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babysitter ads

Published on: February 2 2023 by pipiads

My Sus Babysitter...

how's it going? everybody today we got some babysitter stories, and both Stories. the babysitter just does something [ __ ] terrible. if you want to send your stories- I don't know if some of you have babysitter stories of your own that are just weird as hell- send them to my business email or my Instagram, whichever one you prefer, without further Ado, let's just get into it. so the Story begins one day when the subscriber- we're gonna call him Zeon for the video he wanted me to use his real name, so his parents were off on a business trip. his parents one day told him this and they were like: yeah, we hired a babysitter and he's gonna be here for five days. the subscriber thought to himself: okay, that's fine, I'm just gonna do what I regularly do anyway. I'm kind of just gonna stay out of her way, do whatever. and as soon as she walked in, she did the greeting that all moms do, like: hi, oh, my God, it's so nice to finally see you. they get all excited when they see each other. I don't know, I think it's just moms that do that. I don't know, but the subscribers parents basically told her everything that she needed to know and after that they were just on their way. at first everything seemed very normal. well, that's when her parents were there. but as soon as they left, it's like a switch flipped. I swear to God. as soon as the parents leave with some babysitters is almost like a [ __ ] boot camp. when his parents were there, she was like, oh yeah, he's an angel, I'm gonna take care of him. and as soon as soon as they leave- listen here, you little [ __ ]. I don't want to hear a peep out of you. if I hear something, you get 10 across the ass. it happens like almost every time. so, yeah, right away he kind of just got like vibes from her that she was really mean and she was gonna tell him that he was gonna get 10 across the ass. so that's, that's the vibe he was getting. so he's like: all right, you know what? I'm just gonna stay out of her way. and you know, throughout the entire day she was drinking a [ __ ] ton of adult juice and you know that adult juice really got into her system and and she was drunk off her ass the entire day. and the worst part was she was staying to sleep over. this girl was around like 19, 20 years old like. as soon as she walked into the door it was just weird. she seemed like she was gonna be so excited. and then now she's just on the couch [ __ ], passed out, drunk. before he went to bed he saw this girl literally on the couch [ __ ], passed out. so he was like you know what, I'm just gonna go to bed. so he goes to bed. I don't even think he ate much, really. he probably cooked himself up a frozen dinner because I mean, there wasn't really much in the house. so he just ate that. and at night, when he woke up, he was really hungry. so Zeon decided: you know what, let me go whip up a meal. so when he got out of bed he just had that urge to go in the kitchen and cook something up. so he turns on the stove and just gets going. he's grabbing one of the pans out of the cabinet- and he was getting ready to get those Master Chef skills going and he dropped one of the pans. and as soon as that pan made impact with the ground, this babysitter just woke up and yelled. she was like: hey, what was that? he was like, uh, nothing. and then she gets up off the couch and just starts walking towards him. he's like: oh, [ __ ], what the hell is she about to do? then she just pushes him against the wall. she said: shut the [ __ ] up and go to sleep, you little [ __ ]. he was like: damn, okay, so this point. he just [ __ ]. he's like: okay, uh, all right, I'm going back to bed now. he was [ __ ] scared shitless that this girl was 19 and he was only in sixth grade. so he knew like [ __ ], I'm gonna get my at speed if anything else goes down. so he was like [ __ ]. yeah, this is definitely not the most ideal scenario ever. I mean, he learned some boxing at the time. so he, he was like: okay, maybe I'll be all right, I, I think I'll be okay. so he wasn't that scared, but still a little bit. so he just went to sleep and he was like: all right, I'm definitely not getting up again. so he woke up in the morning and then heard another girl's voice. he was like: who the hell is that? so he jumped out of bed just to find out it was a completely different girl there that looked to be about 15 years old. so he's like what the hell is going on? I mean like some kind of fever dream right now. I swear, like I just had another babysitter. like did the babysitter hire another babysitter to take over her job? I, I don't, I don't even know what the [ __ ] happening right now, but the subscriber, Zeon, had