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Advocacy Ads: AKA?

Published on: June 5 2023 by pipiads

The article touches upon various issues and events that are currently affecting the Philippines. From violations of freedom of speech to environmental problems, the article covers a range of topics that are impacting the lives of Filipinos. The article also highlights the importance of taking action and being responsible for creating a positive change in society.

Freedom of Speech Violations:

The article talks about how the freedom of speech in the Philippines has been violated by the government. It mentions how peaceful protests against the anti-terrorism law were met with police brutality, resulting in the arrest of several activists. The article highlights the need for people to speak up against such injustices and exercise their right to protest.

Indigenous Rights:

The article sheds light on the discrimination and violence faced by indigenous communities in the Philippines. It talks about how the organization Khaolayoi is working towards educating people about the situation faced by these communities and inspiring them to take action.

Environmental Problems:

The article discusses the environmental problems faced by the Philippines, such as deforestation and plastic pollution. It emphasizes the need for individuals to take responsibility for their actions and take steps towards creating a cleaner and safer environment.


The article touches upon the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Philippines, including the implementation of community quarantine and the need for vaccination.

The article highlights the importance of taking responsibility for creating positive change in society. It encourages individuals to speak up against injustices, take steps towards creating a cleaner and safer environment, and be responsible for their actions during the pandemic. The article emphasizes the need for unity and collaboration to create a better future for the Philippines.

AAC 2015 - Brand Advocacy - Harness People Power Advertising

- Emma, head of marketing for The Sun's gaming division, speaks about harnessing the power of brand advocacy

- Advocacy is not just about incentivizing referrals, but about creating a feeling of affinity towards the brand

Advocacy in the Gaming Industry:

- Gaming industry traditionally good at incentivizing advocacy through refer-a-friend programs

- However, customers are becoming savvier and reviews on affiliate sites tend to be clinical and not emotional

- Advocacy must come from a feeling and people willing to talk about and recommend the brand

The Power of Advocacy:

- Affinity + action = advocacy

- Social media has made it easy for people to take action and engage with brands

- Advocacy increases propensity to purchase by 20-50%, leading to increased efficiency of marketing

Triangle of Trust:

- Advocacy must come from a feeling, and people who feel strongly about the brand become brand advocates

- Authenticity is key to maintaining brand advocacy

Case Studies:

- Coca-Cola's Share a Coke campaign: inspired people to buy personalized Coke products and even created a digital product to help people find them

- The Times' advocacy campaign: lifted the curtain on how journalists create content, inspiring emotional connections with readers

- Advocacy is about creating a feeling of affinity towards the brand

- Authenticity is key to maintaining brand advocacy

- Advocacy increases propensity to purchase and efficiency of marketing

Advocacy in a Virtual World | IGNITE Webinar

Virtual advocacy is not a new concept, but it has become increasingly relevant in the current climate. With social distancing measures in place, traditional forms of advocacy are no longer as effective. In this article, we will explore different ways to engage in virtual advocacy, including social media campaigns, emailing and calling policymakers, starting or joining online interest groups, hosting or joining training webinars, and educating oneself.

Social Media Campaigns:

When designing a social media campaign, it is important to consider the platform and media type that will be the most impactful. Different platforms have different demographics, and certain media types may be more effective depending on the issue being advocated for. It is also important to keep in mind that social media is still perceived as more biased than traditional media, so it is important to consider the reputation of the organization being advocated for.

Emailing and Calling Policymakers:

While emailing is a useful tool for recording communication with policymakers, it may not be the most effective way to communicate with them. Calling is more personal and puts a voice to the issue, making it harder to ignore. It is also important to note that calling may be more effective at the local level where there are fewer constituents calling in.

Starting or Joining Online Interest Groups:

Online interest groups can be a useful tool for advocacy. By joining or starting an interest group, individuals can connect with like-minded individuals and work together to advocate for their cause.

Hosting or Joining Training Webinars:

Training webinars can be a useful tool for educating oneself and others on the issue being advocated for. By hosting or joining a training webinar, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of the issue and learn how to effectively advocate for it.

