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aliexpress to ebay dropshipping software

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

Aliexpress To Ebay Dropshipping Tutorial (2022)

aliexpress to ebay drop shipping tutorial. hi guys, welcome back to another video, and in this video i'm going to be telling you how you can drop ships during many items from aliexpress over onto ebay or from ebay to aliexpress, whatever it works. so it's really simple. so let's get started. so, first things first, i'm on aliexpress, over here, and over here what you're going to need to do is you're going to search for a product that you want and remember, the product that you want to sell should have a decent amount of views, should have a decent amount of reviews, so that we know that the seller who is actually, you know, shipping the product, is a good and trusted seller and that people won't get scammed so that we can rely on his- you know- credibility. so we have to make sure that he sells his product really, really well, no scams or anything like that- and we also have to make sure that the product that we are actually trying to, you know, sell are also really popular. let's get down into it. so one of the most popular things, in my opinion, would be women's clothes, or women's fashion, or, you know, because of jewelry and stuff like that, because women- and you know, and girls and women. they tend to do a lot of online shopping and because of that it really works well, and ebay and aliexpress are one of the top markets out there. so it's really good that we, you know, head first into the women's category over here. so we come over here into women's shop fashion over here. i'm gonna click over here, try to see over here. all right, so we have a bunch of different clothes over here, so what we can do is maybe you can find a certain type of clothing that is really popular and that is also, you know, selling quite a bit. so over here, we have best matches. we don't want best message, we want orders, so most orders, right, and we would also want free shipping as well, and up to four star. so these are some of the criteria that we want and these are the ones that we are left with, so, which means that these are really, really good. so over here, as you can see, this, uh, this shirt or whatever it is, it has sold over 7000 times and has a good amount of reviews and is also pretty cheap as well. that means that we can sell it online as well. same goes with this code, same goes with this long sleeve t-shirt and stuff like that. so now what we can do is to actually, you know, sell these types of clothes. let's go ahead and open this up, actually. so, over here, these are all the images. so what we can do, you know, is maybe we can go ahead and copy these images and also the name as well. so looks pretty cool. so what we can do is we can go ahead and save image. okay, the image can't be saved, alright, so over here we have the images. what we can do is we can go ahead and, you know, save the images, save the images, but these images are in a different format, so we can't actually save them. so what we'll do is we'll just open up our snipping tool and we'll just, you know, cut the image over here. boom, there we go. then we just simply save as, and, you know, we save the image. we'll just say: shirt over here. same goes with this image as well, or with a better lighting. i would say, okay, this one has a better lighting, okay, so this would look good. so let's go ahead and actually snipe this one as well. open this up, new snip, save as. shirt two, just basic stuff. all right, we just need to. you know, get some of these shirts, all right, so we'll get this one as well. i think it looks good. again, open up the snipping tool- new- and then we'll just simply cut this shirt. we'll save the image. save as third three, i would call it. boom. there we go. now that that's done, maybe we can actually get some more stuff like this one as well, but for now, we are good to go. so now what we can do is over here we also have some measurement and stuff like that, but we are now good to go. so what we can do is we can go ahead and, you know, copy this title, maybe like that, and then on aliexpress and then on ebay, what we can do is we can register ourselves as a seller, right, so we want to sell. you can create an account, uh, but it's a pretty long process, so i'm just simply gonna not go ahead and do that actually, or maybe i already have created an account, so let me just go ahead and see. so let me just go ahead and sign in actually, all right, so now i'm inside, i'm logged in, we are good to go. so let's go ahead and click on sell and sell this item. if you click on sell, we are basically, you know, gonna go ahead and upload that. so if you still don't know what we're trying to do here, let me just explain it to you. so what we're gonna do is we're gonna sell our item. you know, we're gonna put all of the details of this item on ebay right on our profile, and then whenever someone places an order on ebay, they'll basically give us all of their shipping details, all of their addresses and stuff like that. we'll take that information and we'll put that information over here. we can ship it to their own country, you know, any country we want over here. as you can see, we have a bunch of different options. and then we just simply, you know, place the order and boom, we are good to go. and then we'll notify them that their order has been placed and that the order should arrive in a one or two day. and if