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Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

How to Automate Dropshipping With a Free Chrome Extension!

one of the challenges of running a successful ebay or amazon drop shipping business is that we often find ourselves doing the same repetitive but simple tasks over and, over and over again. it takes up a lot of time. now, luckily, people are developing software that is automating that process for it, for us, making it a lot faster. but there's some things that people haven't made software for yet, and in this video I'm going to show you how you can program basically your Chrome browser to do it for you, and I promise you it's not as hard as it sounds. hey, I'm Paul and I'm committed to teaching you the exact strategies I use to create multiple six-figure businesses on ebay, and these are the same methods that changed my life, and I'm here to show you how they can change yours as well. so here I am on homedepotcom, and if you've dropped it from Home Depot, then you know that one of the challenges is that Home Depot's address book only accepts 50 addresses at a time- any more than that, and it sort of messes up the system, and what we have to do once a day is come in to the address book and delete all 50 addresses by clicking here, then clicking here. imagine that there were 50 year, it would take a really long time to delete all of them. that is until I found this Chrome extension called imacros, and I'll put a link to this underneath this video. I'm gonna go ahead and add it now and show you how it works. great. so it's added. now it's up here and what I'll do is click this and I'm gonna start a new one. so I click on the main folder, imacros. this is a little bit confusing to use the first time, but, as you'll see, it's not too bad and the more you play with it, the more fun you can actually have with it. you can see how many different things you can automate. so I'm going to click now where it says record right here. click record macro. there we go now, click yes, delete it. and now come back here and click stop. and now this will show you the whole process. right here. so the first step is actually labeled. number two: it says: go to this URL, which is homedepotcom- slash addresses. right. then it's have you click where it says delete, which is right here. then it clicks again where it says delete it right here. so those are the steps it recorded and now what I'll do is click Save and close. and this is it right here. I'm gonna rename it by right-clicking, click rename and call it delete addresses, and now I'll click play macro. it's going to go through all the steps, so first it's going to go to that website, then it's going to click the button delete and then click the next button that says to be. so it just happened. it was really fast and that's how it works now. what you can do now is you highlight it, click on manage and click on edit and you can edit it in here. so I get rid of the URL because I can just come right here when I'm ready to do it, but you can leave it in there if you want, and then what I'm going to do is repeat these tasks. so I'm gonna copy them and repeat it so that it keeps doing it and you can have, I think, up to 25 lines of code, so to speak, so you can quickly delete all them. now, one thing I found is that you need to give it time to load between deleting items for the website to load. so between each of them, what I'm going to do is add in another line, deposit, and that looks like this: it says wait seconds equals 1, so after it deletes an item it's going to wait one second- actually I screwed that up- goes right here and now. I will copy and paste that. so this is really great. you got to play with it a little bit. now click Save and close, and now we can try it again by clicking play the new one. so now it loads the website, it's gonna click delete, it's gonna do these second ones, it's gonna need to alert third one, the fourth one. it would have kept it leading them, but there's none left. so really cool little software you can play with this. this script itself that I just showed you I'll put underneath this video if you want to, or I'll put in a link underneath this video if you want to copy it and use it yourself and play around this. see what else you can do with this. I'm only beginning to learn from it. if you open the folder called demo, there's a lot of different demos. it will show you different things that can do like fill in forms for you, do quick save as upload things for you. so try it out and let me know in the comments section what you've discovered that it can do or different ways that you found to do repetitive tasks over and over again really, really quickly, and if you like this video, I'd appreciate it if you give it a thumbs up. if you loved the video, make sure to subscribe for more quick, fast tips about ebay and amazon drop shipping. thanks, and I'll see you in the next video. [Music].

