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Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

Stop Wasting Money On Ads That Don't Work - Here is How To Create TikTok Ads That Convert

so you want to create tiktok ads that convert? well, you are in the right place. in today's video, we're going to be going over tools that you can use to find inspiration to create ads, proven Frameworks that you can go through and Implement, and also best practikes for creating tiktok ads. by the end of today's video, you will have everything that you need to start creating High converting tiktok, as, no matter what your budget, Niche or experience is- and for those who don't already have a tik tok ads account created, I encourage you to check out the link down below. you will find a limited time deal. I've actually partnered with tiktok to have a limited time deal for anybody who is watching this video, so be sure to check that out now. before we start jumping into what does work for tik tok ads, I do want to quickly address things that do not work. so here are things that do not work when it comes to tiktok ads. so the first thing is just copying and pasting your Facebook ads or ads from other platforms into tiktok. you can see this first brand right here. they essentially took their Facebook ad and pasted it into tiktok and you can see even the lettering is cut off, almost the format isn't correct and it very much looks like an ad. people on tik tok they're they're used to seeing tik toks. the ads that really convert look like tiktok. so that's a theme that you're going to see throughout this whole video. the second mistake we see here is not using vertikal format, AKA having black bars on the top and bottom of your ads. this brand actually did something kind of clever which you got to give props to them, but still yields the same results. as you see, instead of having the black bars, they added this little border of these bricks in this little Christmas wreath here, but still, it's still going to have lower conversion rates. it looks like an ad. it doesn't look native to the platform. people are going to scroll right past it. the third thing is over produced. things that look like very much commercials inside of here. you can see this has like all this fancy text, all these things, these confetti falling down. it doesn't look native to the platform again, and it's just not going to yield the same results. and the fourth one, which is probably very obvious, is: tiktok is a video platform. if you just take images of your products and trying to scroll them through, you're not going to see great results. so those are four common things to avoid when it comes to tik tok ads, and we're gonna be going over a couple more throughout the video as well. but now let's actually tok about how to create tiktok ads that work so real quick. this may sound really simple, but one thing I want you to always remember when it comes to tiktok ads is there's three parts to a tiktok ad. one: you have the hook, which is arguably the most important part of the ad, because if people don't continue to watch your video, then none of Nothing Else Matters. third is you have the information, or the meat of the product. now, when you are creating the information about the product, I want you to keep in mind that your information should fall into three buckets. your information about your product or service should either be in the form of entertainment, education or inspiration. so when you're creating your tiktok ads, you need to have one, if not all three, of these elements when it comes to the actual product information. so ask yourself: is this video entertaining, educational or inspirational, or all three? that's a super bonus if you can get all three of those, but it needs to have at least one of those elements. and then, finally, it is important at the end of your tiktoks to have a CTA, a call to action, and I'll explain exactly how important this actually is a little bit later in the video as well, that's so. that's a basic framework that we just all need to be on the same page. so now let's actually go over a few hooks that you can use in your tiktok ads. as you can see here, this is a very calm, common hook. it's here is a simple hack to help you blink. here's a simple hack to help you organize your tank tops. here's a simple hack on how to clean your car. here is a simple hack on how to change your HVAC unit, things like that. this is a very this can be used on pretty much any Niche, any service, any product out there. next, this one is a very good formula to follow it's: do you have a problem with X? here is a solution you can see. do you have a problem with getting curly hair? use surf spray, AKA our solution- and then, after result, I have curly hair. this next Hook is one that is actually very native to tik tok and is kind of a trend, if you will. it's called the don't buy this. buy this instead, and you can see in this example what the user does is saying: don't buy this microphone, buy this microphone instead because of XYZ reasons. after comparing the two, this is very heavy education play and is super effective for bringing in conversions in sales. and another one that is very native to tiktok, hence by the title: things that tiktok made me buy. this is another Trend that is super popular. I encourage you to go through and just type in your search bar things tiktok made me buy to get more examples of this. let's actually go through and look at the analytiks here and watch this video so you can see right from the beginning. they have nice bold captions. it looks native to the platform. things that tik tok made you buy. they go through and unbox the product and tok about why they like it, things that they like about it, show the product and then you can see here: the click-through rate for this is in the top 48 percent. the conversion rate is in the top 28 percent. the clicks are in the top two percent. and then check this out: the conversions are in the top five percent of tiktok ads and the people that watch all the way through is the top two percent of tik tok ads. as you see, this is a super effective way to sell and Market your product. it looks very native to the platform and does a really good job. one thing I will critique about this at the end is you'll notike that it doesn't really have a strong CTA at the end. it just shows a nice little heart face. it does look native, but there's not a strong CTA at the end to get the user to really come convert. and here is another similar example. you could even a B test this strategy: take the exact same product and do things that tiktok made me buy, and then you could take that same product and then do five reasons you need X product. you can see five reasons you need this smart wallet. you notike again another theme: they're going through and adding lots of text inside of here there's captions. so even though this is on mute right now, you have an idea of what is going on. that's really powerful. you can see here the click-through rate top 55, the conversion rate top 26 percent, the clicks top one percent, the conversions top three percent and then the people remaining top one percent. now, at the end, these people do have a CTA. it's not as strong as I would like. but they do have the 45 day risk free and then free shipping and returns to get people to go through and purchase. but it would have been great to shop now 20 off, down below something along those lines. this one is a super interesting strategy to go through and implement. it can be tough to pull off but when it does work it works really well. so this Hook is foreshadowing something that is going to happen and build curiosity. you can see just by this thumbnail, if you will. there's a couple of different things that build curiosity for this. if we just look at the thumbnail, for instance, you'll see it has big, bold captions that said I tried it and it worked. and then you also see a Tesla in the background, Tesla steering wheel and then this receipt. so there's all these elements of kind of curiosity and foreshadowing something is going to happen that this guy is going to try and is going to work. and here are the stats you can see: the click-through rate is the top 12 percent. the conversion rate is top 16. the clicks are.


