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about us page dropshipping

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

About Us Page: How to Make the Perfect About Us Page

When you’re getting started in ecommerce, you’ve got a million things to do. Creating the perfect About Us page probably isn’t your top priority. So what do you need to know to quickly set up an effective About Us page? Hey, all, it’s Jessica with Oberlo, and today we’re going to share 12 easy steps to creating an effective About Us page for your dropshipping store. But before we dive in, What’s the Purpose of an About Us page? Your About Us page helps you to establish trust with customers by letting them get to know who you are. Why is this important? As Simon Sinek said, “People don’t buy what you do. they buy why you do it”. Your About Us page needs to introduce your brand values and mission to your customers. The idea is to humanize your brand so that your customers can relate to you on a more personal level. Relatable brands are profitable brands. So how do you communicate your brand’s mission on a single webpage? Simple, Just follow these steps. Step #1: Realize that your About Us page isn’t about you. Your About US page is actually about your customers and their need to bond with you before they’re willing to buy. This is crucial for you to keep in mind. Every single thing on your About Us page must be tailored towards the needs of your customers. So don’t share the entire history of your business or list out all of your accomplishments. Write only about what is most interesting and relevant to potential buyers. How do you make sure you get this right? Well, when creating your About Us page, constantly ask yourself: “Why would my customers care about this? What’s in it for them”. You can also count the number of times you write the words ‘I’ or ‘we’ and the number of times you write the words ‘you’ or ‘your’. If you do a good job of relating your story to your customers, the numbers should be roughly equal. Step #2: Maintain your branding. Your About Us page is the epicentre of your branding. It’s where you get to boil down the ‘who’, ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ of your business into one simple web page. So make sure you show off your personality. If you’re quirky, create a quirky page. If you’re serious, create a serious page. Whoever you are, let it shine through every element of your About Us page. Yellow Leaf Hammocks is a socially conscious business, tackling extreme poverty through sustainable employment. They do this by selling hand-woven hammocks from artisans in Thailand, So their brand addresses a serious issue in a positive, fun way. As a result, their About Us page contains statistiks related to the poverty the company is addressing. At the same time, the page is colorful, vibrant and full of pictures of happy people who are benefitting from the company’s efforts. This makes for a meaningful, compelling brand page. If you check it out, you’ll find yourself eager to order one of their hammocks. Step #3: Create an engaging design. No one likes to read walls of text — especially on a mobile device. What’s more, the human brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than text And, with the abundance of visual content online today, people expect to find pictures, videos and graphics on your About Us page. So bring your page to life by using these visual elements. Think about what you need to say in writing and what might be better communicated through images, graphics or a short video. How many words should your About Us page be? Well, marketing expert Neil Patel recommends that you keep your About Us page under 500 words. Fashion brand Whipping Post keeps their About Us page short and sweet. There’s a few carefully chosen sentences showcasing the company’s dedication to simplicity and quality, But the real work is done by the large images and a short video which showcases their earthy and masculine brand. Step #4: Include a mission or vision statement. Customers want to know that you’re in business for more than just profit, So tell them. Why are you selling a partikular product and what do you hope to accomplish beyond making money? Nike, for example, strives to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. Maybe you’re trying to make mom’s lives easier by selling cute children’s clothing online, Or perhaps you’re selling watches, so that your customers feel confident--and show up to work on time. Try to convey your values, your culture and what makes you different from your competitors. Keep it short and to the point. It should be inspirational and motivating. Step #5: Share your story. Your customers want to know how your business got started and what the circumstances were. Don’t be afraid to get personal. Your story is a key opportunity to create a connection with your customers. Ecommerce store Harper Wilde shares their unique story in an extremely compelling way. They start with the headline: “It started with a question: why are bras so expensive”--a question many of Harper Wilde’s potential customers have probably asked themselves. The About Us page then guides customers through a relatable, humorous story of why this bra company got started. There’s a link in the description below if you’d like to read the rest of their page yourself. So what’s interesting about your story? Step #6:: Include social proof. Social proof is great because it lets customers know why others love your brand. This puts customers at ease and builds trust. You can use social proof in your About Us page in the form of reviews or testimonials. You can also include the logos of any major publications you’ve been featured in or of any awards you’ve won. If you don’t have these things yet, don’t worry. Even one positive review can do wonders for your credibility and authority. And if you don’t have any reviews, consider including screenshots of some fun interactions you’ve had with customers on social media. Glam Seamless does a nice job with this on their About Us page, including a live feed of customer’s Instagram photos featuring their products. However you do it, including social proof on your About Us page will make your brand all the more trustworthy. Next up on our list of top tips…. Step #7:: Show off your team. Add another emotional element to your About Us page by adding details about the people behind the business. This is a great way to shatter the image of a faceless company and connect on a human level. An added benefit: Your employees will feel more valued. Pure Cycles, for example, shares images of all of their staff, and the images are fun and full of personality. So even it’s just you working on your business right now. include a photo and a bit about yourself. Step #8: Add an opt-in form for your mailing list. This tactik gives visitors to your About Us page a chance to learn about your business. It also gives you the opportunity to nurture visitors into paying customers. Why is this effective? Well, you can assume that anyone who visits your About Us page is interested in your business and might like to know more. For example, when QualityStoks added an opt-in form on their About page, it resulted in a 158% increase in subscriber growth. Step #9: Include Links To Your Products. You want to optimize your entire website for sales, And after a visitor has learned about your brand, they’ll be more likely to trust your business and might be ready to buy. So it’s a great idea to add links to a few choice products on your About Us page. Estee Lauder approaches this in a unique way. After sharing their story, they give visitors the option to ‘shop the story’ by sharing three products related to what they’ve just shared. Simply, give interested visitors an easy transition to browse your products. Remember, keep the focus on your customer, let your brand’s personality. shine through and don’t be afraid to get personal. What’s your mission statement? We’d love to know, so share it in the comments below — we read them all. Thanks for watching and if you liked this video, remember to hit the subscribe.