Top 10 Amazon Dropshipping Automation Software Tools: Best Amazon Dropshipping Software🔶E-CASH S3•E1

let's quickly have a conversation about the top 10 amazon dropshipping automation software tools. don't go anywhere. you're going to love today's conversation, i guarantee it. [Music]. welcome back folks to another edition of the awesome sort of kiwi show. how are you today? i hope you're all doing fantastik. i'm doing marvelous. if you already asked me, if you are doing as great and blessed as i am, go grab a cup of coffee, rt or vodka and let's roll. [Applause]. in today's conversation i want to tok to you about the top 10 amazon drop shipping automation software tools. it's important to understand that this show is for entrepreneurs who have a scalable amazon store. if you have a small amazon store, you really don't need to automate anything. but if you are growing, if the store is growing and you're trying to scale to go to the next level, then it makes sense to actually look for an amazon drop shipping automation software tool. and there are specific features you need to look for in a drop shipping software tool. for example, you want to pay attention to product search and import, listing management, order and fulfillment automation, inventory automation, pricing automation, shipment, tracking and reporting. it's very important to understand that when we speak about product search and import, for example, you want a capability that allows you to search, choose and import the products you want to sell from popular drop shipping product marketplaces, including aliexpress, alibaba and oberlo. when we speak about listing management, you want to be able to download product information. you want to make edit, you want to publish product listings, ideally in bulk. what about inventory automation? this is important also because this is a feature that syncs product data directly from your suppliers with your listing tool, including stok, sku and pricing information. and, speaking about pricing, you really also want to automate pricing because you're able to create pricing market rules and the markup rules are great because your you can price and reprice products in your store automatikally, especially if your goal is to win the buy box on amazon. you definitely need to have pricing automation software tools. okay, you want to look for a tool that allows you to set a maximum and minimum price limit depending on the season, and you want a tool that can update pricing synchronously across marketplaces to avoid being delisted. and you also want to pay attention to our reporting. right reporting enables you to monitor your performance and sales so you can evaluate profits and execute strategies, and together, all the features i just gave you streamline the day-to-day running of your dropshipping business, whether it is on amazon and beyond. let me give you a few other tools before we actually go to the rankings. there are 10 tools in our view, 10 tools that you need to look into if you want to run a drop shipping business. besides the the amazon drop shipping automation software tools, there are a lot of other tools. for example, you have aliexpress. aliexpress is a platform that is great when it comes to product sourcing. okay, there are a wholesale marketplace that is ideal for drop shippers. next you have oberlo. oberlo is kind of cool also because you can do products product sourcing and importing. this is for drop shippers using shopify exclusively. you have sprocket. this is a first pocket. you have machine learning, product source, product sourcing and fulfillment. ecom dash is kind of cool also when it comes to order management. this is actually a multi-channel inventory management system with drop shipping automation functionality. and then you have spark shipping. this is great for order inventory and shipping management. we have inventory source, which is also great for a listing order and inventory management. you also have ally to woo, which is great when it comes to all-in-one woocommerce tool. tool management is. so if you're looking to use woocommerce as your ecommerce platform, then the ali2 wordpress plugin is the oberlo equivalent. you have dropified all-in-one shopify tool. we have actually reviewed a lot of the this tools on our show here, so if you're interested in any of those tools, please go into our database and uh playlist our e-commerce playlist and avail yourself of the video you're interested in. we have importify, which is an all-in-one shopify tool, also, and we have volusion evolutions. the e-commerce website store and shopping cart software makes dropshipping simple. with its integrated tools, you can access thousands of us-based products directly from the platform and add them to your store. before we get into the actual nitty gritty, please check out this short video about our ecommerce solution evaluation approach. we do have a rigorous methodology on this show when it comes to listing, categorizing and reviewing e-commerce solutions, including amazon drop shipping automation software tools. check this out. [Music] number 10. we have avisam. our score: 7 over 10.. now here is a player that is based in the united kingdom, but they serve a growing list of a united states and canadian clients. okay, and this is great. here, with avisam, you have all the tools you need to integrate your online store. you can source quality products from uk based suppliers and automate your order, processing payments and ship it okay. so the futures: you have uk based verified suppliers. so even if you are in the states and or canada you are interested in sourcing products from uk based suppliers, avisam is one of the places to go. you can source the inventory from from suppliers who are vetted by amazon and ready to service your customers. you have a trusted suppliers. you can find products easily. they have reliable product data and market intelligence. you can auto, you can automate everything to scale your business. you can integrate your store online. they have automated order management. you have inventory syncing and downloadable product data. in terms of pricing, as you can see on the screen here, they have