I gave my wife my credit card so she could buy every ad she saw on tiktok for the past 24 hours, and we mean business. you are so lucky that she bought me this stain resistant tiktok ad shirt. oh, what is this? is it a Roomba? look at the front. what does it say? let moose loose? but it's a soccer ball. I'm so confused. turn it on. oh well, put on the ground. put on the ground. wait a second. what, dude? this thing slides so good. I've been watching a lot of soccer anime. not enough. one of us is taking this goal. oh, I love it. how much was it? 21.99? I'll take another final shot if I just- oh my gosh, Chase. I'm not gonna throw a flag, but by the end of this video we are going to name one of these ads from tiktok the king, and so far, moose is deserving on that. what the oh is it? it's a hunk. oh, no. oh, this is real. wait, can we launch something out of him? oh, like a slingshot, can we get masiel to launch an apple? all right, now, I'm gonna just stand clear and let him run. oh, it works. I don't think that's how you're supposed to use them. I want to break them, though, how we're gonna see if Stretch Armstrong is truly indestructible. I feel like I'm Sid from Toy Story. now we're gonna stretch his arm over the hose, put it in there. that's what she said. I now zip tie it. I brought this for my car, Carter, and now we're gonna leave the water on and check back in on him. oh okay, oh okay. do me a favor, Chase, close your eyes, hands over them. I want you to describe to me your ideal girlfriend. oh, don't, okay. what kind of hair color? I like a blonde. what about eye color? I got a sucker for blue eyes. what about booty shorts? depends on the day. all right, Chase, can I look? and three, two, one, okay, finally, yeah, oh, she's amazing. what do you mean by that? well, Chase, unfortunately I'm at the borrow your girlfriend. we've got a great idea of how we can use this as a prank. oh, I like pranks, but if you want to see the results of the prank, you gotta like the video. I'll be right back. wait, can I like it now? wait, seriously, I just want to let you know. I want to know what happens. we have live footage of the girlfriend being in Brie's office. I feel really uncomfortable. what she's beautiful. do I touch it? don't say that about chases. can I touch that? she's gonna touch your girlfriend, hey, so does that beat the thing that was on there already? I mean, no, I don't get any value out of the girlfriend. I mean I will, but the soccer ball, soccer Puck thing is good for both. we like the Moose butterfly teeth. this is something Brie drinks all the time, but it changes the color of your water when you steep it. okay, so, chase, you have steep dits ahead of time. watch the color of this. you ready for this? whoa, oh my gosh, dude, it looks like you put a bunch of blue food coloring inside of it. but there's a secret to this tea: apparently, when you put lemon juice inside of it, it changes colors yet again. whoa, whoa. what's changing? that is beautiful. look at the bottom: it's like a purple blue. this is the differences. nice, I actually think this is cool. I'm gonna actually replace this. you gotta let loose loose. next item: seven dollar face mask. what, oh, it's thick, milky, piggy, carbonated bubble, clay mask. whoa, I'll do you if you do me. you want me to do you, or are you the way that you are? this is, it's actually really nice. whoa, Chase, it's kind of changing to like a lighter gray. oh wait, honestly, you're like pretty much fully covered, Chase. all right, sit down, let me, let me get. let me get. oh, dude, oh, it's cold. you didn't tell me this is cold. oh, you're right, but the light gray, oh, just like the Subscribe button- when you subscribe you never know what's gonna happen. uh, kind of uncomfortable. you know he's probably not in Comfort. the stretchy guy. this looks like me after Thanksgiving. right, I hate it, I love it. I'm not putting this one on the pedestal like. my face is flushed and I feel stuffy and apparently I look like a gay kid. Pals, just because your butt's as soft as a gelatin piece of pillow doesn't mean I like this. I'm washing it off, Chase, I think it's as good as the tea bag s. all right, I had