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amazon dropshipping meaning

Published on: December 31 2022 by pipiads

The Truth About Amazon Dropshipping - Watch This BEFORE You Start!

in this video i'm going to break down,the pros and cons of amazon drop,shipping and help you determine whether,this ecommerce business model is worth,doing,if you enjoyed this video don't forget,to hit the subscribe button and be sure,to hit the bell button to be notified,when new videos come out now having been,an e-commerce since 2007 i've seen many,popular ecommerce business models crash,and burn and through all the years that,i've been doing this one lesson always,rings true if it sounds too easy and too,good to be true then it probably won't,last and amazon drop shipping falls into,this category now first off i want to,say that there is money to be made by,drop shipping on amazon and it's,probably one of the least expensive ways,to get started selling online with,practikally zero upfront monetary risk,but before you jump the gun i want you,to ask yourself a few important,questions would you rather launch a,business that makes a couple bucks here,and there in the short term or would you,rather build a branded business that can,stand the test of time well today i'm,going to analyze the pros and cons of,the amazon drop shipping business model,and provide you with an accurate picture,so you can decide whether you want to,give amazon drop shipping a try,now what is amazon drop shipping well,amazon drop shipping is an ecommerce,business model where you sell physical,products on amazon without having to,deal with inventory shipping handling or,customer service so basically amazon,your supplier handles all the heavy,lifting for you when you make a sale on,amazon you simply notify your drop,shipper and they ship your products,directly to the amazon customer on your,behalf,now you don't touch a single product in,the process there's almost zero upfront,costs outside of signing up for an,amazon account and you don't have to buy,any inventory whatsoever until the item,has been sold,now the low risk aspect of drop shipping,on amazon makes it an appealing business,model because anyone can do it and you,don't have to be tik savvy to begin,now when evaluating the different,e-commerce business models amazon drop,shipping is probably the easiest way to,start selling online,now is amazon drop shipping legal and,the answer is yes however you have to,follow their rules otherwise you risk,getting banned and according to amazon,drop shipping is allowed on their,platform but you must fulfill your goods,from a legitimate wholesaler and not,another retailer now the following,excerpt is actually taken verbatim from,amazon's website drop shipping or,allowing a third party to fill orders to,customers on your behalf is generally,acceptable if you intend to fulfill,orders using a drop shipper you must,always be the seller of record for your,products identify yourself as a sell of,your products on all packing slips,invoices external packaging and other,info included or provided in connection,remove any packing slips invoices,external packaging or other information,identifying a third-party drop shipper,prior to shipping the order and be,responsible for accepting and processing,customer returns of your products,all right so with that definition in,mind here are examples of drop shipping,that are not permitted purchasing,products from another retailer and,having that retailer shipped directly to,customers if the shipment does not,identify you as a seller of record or,anyone other than you then it's not,permitted you also cannot ship orders,with packing slips invoices external,packaging or other information,indicating a seller name or contact,information other than your own,as a result the following ways to,dropship on amazon are illegal,drop shipping from aliexpress to amazon,this is when you list a product on,amazon and aliexpress does the,fulfillment,drop shipping from ebay to amazon is,also illegal this is when you list a,product on amazon and fulfill from ebay,in fact the only legitimate way to run a,reputable drop shipping business on,amazon is to use a distributor or,wholesaler as your dropship supplier now,all shipments must be branded with you,as a seller of record and you must,remove any trace of drop shipping,providers in your packing materials in,addition amazon requires all drop ship,sellers to abide by their strict code of,conduct if you consistently violate any,of the following rules you are subject,to a suspension your order defect rate,must be less than one percent your,cancellation rate must be less than two,point five percent and your late,shipment rate must be less than four,percent now if your drop ship supplier,consistently ships products out late,then you risk getting your account,banned,so how do you land your first drop,shipping