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best ebay dropshipping tools

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

Top 10 Amazon Dropshipping Automation Software Tools: Best Amazon Dropshipping Software🔶E-CASH S3•E1

let's quickly have a conversation about the top 10 amazon dropshipping automation software tools. don't go anywhere. you're going to love today's conversation, i guarantee it. [Music]. welcome back folks to another edition of the awesome sort of kiwi show. how are you today? i hope you're all doing fantastik. i'm doing marvelous. if you already asked me, if you are doing as great and blessed as i am, go grab a cup of coffee, rt or vodka and let's roll. [Applause]. in today's conversation i want to tok to you about the top 10 amazon drop shipping automation software tools. it's important to understand that this show is for entrepreneurs who have a scalable amazon store. if you have a small amazon store, you really don't need to automate anything. but if you are growing, if the store is growing and you're trying to scale to go to the next level, then it makes sense to actually look for an amazon drop shipping automation software tool. and there are specific features you need to look for in a drop shipping software tool. for example, you want to pay attention to product search and import, listing management, order and fulfillment automation, inventory automation, pricing automation, shipment, tracking and reporting. it's very important to understand that when we speak about product search and import, for example, you want a capability that allows you to search, choose and import the products you want to sell from popular drop shipping product marketplaces, including aliexpress, alibaba and oberlo. when we speak about listing management, you want to be able to download product information. you want to make edit, you want to publish product listings, ideally in bulk. what about inventory automation? this is important also because this is a feature that syncs product data directly from your suppliers with your listing tool, including stok, sku and pricing information. and, speaking about pricing, you really also want to automate pricing because you're able to create pricing market rules and the markup rules are great because your you can price and reprice products in your store automatikally, especially if your goal is to win the buy box on amazon. you definitely need to have pricing automation software tools. okay, you want to look for a tool that allows you to set a maximum and minimum price limit depending on the season, and you want a tool that can update pricing synchronously across marketplaces to avoid being delisted. and you also want to pay attention to our reporting. right reporting enables you to monitor your performance and sales so you can evaluate profits and execute strategies, and together, all the features i just gave you streamline the day-to-day running of your dropshipping business, whether it is on amazon and beyond. let me give you a few other tools before we actually go to the rankings. there are 10 tools in our view, 10 tools that you need to look into if you want to run a drop shipping business. besides the the amazon drop shipping automation software tools, there are a lot of other tools. for example, you have aliexpress. aliexpress is a platform that is great when it comes to product sourcing. okay, there are a wholesale marketplace that is ideal for drop shippers. next you have oberlo. oberlo is kind of cool also because you can do products product sourcing and importing. this is for drop shippers using shopify exclusively. you have sprocket. this is a first pocket. you have machine learning, product source, product sourcing and fulfillment. ecom dash is kind of cool also when it comes to order management. this is actually a multi-channel inventory management system with drop shipping automation functionality. and then you have spark shipping. this is great for order inventory and shipping management. we have inventory source, which is also great for a listing order and inventory management. you also have ally to woo, which is great when it comes to all-in-one woocommerce tool. tool management is. so if you're looking to use woocommerce as your ecommerce platform, then the ali2 wordpress plugin is the oberlo equivalent. you have dropified all-in-one shopify tool. we have actually reviewed a lot of the this tools on our show here, so if you're interested in any of those tools, please go into our database and uh playlist our e-commerce playlist and avail yourself of the video you're interested in. we have importify, which is an all-in-one shopify tool, also, and we have volusion evolutions. the e-commerce website store and shopping cart software makes dropshipping simple. with its integrated tools, you can access thousands of us-based products directly from the platform and add them to your store. before we get into the actual nitty gritty, please check out this short video about our ecommerce solution evaluation approach. we do have a rigorous methodology on this show when it comes to listing, categorizing and reviewing e-commerce solutions, including amazon drop shipping automation software tools. check this out. [Music] number 10. we have avisam. our score: 7 over 10.. now here is a player that is based in the united kingdom, but they serve a growing list of a united states and canadian clients. okay, and this is great. here, with avisam, you have all the tools you need to integrate your online store. you can source quality products from uk based suppliers and automate your order, processing payments and ship it okay. so the futures: you have uk based verified suppliers. so even if you are in the states and or canada you are interested in sourcing products from uk based suppliers, avisam is one of the places to go. you can source the inventory from from suppliers who are vetted by amazon and ready to service your customers. you have a trusted suppliers. you can find products easily. they have reliable product data and market intelligence. you can auto, you can automate everything to scale your business. you can integrate your store online. they have automated