no [ __ ] clue what the hell happened and he was like: all right, you know what? better than somebody who's like trying to fight me every [ __ ] second? so he was just going through the motions of the day. I mean, At first she seemed okay, like she seemed pretty nice. I mean they they toked for a little bit, you know, they were getting to know each other, but when night time came she started acting really, really weird. so when nighttime came, she started acting really weird and he knew something was up and he was just confused as hell. he had no [ __ ] clue what was going on. she started to flirt with him and make advances towards him. so he started to get really freaked out. the subscriber was like 12 and this babysitter looked to be about 16, 15 years old, but all of a sudden she starts moving closer towards him. I mean he didn't really know what to do. it's not like he was accepting these moves at all, like he was just kind of rejecting them. but nicely, he stood up from the couch they were sitting on and he was like, okay, I, I gotta go use the bathroom. and as soon as he did that, as soon as he stood up, this girl stood up with him and then just like pushed him up against the wall and was starting to like bite her bottom lip. he was like, okay, yeah, this girl is like way too [ __ ] into me right now. I gotta like, yeah, I gotta do something about it. so he decided he was just gonna kick one of her feet up, pass her out of the way and then just run. so that's what he did. and he decided: you know what? I'm just gonna run into my room and lock myself in. so he just sat in his room and didn't do anything. for the rest of the day she didn't try anything and he was like, oh, thank God. but the next day is when things got even weirder. so he got out of bed the next day and unlocked the door. as soon as he walked out of his room, he just got hit with something in the head and blacked out. when he woke up he was like what the hell just happened? and he was tied to one of the pillars in the living room. he was like Jesus Christ. he was like: is this girl about to r word me right now? so he was tied to the pillar, ass naked. they tied him with like a power cord wire or something like that. that's what he realized. then he heard somebody shout: he's awake. now the 15 year old comes around the corner with a cricket bat, placed it down and then uh took her clothes off. he puts two and two together. he's like Jesus Christ. both of these people were in on this and these two must be like sisters or something. so at this point he just closed his eyes and hoped for the best, because he had no idea what the hell was gonna happen. he was just struggling to get out of the wires as the this 15 year old girl literally tried to do it with him. the subscriber tried to resist, but the girl behind him just tightened the wire. it just didn't work, unfortunately, and these girls uh got their way with him and they just left him there, tied to this pole in the living room. he tried to get some sleep, but it was basically impossible. the next day he notiked the girl left the the bat there that he hit him with, so he decided to pick it up with his feet, move it closer towards him. his hands weren't tied, so after that he just grabbed it with his hands and just loosened The Wire by pushing the bat Through the Wire, because I mean, they didn't really do a great job tying it. it's not like he was really tightly tied to this pole like it was. the knot that they left was pretty loose. his arms were tied but he was easily.

If Commercials Were Dhar Mann Videos #2

[Music]. and remember, bedtime is at nine and braxton always sleeps with this avocado squishable. yeah sure, whatever, i'll make sure braelyn gets some sleep or something. braxton, that's what i said, old man, and aren't you gonna be late for your bassoon concerto? she's right, honey, we need to get front row seats so we can feel the power of the bassoons. goodnight, braxton. we love you so much. bye, mommy and daddy. all right, listen here, you little weirdo. i'm a cool teenager with no responsibilities, so you and your green egg thing better stay out of my way tonight. it's an avocado, that's just the spanish word for egg. now i'm going to call my boyfriend so you can come and hang out at your parents house. my mom said: no strangers at the house. he's not a stranger. we kiss on the mouth almost every week. now, go upstairs. you're going to kill the kissing vibe when he gets here. hey you, yeah, i'm over at that little freak's house babysitting. do you want to come over and do a mouth kiss? okay, cool, just park in the yard when you get here. bye, babe. [Music]. i love being a teen. nice, he shot his head off. can you turn down the video games? it's giving me nightmares. no way. dweeb logan just murdered 