Educating Oneself:

Finally, it is important to educate oneself on the issue being advocated for. This can be done through reading articles and books, attending training web

Dove Real Beauty Sketches | You’re more beautiful than you think (6mins)

Self-Perception and Beauty: A Forensic Artist's Experiment

A forensic artist conducted an experiment where she asked a stranger to describe her appearance, and then she drew a sketch based on that description. She compared the sketch with her self-described image and realized how different her perception of herself was from how the world saw her.

Key Points:

- The artist thought she had plain cheeks and wanted fuller lips.

- She often looked tired and had started to develop crow's feet.

- The stranger described her as having nice eyes, a cute nose, and a thin face with prominent cheekbones.

- The artist's self-perception was harsh and unbecoming compared to how the world saw her.

- Our self-perceptions impact the choices we make in life, including the friends we choose and the jobs we apply for.

We should spend more time appreciating the things we like about ourselves instead of constantly trying to fix what we perceive as flaws. Our self-perception can impact our happiness and success in life, so it's essential to have a healthy and positive attitude towards ourselves.

Sepsis Canada Summit Series Webinar #3 Team 2 Advocacy, Knowledge Transfer and Education

means that we re using bothqualitative and quantitative data collectionmethods to get a full picture of sepsishealth literacy in the canadian publicwe began our study by conducting acomprehensive literature review toidentify gaps in knowledge andunderstanding of sepsis in the generalpopulationwe then conducted focus groups withmembers of the public to gather theirperspectives on sepsis and sepsis healthliteracywe also conducted a national survey toassess the knowledge and understandingof sepsis among the general public andhealthcare professionalsso far we ve collected data from 2787participants across canada including1131 members of the general public and1656 healthcare professionalswe re still analyzing the data but earlyfindings show that there are significantgaps in sepsis knowledge and awarenessamong both the general public andhealthcare professionalsfor example only 13 percent of thegeneral public were able to correctlyidentify the symptoms of sepsiswhereas healthcare professionals wereable to identify symptoms moreaccurately but still only at a rate ofabout 70 percentthese early findings underscore theneed for improved sepsis health literacyin canadaand through our project we re working toaddress this need by co designing andimplementing a multi component publichealth campaign to improve awareness andknowledge of sepsis among the generalpublic and healthcare professionalswe re also working to build capacityand partnerships in sepsis research andknowledge mobilization in order toensure the sustainability of our effortsand to promote ongoing improvements inthe management and treatment of sepsisso thank you for listening to ourpresentation and we d be happy to takeany questions you may have

The Absurd Science of Brand Love : Irrational Advocacy : Part 1

- The concept of irrational advocacy in brand love

- The difficulty in achieving passionate customer loyalty

Primal Attraction:

- The role of emotion and prediction in decision-making

- The importance of emotional triggers in brand loyalty

- The Engagement Matrix and its influence on purchasing decisions

Membership Contribution:

- Adorning symbols and their significance in creating a sense of community

- Ceremonies and rituals as a way of strengthening brand identity

- The danger of neglecting branding and its impact on a brand's value

Rational Advocacy:

- The importance of a selfless purpose in creating a crusade

- Maslow's theory of selfless purpose and its role in creating brand loyalty

- The significance of co-creation in building love for a brand

- Love for a brand goes beyond rational decision-making

- Building a sense of community and purpose can lead to irrational advocacy

- Co-creation and emotional triggers are key in building a passionate customer base.

PPD Communication & Outreach, Section 4: Advocacy Campaign, Step 3, 4, 5 - Develop, Deploy,Debrief

Developing and deploying a communication campaign is crucial to reaching out to constituents and delivering a message effectively. There are many communication tools available, such as TV, radio, mail, phone, canvassing, social media, outdoor advertising, and specialty events. In order to determine the best channel, a communication assessment must be done, including qualitative and quantitative opinion research. This assessment helps to understand what people think and which channels they use.


Once a campaign is designed, it must be deployed. This includes choosing messengers, such as sponsors, promoters, private sector, donors, celebrities, and professionals, and managing them in a disciplined manner. It is important to prepare logistics and have rapid response in case of negative messaging. Opinion pieces, websites, and social media are also important channels for deployment. A timeline should be established to plan the reform proposals and meetings with constituents.

Deploying a communication campaign requires careful planning, assessment, and deployment. There are many communication tools available, and a communication assessment can help determine the best channel. It is important to choose messengers carefully and manage them in a disciplined manner. A timeline should also be established to plan the reform proposals and meetings with constituents.

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