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Accept Payments Easily with Shopify and Elavon

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Welcome back to MobileTerminals' YouTube channel where we help businesses find the best payment solutions. When it comes to payment terminals, there are two main categories: disruptive fintech companies and traditional financial institutions. Elevon, a 30-year-old payment processor, falls into the latter category, but has recently modernized their offer with new services and modern payment terminals. In this video, we will answer questions such as: Is Elevon's offer worth it compared to more recent solutions? What are the terms and features of their offer? And most importantly, is Elevon the best fit for your business?

- Elevon is a leading global payment processor owned by US Bank

- Offers both online and face-to-face acquiring services for all kinds of businesses

- Limited information available about actual terms and fees of the solution

- You need to get in touch with their sales team to receive a tailored business proposal

- Offers a range of payment terminals from traditional to modern

Payment Terminals:

- Elevon's mobile merchant is an entry-level terminal that connects to any smartphone equipped with the Elevon mobile merchant app

- Ingenico payment terminals are available for those who need a more traditional mobile terminal or a fixed terminal

- Point terminals are a new generation of Android smart terminals with large touchscreens and capabilities of traditional terminals

- All Elevon card readers can accept almost all card types including mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay

Terms and Fees:

- Elevon's commissions usually range between 0.7% to 0.4% of the transaction amount for local credit and debit cards

- Fixed authorization fees are typically two or three cents

- A minimum 30 euro fee will be charged monthly for transaction fees

- A minimum 12-month lock-in clause regardless of the terms you negotiate

- The mobile merchant reader comes with a no contract pay-as-you-go offer designed for smaller businesses with no lock-in or monthly fees and transaction fees starting at 2.75%

- Elevon is an established traditional payment solution with tailored commissions for larger businesses

- Elevon's complete payment services and integrated point of sale tools can help you operate seamlessly with an all-in-one solution

- If you're a smaller business, Elevon's commitment and recurring monthly fee may not be the best fit

- We hope this video helped you learn more about Elevon's in-store payment solutions and how they could help your business grow.

Elavon Account Setup

If you have set up an account with Converge or Elavon, you can access your credit card functions through the Converge portal. Setting up your account properly is essential for online transactions. In this article, we will guide you through the necessary steps to ensure that your Converge account is set up correctly.

Setting Up Your Account:

To begin with, you need to make sure that your terminal is set up for HTTPS to enable online transactions. Additionally, you need to set up at least one user with the terminal settings to process a payment online. Here are the steps to set up your account:

- Call Converge support to enable the necessary features for your account at 800-377-3962, option 2.

- Set up your terminal for HTTPS to ensure secure transactions.

- Click on Users to add at least one user with the terminal settings.

- Ensure that the user has the rights to process critical sale transactions.

- Set up your PIN, username, and merchant ID. Your merchant ID is the account you use to log in to Converge, and your PIN can be up to 64 characters long.

- Input your account information in Drive to complete the setup process.

Making a Payment:

Once you have set up your account properly, you can process payments online. Here are the steps to make a payment:

- Go to Credit Card Processing in Drive and select Elavon Account Setup.

- Enter your merchant ID, username, and PIN, and click Save.

- Select an account from the list and process the payment.

- Check the Current Batches to ensure that the transaction was successful.

Setting up your Converge account is easy if you follow the steps mentioned above. Ensure that your terminal is set up for HTTPS and that you have at least one user with the terminal settings. Input your account information in Drive to complete the setup process. Once your account is set up, you can process payments online with ease. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Worldpay, Elavon, Square, iZettle, Barclaycard – what's the difference between payment processors?

In recent years, payment facilitators (or pay facs) have been gaining popularity in the market. These are card machines that are funkier and better looking than traditional card machines found in coffee shops and market stands. They include brands like iZettle, Sum Up, and Square. However, they are different from traditional processors like Worldpay and big banks with processing divisions like Barclaycard. In this article, we will explore the differences between pay facs and traditional processors and when it is better to choose one over the other.

Pay Facs vs Traditional Processors:

- Pay Facs are technology companies that have eliminated contracts, terminal rental fees, and some credit and identity checks. In return, they require merchants to buy their card reader and withhold their fee from what merchants receive in their business bank account.

- Traditional processors like Worldpay and big banks have contracts, terminal rental fees, minimum processing fees, and credit and identity checks. However, they offer a more comprehensive style of billing called Interchange Plus Plus which is transparent but complex.

- Pay Facs offer a flat percentage fee for every card, regardless of its type. This makes it easier to understand but may not always be the cheapest option.

- Traditional processors offer cheaper rates for merchants who process more on card. However, they can be mean to merchants processing very little by card. Pay Facs may work out cheaper for merchants who expect to process less than £4,000 per month.