supplier well if you're looking,for legit dropship suppliers consider,using the following methods you can,contact the distributor directly every,product sold online contains a upc,barcode and by looking up the,manufacturer directly and contacting the,distributor you can ask whether they,have a drop shipping program in place,you can also attend wholesale trade,shows everywhere in the world there are,wholesale trade shows catering to,products in every category and by,attending a trade show you can quickly,and easily find dropship wholesalers all,in one place you can use a site like,wholesalecentral.com to find trade shows,in your area you can also use a dropship,directory directories like worldwide,brands pre-vet legit wholesale,distributors that offer dropshipping now,access to this directory comes at a,one-time fee now here are a list of,questions that you must ask your drop,ship supplier before you get started are,there any drop ship fees drop shipping,margins are very low and typically fall,into the 10 to 30 percent range,on top of low margins most drop ship,suppliers will also charge a per order,drop ship fee now this drop shipping fee,can range anywhere from a couple bucks,or more depending on your product in,addition you will have to pay the,shipping and handling costs for the,supplier to ship out your product to the,end customer now some drop shippers may,pad their shipping fees to make,additional margin on the transaction so,make sure you run the numbers to ensure,that you can still make a profit after,all drop shipping fees,are there any deposits or upfront,payments required some dropship,suppliers will ask for a deposit towards,future product orders upfront but over,time as trust is established you can,often negotiate payment terms and have,this deposit removed but regardless make,sure you ask your supplier how they want,to get paid some require an invoice for,every order while others allow you to,create one mass payment invoice at the,end of the day,ask for a sample invoice so you can find,out if there are any hidden or,unexpected costs do your homework,you also want to ask do you sell on,amazon because some dropship suppliers,are already selling their products on,amazon which puts your drop shipping,business at a major disadvantage because,your supplier has better pricing than,you do it's going to be difficult if not,impossible to compete directly with your,supplier,you also want to ask what your return,policy is returns are reality with any,ecommerce business and you need to know,how to get your money back for any,returned orders now in practike it can,be quite an ordeal to handle return and,typically you'll have to file an rma,with your supplier first and then have,the customer ship the product back to,your supplier directly and then once the,product is received your supplier then,reserves the right to provide you with a,refund depending on the condition of the,item you also want to ask whether they,provide an inventory data feed because,amazon's selling requirements are so,strict you have to make sure that your,inventory levels are up to date in real,time after all if you sell a bunch of,items on amazon that are out of stok,you will have to cancel those orders and,risk your account getting suspended and,in general y

The UGLY Truth About Dropshipping That No Guru Will Tell You

in this video i'm going to answer the,most commonly asked questions about drop,shipping including the questions that,most people won't give you a straight,answer on so here's the ugly truth about,drop shipping,now drop shipping has a reputation for,being a get rich quick scheme because it,sounds way too easy you don't need to,store inventory you don't need to ship,or fulfill orders you don't need much,money to get started and you can run a,dropship store from anywhere in the,world now while all these statements are,tiknically true a common misconception,is that running a successful dropship,store is easy but in reality success,with drop shipping has many pros and,cons and isn't as straightforward as you,are led to believe so in this video i,answer all the in-depth questions,related to drop shipping to provide you,with a complete view of what it takes to,run a profitable dropship store now what,is drop shipping drop shipping is an,ecommerce business model where an online,store does not carry inventory for the,products it sells when an order is made,the online store purchases the products,from a wholesale supplier who then ships,the order directly to the end customer,so as a result the online store owner,does not have to deal with physical,inventory or perform any shipping and,handling there are no upfront inventory,cost because all products are purchased,on demand now is drop shipping legal and,legit it is 100 legal as long as you use,legitimate dropship suppliers so for,example if you sell disney merchandise,on