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Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

10 Best Print On Demand Companies For Custom Products

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The 8 Best Print On Demand Companies In 2023 On Etsy/Shopify

Hey Joe, it's folks here. if you watched this whole video today, you're going to have a great idea about which print on a man company you should use in the year 2023.. now I have been selling print on demand products on my own stores for about six years now. I have reviewed hundreds of product samples and today in this video I'm going to be compiling my thoughts on what I think could be the best suppliers for you to use on your own store. quick side note: on the video's thumbnail you will see that I wrote that in the video I'm going to be showing you some printful Alternatives. some of you might think that printful is a great print on demand company and honestly they are. they will likely produce you a very nice print on demand product for you to send to your customers. the only problem is, in my opinion, they are a bit overrated at times. they can be way too expensive for products that you can get from other suppliers that are going to be just as good in quality for a much lower price. so that's why I'm making this video today. if you want to see some more of the print on demand products that I've reviewed, make sure to check out some of the other videos here on my- my channel, and if you are looking for some step-by-step training, make sure to check out my course. there is a link down in the description. inside, you'll get access to over 30 step-by-step videos showing you how to open your print on demand store, and the best part is it is completely free. so check it out. there is a link down in the description. our first supplier is called WC fulfillment and, like I said, what we're going to do is take a look at the app a little bit of the products that they have, we'll break down some pros and cons of them and then I will show you a product sample. we're going to do this for several print on demand companies today, so, as we are looking at them, make sure to let me know down in the comments which one is one that you may try to sell. now, WC fulfillment is a print on demand company, obviously, and they have a very nice assortment of products. essentially, they also have some pretty good pricing on their stuff as well. if we click the get started button here on their site, I believe it is going to take us right into the Shopify app store, where you can install this app onto your store. first. we'll start with some positives of WC fulfillment. they definitely have some high quality products. I have received samples from WC fulfillment from numerous different products that they offer, and the quality is always very nice. they also have a very unique line of products. some of the things that they carry you cannot find anywhere else. I'm toking about print on demand watches or even skateboards for the wall or different types of hoodies and things like that. they also have, in my opinion, some really great pricing options. the same thing for shipping. their shipping costs are very affordable and reasonable. every time I have ever added a product to my store, I don't feel like it's something that is going to be too tough to sell because of the pricing of it. another great feature of this company is they have some really nice mock-ups for you to use. let's say that you wanted to sell this print on demand cell phone wallet case from WC fulfillment. not only are they going to have some mock-ups for you- you- but there's also the ability here to get a video made. you can read about that inside of their app. but in terms of mock-ups, you can see here that they just have, in my opinion, some really nice mock-ups. if I was attempting, uh, to find mock-ups for this product. these ones certainly are good. these would excite me and in the past, when I have sold this product, these mock-ups, in my opinion, helped me to make more sales. in terms of some negatives with this app, because we want to be fair here, we want to tok about the good and the bad. if you check the reviews for this app, as of late they have gotten hammered. I don't know what is going on with their customer service, but people have reporting issues and never hearing back and things like that. now, admittedly, WC fulfillment is a print-on-demand company that I have used heavily in the past, but it has been a few years, so I don't have any updated info about how they're doing. their app is still available. in my opinion, it's one that you could look into and obviously just tread lightly to see if it works out or not not. the second potential issue here is that they ship from China, and if you have watched my channel for any amount of time, you probably know that I am not someone who necessarily thinks that just because a print on the main company ships their products from China, that they should be a company that you disregard. in my opinion, sometimes if you use a print on demand company that ships from China, you can enjoy some lower prices on the products, which is exactly what happens with WC fulfillment. but to some people, dealing with those extra shipping times is not something that you're going to want to do, so I included it here on our negative list and right here is my WC fulfillment sample. this is one of those print on demand cell phone wallet cases, so you can see on here that the print definition is quite nice. if I open it up, you can see that