these as a kid. whoever gets keeps the girlfriend. oh, okay, primer, No Monkeys were damaged in the making of this. yes, one more, one more, one more minute and 17 seconds. that's just bananas. step up to your plates. the plate has been stepped. three, two, one monkey. wait, I'm gonna go. one arm. yeah, wait, that's way better. this is for Curious George. oh, what the is this account. yes, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, one minute and 15 seconds. did you beat me by two seconds? you did knock all the Bananas off. that's banana. you already made that joke. finger monkeys, I think they're better. okay, let them fly. make sound better, now that it makes sound. oh, he's uh flexible. he's Sofie dossi, instant Kane. my mom said I couldn't use these. what would we even use them for? has this ever happened to you? yeah, and you just don't have a weapon to impress the robber, thus making him give you your money back. don't worry, excuse me, what is that? whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. give me that back. that's kind of cool. how much more for it? twenty thousand, twenty one, two. I'll take this as well. all right, sick, very cool, foreign. we can't put this one on the pedestal. no gesture. controlled RC car. I'm nervous. it's like all terrain. what are these wheels? oh, I didn't do it, I'll do that. what you go sideways? it's drifting. oh yeah, oh wait, I have a better idea. where are you going? wait, what is this rocket League? yes, get it in, get it in. well, we tried. this is like the top Christmas present you were asking for. get out of here, banana boy, and with that it's like you're using the force. you're like Obi-Wan Kenobi. I'm more like a six guy. I think the red lightsabers- it's not a good thing. you're evil is cooler. there's only one way to settle this Chase. you're thinking what I'm thinking? three, two, one. these are only Chopstiks. what the heck? they're not even real. let's get this Sushi open, baby, or you can go to a rave with these. do you like Wasabi on yours? no, no, no, please, no. now the question is: are these strong enough to pick up these rolls? this is harder than it looks with the all. right, this is not foreign. I like Star Wars, don't get me wrong. it's not an anime. we get it. yeah, you can't use them. they look cool though, but better than that guy. oh yeah, not bad. no, no, no, no. come on, I will take this little balls. this contains 130 different brands in miniature form. we have these two normal size Brands: classical pasta sauce and zazzy Zatarain's rice. maybe there's a sponsor inside one of these. you think so that's what my producers saying. let's look for the sponsor, why we also look for these Brands. all right, Chase, you've got five balls, I got five balls. that's a lot of balls. they open like orange slices. oh okay, I would not recommend that. oh, it worked. I got McCormick's all-natural pure vanilla extract razor. is it actually in there? yeah, I got the fast. go look at him, it is Sombrero. so all the kids opening this- are they really gonna be like, oh yeah, feta cheese? they're probably fed up with you. oh, what wait? I got the best brand of all time, firemerchcom, including the glow-in-the-dark dinosaur tea, the fire merch. right now, the apps are free on IOS and Android. we're just being taught to say this because we need more downloads. Chase, I'm waiting. I got the things you got to be wait. so, if you have the red beans and rice, one of us has the Classico sauce. oh, ready, three, two, one baker's chocolate. but I just won. no, you didn't, because I've had this in my pocket since the beginning. only one person can win. see what I'm saying: Rock Paper, Scissors, Shoot, Clean us. what do I win? the fact that I can unbox miniature brands at any moment in time that I want to. this is sick. this is. I'm sorry, Chase, don't throw, don't break it. we're not gonna break it, because one day we're gonna play rocket League orange slices. because Chase won, he gets to put this on: 4pm New Deal, 5 pm, 6 pm. oh, oh wait, I forgot. yeah, no, it's a new: 24 new deals at fireworkscom. you better not miss the fire. just put it on. it's really freaking cool. we get it wa.