a varied- i would say a diverse- level of pricing. and in terms of integrations, they have big commerce: drop shipping, shopify, woocommerce- owned by ebay, amazon, which landworx, cle and resources are pretty good. also, they have a help center, hot products, blog, press, drop shipping, free tools and drop shipping suppliers. number nine folks. we have here geek seller. our score 7.5 over 10.. with geek seller, you're able to connect your e-commerce platform to ultimate task, that is, your amazon store. so everything from order and inventory to product management has been, is being taken care of and we love their amazon mca program where you can actually automate fulfilling multi-channel orders with your fba inventory and blank box feature. you can sell on walmart in the states and in canada. okay, and in terms of features, as you can see on the screen here, they have quantity management, quantity roles, they have order management, product management, you have analytiks, bundles and kits and they have automation so you can create rules to automate a lot of tasks in your amazon store. you can modify orders and trigger a variety of actions based on custom roles to automate your work. what about integrations? they have a constellation of integrations, again from amazon to walmart in the us and canada. they'll you can. they also integrate very well with the walmart tsv, the dropship vendor program. this is really good. google shopping, ebay, dhl, they have a house wayfarer and so on and so forth. you can see on the screen here the pricing. they do have a two-week trial. this is really good. so once registered, you'll be given access to their system and gig seller support will assist you with onboarding. so here's the pricing- pretty interesting. [Music]: number eight folks. we have here sku grid. our score: 7.5 over 10.. and with squared you can see that this is another grid player when it comes to amazon drop shipping automation and, in terms of features, they have automated price and stok monitoring. you have several ways to.

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All The BEST eBay Dropshipping Software for 2021

don't make the mistake of using bad software. you'll waste a lot of money, you'll waste a lot of time and you'll get so frustrated you'll probably just give up on drop shipping entirely. what's up? everyone paul here from dropshippingtitanscom, where i teach regular people just like you how to start your first successful drop shipping store. i've been drop shipping on ebay for a while now. i've tried a lot of software and i know what works and what doesn't work at all. so instead of you wasting your time trying to figure it out yourself, this is the best software that i have found as of right now for doing drop shipping on ebay. now, as always, the links to everything i tok about in this video- all the software- will be in the description of this video. if you're gonna sign up for the software anyway and you want to support my channel- and i would appreciate it if you use any of my affiliate links in the description, a lot of times they'll either come with free trials or discounts if you use those links anyway. so when you first start selling on ebay, the first thing you're going to have to do is find products to sell, do product research. so for that we have one of my favorite tools out there. it's called zeek analytiks. this will take product research and supercharge it, and this makes a huge difference when it comes to selling on ebay. the difference between a really successful ebay drop shipper and one who isn't successful really comes down to product research. so if you can get that part right, you will excel. you'll do much better than most drop shippers out there. so this is the software that uses called zeek analytiks. now it does a whole bunch, but i want to show you two of the things that really stand out for me about it. the first is called product research. so i'm going to click on that tool and all i'm going to type in here. you can either type in a keyword. you could type in a brand, or you can put an entire title of an item right in here. in this case, i'm going to put in a brand. the brand i'm putting in is called mainstays. now, mainstays is a brand that only walmart sells. so i know that any products that zeke analytiks comes up with are probably going to be products that are drop shipped from walmart onto ebay. now you don't have to. i mean, you can use this for retail drop shipping. the other cool thing is that you can also use zeek analytiks for wholesale drop shipping as well. now i also want some other criteria here, only united states. i want a minimum price of 15- no maximum price is needed- and i want someone who has a seller that has less at least 30 feedback. and i want to see sales in the past 30 days and i'll click on search and this will analyze everything on ebay, come up with some results right away. now i'm going to check off all of them and click on zeek selection, because you'll see what it comes up with and how useful this information is. so here it is right here. i generally ignore the stuff at the top, although it's kind of helpful, specifically this graph right here, because what this graph tells you is who kind of owns this the market or who's making most of the sales. so what i don't want to see is if you search for a title or a brand and only one person is in here, that means they are dominating for some reason and no one can compete with them. you don't want that. you want to see that lots of people are selling this brand or that or that title, because that tells you that a new seller like you could come in and do really well. so coming down here, this now shows you all the products, so the column right here will tell you the name of it, obviously, give you a little photo. it also tells you right here how many times it's sold in the past 30 days. this one sold 120 times and for what price. so this is really cool, because normally you have to open up each individual item to get this information and some of them might not sell at all or might not be selling at all. this tells you not only that it's selling, but that it's it's being sold recently, because when