How to create an effective about us page || Shopify Help Center

An “About Us” page is a great way to share the story of your business and help your customers connect with your brand. In this video, we're going to cover how to make an “About Us page”, what to include on it and how to add it to your online store. To create your page, start in the “Admin”, Click “Online store". then click "Pages”. Next click “Add page”. Enter a title for your page. You can use “About Us” or you can try something different like “Learn more” or even “Our story”. Pick something that works for you and your business. Next, enter the content that you've written for the page. There are 3 main points that you want to include when writing an about us page: who you are, what you sell and why you sell these items. You can use the “Rich text editor” to include pictures, videos and insert links to specific products that you want to showcase on your about us page. To add an image or video, click the “Insert image” button and select the image that you want to add. When ready, click “Insert image” to add it to your content. Many merchants also include links to products that they want to highlight for customers. To do this, highlight the text that you want, turn into a link, Then click the “insert link” button in the “Rich text editor". You can add a link to a product page on your site, or you can link to an external site of your choosing. To finish, click “insert link". Make sure you save all your changes. Now that you've added your content, you will need to set the visibility of the page. Under “Visibility”, you can choose when you want the page to be published. You can set the page to be visible immediately, or you can choose a specific date for your page to be published on by clicking "set visibility date". If you're not ready to publish your page yet, choose the “Hidden” option to hide it from your online store. When you're ready, click “Save”. Once you're happy with your about us page, you'll need to add the page to your online store navigation so that customers can see it on your store. To do this, go to your admin, click “Online store”. Then click "Navigation". Click on the menu that you would like to add your page to. You can add your about us page to your main menu, so it appears at the top of your store, or your footer menu, so it shows up at the bottom, or both. In this example, we are adding our page to the main menu. Next click “Add menu item” and name your page. Finally, click in the “link” area. Choose “Pages”. then click the “About Us” page that you created. To finish, click “Add”. Now the page will be added to your main menu. If you want to change the position that it appears on your store, click on the 6-dot icon to drag it where you want it to be positioned on your menu. Make sure to save. If you are using a Shopify 2.0 theme, then you can add the page directly to your store through your theme editor. To do this, start in your admin, Click "Online store". Under “Themes”, click “Customize” to open the theme editor. In the theme control panel, click “Add section”, Then select “Pages”. Next click “Select page” and then select the about us page that you want to add. Click "Select". Now the page will be added to your theme. You can rearrange its position by clicking on the 6-dot icon and dragging the section to where you want it to go. 2.0 themes also make it easier to add important features to your about us page. You can add an email sign up area for your customers directly from your theme editor. To add an email sign up option, click "Add section", Then click "Email sign up". You will now see an email sign up option on your about us page. You can use the control panel on the right to change the appearance of the sign up section. For more information on how to create your about us page or the rich text editor, view the links in the description below. Thanks for watching.