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I Bought The First 5 Things TikTok Ads Recommended To Me

(upbeat music). ♪. This is Safiya's new intro song ♪. - Hello friends and welcome to another video. This week I'm gonna be buying the first five things that TikTok ads recommend to me. That's right. I'm gonna be giving TikTok even more of my personal information- a questionable move. So over the past few years, we've done a few experiments that involve buying products from targeted ads across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat, to see if their ad algorithms and analytiks could match me to things I might like. And a few months ago I finally relented and downloaded TikTok. and lo and behold, there were ads and abs, but mostly ads. Now, in general, TikTok has actually become an environment where companies and people interact a lot, so I think a lot of businesses see TikTok as a good marketing opportunity. - Thank you, Little Caesars, for the life size plush replica of me. - [Safiya]. And in terms of the ads I've seen there's quite a wide variety. (dramatik music): - I have been dreaming of marriage with a rich girl - [Safiya]. I've gotten ads for parks, ads for like fake veneers and ads for working for TikTok. Some are for super small Etsy shops, Some are for larger corporations. Some play into TikTok trends or try to mimic the normal videos you might see on your for you page, and some are incredibly low effort and confusing, Like: what is this product and why is it so pixelated? And I also know that other people notike these ads as well and can relate to getting blasted by the same one for weeks on end. - This is a plea to the marketing people at HALARA: Please stop targeting me to buy your mini tennis dress. - [Safiya] Every time they open the app. - Wow, I sure love my HALARA dress. (sobs), It's, it's really cute. - But TikTok does have a very targeted algorithm. I should know I've been on Edgar Allen Poe Tok before, so maybe they do know best and maybe I will like the things they show me. So that's what we're gonna do: buy the first five things that TikTok ads recommend to me and see how they do. All right. so a couple of quick disclaimers here. One is that I'm gonna be pretty much just ignoring the first ad that comes up right when you open the app, because I usually find that those are for movies, TV shows or big companies like Credit Karma, and I'm more interested in their normal ad inventory rather than the big banner ones, which feel less targeted overall. The other disclaimer is that, rather than just sitting in one spot and just scrolling until I get to all of the ads, I'm gonna open the app up multiple times throughout the day and get my five ads that way, just because that more closely replicates the way I use TikTok on the daily, compulsively opening the app, scrolling through a few videos, feeling guilty about wasting time, and then closing the app. Alright, and with that, let's ruin my algorithm. Alright. so I've been scrolling and TikTok gave me a pretty good ad here. This is an ad for Pizza Hut's new limited edition streetwear line Tastewear. - They don't just sell pizza anymore, They make streetwear And it's called Tastewear, so let's get into it. - Yes, that's right. Pizza Hut made a track suit and they're advertising it to me, which is weirdly targeted. I am not necessarily the world's biggest Pizza Hut fan, but I am a huge fan of companies doing weird PR things, including clothing: KFC, Crocs. sign me up, Peeps, Crocs, I'm there. Pizza Hut parka- I mean, I have that. I don't actually follow a lot of brands on TikTok, but I have posted a fair amount of videos with weird clothing, including the aforementioned Crocs, so maybe that's what tipped them off. So I am gonna get all of this stuff, or as much as I can. They have a jumpsuit that's inspired by the plaid tablecloths at Pizza Hut restaurants. Then I'm gonna get their T-shirt that is inspired by their stained glass chandeliers and I'm also gonna get the slides. They do also have a necklace which I'm gonna grab. The pizza chain: oh, I just got thatpizza chain. It's a pizza chain. about the pizza chain: Pizza Hut pizza chain. Two notes here. one is that the iconic red cup was sadly already sold out and also that this is not that cheap. specifically, the track suit is kind of expensive, which I wouldn't really expect from Pizza Hut, but we're gonna get it anyways. Dude, we're definitely gonna have to go to Pizza Hut in this. - [Tyler], You're gonna be drippin' in Pizza Hut. - I'm going to be as greasy (laughing) as a Pizza Hut pizza. sorry for the slander, Alright. so I just got another ad for what seems to be an electronics mystery box. It's from this account called What the Boxio, and it's sort of cryptik. It's almost like a cliffhanger. This dude is just like "Hey, you need a box, go get one". - So you guys know we've got boxes, boxes and more boxes. I can't show you guys what's in there, but I can tell you, guys, you guys need to go buy one as soon as possible. - He also does a nice sheesh at the end. Wow, I felt so weird doing that - Sheeeesh - Um, so you know, I guess that's how he's incorporating the TikTok culture into his ad. So, when I click the shop now button, this company seems to be basically taking returned, overstoked and liquidated electronics and then reselling them in mystery boxes, And I chose the small one, which is 75 bucks. They do say, though, that you are guaranteed a tablet, MP3 player or fitness tracker - [Tyler], Oh, wow. - So I guess you're at least guaranteed one high price item out of your $75 box, And though I wouldn't say that buying returned electronics fits perfectly into my interests, We have been doing some stuff with an Amazon return store, like a liquidation store, And I have, liked slash, saved a few videos on this topic for use in our YouTube video, So maybe that's why TikTok thinks that I am into deal tok. - Everyone likes a mystery box. wait, where am I? Hi? everyone likes the mystery box. I'm like a head on your shoulder. - Yeah, you're right, people