inside this is where your phone would go, as well as all of your money and your cards. so overall, definitely a cool and nice high quality product. also, I hope you're getting value out of this video. if you are, make sure to drop a like on if this did take a little while to put together. our next print on demand company is one that a lot of you probably haven't heard of. they are relatively new to the print on demand Scene. It is called my easy monogram. they have a Shopify app. you can find them inside of the Shopify app store, and what they specialize in are these print on demand metal signs. you can see their product catalog here, showing that they have it available in different colors, different finishes. they even have some keychain options as well. in terms of positives for this app, first and foremost, they offer some super unique print on demand metal signs. those are only available from one other supplier that I know of, which means this is definitely a unique product option. the signs are great quality. when I review a sample for you, you will see that the biggest negative with this site is that they actually don't allow you to make your own designs at this point. everything you see here are what you can actually sell, meaning you you cannot create your own sign. currently, you can only add these existing signs to your store now really quickly as well. one of the things that I did not write about as a negative is I don't really love these mock-ups that are available. I think they are making the product seem a little bit cheaper than it actually would look in real life. however, a positive thing that I forgot to list on my PowerPoint is that the products are made in the United States, which is a plus. keep in mind as well that at some point, they may allow you to actually make your own designs, which might make this app a little bit more desirable for a lot more people. however, if you are looking to get started with metal signs and you don't want to make your own designs and you just want to use designs that they already have available for you, they could be a great option for you. here is a print on demand metal sign from my easy monogram, and if you are looking at this, you're probably thinking to yourself: well, Joe, how did you get one with your pod ninja logo on it if they don't allow you to make your own designs? now, quick spoiler alert: they actually sent this to me. I was working with another print on demand company, which I'm going to show you in a little bit. that actually used to offer my easy monogram signs on their software and they wanted to have me take a look at a sample, so they put this together for me and sent it over. in terms of the quality, this thing is solid metal. you can hear that there it's hanging on the wall with a simple nail, and overall it is a pretty nice pr.

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Best Shopify Print On Demand Companies 2022 | FULL Guide

what is the best print on demand company for shopify in 2022? let's find out. hey, what's up everybody? welcome back to the channel, and if you're brand new here and we don't know each other, my name's carrie. i'm the founder of shirt school and i created this channel to bring you the best strategy, secrets and hacks to grow your online t-shirt apparel or print-on-demand business. today, we're gonna compare the top eight print on demand companies in the shopify app store. now i literally went to the shopify app store. i sorted by most installed and these were the top eight that came up. the goal of this video is to help you pick the right print on demand provider for you. i'm going to be judging them on things like pricing and product selection, shipping costs and shipping times, and i'm also just going to give you some of my personal knowledge from working with many of these companies over the last five years and also helping thousands of students who use these companies and seeing their experiences. the eight companies we're going to be taking a look at today are printful, printify t launch, spod, app leak, custom cat guten and gelato. the last thing i want to say before diving into the companies is that this video is not sponsored by any print on demand companies and i have not received any compensation to make this video. the first company you might consider working with, and by far the biggest print on demand company, is printful, so let's start with them now. printful has a pretty big product selection. they have a lot of really cool products. you're going to see things like your gildan t-shirts, bella and canvas. you'll see next level. but then even in the t-shirt category you see some really cool stuff, like this oversized tie-dye t-shirt. if we scroll down here, we see a unisex denim t-shirt, which is really cool. even in just the t-shirt category there are a few t-shirts that you might not find in other places. under t-shirts, you see, there are almost every different kind of t-shirt that you can find. you've got all over print, which means you can print all over the entire t-shirt- your polos, tank tops, three quarter sleeves. they've got a lot of stuff. we can click on jackets and we'll see that they offer a few different kinds of jackets. you've got zipper, bomber jackets, really, really cool stuff here, even bottoms, which is something that isn't offered by a lot of pronoun demand companies. you don't see this very often, but they offer leggings, long shorts. you see fleece, sweatpants, even underwear, which is pretty crazy. so that's kind of just the men's