order management. you have inventory syncing and downloadable product data. in terms of pricing, as you can see on the screen here, they have a varied- i would say a diverse- level of pricing. and in terms of integrations, they have big commerce: drop shipping, shopify, woocommerce- owned by ebay, amazon, which landworx, cle and resources are pretty good. also, they have a help center, hot products, blog, press, drop shipping, free tools and drop shipping suppliers. number nine folks. we have here geek seller. our score 7.5 over 10.. with geek seller, you're able to connect your e-commerce platform to ultimate task, that is, your amazon store. so everything from order and inventory to product management has been, is being taken care of and we love their amazon mca program where you can actually automate fulfilling multi-channel orders with your fba inventory and blank box feature. you can sell on walmart in the states and in canada. okay, and in terms of features, as you can see on the screen here, they have quantity management, quantity roles, they have order management, product management, you have analytiks, bundles and kits and they have automation so you can create rules to automate a lot of tasks in your amazon store. you can modify orders and trigger a variety of actions based on custom roles to automate your work. what about integrations? they have a constellation of integrations, again from amazon to walmart in the us and canada. they'll you can. they also integrate very well with the walmart tsv, the dropship vendor program. this is really good. google shopping, ebay, dhl, they have a house wayfarer and so on and so forth. you can see on the screen here the pricing. they do have a two-week trial. this is really good. so once registered, you'll be given access to their system and gig seller support will assist you with onboarding. so here's the pricing- pretty interesting. [Music]: number eight folks. we have here sku grid. our score: 7.5 over 10.. and with squared you can see that this is another grid player when it comes to amazon drop shipping automation and, in terms of features, they have automated price and stok monitoring. you have several ways to.

The BEST EBAY Product Research Tool (How To Sell On EBAY 2022)

what's going on people, welcome back to my channel if you're new. my name is sam and what i do here is break down various different tips and tricks to help you make money online. but in today's video, what i'm going to be doing is going through which ebay product research software you should be using, and exactly which one i use with my seven figure ebay shop. i'm gonna be going through what i've been doing over the years and how i've changed my methods, what i do now, and just some things that you need to know that's gonna help you out on your own ebay journey. these are the things that i wish someone told me at the start, because it would have made the whole process a lot more easier. so make sure you stik around to the end. there's going to be so much value in it. as always, i don't waste any more time. i want to jump straight into it. so if you find any value in the video, don't forget to press the like button and don't forget to subscribe as well. hit the bell notification so that youtube can let you know when a new video has been released. let's not waste any more time, let's get right into it. so the two product research softwares that i'm going to be toking about in today's video is terrapeak and zeke analytiks. so if you're new to my channel or you're just new to ebay in general, i'm going to give you a quick background on these two different softwares and how they've changed over the years and how i've used them with my own business. so let's focus on terapeak first. so tevapeak is a software that ebay provides to their sellers for free. so you're able to access terapeak if you log into your ebay account. all right, so i've just jumped onto terapeak and if you want to find it yourself, you just go to research at the top right there and you're going to see terrapeak product research and then from here you're going to be able to do whatever research that you want to do. but let me show you how i use it. so what you need to do is type in a keyword for a product that you're looking to sell. you can't type in the whole title. you need to type in a specific keyword and then from here you can change the date range. you can change it to the last seven days, 30 days, 90 days or the last year. so i'm gonna leave it to the last year for now- and the main filters that ebay or terapeak allows you to select is the condition, so you can either select new, brand new, etc. etc. or the format filter- you know whether it's auction, best offer, accepted, fixed price price filter. you know which seller is selling it, whether they're top rated seller or you know above standard, etc. and they've got a few more filters over here that you can select, like the buyer location and the seller location. so those are the main filters that you can choose from when researching a partikular product. now, scrolling down to this section here, these are the main data points that terapeak actually shows you, but the main ones that i look at is the sell-through rate. it also shows the total amount of sellers within that time frame as well and the total amount of sales that was generated from that product in that partikular time. so those are the main data points i like to look out for: the sell for rate, the total amount of sellers and the total sales that were generated within that period of time. now, scrolling down over here, the next useful thing about terapeak is that it shows you the average sold price on each and every day. now, the reason why this information is useful is because you're going to be able to see whether or not the price of the product that you're selling is going down in terms of the average price, because if you're able to see that data, you're going to be able to know whether or not you need to either increase your price or decrease your price, depending on the average sold price. now, another way that you can use terapeak is if you click on this option right here now. this is a very useful graph