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How To Create A Contact Us Page - Shopify Dropshipping Tips For Beginners 2022

if you've just recently started with shopify and you've been looking on how to create a contact us page, but you haven't figured it out, be sure to smash the like button, because in this video, i'm going to show you exactly how to do it extremely quickly before we get into it. my name is ecom tom and you've landed on one of my quick shopify tips, where i drop a tip like this every single week on beginner things that you might not understand right away and try to make them easy for you. so if you want to learn more, please be sure to subscribe and check out the playlist that i already have created, and if you want to learn how i personally make money with shopify, please check out my free shopify mini course down below. with that, let's go into my computer and let's get into it. so, as you can see right here, i have a contact page. it's nothing fancy, but the main thing about a contact page is that it has the forms to fill out so you can be contacted. almost every single theme has this built in, but it might not be very intuitive right away, so i'm going to show you exactly how to do it. so, basically, what you want to do is. you want to go into your online store and then click on pages. a lot of themes will actually start with a contact page. but if not, i'm going to show you, because that's probably why you're here. once you click on pages, you want to click on add page and once that loads, you're going to realize that over here on the side it's going to say theme template, and almost every theme will have at least two theme templates right away, and one is going to be the default and the other is going to be some form of contact. so say, we were going to make a contact page for the for the video that says contact us and it's just with the default page. i'm going to click save. i'm going to show you what it looks like. we click view page. you're going to realize it just says contact us on it and it's not really very helpful. but what if we were to change it to the contact theme page and click save? once we click save, we will click view page and once it's finally loaded, you'll see it's added in the contact forms. this will go to the email that you have registered to your shopify account and that's pretty much all you really need to know to make a contact us page. obviously you could add more to this page, which is where you would add in the text right here. i suggest adding in: you know your business hours, your store hours, a bit about your business or possibly just how long it takes for them to get a response after they contact you. your email, if you have a physical location, your physical location, your phone number, if you have one, you can type that all in here. i'll just type in hour hours are, and then you just add in things like that and then click save and then, once we've already hit save- we want to wait a little bit- hit view page and you'll notike: this is our hours are. so you can add in all sorts of text right here and then this will still be down below, giving the customer the ability to easily contact you and you to easily get their emails. so hopefully this video was helpful. if you have any questions on it, please ask them down below. if you haven't already, please be sure to like this video. let's get it out to as many beginners as possible. if you haven't subscribed already, please be sure to do so for more tips like this every single week. with that being said, thank you very much and i'll see you in the next video.

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How to Add an About Us Page to Shopify Store

