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alieexpress dropshipping center

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

AliExpress Dropshipping Center - How To Find The Top Trending Products In AliExpress?

aliexpress dropship center is a perfect method to find products, not only for dropshippers who do drop shipping from aliexpress. it's also a perfect method for products research and market research and to find the best products to sell right now for your drop shipping store. in this video, i will show you exactly how to register for aliexpress dropship center, what can you do using this aliexpress dropship center and some other interesting tips and tricks that you can use to save time for yourself and find the best and the hot selling drop shipping products right now. short intro and well starting: hello everybody. so, as you saw in the intro, don't forget to subscribe to this youtube channel. we release at least two dropshipping videos every week, we do live events and we share a lot of knowledge that we find interesting for dropshippers from autods. so let's start. before we get started, what is the aliexpress dropship center? the aliexpress dropship center is the dropshipping center of aliexpress, where they help you to find top selling products. what can they help you with? with many different criterias. the first one is just to recommend you some products that they see that selling the best way right now, but also accept the trending products. you can also just put a link to one of the products that you are thinking about. maybe you should sell this product and see if this product really gets sales right now, or maybe the trend already finished. so before we get started, let's see how to register to aliexpress dropship center. so to do that, we first need to create an aliexpress account, regular account in aliexpress. how to do that? so i will go to aliexpress. i will open an email. just for the example. it's really quick process, as you can see. create account. the account was created. now the second step that i need to go is to go to the dropship center. i will touch a link to the center below this video. but let's find the link in the easiest way. i will go to google and write aliexpress dropship center. you will see here kind of agreement. so just scroll down, check this checkbox here, click next again. next, here you should put your first and last name, submit and boom, go to the drop ship center. now, as you can see, you're already inside the dropship center. it was very quick and very easy process. the second step- and i want first to show you how you get there in the next time- so you go to your account, my orders and then in the top here we'll see the drop ship center. so after we registered to the dropship center, let's see what type of information can we get using this center. that will help us to save time and make our products much better, and then i will also explain how you can expand your store using this type of products. now something important: i'm using this tool not only to sell from aliexpress, because after i found the product, i can go and list this type of product from any of other supported suppliers in autodesk and they shouldn't really stik only with aliexpress. so let's see the first section that we have here called defined products to sell. if i go to this section, i can see here some interesting things. first of all, the interesting category for us is the hot selling, because the search by image or sponsored products not interesting for us right now. so, product category: if you prefer a specific category, you can go and choose the category that you want here. i will not show in this video a specific category, but usually home improvement, for example, is a very safe category when you work with any suppliers and this is something that for beginners, i would go and work using this one- electronics sometimes also, you can find very trending products there, so it's also interesting. but if the category is not relevant for you- and you are not- you don't care about which type of products to sell in your store. so i wouldn't really focus on that and i would continue without the category and search here. the second thing that i recommend you to do is to choose here the ship from china, because that's where we usually do drop shipping from the products that are cheaper and we have a good shipping from these countries, especially now in this period of the year. other countries are struggling with shipping, while china already fine, so i will choose this one. then i will go here to the price. so for beginners, i wouldn't work with products that are higher than 40 dollars. so i will write here 40 just to decrease the risk of the products that we are working with. but again, if you plan just to do a research here and then go and based from other us suppliers, like amazon, for example, so it's not a problem to put here even higher amount. but in this case i will just put here 40 and the minimum price. i will write five dollars because i don't want to work with products of one or two dollars. it's too cheap for me, so i will click here, okay, after we set the price range. the second thing that we will do here is