they chose to pay express delivery, we can even charge them for that. and then we can put that extra fee that we got from them and we can put it over here and boom, there we go. so that's pretty much it. that's what we're trying to do here, and we can do this for a lot of different products. we don't have to do this for just this product. we could do this for this coat, this shirt. we can do this for this, these cargo pants, or these jackets, or these, this you know one business shirt, or whatever. we can do it for every anything we want. we can do it for a lot of other products. we don't have to. you know just targets. you know, women's clothing and stuff like that doesn't really matter. that's what we're trying to do here. so now that you know what we're trying to do, let's go ahead and continue. so, all right, so let me just go ahead and sign in actually. so over here, let me just uh, tell us what they're selling. so we just have to enter in the product name over here that we copied. all right, we're gonna go with it. start with this title: streetwear, knitted tees. i didn't copy the entire, the entire prop. you know name, so i'm just simply gonna go ahead. okay, i can't make. it's too long. so, uh, automatikally updated: women, cotton, hollow, cut out sexy t-shirt, bandage, backless, long sleeve top, and we'll just all right. there we go. that looks much better. stand out with the bold title and search. this is gonna cost you like an extra dollar. you know two dollars and subtitle is gonna be anything you want. over here you can add it to different categories. this one belongs in the top ones, so we're going to put them in the top category and then over here we add in the upc and conditions over here and then we add in the photos. so let me just add in the photos over here, so the main photo should be this one. then we can add another photo, another photo, we can add this one, and for the third one we'll add this one. so now it's loading the images and once that's done we are good to go. we can enter in the size we can enter in. you know we can enter in the regular size, you know. let me just copy that so it is fits true to size. take your normal size, so we'll. let me just go into the size info over here. so i really don't know. so over here it basically says that, but we still don't know. okay, so in inches it's this like this. so over here i would say let's go with medium, yeah, let's go with that. and then we have the type: no, it's not a t-shirt, it's a top. so we'll just say it's a top and then we can add the color. we can add like black. boom, there we go, department for women, and over here we'll just say, yeah, neckline is it's. basically i would say, let me just take a look over here. actually, okay, i would say that that's a crew neck right, or a high neck. so we'll just say it's a high neck. yeah, sleeves types are full sleeves, but

How To Dropship From Aliexpress To eBay In 2023 [FREE MINI COURSE]

so you're thinking about Drop Shipping from China, right? interesting? Hey, listen, I'm not judging. I'm actually gonna help you in this video because, let's face it, dropshipping from China, this is the way, right, this is what everyone is doing. yeah, that's the narrative. that's what everyone is saying. recently, I went on a Drop Shipping journey. I started dropshipping from China into eBay, and that's what this video is all about, and I'm gonna show you how to do it. but I want to tell you why you should do it. okay, there's only one and only one reason why you want to drop ship from China instead of dropshipping from other suppliers. okay, one big reason: ready money. no, it's actually not mine. that's what I thought two weeks ago when I started this whole drop stream from China thing. I can tell you that money is not it. very often you'll find a product that costs, you know, ten dollars on Amazon and ten dollars on AliExpress. money is not really that thing, but the only Pro of Drop Shipping from China is the diversity of products. that's it. that's the whole reason why you want to use Chinese suppliers, and you might be disagreeing right now, and I can see why. maybe you're doing wholesale or maybe you are doing like a Shopify drop shaking. okay, that's what you do. I understand why you might be Pro Chinese suppliers. okay, I'm toking about the easy drop stream, which a lot of people are looking for, where you just list the product with for sale and ship it to your customer. that's you. if you're looking for an easy way to drop ship, please stay and listen to what I have to say, okay, so, as I was saying, the only big benefit of dropping from China is the diversity of products. you will have a lot of trendy products that are not yet on the US market but are becoming trendy, becoming big. a lot of unique products. you will find them on AliExpress. and guess what? we can move these products into eBay and drop stream directly from China into eBay and be the first one, the first people on the market, the first people on the eBay Market that are selling these products. that's the true advantage of using Chinese suppliers. so in today's video, I'm gonna show you how you can start dropshipping from China to eBay yourself. I'm going to show you how to set up your eBay account so it's set up correctly and will allow you to drop from China within eBay policies. so we're not going to break any policies that you know eBay doesn't like. I'm going to show you how to do product research, how to find these trendy, diverse, unique products and then list them on eBay. oh yeah, and