300 passerbys. that's a new high score. can i at least have some pizza then? these are all for me. i'm a teen, so i don't care what goes into my body, but here you can have one of the appetizers. if it shuts you up, this is just a condiment. whoa, you are too young to say that word. you're in timeout. go upstairs, we should throw a party. are you sure that's a good idea? what if his parents come home? don't worry, i've never faced any consequences for my actions. besides, they'll never find out. they're in their 40s. their eyes won't even work anymore. good point, i guess i'll call my buddies. this will be epic. no [Music] rules, no responsibilities. teens, this is awesome and this music is so cool. i know it's from tik-tok. where's buxton? i don't know who cares. two of my buddies went upstairs to do cool teen stuff and they said he wasn't in his room. oh no, bingo must have gotten out and roamed away. oh babe, what are we gonna do? everyone? there's a sale on roblox's at video game store. yeah [Applause]. teams, teams, teams, teams, teams, teams, teams, teams. smart thinking teens are all gamers, but what about the kid? go to the mall and get a kid at the kids store. i have an idea on it and i'll check out that roblox sale while i'm out. hey, babe, check it out, i got one, perfect, okay, here for the finishing touches. now, those dumb adults will never know: are you my mom now? you, no, your mommy and daddy will be home in a minute. what about that toy bryson always carrying around? oh, shoot, um, okay, i guess this'll have to do for now. ugh, that's them. logan hide, look at the door, or something. [Music]. hi, mr and mrs whit peppa, how was the bassoon concert? amazing? they did a 12-hour show that ended with non-alcoholic hot tea being served to all the adults. and there's our little braxton. are you my mama? that's right, and i always will be. did you play any video games with rachel's sport? what's video game? that's exactly what our braxton would say. hello, whip, hippo. i came to give braxton some candy. hi, martha, that's so kind. here you go, child, let me feel that smile. [Music]. so happy, but wait, this isn't your regular squishable braxton. oh, my god, this isn't our son and we never would have known, if it weren't for a blind woman, what happened to our son rachel. okay, i lost your stupid kid during an epic teen party that logan and i threw. we're really sorry. oh god, where did you come from? we just wanted to be popular at school and have clout. yeah, i promise we'll never do it again, or whatever. i'm afraid that's not quite good enough. young lady, you need to learn a lesson. it's only fair. if you're now the mom of this child, that's right. you will have to raise them as your own. meanwhile, now that my wife and i don't have a kid, we're free to have as many parties as we want, since we no longer have responsibility. that's so unfair. uh well, i guess you should have thought of that first. well said, martha. goodbye, i was a ghost. [Music]. hey, pencil nose. do you know the answer to number two? huh, nice, garrett, that was comedy. please leave me alone trying to do my test. ignore them. i think your nose is cool. thanks, but i doubt anyone will invite me to the all gender school dance. oh, pencils or noses down and pass up your tests. i also wanted to let everyone know that there's going to be an art contest for this year's all-gendered school dance. whoever can make the best mural for the dance wins a hype house in west hollywood, california. you should enter cyan, yes, cyan, who knows, maybe you'll actually win. yeah, right now, with my bad a art skills, you're the king, garrett, first side 180.. you have until the end of the night to turn in your design. [Music]. hey, honey, i brought up some uh crackers and broth. i'm not hungry. i can't figure out what to do for the school mural and i really want to win that hype house so that i can be a successful influencer. well, that would make me and others respect you more. there's no greater profession than influencer, i know. but what if i can't do it? i once felt i didn't have what it took to be great at art, but i kept trying and creating using the tools that god gave me, and i didn't let anyone tell me where to paint my art until one day i created a masterpiece. [Music]. so you see i am banksy. wow thanks, mom, or banksy, i'm gonna do my best. [Music]. okay, this was very tough. zion and garrett both turned in very good mural designs, but the winner is garrett. he also made this s, but cooler. yes, yes, i knew i'd beat your stupid little pencil nose with my big boy hands. that hype house is mine, can't flip. congratulations, garrett. make sure to finish the mural in time for the dance, or you won't get the hype house and the true happiness that comes with