that we will um filter by a pocket. if you're a beginner, e packet will be the easiest way for you to go, so just to choose a pocket here. by the way, below this video we will attach a link to aliexpress full a to z guide that we created in our autodesk dropshipping blog so we can go there, find what are the right policies to work with and some other interesting tips about dropshipping from aliexpress. so i choose here e packet and let's see what we see here. we see two types of columns. here we see the orders and we see the drop shipping holders. the dropshipping orders are orders that aliexpress decided that it's not to the address of the user and they see that this user is a dropshipper and that's why if someone has here a high amount of dropshipping orders, you can understand that there is a huge amount of successful sales using this product from aliexpress. but it's not always good and you should go and confirm on ebay if the competition is not too high, because sometimes i would even prefer products with high amount of olders but low amount of drop shipping orders. but again, it really depends on the product and in these type of cases i i would recommend to go to ebay and check if this type of products is really of product is really not too without too many competitors. so let's go first of all, we can see here many different products, many different type of products, and let's see- let's take a random product, for example, this led light- and see what happens if we click on the analyze here. so you have here a a graph which goes between 1: 200 and, as you can see, the trend here is pretty stable, which means that people really still selling this product and it's still trendy. because sometimes you will see a graph that goes really high and then it crashes and for this type of products i wouldn't even try to sell because they will see from aliexpress that this product doesn't really have a demand right now. so in these cases, just skip to the next product. but this product we can check here and see that it's pretty stable and we see a little drop here in the last day, but it's just because it's one day. i wouldn't really stop researching this type of product. by the way, if you want to optimize your titles or something like that. we will attach links below this video so you can check these links and see there how to find more profitable products in some other methods and how to optimize your titles. so check the description for more details. so we see a product here and what we can do from here. first we can open the product and we can see what we have here. first of all, we can see that this seller is really sold a lot from this product. the reviews are good, the seller is good. i can even download the ali tools extension to check if this product is really a good selling product. let's go to another tab where it's not incognito a little. okay, so i will download the ali tools extension so then i can really make easier research for this product and i can see here some points about this product. i wouldn't really upload this product because, as you can see here, we have

Como ENTRAR na Central de DropShipping - AliExpress DropShipping Center

e se você faz dropshipping, Provavelmente você vai precisar se cadastrar na central de dropshipper da do Aliexpress. Ok, Lembrando que eu tô falando aqui do modelo dropship para quem faz troca de internacional através do Aliexpress. Ok, então é isso nesse vídeo vou te adicionar no Como que você vai estar podendo fazer o seu cadastro nessa plataforma que é tão difícil de fazer um cadastro, tão difícil achar. Lynch não tem nada no AliExpress que explica como faz uma conta mesmo e me gerou uma grande dor de cabeça. então, outras Funcionando aqui para você, bem rapidinho, eu quero que diga: por favor, deixe seu like e se inscreve aqui no canal, que isso me ajuda demais mesmo. ok, então deixe seu like aqui e se inscreve no canal. se você tá usando a linha bom, então até mesmo a dessas ou até mesmo alberdo, Provavelmente quando você fizer a sua primeira venda i&d da usando o, o Aliexpress vai tá pedindo para você tá fazendo um cada, um cadastro lá na central de dropshipping. o meu tio desanimou, certo desânimo e ela é muito boa e basicamente eles mesmos já libera o link para a gente está fazendo o cadastro. é. quando a gente faz uma venda, aparece um link lá em cima falando: essa cadastro aqui na central dropship. é, a gente já faz os cadastros por lá mesmo, Mas promete, você usa dessas, ou então até mesmo o Burgo, já vi até alguns da língua que não tava conseguindo fazer o cadastro por dentro da mínimo você deve tar com dor de cabeça do carai aí, mas presume-se algo tão simples que pelo menos desse vídeo aqui não vai ter nem seis minutos. ok, por isso que eu peço, eu quero pedir o seu like e a sua inscrição. se você está tendo problemas em Tá criando a sua loja virtual, eu vou deixar o link do meu site aqui embaixo para você. Tá acessando e tá entrando em contato para minha equipe? está criando a sua loja virtual e se eu sei que muitos de vocês Talvez não tenha tempo, então não esteja conseguindo personalizar a sua loja, seja ela não ficar tags, nuvem, Shop, etc. Então já por isso que a gente oferece serviço para