love a good mystery box, so you know, let's get it. - As Master Oogway said, "Yesterday is history, "Tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. "and that's why they call it the present" (Safiya laughing) - Get up out of here, Get off my shoulder, Alright. so another ad has been found. This ad is for this device called Bee Gone Wax - Stik, this is my ear and see (playful music), Ew. - And it's basically a ear wax remover with a camera. It sort of like illuminates and shows your ear canal and where the ear wax is. Bee Gone Wax is actually one of the ads that's been following me around for a while. I've seen a ton of them and they're all sort of short and sweet like this. They're kind of like cliffhanger marketing. It has a camera on the end so you can use an app to see inside. oh my God. -. But I am actually happy that I found this ad, because I've been curious about this device for a while Now. I don't actually watch a lot of grossly satisfying content, like I don't watch a lot of Dr Pimple Popper type videos, but I have made some close-up camera microscope content on TikTok, So maybe they're running with that. I don't personally have a lot of earwax problems, but Tyler has crazy ear wax. So, though I do think that this is gonna be a little bit gross, I think we should definitely get this and try this thing out, so I'm gonna add this to the cart and then check out. (snaps). And that is an ad, All right. so I just got another ad for what seems to be a wireless self-curling hair iron. Were those all the right words in the right order? (dramatik music). - I'm about to change your life (laughs). I'm gonna show you how I get the perfect wavy hair everyday, wherever I am, with this wireless hair curler - And essentially, what she does with it is she just stiks a strand of hair into the hair curler and then it curls it automatikally. - Oh my God, It's amazing. -. I don't buy a lot of hair irons, but I do interact with beauty content a lot, so I feel

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How to Run TikTok Ads 2022 - TikTok Advertising Tutorial (TikTok for Business)

what's up, guys, jordan, here today we're going to be going through tiktok ads step by step- the a to z, everything you need to know- to launch your first ad on the platform today. now we're currently using tiktok in our marketing agency, the affluent agency, and we're generating a ridiculous amount of new revenue for our clients at the moment using the platform. i cannot wait to bring this to you guys today. it's been a long time coming. i've got a presentation ready for you. we're going to jump onto it in a second, but before we do, i want to announce a quick competition on this video now. for every one in 100 people that comment down below with their goals for running tiktok ads right now, i'm going to give you the chance to win a completely free strategy call with me for an hour where we'll run through anything you want to run through. we break down your strategy, how you can increase your revenue, how you can increase your roads on whatever platform you're using. we're gonna jump on that call. we're gonna make that happen for you. so enter that competition. let's get started with this- no bs, implementable training. but do me a favor: stop what you're doing right now, whatever it is, shut down your tabs. take some notes and pay attention and take action on what you learned today. let's get started, okay, so tik-tok ads training. first of all, let's start off with some data. we need to understand the opportunity here now. tiktok was the most downloaded app in 2020, with 850 million downloads. okay, tiktok has 1.1 billion active users worldwide, with 90 of users using the app multiple times per day, so we can get ourselves in front of our ideal customer multiple times a day on average. now, as of january 2021, tiktok raked in 128 million in user spending, marking an increase of 380 from its january 2020 revenue. so it's growing year on year. almost 4x in user revenue now take top ranks as the second biggest app in consumer spend, above youtube, disney plus and netflix. this is probably the uh, the biggest stat on this screen. ranking above youtube and netflix in consumer spend is absolutely ridiculous. so it's a monumental opportunity for people and businesses to sell their products on the platform. how many times have you spoken to someone? they've said, ah, i found that product on tiktok. it's happening a lot these days, so let's jump on to how you can actually make the most of that. so this is the tiktok ad structure. so at the top we have tiktoks ad manager. then we have ad campaigns, we have ad groups, we have ad creative and then landing pages. to break these down one by one, tik doc ads manager is where you manage your tiktok advertising account, similar to the facebook ad manager. now, a ad campaign is the foundation of your ad, so we're setting up our advertising objectives and formats. we then have ad group, which is target audiences, ad placements, budget and the bidding. then we have the ad creative, which is the text and the video that will appear on our apps, what we're physically seeing. then, finally, our landing page, and this is the destination url that we are driving our potential customers too. this is the place where they will actually buy our products or service. so when you actually have your tiktok ad account up and running, this is kind of what the format will look like. we have our ad manager at the top. we have campaigns beneath that. then, inside an ad campaign, we would have multiple ad groups. so we'll be testing out multiple audiences and inside those audiences, we may even be testing out multiple different ad creatives as well. so what are the actual creative the, the creative formats that we can use on tiktok? well, we have top view on the left hand side here, which is like a full-size video which shows up when we launch the app. we don't have brand tank takeover now. these are the most expensive tiktok ads and very large brands use these and again, these come up