clothing. we can go to women's clothing. you're going to see a lot of options there. some things that kind of stik out to me are maybe dresses. uh, it's pretty cool. they offer, you know, a t-shirt, a few different t-shirt dresses, a few different types of things there. they even offer you know bathing suits, which is really cool. let's go and take a look at the hats really quick, because you're going to see things like beanies and tie-dye beanies. you got dad hats, even bucket hats. that would be one of the benefits of printful. you're not only going to get a huge product selection, but you're going to get not only some odd products, but you're going to get. you're going to see that they're going to continue to add products as they increase in popularity or, you know, new products just become available. you'll see that printful will add those continually. printfire is also a massive print on demand company. now, one difference between printfy and printful is that printfy uses a network of printers and they just tap into this all these different printers and you can select which print printer that you want to use, which company you want to print your stuff, and what that allows printfy to do is it allows them to have that massive product selection. so, as we take a look at t-shirts, you're going to see, obviously, a lot of the same players that you would see on printful, like the bellin canvas, the next level, the gildan, the hanes, those kind of things. but then again you're going to see some unique things to printify, like this baseball jersey which is all over print- a really really cool item to sell. you see a comfort colors tie-dye t-shirt. that there, that is really really cool. and you just see a lot of different things here: more tie-dye, cyclone tie-dye- this one's really cool- the curved hem tee. so you see a lot of really unique products there. now, as we go up here to the catalog boom, you see they have a huge selection very similar to printful. there's a lot to go through here. we're not going to go through everything. one thing that i want to take a look at- the eco-friendly- this is something i'm asked about a lot- is which print on demand providers offer eco-friendly options and you see here that printfi is going to be one of those companies that has a few different eco-friendly options. they have candles, which is one that i haven't seen in many print-on-demand providers. so that's really cool camping mug. let's go to a few more of the more obscure categories. you're going to see things here like bottoms, like you would see on printful. let's click that real quick. you see a few different options for bottoms, which is fairly unique. we go to women's. let's go to swimwear again and see kind of how they stack up. not quite as many options as printful when you look at a category like this. let's look at skirts and dresses to kind of see that same thing. you see a t-shirt dress. you see some products that aren't offered on printful, like this: uh, bought a skater skirt here. let's go into face masks, as we did with printful, and see- so you know- pretty good selection of face masks here i i would probably go with the printful selection because i saw things like champion and some really unique. you know cool brands. these are a little bit more generic. you see, even here it just says generic brand. not a bad selection, but nothing you're really going to recognize there. and then let's take a look at some of the more obscure. so you've got kitchen accessories, pets, pillows and covers, blankets, towels, magnets and stikers- tons of stuff here. you go to ornaments, you're going to have christmas ornaments on there. let's take a look at just a few more of these categories. let's go to kitchen accessories. you've got apron, a pot holder with a pocket, tons of tons of really cool stuff here- ice bucket with tongs, um. so they've got a lot of product. i mean very big product selection. a lot of products you're not gonna find anywhere else, even on printful, and so you can see here how you know you could build a very unique store selling products that you're not going to find a lot of places by using something like printful or printfi. so overall, printful and printfy- very, very big product selection. you're going to see these are going to be among the biggest of the companies that we'll look at. next up, we're taking a look at t launch. this is the third biggest print on demand company in the shopify app store and they also have a pretty good selection of products, but it's not going to compare to printful and printify. they do have some unique items of their own that you may not find on printful and printf, but overall the selection is not going to be as big. let's start off with apparel. you're going to see here a lot of the usual suspects that you would see on any of the other print on demand providers. under apparel you're going to see the gildans, the next levels, the bell in canvas again. but one thing i want to point out is you know they offer district tees, which i personally really like because they come in at a really good price and they are similar quality to some of the mid-tier t-shirts- not the greatest t-shirt by any means, but it's definitely softer and fits a little better, in my opinion, than some of the cheaper t-shirts. so as we scroll down here again, a lot of the same stuff. next level: um, long sleeve. next level, nothing too crazy here: crewneck sweatshirt that's kind of unbranded, probably going to be like a gildan, something along those lines i do l.


