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add custom font to shopify

Published on: January 13 2023 by pipiads

How To Add Custom Fonts On Shopify Store (2022)

how to add custom fonts on shopify store. hi guys, welcome back into this channel, and today i will be teaching you how to add or upload custom fonts on shopify store. so let's begin right away. the favorite step is to make sure that you have signed up on the shopify store or the shopify website. so simply go to shopifycom and sign up and make sure that your email is working, since shopify will be sending an email regarding the verification or the activation of your account- and once you're done, simply go to the home page, which is this one, and then click on online store under the sales channel section right here, and make sure that you are on the themes section. and right now, what you're going to do is to make sure that your theme is not done. instead, it should be debut. since i don't have the debut theme right here, what i will be doing is to go to shopify theme store. so go to visit theme store and then wait for it to load. once you're here, hit search on the upper right and then type in debut. once you are here, click on the debut with this icon and click on try theme, wait for it to load once again and then, once it is done loading, you may start editing the debut site or theme. you just simply scroll down and wait for it to load until you can click on customize. so click on customize and wait for it to load. once again, there are options wherein you can change the font right here, but this will not be the page where we can edit or add our custom fonts, so you just accept it right here, go to actions and click on edit code. so this will be a complex one, so you need to follow these steps thoroughly. so go to search files and type in css and, under the assets, click on theme css and then go to the bottom of the page and then click on the bottom, hit enter and then go to the um description box below, since i will be adding this code. so simply copy and paste this code. and now, once you have pasted it, what you're going to do now is to download the font that you want. so i suggest you use the fontcom website, but there are other websites you can search in google, so you need to search for font downloader for free and etc. if you want to download one, just click on download and then simply follow the steps needed and then the file will be- uh, mostly can be seen as zip, so like this one. so in order for you to extract it, you need to click on the folder first and then right click and click on extract all or extract here or whichever option you can see, and then now, once it will be extracted, you may see a folder or a content like this one. so this is the font. what you're going to do now is to look for its property so that you may see its um format. so right click on the font, click on properties and then, as you can see, the type of file is dot dtf. so remember the type of font or the type of file, since you will be needing it afterwards. so mine is dot etf, so it will appear as otf or wolf or etc. so let's go back to the code first and, as you can see, the um type of file that we will be needing is wolf2. so the waft2 is the font that is used in the web pages. so you will need to convert our font, which is the ttf, to waff2. so you may go to google and search for font file converter. let's say, for example, your type of file is like mine, which is dtf. you may search for ttf to walk to like that one, and then you may also you use anyconvecom, which is the app that i will be using. i'm in the website. just simply click on choose file, choose the extracted file and then make sure to choose the waft2 um type of file, click on convert and then now you may download it. once you have downloaded it, you may now go back to shopify and click on add a new asset and then choose a file, choose the converted one, which is dot wolf to file, click open and click on upload asset. once you're done, simply scroll down and look for the uploaded asset, which is this one which can be found on the bottom- most part of the assets, and then go back to themecss. oh wait, we need to copy the name first, which is this one. remember to copy only the name and not including the um extension or the file type right here. place the font name also right here and, lastly, right here. so before we save this one, we will be previewing the page first or the site first. so this is the site. the default um text can be seen right here on the header, the um, the body or the paragraph. then if you want to change the font, we will go back to right here, to the codes or to the theme dot css. so the last step that we will be um using or doing is add classes here with comma. so, as you can see, there are sections or classes. so let's say, for example, this one: this is the first header or the header one, and then this is the header two, and then this is the header three, and etc. so if you want to change the font of the header, you just simply type in h and then the number of that header, so you may type in h1, then comma, h2 and then comma, again h3, and so on. for the body you may type in body and for the paragraph you may type in p, and for the um link you just type in a for the link, click on save and then you may click on preview once again and, as you can see, the font now has been changed. so you may now exit this one. make sure first to click on save and then you may go back to home, and that's it. so let me know. if you have any questions, please post them on the comment section below and make sure to hit the subscribe button and the notification bell as well. make sure to leave a thumbs up, and then that's it. that's how you can add custom fonts on shopify.