vocês. ok, a inscrição, acessei, dá uma olhadinha se você tiver interesse, cli501 contato e basicamente você já será redirecionado para o WhatsApp da equipe, certo? ok, sem mais enrolação. e esse, eu vou botar esse link aqui na descrição do Sol, caso muitas vezes acontece do YouTube é proibido e a gente colocar certos de link na descrição aí. eu vou deixar meu WhatsApp aí embaixo, Porque se ela no WhatsApp e pede: olic, se eu passo para vocês, ok, mas se você falar nesse vídeo, prometi no primeiro mês nem que vai estar aqui embaixo de inscrição, vai estar clicando basicamente vai estar abrindo a água do Aliexpress. Lucas, vai tá pedindo o loading do seu Aliexpress e-mail e senha padrão. se você não tem uma conta nessas, por linda, queria sua conta aí. ok, ok, pessoal, se vocês não tiver conseguindo criar uma conta de multiplicar, o método correto para você estar criando a sua conta aqui no AliExpress está ficando aqui nesse próprio botão de inscrever-se aqui. eu então decidi de cima mesmo, tanto faz, vai aparecer essa água aqui para aparecer essa água aqui. se você, se tiverem entrar, você vem para cadastros para que se cobre sua localização aqui no Brasil. ele que vai inserir o seu e-mail aqui, ó, beleza, O que é uma senha, senha padrãozinha tendo letra e números e coloquei o meu e-mail. realmente vai estar borrando meu e-mail aí. OK, a minha recomendação É: você sempre criar sua conta assim. não usa o Google, não uso Facebook, não usa Twitter e no Instagram para fazer acesso rápido. usa apenas e-mail e senha. faça o cadastro e clica aqui em criar a minha conta. quando você clicar aqui ó em criar minha conta, vai aparecer basicamente para você colocar o código que chegou no seu e-mail. aqui ó, um monte se confunde: chega aqui no e-mail, vê que não tem nenhum e-mail do Aliexpress e fala: para o e-mail não está chegando dormente meio, vem aqui, ó, para promoções. ou então, se você vir aqui embaixo e vim aqui todos os emails também, 12 meios vai aparecer aqui ó, nesse. aqui por mim sempre chega dois código pessoal, é normal. tá, então pode pegar o se tiveres vídeo aqui. pronto, chegou aqui, Colocou o código limpo e verificar e-mail. pontinha, o pessoal fez a verificação bem rapidinho e basicamente a conta foi criada que aqui você pode ter as mensagens, fornecedores, os pedidos, minha conta e etc. eu sempre recomendo você criar o seu, a sua conta que no AliExpress desse jeito aquele usaram e-mail e senha, Lembrando que eu mesmo e-mail e mesmo a senha que você conectar o nosso Limbo ou nas florestas ou no seu, não sou o turno, Ok, é o mesmo Aliexpress. e depois com certeza seu login, que no caso coloca o seu e-mail, colocou sua centro do bonitinho e colocou o código que às vezes pede um código no e-mail. vai tá entrando basicamente aqui nessa tela. vai tá descendo. é basicamente aqui uns termos deles. né pode explicar aqui o link. concordo com os termos da geral acordo Geral do AliExpress, é possível- e dá um próximo, basicamente outros termos e não próximo. e aqui pessoal vai pedir nome e sobrenome. o Gui também tá colocando casa, colocando o seu nome no seu sobrenome, Ok, tem gente que coloca o nome da loja. não é o nome da loja aqui, é o seu nome e o seu sobrenome. OK, agora é só dar um ele um enviar aqui é Basicamente já foi enviado, mas depois caminha, já apareceu uma mensagem: parabéns por se juntar a nós. você clica aqui ó ir para central de dropship, dropshipper. aquilo só vai ter todas as informações, mesmo quando, se quantas vendas você teve no mês que no caso aqui fevereiro, ele vai aparecer em dólares, ok, É, mas você pode ficar mudando a moeda aqui. se mudar novamente já vai bugar. isso é que nós vamos fazer, isso, que essa conta nem vou usar, é a que vai aparecer o valor pago, os pedidos pagos, produtos e tudo mais. se você vir aqui ó pessoal, aqui ó produto, se encontra produtos mais vendidos. aqui vai ter diversos produtos para você. tá dando uma olhada? Ok, não gosto de fazer mineração de produto por aqui, mas é, e você pode estar da Uni ano, certo, coloca o Brasil aqui. certo, aqui, pessoal, é muito bom. se você for fazer o dropship em é enviando para tu nos Estados Unidos ou então para Portugal, vou fazer o possível para fora. isso é bom porque se pode vir aqui e selecionar um fornecedor, é selecionar para preparar aparecer apenas fornecedores que envia para o país que você vai vender. Ok, então essa função aqui é muito boa, fora também que só o que que tem esse daqui de preço exclusivo para dropshipper, pelo caso eles vão abaixar o preço por você ser um drop shipping, esse abaixo um preço um pouco mais. você não é muita coisa, alguns até daqui a 7 horas, esse aqui para mais basicamente r$ 21, né 27, aos desconto r$ 6 promete muita coisa? não, mas já é aula. ok, pessoal, não tem mais. eu acho que foi isso. o vídeo não tem muita coisa para falar. eu sei que muita gente tava com problema para fazer login, fazer senha, fazer conta aqui na central de dropship, então o problema que não tem mais erro de centrar os próprios agora para resolver daí. então eu peço que você deixa seu like, se inscreve aqui no canal, que se ajuda muito mesmo é, isso é, e até o próximo vídeo. manda o vídeo para um amigo seu, ele tá passando por esse problema. e até o próximo.