Top 10 Print On Demand Products For Shopify Dropshipping 2022

print on demand products have been getting quite popular recently, mainly because they're easy to make customizable and generate quite a bit more customers. this also makes them a go-to for both customers and sellers. so if you want to enter the universe of print-on-demand products, make sure to watch this video till the end to know the products you must have to make a successful print-on-demand store. hey guys, welcome to morrison. today we'll be toking about the top 10 print on demand products to sell on shopify. but before we get started, let's shed some light on print on demand products. so what exactly are print on demand products? well, these are made to order customizable products that are sold by e-commerce store owners. these include printing designs and stikers that are normally designed by the owners themselves. some of the benefits of having a print-on-demand business may include: you can sell customizable products that are printed only after the order is received, so that means no physical inventory is required. you have to partner with a print-on-demand printing facility. the print-on-demand facility itself provides all the plain and blank merchandise. in some cases, the print on demand facility may even print, pack and ship your product to your customers. now that we understand the basics for the video, let's get on with the top 10 print-on-demand products to sell on shopify. number one: unisex t-shirts. t-shirts are the best selling product for all print-on-demand companies. especially with the trend of oversized tees, the demand for these has raised even more. t-shirts are selected by customers mainly because of their versatile and easy to use nature. they can be worn by anyone, irrespective of age and gender. they also work in almost all seasons, whether it's summer or winter, making them a pretty easy pick. thus, these must be the top priority for all print-on-demand businesses. when selecting a suitable t-shirt to print on, the owner must make sure they are super soft cotton and very comfortable to wear. along with this, they must also be a great fit and true to size. owners also have to remember to include designs that look good on black keys. this is because black is the most common bot color and this will help attract a larger audience. number two: children's t-shirts. as one can guess, just like adult t-shirts, children's t-shirts are pretty popular themselves. these include t-shirts designed for babies, toddlers and even pre-teens. owners must make sure the quality of the teas for children is super soft and comfortable. no parent wants their kids to wear uncomfortable, rough clothing. along with this, they must make designs that are family friendly and available for both children and adult t-shirts. this will help upsell, since many parents like to wear matching clothes with their children. number three: mugs. after t-shirts, mugs are one of the top selling print on demand products. this is because they're super versatile and pretty useful. mugs can be bought for both personal use and to gift to others. mugs with a print on them have a special touch and act as an extra special gift. now, as an owner, you must remember to have mugs that look trendy and aren't just your regular everyday mug. another good tip is to make sure that the design is placed on one side or both sides of the mug so that it's easily seen. placing the design on the opposite side of the handle is ill-advised and should be avoided if at all possible. number four on our list: we have the all over print hoodie. an all over print hoodie is just the thing for new designers who want to test out their skills. previously, hoodies only had prints either on the back front or maybe running down the sleeves, but now hoodies can have designs all over them. this makes them look unique and stand out from a crowd. these hoodies may be a little bit more expensive to print, but as an owner, you can bump up the price of the hoodie on your own website. customers will be willing to pay the price, not only because of the unique design, but also because of how rare this product is. so, as an owner, do not be afraid to raise the price of the print all-over hoodie. these are also customer stable because of the comfort they provide and are perfect for print-on-demand businesses. number five: we got the all-over print yoga pants. just like the all-over hoodie, all over yoga pants are also a customer staple. they're pretty comfortable to wear and just as versatile. the all-over print helps to add a touch of uniqueness to them, making them more and more popular among clients. but just like the all-over print hoodie, these are also expensive to produce. but again, remember to bump your prices. at number six, we got engraved jewelry. engraved jewelry is another popular product for print on demand. people can use jewelry for gifting or just personal use, but engraving jewelry was something meaningful, takes its importance to a whole new level. it makes them unique and adds just a special touch to it. engraved jewelry is also great for smaller groups of customers who like to engrave their names or words on their jewelry, since creating such jewelry in bulk can be risky, but a single piece for one customer it won't do much harm. coming in at number seven, we got posters. posters are a great choice for print-on-demand products as they're available everywhere and are super easy to make. customers like to design their homes with personalized posters. these could be family portraits, quotes or maybe just a random picture, making them in pretty high demands. but as an owner you have to make sure that these posters are high quality. they have to be printed on good quality sheets and must contain high resolution photos. this will make them look more intriguing and colorful and give it that nice extra pop. number eight: jackets. jackets have been making a comeback and have been more and more popular as of late. this is probably because many famous influencers and celebrities have been wearing them a lot. print-on-demand jackets are great because customers can create designs they like and then put them onto a jacket again. these may be on the pricey side, but owners must remember to keep them unique and bump up their value. a unique design and good quality help make them much more valuable. number nine: tote bags. tote bags are another item that has been trending pretty recently. they're easy to make and design. one can place t-shirt designs on tote bags, as they usually look pretty good. this helps attract customers and makes the tote bag a great and pretty affordable item. and coming in at number 10, we have an all over print fanny pack. ever since the 90s have made their comeback, fanny packs have also been a trending item, but, unlike the 90s, now people prefer to sling them rather than putting them around their waist. thus, an all-over print fanny pack is a must-have for a print-on-demand website. they have designs all over them, so it makes them pretty unique and placed at a much higher price, customers love rare and unique fines and won't even budge before paying the price. well, there you have it. those were some of the most popular products, but do remember that it mostly comes down to your creativity and design. popular products just make it a little bit easier. well, that's it for today's video. i hope you liked it. do check out the description for more information. thanks for watching the video. please don't forget to like, comment and share, and do subscribe if you liked the video, i'll see you in the next one.