we're selling, listing items on ebay, we don't want to just list up any old items. we want to list up items that are actually already selling, and preferably selling recently, and these ones we can quickly see all of that information. so all of these right here are items that i would sell myself because they're doing really well right now and i know they're being dropshipped from walmart, which is one of the suppliers that i'm using. so that little product research tool is really, really exceptional. the other one i really like is called the competitor research. now what that does is check this out. so let's find one of these sellers. let's use like this one right here, and i'm just going to click the scan seller because this does the same thing. i click on that and what zeke analytiks is doing is it's looking at all the products this seller is selling and seeing which products are selling. well, there we go, instead of me having to go into this person's store and having to do it manually. it spits it out instantly. and the other thing i've got to show you is, with any of these search results pages, you can you can filter. so i want to see items that sold at least two times in the past 30 days and that are at least fifteen dollars in price, and i'll click on filter and give it a minute to load. it sounds it the more products the seller has, the longer this will take. but you see, they're selling a lot of items and selling them really well. this one sold 61 times the past month, 42 times, 37 times, 33 times, 32 times, 30. so these are a lot of really, really great items that we could be selling and, because we know this person is a drop shipper, these are all items that we could potentially drop ship ourselves. so, without a doubt, this is my favorite product: research software. it was created specifically for ebay drop shippers, by ebay dropshippers. it does retail drop shipping or wholesale, so really powerful. i'll have my affiliate link in the description of the video. you sign up through that you do get a special deal. now, once you find the products to sell, the next thing you have to do is actually list them up for sale. now the old way was we would have a listing here on ebay or, sorry, on walmart. let's say this is it. and if we wanted to create a listing on ebay, i would copy the title and then start a new listing on ebay, paste it in. i would download all these photos to my computer and then upload them to my listing on ebay. for all the images. i would then take the price and use a calculator, say, okay, i need to increase this by 5.99 for shipping, then i need to increase it for ebay fees and i need more for profit. and then what does that work out to? and i would need to copy the description and paste that into ebay. that's a lot of work and you could mess something up there. that's where this software comes in: auto ds now autods does a lot to run your ebay drop shipping business a lot to automate it. in fact, this is actually the first software that i recommend that you get, even though it's the second one i'm toking about. it's actually the first one i recommend you get because of what it does. check this out. the two things i want to highlight first is the uploader. so i'm going to click on uploader on the left, and now i'm going to come over to walmart and, instead of copying and pasting all that information, all i'm going to do is copy one thing and that's the url. so i'm going to copy that. come back to autodesk, plug it in and then click grab details and what it's doing is it's pulling in the title and the photos and the description and it pulls them all in right, here and now. this is your manual check. you can quickly go through this, change anything you want to change. so, for instance, i always change the titles. this title stinks. there's nothing here. it's not a good title. i would fill this with keywords. you can also see that there are three variations of this product. right, there's three different colors. let's say you did product research and you discover that, hey, only the black one is selli.

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How To Start Dropshipping With $0 | STEP BY STEP | NO SHOPIFY & NO ADS! (FREE COURSE)

okay. so in this video, i'm gonna show you how to build a successful drop shipping store with zero dollars: no shopify, no ads. you can start for completely free. i've been able to build multiple seven figure drop shipping stores, so i definitely know what i'm toking about and if you're new here, i'm leon and i give away free drop shipping tips and tutorials that others charge thousands of dollars for, for completely free. all i ask is that you go ahead and like this video and subscribe to my channel so i can keep helping you for completely free. so let's get started with this free drop shipping course and let me show you how you can start a drop shipping business with zero dollars, and i mean completely free. no money spent on websites, no money spent on anything. you can start with zero dollars, okay. so first thing first, when it comes to drop shipping, you might have heard of shopify, and that's because it's the most popular platform to do online e-commerce with. okay, but as you can see right here, there's a monthly fee when it comes down to using shopify, and the basic plan is 29 a month and it doesn't seem like a lot, but when you're getting started and you're not making any sales, that's 29 per month that you're just losing without making any sales. and this 29 right here does not even include any apps that you're gonna add onto the store and pay for, and typically, i would preach using shopify, because i use shopify, but then again, i'm making sales and i'm profitable, so i can do that without worrying about losing twenty nine dollars per month. right, but you're watching this free course because you wanna know how you can actually start drop shipping with zero dollars, and 29 dollars per month is not zero dollars. so, with that being said, we're not going to be using shopify at all, because then you wouldn't be starting with zero dollars, and on this channel, we keep it as real as possible, okay, so why should you start drop shipping? well, you can work