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Avenue Dropshipping: The Ultimate Solution

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

As summer approaches, many people are eager to leave their homes and enjoy the outdoors. For those looking to start a dropshipping business, this is the perfect opportunity to tap into the market and make a profit. In this article, we will discuss some summer products that are low-saturated and have the potential to bring in a good profit.


1. Custom Floaties - A new twist on the classic pool float, these custom-designed floaties are a hit on the market. With many vendors on Aliexpress offering customization services, there are endless possibilities for designs that will attract customers.

2. Fish Umbrella - This unique product is perfect for beginners looking to try out fishing without the hassle of traditional fishing gear. With low competition and high demand, it is a great product to add to your store.

3. Baby Stroller Fan - For the bougie moms out there, this product is a must-have for keeping their babies cool during hot summer days. It is also a great gift for friends and family with young children.

4. Micro Steam Clothing Iron - A miniature version of the popular clothing steamer, this product is perfect for travelers who want to keep their clothes wrinkle-free. With low risk and high potential for profit, it is a great product to test in your store.

5. Sandless Beach Mat - A common problem for beach-goers is the pesky sand that sticks to everything. This product solves that problem by letting the sand fall through the mat, making it a popular choice for beach trips.

Summer is the perfect time to start a dropshipping business, and these products are just a few examples of what can be successful in the market. By using websites like Aliexpress and ecom creations, entrepreneurs can find unique products to add to their stores and attract customers. With some research and testing, these products have the potential to bring in a significant profit.

How to Start an Online Boutique (Dropshipping Clothing)

- Starting an online boutique with no upfront costs for inventory and no need to ship the products yourself is possible through drop shipping or print on demand.

- This article will guide you through the steps of starting an online boutique with these methods.

Step 1: Decide on what type of clothing to sell

- Choose the target audience and determine their interests and demographics.

- Decide on the aesthetic or brand that you want to create.

Step 2: Choose a supplier

- For drop shipping, options include CJ Drop Shipping, AliExpress, Von Mart, and more.

- For print on demand, Printify and Printful are recommended.

- Consider factors such as product range, price, and shipping time.

Step 3: Create a website

- Use Shopify and choose a custom domain name for a professional look.

- Install your supplier's app to import products with ease.

- Select a theme such as Moab that is easy to navigate and showcases products well.

Step 4: Market your online boutique

- Share on social media and consider paid ads.

- Ask for feedback and improve your website accordingly.

- Starting an online boutique with drop shipping or print on demand is a cost-effective and low-risk option.

- With the right supplier and website design, success is within reach.

I Tried Shopify Dropshipping With NO MONEY For 1 Week

Starting a Shopify dropshipping business from scratch is the challenge in this video. The goal is to make over $1000 in just one week without using any money for the challenge. It is a common belief that starting a dropshipping business without any money is impossible, but this video aims to prove that wrong. The step-by-step process of creating the business and advertising it for free on Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok is shared in detail.

In this video, we will be starting a Shopify dropshipping business from scratch without any money and aim to make over $1000 in just one week. We will be taking advantage of social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok to advertise the products for free.


1. Finding a good product to sell: Using TikTok, we searched for relevant winning products that are selling right now, such as the cordless hair curler, which has high demand and is convenient for females.

2. Finding a good supplier: We used Spocket to find the cordless hair curler for $28.30 and the heat protectant spray for $8.27.

3. Building the Shopify store: We made the store look like an actual brand and added high-quality photos, a sales timer, and customer reviews to build trust.

4. Adding the After Sell app to the store: This app helps to increase revenue by offering post-purchase upsells to customers.

5. Advertising the products for free: We posted viral videos on Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok, aiming to make at least one video go viral to boost sales.


The social media content performed well, with TikTok being the most successful in terms of gaining followers and views. The dropshipping business made $839.82 in just one week, with a profit margin of over 50%. The expenses were around $437.22, including product cost and fees.

Starting a dropshipping business without any money is possible, and social media platforms can be used to advertise the products for free. Consistency, high-quality content, and taking advantage of post-purchase upsells can help increase revenue and build a successful dropshipping business.