[2022 Free] How To Add a CUSTOM FONT To Your Shopify Store -Easy Step-By-Step Tutorial

shopify world. we are back with another coding video and in this video i'm going to show you how to add your own font, or someone else's font that you are registered to use commercially, to your shopify store, so that you know you have a different phone and it looks better. we're gonna do some coding for this, step by step. i'm gonna explain to you how. let's just jump straight into the demo store. okay, we are into the demo store right here. let me actually show you what it currently looks like, so you know i'm not bamboozling you. um, this is what it looks like, pretty straightforward: the current font. let's, here we do right click, inspect the current font of this partikular element is called pup font. works on song sheriff. here we go, font family. so we're going to change this partikular one. let's go, let's do this. so, first and foremost, we're going to find the font that we need and we're going to download it. so, uh, so here we go, free commercial use fonts for a thousand and one fonts. um, here, this one. let's click on this one. um, it's free for commercial use, which is fantastik. i personally don't partikularly like it, but you know, as they say in french league, there is a zip file that is opened. perfect, let's look at that zip file right here from scriptina. and here we see we have a ttf file and a text file which is a readme file. let's take a quick look. that says how we can use this font. okay, now the font is actually in the ttf file. there is a small issue, though, is that shopify will not recognize this dtf file and will have to convert it. your font will only work if it is in a woff format or in a woff 2 format, which might seem like an issue, but no worries, that's why there is online converters, so let's convert those files. um. the easiest way is- i found a little website right here: font converternet. let's go to that. so we go to fonts converternet. perfect, this is what it looks like. select the file you want to convert. so we're going to browse. um, that's not the right one. downloads scriptina. and here is our scriptina ttf file. um, i want it in a. let's do a w o f f ii, but again, a w o f f would be fine as well. i hereby confirm i have the license. yes, because it's a free font. um, download your converted font as a zip: scriptina1 it is called, and right here is our font: wf, w0f2. perfect, now we have the correct font format, file format. now we can close all of this. um, let's close this as well. so now what? what's the next step? the next step is we're going to jump into the code. so you're going to go to online store right here and voila, we are on the online store. now. this is very important. as i say in all my dev videos, make sure to create a duplicate of your theme, otherwise if you make a mess up, it's going to cost you a lot of money. so, super important: actions duplicates, and we're going to be working on this duplicate right here. so now we wait a second until it is completely copied and then we're ready to jump into the code. all right, that is done. so now on the copy of the version we want to. so on the backup: basically, that's the version we're going to work on. we're going to click actions and then we're going to click edit code. it's going to open up the lovely code editor and on the very left, we're going to scroll all the way down- not all the way up- all the way down to assets. in the asset folder you'll find the teamscssliquid. you want to click on that one and there's a huge file that's going to open up. the scss file is basically all the cscss of your store and that's everything that makes your store pretty. so the spacing, the colors, the fonts and all of these fun little things. we're going to scroll all the way down here, right here, all the way down, and we're going to add our pieces of code. so we do enter a couple of times to create new lines, some spacing. then we do double slash and we say new, newly installed font code- start. then we do enter- enter to front faces and we do again: a newly installed font code- end. what is this? this is basically little comments that help any future developers who walk into your store find immediately what this code is for. if you don't do that, it's gonna take him or her hours to figure it out, but if you comment your code well, it's gonna save you you a whole bunch of money down the line when someone else needs to work on your store. so please do it all right. so right here we're gonna paste a piece of code that i've provided in the link below. it's in step two and it starts with an at. so make sure that you grab that entire section, you copy it and then you just paste it right here. control up, paste. uh, i'm going to indent this just to make it prettier and easier to read. nope, that's one too much like that. that way it's more manageable for anyone that needs to deal with this in the future and we're going to have to make a couple of modifications. so, font family: it says a name of the font. we're gonna need to change that in script scripting, i think it's called. so i'm just, uh, gonna take that name to make sure it's old. so i'm just going to go into my font size and i'm going to take that name and i'm going to copy paste it to make sure it's exactly the same, because otherwise, if i do a typo, it might not work and it's going to take me hours to figure out why it doesn't work and it would be a bummer. i'm going to replace this by the name of the font: paste see. see what i did there. i messed up because there is an s right here. all right, after that we're going to do url. so again, we change it by the name of the font. a scripting, and right here we pasted again a scripting. there we go. then under this we're gonna paste something else, another piece of code that i've provided. we're gonna leave it at that right now. but, uh, we're gonna come back in this in an instant where we're going to have to change the your css selector. um, currently we can just save it, the asset is saved and now we're going to have to upload the actual uh font file. so for that we're going to create, add a new asset, we're going to upload a file and we're going to upload the correct file- scriptina fonts, scripting- and we upload the asset. scripting dot w-o-f-f. by the way, in my case it's a woff 2, so make sure that's the case right here. okay, so now the font file is actually added to your code. your code knows the font file exists. there is just one little issue left is that your code doesn't know which elements on your site- and let me show you what i mean when i see which elements, which elements on your site need to have this font. does this element need to have the font? does this one need to have the font? does this one need to have the font? we don't know yet because you haven't told it, and that's what we're going to do right now. so the easiest way to do it is: let's say we want it on all major headings. that way we do. we go on our website and we figure out how these headings are named. so we do right click inspect. we can do this little mouse right here and we select the area that we want. you see, that's not the area. this is not it. this is it because it tells us the font name and the font size. but what it also tells you is that it's an h1 header, one that's called mega title, mega title large. so if i tell my code right now, hey, apply my new font to all of the h1. it's going to apply to all of these ones across the entire website. if i say no, no, just apply it to the mega title, it's going to apply it to all of the areas on the website that have the name mega title in their class. it's kind of like an identifier. no, if i say just do it to the mega title, a large, it's going to do it to all the ones that are mega title large. i can also say, just do it to the h2s, which- i'm assuming this is an example of an h2- or to an h3. maybe is this an h3? can i? can i select it? ah, i can't select that. um, or maybe two paragraphs and things like that. this is probably going to be a paragraph. oh, a link, here is a p, so that refers to paragraph. let's say i want to apply it to all of the h ones. well, no problem, i'm going to go back into my code and just to clarify this: right here is an h1: you.