and it's something that terapeak has recently included, and the way that this works is that it shows you the total amount of units that were sold on each day. so, as we can see, for yoga mats, there's a clear downtrend that's happening, where less and less yoga mats are being sold every single day on ebay. so, in february 2022, around 400- you know to around 300- yoga mats are being bought by different customers on ebay. however, last year around the same time, there was around 900 yoga mats being sold- a thousand. so the reason why this is useful, it goes without saying, is because you're gonna be able to see whether or not less customers are buying the item that you're selling or more customers are buying it. so i like to use this graph when it comes to the products that i'm selling, if i'm using terapeak to do my product research and just scrolling down a little bit more. the last thing that i'm going to show you when it comes to using terapeak is that you're able to double check the total amount of sales generated by any partikular seller, and you're also able to see which product actually generated those sales. so, for example, we can see that this product was able to generate 53 000 pounds in cells in the last 365 days, and this is useful because you're able to see exactly what product it is and from there, you can figure out whether or not you want to sell that product or if you don't, and you're able to go through and look at all of the other sellers and see how much money they're making from any partikular product. all right, so i've just jumped onto my zika analytiks dashboard and i'm going to quickly run through the different ways that you can use them. first things first. on the left hand side over here, we've got product research. now over here, you're going to be able to type in any product that you want to type in and search. similar data to the one that we saw on terapeak. so let me just quickly type in yoga map, alright. so, as you guys can see, there's a lot of similar data to what i just showed you on terapeak. as you can see, zeke analytiks is showing us the sales earnings. the next useful piece of data that i like to look out for is the successful listing percentage. as we can see, yoga mat has 58, which is really good. i like to make sure that this number is, you know, above 45, above 50 percent, because that means that i've got above average chance of being able to sell whatever item i'm looking at now. if we just scroll down here, we can see that zeke analytiks is able to show us which ebay seller has the largest market share for yoga mats at the moment. now, this information is very useful because it allows us to know which seller is making the most money from yoga mats, because from knowing this information, we're going to be able to go into their ebay store and dig a little bit more further, see what other products they're selling, see you know what ways that we can copy them, because for them to have the largest market share for yoga mats on ebay uk means that they're doing something right. so this information is very useful if we go over here. similar to terapeak, zeke is able to show us the daily cells that are being made for yoga mats at the moment, so we're going to be able to see whether or not there's a trend. again, it's only showing us for the last 30 days, but it allows us to see whether or not there's a trend or whether or not cells are flat for the last 30 days and, scrolling down just a bit more- very similar to terra terapeak- we're able to see which seller is selling the most. we're able to see how much they've made in terms of the total amount of units that they've sold in a partikular amount of time, the price that they're selling it for and, if i'm here, we can scroll down and see which yoga mat is performing the best and then from there we can now source the best performing yoga mat on ebay at the moment or whatever product they are looking for. so everything i just showed you now on zika analytiks is very similar to tevopique, but the way that zeke differs from terra peak is the fact that if we go back over here, the one useful tool that zika analytiks has is c.

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All The BEST eBay Dropshipping Software for 2021

don't make the mistake of using bad software. you'll waste a lot of money, you'll waste a lot of time and you'll get so frustrated you'll probably just give up on drop shipping entirely. what's up? everyone paul here from dropshippingtitanscom, where i teach regular people just like you how to start your first successful drop shipping store. i've been drop shipping on ebay for a while now. i've tried a lot of software and i know what works and what doesn't work at all. so instead of you wasting your time trying to figure it out yourself, this is the best software that i have found as of right now for doing drop shipping on ebay. now, as always, the links to everything i tok about in this video- all the software- will be in the description of this video. if you're gonna sign up for the software anyway and you want to support my channel- and i would appreciate it if you use any of my affiliate links in the description, a lot of times they'll either come with free trials or discounts if you use those links anyway. so when you first start selling on ebay, the first thing you're going to have to do is find products to sell, do product research. so for that we have one of my favorite tools out there. it's called zeek analytiks. this will take product research and supercharge it, and this makes a huge difference when it comes to selling on ebay. the difference between a really successful ebay drop shipper and one who isn't successful really comes down to product research. so if you can get that part right, you will excel. you'll do much better than most drop shippers out there. so this is the software that uses called zeek analytiks. now it does a whole bunch, but i want to show you two of the things that really stand out for me about it. the first is called product research. so i'm going to click on that tool and all i'm going to type in here. you can either type in a keyword. you could type in a brand, or you can