your online store and your supplier,dropship's fake disney merchandise on,your behalf you could be liable for,fraud as long as you're careful about,who you work with and only use,officially licensed distributors for the,brands you carry drop shipping is legit,and safe,now does it require a seller's permit,and a business license well in the us,you absolutely need a seller's permit in,order to legally sell online now most,states require you to charge sales tax,to customers where you have economic,nexus and drop shipping is no exception,if your locality requires a business,license then you must get a business,license as well remember drop shipping,is simply a method of order fulfillment,your drop shipping business is a real,business and must be registered as such,now how profitable is drop shipping well,because your supplier is doing most of,the heavy lifting when it comes to,fulfillment and inventory the margins,for drop shipping are much less than,other e-commerce business models so,typical margins for drop shipping are,between 10 and 30 percent compared to 50,to 66 percent for private label and,traditional wholesale which makes drop,shipping far less profitable now the,best products of drop ship are higher,tiket items that yield more revenue per,sale,now is drop shipping worth it well,despite the low margins drop shipping,can be a great way to get started,selling online for less than three bucks,you can start a fully featured ecommerce,business that carries hundreds of,products and drop shipping is worth it,for product research as well without any,upfront risk you can list many products,online just to see what sells and then,based on your own sales data you can,private label or carry inventory for,your best selling products and keep more,of the profit now the best part is that,drop shipping can be automated except,for the customer service now most,established drop shipping suppliers,support edi which stands for electronic,data interchange edi is an electronic,system that allows your website and your,suppliers website inventory to,automatikally stay in sync so for,example if your supplier runs out of,stok on a partikular product your,website's inventory will automatikally,be adjusted in addition all orders,placed on your website are automatikally,transmitted to your drop shipper for,fulfillment however even though order,fulfillment is automated you are still,responsible for answering questions and,performing customer service now here's,how drop shipping from your own website,works now if you use a well-supported,e-commerce platform like shopify,bigcommerce or woocommerce setting up,drive shipping is a straightforward,process here's exactly how you drop ship,from your own website and how it works a,customer places an order on your site,and you accept payment the customer's,order is electronically transmitted to,your drop chip supplier where you are,charged the agreed upon wholesale price,for your goods your drop ship supply,then ships the order to the end customer,and you pocket the difference in cost as,profit now you don't have to drop ship,on your website you can also drop ship,on amazon and here's how amazon drop,shipping works you list your products or,sell on amazon as a merchant fulfilled,seller and then when an order is placed,on amazon you electronically send the,order to your drop ship supplier who,then ships the products to the end,customer now overall amazon drop,shipping is a much riskier business,model than drop shipping from your own,site because you have to follow amazon's,terms of service to the letter first off,you must source your products from a,legit wholesaler you are not allowed to,drop ship your products from another,marketplace like aliexpress ebay or,walmart otherwise you're going to get,banned as a result aliexpress drop,shipping on amazon is expressly,prohibited amazon also imposes very,strict requirements for shipping and,fulfillment that must be met if you have,a series of late shipments or inventory,mishaps your account's going to get,banned but outside of following amazon's,terms of service drop shipping on amazon,works much the same as drop shipping on,your own website you can also drop ship,on ebay you simply list your products,for sale as an auction or store listing,and then when an order is placed you,electronically notify your supplier who,fills the order and similar to amazon,you must source your products from legit,dropship suppliers and not marketplaces,like amazon or walmart otherwise you're,going to get banned so as a result get,rich quick schemes like buying products,from amazon and drop shipping them on,ebay at higher prices is prohibited now,you're probably wondering how drop ship,payments work well when you sign up with,a drop shipping supplier you'll be asked,for a form of payment and typically you,can pay by credit card your supplier,keeps your credit card on file