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amazon plots sold facebook ads

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

Facebook Ads for Amazon Traffic Beginner Tutorial

In this article, we will provide a beginner tutorial on how to set up Facebook ads for your business, whether you want to drive traffic to your Shopify store or your Amazon store.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Create a Campaign:

- Go to the Facebook Campaign Manager and click on Create.

- Choose your campaign objective, such as traffic or conversions, depending on your goal.

- Select special categories only if applicable.

- Choose to test different creative copy and URLs if desired.

- Decide whether to use campaign budget optimization or do it manually.

2. Set up the Ad Set:

- Name the ad set and choose where to send traffic, such as a website.

- Set your budget and select the start and end dates.

- Select your audience by targeting demographics, locations, and interests.

- Save your audience for future use and consider A/B testing different variations.

Setting up Facebook ads for your Amazon business can help drive traffic and conversions. By targeting specific demographics and interests, you can make your ads more effective and reach the right audience. Follow these steps to get started with Facebook ads today.

How To Build a REAL AMAZON BRAND with CHEAP FACEBOOK ADS - Feat. Chris Jones

In this live stream, Luke W and Chris EJ are discussing how to build an Amazon brand with cheap Facebook ads. They had previously discussed phase one, which involved building a Facebook page and gathering cheap likes from poverty-based countries to establish credibility and social proof. In phase two, they will be targeting the US market and retargeting towards the US audience.

Key Points:

- Building a Facebook page and community around it is an effective way to establish credibility and social proof.

- Honing in on one social platform, such as Facebook, is recommended.

- Gathering cheap likes from poverty-based countries is a cost-effective way to establish credibility.

- Transitioning to targeting the US market is simple and can be done through Facebook ads.

- Focusing on the end result and benefit of a product or brand in marketing can help to get the ad out.

Overall, building an Amazon brand with cheap Facebook ads can be a cost-effective and efficient way to establish credibility and social proof, as well as target the US market. It is important to start small and within budget, and to focus on the end result and benefit of the product or brand in marketing.


In this article, we will discuss how to track Amazon sales from Google and Facebook Ads using Amazon's affiliate account. By doing so, you can know if your advertisements are working or not. Here is what we will cover:

- The importance of outside traffic for Amazon sellers

- The limitations of Amazon's pixel data

- The solution: using Amazon's affiliate account to track sales

How to Use Amazon's Affiliate Account to Track Sales

- Step 1: Create a separate Amazon affiliate account

- Step 2: Get a website or create a new one for validation

- Step 3: Create different product links for each ad on Facebook or Google AdWords

- Step 4: Create a separate tracking ID for each ad

- Step 5: Use the tracking ID in the website URL for the ad

How to Set Up Facebook Ads to Use Amazon's Affiliate Account

- Step 1: Create a new campaign and choose the conversion objective

- Step 2: Target the audience and set the daily budget

- Step 3: Create the ad copy and paste the affiliate link in the website URL field

How to Track Sales Using Amazon's Affiliate Account

- Step 1: Go to the Reports section in your Amazon affiliate account

- Step 2: Check the product link clicks and conversion data for each tracking ID

- Step 3: Analyze the data to know which ad is working and which is not

Things to Keep in Mind

- Do not add personal or bank information to your affiliate account

- Do not try to collect the earnings from your affiliate account

- This method is free and safe to use as long as you follow the guidelines

Using Amazon's affiliate account is a simple and effective way to track sales from your Facebook and Google ads. By creating separate tracking IDs for each ad, you can know which one is working and optimize your campaigns accordingly. Remember to follow the guidelines and not misuse the affiliate account.

FACEBOOK Retargeting PIXELS FOR AMAZON FBA - MUST WATCH 2021 - Facebook Ads Tutorial for Ecommerce

In today's video, we will discuss how to retarget traffic sent to Amazon using Facebook ads. This technique is essential for those who want to build an asset and rank their products on Amazon.

- Retargeting Amazon traffic using Facebook ads

- Importance of pixeling users

- Using off Amazon traffic to boost listings

Steps to Retarget Amazon Traffic Using Facebook Ads:

1. Figure out how to send traffic (generally through Facebook)

2. Create a Facebook pixel and use Pixel Farmi to send traffic in the best way

3. Use the supreme URL to send traffic to your Amazon listing

4. Pixel users using Facebook's pixel

5. Build a retargeting campaign to target those who visited your Amazon listing or create a look-alike audience

Using Pixel Farmi:

- Pixelfarmy is a URL shortener and tracker

- Use the supreme URL to rank for certain keywords

- The supreme URL is Amazon's exact URL, which increases conversion rates

- Attach a pixel onto the actual listing to build an asset for retargeting

Creating Ads:

- Use the link from Pixel Farmi in your ad manager

- Create a campaign and pixel users using Facebook's pixel

- Retargeting Amazon traffic using Facebook ads is crucial for building an asset and ranking products on Amazon

- Pixel users using Facebook's pixel to create a retargeting campaign or look-alike audience

- Use the supreme URL from Pixel Farmi to increase conversion rates and build an asset for retargeting.