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How To Add a CUSTOM FONT To Your Shopify Store | Add multiple custom font in Shopify drawn theme

so hello everyone, welcome to my youtube channel. and this is it. so in this video, i am going to show you how you can add custom font in your drone theme or in the shopify website. so i think it's very easy task for everyone. let me, i will show you one by one and, after watching this video, i think you will able to uh do a custom font in your website based on every html tag and class. let's go so. this is my uh dashboard and here you can see i clicked here in themes and in the right side you can see your current theme. just click action and click edit code. after that you will find all file of your theme, and here is the layout file, here template file, here section file, and here some snippets: file, assets, config and local. so we need to uh figure out our css file for this drone theme. so click here asset, then you will find this base dot css and if you are in other theme, then you will file themecss or themecascss, and if you are using debut theme, then you will find themecss like that in this folder- asset folder. just uh go below and figure out your theme css file. so, as we are using drawn theme, we need to work on our basecss file. click here and you need to go below, just like that. then here you need to paste our css for font file. so in this description video, uh, i will give you this font. so now what you need to do? uh, download your file. so we are going to use, like this audio white regular font. you just need to download this one like download. so i am just, so i am download this file here, save. so let me download again and download. so it's downloading. and here you can see in theme, here is an option: add a new asset. so we will add our custom font here. but the problem is that now it's like it's like another extension which and which are not going to support in our shopify theme. so we need to make this font in another extension, like you need to go here, like let me cloud convert dot com. click here. then here is the option. so, uh, you need to select file and go on your white. click here, open. then you need to find off to okay, then click convert and download the file. so, as i already had one, i need to delete this and download again and save. so our download is done. just come back our theme file. so click here from asset folder, add a new asset. choose file and add audio white regular dot o f o w o f. two. okay, open and upload asset. so go below and check our font file. so you now you need to copy, like copy this one, copy go base dot css. now you need to put on name here- i think this is very easy task for everyone- and paste it here and also you need to paste the name here also. okay, now you need to click save and view our website. so this is the current font and current font style or font family. so now you need to add all html tag and class where you want to add your new custom font. so i am going to add for each one: h2, h3, h4, it's five- tag and paragraph tik. okay, click save and go back to our website and refresh this one. so check this looks very nice- and see all font are changed and if you want to change here, then you can also change. just click here, inspect and check out the tag name or the class name. so here is the input tag and here is the button text. so you can also need to add here input. sorry, info tag and button tag. okay, just click save, then it will work for your input and button. also see: and [Music]. if you want to change this, you need to add labels. so i think now you understand what need to do and you can also add this tag name or the class name, whichever you want. you can add here: okay, dot your class name, click save. now refresh the piece again. see, it's working. so i think it's okay. now you can also able to add font style or font family in your website. so if, in case, you want to add different, two different custom phone, what you can do. so let's see how we can add two different custom font. okay, so i'm going to download another font in same way. okay, in that case, i am going to add this font. okay, just download font family, like be like. you already did this, so you need to follow the follow same procedure. okay, so you need to extract file here, estate, and here is the file- and we need to convert this file. okay, and here is the file: open [Music] and convert the file, download this file. okay, i think it's same procedure that you already done the very beginning of our video, like: add the file, download and here is the file, like this one: okay, open the file and upload asset, then go below and here is the font file. just copy the name. okay, go back, basecss and [Music], copy this one, okay, and paste it here. so in that case, now we need to add our second form family name. okay, i think this very simple task for you and need to add here also. fine, now we are going to use this font family for other class or tag, so now i am going to add it here, okay. so i need to figure out: the class name c is span, okay, and this one also spam, and the class name this one. so just copy the class name and under this class, under this div, i want to change the font style for this. so under this class you need to put spam, and if you want to use this one in price, you also can do that, okay, and if you want to add this font family here, you can also do that in this class bottom. okay, let's go back and click save. so i think it will work. let me check so it's working. you see our other, uh, first font is working and our sent form family also working for this one and this one. i think this is very helpful video for you and after watching this video, you can able to add this custom font. so thank you. i think i will meet you in another video with another topic. thanks a lot and don't forget to subscribe my youtube channel. thanks.