come to your shopify dashboard and to add an about us page or any pages in general, you're gonna have to come down to your online store right here, so click on this and then come down to this pages section and you'll actually see that the site i'm using right now doesn't have any pages whatsoever. there's nothing here. there's no about us or contact us pages. so what you can do is click add page here, or it's also in the top right hand corner. you can click add page, so let's click on that and then we can title our page. so this is an about us page. so we're gonna do about us. you could also call this our story or something that is more unique to you- and then essentially just write the description and the content of your about us page in here. so i've just written something there. maybe you're a tattoo artist or a tattoo shop and you know you need to sell some things or whatever. so we do tattoos. we've been around since 2000, whatever it is. so of course, you can just write text in here, but it won't really look that great, so you maybe want to use some of the tools up here. so obviously this is just like microsoft word in that you can basically bold text or italicize it or do any of that. so you can just do that as you want. but what's really great also is that you can add media into this description. so you might want to do that. you can come to these here. this one is insert image, this one is insert video and this one is to clear all of the formatting. right here you can also insert a table. so there's a few things you can do with this editor. you can also do this outside of shopify, maybe in microsoft word or a different editor, and then basically copy and paste it in here. but what's really great is that you can add images. so let's go and click on this, insert an image right here, and then what i can do is maybe get some images from my computer and then i can just drag and drop them in here to upload them to shopify if you do want to use this shopify editor. so, for example, if this is one of our two artists and you want to have a bio or description, you can insert that image and it's just going to come into the editor itself so you can edit it here. you can also click on it and resize it. so there's a lot you can do in the shopify editor if you don't want to do it outside of this and then copy and paste it in. you can do exactly the same for videos as well, if you want to do that. so you can do all of that then, as we come down. this is really important. so, for a page in shopify, you can change how it's displayed online in google search results, so you can edit website seo right now, and, as you can see, right now it says our story, because that is the title of our page, but you can change this if you want it to stand out way more. on google, you can say tattoo zg- let's say i'm a tattoo shop- tattoo zg- about us page, or something like that, so you can have that in google. then you can actually edit the description that comes up in google, too, to something a little bit more punchy, rather than it just taking the first few lines of your about us page, so it will actually be a little bit more meaningful to people searching for it on google. once you're finished with that, though, and your description is fine, you can come right up here and, essentially, you want to choose this one, which is page. this is not a contact page. if you press that one, a contact form will be displayed on the page, so you don't want that because this is about us. so this run is correct. then you can come up here and essentially just have it visible as of when you save it. you can also make the page hidden. if you ever want to hide a page, you can just press this and press save, and then it won't be visible, but i'm happy with it being visible so you can go up, press save and then that about us page is published onto your site. now we still have a problem, though, and that is the theme that i'm using actually doesn't display the about us page up in the menu section, and actually i think i really want to tell my story, so i want to put that page up here. well, i'll show you how to do that now. what we'll have to do is come actually back to our shopify dashboard right now, come to your online store and then come to navigation. that's going to bring up these options, so you can add the about us page either to the footer menu- that's at the bottom- or the main menu, that's the one at the top. i'm just going to put it in the main menu for now. so i'm going to click on main menu to edit this. you can see that i've got a few different menu items already. i want to add another one, so i'm going to come down to add menu item. it's going to come up with this. you can then title the menu item so about us or our story, or whatever you want. then come down to the links section, click on this once. then you can search and it's an about us page. so we want to link a page so we can click on pages. it will then bring us up with all the pages that we have and remember we just added this one- our story or about us, whatever it is. so click on that one and then that links to the our story page. you can press add on there and that has added the menu item. you can go up to the right hand corner, click save and then that should be there for us. when we do then come back to the coffee zg website, we can just refresh this and we should have that up there for us, the about us menu item. and there it is. it's been added on that right hand side for us. so when you do click on that, it will take people straight through to the our story page, and we edited it right here. you can also change where about us is in the menu. just come back in here, click and hold on here, and then you can change this around to change where it's actually displayed either on the left hand side of the right hand side. you can then edit this, because i made a mistake capitalizing the b- about us. absolutely perfect, that's adding an about us page on shopify and putting it into your menu. check out the description for way more information on shopify and some more tutorials. if the video was helpful, please give it a thumbs up. subscribe for more and i'll see you in the next one.