I'm gonna show you how to list them on eBay. ready, let's go. before we start, full transperry check: okay, I started drop streaming from AliExpress into eBay literally two weeks ago. okay, I learned myself. I will watch YouTube videos how to do it and kind of figure out on my own- and it worked out. I got some sales, so I know this thing is possible and it works. usually what I do is something different. I use big retail suppliers such as Walmart or Home Depot, and I drop ship these products on Facebook Marketplace and eBay. if you want to learn more, check out my website, dropshippinggirlcom, and that's where I have all of my expertise in drop screen from China. only done it for two weeks, but I got the proof of the concept. I know it'll work because I received some sales. so just want to mention that before we start, and let's roll up the video now. okay, so when it comes to drop stream from AliExpress into eBay, there's one very, very important thing that we need to do. okay, we just establish shipping policy that's fit for Chinese suppliers. you see, eBay allows you to create special policy if you Source your product from outside us and and they have a long shipping time. all you have to do is just make sure that your customers are aware of that and that eBay knows that as well. so an easy way to do it is by simply creating a special shipping policy dedicated just for products that are shipped from China. so to set up this policy, make sure to log into your eBay account, go to your settings and then what you want to do is you want to go to the business policies. that's where you're going to create the shipping policy dedicated for AliExpress. okay, so I'm gonna do that right now. and what I'm gonna do next is I'm going to click on create a policy right here and I'm going to click on shipping policy, because that's where we're trying to create. we're trying to create a new shipping policy and first thing first, I will have to name this policy. so I'm going to name it AliExpress. so I know this is dedicated to AliExpress. it's a description. you can ignore description. you don't really need to focus on that now. let's scroll down right here with this services. so what you want to do here is you want to pick the policy that will fit what we're trying to accomplish here, which is dropshipping from China. so I'm gonna click on this and I'm gonna scroll down until I see Economist shipping from outside US: 11 to 23 business days, so this is not counting any weekends and stuff like that. this is just Monday through Friday, basically. so this policy gives us a lot of time to find products that can be shipped within the month to our customer, which is perfect and that's where we're gonna go with. so I'm gonna click on that one. I'm gonna select that. this is free shipping. free shipping usually attracts more customers, so make sure to select the free shipping as well. now, when it comes to the handling time. so how much time you give yourself in order to upload the tracking number? if you want to get your listings higher in the ranking, you probably want to go with the three business days. right, because three business days- you should get a tracking number within the three business days from supplier and upload it. a lot of time, that's the case, but sometimes it takes a little bit longer than it is. from my experience. I usually try to stay with four business days, and I know this is above the amount that eBay likes, but I like to stay safe and usually for business days it's enough for me to get the tracking number. this one extra day keeps me protected and gets me more time to secure the tracking information. now here's where the magic happens. okay, the cool thing about dropshipping from China on eBay is that you can also Dropship to other countries, and I'm gonna show you how to establish that. that way, you can get X extra eyes on your listings from outside us and AliExpress. it drops you pretty much everywhere, so this is really cool, that we can establish something like that on eBay. so I'm gonna click right here and I'm gonna change from no international shipping to Flat same, close to all buyers. and when it says ship too, we not pick custom countries, okay, we're not gonna ship to everyone, but basically to all the rich Western countries, okay, so I'm gonna click on choose custom location: Canada, Mexico, United Kingdoms, Germany, France, Australia and Japan. that's it. we're not going to pick any other countries. these are the rich countries. they have money and they do use eBay over there. because I just want to stay on the safe side and, yeah, that's pretty much why, when it's a service, we're gonna select economy shipping from greater China to worldwide. and when it comes to cost, I like to put three dollars, because usually AliExpress will charge you three dollars if you're trying to ship to different countries than us. so I usually just do three. it depends on the product that you're trying to sell and amount it's worth, but three it's an average and I usually try to stik to products that are less than fifty dollars anyway, so three is good. I'm also gonna exclude some locations, so make sure to click on create exclusions right here and exclude the Alaska, Hawaii US protectoriats- I can't really pronounce this an APO, fpo- which are like the, like the Army boxes and stuff like that. so oh, and also PO Boxes- I forgot about that one. so make sure to exclude those. the reason being why I want to do this is because AliExpress don't ship to these locations and we don't wan.