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How to add custom fonts in Shopify with any theme | Easy Way

hello everyone. in another tutorial of shopify. in this tutorial we will learn to add custom phones in shopify. here is a demo store. it has the default theme font. now we will add our custom font to it. let's get started. go to your admin dashboard and click on settings in the bottom left corner. on the left side menu. click the files. click the green button at the top right corner of open window to upload the font files. upload your files to the files section with the extension of waft2. if you have ptf or eot or any other font file extension, please convert it to off. search on google. you will find many sites to convert pdf to off. click on the link icon to copy the link to the font file. again. go to your admin dashboard and click on online store. then click on themes in the code editor. expand the layout folder and click on the themeliquid file. it will open in the editor on the right hand side. find the following code and paste code after it. don't forget to click on the save button at the top right corner after any change. now on the left side, expand the assets folder and find the main css file of your theme. in your css file, press and in the search box, enter the text font family and replace its value custom font name that you have selected after you found any line that contains font family. after the colon enters the name of the font that you have chosen earlier, click on the save button. here is the new look of the demo store with the new phone. you

WickeDesigns 👉 How to add custom fonts to a shopify theme

[Music]- want to add a custom font to your Shopify store. I have found a few tutorials recently, but I didn't find that they were quite up to date with the Shopify that I was using. so if you log into your Shopify and go to your store, you'll want to preview your online store first. that way you can have a look at which CSS you will be targeting to change the font. so I'm gonna look at the headings. so if you control, right click and inspect, you should be able to find that the section I'm looking at it will highlight there we go. then I want to find the header right. so I'll be looking at the headers anyway. so that's quite easy. but if there's any other font that you want to change, your metikulous, you can go through the code this way and find out what the class is that you'll be targeting. so go back to Shopify. now I'll just go to home so you can see it again. so what you want to do is go to your theme edit code. now that's just open straightaway for me. but if that's all collapse, it will be under your assets. so assets and you'll be looking for the theme SCSS liquid file. now that that's opened, I'm going to go to a site called font squirrel so you can type that in ivory in there, recently as you can see. so go to the web font generator. I I just leave it as optimal. let's find a font that I have recently downloaded, which was Appleton. this one's a licensed one, so just make sure that you have a license or it's free to use, open and yes, it did, sorry, okay, and I'll open zip. that way it's all already on, zipped, ready to use. so there's two file, well, three files in there that I'll be using. the first two are the ones that we'll need to add into the assets folder in the Shopify, and third one is where we will get the code that we'll need to copy and paste into the theme file. so let's go back to Shopify. in the same folder, assets folder- you want to go add new asset, select your latest files. so I think, where is it gone? I've downloaded a few times recently, so you want to download each of those files, so that'll be done separately. so second, one asset then, if you go to, I'm just gonna go file open and have a look at the CSS sheet that was downloaded with that web font generator from font squirrel and you're basically just copying and pasting this code. so command C on Mac and, oops, I've shut the page I needed instead of hoping your new one, so I'll just go back there. so we're in the theme s CSS and I I just pop it down the bottom. so scroll to the very bottom of the Paige control-v on Mac to paste, save that. just check that those files are still there, because I accept my close that in assets. yes, they're still there, great. so, using