Amazon Attribution Tutorial | Track Amazon Sales from External Traffic

Amazon Attribution is a tool that helps sellers track their sales from external sources like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google Ads to determine which ads and traffic sources are resulting in sales on Amazon.

Steps to use Amazon Attribution:

1. Sign up for Amazon brand registry to use Amazon Attribution.

2. Decide how detailed you want to track your sales from external sources.

3. Create an order for each individual product or advertising campaign.

4. Create a line item or tag for each tracking source, such as Facebook.

5. Implement the tracking tags in the advertising campaigns by using Amazon tracking URLs.

6. Use reporting to compare the number of clicks and optimize the advertising campaigns.

Additional Tips:

- Keep the tracking simple if you're just getting started.

- Use a landing page before sending customers to your Amazon listing to prequalify them and increase conversion rates.

- Check your reports regularly to optimize your advertising campaigns.

Using Amazon Attribution can help sellers track their sales from external sources and determine which advertising campaigns are most effective. By following the steps outlined above, sellers can optimize their advertising campaigns and increase their sales on Amazon.


In this video, the presenter shares a strategy for helping Amazon seller clients sell physical products online. The strategy involves using Facebook Ads to target cold traffic and drive them to a landing page and ultimately, the Amazon product page.

Here are some key points from the video:

- The presenter showcases two Amazon seller clients who sell silicone molds for ice cubes.

- For cold targeting, they use a conversions campaign with the optimization objective of view content. The target audience includes people who are 40+, married, parents, interested in Amazon, and have purchase behavior related to food and beverage.

- They also use a video views campaign to target the same audience, aiming to get people to watch the video and retarget them later.

- The video ad is designed to look like a regular content video, not an ad. It talks about the benefits of the silicone molds, including how they prevent drinks from getting watered down.

- The landing page has hyperlinks that lead to the Amazon product page.

- The retargeting campaign includes an ad set targeting site visitors and another ad set targeting the 90-day ecosystem, including people who engaged with the ad and watched at least 10 seconds of the video.

- The retargeting ad is more offer-driven, encouraging people to click and shop on Amazon.

- Because conversions on Amazon cannot be tracked, the optimization objective remains view content.

Overall, the strategy aims to introduce the product in a soft, easygoing way to cold traffic, build interest through retargeting, and encourage conversions on Amazon.

How to Use Instagram & Facebook Ads to Drive Amazon Sales - Amazon Marketing - Amz Seller Tutorial

Today's workshop is all about Facebook funnels and how to use them to drive traffic to Amazon listings and tap into the billions of people who use Facebook and Instagram. Many people neglect this strategy and rely solely on Amazon advertising and organic traffic. We will go through a four-step funnel and break down how to create high converting ads and successful Facebook campaigns. This strategy can be applied to any category, and we will show you how to tap into the neglected 97% of potential customers.

The Neglected Customer Model:

At any given time, only 3% of customers are in hunt mode, meaning they have a high purchase intent and are actively searching for a product. The problem is that every other Amazon seller is also going after this 3% of traffic, making it incredibly expensive to acquire. Many sellers neglect the 97% of customers who are not actively looking to buy but can be nurtured and eventually moved into the hunt mode category.

The Four-Step Sales Funnel:

1. Stage 1: Cold - Awareness campaigns using engagement ads to generate interest and engagement from potential customers.

2. Stage 2: Consideration - Nurturing the audience and warming them up to eventually convert or not.

3. Stage 3: Conversion - The stage where the potential customer makes a purchase.

4. Stage 4: Retention - Focusing on repeat purchases to increase customer lifetime value and profits.

Engagement Ads:

The top of the funnel ads are meant to generate engagement and get people interested in the brand and product. Instead of trying to make a direct sale, provide free content that will grab their attention and draw them into the funnel. For example, a gym clothing brand could provide free workout tips or exercise videos.

Pre-Sell Pages:

After clicking on the engagement ad, the potential customer should land on a pre-sell page. This page should provide more information about the product and brand and include a call-to-action to move them further down the funnel.

High Converting Ads:

The three main components of a successful Facebook and Instagram ad are the image, copy, and call-to-action. The image should be eye-catching and relevant to the product, the copy should be concise and persuasive, and the call-to-action should be clear and compelling.

By utilizing Facebook funnels, sellers can tap into the neglected 97% of potential customers and differentiate themselves from the competition. The four-step sales funnel and high converting ads can help drive traffic and increase customer lifetime value and profits.

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