put an entire title of an item right in here. in this case, i'm going to put in a brand. the brand i'm putting in is called mainstays. now, mainstays is a brand that only walmart sells. so i know that any products that zeke analytiks comes up with are probably going to be products that are drop shipped from walmart onto ebay. now you don't have to. i mean, you can use this for retail drop shipping. the other cool thing is that you can also use zeek analytiks for wholesale drop shipping as well. now i also want some other criteria here, only united states. i want a minimum price of 15- no maximum price is needed- and i want someone who has a seller that has less at least 30 feedback. and i want to see sales in the past 30 days and i'll click on search and this will analyze everything on ebay, come up with some results right away. now i'm going to check off all of them and click on zeek selection, because you'll see what it comes up with and how useful this information is. so here it is right here. i generally ignore the stuff at the top, although it's kind of helpful, specifically this graph right here, because what this graph tells you is who kind of owns this the market or who's making most of the sales. so what i don't want to see is if you search for a title or a brand and only one person is in here, that means they are dominating for some reason and no one can compete with them. you don't want that. you want to see that lots of people are selling this brand or that or that title, because that tells you that a new seller like you could come in and do really well. so coming down here, this now shows you all the products, so the column right here will tell you the name of it, obviously, give you a little photo. it also tells you right here how many times it's sold in the past 30 days. this one sold 120 times and for what price. so this is really cool, because normally you have to open up each individual item to get this information and some of them might not sell at all or might not be selling at all. this tells you not only that it's selling, but that it's it's being sold recently, because when we're selling, listing items on ebay, we don't want to just list up any old items. we want to list up items that are actually already selling, and preferably selling recently, and these ones we can quickly see all of that information. so all of these right here are items that i would sell myself because they're doing really well right now and i know they're being dropshipped from walmart, which is one of the suppliers that i'm using. so that little product research tool is really, really exceptional. the other one i really like is called the competitor research. now what that does is check this out. so let's find one of these sellers. let's use like this one right here, and i'm just going to click the scan seller because this does the same thing. i click on that and what zeke analytiks is doing is it's looking at all the products this seller is selling and seeing which products are selling. well, there we go, instead of me having to go into this person's store and having to do it manually. it spits it out instantly. and the other thing i've got to show you is, with any of these search results pages, you can you can filter. so i want to see items that sold at least two times in the past 30 days and that are at least fifteen dollars in price, and i'll click on filter and give it a minute to load. it sounds it the more products the seller has, the longer this will take. but you see, they're selling a lot of items and selling them really well. this one sold 61 times the past month, 42 times, 37 times, 33 times, 32 times, 30. so these are a lot of really, really great items that we could be selling and, because we know this person is a drop shipper, these are all items that we could potentially drop ship ourselves. so, without a doubt, this is my favorite product: research software. it was created specifically for ebay drop shippers, by ebay dropshippers. it does retail drop shipping or wholesale, so really powerful. i'll have my affiliate link in the description of the video. you sign up through that you do get a special deal. now, once you find the products to sell, the next thing you have to do is actually list them up for sale. now the old way was we would have a listing here on ebay or, sorry, on walmart. let's say this is it. and if we wanted to create a listing on ebay, i would copy the title and then start a new listing on ebay, paste it in. i would download all these photos to my computer and then upload them to my listing on ebay. for all the images. i would then take the price and use a calculator, say, okay, i need to increase this by 5.99 for shipping, then i need to increase it for ebay fees and i need more for profit. and then what does that work out to? and i would need to copy the description and paste that into ebay. that's a lot of work and you could mess something up there. that's where this software comes in: auto ds now autods does a lot to run your ebay drop shipping business a lot to automate it. in fact, this is actually the first software that i recommend that you get, even though it's the second one i'm toking about. it's actually the first one i recommend you get because of what it does. check this out. the two things i want to highlight first is the uploader. so i'm going to click on uploader on the left, and now i'm going to come over to walmart and, instead of copying and pasting all that information, all i'm going to do is copy one thing and that's the url. so i'm going to copy that. come back to autodesk, plug it in and then click grab details and what it's doing is it's pulling in the title and the photos and the description and it pulls them all in right, here and now. this is your manual check. you can quickly go through this, change anything you want to change. so, for instance, i always change the titles. this title stinks. there's nothing here. it's not a good title. i would fill this with keywords. you can also see that there are three variations of this product. right, there's three different colors. let's say you did product research and you discover that, hey, only the black one is selli.