from anywhere in the world, making it one of the best remote jobs and businesses to start, because all you need is a laptop and an internet connection to get things going. drop shipping also allows you to spend more time with your family, friends and loved ones, have financial freedom, and it's one of the only businesses that you can actually start with zero dollars. what are you gonna learn today from this free course? you're gonna learn how to find winning products to sell. how to set up a free, zero dollars per month- online store. how to advertise your products free, no paid ads, no facebook, no tiktok ads, no instagram ads. i'm going to show you how to advertise and market your product for completely free, and then i'm going to show you how to fulfill your orders with fast shipping. if you don't know what drop shipping is, it's pretty much just going on a wholesale website, finding a supplier that sells like a necklace for ten dollars, and then, because the perceived value of jewelry is so expensive, you can then make a website and list that same necklace on your website and sell it for like a hundred dollars, and then you advertise your website that sells that necklace and then, when someone buys that necklace, you then pay the wholesale supplier the ten dollars so that they can go ahead and ship the necklace to the customer, and then you keep the profit of ninety dollars. so first thing we're going to go over is finding winning products. now, what makes a product a winner? a winning product must have that wow factor and be a problem solver. okay, so, for example, right here, as you can see, it's a beach mat and this is a sand proof beach mat, meaning that no sand will get on top of the mat, causing dirt on your shoes, your stuff that you have on the beach and stuff like that. you might not know it, but it's annoying. you don't want no sand in your butt crack, do you? you know what i'm saying. it has that wow factor because when a customer sees it, they're like: what the heck? what do you mean by sand proof mat? right, it peaks that curiosity. but it's not all about problem solving products. as you can see right here, if it has a wow factor and a passionate audience, it'll also work very well, because people buy based off emotion. so this product right here is a rose bear and obviously this is something for people in relationships or just a sentimental gift to someone. okay, whether it's anniversary, whether it's, you know i'm just just because you know i'm saying this is a great gift for people in relationships: a bear made out of roses with a heart. you know i mean. so how do you actually find wooden products? here are a couple of ways that you can go ahead and do it for completely free and do it relatively fast. okay, without suggesting: just search tiktok- mainly buy it- or amazon finds on tiktok and just scroll and you come across a bunch of different posts and videos of literally accounts showing you the next hot thing to buy. another huge way i've been able to find winning products is just simply following mean pages on all social media platforms- twitter, instagram, facebook. the reason is because other dropshippers and e-commerce people they're gonna pay these pages to promote their products. so if you follow enough accounts, what's gonna happen is that if you just scroll every single day on all these platforms, you're gonna see ads for products and people are not gonna pay someone to advertise the product unless they really believe it's something that's gonna work. so all you literally have to do is just sit there, scroll, like you usually would when you know i'm saying watching gossip or whatever- just scroll and then, when you see a product being advertised, just save it to your computer, add it to your store and literally test it out as well. now, after you've found some products that you're interested in testing that you know meet the criteria of a winning product- you know that wow factor with a problem-solving ability or that wow factor with a passionate audience. the next step is to then go ahead and find a store name- and i preferably would do a general store name, just because you can literally sell anything in any niche on a general store domain. okay, so how do you find a name for your website? all you have to do is just come here to businessnamemakercom and, as you can see here, it says, enter keywords like tik, marketing agency, so that way they can generate a good name that you know is free and available for you to use. so right now we're just gonna- i'm just gonna- write something like oasis, because you know that goes well with websites and it's easy to pronounce and a bunch of names will literally pop up like: look at this oasis hut, so many different names, and then let's say you want to click this one and then you want to see if it's available. all you have to do is then come here on the dot com, click on it- it'll open up godaddy and to tell you if it's available or not. after you find a starting that's easy to pronounce and just easy to remember, the next step is to then go ahead and create an email account that matches that store name so that you know when people have questions about their order or whatever, they can go ahead and contact you through that email that matches your store name because you don't want someone to go on your website that's called leoncom. but then when they email you, your email is rockstarbaby101, gmailcom. know what i'm saying? they'll get skeptikal and it just won't work out. okay, so to create an email account, i use gmail, but you can use yahoo, whatever you like to use. i just specifically use gmail because that's what i've just been using for all my life. and then you just come here, click create account. for the first and last name you want to enter the name of your store. so, for example, if leon oasiscom is what i was able to find, then the first thing will be leon, last name will be oasis. okay, does that make sense? and then you just come here and do: like leon oasis store, gmailcom. that's literally what i'll do. and then you create, you know your password and everything, and then you're gonna

The 3 Best eBay Dropshipping Software plus BONUS!!!