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I Started Dropshipping From Aliexpress To eBay - Here’s What Happened

over the weekend, I had a brilliant idea ready. hear me out: Drop Shipping from China. I know I know nobody really done this in the past. I'm gonna be the first one. very original, right? people tok about dropshipping from China to Shopify, but there's not many people toking about drop spring from China into eBay. actually, there are a few, and they say it's possible to do that. but is it really, though? I mean, let's take a look at props of dropshipping from China. okay, let's take a look at the list. so we got long shipping time, poor quality, wait, these are, these are not the pros. let's let's see what's down the line: hard returns, limited customer support. I mean, this doesn't sound too good. this sounds like cons, not a Pros. so what is an actual Pro of dropshipping from China? money. Drop Shipping from China has one big benefit. okay, big margins, big profits. that's where the true value of Drop Shipping from China is, because, let's face it, poor quality, long shipping times, no customer service. that doesn't sound too fun. it actually sounds like a disaster, if you ask me, but I'm not giving up on the idea yet. okay, I decided to do a little bit of research and I asked people in the Facebook group that I created, as well as the private Discord, and I reach out to some dropshippers that I know to see if they ever done this, and it looks like I got an answer that some of you did that and you are supposed to having success. So today we're gonna find out if it's possible to drop ship from AliExpress to eBay and how can we do that. if you watch me for a while, you know that I drop shipped mostly from Big retail websites such as walmartcom, Home Depot, sometimes Amazon. so I've done that in the past and I know it works and it's successful because that's how I make money, that's how I live right now, because that's the main source of income for me. but this whole AliExpress thing, it kind of bothers me because the profit sounds really good on there. I mean, whenever I use big retail websites, the max margins I can get are like 25- 30- that's the max I can get. with AliExpress I can get supposedly 40 to 50 margins, which is insane. that's that's. that's a lot of money, you know. so the first thing I did I try to find if there are other dropshippers that do drops from China into eBay, and I was able to find couple of accounts and even are pretty open about dropshipping from China, because when you see their location it says some city in China and it also mentions that the shipping time is quite long. so it's possible there are people doing it and eBay has nothing against it, because Drop Shipping on eBay is within their terms of services. but are these drop Spurs making money? well, there's an easy way to find out. I use Zig analytiks to spy on these people and see if they are making money and and I can see them having tons of listings but they're not making that many sales against. the long shipping time is not something that people are really into it and people just don't want to wait. the only time I've seen people actually buying products from these dropshippers is when the product is kind of unique, something that you can't really find anywhere else. that's usually when they do get sales. so that's what I'm gonna try to find. I'm gonna try to find product that are kind of unique and ideally I can shorten that shipping time. because there's one cool thing about AliExpress that a lot of people are not toking about. you see, AliExpress actually have warehouses in us too, and you can easily find that. you can simply just filter out products to show you as locations and you can find products that are being located in US. the problem is that a lot of people that use that system kind of abuse it and they lie. I mean, take a look at this. I can click on this listing that says it's shipped from us, but when I actually click on it it says ship from China, and you will find bunch of listings like that over there. so it's kind of making this whole process complicated. so I'm gonna try to do Zig analytiks one more time and see if I can use zek to find products that sell on eBay and I can drop them from China. okay, so let's see what happens. okay, so I use Zig to try to find these products right, and I spent quite a lot of time right now and I even use that Pro feature that costs extra to you know, find me good products and they do find great products. don't get me wrong. these products sell fantastik. they get a lot of sales on AliExpress, but they all ship from China and I just don't want to deal with this. I want to find a us-based warehouse that sells products from AliExpress and I can use this Warehouse to sell on eBay. that's what I want, because it's just there's always something. you know there's either a long shipment time or the page just looks weird like I don't want to drop from random places on from AliExpress, because there's a lot of scams on AliExpress and the customer service sucks, so you don't really have very much Support over there. so I trying to find someone legit, like someone that has been on AliExpress for a long time. they have a top rated ranking and you know they've been selling them for like at least four or five years years, because you can actually see this on AliExpress. it will show you how long someone has been selling on, and it's hard to find something like that. I literally spent like an hour doing this thing and I haven't find a single product. you know like I can find 20 products within that time using Walmart or Home Depot or whatever, but with AliExpress it's just fine to hunt the product. it's just so time consuming, you know. I hope those profit margins are worth it, though, so let's continue with our research. oh, okay, I decided to change my tactik a little bit. I just didn't have too much success that Zeke and Alex was giving me as a, as a suggestions. okay, I was just excited to see what are the best selling products on eBay right now- the 500 best selling products, which also's economics will show you. and I can see all these products on eBay right, I can see what they are, and a lot of them are like tikie items, like headphones, gaming headphones, keyboards- uh, those fake airpods, like that's. those are the number one sellers on eBay. so, lucky enough, there's a lot of products like that on AliExpress. but I'm kind of concerned about this type of products because these are tiky products and they kind of look like a. they are made from poor quality, okay, so that concerns me. but hey, this is an experiment. what can we lose? another eBay account? Maybe, hopefully not now what? I actually notiked that it's easier to find products using AliExpress app on your phone than when you're doing a computer. for some reason, whenever I go on my phone, the filters work just better and it's faster and smoother, you know. so I think I'm gonna do the rest of the product research on my phone, since it's just easier to do that. uh, hopefully we'll find something. all right, I think I found some products- uh, I don't know. I don't know how I feel about them. I feel like I could find way better products doing regular retail Drop Shipping thing using Walmart or something, but hey, let's try it, you know. so before we list these products, there's one more thing that we need to do. I need to set up a special shipping policy on eBay that extends kind of the the day frame. even though I found some products that are us-based, it still takes longer amount of time to ship them than if I would use a retail website as supplier. so we need to set up a special shipping policy on eBay and I'm gonna show you how to do it real quick. all you have to do is go to ebaycom and then go to your settings. next go to business policies, create policy shipping, name it whatever you want. I'm gonna put AliExpress. we're gonna set up standard shipping, you know, for free shipping- and then, when it says handling time, we're gonna put six business days. Okay, the reason being why we're gonna set up so high is because I don't know how much time it's gonna take this AliExpress supplier to fulfill the order. so six business days plus the five busi.