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AliExpress Dropshipper Center: Find MOST Profitable Products to Sell for Profit | Dropship Analyzer

all right. in the next video here i'm going to show you how to use the manual input feature within the drop ship analyzer software and i have to admit i think this is my favorite feature, my most favorite feature of the entire software. this was really fun to program and it's pretty cool and, not to mention, it's pretty powerful. so in the manual input you have some options here. so basically what manual input means is you can manually insert all the express product links in here and you'll actually extract out the same data out of here. but before i get into that, i want to tok about the browser option. this is cool. i want to show you what inspired this idea. so inside of the drop ship center in your aliexpress account you'll see there's a search by image here and you can upload an image that you found somewhere of a product and aliexpress will show you matching products so that you can go in and kind of compare sellers. but the thing is they don't give you much data here. they just give you some orders, ratings and nothing else and you can analyze each one. but it would be so nice if you can actually see all of these products inside shop dropship analyzer and get all that other data in here, including those charts. well, i figured out a way of doing it and it's pretty cool, so check this out. what you do is you click the browser button and there's a built-in web browser, and this web browser uses the brand new microsoft edge browser engine, which is really good. to be honest, it's just as good as chrome, if not better. so pretty wicked, and along the way i built this was very simple. so there's not like a really big, glorified web browser or anything like chrome, it's very simplistik. but what you have here are some built-in default bookmarks on the left hand side, and you can add as many as you want. i'll show you how to do that in just a moment, and then what you do is you can just browse in here. so let me show you what i mean. so let's actually demonstrate how we could use the search by image. so in here i've included under aliexpress is search by image. so if you just double click that, this is going to take you on over to the actual search by image page. now, if you're not logged into your account within dropship analyzer, it's going to ask you to log in and in inside this integrated web browser. i made it really easy for you to get access to your username and password by this button up here. so if you click this button you can copy the save username and password. and if you haven't saved your username password yet, just click on open settings and in here you have the option to save your username and your aliexpress password. and please note that your password is completely protected. it's it's encrypted within the computer, so no one can like, steal it or anything like that. so that's just for you. of course you don't have to do this. you can do it manually if you'd like, to just enter it in yourself. but if that's there it's nice, because now i can just go copy and then ctrl v, copy, ctrl v and now i can log in. so now it's going to log me in. and if you're already logged in from using other features of the software- the search- then you actually won't have to log in. but if i go back there and click on that again, you'll see it brings you automatikally over to the search by image. but now we're inside this integrated web browser. so this is the exact same thing as we did over in chrome, but now we're in the integrated web browser. i'm just going to go ahead and upload that same image again. i have it saved here and now it's going to do its thing inside the web browser, but there's a little engine going on in the background and you can see down here that the software automatikally detected there's 48 product links on this page. well, check this out. this is so cool. all you have to do is click that little. i just want to put it to the side so you can see in the back here. if i click extract links, boom, it added all those links into that manual input window. now i can click yes if i'd like to just close the web browser and start analyzing these products, or i can click no and i can keep browsing. and i mean it doesn't actually matter where you browse, anywhere on the internet, any web page. if that web page contains aliexpress product links, this browser will recognize them and you can always put them into there. now think about that for a minute. i mean, what if you have access to a product online that does aliexpress product research, like a membership site? log into that membership site using this and you can extract those links out and put them in here. it doesn't matter where you are. it's pretty cool, but let's go ahead and just close this and click analyze. this part does take a little bit longer because i'm actually doing two extractions per product. i'm extracting the data from the hot selling section here- this data- and i'm also extracting the data from the analyze section. so now you're getting all that data for those products that we found by searching by image. pretty cool. so if you want to stop extraction, just click this little stop button up there and everything will stop there. and now we have access to all that data that we did before that you do not have access to when you're inside the drop ship center. so you can see how just awesome this tool makes it. it's pretty cool, but i don't want to stop there. let's have some more fun here. so i'm just going to clear this out by clicking the clear button and also going to clear this out. you can also save your links if you want. if you want, you can save them to text files here and import them if you'd like. but let's continue on with the browser and let's look at some other things. now, when you go to the aliexpress home page- which is not taking me there, so you can actually just type it in here if you want. so let's do that. so on the home page, oops, just click that out of there. there's always lots of cool stuff that you'd like to investigate in here. like they always give you some wicked like flash deals. like you go to categories, do all sorts of crazy stuff in here, like say, for example, i want to take a look- flash deals. you can click on that and i'm i'm just browsing here and automatikally you could see it found 11 products already and if i start scrolling down, you can see it's starting to add up 33 products. now, if i go to say, health and beauty- and these are the flash deals that are going on right now, or home and garden, and you can see it's automatikally finding them, and all i have to do is click, extract links and boom, and there they are. i can click yes to continue, or do? i'm sorry? click yes to close it down and go over here, but i want to continue. so that's, you can basically browse anywhere on aliexpress and start extracting products and then analyze them in here. so it's pretty awesome. but check this out. they actually have a top ranking section on aliexpress that nobody really knows about, but i bookmarked here. so let's double click that and bring it to top ranking. and in here you've got- excuse me, a ton of such awesome stuff to research. i mean, look at this for, oops, for each category. you can click on each of these categories, say, uh, let's go to home improvement. and then here you got all these different subsections. they give you all the time, like top selling, for some sort of lighting. top selling, more top selling, keep going. now most popular, based on interests, top picks, i mean, there's tons of stuff. so all you have to do is just click, say click on here, top selling, and it gives you the top 10 top selling products based on monthly orders. and guess what? you can get all 30 of them right now. boom, just like that. we added them in here and now we can go and research those products. it's pretty awesome, right? i also have weekly deals bookmarked here as well. of course, you can come in here and edit any of these bookmarks, delete them, do whatever you want. it's like any other bookmarks in a web browser. and so here you can see there's 290 weekly deals at the click of a button, just like that. 290 products, click an.