you are watching daniel sales online now. on this channel we tok about everything about how to make money online and, primarily, how to do it selling in marketplaces such as ebay and amazon. so if these topics are of interest, please consider subscribing to the channel and giving this video a big thumbs up. so in this week's video, i want to focus on software and how important software is going to be. if you are selling in any marketplace, whether it's ebay or whether it's amazon, it's going to be a very useful tool and i highly encourage. if you are interested in getting started and wanting to sell online, you're going to want to make a small investment on some of these softwares that i'm going to tok about this week. so if you're ready, let's get into it and let's tok about the softwares that are going to make you a lot of money. so let's start with a very popular uh drop shipping software that is uh used by many uh sellers who do sell on the ebay marketplace. that software is called auto ds. now, auto ds is a full uh suite solution for your ebay drop shipping store asset. it provides many features and a lot of functionality to make the management of your ebay drop shipping store very easy to handle and also very easy for any help that you may have helping you run your business, such as virtual assistants. so just let's go over some of those key features and we'll look at those right now. so i want to tok about some of the key features you can have access to within out of the s. so you're definitely gonna going to have access to order management. so you're gonna be able to keep counts of your stok inventory. uh, obviously have a feature for the software to reprice your inventory to make sure your- you know- price changes don't affect you in a negative way. there's also some new features. i think they probably have rolled out now for quite some time. but if you want to do this on a manual automation way, you can also do that with auto ds. now the whole manual automation is a whole different topic and we'll probably tok about that on another video, but it's good to know that auto ds is offering that feature, uh to cus to their customers. so the last thing i want to say about autods is that their pricing is very affordable compared to other software that i have used for my ebay business. the starter plan starts at 799 and you get a limited amount of, you know, repricing and stok inventory management. and then they have another plan which is at 16.79, and that one gives you over 400 um products you can monitor and reprice if you decide to uh go with that plan. all in all it's a very affordable software. it's very good for beginners. and the other thing i want to say is that if you do choose to go with the autods, make sure that you look at all of their um supported suppliers because, as as of today, they have a limited amount of suppliers that they support. but i imagine that that list is going to grow and continue to grow over time. so let's go ahead and check out the next software now. the next software i want to tok to, i want to tok about- is in a different category, so this one will qualify as a product research software and it goes by the name of zeek analytiks. so i quickly want to go over some of the key features that i like about zeek analytiks. another video: i will go more in depth as far as more information. so if you are interested, you know, please let me know in the comment section down below and i'll make another video and get into more details. but basically, what i want to cover here right now is just as an overview. so zeek analytiks is actually a great tool for researching, for finding products, profitable products. you can go ahead and resell or use the drop shipping method onto ebay and make money online. now they have a lot of resources available, uh, via zeke. now i want to highlight some of their, some of their tools. so there's an ebay market research tool as well, as if you are uh wanting to do market research on aliexpress, you can do that as well, and there's some additional tools as well as a wholesale supplier database, which is a new feature that you know came into the zig analytik not too long ago, so that is now available to you. and the other thing we kind of want to also focus on is pricing, because at the end of the day, you know this is a very important um designer on what your next step would be. but as you can see here that they do have affordable plans, you can either pay monthly or pay for the whole year. there's also a standard option which you can see: twenty here dollars a month. uh, you do get twenty percent off based on this offer, as well as the yearly plan option. and then you see here, you know what are some of the uh features that come with the starter plan and then, if you decide to go standard, you get a lot more features. so i know this was like a quick uh run through, but i wanted- i do want- to get to our third software, and that one is about ebay. i'm sorry about amazon, but before i get into that, i wanted to show you, um, what is sick analytiks, uh, what are some of the features, pricing considerations as well, and, like i said, it's a product resource research software. so if you want to learn more, let me know in the comment section down below and we'll make that video for the next time. so let's go on and look to the third and last software, which is going to be more entail for amazon storefronts. so, last but not least, i wanted to give