This is the BEST Print on Demand Company I've Ever Tested!

this is by far the best print-on-demand company in terms of quality of clothing i have ever seen in my entire life. it's time to review another print on demand company, but i want something that really stands out. i made a youtube post about this, asking what companies would you like me to review, and i got 62 comments, so i'm let's just go through them and pick a company. we have got quite a few here. which one should we pick? okay, this sounds like a cool one. a lot of people are asking for awkward styles. it's a bit of an interesting name. let's see what they're all about and who they are. we're gonna go over the quality of their products, the speed of their shipping, the ease of use of their website and whether or not they're worth your time. and, most importantly, i'm looking for a company that can be a bit different, and i kind of want to find a company that has incredible beyond incredible quality, because i love decent quality clothing and i want to give my customers decent quality clothing. so let's try out awkward styles and see what they can offer. so this is their website. you can see you've got product catalog, pricing, how it works, help center and blog. they've got so much stuff going on here. what we offer: over 150 products, user friendly mockup generator, designs, low shipping prices, 24: 7 email support, integrations- uh, it connects to a whole bunch of stuff. this is what i want to see: etsy, shopify, woocommerce- and that's pretty much their home page now, like any print on demand company. there are four simple steps to getting started. one: pick an item. two, design something and generate a mock-up. three: connect to a store like etsy or shopify. and four: get a sale. awkward styles will handle the rest. there isn't a marketplace like you have on some print on demand platforms. this is similar to printful, where you would connect it with your store. as i said earlier in the video, i'm looking for a company that has partikular strength in certain areas, a company that can bring something new to the table, and that's what this company is able to do. they sell well-known name brands at a significantly lower price. so i'm really excited to actually see how they turned out, because by selling items that have a premium brand name associated to them, i'll be able to make more money by charging higher prices and people will be happy to buy because of that brand name. so let's go and order some stuff so we can fully test it. let me just go to pricing they have. i want to show you a free option, a pro option and a pro plus option. now you can go for the free option, but i have to say i do like that they have a pro option because anyone who is selling slightly more, it allows them to save way more money. for example, if we scroll down and we can have a look at what the discount would be right for, you know, a unisex champion t-shirt and champion is a solid make right. the regular price is 16.25. the pro plan is 13.25. now, i know three dollars doesn't sound like a lot, but in the grand scheme of things, getting a champion t-shirt for 13.25, you can sell that for 25, 26, maybe even 30, and no one will bat an eyelid because it's a champion branded t-shirt. so the pro plan is really, really cool. if you're getting a lot of sales again, always start on the free, see how it goes and then upgrade as more sales come in. this is the dashboard. this is the first thing we see. okay, so you've got a whole bunch of different things here: recommendations for me, all my history, product catalog orders, product templates, your library stores, integrations like with woocommerce and shopify and etsy. so what we want to do is we want to just create an order. i'm going to be ordering a whole bunch of really high quality items, so first we have to go to product catalog and then we can create some design. so let's go- men's clothing t-shirts. hopefully, by the end of this video you should see how you can create a premium quality print on demand store and charge premium prices. so all we have to do is click on this and this will take us to the mock-up