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amazon dropshipping virtual assistant

Published on: January 2 2023 by pipiads

How to do Amazon Dropshipping Step by Step 2021

so hi everyone welcome to my channel i'm,divine race corso i'm entrepreneur and,founder of digital consultancy in,services so today what i'm going to show,to you is how to do amazon,drop shipping step by step so let me,show you,uh right now i'm going to use walmart as,my supplier,so,so for example,um,let's see here,so let's see this one,okay so first of all what you're going,to do is make sure that this product can,be shipped so remember drop shipping is,not um,it's a not,you don't have that item in your hand so,you don't have that in your stok uh so,you can only you will only buy this,whenever there's a customer will buy it,from your store okay so that's why like,this,um,we will look this product if this is,also selling in amazon so but again it,should be,um you know you can ship this uh to it,to uh from from walmart or from your,supplier to your customers so that is,the first uh important thing and then we,will check if this is available or also,selling in amazon so let's go in,amazon.com and let's paste it here,okay so,let's see if uh that is a four count,let's see if we can find that here,okay so looks like uh that is not,um,not selling,in amazon,so we will look for another,uh product so for example let's go with,a mainstays,okay,okay so if you will check the mainstay,let's see here in,kitchen and dining,okay so what i usually do,uh so for example let's go here in,cookware,okay so for cookware,uh let's see the cookware set,and then,uh this is uh what you're going to do,um,okay so let's see,for example,um,so for example like this one,and this one,and this one okay so three products we,will check okay so for example like this,one,again you need to make sure that this is,uh you can ship this or uh walmart will,ship this so you can see this is,picked up so we will not uh list this,product so let's remove this,so this one you can see free next day,delivery and free two-day delivery okay,so let's see this if this is available,in amazon,okay so let's go back again here,okay so ninja,okay,so uh,ninja,14 pieces,c19700,so it should be 14 pieces,okay,this is 11.,this is 9 11.,so we need to look exactly the same,product okay,so,looks like this is not also available in,amazon so if it is not available you,will not also sell this one,okay,and then let's see this one make sure,again this is uh you can ship this and,then,copy the title,and then let's go in amazon place it,here again,and then 18,this is 18 pieces and still gray so i,think this one,okay so you can see here,so let's see how much they are selling,this,so for you to know how much is this you,just click this one,and then,you can check,here,so these are the prices okay,so,right now they don't have the buy box,here,so,if we will see click the see all all,buying so what you're going to do is um,so these are all the ones that um compen,comp uh competing in one listing okay so,so for me you know how to price it is i,will go always in the 85 above,of positive feedback so for example like,this one a 92 positive feedback so that,is my listing price so 48.99 so this is,selling 39.97 so if we will uh compute,that,uh let's check no in my calculator,okay so for example,so this is 38 90 39.97,so 39.97,[Music],so plus,the uh,the,the amazon fees is 15,okay,so equals 45.98,okay so if i will sell that you know in,this price,um,this is the break even and then how much,is this in amazon this is like what i,said this is the price that we're going,to put is,48.99 so i have the three dollars profit,in this listing,okay so once you already have that,product okay what you're going to do is,you will list that in your,um,account in your amazon so how you will,do that so you will go here and get the,ac in so asyn will start with b so async,is the,um,you know the the,the unique uh code that amazon will give,it to you so this is uh this is the,the e-scene or if you will scroll down,[Music],okay so you can see it here also,okay so you need to copy that and then,go to your amazon,and then if you will go here in amazon,seller central here uh go to your,inventory and then click add product,and then you will go here,okay so once you already have your async,place it here and then click,enter or this uh,this one so it will show you the listing,and then select a condition and click,new and sell this product,okay so for example like that so you can,see here,uh there are 33 new offers for this and,then the,the buyback flight now is 46.99,so if we will like what i said in our,competition uh,the,the,the cost of the product in walmart plus,the 5 15,fees of amazon,uh our pr our break even is 45.96,okay so if we are 46.99,46.99 we have the profit of one dollar,okay so like but what i told you uh i,will list the product in the uh you know,in the 92 positive big feedback because,uh that is usually you know the buy box,goes okay so so sku uh usually we we put,it like,wal,so it means this is from walmart and,then you can just add any code there if,you want and then your price so,i will go here how much i said it's,uh 40,[Music],so here,48.99,okay we will price this 48.99,and then quantity you will just put two,or five that tends to use the condition,this is new,okay and then make sure you will click,the i will ship the item myself because,this is a drop shipping and then click,save and finish,okay so that's how you do drop shipping,in amazon okay so,yeah because uh,it's very easy you know to do the drop,shipping as long as you know how to you,know to do the research and then uh if,it is profitable or not and then um,uh if you are eligible to to sell this,you can see it also once you put that in,your uh in this ad product just put your,ease in here,okay so i hope this helps you how to do,drop shipping in amazon and if you have,you know amazon uh stored and you want,to you know to do dropshipping let me,know because we are uh we are uh we have,a virtual assistant you know that we,help and you know run their business in,amazon doing dropshipping,okay so thank you very much for being,with me i hope you you find it uh,you know interesting and uh helpful and,if you have any questions please comment,in the,comment down there in the video and i,will i will happy you know to reach out,to you or to connect to you or also,answer your questions so thank you very,much for watching and god bless,[Music]