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Top 3 Best eBay Dropshipping Software in 2021 for Beginners (w/BONUS)

have you been looking to start drop shipping on ebay, but you're not sure which software to use? well, be sure to smash that like button, because in this video i'm going to show you the three main software that you need to be using on your ebay drop shipping store in order to make it as easy and as automated or semi-automated as possible. and i know in the past there's been a lot of tok about not using api related software. i will be going over that a bit, but we're also just going to be toking about software that will not touch upon this whatsoever. it will make your account safe to move forward with drop shipping in the future and you'll be able to avoid any potential flagging or issues with ebay in general. and also one thing to say: it seems like ebay has lessened up on trying to get accounts in trouble or anything like that for retail drop shipping. so we will be toking about retail drop shipping software in this video. and also be sure to check down below if you want a free ebay drop shipping mini course to teach you how to get started as easily as possible. so be sure to subscribe to this channel also, if you haven't already, without further ado, let's go into my computer, all right. so here we are inside of my computer and let's go over the number one first software that you need to be using. you know you can start drop shipping on ebay by doing everything by hand- moving items in and out of stok, changing prices. but if you are doing retail drop shipping, like walmart onto ebay or home depot onto ebay, then you know it is going to be a lot of work, as things do tend to go in and out of stok, you know, quite frequently, and change price a decent amount. so you want a program like sku grid. so back in 2018, the end of 2018, ebay started flagging accounts that were doing retail drop shipping using api related software. skewgrid was the first one to move over to a non-api related software and there's two ways you can connect it, so look into it when you're setting up your sku grid account. i teach this inside of my trainings and it's going to be either through their file exchange chrome extent extension or just the file exchange token. in general, i use the token method of repricing. it's much easier, i think, and it's a lot more consistent, but you know you can use either, or i started off using the chrome extension. so why sku grid? you know, first off it it reprices a bunch of different websites. you know you could do ebay. you can drop ship with amazon on it. it's it's getting into facebook marketplace, shopify, etsy. there's a ton of them, supported marketplaces, all right, here could have just scrolled down, um, and there is a ton of different suppliers. so if you log into your account and actually look at the suppliers on the left hand side, right here, um, if you're in the us, which i'm assuming most people watching this video are, there is a lot. there's like over 450 different suppliers. so any of these suppliers you can sell on ebay. and you know sku grid can in and out, of, stok your items, check that website, scrape that website. and they do have a handful of wholesale suppliers that they've been adding in over time as well, which really makes it that much more powerful: the software, if you want to go, the completely allowed wholesale drop shipping method. so not only that, skewgrid is also extremely cheap. it's really it's only like 15 a month for the cheapest plan. you don't need a very expensive plan in order to get started with sku grid, it's just very cheap in general, like the tokens that you pay for are dirt cheap and you know it's just a powerful and just all-around great software. one thing i can say about it is that it is slightly confusing to get started. there is a lot of trainings over here on the left hand side. they have some support. they have some decent support. but one thing i can say is that you need to be watching the trainings and if you, if you don't have some form of a course or anything just teaching you, you're going to spend some time actually in the trainings, deep down inside of the trainings, learning them and really getting started with it. it could be a pretty steep undertaking when you first get started. they do have a youtube channel as well, but it is something to look into. uh, there's definitely easier softwares to get started with, but none of them are anywhere as close to as in depth as skewbird is, as you can tell, this is just all of their us-based suppliers. no other software compares um. here's their uk. no other software compares. a lot of people tok about autods. they only have like five or six different um suppliers they support maybe a little bit more now, but this is really what you want to be um using and this is what all the people that are serious about dropshipping on ebay or amazon are using and you're going to see some results with it. i can tell you it will take time to get set up, but the price and just how just overall, this versatile it is, it is the best software out there. so that's number one. if you want to get started doing it by hand- i know people have done it. they've they've gotten a lot of items up by hand and it has a lister, skew, fetch, um, it has a lot of stuff, so huge, powerful program, the best one out there. and also, stay tuned until the very end, because i will show you one extra bonus software and that's about it for sku grid. so let's go into the next one. all right, so here we are with software number two, and i forgot to mention with sku grid that pretty much there is a affiliate link down below. if you want to check it out, you will get uh, 20 000 free tokens, which is going up pretty much credits. it's gonna- it's gonna do pretty well for you, get you set up for at least a month when you first get started for free and it's gonna help you out. so if you wanna check that out? i would appreciate it. thank you. so also, there's zik analytiks. that's number two. these two are the most powerful: sku: grid and zik. so zinc is going to be your product research tool. you can do everything by hand, like i said, with product research as well, but it's just not really worthwhile. it takes so much extra time and it's just not as efficient. where was uh, zika analytiks? i clicked on the pricing right here. you don't need anything more than the starter plane. you don't need the standard or the enterprise plan. um, you just get starter. if you pay for the monthly. right now it's twenty four dollars and usually it's thirty dollars. it's really not that much of a breaking of the bank and for for what you get out of it, it is by far the best product research tool for ebay. i don't know if there's any that really can compare. there used to be like three years ago, two years ago, but nowadays there really isn't much. so zik analytiks pretty much took over the market and they're- they are- the best and that's why they took over. so, zika analytiks, once you log in, there's a bunch of different things over here on the left hand side to click on, but really all you need to know is the competitor research tool, and i have a bunch of videos on this. i can link them up above. pretty much all you want to do is take your competitor that you know is drop shipping from whatever supplier you're looking at- say walmart, home depot or anything like that- and from there you're just going to take their name, their ebay name, and put it in here and click search and when you do that it will show you how many sales they've had in the last 30 days: dollar amount, the amount of items they have, the amount of items like which items have sold, how many times those items have sold. i have tons of videos on it out there. i'll probably make another one pretty soon about it- and that's really the power of it. you can scrape people's stores. you can really figure out what the best selling items are out there and from that you already know usually what supplier they're being sold from. and then that works hand in hand with sku grid because you can list them up and then skewbird will do the pricing and the restoking of those items for you. so that's why they work so well together t.