right at the start of launching the app and it takes over the entire screen. then have in feed ads. this is what we're going to be going through today and what most businesses are actually using to generate the most revenue from tiktok. we have branded hashtag challenges, so if we want to launch a challenge on the platform, and then, finally, branded event, so we want to have our own branded stikers on uh, on tiktok itself, so people can use them when they're creating their own content. but, as i said, in feed ads, it's the ad format we use for our tiktok ad clients at the affluent agency and we're literally generating hundreds of thousands in new revenue from infeed ads alone. so that's what i'm going to show you today. so, without further ado, let's jump straight on to the tiktok advertising platform. okay, so the first thing we're going to do is go over to tiktokcom forward slash business- i'm just going to zoom in here so you can see everything on screen and we're then going to go ahead and create a new account. so if we click create now, i'm actually logged in on one of our employees- uh, our ad specialist tom's account at the moment, and so i already have an account. but you're just going to go through a really, really simple account creation process where we put in your business name and you'll be prompted to set up a business center account. so once you've done that, you're going to be sent straight through to the business center and i'm just going to show you a few crucial things on here. and the first thing is you may or may not be promote are prompted to create an ad account when you first create your account. um, so the first thing we need to do is actually create an ad account. so we go down on the left hand side here on our navigation bar and we click add accounts. uh, what we need to do is hit add, add account, create an ad account, and then we can create our own or first ad account that we're going to start advertising on. remember, this is the place where all of our ads will be hosted, so we want to have an ad account for every business we are advertising for. so if you're a marketing agency, you want a different ad account for every separate business that you work with. okay, the next thing i want to show you on here is members. so if you have team members within your company, you can invite them here by hitting invite member. you can add them as an admin or standard and then you can go through typing in their email address and adding them to your business manager so they can log in to their tiktok business center and have access to everything that you do on your rent. so once we're on the business center and we have an ad account set up, we need to go over to that ad account. so we click this button here: open in tiktoks ad manager. we're gonna be brought straight through to an individual ad account. okay, so the first thing we see is the dashboard. i'll come back to this later on. this is where we can review all of the data on this ad account. so, uh, the campaign, the genders that are reacting to our ads, the amount we're spending and how much money we're making. of course, um, but the first thing we're actually gonna do before we create our first tiktok ad is go over to assets and then event what we need to do when we are advertising on any platform is make sure we have a pixel code, or a tracking code, set up now. for those of you that don't know or haven't advertised before and don't know what a pixel is. a pixel is a simple code that goes into the header of your or your client's website and it allows us to track what our potential customers actually doing on our website, and in this instance, we really want to track when they have converted, so when they have purchased one of our products, if we're advertising for an e-commerce based business, for example. so we're going to choose a website pixel and we're going to hit manage and we're then going to create a pixel.

Free TikTok Ads Course - How To Create Viral TikTok Ads (TikTok for Business)

so, look, making your first viral tik tok ad in today's social media landscape is one of the very first steps you need in order to get your brand off the ground and running. but there's one big issue: nobody knows how to do it properly. you see, after landing in the top 10 of all ads on tiktok multiple times for our clients, I've learned that there's specific do's and don'ts to making your ad go viral and completely changing the trajectory of your brand. so in today's video, I'm covering the exact steps on how to create a viral ad for your brand, showing examples of how to actually format these ads in what ways to make your ads go viral on tiktok. on top of this free course, I'm giving away a thousand dollars cash to one lucky subscriber if this video gets a thousand likes, so make sure to comment your biggest takeaway from this video to enter the win. now let's get into it. now we're going to be covering how to create viral tiktok ads. we've spent over a million dollars on testing thus far, just in the last 90 days, and we have over 48 active ad accounts that we're running currently, and all of our advice is based on data, not personal opinion, and because we have access to these 48 Adat accounts. we're able to pull all these insights to be able to show you exactly what works with tiktok ads- and in fact, we're a tiktok agency partner as well- as every ad account we're managing is spinning, on average, roughly twenty five thousand dollars. so the first thing we're going to be getting into is what ads do not convert. specifically, you don't want to have ads that are only using images or gifs. this will definitely decrease conversion rates. number two is making tiktok native videos, not ads. this is something you do want to do, because if you create an ad like video that is very obviously an ad, it's not going to blend in with the feed as well. on tiktok, people are going to scroll by it. the whole appeal of tik tok is from the genuineness of the feed. it feels raw, it feels authentik and people are more likely to buy because