Product Research Training for Amazon Dropshipping Business for FREE!!!!

[Music],[Music],brother research manually for a drop,shipping store so I'm gonna use sheep,nega naege Matt Nauman a baby nominee,vinegar at the mark line so important,thing is the human trials nominative a,sin uniquely identify a nation product,you Amazon link and supply really you,total buying price amazon selling price,emergency this is the 15 percent of the,amazon selling price - remember that in,profit and you are why that person,committed no phenomena on Google Chrome,extension Paramus mobility on proper,product research data Muhammad a honky,by extension all week 3 and scandalize,and at own research Amazon by image now,google extension I will put links on my,extensions like oh my you are and Allah,on the description box below,param param download you them a measured,by the research they say from visa -,with use final new for dropshipping is,we buy some other retail stores tapas in,unison ship not a guy customer empirica,popular cos in a store is you one more,popular in the drop chirping no pinnacle,or anumana,the rapture person hi so from here we're,in a time a Mena category household,Nancy your own household,essentialists better animal pet supplies,arrow usually has a intense place is,restricted so let's see no negotiating,deals crucially clearance with since me,helices are separated,so I'm gonna now she's a Papa brother,sayfudine ago anything chopping okay so,really pass a ball researcher to say mom,and what he says and helium product,mani-pedi Marino Monaco very in like a,mess my delegation I saw an open cut off,the charts undergoing more s highlight,Milan highlight Masha Jim Pytel I let,him pilot apples right click and then it,a on extension again a government call,your arm is an extension so right click,Malaysia and couples Ryan happen in a,unit product metal so to wear the Ranger,and innovations are 8.17 2.6 at all no,intention on Taco Bell,take a trip happen open I think that was,cherry,[Music],okay so limit me client is 300,000 so um,a personal 300,000 a business,sailors around for us all I own the yeah,so C 0 291,000 bestsellers birthday,okay so I'm going to be in an earthen is,it's a check them not incomparable 5,contra fighting,regarding routine use cherry and finger,guns,so ever you anything brother nothing at,all is being sold right,one box none at all is better so BB,China 12 nah,neato okay Tommy acronym inshallah,without a politikal statement on but I'm,not sure I'm glowy nothing is,chronically on lowest price lowest price,ready come upon us our other sellers and,Amazon and click new tab for schooling,my own peanut farm above on prices on,amazon selling eggs box and then athlean,Deaton Italian sir,Walmart Yogi Bhajan Mariner Auto Falcon,Eternity millennium costs for example,802 point 16 times 12 and parody Thomas,any client is you accurate total buying,presume to tok by a listener so Nagumo,is libel in motion are a bad topic but a,you motherless Nam and I think in a go,at a box and as Ida the anti-white,notike a big delivery after measure,guilty Arden so I am so we will buy 12,pieces Kisei analog a little is part of,12 12 pieces does a toker,that Bush so you check my Munna Paula,older brother so get my own enemy easy,very simple guys um II began I'm afraid,on access now Here I am,you okay no Mirena access so parama,check multiple in Ithaca Benton product,Open final cover me invented and then,add the product and then this medium is,in and the celebration tapas click my,own listing limitations applied based on,ignited our new condition under sell,yours where the Union okay propelling,attention Aventa isolate inertia 12,pieces the purse check out car John the,you continue along Hong Kong Maha I,think I do in star place order now,I know portion so at of confirm delivery,address predicament guard new custom,universe is not an address,so a to mean Adamic na minha address you,zip code nine eight four zero for Casa,Sabina client a total been her best name,it in a zip code when you were checking,for the delivery shipping delivery eh I,own our delivery fee chaja yon,[Music],and it's estimated taxes and East so,unions in our opinion so 18 a napkin so,Google let's continue and so hung and,eat allowed to say when I know man ty,own critik but I ain't eating nothing,from a busy man no comedy time so after,you actually buying price so happy,Malone the person who should answer,sheet and so now I like a melon properly,named and I think shot off it nothing is,$22 and seven eight so my get thirty two,percent ROI return of investment Pappas,arrives by July 13 so making a garment,coming this is the calendar calculator,okay so start date today topples January,30 and January 30 the Skullcandy,and so resort is for this old lb,modeling session please hold please for,for businesses business and join and,again another thing you,please need to play h19 an auto,calculated to imagine remaining little,bride Emily no neutrons to copy evening,a possibly smoother supplier links,instability nothing phenomenon right,Parma falafel milling who never a,billing address PB o minute I emphasize,the worst kind of cannon output it make,sure to delete the oh man oh so open,again very shiny,ginger bread cake and mix gingerbread,chili mix it up to 20 steams half of six,number two point seven three times six,[Music],[Music],at the back of 4 so 3 times 4,I don't understand you,well I soldiered nothing much on par you,didn't I think - -63 Riesling people,don't read music wonderful in our dorm,and so for 1867 is only good baby number,January presidential politiks next needs,a facial properly laminotomy,I am so are you,so I hope you learned a lot from,subscribe to my channel and hit that,notification bell for more videos,okay thanks for watching again