and,simply charges your card when an order,is placed you can also use ach or direct,transfer this is where your supplier,keeps your bank information and,automatikally places a transaction at,the end of the day week or month for all,products purchased,the best way to pay a drop ship supplier,is through payment terms some suppliers,will offer you payment terms which means,that you don't have to pay for your,products until 30 or 60 days later now,whenever an order is placed on your,website two payment transactions occur,in the background the first transaction,takes place when you accept payment from,your customer and deposit the money into,your own bank account the second,transaction takes place when you pay,your supplier for the raw cost of goods,and any related drop ship fees,now where do you find drop shipping,suppliers there are four main ways to,find suppliers depending on your budget,and the types of products that you want,to sell,and by paying a fee you can perform a,search and instantly have access to,hundreds of pre-vetted suppliers you can,also use a drop shipping company a drop,ship company acts as a middleman who,automatikally connects you to a dropship,supplier you simply list the products,that the dropship company offers and,they handle the entire fulfillment,process as a result you do not have to,find or interact with any suppliers you,can also go to a drop shipping trade,show by attending local wholesale and,drop shipping trade shows you can form,drop shipping arrangements face to face,you can also use a print-on-demand,com

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I Tried Dropshipping on Amazon For a Week (Complete Beginner)

so in this video I'm gonna be taking you,through my experience of drop shipping,on Amazon for a whole week I'm gonna be,completely transparent in this video I'm,only showing exactly what I have listed,exactly how much I got it for and how,much money I make I mean even gonna go,through the exact numbers of what they,did in sales and more importantly and,something that rarely ever gets shown in,all these guru videos that's exactly how,much profit I make obviously if I'm,spending a hundred thousand dollars a,month to make a hundred thousand dollars,a month that's worth nothing and in,e-commerce we call that vanity numbers,and that's really just for sale,sometimes you just see these,entrepreneurs making a hundred thousand,fifty thousand dollars a month but you,never actually find out how much actual,profit are they making so in this video,I'm gonna be breaking down all the,numbers exactly why I spent how much,everything cost me and how much did I,actually take home after all the sales,were done and then I'm gonna be telling,exactly what the mistakes I made how can,you learn from this mistakes and if this,may be something that you would like to,start for yourself so make sure you,stik around for the entire video to,learn exactly what I went through so,that you can get a better idea what,actually is drop shipping on Amazon and,guys if you're looking forward to this,video I won't need you to do one thing,for me right now,and that's scroll down hit that like,button to make sure that this video gets,pushed to a greater wider audience so,that it can possibly help them to for,those new to the channel my name is Joe,Igor I've been doing e-commerce and,specifically drop shipping for the past,three years now I've been doubled in all,sorts of businesses online so make sure,that you subscribe to this channel so,that you can see more videos in the,future and okay let's get into this,video straightaway,[Music],let me start by saying just as this game,all the things expressed in this video,of my own opinion they could or might,not be correct I might be completely,wrong this is just my opinion and my,experience of what I've done so make,sure that you take that with a grain of,sand what the actual hell as a kid I,used to buy things and sell them on eBay,for a profit and flip them just to make,a couple of pounds here and there well I,had come across a different model the,dropship in model and for you those who,don't know what the dropship in modeler,is exactly you basically list products,online that you find from suppliers just,like your local grocery stores like,Walmart Best Buy and things like that,you list it directly on that website and,when someone buys that you go to the,supplier you enter in their details and,you get it sent directly to them so you,never actually house the inventory you,never even see it basically you act as a,middleman you just list it on there and,when it sells you buy it and you keep,the spread of the difference between,your sale price and what you actually,boy for so the first thing I had to do,because I had no clue how to do it was,to do some research,so I started youtubing videos I ended up,watching hours and hours and hours of,content but the craziest