generator. and this is a mock-up generator, right? so we've got layers: add text, your library, and then awkward styles library, and go to layers. you can add a specific design, right, so we can upload a design. i've already uploaded designs and let's have a look. so we'd go to our library, we'd add: let's add this unicorn, right, and it should pop up. there. you go, pops up quite nicely, and i mean, it's that simple. we can center it. we've got all of these alignment tools here, which is very useful, and all we have to do now is click create a template. here we can click create order, upload product or view templates. so let's click create order and it'll take us to the order page. bam, we can add it to the cart. we can go through all our previous product templates and we can add those if we wanted to, and then we just have to click next and create the order. okay, i have now made a big order. the stuff is coming from the us, so i'm expecting it to take quite a bit of time. brilliant, i'm gonna go and get it. i am so unbelievably excited to test out this stuff. yes, [Music]. let's open this box and have a look at the stuff inside now. this is what their shipping looks like. it's pretty good. it came from the us all the way here, and it actually came here a lot faster than what it quoted on their website. i wasn't expecting this for another week, so i'm just happy it all came. let me show you what i've got here. first things first, before i even look at these items, i'm going to stuff them all in the wash and then we are going to do a full quality test of the design and and the print and a full quality test of the actual material clothing. the reason i'm putting them in the wash is because i i want to see if the print quality is good and i want to see if they can withstand the wash test. [Music] much, much, much later. right, it's now the next day. they've been through a vigorous wash and a vigorous drying process, so let's have a look and see how good they are and how much they cost, and then i can let you know my verdict as to whether or not i think this company is worth it. here i have all the different products. so we've got here. we've got champion stuff. we've got over here. we've got cotton heritage, we've got the classic bella and canvas that everyone knows, and then we have lane seven. and then over here we've got a whole bunch of kids clothing, the champion hoodie. now this is the hoodie. it's honestly, this company is insane. it's actually ridiculous. i can't fault it. i reckon i could sell these items for like 50 or 60, which is a serious profit margin. it's super, super soft inside, super thick. it's got a really, really good weight to it. then on top of that you've also got the champion t-shirt, which is nice and thick. it's got a really, really good shape to it. what i find with a lot of companies that i'm testing out is sometimes the shape kind of tapers off a bit. but here i'm finding the shape is actually really good and you'd expect nothing less from well- a champion t-shirt. and then, lastly, with champion, we have a sweater. again, it's really really soft, really thick. and we have cotton heritage, which i was actually really surprised with, because i actually found this to be just as good, if not better, than the champion stuff. it's really high quality. i mean, the hood's got this really cool stitching effect with the double stitching. the whole thing is slightly thicker, slightly heavier than champion. the inside feels slightly softer as well and just in terms of you know, the, the feel of it, the thickness, all of that, it does feel superior. the cotton heritage sweater, which, again, it's impossible to fault. these. i really want to find something wrong. i want to be like: oh you know, there's this which is, but i can't find anything wrong. right now. i want to try a different product here for this video, and this is elaine 7 crop top. it's with my original imagine design on it and it's really cool. i've never thought to sell crop tops, but crop tops are really, really popular, especially as we're coming into the summer.

I Found The Cheapest Print On Demand Company Ever!