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How To Hire A Virtual Assistant To Fully Automate Your Amazon Dropshipping Business (Advanced)

what's going on guys aaron goldston here,in this video we're going to go over,how to hire virtual assistants to run,your amazon drop shipping business,so it's fully automated a lot of people,ask me to make this video,don't hold anything back so here we go,now,let's tok about what a virtual,assistant is and why you would want to,hire them to run your amazon drop,shipping business,and then we will get into there's,actually five different things so we'll,get into the the five,the five steps for doing this so the,reason to have,what is a virtual assistant a virtual,assistant,is basically an assistant someone that,helps you out,they could kind of be like an employee,but they're virtual so that means,they're like they're not sitting there,next to you they're basically online,it's basically,hiring an individual to help run your,amazon business,why is this so important well let's take,a step back let's look at the amazon,let's look at the mcdonald's business,model why is mcdonald's so popular,mcdonald's is kind of expensive to get,started right it's half a million,dollars,up front you need to have then you,usually got to borrow another half a,million to a million on top of that and,open up a mcdonald's,why do people like mcdonald's though,because the owner of the mcdonald's,doesn't have to,actually be there to run the business,imagine you own to make dot,have you ever walked into a mcdonald's,and seen the owner,behind the cash register taking your,order seeing the owner,at the drive-through taking orders,seeing the owner flipping burgers,seeing the owner as seen the owner,mopping and cleaning no what the owner,does is the,owner hires employees to run all the,different,aspects of the mcdonald's business and,the owner can be on his yacht be on,vacation,yet the business is still running,because the employees are,doing all the tasks to run the business,the other big benefit is let's say the,mcdonald's get really busy let's say all,of a sudden lunch time on tuesday,for what lunch time on tuesday guys just,gets cranking,usually there's one cashier and one cook,well if,tuesday afternoons i think that's what i,said if tuesday afternoon lunches get,really busy,they could hire two cooks or two burger,flippers or whatever they're called,whatever the tiknical name is two,cashiers,and the owner can hire more help,the owner doesn't have to work any,harder but the owner might make an extra,one or two thousand dollars in profit,that day,maybe even four five six thousand,dollars in profit that day if it gets,really really busy,that's basically what we're doing when,we hire virtual assistants,when we hire virtual assistants you can,think of them as employees you can think,of them as helpers people to help you,out with the store,you are going to pay them money,and you are going to you know,have them help out with their time,they're going to provide their time to,you,you're going to give them money and,you're going to have them help run the,different aspects of the business,this is how i i work an hour you guys,probably hear me in other videos on this,channel toking about,i make over a hundred thousand dollars a,year in profit and i work one hour a day,just so you guys know of course if we go,to my amazon,store you guys i'm gonna refresh it for,you you guys can see 7,662 sales today 83 orders,over 200 000 in sales in the last 30,days i do this one,this is my full-time income i make my,full-time income is um,is is drop shipping on amazon,but i only work one hour a day because i,have eight,different full-time virtual assistants,that run the store,so you see how we got 80 86 how many do,we have,83 orders today is what we have and,we'll probably have more because it's,not the end of the day right we still,have more time,right i actually don't process those,orders,i have virtual assistants so basically i,have employees,to take those orders and get them,ordered,then i have employees that