it. easy, come on miles. let's take the rest of the day up and celebrate with some ollies on our skateboards. it's okay, cyan, just keep working at it and you'll get better. thanks, grace. cn keeps on working on her art. she gets better and better. meanwhile, garrett spends his time buying led strips for his hype house. somehow, against all odds, sian's art starts getting recognized by famous artists. garrett, on the other hand, drinks too many bang energy drinks and goes into a caffeine paralysis the night before the big dance. [Music]. hello, cyan. garrett's body is vibrating so much from the bang energy drink he can't make the mural, and without the mural, all of the students will be too sad to apply for college. what do we do? i think i know what to do. whoa, who made this super cool banner? that's amazing. [Music] i did. [Music], cyan. this is truly a work of art, and there's somebody else here who'd like to tell you something. [Music], [Music]. his body is still vibrating too fast for him to speak, but he can still type using his big boy hands. thank you, cyan, for saving the school dance. here are the keys to the hype house. heel flip. wow, thanks, garrett. i forgive you. now let's dance. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. thanks to the dog food brand dog food, my dog is now strong and has a loud bark. isn't that right, max? bark, bark, good boy, so good, really great work, manny, for a moment i believed you had a dog. thanks, i was acting like i had a dog. fantastik, we will be in touch next. oh, hi, gustavo, we don't need this room cleaned right now. thank you, oh. uh, actually, i was hoping that i could read for the part in the dog food brand dog food commercial: you. yeah, sorry, gustavo, but we don't have room for a janitor to be in the commercial. oh, i could pretend to not be a janitor, pretend. oh, he just said pretend. it's called acting gustavo, and professional actors like dwayne the rock johnson have trained all their lives at it. yeah, but maybe you can clean up a little around here though. yeah, maybe you can pretend like you're doing something else. oh, gustavo, it's dirty here too. come on. [Music]. [Laughter]: clean it up. [Music]. welcome everyone to acting class for blue collar workers. today, we are going to learn to play a character in a movie. o.

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THE BABYSITTER, Season 1 Preview (Bachelor Parody)

this season on the babysitter. my name is Brooke, I have two boys and I'm so excited to be on this journey. it's crazy to think that one of these incredible girls is going to be babysitting my kids. nice to meet you. I would love to be your babysitter. I can really see myself hiring one of these girls when it's all over. really, Dwight experienced. no, but I have lots of nieces and nephews. we are going to get along like peanut butter and jelly. there's crust on this. pack your bags. we're going to the park. I'm so excited to spend some one-on-one time with the girls. después de menos de Boheme, you say: oh, I see, parka presidentís could do that. I have no idea what Isabella's saying, but my kids are gonna be bilingual. I just didn't think I'd have a connection with this. many of the girls. can I steal your for a sec? sure, I'm not here to make friends. I'm here to make $15 an hour. so what are we doing? I think they're going over emergency contact info. okay, I don't want to gossip. there are some girls here who are not here for the right reasons. hey, ladies, excuse me, are you babysitting or going to the club? [Music]. there's nothing compact about my feelings for you, but on our group date we went for a little test drive. I have never driven a minivan before. just take it nice and slow. whoo, one of these girls is really starting to stand out. are you loading the dishes? oh yeah, I already did the laundry. I hope that's okay. yeah, it's fine. I think I'm falling for Cindy. I'd love to spend more time with the boys. how about this Saturday? oh, I don't do weekends. I thought you knew, Hana, I need a minute. sighs. this is so hard. who do I pick? all your harbors the cheapest. what it adds up, it does that up. I can't believe. I'm almost at the end of this journey and I have no idea what I'm gonna do. ladies, Brooke, this is the final sippy cup when you're ready. [Music]. wait, where's Sarah em? she canceled last night. I'm just so scared I'm gonna go through this whole process and end up alone with my kids. I think you know what you need to do now on the most dramatik season ever of the babysitter. it's been in there long enough. this is so much harder than I thought it was gonna be dirty, diaper dirty. what do I do? will you accept the keys to my minivan? the babysitter- I forgot the words to if you're happy, and you know it. you.