- The average transaction size is the most important factor in determining which option is cheapest. Flat rates are expressed as a flat percent while interchange or blended rates tend to be in a percentage plus format. This means that the average transaction size is crucial in determining the cheapest option.

- The card makeup also affects the price. The more exotic the card, the more traditional processors would charge, and the better off merchants are with pay facs.

In conclusion, pay facs and traditional processors have their own advantages and disadvantages. Pay facs are best for merchants with lower processing volumes and smaller average transaction sizes while traditional processors are best for merchants with higher processing volumes and larger average transaction sizes. It is important to consider the three factors discussed above when choosing between pay facs and traditional processors. If in doubt, it is always best to seek advice from a reputable payment solution provider like StoreKit.

Accept Customer Payments (Shopify Basics)

In this article, we will discuss how to set up payments inside your Shopify store so that customers can send you their money. We will cover the necessary steps to take and the different payment providers available, including PayPal and Shopify payments.

Setting Up Payments:

1. Fill out your store address and legal business name under settings and general. This information is important for setting up shipping and payment settings.

2. Go to payment providers under settings and select a third-party provider such as PayPal Payflow Pro.

3. Choose between PayPal Express Checkout and Shopify payments depending on your business needs.

4. Alternative payment methods such as Bitcoin, layaway, and manual payments are also available.

5. Set up payment authorization to automatically or manually capture payments for orders.

Setting up payments is a crucial step in running an online store. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can ensure that your customers have a seamless checkout process and that you receive their payments promptly. Don't forget to consider different payment providers and methods to find the best fit for your business.

Elavon Cancels CBD Merchant Services...What now?

Late November, the author made a video explaining their ability to help CBD merchants accept credit cards. However, as of March 2019, the main bank and credit card processing platform, Elevon and US Bank, terminated their program for CBD merchants, leaving many speculating why.

Reasons for Termination:

The program was launched without proper due diligence to ensure that every small CBD merchant was following local and federal laws. Additionally, the FDA and companies like Legit Script have stated that CBD cannot be sold as a dietary supplement due to the patented pharmaceutical drug that is CBD.

Current Status:

As of early May, CBD is still considered illegal, and it is uncertain if it will be declassified as a Schedule 1 drug. However, the author's previous bank, a different bank from Elevon and US Bank, is considering a program to allow merchants to process transactions through them once again. While requirements will be strict, they may be more open to working with startups.

The author encourages anyone interested in CBD merchant services to contact them. While they currently do not have an option, they will update their list of interested parties once they have more information. The author is confident that they will be one of the few people able to set up merchants with the new bank's program.

Converge: Customizing a Hosted Payment Page

Accepting payments on a website can be risky as it involves handling sensitive information. The Converge hosted payment page offers a secure and reliable solution for businesses to accept payments on their website.

Customizing the Hosted Payment Page:

- To customize the hosted payment page, go to Settings and click Hosted Payments.

- Use the section on the right to customize the payment page.

- Select what the payment page shows in the order summary and which payment methods customers can use.

- Add your company's logo and select a color scheme.

- Change the text on the button, enter and format header and footer text.

- Enable CAPTCHA to protect your website against bots.

Customizing the Response Page:

- Click the Response Page tab to customize the approval and decline payment confirmation pages.

- Change the text on the button, enter the URL for the page you want the button to redirect to.

- Enter and format header and footer text.

- Add a custom message to the declined notification.

Adding the Hosted Payment Page to Your Website:

- Visit the Elavon developer portal for next steps.

The Converge hosted payment page provides a secure and customizable solution for businesses to accept payments on their website. With its user-friendly interface and customizable features, it offers a seamless checkout experience for customers while reducing the scope of PCI DSS compliance.

Hosted Payment Page with Converge by Clearly Payments

Accepting online payments is crucial for any business in today's digital age. Converge's hosted payment page provides a secure and seamless checkout experience for customers while reducing the scope of PCI DSS compliance. Customizing the payment page is easy and can be done through the settings.

Customizing the Hosted Payment Page:

- Go to settings and click hosted payments next to payment page

- Use the section on the right to customize your payment page

- Preview changes on the left

- Select payment methods, billing and shipping address fields, and add company logo

- Choose color scheme or enter hex codes for custom branding

- Change button and link text, header and footer text

- Enable captcha to protect against bots

Customizing the Response Page:

- Click on the response page tab

- Customize approval and decline payment confirmation pages or redirect customers to your website with a redirect URL

- Select what the response page shows for order summary and billing and shipping addresses

- Add custom message for declined notification

- Enter URL for redirect button

Converge's hosted payment page is a great option for businesses looking for a secure and customizable payment solution. With easy customization options and the ability to redirect customers to your website, businesses can maintain their brand identity while providing a seamless checkout experience for their customers.

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