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How To Start Dropshipping on Ebay From Aliexpress (2023) Aliexpress To Ebay Dropshipping Tutorial

hello there, welcome into this new video. if you want to make Drop Shipping into eBay- let's say, connecting an AliExpress uh stealthy product from AliExpress to your eBay, you are in the right place. I'm going to be showing you what we can do if you actually want to do this into eBay. so first of all, there are a few things you need to understand. this one is called, of course, Drop Shipping. so what happens in here is that let's say, for example, that you want to put in here this item. for example, I want to sell this item, I want to choose this item, I want to copy the list of these European uh brand jackets, men's juice and whatever this one is called. so let's say, I just choose to copy this image, go into selling on eBay and here into the eBay. what I want to do is to have my account right. so once I have an account, I want to go into uh, into evolve or change, into selling a business. so in here I want to change from a local pop Chaser a client, from that into a seller. so what I want to do is to select the options to selling into business. it's really easy to sell here into eBay. but if you want to list an item, you want to import that from other places, you can start to make Drop Shipping. it's going to be a little bit more hard than you think because eBay does not allows the Drop Shipping. so what the purpose of that? what's the reason, the main reason of that? so if I want to say that I'm selling a jacket, I would go into the search bar and here I do have different options. so let's say, you want to choose the, without any match. here new attacks continue to listing and what I just want to do is to copy and paste all of this into my eBay because, since evit does not allow me to make Drop Shipping, I need to add this like step by step, image by image. the size is the variance, the description, the, absolutely anything. so lastly, when someone purchases this item, I need to buy this directly from AliExpress, and when I want to choose, when it's going to be asking me, of course, for the address, I need to provide the address of the client. so there are two mistakes here. number one: the person that makes the part Chase is not going to see in the product, in the package, that this one does not come from eBay. and, of course. number two is that if I, or if I buy this from AliExpress, I need to find a supplier that can ships from the current tree. I'm currently based into the same country, so I don't have to wait, uh, up to 30 days or even 60 days, because if you notike by now, AliExpress do have a lot of low prices, but it takes, up to a lot of love, even more than a month to send your, your item. for example, this one says estimate delivery on January 16. we're not even in the 16th of December. this one has been taking more than a month to send that into the client. so this one's going to be confusing a lot to your client. so, from my point of experience, if you're just getting started into the Drop Shipping world, you don't want to do that. you don't want to confuse your clients. but if you want to figure it out, you want to start here. uh, what I can strongly suggest you is to first of all try to import all of that information into the description. you want to say that this item is, let's say, for example, imported from China. this item has an estimate delivery of 60 days. up to 60 days I'm going to get up to 60 days. you want to input the original price or let's say like the real price of the of the shipment, or you want to add that into the, into the product. so this one cost us like ten dollars, um, the shipment to that person is like just three dollars. you want to input that into the total price of the product and you want to say say that the shipment is a free shipment, something like that. right, so you want to be. you want to import as much information as you can to not try to confuse, trying to not confusing our client, and that's how we can make dropshipping into eBay. so I just need to field all the information here. I just want to input the prices, the offers, the shipping prices, the domestik shipping here, and then you- are you actually good to go now, if you want to figure it out, another way of making Drop Shipping without I mean using AliExpress but not using eBay, per, say, I mean you want to use some old Alternatives. what I can do, strongly suggest you, is to have, whether a own website or to choose another platform that actually allows you to make Drop Shipping, for example, etsy. etsycom is going to be helping you a lot for making Drop Shipping. uh, it do help you to make Drop Shipping. so what you want to do is to go into the dsage. this is an application, uh, actually, for making Drop Shipping. so what you want to do is to choose your stores. so you want to go into linked to more stores and in here, um, the D series application will be helping me, is going to be telling me where I can um, add my detours applications so they can make the process that we just did to import listing automatikally. so that's the reason why I do love to have my Shopify account and here into the Shopify, I do have my website, so I did linked it to my store into AliExpress- I