Add An 'About Us' Page On Shopify | Shopify About Us Page Tutorial

hey guys, Jason here with Quantum courses and in this tutorial we'll be going over how to create and add an about page to your Shopify store. adding an about us page to your Shopify store is a great way to share your story with customers and help build a stronger connection with your brand. an about us page can provide information about your business, your products, Your Design style, your personal story, how you got started or any other interesting and relevant information you wish to include. in this video, I'll be demonstrating how to easily customize a new page on Shopify with text, images, links and even videos to create an engaging about us page for your Shopify store. once you create your robotos page, a link to the page can be added to your store's navigation menu, your home page and other areas of your Shopify store so customers can check it out and learn more about you and your brand. so to get started, let's head over to Shopify and go over how to create and add a new about us page to your store. if you haven't joined Shopify yet, make sure you access your free trial by heading over to Jason gandyinfo or by clicking the link in the video description. no credit card is required to get your free trial and, if you like it, you can get three months of Shopify for only a dollar per month on select plans. if you're an entrepreneur, Shopify is definitely the most popular and one of the best platforms you could use to build your online business. so now that you've unlocked Shopify, let's log in and go over how to create an about us page for your store. once you log in, you will be taken to your Shopify dashboard. here's where you can add new products, view your analytiks and, of course, add a new page to your Shopify store. so, to add our about page, let's look at the menu on the left hand side and click on the online store tab. this should take us to the themes tab, where we can customize our theme. but if you look at the menu on the left, you should also notike other options underneath the online store tab. now as well. one of these options should be your pages tab. let's go ahead and click that now. here's where you go to create a new page to add to your Shopify store. from here, you can create any type of page you wish, including an about us page. as you can see, I currently don't have any pages, so let's click on the add page button and go over how to create an about page for my Shopify demo store. so here's where you can create a new page on Shopify and customize it with your own text, images, videos and more. in the first text box up top we can add a title for our page. keep in mind that writing good titles, descriptions and adding relevant keywords can help your store's SEO. so for your store's title you could just go with the standard about us, but feel free to get creative as well. for example, you can name your page our mission, our values, about our brand, meet the team or anything else you like. for my title I'm just gonna go with about Quantum designs. now we can move on to the fun stuff in the next box. here we can add our description, our images and other content for my page. I'm going to start with a little tagline. simply type in your text and you can also use the tools up top here to edit your text any way that you like. so let's make my tagline italics and move it to the center of the page. underneath my tagline, I think I'll add my store logo. if you want to upload your logo, or even a banner that you created, simply click the photo icon here. here's where you can upload images to add to your Shopify page. if you look down at the bottom, you'll see a button that says upload file. let's click that now. you can then find and open up the image that you want to upload. once your image finishes uploading, go ahead and click it to select it. this will open up a new menu at the bottom where you can add your image alt text and select the size of your image. alt text can help people find your images, so I recommend writing a short description, and if we scroll down to the size drop down menu, we can see there are several pixel sizes you can select for your image. feel free to experiment with the various sizes to see which one works the best for your image, but for my image I'm just gonna go with the default. so once you've added your alt text and selected your image sauce, go ahead and go down to the bottom right and click on the insert image button, and the image of my brand logo has been added to my about page. if you like, you can also add a link to your image or Banner by selecting it then clicking the link icon here. this will open up a box where you can paste in the link that you want to insert into your image. you can send customers to your brand website or wherever else you like, but I'm just going to add a link to my store beside the link address. you can also use the drop down menu to open the link in a new window or in the same window. I don't want the customer to completely leave my about page, so I'll open it up in a new window and in the bottom text field you can add a link title. remember that your titles and texts will all help with their SEO. so once you're finished adding your linked details, go down to the bottom right and click on the insert link button. now, if a customer clicks my image, they'll be taken to my Shopify Store homepage. so now that I've added my image, let's add some text. when writing your about us text, you can include anything that you want your customers to know about you or your brand. this could be how your business got started, how your products are made, your business model, your personal story or anything else you want to include. remember to be clear and engaging and use some good keywords and keyword phrases for search engine optimization. also, feel free to use the tools up top to add some text formatting, such as Boulder italics. so now that I've added my example text, let's go over how to add a video to your page. using a video was a great way to connect with your customers and keep them engaged. for your video, you can be as creative as you like. this could be you introducing yourself and your brand to your audience, or even a video showing your audience how you design or make your products. you could simply film your video on your smartphone. but if you're ready to go pro, you should check out the professional video templates available on places. with placeit, you can simply select a template and customize it with your own text, images, colors and more. not only can you create professional videos for your brand, but also logos, marketing posts for social media, animated intros and even professional product mock-ups. to give place it a try, make sure you head over to jasoninfo or simply click the link in the video description. so now that I have a cool video to use, let's go over how to add it to my about page. if you look at the top toolbar, you should see the video icon. let's click that now. this will open up a box where you can paste the embedded code for your video. in order to get an embedded code, you'll first have to upload your video to a place like YouTube or Vimeo. for my video I'm gonna upload it to YouTube. if you want your video to show on your page but not on your YouTube channel, make sure you upload it as unlisted. so once your video finishes uploading, go ahead and go to the video page underneath your video. Let's click the share button. this will open up a box providing you with various options to share your video. if you look at the icons in the middle, one of them should say in bed. if you click this, it'll provide you with your videos embed code. to copy the code, simply go down to the bottom right and click on copy. now that we've copied our code, let's head back over to Shopify and paste it in the box. and there we go. now that we've pasted our code, let's click on the insert video button, and my video has now been added to my about page. this is just an example video, but feel free to add a detailed video about your brand or products. also, feel free to add multiple sections to your about page as well. you can add another.