command F to find the CSS selector, I am going with headings, so I'll just type h1, for example. that should what's happened here. I think I'm on the wrong page. there we go. so I'm looking for h1. okay, what you want to do is pop in the name of the font that you've just downloaded. now if you want to make sure it's exactly the same, which I would recommend. otherwise that's not gonna work. I'm gonna have to go back to bottom again and just ctrl, copy exactly the name that we've got there for the font face. so go back up to there, okay, so you'll want to remove that and replace it with the name of the custom font that you've just added, and then we'll update that to normal. also, come wait, you want to save that again, and then if you go back to your website and hit refresh, voila it. the headings have now got the custom font [Music].

How to add custom fonts in shopify theme

friends, hope you are doing good today. we will. i will show you how to install the western font in your shopify store, okay, so for that, first of all, you need to login to the admin panel and then go to the themes- okay, i am currently on the theme page- and then go to the actions and edit code. okay, you should have the font files, like the ttf file or ota file like this. okay, you can see the wisettf file, okay. okay, otf files like that. you should have the font file, okay, that you want to use. okay, so first step is upload this one file in the assets here. okay, okay, so i already have the added indexes, so you can add a new asset here by clicking and choose the font file that you have and upload it. okay, after it will display under the asset. okay, i already uploaded these three font files now to: okay, this is the first step. now, or second step is you need to add this font using the css. okay, so go to the css file. so in this theme, this is our css file, okay, and then [Music]. scroll down for start. search the font [Music]. you will see the font hashtag that i already added. i will show you. this is the color code. okay, so, when the point code started in css: yes, here you can see the font, your data point, in which one, okay, added by the theme. so to add our custom phone: okay, you need to add this syntax. okay, like this on top face, and then font of family: emily. and here the your font name that you want to like. okay, your font name here and your source. and here you are. this is the syntax of the point upload and here your font file. okay, so, for example, this is the white dot ttf. so you need to add the same name like this: okay, y dot etf file. and we have uploaded in the set. that's why we need to add here a set url. that's it. okay, so this is the initialization of font. okay, that we have added the font in this thing, so we can use this name for the font apply to this point. okay, so this is the second step. first step is upload the font file in the sets. second is the add the syntax of the font page. okay, in css. so now you can use this. okay, i already added these three points. okay, so now you can use this name in the instead of the other ones. okay. so, for example, here in this theme- debut theme- you can see, before it was used, the baseboard, but instead of i override with my custom one. so for the header point i have added this: uh, custom part, edit. and for the body text i added this one: okay, so before it was like this, before it was the page family. they uploaded. uh, sorry, that set up in the editor so i override it. oh, i will show you from where this came: [Music] in the theme settings, in the typography, here the adding font and here the body text. okay, so this font, base fontfamily is came from this and here adder fontfamily is come from here. but we need to use our own custom font. that's why we need to change the code like this: we need to edit our own font name. okay, like this, you get it in one storefront. if you see, our font will display. okay, for example, i have added for adder by the one. so i will show you. this is the header. okay, this is the header point and i will show you. okay, here you can see font family is the white header that we have uploaded custom. okay, that's it. so you need to do this there to add your own custom phone in your shopify store. okay, hope it makes sense to you. let me know if you have any question in comment. thank you so.