you a third software, and this one's more for amazon sellers, and i'm so excited because it's a software. it's actually fairly new, has only been in the market for a few months and i haven't heard a lot of people toking about it. but the name of the software is called smart scout and this is a great tool, especially if you are selling from wholesale suppliers, identifying brand opportunities- because it is so important to find the right brands to have the the best demand on amazon, and then getting into those relationships with wholesale suppliers or distributors, or even, you know, trying to get in contact with the manufacturer of that brand and get access to those products and then sell those products on amazon. and this software is going to help you to accomplish this. i've been using it since january and thanks to this software, i've been able to already identify, you know, over three thousand dollars worth of new inventory that i've been sending into amazon fba and i couldn't be happier with the software. now i'm gonna go over some of the features, but, like i said, this is for amazon and more specifically, for wholesale. now there are some features that you can use that can help you within with maybe drop shipping- you can find some opportunities- but primarily is for finding brands and then being able to get those access to those brands by finding the right wholesale suppliers and ultimately getting those products into your amazon storefront. so let's get into some of the features, and this will be the last software we're discussing today. so i think that i saved the best for last. so right now we're inside my dashboard and we are looking at smart scout website and, at first glance, automatikally, you see that there's a map feature where the thing is phenomenal, and in another video we'll go into a lot more details. but basically, this map gives you a visual as far as where are amazon sellers located across the us, and you can also potentially find other cell wholesale companies who are selling on amazon- and they might be here on the map as well, so you can actually get some insights on that as well, which i find that to be very interesting. in addition to that, you have the option for, you know, brand research, product research and also seller research, um, as options for you to take advantage of. now, i know that i'm not really going into a lot of detail and it's just for the sake of time i can make the video so long. however, i do plan on making a follow-up video and giving you a lot more information about smart scale, but i wanted to at least feature the website. you can get a feel for what it looks like a.

FREE! Shopify Dropshipping Winning Product Research Tool 2020 - 2021

do you want to know one of the easiest ways to find a winning product in 2020 and going into 2021, completely for free? if so, keep watching what is going on. everybody. i'm christian and today i'm going to go over a really super simple way to find winning products that you can start drop shipping today. so, just right off the bat, i want to go ahead and say that i'm making these videos and i'm going to start this channel with drop shipping because i feel like not a lot of people out there are real people with real experiences. like i feel like a lot of people are in it to promote a course and promote other things, and things like that and like that's fine. i know a lot of them are great and successful, but, like that aside, i want to try and give you guys the one of the most like realistik and down to earth and like i'm a real human being. i'm a real person. i've been in your shoes, where i've tried drop shipping and had no success and finally something's worked for me and something has clicked and i just want to bring that value to you and hopefully you can find some sort of value out of it and maybe something will click for you as well. so, with that being said, let's go ahead and dive into it. i'm going to show you one of the ways i found a winning product for me that was literally completely for free. all right, so the website that we're going to use to find the winning product is called droppy spy. it's super similar to the, to the one called ad spy, which is more expensive, and it's just. it's a lot of people know it and, don't get me wrong, i like it, i've used it. you can get in and use the free bit, but it'll you'll go through that free little trial they give you very quickly. what i like about droppies by, though, is there is a completely free plan. you are limited to how much you can do. however, there's just. it gives you so much value that you can pull something out of that for free. so let's go ahead and dive into it more, and i'll show you exactly what it is. so, when you come onto the website, this is exactly what it's going to look like right here, and you're going to need to create an account and click sign up. so after you sign up, i've already signed in. this is the page that's going to. it's going to come to right here. so it's going to be in a lot of different languages and a lot of random things and photos and things like that and it's it's. you can go through this and find winning products and things like that. but what's more important is using the filtered tab here. so, right off the bat, i just want to show you what you are limited to. so, right here, we can't type in the text. um, and there's in any of these that are like grayed out. we can't do anything with those, but that's okay, because