hey guys, welcome back to my channel, and in today's video i am going to be showing you guys how to create an about us page on your shopify store. so, basically, when your customer wants to learn about your business, an about test page will be the page that they will be looking for. so, for example, this business here: if we scroll down on their website, if you go all the way down, you'll find um on the photo menu and about us page. so basically it is something like this: so let's click that. so basically, an about us page- uh will let your customers know about your business, um, its mission and the people who runs it, uh, basically. so this actually builds trust in this tool by letting customers know who you really are, and it also helps you build your uh brand identity by telling a story that's memorable to your customers. and this is another website fashion over. if you go on the photo menu section, you can find they have something called about. so this is basically about us. so when you click that um, you will find the about us page is um it's. it has, like so many really good information. so my tips before we jump into creating an about us page: um what you need to include on your about us page. it is all about your brand, um, your mission, um, your values and and stuff like that. so make sure to keep the contents focused and very meaningful, just like how fashionable? did this here. and if you have a lot to say about your business, um, consider adding more than one page and stuff like that. let's just let's jump back on shopify and i'll show you how you can create a really good about us page, just like these brands here. so here i am, back on my admin shopify- stop, uh. so to start creating an about us page, click here online store. so make sure you're on the online store and then click pages right over here. so let's click pages and from here you can manage and create different pages for your online store. so let's click add page right over here and we can start by naming our, uh, our page, uh, we can give a title. so basically, this is going to be um about oops. so this is going to be. this is going to be about us, but you can name the page whatever you want or you would like. like a fashion over just wrote like about, but you can name the page basically what you want. but um about us should be good, because this is all about telling people about your brand and things like that. so now let's start adding some content. um. so, as i told you before, uh, my tips: make sure uh you about about this page includes, like really good and meaningful, important information, like about your brand, so you can tell your customers about your brand, your values and mission, so you can let your customer know um your values in what matters for you outside of profit that you're going to make with your business. so make sure to keep things um simple. um, the content should be nice and very meaningful and yeah, so i'm gonna write here: tell your customers. so basically, this should be your content. so, basically, your about this page should just focus on things that customer will care about and what your business has to offer to your customer, and also use an about us page to build and maintain your branding. so, basically, so you can give your about us page a title and over here you can put um the content. and if you really don't know what you should write on your about us page, you can check like different businesses for an inspiration and check their about us page. what did they include on their about as page. as you can see here, um, this is fashion over. they have the about us, they have their mission there and they also have, like, beautiful content. i'll show you how you can add content on your about us page. so, basically, this is how you can do it and you can take um inspiration from, like any business that you want to, oh, you like, and you think it will actually kind of make sense, um, if you just look a little bit of an inspiration from them to create your about us page. after you wrote your contents on your about us page, now it's time for you to add different elements to your page, like pictures, graphic maps, etc. just like how i showed you on the fashion over website. this will helps you to create an engagement with your card. so you can even consider including like photos and shirts, paragraph of the people who works with your business, etc. and and also, depending on the theme you use, you can include a sign up section for a newsletter to keep up with you, uh, to keep up a conversation with your customer, and i am going to show you how. so you can actually click here on the inside image and you can actually select image. if you have an uploaded images or you have product images already, you can just do that from your website, or if you have like a link, you can do that. so you can basically, uh, maybe like link some of your base products or you can select that picture and insert it, and you can insert the picture where you want it to be. this is actually like a random so, but make sure something is going to look nice and clean, just like i'm fashion over, as you can see fashion over here on the about us page they have, um, the information about us and they also create, um they added like- images that aligns with their about us page just to show their customers these pictures. they're really good and they're very engaging, attracts people just to read and get to know about, uh, the business, about what they're buying, what is the mission or values of this company, before they buy from you. so make sure, um, you keep things simple and neat, just like this. now, this section here under visibility, you can actually choose if you, if and when you want this page to be visible in your store, if you want it to be visible, like today, or you want it to be hidden. so, if you want it to be hidden, then it won't be shown on your website. but if you want it to be visible, you can actually select this and make it visible right away after, after you save it, or if you want to set the date you want it to be visible. you don't want it to be visible right now, but you want it to be later. you can actually schedule for a date over here. but on this um tutorial, i'm just going to pick this ball because i want my about us page to be visible and stuff like that. and then, when you're done, click, save. and now, and as you can see, shopify is telling us our about us page has been created. so now that your about us page is saved, you have to add it to the navigation of your online store. um, this will give your customer a way to click and access the page. so if you don't add your about us page on your store navigation, then your customer won't see it in your menus and you won't be able to find it. so, for example, if we click on- i think on- my store here and if i scroll all the way down i i don't have any page available for now, even though i created an about aspect, but i have to make it available on the navigation. so, to have an access to navigation, make sure you are on the online store here, click online store and then go all the way down where it says navigation and then click navigation and on this section here you can choose: either you want your about us page to be on the footer menu or on the main menu, so you can pick this section, um, it's very common for it to be on the folder menu. so i am going to click folder menu and now the next step will be to click add menu item. so i'm going to click add menu item and i am going to name this menu item, which is going to um, about us, and then after that, i am going to click link and i am going to choose. so, right here, i we created a page, so we're gonna have to select a page and we're gonna select the page that we created. so click pages and you can find here we have a contact and about us. so this tutorial is all about about us. so let's select about us and then click save. so after that, click save again and now, um, this should be good to go and our about us page should be um ready down on the footer menu. so let's go back on my stop. if i scroll all the way down here, you can see still i don't have it, so let me refresh it. so i'.