mean into the D series, which is actually the same thing. I mean, uh, these series come from AliExpress. so what I did here is to select a product and pull it out into my store and automatikally is going to be appearing that into my products. so when someone buys one of these items, automatikally these guys are going to be receiving the order and they're going to be sending that right away and I, of course, tell them that these items come imported from China or wherever they have this Drop Shipping supplier and the estimate time of the shipment process. so once the client knows whether this product comes and how much they're going to be taking to receive that they do have, we are generating trust to our clients. so that's how we can start here into Shopify. so if you want to do the same thing into eBay, once again, it recommends you to input all the information as you can into your description. put as much information as you can't tell them that this one does not come directly from eBay. it do comes from you or import it from other way. but you want to confuse the client. please don't do that, because otherwise it's going to be used, uh, not helping a lot, and if you have a really great, great store already created into eBay, this is going to be generating you a lot of bad reviews and it's not going to be helping a lot, guys. so, with that being said, uh, hopefully this was a very useful video for you. now don't forget to like And subscribe to this channel if you want to find out more information about these Drop Shipping suppliers from eBay. you do have Etsy, do? you do have Amazon? Amazon actually helps with a large to making Drop Shipping, but I think, I think that, um, let's say, adding products from AliExpress directly into Amazon. once again, it's not a lot. I love it. so I think like the best option for you, for me, for almost everybody into the uh, into the Drop Shipping world, is to create your own website and try to add that, try to create ads and try to share it to the world. so first of all, you want to create some orders- uh, generate by yourselves and Trust, so people can trust more in you, because even if you are into eBay, it's not going to be assuring those yet that you're going to be having a lot of success. so thank you once again for watching this video, guys, and I will see you on the next one. good luck with that.

How To Dropship on eBay From Aliexpress For Beginners | EASY Step-By-Step Tutorial [2021]

this video is going to be a complete guide to getting started drop shipping from aliexpress onto ebay. now a lot of people have fears that aliexpress is just full of a lot of junk and that those products are terrible to drop ship onto ebay. i used to have the same fears, so in this video i'm also going to tell you what made me change my mind and how you can find the products that are actually good ones to drop ship onto ebay. what's up? everyone paul here from dropshippingtitanscom, where i teach regular people just like you how to start your first successful ebay drop shipping store. in this video i'm going to show you, step by step, how to set up an aliexpress, the ebay drop shipping store and exactly what you need, exactly how much money it costs and how to find the best products to drop ship. so the first thing you're going to need is an ebay account. so all you have to do is come over to ebay, click on the top left where it says register. go through the setup process, make sure you also have your site preferences and your business policies set up, but once you have that, it's free to do that. so you now have an ebay account. next thing that you're going to need that i highly suggest is signing up for a good software, and the software that i really recommend for this is auto ds. i'll have a link to it underneath this video, and the reason i recommend them is because what this will allow us to do is to quickly list items onto ebay from aliexpress. it will also do auto ordering for us as well, so once the order comes into ebay, autods will actually order it for us, so you don't actually have to manually process the orders yourself. if the price changes on aliexpress, autods will make sure that the price automatikally changes on ebay for you. if the items stok levels change, those will also change on ebay for you. i'll tok more about that soon, if that's kind of confusing. now let's find the products. this is really the key. if you can get down the product research, then you're going to be fine, because setting up the ebay account, getting the software running the software, is going to handle so much of this for you. but first you have to find the right products to sell. i'm over here on aliexpress. if you've never been on here before, i suggest you come on here, kind of spend a few minutes looking around, because the website is a little bit different than other websites you might have been used to in the past, because aliexpress they're a marketplace. there's a lot of different sellers selling on here, which means that some of those sellers are going to be good, some of them are going to be bad. some of the products can be good, some of them are going to be bad. so we're going to sort through that find the right products. the other problem with aliexpress is that there's so many items it can be overwhelming. what