once the,items gets ordered from let's say,walmart.com,they will go into walmart.com get the,tracking number for each of those,83 orders they will take that tracking,number,upload it to the order inside amazon,and get it shipped out to the customer,cut now we're gonna have a bunch of,customer questions right,so customers hit us up all the time and,they got questions and concerns,i have a full-time virtual assistant and,her full-time job is just to handle,customer service,so people have questions about the order,the order's running late whatever it is,she answers all those questions that's,why i work,an hour a day on my business because i'm,not actually,in the business working it i'm just kind,of overseeing the business,i'm checking different things it's my,job to solve big problems,it's my job to keep an eye on things and,make sure it's smooth but,every aspect is fully wondering by,virtual assistants,that's the power of having virtual,assistants so i know we've been toking,about this for about five minutes,let's now spend the next few minutes,toking about,how to hire virtual assistants so you,can have a fully automated amazon drop,shipping business,number one now people don't like this,okay there's two types of people that,like me the first type of people,some people don't like me because i just,tell them the truth right some people,are looking for a way to make a,gazillion dollars without doing any work,and that's not this,if you're looking for a way to make a,gazillion dollars not doing any work,don't watch this video,if you're willing to put in some work,and work hard so you can eventually,build and have an automated business,well then keep watching this video,the first step is you have to do it,first you have to do it first when i got,started in this business,i was manually going out there finding,items the list,i was mainly going out there looking for,items that i could list and drop ship on,amazon i was dispatching the items so i,was finding the tracking,numbers and then i was uploading them,into amazon,i was answering customers concerns i was,doing every part of the business,why is it that you have to do it first,you have to do it first,because you can't teach someone what to,do until you've done it,i can't i don't know how to play the,guitar,so i can't teach someone to play the,guitar imagine i hire someone to play,the guitar,and they they've never played a guitar,in their life i say play the guitar,and they play it they don't know what,they're doing and then i get mad at them,it's not their job to know how to play,the guitar it's my job to teach them how,to play the guitar,you have to do it first that way you can,teach it to the virtual assistants,now the good news is you don't have to,do it that long right if you spend,you could spend you know just a few days,on every part of this,business and kind of get the hang of it,if you spend like just a few days like,two three four days finding profitable,items,you can get the hang of it really,quickly and then you could fully,outsource it to someone else,but you have to do it first why because,the virtual assistant's gonna have,questions for you,they're gonna say stuff like sir or,ma'am depending if you're sir,or ma'am i'll say stuff like sir or they,call me sir so we're going to use sir,they say sir well what do i do in this,aspect,how do i handle this i need to know how,to fix this right we use a software i'll,put the link in the description okay,we use a software that basically allows,us to find an,unlimited number of profitable items to,list on my amazon store,i got about 8 000 products listed now,right that's like one of the cigarettes,i use a software does 99 of it,but in the software there's a few,different settings and a few different,buttons,it's not the virtual assistant's job to,know how to do this,it's my job to know it so then i can,teach it to the virtual assistant,and then they can do it successfully so,number one,is you have to do it first number two,have clear outlines for them to follow,have you,listen to me have you ever had a