POWERFUL Product Research Tool for eBay Dropshipping! (Interview)

what's up everyone? I am here with Nahar. he is the founder and CEO of Zeke analytiks, which is a software that I've been using for years to help me with my product research for my eBay Drop Shipping business. so I thought I would bring him on the channel to tok all about product research, physique analytiks and kind of give us a whole story about how we got into this, because I know there's a ton of value that he can give you guys to help you with your own Drop Shipping success. so, Nahar, thank you so much for coming on the channel. thank you so much for having me. it's a pleasure being here. it's a pleasure creating content with you. I adore you walk. I really appreciate the amount of value you share with the community and the amount of people you help. I hope I will match the expectation and we'll be able to deliver the value, what that everyone expects. yeah, so let's help some people today, kind of inspire them. why don't you go back and tell us your kind of Journey, how you got into selling products online, what that all entails, getting into it? so I started back in 2000, 16, I would say the beginning of 2016. actually, my first experience was by the end of 2015 Christmas, I just moved to Germany. I didn't know, I didn't speak German and I I had to find a way to earn money. so I came across Drop Shipping. watch few videos. the first of them actually wasn't so exciting. actually it was one video that people called eBay dropshipping a scam. but I had the luck to a friend that already did it. so he told me: hey, don't worry about this kind of videos, just focus on learning and you will be successful. and I had all day, all time in the day. so I was just walking 10, 12, 14 hours per day on my eBay Drop Shipping Store. at the time there was no product research, there was no product research method, no product research softwares. what people teach was to go to pick Best Sellers from Amazon and just listening to your eBay store. look for ways to understand. I came from from a business background selling physical goods and I thought to myself: it's not possible that you know, you cannot understand demand and competition in certain level. you know, and I found out, that actually is selling on eBay. you can actually see the exact demand, the exact competition and the exact Supply, and this is something you can find in the traditional markets because, let's say, you want to sell something in a physical store. you know you want to open a shop in the shopping center. you can't know how much your competitor is selling, you can't know what is the best selling product of the other shop or whatever. what opened my eyes was, and gave me a lot of hope, that wow, on eBay is actually possible. so I start doing all this research manually, stik to a method of finding competitors, just pick their top selling items with at least two cells in the last 30 days and I start generating some sales. but it still was not so exciting. it took me three months- first three, four months to reach around 500 in profit and then eight months later. in total, since I started, I reached five thousand dollar in profit from only one store. and this is when I realized, wow, I found a way to find profitable products. I found a way to do the research the right way. and I'm looking around me in the community- at the time it was an Israeli community- no one toking about product research, no one teach it and in fact, there isn't opportunity here. so I worked on a webinar, basically to teach the community on how to do product research based on my method and this is when the idea to create Zeke analytiks came from. I thought, like you know what, if I could automate the process and also being more accurate data, it would be amazing. it will help a lot of people. it will help me scale my business. this is what the industry needs. so I had the luck to meet the amazing developer that really liked my idea and we just worked on it together as fast as possible and then we launched zinc analytiks in January 2017.. first version: very buggy, a lot of problems, but at least it helped users to see competitor best selling items, to make product research based on eBay best match result and to optimize their listings. and since then till today, we have over 5000 paid subscribers, over 30 employees in the company, collaboration with amazing mentors like yourself. the whole Innovation throughout these five years is amazing. product research automation today is taking big part, suppliers like Walmart taking big part. after all the changes with Amazon. also, AliExpress became big part of the industry. if you look five years big, it was only Amazon. so, yeah, this this was the journey. I'm happy to be here today and I hope we will be able to to show the guys here and answer some questions and show them how to actually find some products. yeah, that's interesting. I didn't know. C analytiks was started in January of 2017 or early 2017.. like you said, that's actually when I started doing my own Drop Shipping and even though there were people like you out there toking about this product research, it hadn't kind of filtered down yet, so I hadn't heard about it. when I started, I was doing it the old method- and it wasn't working so well. my sales are just kind of like this. but as soon as I figured that out, you could see it like if you go back and look at my eBay account history, you can see it. it's like all of a sudden it just