do you sell? what should you drop ship? that's what i'm going to show you right now. so, after you've spent a few minutes looking around getting used to it, i would also set up an account with them. you can do that by hovering over here and clicking on join- pretty easy to set up an account with aliexpress. let's now start by finding a random category here. this is the start of the product research, and now, when i'm on this page, what i'm trying to do is find a product that's selling really well on aliexpress that has a pretty unique name, and the reason for that. what i'm trying to do is find other people who are already drop shipping from aliexpress onto ebay, and you'll see why this will be useful, finding a unique item like that. so what i can do is sort here we're in bestsellers right here. i'm looking for one with a bunch of orders like this one right here, a lot of orders, let's click on that. what i'm going to do is copy down the name, or at least part of the name, and i'm going to search for it on ebay. now, just because it's selling really well on aliexpress does not necessarily mean it's going to sell well on ebay. but what you'll find is that if someone who's drop shipping sees that this product's selling really well in aliexpress, they are going to think it sells really well on ebay, so they're going to list it up for sale on ebay. so that will help us identify other drop shippers on ebay. so, for instance, this person right here, i want to see if this person right here is drop shipping from aliexpress on ebay. and the way i check that is i check the photos. i want to see if the photos are the same. i want to see if the shipping location- the ship from location- is the same and i want to check if the price is higher. so for this one, let's open it up and look at these photos right here. look at the price: it's 846. it's coming from china and coming to this. these are the exact same photos. the price is higher and it's coming from china. so this person is drop shipping from aliexpress onto ebay and they've sold this item eight times, and i can see that right here now. even if this item hasn't sold eight times, that doesn't matter, because step one here is we want to find other drop shippers, other people drop shipping from aliexpress onto ebay. so let's not get ahead of ourselves. we're not looking for a winning product. yet i found this person. they are a drop shipper, so let's see if we can find some other ones. i'm going to go back to these search results. is there a picture of a fishbowl here? no, there's not. i haven't seen that. here's someone else. this looks right. these are the same photos, higher in price, coming from china. so this is another drop shipper as well. so you see we have a lot of results here. all these are drop shippers. you can see all these photos. another one: look at all these photos. these are all drop shippers here. i'm gonna open up a few of these. i'm trying to find one with some more feedback. this person only has 15 feedback, which means they haven't sold a lot of products, so i'm going to ignore them. even this one, 36, isn't that great. i'm looking for someone with more. i like to aim for at least 30 feedback, ideally higher than 50.. here we go, someone with 85 feedback, so that's a little bit more helpful. so we have a few sellers here. we have at least three and actually four, and if you went through all of these, we would have even a longer list of drop shippers. so right there, we accomplished step number one. we found other drop shippers who are already drop shipping from aliexpress onto ebay. now the next thing we want to do is we actually want to see what other products they are drop shipping and see are those products selling. so that's step number two: see what items they are already selling well on ebay. so, coming over to this person, i'm just gonna click on their name and right here, where it says items for sale, click on the number in parentheses and i can see all their items for sale. what i would do is you can open these up one by one to see if the item is sold. so i clicked on this item right here, the name- and open this up and it would tell me right here if it's sold. this one has it. a little tip to make this go faster is on the left. i'm going to click on more refinements over here and then i'm going to click on show only and then sold listings and click on apply. so now we have 57 items that have already sold and if the item has sold once, if this person has successfully sold this item once, then you can sell it yourself, which means it's gonna sell, sell again, basically. so let's look at this one, this soldering iron kit. we see it sold once. the more times it sells, the better, but this could definitely be one that you could drop ship. so there's one right there. we have the endoscope that we looked at before. let's look at this. these are more cheaper items, for sure. this 75 car jump starter. let's look at that one. that listing ended but it sold one time. we'll take a look see if it's still in stok. this one's 25 professional pedicure kit- this one sold one time. so yeah, these are all items that we could drop ship and i want to show you in a minute a way to kind of supercharge this process. but let me complete the three-step product research form.