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Aliexpress Dropshipping Center aktivieren & zur Produktsuche effektiv einsetzen

hallo und herzlich willkommen zu diesem tutorial. in diesem video würde ich gerne mit dir über das atx presse jobs shoppingcenter sprechen ist soll vor allen dingen darum gehen, wie du quantitativ feststellen kannst, wie oft sich ein bestimmtes produkt verkauft. nehmen zum beispiel mal an, du bist es gerade bei, den eigenen shop restaurant aufzumachen, und du möchtest wissen, ob sich ein brüllt oft verkauft oder nicht. dann wäre es natürlich super, wenn man dazu daten hätte. bloß, woher kriegt man diese daten? es gibt ja hunderttausende von produkten auf alex presst. woher soll man die daten darüber bekommen, wie oft sich ein bestimmtes produkt verkauft? und die antwort liegt jetzt auf der hand, nämlich im drop shipping. central europe shopping center erlaubt es dir zu aller erst mal zuschauen, ok, quantitativ, wie oft verkauft sich dieses produkt. und vor allen dingen erlaubt es die auch zu schauen, welche suppliers trusted sind, also welche lieferanten praktisch einen guten job machen. das kann viele faktoren haben. also zum beispiel: kommt das produkt heil ankommt das produkt in der form an, wie es auch online angepriesen wurde, und so weiter und so fort ist. es gibt praktisch das tun wir jetzt danach stehen könnten, wie auch verkauft sich ein produkt. dann haben wir halt die möglichkeit, diese trusted suppliers anzuschauen, und wir haben auch noch mal die möglichkeit, über hot ds items nennt sich das- ganz genau zu schauen, welche produkte sich den derzeit auf alex presse zum beispiel sehr gut verkaufen. bevor jedoch damit anfangen wird, bevor wir darüber sprechen, wie man denn eigentlich nun diese ganzen analyseprozesse durchgeht, müssen natürlich zuallererst mal uns in strip shoppingcenter bewegen, und ich weiß ganz genau, dass viele damit probleme haben werden. was jobcenter ist nicht leicht beziehungsweise überhaupt nicht zu finden, und was ist genau? bedeutet das folgendes, nämlich du musst das dropshipping center erst aktivieren. viele frauen, die jetzt gerade die express account drin sind und hier oben anschauen, event höchstwahrscheinlich derzeit nicht das dropshipping center finden, weiß, erd nicht aktiviert ist. ihr müsst das jobcenter erst aktivieren, dann könnt ihr auch auf diese tools zugreifen. das problem ist bloß, man kann über google nicht so wirklich finden, wo man dieses dropshipping center eigentlich eröffnet. es gibt aber eine spezielle url, und diese url möchte ich an euch weitergeben, dass die url, mit der ihr euer job shoppingcenter aktivieren können- das ist einfach nur im navigator, punkt allerdings presscom, jobsde es dann anders. das, wie gesagt, ist die url. über diese url werdet ihr praktisch auf allerdings press weitergeleitet und können dann halt mit ads presse praktisch kooperieren, und ihr sagten: okay, ich bin einen drop schipper, und dann könnt ihr halt dieses dropshipping center aktivieren. aber gut, gehen wir einfach mal zurück in aliexpress rein und benutzen wir dieses tool markt. hier unten sehen wir schon mal folgendes: wir haben hier die sogenannten hot ds items. diese hobbys items sind einfach produkte, die sich derzeit ziemlich gut verkaufen, und wir können hier dann zum beispiel auch die produktkategorie gehen und können es bei anschauen, welche produkte denn in unterschiedlichen nischen sich derzeit sehr gut verkaufen. wenn wir zum beispiel draufgehen und wir können seine anschauen: zb of calgary, svensk loving men's club, servicecenter, communications, computern office, consumer electronics, uss home & garden, lembergs orientiert und so weiter und so fort. also haufenweise kategorien, und wir haben natürlich auch immer unterkategorien. das heißt, wir zum beispiel gut gehen. ich würde zum beispiel grundsätzlich nicht empfehlen, food, also grundsätzlich essen, in welcher form auch immer in seinem shop ist, dort zu verkaufen, weil, wie gesagt, wenn das zum beispiel in deutschland standard entsprechen beziehungsweise nicht eu richtlinien, kann es sehr gut sein, dass du da probleme bekommen wirst. doch reich wird jetzt nicht nur welchen mitteln? drive, rutkowski und so weiter. das mag sich zwar jetzt nicht so besonders risikoreich anhören, kann es aber sein. nehme zum beispiel andere importierten mate tee, und dieser mate tee ist auf einmal giftig. was will ich? natürlich jetzt nicht ausgehe, aber den wir mal an, es wäre so, dann hast natürlich schnell ein problem- sondern natürlich security and protection, security alarms auch gerade wieder