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Meet The Baby-Sitters Club! | Netflix After School

Baby-Sitters Club. this is Kristy Thomas speaking. Did he give you detention? Essay On the importance of decorum. What does that even mean? Like not toking, unless you’re called on being polite and invisible. Meanwhile, the boys are in the back of the room stiking Kleenex down their pants and wiping sweat on each other, but somehow I’m the disruptive one. A baby-sitting business. Not just a business – a club. Kristy is starting a baby-sitting club. She had her first meeting this afternoon, Right For girls to learn about baby-sitting. No, a business where people hire us to baby-sit And it’s not just girls. Boys can take care of kids too. I’m bossy, Get used to it. Summer, look. Thoughts Approved Adore. [Claudia VO]. I’m good at a lot of things, Yes, For example, fashion and baby-sitting. I’m good at art. Great, actually, That’s really nice. [Claudia VO]. OMG, Trevor Sandbourne. Be cool, Claudia. Breathe Fail. Claudia. you need to start taking school seriously this year. This isn’t elementary school anymore. Your grades are going on your permanent transcript. Twizzlers: Oh, that sculpture’s cool. What’s it about Menstruation? The fastest thing would be to use our existing platforms to curate a community of influencers. Give me your Insta handles and I’ll cross reference our followers. You just need to divide by 8, and then set the factor to 0, and There you go. How do you do that? I’m pretty good at math. [Stacey VO]. It seems like I’m just a great baby-sitter. - Hey -, Stacey. -, Can I go play? - Yeah, of course, Thanks. [beeping noise]. [Stacey VO]. I need the club because I can’t lose my friends. We all know you’ve been hiding something all this time, So what is it? I really can’t wait to have all you guys over. My mom just wanted to finish the, um, the bathroom renovations first. We’ll go bikini shopping on our night off. It’ll be our chance to bond Really. Yeah, Mary Anne, I just saw my husband. Oh my god, Wait, you’re going to Burger Garden later. That’s insane. Guess where I’m going to be. Burger Garden, Rad. I want to be secretary. I’m organized and excellent at record keeping. I’ll also start a Google doc recording the details of our jobs And I’ll take minutes at every meeting and distribute them at the end of the week, If that’s okay with everybody. [Mary Anne VO]. I’m very aware that I’m the least cool member of The Baby-Sitters Club. Claudia is a style icon, Kristy totally rocks the normcore look and Stacey is so chic she’s practikally French. Meanwhile, Make it fashion. I’ve almost convinced my dad to let us Postmates pizza and ice cream, Double dairy- Wow, What’s next– the key to the liquor cabinet, Sugar is progress. Oh, how we rage. I just moved here from LA. I know I wish the stereotypes weren’t true, but we do eat differently out there, Richie. hello darling. I was just calling to say you should come over for dinner. Maybe we could share a wine. Okay, On the rocks. Nobody drinks wine on the rocks. Dawn, return your mother’s phone. Moving across the country is about as big a change as you can make. It means a lot that you’re bringing me. It’ll be so nice to feel like a part of something again. I brought Dawn with me today because she’s a great friend and a great babysitter. There’s great things about change too, Like my new friend who I brought with me today, Mary Anne Snail.