AliExpress to eBay Dropshipping Complete Guide 2021

hello, how's it going? everybody, in this video we are going to create listings on ebay. so we haven't made a video for a while. so now i'm back and i'm really excited to show you- uh, some of my new analysis and show you how to create listings for some of the. if you are new to dropshipping, we'll go over through some details and i'll show you some of the best tikniques and tips and tricks that i use when i create listings. so here it's asking me to log in, which i'll do in just a second. all right, so we're just logged in. so, notike, one of the best things when you start drop shipping is to analyze the market, find out what are some best selling products on ebay, on aliexpress, wherever you can find, so only then we start listing them. so to start creating a listing, go to the listings. now, this is a new interface that i'm using right now. this is called seller hub. you can use the standard, the standard interface, if you, if you like, but i'll go with this. let's click on create listing. so recently i was looking for some protective screen glasses for uh, for google pixel devices, so i was looking for it on ebay, which i didn't found. then i switched to the aliexpress and i found some great deals, so that's when i decided to order some protective glass, tempered glass, for pixel devices. so let me find the page that i'm toking about and i'll also put the link in the description- this video- so you can check out yourself. okay, so here we are. as you can see, here on the top left corner, we can see the rating of the seller. this indicator is very important. by the way, this is the very first thing that you that you take a look at, and this is the number of followers. and when you click, when you hover over a mouse over here, you can see how long the seller has been operating in aliexpress: two years, almost three years. that's a good indicator, so we are pretty much good to go with this seller. so let's now switch back to ebay and create a listing. now, when you first enter a title, a list of suggested categories will- [Music] will pop up, and here you can see now this category is looks. uh, this matches for our product, so we are going to choose this one. now, here it's suggesting me if i want to use one of this template, which i'll. i won't. i'll create my own listing by clicking on this link now. notike also that here we have a listing for this product. now, each time when you create a new listing, make sure you come up with this with your own title. that's very important. this is the very first thing that a potential customer will see. this is the, the first information, the first title that they'll see. you want to make sure that this is attractive. now, what i'll do with this is i'll type: two pack, google pixel, i'll move google pixel from here to here. pixel glass, also the glass, protective glass, just like. so just play around with the title and you'll come up with something better. now here it's saying that we still have seven characters to use. now i'll choose something like quality or use something like best. okay, so let's scroll down a little bit. here we can see. now we'll come back to the variations. but now let's first take a look at the condition, which is, of course, new, and here we can select attributes from this list. now, here i'll click on the screen protector, and and and the anti-scratch, also temperate glass. now, the more you add these attributes, the better. uh, the ebay will index this product. now let's also put this clear. let's choose this attribute as well, because the color is clear, it's transparent. now let's also use something like this: transparent. now you're pretty much welcome to uh copy to to find any matching attribute if you like. but i'll continue from here. so let's switch back to aliexpress and copy the description of this product. i'll hold down, shift and select all of the description and paste it right here now. then i'll switch to the advanced editing and select all of the content and center it just like. so now let's take a look at the price of this product. now. when you click each on each item, on each variant, on each variation, the price sometimes varies. the price changes, but right now, for this product, the price is the same across every uh variation. now the price that i'll choose is: let's also change the quantity and the price that rally use is 7.99, which is a good thing. we can, of course, change it later if we want. now let's come down to the shipping methods. here we have two options, which is domestik shipping and international shipping. now for now, let's leave these options as they are and let's take a look at the item location now. this is currently set to grosney, which is where i'm located right now, but we'll choose china. just click a couple of times the letter c and you'll be taken to the china. and then let's also specify a city. and now you can specify any chinese cities, such as hong hong, hong kong or shanghai or whatever. now let's specify hong kong. and also very important, here we can create a list of countries that we don't want to ship to, because each seller may ship to a certain list of countries and they also exclude some of the countries. and if we scroll down here here, we can see the preview button that that will show us what this listing will look like when it's finally published. but currently we don't have any images set to this [Music] listing. and now let's come back to the variations that we toked about earlier. so before adding any images, now you can add just one image for all, for all glasses, but we we have their variations, as you can see right here, and to create variations, click on this button and you'll be taken to a variation page. now, first, you just take a look at the attributes to see if there is one available that we want. if you we can't find the one that we need, we can create our own attribute- and the attribute that we want is the model and create a model. and now, excuse me, that's not actually what we wanted. we want to create. on this option, let's create our own attribute, let's type model, and here we can type as many models as we want. so i'll pause the video while i'm making this. now you can copy the list, the same list that i created for yourself. and, by the way, if you want to see which phones, which models, are the most in the market, you can take a look at the ebay page. if you type google pixel, here you can see the, the drop down, and we'll click on cell phones, and here you can see, next to the model number, the, the number of phones which are in the market now, as you can see, the lowest one is the first generation of pixel, and these has the highest number. okay, so let's switch back to aliexpress- wow, excuse me, ebay- and let's finish adding them all, right, so i think that's enough for us for now. so let's uh, continue. now you'll be taken to this page. here you can specify the price for each model, for each variation, so i'll select all of them and enter price. so the price for every variation is 7.99, and also the image and the quantity. so the quantity, let's say, we want to choose the quantity of two, and if you select this option here, you'll be able to choose the image for each device. but if you you take a look at the aliexpress page, uh, we don't see different images based on the selected model. so we can choose whatever image that we want, as long as it's a pixel image, protective glass image. so to do that, we can also look for the better images, if we like, for protective glass of google pixel series. so let's look for google pixel template glass and look for the images. now i'll choose this one and i'll choose some more if i find. so let's copy this image to the desktop for now. let's also copy this image. and also, if you look for this title, you'll also get the. these images related to your search. as you can see, this let's people know that they get two pieces of protect tempered glasses if they buy one. so that's also a good thing. and lastly, let's also copy this image. and yeah, if you notike, here is the. this is probably the seller. so we want to remove the seller, the name of the seller, from this image. so let's save this image for now.