also elektronischen dingen muss man immer ein bisschen aufpassen, weil nicht vergessen, wenn das ding anfingen zu brennen, und weil eine fackel das gesamte haus ab. und man schaut dann auch das produkt und sagt man, das hält man ja gar nicht importieren dürfen. da wird natürlich auch die person zur rechenschaft gezogen, die das produkt verkauft hat, und hier natürlich auch herr extension rx. da muss man auch wieder schauen, weil hautkontakt hat. dann apple accessories hat auch wieder hautkontakt mit, sowie ein bisschen schauen, zum beispiel office in school supplies. das können zum beispiel relativ risikoarm sein. furniture muss man schauen, leitung würde ich auch nicht reingehen, oder bio so motorcycles keinesfalls. home improvement möglicherweise, und sonst man sie in tools- keine power tools, wir ab, muss man halt schauen, ob das, ob das sinnvoll ist. auf jeden fall kannst du halt immer auf diese unterschiedlichen nischen gehen. und zum beispiel: nehmen wir an, ich will jetzt hier irgendwelche kubas, also brechstange, verkaufen. wenn ich da jetzt mal drauf klicken, dann sehen wir: aha, es gibt haufenweise krobath. ich jetzt will ich auch mal wissen, wie oft werden diese global verkauft, wie auch für diese brechstange verkauft? ich gehe jetzt einfach mal auf eine von den rauch, sagen wir mal die erste hier direkt, und dann öffnet sich ein neuer tab. jetzt siehst du halt diese grobe hier, jetzt siehst du diese stangen. und was wir jetzt noch machen, ist, wie kopieren einfach diesem link die url, die oben, kopieren die, und dann gehen wir zurück in unsere dropshipping center und klicken hier auf project aces. sobald wir auf privates klicken, sehen wir, dass es dort ein freies feld gibt, und dort tragen wir dann praktisch die url ein. dann klicken wir auf search, und wenn wir jetzt auf search blicken, dann sehen wir, wie oft sich dieses produkt verkauft. leider so gut wie gar nicht. zum beispiel hier: neben einem tag gab es entscheidend 2 sales- und wirken das, wie gesagt, mit allen möglichen produkten machen. wir können ja mal ein anderes produkt uns nehmen, wir können ja mal eins von diesen hier sehr populären produkten anschein nehmen. das ist hier direkt das erste. das nennt sich- ich habe jetzt wahrscheinlich ausgeblendet, ihr wisst, ich muss immer so ein bisschen glory machen- da steht jetzt ein nagano sixteen roos vom inc individuelle lashes, das heißt, es handelt sich hierbei um- wie ja, um wimpern, die man angeben kann. ich denke, das hat sich einfach ein typisches frauen produkt, und ich blicke jetzt einmal drauf und machen wir folgendes: ich nehme wieder hier die url und gehe dann zurück ins dropshipping center. wir klicken dann wieder hier auf praxis, dann kopieren wir hier die url, reinklicken auf search und dann, wenn wir schon sehen, aha, dieses produkt verkauft sich auf einmal heute extrem oft- war 9800, 23 mal an einem einzigen tag. oder zum beispiel hier 1600, 400, selbst an schlechten tagen verkauft sich das produkt ungefähr immer um die 1000 mal. also das ist schon sehr, sehr, sehr beeindruckend. und jetzt natürlich, dass es gestern sich 9800, 21 mal verkauft hat, ist schon eigenartig, weil ich meine, man sieht ja natürlich klar diesen anstieg, aber irgendwer oben die man musste halt richtig sales generiert haben für dieses produkt, und dass das jetzt neun, 1823 man sich verkauft hat, das ist schon wirklich wirklich ordentlich. dann das nächste mal, dass ich mit euch sprechen wollte, ist der sogenannte release, ist die sogenannte trusted zur players rang, und wenn ihr halt in den trusted zur preis reingeht, dann könnt ihr euch hier die stores angucken, die anscheinend sehr würde bewertung bekommen haben, die sehr gute arbeit geleistet haben. zum beispiel: hier haben wir:

Dropshipping With Aliexpress Dropshipping Center 2021 Guide

hi everyone, welcome back to conversion chef youtube channel. did you just hear the term aliexpress dropship center, but don't know how to leverage it for drop shipping in 2021. all right, that's what we're gonna see. today, dropshippers are struggling with negligible revenues and are in search of improving their sales. take notes and see how aliexpress dropship center might help you. so let's get started. [Music]. first, let's tok about the tools offered by aliexpress dropship center. the first one is the product research tool. so this is the product research tool, or defined products to sell. so, as the name implies, the product research tool allows you to search for the right products. so to find the right products for your drop shipping store, you should approach searching