The Babysitter (2017) KILL COUNT

[Music]. welcome to the killcount, where we tally up the victims in all our favorite horror movies. I'm James Agee nice, and today we're looking at the babysitter, released on Netflix in 2017. the babysitter follows a dweeb ish 12 year old named Cole as he discovers that his hottie hot babysitter and her hottie hot friends are naughty- not very nice. it's a super stylized film from director Mick G, who started off in the music industry writing songs like Sugar Ray's fly and directing music videos like the offsprings pretty fly. he also directed the music video for a little Smash Mouth song you may have heard of, called all-star. here Mick G applies his sleek style to a cast of varying talented Fame, like the charismatik Samara weaving and the vine star Andrew bachelor, aka King Bach. oh, and bella thorns. here too, she toks about her boobs- a lot weighted ugly boob. all the movie is flashy and has some very impressive gore. it's a bit too MTV for me to enjoy. it almost feels like a bunch of cool people pretending to like not cool things, especially when they're toking about stuff like predator. but I know you started salivating as soon as I mentioned the gore, so let me show you what I'm toking about and get to the kills [Music]. the movie begins with a kid who's scared of getting a booster shot at school. I'm not scared. well, maybe you should be kid scared of that title car. oho, the babysitter's coming in, ha. this 12 year old is named Cole and he lives in a world of large characters- ten in there looking like grade school: Napoleon, Dynamite and shit the Deb dickholes. Napoleon is Melanie, a precocious tween with a dad who uncle Rico would find positively awesome. cool social circle also includes a trio of bullies led by this Jeremy kid who call him colonoscopy and are totally no homo. the last thing he cares about your balls. I hate guys. I love women. things start to get rough, but the scuffle is stopped by the boss womanist backlit BabyCenter. you've ever seen Samara weaving as the very tips allure babysitter bee? bee is a hashtag fierce protective mentor of Kohl's, played by Samara weaving in a way that somehow reminds me of Chris Pratt. you've had a punch minute dick. well, like a vulgar Chris Pratt, kick him in the desk, damn girl. well, it's great that she's nice to the geek ecole. she should probably be more careful of her phrasing when toking to an adolescent boy tomorrow night. you me especially after catching him staring at your Tatas et Gro bone, am i right? you may be thinking that Cole's a little too old to have a babysitter, but that's kind of the point. this move is all about him growing up from a boy into a man. right now he's still too afraid to even learn how to drive and he would rather fuck around with nerd cars than real ones. to his father's disappointment, during a weird first-person POV shot, Cole's parents get ready to go on a vacation and/or try to get an interview with Ironman, and they bring in B to watch over and wink at Cole. not appropriate B hotness aside, I can see why Cole loves having B as his babysitter. after all, they spend the evening having a slow-motion dance party with Scott Pilgrim levels of stylization. they also have one of those force-fed conversations about pop culture that always feels really bacon overwritten to me. will in Gollum get her inside the lair? ripley personally drops off the egg. it sounds like they're playing a ready player, one themed D&D camp after a night full of rear-projection, fight scene reenactments and tea hang all over the couch. be compounds her irresponsible flirting with a Class A misdemeanor of supplying alcohol to a minor man. this chick is the worst babysitter ever. I mean, look now, even the plants are drunk. BPUT scold the bed but instead of going to sleep he hops on the phone to text with Melanie. he tells her that he hears be having friends over downstairs and an imaginative Melanie encourages him to go see what they're up to. when he does, he sees that they're in the middle of a full-blown credit sequence, again with some Scott Pilgrim like style, as we learn, all of their names follow. one of these things is not like the others. these teenagers, straight from a photo shoot, play spin-the-bottle in a scene that could have been ripped straight from an 80 sex comedy, and that is not a compliment. B turns her attention to the outlier of the group, that Sam B kid, who's getting pretty uncomfortable with all the sex titude going on. don't worry, Sammy, my man B just wants to kiss ya and, you know, stab you in the head, right goal. yeah, in case you forgot, this is a horror movie. and as sacrifice, Samuel screams and leaks blood. B tells him that he's helping to fulfill a great purpose. his kill is capped off with some goblet filling and a quick evil dead gang. this baby-sitters club is apparently chartered by Satan. things can get messy when you make a deal with the devil and these sexy teens are all hoping to get different things they've been wishing for. unfortunately, we're now stuck with these sexy teens as characters. and man, are they awful? look at this shit that would go viral so hard. I mean. nobody's done human sacrifice. people have always done human sacrifice. yeah, but like not in America with hot people. oh look Bela Thorne's toking about social media and being hot meta. maybe it wouldn't be so bad if I could understand her lines, but she can't even