thing is that,they never showed me how to actually do,it they toked about are you gonna find,the products and you have to list them,and then you make the money this way but,they never show you if you know is how,to actually do them so I was kind of,confused I thought about buying a couple,of courses but saw the ones that like a,thousand dollars eventually I sell for,one that was two hundred ninety seven,dollars and I bought that so right from,the get-go I was down two hundred ninety,seven dollars in costs the next thing I,needed to do was separate Amazon seller,account which cost another $39.99 so at,this point you know I was nearly three,hundred dollars hurried down into this,experiment but that was fine because I,was hopeful that I would make money in,doing this so after a couple of hours of,watching this course I think it exactly,how to do everything it still seemed a,bit iffy a few things kind of just,didn't make sense but I was just gonna,go and jump in for it so the first thing,I needed to do was find products and,list them on Amazon,so back in my eBay days it was pretty,easy to find items that you could,probably sell profitably on eBay this,was not the case for Amazon as I soon,found out it took a lot longer to find,products that you could actually make,money on you actually have to do a lot,of lot of research and this includes the,first step of finding items that are not,in Prime you can do this I found out by,downloading a google extension called,primal way or various different other,ones so once you download that you can,go straight on to the Amazon page and,you can find items that are not prime,sellers the next thing is to go through,and figure out which ones are not sold,by FBA or by Amazon either because you,do not want to compete with them always,you could be facing possible suspensions,and you probably won't get honestly even,make probably a profit on it because you,can't compete with people and FBA you,see on margins so after about three,hours I finally came across my first,product the first product that I could,make money off I think it was around,three dollars and 23 cents and what did,I find,I found a Swiffer a special type of,Swiffer that I could make some money on,so I listed that straightway hopeful,that I would make some sales on that so,waiting for my money to come in problem,was by Devin I had only listed one,product this was taking away than I ever,thought it and eBay it was fairly,straightforward you could just find,sellers that already selling good,products find out where that is and then,list that too and compete with them,Amazon not as easy de - I did a lot more,research in I researched for another,couple hours find products that could,make on I kept switching between,different categories to see if that,would help,still took a long time and I think,that's just the nature of the game this,one in this business model you don't,look for I guess a you know quantity you,look for quality and that's the name of,the game so by the end of day 2 I had,found another two products that I could,sell it was a stepladder and of coffee,machine the craziest thing here which I,didn't think would actually work is that,the coffee machine that I found online,and that I actually found later and,warmer I could get an $18 profit margin,on it so for me I thought that there,must be something wrong with it probably,won't sell but let's just list it in,case because I've been so,for three hours now I'm so done so let's,just list this and get this going so day,three comes up I wake up in the morning,check my emails and I made a bunch of,cells I can't believe it I mean three,hundred and eleven dollars and cells in,one night and guess what the Swiffer was,doing me right because I had sold that,thing over five times and it was making,me money already five times I already,made fifteen dollars just by sleeping,overnight so I started searching again I,saw looking up different items and guess,what I found another two items that I,could list and make money on one was,some sort of like weird tube piping for,washing machines and the other one was,this filter that you could put in your,AC unit so in each of those I can make a,couple of dollars profit and I thought,it would be good and then I would be on,my way to being a six-figure Amazon,seller day four so I started picking up,by crazy I started getting emails and,emails and emails that these things were,just selling and the best thing that,happened was the coffee machine was,selling I was making $18 profit per copy,machine and the thing was just selling,like crazy just kept selling and selling,I honestly had to mute my email so I,kept making so many sells I thought wow,this is great nothing can go wrong this,is where it happened my first big,mistake so

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Does Amazon Allow Dropshipping - Why You Shouldn't Bother!

