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Ad-filled Pages

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Are you spending money on paid traffic to your website, only to find that nobody is converting? This is a common issue that can cost you a lot of money in the long run. However, by following a few simple steps, you can fix those leaks and make your ads much more profitable. In this article, we will provide you with some helpful tips on how to improve your landing pages and increase your conversion rates.

1. Choose a Specific Page: When creating a Facebook, Instagram, Google or YouTube ad, it is essential to choose a specific page that the ad leads to. Avoid sending visitors to your home page, as this can be too general. Instead, advertise a specific offer, such as a lead magnet, discount or value-add offer.

2. Visual Design: Your landing page should feel visually similar to your ad itself. Mimic the same color scheme, fonts and overall image style to make visitors feel like they belong to the same overall family.

3. Emotional Buy-In: Emotions play a significant role in buying decisions. Lead with intangible benefits that can change their life or solve a problem they've been experiencing. Then, follow up with a list of inclusions or features to justify their decision.

4. Social Proof: Include testimonials on your landing page to provide social proof. Choose testimonials that speak to a common objection that your customers have, and make them short and impactful.

5. Call to Action: Your landing page should have a big, bold call to action button that stands out from every other element on the page. Use direct text that says exactly what happens next, such as Get My Free Checklist or Book Your Consultation.

6. Page Speed: Run your landing pages through a page speed tool to see what you can do to speed things up as much as possible. This can include technical fixes that may require hiring a developer.

7. Bonus Tip - Use Video: Video is incredibly versatile and can show things that cannot be replicated in any other format. Use video on your landing page to explain your offer, show how it works, or provide customer testimonials.

By following these tips, you can create effective landing pages that convert visitors into customers. Remember to test and tweak your landing pages regularly to ensure that they are performing at their best.

How To SELL in Facebook Groups & Pages with Ads (The RIGHT Way)

Title: How to Target Facebook Groups with Facebook Ads and Build Your Own Audience

Facebook groups are a great way to reach superfans and targeted audiences in a specific niche or topic. However, targeting these groups can be difficult because Facebook does not provide the option natively. Spamming the groups is also not recommended. In this article, we will discuss a ninja trick to target Facebook groups with Facebook ads and build your own audience.

How to Target Facebook Groups with Facebook Ads:

1. Post a video on your Facebook page

2. Hide the video on your feed

3. Copy the link as your personal Facebook profile

4. Post the video in the group

5. Collect data from whoever interacts with the video within the group

6. Create a custom audience in Ads Manager with the video engagement data

7. Target people inside Facebook groups without using any other tools


- Provide value and a useful video that people will watch

- Interact with the people that are commenting to bump up the video back up to the top of the feed

- Hide the post on your Facebook page to ensure that all the views and people you're targeting are from that Facebook group

With this ninja trick, you can target Facebook groups with Facebook ads and build your own audience. It is an incredibly powerful method that works for all types of niches and businesses. Don't forget to provide value and interact with your audience to ensure success. Check out Social Marketing Mastery for more proven strategies and in-depth guides. Keep hustling!

How to Use Custom Product Pages to Lower Apple Search Ads Costs

In this video, Steve P. Young, founder of Masters.com, discusses the power of custom product pages for both Apple search ads and organic keyword rankings. He is joined by Emre Yalcin, from Mobile Action and Search Ads, who provides insight on how to properly set up custom product pages to decrease costs per install for a particular keyword and improve organic rankings. The discussion focuses on creating intent-based product pages by matching the search intent with the creators, creating brand new screenshots and descriptions, and using granular approaches in campaign structures. Custom product pages can result in significant improvements in tap through rates, conversion rates, and lower costs per install. However, it is important to set up the campaigns correctly and avoid pausing and restarting campaigns, which can lead to unrealistic metrics. Emre can be contacted via LinkedIn or through the Mobile Action website.

How To Create High Converting Landing Pages For Google Ads

Are you struggling to see conversions from your Google Ads campaign despite creating amazing ads with focused keyword targeting and click-worthy ad copy? If so, the issue may not lie with your Google Ads campaign but instead with your landing page. This is a common problem where businesses fail to see success with their Google Ads campaigns due to their landing page lacking the necessary elements to effectively grab a user's attention, communicate their message, and provide an easy solution to the user's problem.