goes up really fast. so, yeah, product research is so, so critikally important. yeah, definitely. I would say it's the most important part in dropshipping. of course, you have all the customer service, and maintaining your store and all these things is important, but eventually to drive growth is to listen, the right product and also to be able to find the balance between how many items you list, how much time it takes you to find this item and what is the quality of those items. so if you found this balance and you maintain consistency, listing products every day. you should grow. I think people should grow. it's it's not rocket science. so what exactly does Zeke analytiks do then in terms of helping you with the product research? okay, that's a great question. so, basically, first of all, what we did was to collect all eBay data, basically. so basically, we have almost like 95 percent of eBay data in our databases which are we updating on a daily basis, and then we communicate in eBay through different ways like API and different ways of getting the data, and then we display it in a different way. so, for example, if you want to see what is your competitor is setting, you can take the seller name, you can put it inside Zig in the competitor research, click the search button and then you will get the statistiks, the performance of these sellers and then his top selling items from the top selling to the list. so it really depends on the method, but if we're toking about dropshippers, one of the most used method is the competitor analysis, and this is what people do. they find competitors who Source from Walmart or aliexpressor depends on which suppliers they want to focus on- and then they analyze them and then they basically get their best selling items, then try to optimize their listings. so we also offer title optimization, where you can optimize your titles with the right keywords and long tail keywords and Etc. so this is one way. then we have the product research feature, which basically it's a search engine, sit on top of eBay best match results. so it's like the eBay search engine, just what we do. we map it in a way that you can read the data and you can find the top selling product. so you can put any keyword, any long tail keyword, any generic keyword, any title, any UPC, into the product research search bar, click the search button and then what you will get is basically the statistiks and performance you'll be able to to map the demand and competition from this specific Niche or this specific product. you'll see the sales history, you'll see the sales rate, the success listings, the success rate and then, scrolling down, you will see the top selling items from performing.

Best Ebay Dropshipping Tools

what's up? what's up? in this video? I'm going to show you the best eBay dropshipping tools that can help you with your eBay ecommerce, Amazon Shopify business. so no fluff, let's get into the good stuff. here I have this website for you. it's called dropship right here, dropship Lister calm, and it says it's here to automate the boring and frustrating listing process. dropship Lister's a Chrome extension for eBay drop shippers. add your listeners on autopilot and watch your productivity grow exponentially. enjoy the variety of the supportive platform. make your business pleasant and hassle-free. it will take you to the next level. so, as you can see, I'm on Google Chrome right now. I do not have this Chrome extension installed at the moment, but I will explain that later on the video, so make sure that you stay all the way to the end. now I want to play a brief clip of this video just to give you a rundown on the website, to give you more information, and will continue from there. some reason sounds not clear, right? so, as you can see, they're important from Aliexpress. I'll make a follow-up video about Aliexpress, but that's for another time, so I'm not gonna waste too much time. I thought there'd be some sound to the video, but apparently not, might just be my computer. when you load the website up on your screen, hopefully, the video player no hassle sound. so as we continue on, let's learn more about this website. so what is dropship listed? it's an extension for Google Chrome web browser. once installed, it changes the look of the online retail sites: product pages, Alex pressed, Amazon, Walmart, etc. and eBay creates your listing page. applying two clicks, you will copy images, item specifications, locations, weight into maze, weight and dimensions and paste everything to ebay. so it says that's three steps for you. you're going to start a Chrome extension. as you can see, there's lots of purchases happening as I'm going about making this video. you'll go to original product- pace or weather. like I said, you're on eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Aliexpress. you're gonna go to original product page. you're gonna click copy listing and it should show you, as you see in the video a few seconds ago, how to upload it straight to ebay. save you time and get- just get you listen up as fast as possible so you're able to test and see if it's a winner or if it's someone else, say, over the course of seven days typically. sometimes you might have to wait 30 days, depending on what you listen on eBay. eBay is, so it says that it. here's some of the features. they are: don't search product descriptions. so if you're not really too good at coming up with descriptions for your product, you can automatikally