of this, because there's not a bunch of filler or overly marketing slogans and phrases being thrown at them. so you want to make sure that the videos are authentik and are native to the platform. number three is: having no focus on the product will lead to confusion. sometimes people take this way overboard and create a video that is like a routine Style video and it only shows the product about two to three seconds out of the entire 30 second clip and they run that as an ad, thinking that because they're showing their morning routine, that maybe that specific product placement will lead to sales. a lot of times it's just brand awareness and not every single person is going to make it to that point in the video where they see that product. and if there's not a specific call to action- which is number four- people aren't going to know that you're actually selling the product, so they might not likely visit the website. you want to be very clear. make sure the product is being, you know, toked about throughout the entire video so it's very focused in so people know that they can actually buy it and so what tiktok ads do convert. so we have a list of videos that we're going to be going through here, and number one is making sure all of the videos that you create for tiktok ads are vertikal video. you don't want to put landscape. you don't want to put Square Style videos. that works on Facebook and Instagram but not tiktok. number two is: you don't want your video to drag on. tiktok is a very fast-paced platform- people looking at more videos than ever on tiktok. compared to other platforms like YouTube and Instagram and Snapchat, tiktok has a higher view video volume because more people are watching the videos. not only that, but they're staying on the platform longer because they like short form content. so you want to make sure it's very engaging, and what I mean by fast jump cut style content is: every three seconds you have a clip where it transitions. where you're at one angle here it clips and you go to the very next angle and continue the sentence or continue the next tip or touch point. this is very engaging for the audience because it keeps them in the loop and it allows them to, you know, take in more information without having to wait on the full video to play through. the third one is keeping the content raw and authentik, speaking genuinely into the camera, going over exactly what it is that you're promoting, so that way people can actually understand what you're toking about. and number four, which is super important, we know these lift the conversion rates. if you apply these, you want to make sure that you have not only music voice overlays but text overlays, and what I mean by each of these is having music in the background very subtly, not overly, taking the video where you can't hear them or it's distracting. you want to make sure there's just a small engagement of you know the sound in the background that plays nicely throughout the video. It's not taking away from the video itself, it's actually adding into it. and then for the voice, it could either be toking directly into the camera, pointing the iPhone, add a product and then speaking through the mic, or you record each scene and then actually do the voice overlay afterwards and then finally, the text overlays, which is the text that you'll have in your videos. you want to make sure, Texas, throughout the video explaining the product, going over the benefits, calling out your offer, having the call to action- these are things that will increase your conversion rates if you include this. number five, like we're just speaking about, including your call to actions: shop now- that is a call to action. learn more- that is a call to action. get 25 off this offer- that is a call to action. we're going to be covering this in depth when we watch these videos here. in a second I'm going to be showing you exactly what all of these points mean. and number six: think: face timing, a friend, as a way you would speak to the camera and your audience. so many people feel very scripted. you want to feel very natural on camera, so make sure to think as if you're FaceTiming a friend, just like you would explain the product to them over a FaceTime video. try to do it that way because that's the easiest way to understand how to come across genuinely. and finally, we're going to be going into the tiktok Creator Marketplace so I can show you how to get free content from creators and even pay creators, if you're interested in doing so, to get specific style of ugc ads and viral style tiktok ads while following a specific script, so that way they have an actual rule book to be able to create a video for you that's going to drive conversions and sales for your business. first, let's look at some client examples of ads that we've been running and seeing very great return on ad spend of three, four, five, six x, even 20 to 30X row- as, Yes, you heard me, that is correct, 20 to 30X row, as in some cases. the first one here is a gaming controller, and let's watch what this video is. customer order has a beautiful combination of colors from gamenexcom. the customization possibilities are almost endless. this one has a beautiful gloss finish with the emerald green and Amethyst purple chrome button colors. this controller also has two millimeter pole Mouse click triggers for significantly increased trigger activation time. if you're using stop triggers now, this controller will instantly give you a competitive advantage. on the back we have two back buttons mounted- any buttons of your choosing, most commonly bound to X and O. to make advanced movement so much easier, they give you a competitive Advantage by providing a shortcut to quickly press your binder buttons with your unused fingers. to let you stay in control of the thumbstiks at all times. there's also textured Green Earth grips on the back to fight sweaty hands during Long play sessions. these mods will take your gameplay to the next level and the ability to customize every single piece.