properly say sacrifice, Samuel. I've got sacrifice hanging out all over me. I'm sorry. what was that? sacrifice, Samuel? yep, that's where I thought you said, hey, annoying teens, how about another random pop-culture reference? what's in the box? Thanks, you're so good at making me hate you. inside this box that B breaks out is a devil book that requires blood of the innocent tor, and B tells our friends that, about to head upstairs for more of that virgin juice, Cole runs back to his room and calls the police. that makes plans to protect himself with pockets an or a pocket knife. his first line of defense, though, is pretending to be asleep when they come in and inspect him, confident that he took the drug shop B gave him earlier. oh great, so you're telling me that poor Plant actually got roofied. apparently B's not looking to kill Cole, but rather tap into as well of chase blood, that top-shelf pure shit. oh okay, Cole, so you're like their blood dealer. it could be worse. at least you don't have to hang out with them. what happens when you kill someone? it loos like all day Instagram followers. oh my god, Chuck, would it? would it suck as much as this dialog. Cole waits until they leave and then tries to escape through his window, but his plan is cut short by a genuinely good scare and a case of lightheadedness caused by having his blood drawn. wears a cup of OJ when you need it. Cole wakes up to some sexy man abs, which are just one part of this tableau of the worst Millennials have to offer. they start to grill him about how much he's seen, but then the cops show up to break down the door and get a fire poker through the eye. courtesy of that max guy. the fire poker cop shoots Allison Bela thorns character, who flies across the room in a ridiculous manner. coupled with an earlier kick from Max that sent Cole flying, it's starting to feel like Freddy vs Jason up in this bitch. the second cop has his throat slit by B and as he dies he covers King Bach's character, John, with blood for a second time that night. then max finishes off the first cop by grabbing the fire poker and ripping it up through its skull. I've seen fire pokers through the eye before, but never with that kind of follow up. Bravo, Allison cries about the bullet in her boob and in doing so actually got me to really laughter. watch my nipple, oh my god. Cole takes the opportunity to try and get away from the cult and although John chases after him, a shove from Cole and a toy car on the ground sends the king of vine over the banister and down to a gnarly death. since a pointy award ends up going straight through his neck, you gotta hand it to the gore in this movie. it is not fucking around. the blase baby-sitters club send.

What's in my Babysitting Bag!

hey guys, so today I have a video for you, and this video is going to be a video that was probably one of the very first videos that I watched when I started getting into YouTube, and I don't see very many of these types of videos out there, so I decided to make my own and hopefully you guys can get some advice from it and get some use out of this video, I guess. but this is going to be a what's in my babysitting bag and, yeah, let's hop into it. so this is my babysitting bag and this is from Vera Bradley. I really don't know the pattern or the bag style and I also don't know if it's a retired pattern or not, so I'll put that on the screen somewhere of what pattern and bag this is. um, but yeah, it just looks like this and it fits everything pretty nicely, except for this one little box, but that it doesn't really bother me that much. I forgot I have to sit there. this is a little crap that one of the kids that I babysit babysits. one of the kids that I babysit want that made for me. um, but yeah, it's just these two off the booze. so in my bag I have these two coloring stiker book things and they are just fun for kids to use and stuff. this one is a Toy Story coloring book and this is good for both boys and girls because there's boy and girl characters obviously. and then this one is a car's stiker book. it's more focused toward boys, but then get girls can like it too, I guess, I don't know. um, yeah, so I just got these and they were cheap. I think I got these at Michael's for like probably less than five dollars each for each of them. so another thing that I really recommend putting in your bag is like one of the toys I guess you could say are bubbles and possibly giant bubbles, um, but these ones are really, really fun. they, whenever I bring these over the kids that I babysit, they love them and like bubbles, those souls, and, yeah, it's really fun to play with them. but they're just like the Jumbo brand- jumbo brand, the jumbo kind. and um, I had another like one of these that was yellow, but I ran out of the stuff, so I just used one tube of it and I keep the extra stik so they can both use them. and then I actually do like to keep my own first-aid kit in my bag, and I know that they probably have a first first aid kit at their house, but I think it's just easier to get to and you know where it is, which is, like important for me. but this one is just the Johnson and Johnson first aid kit- safe, safe travels one. then I have this little pouch. this is from Clinique and it is super small, like compared to my hand. that's how small it is. this has personal stuff in it like this is my bag, like for me. it just has like necessities. so it has a lotion or hand