the right way. so aliexpress dropship center lets you efficiently search the products in three different ways: more the ways, simpler the task. so the first way is the hot selling tool. so this is the hot selling tool. this tool lets you find the most popular products in the marketplace and lets you know which end amount products would be the best for your drop shipping business. on the hot selling, you can either filter the search result by the different places of origin of the products, like spain, italy, turkey, russia and brazil. you can also search for products here or select a category. so ship from, ship to and many more filters. so if you have a product in mind, for example towels or pet beds, then just search for it and then the search results. they will be showing you the best products or the hat selling products without searches. so the second one is the search by image. so perhaps you had found the perfect product through a what's up image your friend had forwarded to you. now in the middle of the night, remember? oh lord, i need to get this product for my store asap. so, however, when you google search the image, all you see is some chinese alphabets flashing on your screen. so with this tool to find products to sell or search by image, you can drop that image right into the search bar and check if your product matches. aliexpress dropship centers in venery. so the third one is the sponsored products. this search option allows you to find those products that are being promoted through advertisements. so this can be a good sign, since a seller is adding the additional effort to make its products reach out to the buyer. but remember to be aware of those scammers that make new stores to trick the buyers. another important thing on the aliexpress drop shipping center is the ds price. before i explain what this price is, let me tell you what ds actually means. so ds refers to drop shippers and ds levels refer to the experience level of the of the dropshipper at aliexpress. so this is the filter of exclusive ds price. so ds price is the exclusively discounted products for dropshippers that aliexpress sellers provide. so, based on the drip shippers level, the price may vary. so another thing to note here is orders, so the orders, which means the orders that are open for purchase to normal customers. so the ds orders refer, or this one. so the ds orders refer to the number of products that dropshippers can order. now let's go to the analysis tool, or the product analysis. so this tool allows you to analyze the performance of a product over time. so let me show you how. so let's search for a product. okay, let's say this one. just go to the product page and copy the product url. now go back and paste the product qrl and click the analyze button afterwards. this tool allows you to analyze the performance of a product over time. so this product performed the best on feb 18- 2021. so you can see here the performance of this product over time. now that you have seen the different features of aliexpress drop shipping center, one question: how would you activate or add dropship center to aliexpress? so this is very easy. just follow this step. so i'm just gonna show you how. so let's say that you are on the dashboard of aliexpress, then just click your account here and then just click on account again afterwards. it will already show you the drop shipping center beside it. so just click that and you're already on the drop shipping center of ali express. so that's just how easy it is to go to or activate and add drop shipping center to aliexpress. so just create your account and go to the aliexpress drop shipping center. so that's it. that's just how easy it is to set up your aliexpress drop shipping center and the different features of this one. so it is a very great feature of aliexpress because it helps drop shippers in eight different aspects of selling or searching for a product. so i hope that you have learned something from this video and i hope to see on the next one. bye, thank you for watching this video. please don't forget to like and share this video and we are happy to hear from you on the comment section. visit our youtube channel, conversion chef, for more videos about reviews of shopify applications that can help you increase or boost your sales. you may also check the description below for the links of the applications and our mailing list. if you haven't subscribed yet, just hit that subscribe button, as well as the bell, to be notified with our new updates. i hope to see you on the next video. bye.