How To Create Viral TikTok Ads (Step-by-Step)

let's face it: whether you're a drop shipper, brand owner, agency owner or freelancer, if you're not taking advantage of advertising on tiktok, you are missing out on some serious games. most people who start advertising on tiktok, whether that's organically or using the paid tiktok ads manager, seem to think that there is some sort of winning media buying strategy that's just going to have them getting insanely low cpms or single-digit cpas. as you can see, brand right now is at 25 000 in sales for this month and the month has just begun. but after scaling a brand new brand to multiple six figures per month using tiktok ads and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on the platform, i can confidently tell you that the only thing that you need to do insanely well is the creatives [Music]. the platform is so fast-paced people on it have the attention spans of a goldfish, telling you right now, the only way to succeed is to create content consistently that sets you apart from the rest. so today you're going to learn for free exactly how i create high, converting, viral tiktok ads to promote my e-commerce products and services that work for both posting organically and on the paid ads managing platform as well. but first i don't want to just shovel this information down your throat without showing you any real-life examples. so i actually found a wow factor product to sell this summer, ordered into my house and then went out and shot viral organic tik-tok ads with it. and just before we get started, i do want to announce the weekly giveaway to win a custom-built shopify dropshipping store built by my team here at outright. three simple steps to win. all you have to do is smash a big like on this video, comment something insightful down below and go ahead and subscribe to the channel. those three things. you're automatikally entered for your chance to win and the winner will be announced in my next week's video. and while you're down in the section below, the first link in the description is actually a link to book a discovery call. if you are interested in seeing how my team here at econ can help you with your e-commerce goals this year, all right. so recently i attempted a zero dollar dropshipping challenge with a wow factor product that i could promote purely organically using the power of tiktok, so that i can show you firsthand exactly what i do to promote my businesses. now, before i start revealing all the secrets to creating viral high converting tiktoks to promote your brand, i just want to show you a few of the ads from this challenge that performed very well so you can get an idea of what it is that we're going to be toking about now. i won't go through every single one- we actually made 10 different ads on the one shoot- but i'll show you a couple of them. and perform quite well on the challenge- which, by the way, if you do want to see the full challenge video, i'll leave a link to that video somewhere up here. my bro got new shorts so we went to the beach for a photo shoot. then he showed me the reason he bought them. gonna go buy myself a pair for the summer now. so the product i was selling was, as you guys could tell, the color changing swim shorts was a pretty popular drop shipping product over the years on facebook, but i figured it needed some love on tik-tok. it had all the right elements and that wow factor that'll catch people's attention in the first couple seconds. so that's exactly what i did and all i did was i went out and grabbed my friend to use as the model. you can do that. if you have a friend or family member who would fit with what you're selling, just simply ask them, you know, maybe pay them a small amount of money and go up and do a little shoot with them. so now that you have an idea about what i'm toking about, don't worry, you don't have to shoot all the content yourself. i'm going to tok about that as well. let me start showing you how i did this and how you can get other types of content created for your brand as well, and the keys to what i do for promoting all my brands and finding success on tiktok, both organically and paid, right now. all right, so first things first. before you even think about creating an advertisement on tiktok, you must understand these two things first. one is that you really need to understand your customer and the audience. okay, so who's your target market? who are you appealing to? what types of content do they want to see on the platform, etc. etc. next thing is you want to make sure that you're planning your pieces of content out to be somewhere between 8 to 15 seconds long. remember when i said people have the attention spans of a goldfish on tik-tok. that's entirely true. so i found if you go over this time limit, your watch time is likely going to suffer, which is going to lead to decreased performance in your ads. now, starting off with what not to do, here's a couple examples of ads that just wouldn't work. okay, and big brands make these mistakes all the time, not only on tiktok but just in general. and that's having massive sales callouts like this, simple images or gifs and ads that just simply look like ads. right, the whole point of tiktok is it's a new platform where you're supposed to be creative and you're not supposed to just slap up a sales call and expect people to buy your product. now let's tok about what to do, right? okay, so vertikal video style, ideally shot on an iphone with the best camera. the newer the iphone, the better, but in the beginning anything will work. next, you want to have fast, jump cut style videos, okay. so again, attention spans of a goldfish over here. you have to cater to that. so you have to keep the content, the clip, short, catchy and common in every single video. the next is that you want to keep it as raw and authentik as possible. so this goes back to what i was saying before: don't make the advertisement look like an ad, and it's a fine line you have to walk because you want it to be high converting and you want people to go on your site and actually buy your product, but at the same time, if you make it look too much like an ad and you're just preaching the benefits over and over again of this product and why somebody should buy it, they'll probably just keep scrolling. and lastly, you want to follow trends, use clever sounds, text overlays, and the key here is to have your audience reading, listening and viewing at the same time. if you can touch on all three of these sensory points at once, your watch time is going to go up, your views are going to go up, your engagement's going to go up, you're going to start reaching more people and hopefully getting more sales. i mean, think about it: when somebody's reading something, they're also listening to the audio or the music and they're also watching something at the same time. they are super, super immersed in your content and likely that's going to push them over the edge to actually check out your website. now, toking about the style of content that works on tiktok, both organically and paid. it's called ugc or user generated content, and this is that native style content that i'm toking about, where you just pick up an iphone and you shoot something yourself. now the few different ways that you can do this is in the form of testimonials, unboxings, reviews, lifestyle slash, product and use, how to use, and creative and silly scenarios, potentially also crazy scenarios. the bottom two is kind of what i did for the swim shorts, but if you hire people, you can have amazing, amazing results: to have them unbox your product, give a solid testimonial and review of the product, and all five of these styles have performed very well for me and they're all very important to test on any brand. so let's tok about how do you actually go about getting this content created for you right? so there's a few different ways. firstly, if you don't want to do it yourself, that's completely fine. there's tons of ways around this. tiktok crater marketplace is a great place where you can go and you can see other creators on tiktok who are listing their servic.