To ensure that your landing page has the key elements necessary for success, follow these five tips:

1. Attention-grabbing headline and images: Within seconds of a user landing on your page, you need to communicate that your product or service is exactly what they have been looking for. Use a headline and image that focuses on the customer and their individual need.

2. Clear call to action: Have a single focus with multiple options for the user to complete the desired action. Ensure that your call to action is introduced in your ad copy.

3. Simple design with great images and easy-to-read messaging: Keep your landing page simple and easy to use, with great images and messaging that are easy to read and back up the call to action.

4. Authority markers, testimonials, and guarantees: Provide logic for the user to justify their purchase decision by including authority markers such as well-known brands, testimonials, and guarantees.

5. Simple, easy-to-use conversion process: Ensure that the process for completing the desired action is simple and easy to use, such as a click-to-call button or buy now button.

By implementing these five tips, you can guarantee that your landing page will effectively grab a user's attention, communicate your message, and provide an easy solution to the problem they are facing, resulting in increased conversions from your Google Ads campaign.

Should You Use Landing Pages With Google Ads?

When it comes to running Google ads, not all landing pages are created equal. In this short video, we will discuss whether or not you should be using a landing page or a series of landing pages when running Google ads.

Why You Should Use Custom Landing Pages:

- Sending people to the home page of your site is not always a good idea.

- A targeted landing page can help improve the post-click experience.

- A targeted landing page can lead to better conversion rates.

- Google rewards ads that have a relevant landing page.

Options for Non-Ecommerce Sites:

- Send people to your home page or the next best fit page on your site.

- Add more pages to your site using the inbuilt site creation tool.

- Use a standalone landing page tool like Instapage, Unbounce, or Hubspot.

Benefits of Standalone Landing Pages:

- You can spin up landing pages much faster and more easily.

- You can extract conversions from paid digital advertising.

- You can create landing pages that are more relevant to matching the user's search intent.

- You can improve the post-click experience for prospective customers.

In conclusion, using targeted landing pages is always a good idea when running Google ads. If you have a non-ecommerce site, there are several options available to you, including using a standalone landing page tool. By creating a relevant landing page, you can improve the post-click experience for your customers and improve the performance of your ads.

How I Grow Facebook Pages Fast Step-by-Step [PAGE & ADS REVEALED]

In this article, the author shares their experience of growing a celebrity meme page on Facebook from zero to close to 30,000 followers in less than a month. The author shows the Facebook ads, posts, and targeting used to achieve this growth and explains the importance of having a winning ad that looks organic. The author also shares tips for getting the best type of followers for a Facebook page, including having a specific template for posts, using the right targeting, and understanding the type of audience wanted for the page. Ultimately, the author emphasizes the importance of testing and gaining experience to understand what works on Facebook.

How To Make High Converting Landing Pages For Native Ads

In this video, Colin from University explores the best landing pages for Native hats and why they work well. He shows different examples inside Lander eyes and explains which offers work best for them.

- Colin introduces the topic of landing pages for Native hats and mentions Lander eyes as a tool to create optimized landing pages.

- He promises to show examples and explain why they work.


- Colin shows a simple landing page with a video sales letter, which works well with a simplistic page to push the click-through.

- He explains the importance of having the advertisement or tutorial at the top, followed by the brand logo and a social proof image.

- Colin emphasizes the need for a strong attention-grabbing headline and image to push the audience to the offer.

Editorial Page:

- Colin recommends an editorial page as the best option for native ads. He explains that it's a testimonial news-style page with all the information needed for maximum click-through rate, even though the conversion rate is relatively low.

- He shows a Nutria example of an editorial-style page that pushes the product and has a tremendous amount of potential.

- Colin recommends beginners focus on the Nutria example and alter it as needed.

- He advises using simplistic pages for video sales letters and editorial pages for other offers.

- Colin emphasizes the importance of editing the landing page to match the offer and getting a strong foundation for profitable campaigns.

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