AliExpress Dropshipping Step-By-Step Beginners Tutorial Guide

aliexpress dropshipping- a full tutorial for beginners. if you're thinking about starting to dropship and aliexpress is on your mind as one of your first suppliers, do not miss this video, because here i'm going to take you guys step by step, hand in hand, as i show you how you can start, run and manage a profitable drop shipping business when you're drop shipping from aliexpress, no matter what selling channel you are using. so quick intro and let's go. [Music]. how do we start drop shipping from aliexpress? with over 100 million products to choose from in pretty much any category that you guys can think of, and with several selling chat channels to choose from? the selling channels is our online store, where we're actually selling our products that we found from aliexpress. so how do we wrap our heads around all this information and actually create a successful drop shipping business? so let's take it from the top. what is aliexpress and drop shipping? so, for those who don't know, aliexpress is a huge online marketplace. they've been around for a while, they've got warehouses all around the world- not just in china anymore- and they've got the cheapest prices from pretty much any other supplier that you guys will check. so, with all of these advantages, plus them being a super dropshipping friendly supplier. what do we have to lose when dropshipping from aliexpress? not too much. all we need is the right information. so those are some of aliexpress's main features and benefits. now, what exactly is drop shipping and how do we combine it together? drop shipping is a business model which means that we can actually sell products without holding them in stok, which means we don't have the burden of the expenses of inventory. now we combine suppliers like aliexpress and drop shipping using any selling channel that we want. now some of the best selling channels that we have today are ebay, shopify, facebook marketplace for us citizens- and wix. now there are more marketplaces, but these are my personal favorites. so what we're actually doing is we're grabbing products that we have on aliexpress and we're listing them on our drop shipping stores on our selling channels. soon we're going to go over all of that information and what selling channels are the best and how to really drop shipping successfully when you're using suppliers like aliexpress. but right now, all that you need to know is who is aliexpress and what is the drop shipping business model, which once again means that we're listing products without holding them in stok and we only pay once we get paid. so a customer places an order on our store, we go to aliexpress and fulfill that order- and we'll tok about order fulfillment automation soon. we go to aliexpress, we fulfill that order and we ship it directly to the end customer. we keep the profit between the price that we paid aliexpress and whatever price the customer paid us on our online store. that is the drop shipping business model. it comes with a very low startup investment and that is why it is a very good choice for many people around the world, plus the fact that all that you really need is a computer, an internet connection and the right knowledge and tools, which i will be passing on to you in this video, so we understand what aliexpress drop shipping is. let's go to the next question and, by the way, guys, everything that i'm showing you guys in this video, it's all written in the blog artikle, which i'll leave a link to right below this video, but do stay tuned because i'm adding a lot of more bonus content into this video. so are we allowed to dropship from aliexpress? the answer is definitely a yes, and aliexpress is also a dropshipping friendly supplier, which means they support dropshippers and they're waiting for dropshippers like you and i to go to their platform and resell more and more of their products. now, aliexpress is not just one seller. it's actually a huge marketplace with hundreds of thousands of online sellers, from china mostly, and what they do is they're simply sourcing products from other chinese websites that are not translated to english or any other language, so we don't understand chinese, we cannot go to those websites and buy from them, and they also don't support our currencies and so forth. so what aliexpress is is simply a marketplace where you have other chinese drop shippers who are dropshipping the products that they have on their stores in aliexpress from other chinese websites. this whole world is one big drop shipping method, just so you guys know. but in any case, that's how it works on aliexpress. so you've got thousands and thousands of sellers and you need to find great sellers with trending products that you can resell on your stores. how do we go about doing that? let's continue with this video. so you're definitely allowed to drop you from aliexpress, but you do want to avoid things like selling copyrighted products or knockoffs. so if it's any company that you've heard of, avoid importing those products to your store, as well as other things like tobacco, firearms, alcohol, medicines, supplements, vitamins and things like that, but with so many categories that you can drop ship on, it's really not going to be any problem at all. if you do want to understand what other products you cannot drop ship, you can once again read the artikle below this video, and here we have a link to ebay's vero list and facebook commerce policies. so no matter what selling channel you're selling on, even on shopify, the same rules apply to there. it'll just give you a good idea of things that you can and cannot sell when running an ecommerce business. so what are the advantages and disadvantages of drop shipping from aliexpress before we dive deep into the action? so we already know that that aliexpress is going to give you access to millions and millions of products that you can resell. they also offer global shipping, which means they can ship to pretty much any other country in the world, and on top of that, they offer drop shipping oriented services, like the drop shipping center, which i will show you soon when we get to the product research phase. they also offer great buyer protection. so if there was ever any problem with one of your orders, you can open a case with your seller and if you and if you can't make it work out with the seller. you can always ask aliexpress to step in the same standards we have today on huge marketplaces like ebay- we can also see them happening on aliexpress- because it really is helping solve cases between buyers and sellers. so if you have any problem with one of your customers, you can simply pass that on to aliexpress and they'll find the solution for you. on top of that, you can also pay on aliexpress using various credit cards and also paypal, which a lot of people prefer. some of the disadvantages of drop shipping from aliexpress is that you have long shipping times from products that are being sourced from china. so we all know that any delivery from china to the us or to the uk or anywhere else around the world can take anywhere from one week to one month, and sometimes even more in extreme cases. now most buyers want to get their items in up to one week, and i'm going to show you some neat tricks on how to do that using aliexpress. but that's one of the disadvantages if you don't know how to work around that. also, you've got the language barrier. some sellers on aliexpress don't really speak english too well. they were able to get a translated store up and running in english, but that doesn't mean that if you reach out to them, they'll be able to help you with whatever you need, because some of them simply do not know english well. so we need to be communicative with our sellers on aliexpress and make sure that they are answering on time and in a professional manner and, of course, understand our language. another disadvantage that we have from aliexpress is that we cannot bundle orders together, so if on your store you have several variations in one product page, or even if you have separate va.