Hiring Virtual Assistants for Amazon Dropshipping

all right okay how about this,all right what's up you guys welcome to,a new video it's been a minute I haven't,been on YouTube in a while,honestly I just haven't really feeling,like been feeling like making videos or,anything I came back to the u.s. a,couple months ago and I'm gonna be,heading back to Southeast Asia here in a,couple of weeks but yeah I haven't,really done any videos since I was there,so I figured today we could do a video,about something that is pretty important,with a drop shipping business and that,is automation with your virtual,assistants and this will be kind of like,an overall view overview over all of you,overview a guide on a couple things one,is what to look for in a VA when you're,searching for a virtual assistant number,two is how to hire a VA so I'll go over,the process I do when I'm looking to,hire a virtual assistant then we've got,when you should hire the VA so that's,something that I still have mixed,opinions on so I'll give you a couple,options there and then last is what do,you actually do once you hire the,virtual assistant so let's go ahead and,jump right into it and let's tok about,what to look for in a VA the main thing,that I look for in a virtual assistant,is being able to communicate with them,and then being reliable so I know a lot,of other people will look for virtual,assistants that have a lot of experience,and I mean this is kind of something,that you do in the beginning because you,initially think well if I can hire,somebody that already knows how to do it,great then I don't really have to train,them that much but that shouldn't really,be your mentality going into it because,you got to think that the way that your,business is set up and the way that you,run the business is gonna be way,different than anybody else unless,you're copying copying them exactly and,I mean that's a whole another problem,but you need to look for someone who is,easy to communicate with someone that's,gonna be reliable it's gonna be,on time they're gonna actually do what,they say they're gonna do and yeah,you're gonna want to find somebody that,you can connect with and that you can,give them instructions and they'll,they'll listen and they'll go through,with it not only that but you also want,someone who can kind of think on their,feet as well you don't want like a robot,for a virtual assistant who's just gonna,exactly follow that every single,instruction because there's always going,to be those times where something comes,up or something's different there's like,a little change and they need to be able,to adapt to that so this kind of ties,back in with the communication thing,because maybe they see a better way of,doing something or maybe they have a,suggestion on whatever some process that,you have going on and you need them to,be able to have the courage to,communicate with you the worst thing,that like the number one red flag that I,look out for when hiring a virtual,assistant is the communication I I've,got to have them ask me questions,nobody gets instructions right away,there's always gonna be little questions,here and there so you're gonna want to,make sure that you create an environment,and you know they're confident enough to,ask you those questions so yeah that's,kind of what I look for the last thing,is gonna be them having a flexible,flexible schedule so you want to look,for someone who you know maybe if you,need them to work on their day off and,switch it for another day or maybe you,need them to work a little bit different,hours here and there like for example,Black Friday just passed and I asked my,both of my virtual assistants if they,can work a little bit earlier and,they're both like yeah that's totally,fine and you got to think it's it's also,it also goes the other way too so if,they mean to come in late one day or,maybe they're sick or maybe they want to,do something on one of the days you,wanted them to work and they want to,switch it out for their other day off,then you also need to be flexible with,them too so it's a fair thing and they,get the advantage of working at home and,you get the advantage of their work so,just work together with them and,yeah but you want to look for someone,that has a flexible schedule you don't,want someone who can only work during,these specific times because that's,usually a recipe for disaster that,usually means they're either working for,another business or they have another,job and to be honest I'm I always look,for someone who is just looking for this,one job and it is not going to be,splitting their time with with someone,else so yeah that's exactly pretty much,what I look for in a virtual assistant,all right now let's tok about when you,should hire a VA now this is something,that I have mixed feelings on I'm still,not sure on what my answer is,for this but when I first started,selling it had gotten to a point where I,didn't have enough time to grow and,scale the business I was just doing like,the remedial tasks like uploading,tracking numbers placing orders just,keeping the business up and flowing,right so that's one point where you can,hire a virtual assistant now you guys,might have heard my podcast with,dropship Tyler he was someone who I,started with and he actually went a,different route so when he started he,had a full-time job and I remember he,hired a bunch of virtual assistants in,the beginning so after you learned,something,he hired a virtual assistant relatively,quick after that and then he was,actually able to grow his business a lot,faster than I was because obviously had,he had a lot more work or a lot more,help with the work so it was a lot,easier for him to scale his business and,he grew way faster than I did and at the,time all I had was drop shipping and I,wasn't working anywhere I had just moved,to Thailand so I was kind of on a budget,and I figured you know I can do most of,it myself or pretty much all of it,myself at the time and then like I said,once I got to the point where the daily,tasks were kind of prohibiting me from,scaling the business and it was also,prohibiting me from doing other things,like going to the gym or just having,free time in the day so whenever you get,to that point I think that's when you,should,into hiring a virtual assistant and you,should should we say that let's say that,other point for later that that's,actually going to tie in with something,else so now let's tok about how to,actually hire a virtual assistant so,there's two main websites that everybody,uses and you probably have already heard,of these and that's up work and online,jobs pH so up work is a pretty popular,site where you can hire virtual,assistants for all kinds of thing it,doesn't need it isn't just for,e-commerce like these they could be,doing that crochet or they could be,doing graphic design work logos whatever,up work is just a site for freelancers,basically now online jobs dot pH is I,feel like it's a little bit more geared,towards virtual assistants specifically,you might find people on there that have,specific skills but online jobs pH the,pH is Philippines right so these are all,workers in the Philippines and typically,they do like data entry and e-commerce,and you know normal VA type jobs it's,not gonna you're not gonna really find,too many like logo creators or video,editors or anything like that on there,so for up work there is no fee for you,to join there's a minimum $3.00 per hour,that you that the you would pay to your,virtual assistant and then I believe,it's 20 percent of that goes to up work,so you're not actually paying anything,extra it's kind of coming out of the,virtual assistants pocket which I don't,really like I think 20 percent is quite,a bit for you know like coming out of a,salary so either you can bump that up,twenty percent or you know leave it at,whatever you know sale or whatever,hourly price you want and it'll get cut,from them but I think online jobs that,pH is a better choice now there is a I,think it's 60 or 70 dollars p