hey Sam welcome to borrow money where,money should be the only boring aspect,of your life so if you're watching this,video then you're probably wondering if,you can drop ship on Amazon well stik,around because that's exactly what I'm,gonna tok about,[Music],on my channel I always release videos on,digital marketing and passive income,strategies so consider subscribing,also if you want you can click on the,link below to get access to my recession,recruit business model that'll teach you,how to build an online business from the,ground up so don't worry if you have,zero experience because you'll get the,best training that will make you the top,marketer,great let's get to the content so before,I tell you the answer I want to let you,know that I have an alternative business,model where I think it's definitely,better than Drop Shipping whether you're,drop shipping on Amazon or or on your,own website Drop Shipping is really a,very saturated and difficult business,model to do nowadays even if you have,the best codes for dropshipping doing,Drop Shipping now it's going to be,really hard to turn a profit nowadays,especially if you don't have Deep,Pockets because you're gonna have to,spend a lot of money on Drop Shipping so,the big question is can you drop ship on,Amazon and the answer is yes PS Drop,Shipping is basically just getting a,product and shipping it directly to a,consumer without seeing inventory right,well if you're planning to do drop,shipping on Amazon then you can,definitely use sites like Alibaba and,then once you order your product or your,supplies you ship it directly to the,warehouses that Amazon asks you to ship,it to that way the product is,distributed to all the warehouses evenly,and whoever buys that product will get,that product really quickly depending on,whether it have time or not so basically,it's pretty much you doing business on,Amazon's website rather than your own,instead of using the traditional ways of,drafting which is using your,dropshipping website probably from,Shopify now if you go through this route,then you're gonna need to hire people to,check your inventory if you don't want,to see yourself right so instead of,spending money flying over to China or,wherever your supplier is from to check,whether or not the quality is up to,standard then you're going to need to,hire someone to check out that inventory,for you and that's going to cost a,pretty penny now that shipping rates are,going to be more expensive because,you're going to be buying at a at a,bigger volume depending on supplier,you're gonna have to buy a minimum of at,least 100 or or a thousand of that same,product right so shipping quality,control that's going to be that that,might be an issue if you don't spend,enough money and and having your,supplier ships through so many different,warehouses they might have a fee for,that too they might have an extra cost,for you to pay because they have to ship,several different boxes to several,different locations Warehouse locations,right for Amazon so keep that in mind,too now you might think that prices of,products on Alibaba are so cheap but the,costs are are adding up because of these,quality issues and also shipment issues,and sometimes things just happen during,shipping and your shipment might get,damaged while it's being shipped right,unfortunately that's the that's the,nature of doing physical product,business and that's one of the many,problems you got to deal with when,you're doing Drop Shipping now if Amazon,ships a bunch of products that are not,up to Quality then customers are gonna,write a bad review for you probably a,one or two star and then your company is,scarred because of one bad shipment,because of all these unhappy customers,giving out one to two star reviews and,you're gonna have to deal with that,headache so customer service is one of,the biggest things of dropshipping in,order for you to find products that that,have the highest margin that that pay,you the most is usually products from,China so this is the con because most of,the time delivery from China usually,takes at least two to three weeks for,your customer to receive their product,and with the time frame that you're,competing with Amazon like two-day,shipping or maybe even one day shipping,that's that's a big con you're fighting,against Amazon a giant a giant that's,all over the world you gotta keep that,in mind so not only are you competing,with Amazon you're also competing with,the suppliers and the manufacturers that,put their own products on sale in their,own website and Amazon and most of the,time these suppliers and these,manufacturers that are on Amazon can,pretty much undercut you easily even if,your supplier doesn't compete with you,there's other suppliers that probably,sell the same product that are competing,with you and definitely undercutting you,so making a profit there is kind of hard,too so you gotta keep that in mind,because of that you need to find,Reliable suppliers it's not just,suppliers in China that are that are,marketing their own products on Amazon,it's the suppliers in your respective,country that also do the same thing,because it's business they want to make,money and you're just pretty much the,middle person that's really competing,with uh with with all these Giants that,actually can get the products at a way,cheaper cost than you now let me tell,you what business model doesn't have all,that and that business model is called,affiliate marketing where all you do is,Market other people's products and when,you're marketing other people's products,that means you don't have to deal with,the customers