we can still use a lot of these tools to find stuff. so if we scroll down here, if you upgrade to their other plan- like if you, if you go into the premium or whatever they call it- all this will be unlocked and it makes it even easier. you can really dial it in. but if you're going to go completely free, you don't have a lot of money to work with. that's totally fine. that's what i've been doing and i've had no issues with it. so since we're on the free plan, we're going to come down here to the reactions. now i will say if- well, if you weren't on the free plan, you can use a ter, the text search to type in like today only, or get 50 off, things like that. that'll show up, you know, ads within that, within that topic. and then the other thing that i would do, too, is: let's see, there's an ecom platform and you can choose shopify, and so i would choose shopify as that one as well, to even make it even more targeted, but going completely free. we're going to come down here to where the, where it says reactions, and we're going to change the likes. um, let's go to 300 likes now, we need to go to 500 likes, that's, that's a little bit better. it's going to have a lot of engagement. shares will go down to 100 comments, we'll go down to a hundred, and then all these- i wouldn't worry about it, those are just reactions, and then we're gonna click search. so, because we're on the free plan, you know we're gonna get other countries, so it might be in different languages, but that's also good, because then maybe it hasn't been shown in the united states or united kingdom or wherever you're at. so, right off the bat, these are all of the ads. these are ads that are running on facebook, and i pretty, i'm pretty sure it's just facebook, but it'll tell you down here where it's at. so if we scroll through, let's see what we have here, okay. so right here, i can just see this one's. this one's already been a winning product for some. i've seen a lot of ads. if you do the other method, which is like filling your facebook feed with drop shipping ads. i've seen ads for this. um, it's like a puppy pad, but it's reusable. so let's see if it looks this. so this is their ad here. this is for, like the puppy pad that you can reuse, wash it, things like that. [Music]. so that's the video there, and if we click details, it'll give us a lot more about it. so, right here, this is probably no, this is their ad copy right here. so this is what they're using right here for their ad on facebook. let's see here. so we see the likes of shares, the age, the sex, and then this is their. let's see. i'm guessing this is the description on their website. so, and then the other deal that we can do as well if we click facebook. yeah, so this takes us straight to the facebook ad, which, if you think about it, is pretty insane, considering we can see the exact ad that they're using from paul huggies. that's a good name too, so it has a good amount of comments, a lot of shares too. let's see, you can click this to add to favorites. but let's go into details again and let's see, learn more. so this should take us right to their website. all right, so this is the website here. for those pads they're selling for 27.99. all right, the description looks great. no, this looks. this looks really good. honestly, i would say this site's doing really well and the name is like perfect paw huggies. that's amazing. so let's go over to aliexpress and just take a little gander at what this is: uh, selling like what you can buy for to resell. so let's see how much are they getting this for? uh, let's do puppy pad absorber, a puppy pad. let's just type that. probably reusable poppy pad is what we need. let's see, they're calling it urine pad, puppy pad, reusable. so pup, reusable puppy pad. we'll sort it by orders. so right here, it's got 1600 orders. let's see. so i get, let's say, for the smallest one, this coffee bone paw color shipping from china- 790. they're selling for 27.99. but realistikally, you can't really get away with, uh, 30, 60 day shipping times anymore. so if you're gonna ship from the united states, which is the smartest thing to do, especially for that little bit of price difference. it's a couple bucks. they're getting it for ten dollars for the smallest one. so let's see, is this the smallest one? 40 by 60, 40 by 60, united states. so they're having this shipped, with 4 to 13 day delivery time to the united states for the 40 to 60 centimeter size. um, coffee brown. yeah, right there, they're selling it for 27.99 and they're getting it for 10. so they're selling for 28 and they're getting- pretend that would be 18 of a profit margin. so, yeah, i would say they're doing pretty good with this product as well. and so that this product is literally right here on droppy spy- not even that far from the top, it's: yeah, this is it right here on the on the second row. so on the second row, already that we found a product, we found, uh, how they're promoting it, which, what's their creative, what's their ad copy and what, how much they're getting it for us. they're getting it for 10, they're selling for 28 and they're making a pretty much an 18 profit shipped. so that's pretty good. let's keep going here. let's see what else we can find. an odor remover: oh, one thing i do want to say, though, is: i don't know if i mentioned it, but these are ads um that are more than two months ago, so you're not giving them the most recent ad, so uh it'.