My First VA Experience with a Virtual Assistant Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace

what's up guys it's cameron here and you,guys have been asking me forever,make videos about va's right,virtual assistants is what va's are for,those of you who don't know,and what they usually do is a whole,range of,tasks for you you pay them they're,usually from another country,and they will log into your facebook,account post things for you do product,research for you,handle the listings fulfill orders do,customer service there's a whole,again range of things that these virtual,assistants can do,and it helps you scale it helps you take,some of the stress off of your end,so that you don't get burnt out it helps,you automate your business a little bit,i finally dipped my toe in a little bit,i've had a bunch of skeptikism,what if my account gets shut down,because there's fishy access going on,what about if they're just gonna upload,crappy products to my,account that they've already given to,other people so they're just,giving me a bunch of competitive,products that already are getting sold,everywhere else,um can i trust these people with my,credit cards,you know all sorts of things like that,like why would they do this why wouldn't,they just have their own shops,i'm gonna get into that but before i do,like the video,if you haven't already and subscribe if,you're new to the channel,so you can get updated when i make new,stuff all right let's get into it,so i dipped my toe in i haven't gone,full va so for those of you like seeing,how you can start to manage this and see,if it's really the right direction for,you cool why did i get a va,the reason i wanted to at the moment my,motivations have changed,it's because right now i'm having a,really hard time staying motivated,and listing consistently it's the,dumbest thing i should have no problem,with it it's very simple work,but with my business with the youtube,channel,with my personal life which i value a,lot,and on top of the drop shipping itself,which is a whole topic of my channel and,the facebook group and the messages and,emails i get from all of you,it's actually a lot harder than i,planned,getting in and actually just doing the,work of listing,it it demotivates me so much that like,you would think it's so easy just go,into 5 to 10 to 15 whatever,but i can't i just can't it's not that i,can't i just,i have proof now over constantly trying,to motivate myself to do it every day,that it just doesn't work for me and and,my schedule so,even though i work on the computer all,day i i want to come up with a different,solution,and that solution is all right maybe,i have somebody do the product research,part for me you know i make videos where,you guys do product research along with,me and those can be found on my channel,i just did a live the last video was me,doing a live of just like playing around,looking for fun products to list as you,guys watched and asked questions,i still love doing that but doing it,every single day,is just too much for me to do as late as,stupid as that sounds,so fast forward to va,thoughts right i've got somebody that i,tok to they've toked to me since i,pretty much started and we,kind of throw things back and forth and,they recommended they've been bugging me,to get a va forever,in fact a lot of you guys haven't my,message has been like dude you gotta get,a va stop crying about stuff am i,alright,i'll do it so i finally got,the contact info this is where i start,describing things a little bit so that,if you're interested,you just get a first hand or second hand,i guess,ex like view of my experience so that,you can see what a realistik,experience looks like to you all right,i contact this person through skype,right,i believe they're from the philippines,i'm pretty sure,and their their preferred method of,communication is through skype,turns out i never even really use skype,for anything i i don't really have a use,for it i had to download it and create,an account just to use it because i,don't have one,i thought skype was just video chatting,i didn't realize you can message people,on skype so,that's a learning thing for me if you've,never done that so i i basically just,use skype as an instant messenger,which seems kind of stupid but that's,what they use,so cool all right,we discussed the details i say what i,want to start