because they're not your,customers you're just recommending,people what to buy and 70 to 80 to 90 of,the time you're just driving traffic to,that one product that you're marketing,and that's about it compared to drop,shipping you need to Market you need to,create ads you need to you get you need,to do everything of course like every,other business online when you're,looking to affiliate marketing or doing,some research about it there's gonna be,a lot of crap out there that you're,going to sift through well that's where,I come in there's going to be a lot of,courses that people are going to teach,that that just don't work anymore,because they're stuck with the old way,of doing affiliate marketing which will,get you banned on Facebook multiple,times probably and you're gonna get,banned on Google ads you're gonna get,banned on Bing ads or you're just gonna,waste money and not be able to turn a,profit in the end that goes for a lot of,other different business types right so,if you want to have a successful,business online you want to actually,turn a profit at the end of the week or,at the end of the day make sure you,click on the link down below because,you're going to learn how to do,affiliate marketing the right way where,you don't have the deal was the mess of,a Drop Shipping situation that you can,get yourself into so I hope my answer,was sufficient enough for you and if you,got value out of this video please let,me know by by commenting down below if,you want to learn how to start your own,online affiliate marketing business then,be sure to click on the link down below,because you're going to learn how to do,it the right way there's a lot of crap,out there that you want to stay away,from because they're going to teach you,the simplest way as as fast as they can,but you're gonna generate possibly zero,income or even lose money if you want to,learn how to promote things of value,such as information on teaching people,how to solve their problems whether it's,making money whether it's improving,themselves whether whether it's guitar,lessons or learning how to invest in,real estate be sure to click on the link,down below because you're going to get,free 40-day Builder training series,that'll teach you the benefits of,affiliate marketing and how you can get,started imagine being able to provide,value to people to enhance people's

Amazon FBA VS Dropshipping | Which One Is Better? Pros and Cons

i'm gonna cover the pros and cons that,come with drop shipping in amazon fba,[Music],what is up everyone welcome back to my,channel if you are new to the channel my,name is pat harris and i'm a full-time,amazon seller,on my channel i share tips that help,with my own amazon business so i could,help others out i also like to share,videos related to the stok market,investing making money online so if you,like this type of content make sure to,hit that like button hit the subscribe,button and hit the bell icon i know i,say it in every video but it really does,help out with the youtube algorithm and,just by liking and commenting on my,videos,i do a giveaway at the end of every,month so keep an eye out for that i give,away my amazon fba course or a hundred,dollar prize and i announce it at the,end of every month in my videos but,let's get into the actual content of,this video so in this video i'm going to,cover the pros and cons that come with,drop shipping in amazon fba,i get a lot of people asking me should i,do drop shipping first is it easier to,dropship than do amazon,so i'm going to cover both of them and,hopefully answer all of your questions,so you can decide which business model,you want to go with so if you don't know,my background a couple years back i,started with retail arbitrage i went,store to store i was scanning items and,trying to resell them on amazon,but i didn't like the experience i don't,like shopping i was going to different,stores and i could only find a couple,things that i could resell and i,wouldn't make that much,profit so i started looking into drop,shipping and amazon fba and i chose,amazon fba i've been doing it for over a,year and a half now but i've never done,drop shipping but i did learn a lot,about drop shipping and i've toked to,other people that drop shipped and i'm,gonna go over,what it is so drop shipping is where you,have a storefront either on shopify or,another,website and then a customer will go to,that website they buy the product,and then that product links to a,manufacturer in china from aliexpress,and that supplier will ship out that,order once you get a sale on your,storefront there's software that linked,the two but the only problem is,customers have to wait one to two weeks,to get that actual product and if you're,like me you don't want to wait a long,time to get products a lot of people are,impatient,so that's one of the downfalls with drop,shipping another negative thing about,drop shipping is you have to do,a lot of advertising you have to get,influencers you have to run,facebook and instagram ads and you're,gonna spend a lot of money trying to get,customers to go to a website that,they've never heard of,if you think about it when is the last,time you went to a website that you've,never heard of and actually bought,something from that website i know i,have never gone to a random website and,purchased anything i always go to amazon,because i have an amazon prime,membership amazon has all the products,that i need,and it only takes one to two days to get,my products,so those are a few things with drop,shipping you're gonna have a random,storefront that nobody's ever been to,you're selling