should target you can use audience
insights to figure out exactly what
audience works for you so one of the
ways you can do this
you can upload any email list you have
and audience insights will tell you
exactly what kind of things those people
are interested in you also look at
people that like your Facebook page or
even your competitors Facebook page and
audience insights will tell you just a
ton of information about what kind of
audience follows you or your competitors
take this data learn from it and start
running profitable ads we're gonna tok
about how to make the perfect ad in just
a second but before we do that secret
number three is split testing and you
need to know that you can and should be
split testing basically what split
testing is is you text one ad copy
versus another and you see which one
does better because even if you make the
perfect ad there's always a chance that
it could be a little bit better one of
the biggest mistakes people make when
they're creating their first ad is they
make it look like an ad when people are
scrolling on Facebook if they see an ad
they're going to ignore it the key here
is to not make it look like an ad it's
to make it look as much like native
content as possible and there's three
elements that make up a great ad in my
opinion the first element of a great ad
is a great image a great image captures
the users attention remember they're
scrolling through their Facebook feed it
needs to capture their attention another
trick to making it look like native
content is use your phone instead of a
really high-end professional camera if
it looks too glossy people might realize
that it's an ad but if it looks like
something that their friends might have
posted then they might be more likely to
stop and look and see hey what is this
the next element is a great headline
again you want to capture the audience's
attention you want to create some
intrigue like create some kind of a
question in their head and with the
headlines you want it to kind of blend
in but at the same time stand out if you
can create some kind of a question
something that makes people want to
click on that post that is very powerful
which brings us to the third element of
a great ad and that is a great landing
page you don't want to send them
straight to your product that's not what
they you know if they're scrolling on
Facebook they don't want to go from
scrolling on Facebook to buying a
product one thing you can do is ask for
their email in exchange for something
play the long game a big mistake the
beginners make is they want to make the
sale right away and most people that are
sitting there on Facebook don't want to
go to your website and pull out their
credit card they're not
in that mindset so play the long game
get their email secret number five is
elite ads and this is my favorite secret
the way lead ads works is basically the
user is scrolling on their screen
scrolling on the Facebook homepage and
they come across your ad and right from
the ad they can click Next and if you
have an intriguing offer for them maybe
you're giving an e-book or something
like that they can give you their email
right from there I have a whole video I
did on lead ads up here also put the
link down below if you want to learn
more about this but this is a very
powerful tool because it keeps the user
on the Facebook platform which is what
Facebook want they don't want them going
to your website it's also what the user
wants when you're on Facebook you don't
want to go to some strange website and
ultimately this works out really well
for you you want to make your ad go
viral I know we all want this to happen
but it's not easy the only way to do it
is to create engagement and make it
something that people want to share
remember the Facebook algorithm wants to
show posts to people that are
interesting things that people want to
engage with and how does Facebook know
if it's interesting to a user well if
the post is getting a lot of likes a lot
of comments and being shared a lot
Facebook knows that that's a good post
and it's going to show it to more people
again the only way a post can go viral
is if people share it so when you're
creating your ad ask yourself are people
going to comment on this are people
going to like this are people going to
share this and for 99 percent of the ads
out there the answer's no so you have to
think about what's your a hook why would
someone want to share is your post
there's only really one reason why
someone would share it and that's
because it hits them on some kind of an
emotional level maybe it makes them
really happy it's really a cute video
maybe it makes them really angry and
they want to share it and say hey I'm
really upset about this and I don't know
if this is necessarily something you
want to do if it's your business but
ultimately likes comments and shares is
the only way to make your ad go viral
and the last secret and something that
people miss all the time is set up
remarketing you can set up remarketing
with Facebook ads and with Adwords
the way that remarketing works is what
someone goes to your website you can
target those specific people and get
them coming back again and again to your
website when they've already visited
once you already know that they're
interested in your product they know
about your product and you've heard the
old saying that
take seven times as someone seeing your
company or business before they trust
you and they'll buy with you that's
where remarketing comes in it's easy to
set up and I've done videos for both
Facebook Ads
and Adwords and I'll link down below and
up here on how to set up remarketing I
have for you a complete walkthrough
tutorial on how to set up your first
Facebook ad make sure to LIKE comment
and subscribe and I'll see you in the
next video

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