cream. this one is from Bath and Body Works. I have a hand sanitizer. I like could not say that, but this one is the fresh picked peaches- and then I just have a Burt's Bees um chapstik in there and this is the rejuvenating kind. I have a hair tie and I have a few bobby pins and then I just have a pen- even though that they probably have pens at their house- um, I just bring my own, just for easy access stuff. so the next thing I have is probably one of the most important things in my babysitting bag and this is my babysitting binder and I'm going to kind of go in-depth on this. so yeah, so the front cover is outlet. by the way, this is just an old binder from school last year, but yeah, okay. so the front cover is a babysitting plan and pretty much I just planned out what I was going to - I didn't necessarily follow it, I just had an outline of like. so I wouldn't like be like, what am I supposed to do with you guys? so that's why I made this. so the first side here has these two checklist. this one is a parent checklist and pretty much it just has like stuff for them to fill out before you leave and you can pause it and read it if you want to. the second checklist is a welcome-home checklist which is for me to fill out to let the parents know how everything went and how the kids behaved in stuff, and you can again pause this and read it if you would like to. I got these pads from the American Girl babysitting kit that I got a long time ago. I just think these are pretty useful and this is my favorite interview form for the family to fill out when you're first babysitting their kids and you put this down. so I will put the link down below of where I got this one. but this one is my absolute favorite because it covers everything you need to know about the children and about the household and behavior and everything like that. but it just has all this so you can go. I'm going to skim through it real fast. so it has like safety and play, household rules and discipline, basic childcare and business basics. so I just usually like to give this to them a couple of days before I babysit for the first time and ask them if they could fill it out for me and yeah, it'd be. this is the perfect thing. okay, so I can't really show this because it has a ton of information on it, like what hospital this was that I learned this at and my last name and stuff. so, um, but yes, I took a class and this is a certificate showing that, and I just like to show my clients that. um, but I took this class in 2012, so it was pretty long time ago- and I also got her certificate for a diaper Derby contest. pretty much we could change diapers pretty fast in this like slit here, this, what is this called? I don't know. I have the PowerPoint that they showed us and this pretty much just has the basics to babysitting and childcare. I'm. if I can find this, I'll put the link to it down below, but I printed this off from the American Red Cross website and it is just a booklet of activities to do all your babysitting and I think this is super helpful. so it is like really thick - it's really helpful and it has fun stuff to do with the kids. and then in this packet thing I have more coloring sheets of all different Disney characters and there's like paint booklet thing that's mess free. and in this pamphlet I have these ice cream- I what. and this slick. I have these packets of stikers- sorry for the glare- like there's jungle cars and ice cream and then a Toy Story one. and in the back I just have interview forms that were already filled out. ok, everything literally just fell out. my binder and the very last thing that I have in my bag is probably the kids favorite thing ever because they get awarded prizes. so this box here, I need to still decorate it because I'm gonna put a little sign on it, but this is the turbo hooks. so if the kids are good, which is pretty much every single time, because I don't want to be mean like you're bad, so I'm not giving you a toy, but if they're good, they get to choose out of the treasure box, and I will show you the kind of things that I have in here. so I got this box and everything that's inside of this at the dollar store and, yeah, so this first thing here is like an Olaf ring pop thing. I'm a. I thought I was kind of cute. um, this ladybug is one that grows in the water and also changes colors. same look like all the other bugs in here- throwback, if any of you guys know what these are. but, yes, these are towels and here's a bug. okay, here is an honor and Elsa won and it like expands. and then here is a scooby-doo won with like a donut and a popsicle. and then I just have a bunch of packs of M&Ms in here for the kids because chocolate is yummy. and also I found these SuperDuper cute mini packs of tik Tacs, like they are super small and these are the berry kind, so I just put them in there because they are super adorable. and I also have this glow-in-the-dark ball and this one is an orange one. it's actually really cool because you like break those things that are on the inside of it and then you like shake it around and it glows so bright. um, yeah, but you can find that all that stuff at the dollar store. so that is it for these stuff that is in my babysitting bag. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. um, I don't really do babysitting videos, just cuz I mean I don't know like if you want to do I could, but it's all up to you guys. anyways, guys, I cannot believe.