random products that will,eventually die out different trends will,die out and then the customers have to,wait,one to two weeks to actually get their,products that's why i never went with,drop shipping i went with amazon fba,because,you have to buy the products where in,drop shipping you don't actually have to,buy the inventory with amazon fba you,buy the products in bulk and you ship,them directly to amazon's warehouse and,then when you get an order amazon,handles all of the orders for you they,do the shipping the customer returns,they pack your products so that's why i,love amazon fba because,they do all of the work even though you,have to buy the inventory it's still,a great business model and the main,thing is there are millions of people on,amazon every day buying products and,i'll put a chart right here but you can,see how much sales come from amazon us,so all you have to do is run your ads in,the amazon platform and then once that,product is in front of a customer's eyes,they might buy that product if you have,a good product and a good listing where,if you drop shipping a customer might,not even go to your website because,they've never heard of it everyone has,heard of amazon,nobody has heard of your website so that,is the main differences,amazon has a lot better platform for,selling and the shipping is only one to,two days but the only downfall is,you do have to buy the inventory in bulk,and then you do have to pay amazon,storage fees and fba fees,so some people will say the fees are way,too high and it sucks but then if you,think about it when you're getting sales,at home and you don't have to do any of,the work i would rather pay,amazon all of those fees to handle the,orders rather than handle all of them,myself,having to pack and ship the products,drive them to the ups store,if i sell 50 units in one day i couldn't,even imagine packing and shipping 50,units i would have to buy a truck so,that's why amazon fba is great because,they store all your inventory you don't,have to have a warehouse,drop shipping could be good for you if,you're really good at marketing or,you're a big influencer and you have a,lot of followers that might buy the,product but you have to run a lot of ads,to get customers to go to your website,where amazon,millions of people are searching every,day if you look around on youtube you'll,see a lot of videos saying drop shipping,is dead and that is because drop,shipping had a huge boom,a few years back and then it slowly died,out because everybody was opening up,these shopify stores,selling random products and a lot of,people like me don't go to random,websites to buy products i just jump on,amazon buy the product and i get it,fast so now i hope you understand the,difference between drop shipping and,amazon fba,it's up to you on which business model,you want to go with i prefer amazon fba,private label i've been doing it for,over a year and a half now and i love it,even though there's a lot of fees with,amazon it,still beats having to do all the work so,you could sit back and relax as you get,orders on amazon you do have to run the,advertising but running ads on amazon is,a lot easier than running facebook ads,trying to get customers go to a website,that they've never heard of all right so,i hope you like this video if you want,to learn more about amazon fba check out,my other videos you could join my amazon,fba facebook group,i also have a discord and that is it all,right so i hope you enjoyed the video i,will see you in the next,video goodbye,you

what is amazon dropshipping how to earn from amazon dropshipping

hello guys welcome to my channel youtube,channel tik ideas,in this video i tell you what is drop,shipping and how to start drop shipping,on amazon,so first of all,how do i get drop shipping on amazon,8 step,to start drop shipping on amazon choose,an e-commerce platform sell the right,product create an amazon seller account,get approved in your product category,set up your amazon account on shopify,start drop shipping from amazon to,shopify,have shopify track inventory start,promoting your amazon store,is drop shipping profitable on amazon,yes amazon dropshipping can be a,profitable the average drop shipping,margin is between 10 to 30 margins,amazon take around 50 percent of your,top line revenue so if you your margins,are around 30,that means you will have a new margins,of 50,15 after selling a product via amazon,store drop shipping,how can our beginners,start the drop shipping,here's the,how to set up drop shipping,so there's a different step,to follow,and,can be start,beginning drop shippings,so here,there's a different step to start a drop,shipping on amazon pick a product the,first step in starting all types of,e-commerce business is decided what you,want to fail research suppliers decide,where your list establish stores,start marketing things provide when drop,shipping can you start drop shipping,with no money you are not dummy the me,if you want to drop shipping for free,then,how to start drop shipping with no money,7. find your niche and product step 2,find your suppliers step three step set,up your online store step four choose,the drop shipping tool step five start,marketing your product,so,if we discuss it's uh is amazon drop,shipping illegal yes drop shipping is a,complete legal on amazon but you can get,suspended anytime if you're not able,there are rules for example if you do,not close your lives listing when you,are out of stok and get sales amazon is,likely to be banned you ban you for it,the same goes for if you are product,keep on arriving late,so our topic is end,thank you