with,again i'm still a little skeptikal so i,start with i want them to just find,products for me to list and you know i,use things like fbm fox,which has an amazing product research,tool,even with that i i still want to do that,on my own and use fb fox and that whole,tool which is crazy awesome,but i what about when i'm on vacation,what about when i'm,just like you know i start working for,the day and i'm just like dude i,i gotta i gotta get off the computer,because it starts to weigh on you a bit,[Music],i wanna pay this person not full time i,i'm literally only paying them like,five hours a week to find products,and just put them in a list for me so,when i started i was like man how okay,how does how do i do that,first i contact this person now there's,facebook groups,there's just people you probably have,had comment on your,posts asking questions there's in our,facebook group people tok about va's,all the time i'm sure you could find one,um anyway just find somebody and reach,out just take that first step you don't,have to commit to them just,get some information if you're,interested to see what that cost looks,like so that when you are ready,you can pull the trigger i was told this,person charges six dollars an hour,so i was like okay i'm just gonna pay,them five hours a week it's 30 bucks,and i'm just gonna do it for a week,right that's 30 bucks i think yeah,okay it's 30 there's gonna pay them for,a week and if i sell any items from them,to me it's worth it,why not it's thirty dollars and there's,a lot and if as long as i sell,and get more profit than what it takes,to pay them it's a positive right,because it wasn't stuff i was getting,before,so i initiated that,they i said okay i would like to hire,you for five hours a week,just to find selling products for me and,then i put on there,if the product if i find that the,products sell decently,then i will increase that number um,so hopefully and and these a lot of,times when you're working with a va,they've been doing this longer than,you've been thinking about getting a va,so don't go in thinking you're gonna,like sales them into like a cool deal or,anything like just do what they do like,because it's really easy for me to be,like okay well yeah you know if this,works out then i'll do this and uh,like try to like motivate them to do,better it's like shut up,just let them do their work so anyway i,do say though that,i am just like starting out so i just,want to make sure that,things sell and then i will be upping,responsibility,so started gave her the go-ahead,it's a she by the way and she asked me,well what kind of do you have a list or,do you want me to work and give you,items on a document um i said i,already know that she works well within,fb fbm fox because fvn fox has,a virtual assistant section just like,most tools do,so if you're using something else most,likely your tool has a va section,what's cool about fb and fox is i can,give them,different specific availabilities of,what they can and can't do,so for here all i'm doing is i'm having,them,give me products in my product list in,my fbm fox account,so i can come in here and click things,but what i did was i click i clicked all,of these so they can view create edit,delete and export a list if they wanted,to,and then in the future when i get a,little bit more comfortable and i want,them to take on more responsibility,i can have give them access to orders,and access to marketplace through there,so that's what i'm doing first they're,just giving me products and so far i've,sold,like five things and it's been three,days which,you know a lot of you are like ah that,kind of sucks well lately i've been,selling nothing because i've been,getting no work done s

Amazon virtual assistant in pashto (03) | private label | wholesale | dropshipping | amazon

foreign,actually,[Music],when you registered any product on,amazon with your brand name and,foreign,foreign,[Music],[Music],on amazon,they asked to buy,300 or more minimum quantity you will,buy that so they will give you,permission letter and you will start,selling on amazon it's called wholesale,wholesale,foreign,shoes man okay,asparagi,foreign,um,on amazon any product on that appear on,amazon list and shows,s80 in a dollar eighty and you find that,somewhere somewhere is on market on,cheap price okay,for,foreign,foreign,foreign,so,foreign,lobbyists