I Bought a Failed Business and Turned it Around

The author discusses their plan to buy a failed million-dollar business and revive it using new strategies. They mention the risks involved in buying such a business and their desire to find a shortcut to making a lot of money. They also introduce the Shopify exchange marketplace as a potential source for e-commerce businesses.


1. Searching for a Business

- The author narrows down their search criteria for a business to purchase.

- They present two potential options found on the Shopify exchange marketplace.

- They eventually settle on a three and a half million dollar beauty conglomerate store.

2. Becoming the New Owner

- The author shares their experiences using the zendrop platform for order fulfillment.

- They create new product pages and advertisements to promote their new business.

- The author faces some initial struggles with their website's shipping settings and ad optimization.

- The author concludes with a discussion of their profits after the first few days of running the business.

- They highlight the importance of optimizing ads and product pages for higher conversion rates.

- The author suggests that buying a failed business may not be the best strategy for everyone, but it has worked for them in this case.

I Bought A Custom Dropshipping Store from AliDropship

Reviewing the Custom Store Package from Ally Dropship

In recent videos, people have been paying Fiverr to create drop shipping stores for them. However, in this video, the reviewer has purchased a custom store package from Ally Dropship and will be reviewing it to see if it's worth the money.

Package Options:

Ally Dropship offers three different custom store packages: the $2.99 package, the $4.99 package, and the $8.99 package. The difference between these packages is the number of products included and the social media accounts set up for the customer.


Ally Dropship keeps customers up-to-date with the progress of their store by using a checklist on Basecamp. They contacted the reviewer more often than he contacted them.

Product Selection:

The reviewer wanted a store focused on baby accessories, but he received a selection of products that were not relevant to his request. The products imported from Aliexpress were not great, and some were even dubious.

Store Design:

The store design was not what the reviewer asked for. The logo was not great, and there was a bright pink color that did not match the requested subtle color scheme. The product pages were confusing, with shoppers having to choose where the product would ship from.

The reviewer recommends being more specific with product requests and avoiding the $8.99 package. He also notes that the Ally Dropship plugin is a powerful tool, but the store design and product selection in the custom store package were disappointing.

Best High Ticket Dropshipping Niches (In 2022)

In this video, Mike Bastille reveals the best dropshipping niches for high ticket items and how complete beginners can earn $100 to $700 a day with no experience.

Main points:

- High ticket dropshipping is a sustainable business model with consistent growth.

- High ticket items cost more but offer higher profit margins.

- Popular niches for dropshipping high ticket items include home appliances, computers and accessories, fitness equipment and accessories, gaming equipment, collectibles, and jewelry and accessories.

- Quality, premium shipping options, professional photography, persuasive copy, and great customer service are important for success in high ticket dropshipping.

- Hiring virtual assistants from the Philippines through Upwork.com is a cost-effective way to get started.

Dropshipping in the UK | FULL Step By Step Guide for Beginners

can offer fast shipping to your UK customers. Some of the top UK drop shipping suppliers include:

- CJDropshipping

- AliExpress

- Oberlo

- WholesaleDeals

- SaleHoo

You can also use the product research tool on AutoDS to find UK suppliers for the products you want to sell. Be sure to check the supplier's reputation, reviews, and shipping times before adding their products to your store.

Once you've selected your UK drop shipping supplier, it's time to choose your selling channel. This can include marketplaces like eBay UK, Amazon UK, or Etsy, or building your own website using platforms like Shopify or Wix. Consider the fees, audience, and features of each selling channel before making a decision.

With your products and selling channel in place, it's time to list your products and start marketing your store. Use social media, paid ads, and content marketing to drive traffic to your store and increase brand awareness.

Don't forget to provide excellent customer service and fulfill your orders promptly to ensure repeat business and positive reviews.

In conclusion, starting a UK drop shipping business can be a lucrative and low-risk venture with the right product research, supplier selection, and marketing strategy. Follow these steps and tips to start your own successful UK drop shipping business today.

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