just copy the description that's already from the product where you're importing it from. you're doing Aliexpress. some suppliers have descriptions, but more than likely I think that you should actually learn how to learn the skill of copywriting. I'll make a video on that soon on the channel. but, um, definitely learn copywriting. it's a useful skill that'll help you for your advertisement and products. so it says you can auto insert product images. so, as mentioned before, when you go to these websites- Amazon, the Express, eBay, Shopify- you can copy the products by copying the page and pulling it into the dropship Lister and it will automatikally have these product images that sort it on there and you can just upload those automatikally. so that's a cool feature that I like about this. say, product images from the site are downloaded, resize to fit 1500 X 50 hundred, clean from exif metadata and automatikally upload to the ebay new listing page automatikally. says auto inserted idle specification. so this is just small details, but some people like to really get tiknical about what they're ordering. so, just like what you see, brand-name, waterproof, style, multiple battery detachable. so there's some other specification that some people, especially ebay, like to get like real detailed facts, information about what they're actually getting. it says you can add on a cert product variation, so if you always come with different colors of different sizes, will automatikally include that in there for you, save you time and hassle and putting that manually. it also auto on search- I know weight and dimension, as we just covered, so you don't have to go back in and upload to listen and put the weight and then the dementia. it will do automatikally all that for you for no extra fee or a cost. its included, alright, so says the supportive retailers. the Chrome extension modifies the web page directly in your browser without contacting eBay service. this way, it looks like you're doing it yourself. so here are some other websites that you can use for you to drop shipping on ebay. you can use Aliexpress, Amazon- adaxel- hope I said that right- Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, Harbor Freight, Target, Alibaba, Home Depot, Costco, bonanza, Sam's Club, gearbest, DHgate, overstok, domo, new chick, Walmart, Bed, Bath and Beyond- hey, needle Kmart- we finish years- and also these are other websites that you also to do drop shipping. drop shipping is something that I've been doing for the last three years. recently, I've been making a lot of videos on affiliate marketing, but due to a bita being the Chinese New Year- well, today is February 21st 2019, so Chinese New Year's almost up, so I haven't really been making a lot of videos on drop shipping. but what's the Chinese New Year's over? I'll get back to that, but doesn't need a hidden on there. so this is how you get started. you all come over here. you can test the extension for three days free, for no charge. now I know that you're taking mr DaVinci. all this sounds good. this looks great. quite interested in this. this will save me time from having the upload manually and listen all that. how much is it gonna cost for mr da Vinci? that's a great question, but stay tuned for the video because we want to get in. today. I'm gonna show you the options of what you can, what's your available to choose, but, as you see, you get a free three days. that says you're just gonna log inside the extension once you download. so you're just gonna log in to the email of your of what you create for when you download this and then, once you logged in. you can sign in to ebay account and everything will be um ready to go. so you want to go to the product page, as you see over here, and it says you're gonna have a copy listing button. that'll be when you install the Chrome extension. it says: make sure you have seller hub activated, otherwise you're not able to listed data. so let's continue on. then it has some testimonials over here. so now we get into the good stuff. how much is this gonna cost? if you're looking to do this on a monthly basis, it's gonna be $20 a month. that's cheaper than your phone bill. it's cheaper than your internet bill. it's cheaper than your rent. I give you a lot of references, but $20 a month it's not gonna make a break. but this is something that will save you time over the line run. it says: for the 20-hour option, you get three days free trial. as we mentioned, you get unlimited eBay accounts that you can connect this with. so for those of you who take drop shipping very seriously, you knew this. for more than one account you have unlimited listings. but eBay depending, if you're new, you only get up to $500, I believe. but you can email a Bay to get more, more spending limits to increase the overall listen to what you want to list. so just keep that in mind. this is not using eBay eBay API. and then they had 24/7 email, Skype / Facebook support. next, if you like to do this for a year- and this is something that you're gonna stay committed and discipline to- you basically getting the same thing, but if, over the course, you'll just end up paying one hundred sixty seven dollars upfront and then you want to worry about paying for a year, so the time you making this video of February 21st 2019, if you just do that today, you won't have to pay again until then, versus having to pay, put $20 in your account on your card. whatever you choose to pay this work a.