i finally found the print on demand company that changes everything. about a month ago i made a video about print taylor, about their quality and about how unbelievably cheap they were, but the most common complaint was their lack of products and their expensive shipping. well, after making that video, i was getting contacted left, right and center by other print-on-demand companies. 99 of them were pretty rubbish, but if few caught my eye, one in partikular that i had never heard of before messaged me and asked me if i would make a video about them. they promised even cheaper prices and a mammoth catalog. now does that even sound believable? obviously these kind of claims piqued my interest, so i dug a little deeper. why make a whole for what more? digging long story short, they looked pretty awesome, so i said yes, i will make a video about you guys. this video is going to be an extensive review of the company huge pod. we are going to be looking at their website, the ease of use, the quality of material, the quality of the print, the shipping, the production process and, of course, the price and finally determine if it's worth your time. firstly, i want to just say thank you to hugepod for sponsoring this video. i hope they know how harsh of a critik i am when it comes to print-on-demand companies. so who is hugepod? well, they are a print-on-demand company. they have their own garment factories with 48 production workshops in vietnam and china. hugepod owns the entire production process, so it's cool to see it's all in-house. they also have four in-house fulfillment centers worldwide. they are trusted by some of the biggest name brands, like next, boohoo and a few others i've personally shopped at next, and they've been fixated with high quality products, so it's pretty cool to see where they're getting some of their stuff from. the process is simple: sign up and link to your store, shopify or woocommerce or one of the others that they offer, create custom products, publish those products to your store, set the shipping rate and finally sell those products. this is their website. once making an account, it will look like this: you have orders, product pool and stores. first things first, let's make an order. so we have something to review and i'm gonna make a big order. right, we have now made an order. whoa, that was really fast. okay, i am gonna tok about shipping soon, but oh, i'm coming. i'm coming one second. [Music]. that's a lot of stuff, okay. so the thing about shipping: this obviously came from china, so shipping took a bit longer than usual. it's very similar to drop shipping in the sense that when you have a drop shipping product, when you drop ship products with, like oberlo and shopify and all that kind of stuff, and customers buy them, they're expecting shipping times of 15 to 20 days, give or take, and those are the kind of times you're going to see with these kind of orders, right? so we have a few different designs here. we have t-shirts with this kind of design. we have this kind of design with hoodies all over prince joggers, a lot of stuff really. so let's have a look at it all. all right, we're now up to a really important part of this video: the quality test. so these are the different items and designs we're going to start. we've got sweaters. we've got joggers. we've got super thick sweaters, t-shirts, hoodies and all over prints. all right, to start with, we're going to look at the sweater, the material quality. this one is a much thinner, more wearable one, i think, because you're not going to get as hot wearing it. the material in terms of the, the sewing is pretty good. i mean, i don't see any issues anywhere. the stitching is really really nice, right. the only thing about it that you have to bear in mind is it is that thinner material. it's not that super thick, fluffy material. so that's that. you've then got this sweater. now this is heavy and thick and warm and i would probably wear this on a really cold day. so inside it's much fluffier, but what you can tell the difference is the weight. it's much, much heavier, and to me that just means it's going to be really, really warm. so that's the two sweaters. you then got the t-shirts. now, t-shirts are quite bog standard. they're very, very nice. the, the, the stitching is pretty good. they're nice and you know they look comfortable to wear. they don't look scratchy. they don't look, you know, blocky. they look actually really, really nice and soft. that's what i like in a t-shirt. we've got the hoodie. okay, this is a heavy, heavy hoodie, thick, really thick, heavy hoodie. it's. it's again the. it's the same as the thick white sweater here. so it's warm and thick. inside we have the all-over print. now the all-over print is different to everything. the inside is that really really thin, very, very thin material, even thinner than the first sweater, and it's kind of like: got this shiny. can you see it? it's got like a shiny effect and it's like a silky feel like sports material. yeah, it feels a bit like a sports material, but it's like kind of like a silky lightweight. it's very, very lightweight. and lastly, all right, we've got the joggers. now i i picked this item because i think it's a great item for you to start selling. i just i don't see anyone selling joggers, so i thought we could be a bit different here in terms of quality. they're very, very thick. they're similar to the heavyweight jumper- i think it's a pair actually. they're quite nice. all right, good quality here. you've got a good quality here. the waistband is really nice. um, i do have other joggers as well, and the design will be over here. there's a little one over there. they're all over the place, right? so those are all the items. now let's tok about the quality. and i've done something interesting with this company and, as you can see here, i've actually put a custom label inside. now i know it just says shimmy morris. this is cool because you can actually put your own company logo in there, so it feels like they're getting. you know you're building your brand at the same time. let's start with this white one, because they're all a bit different. it looks like it's on, it's on the t-shirt. it hasn't like been slapped on, it looks like it's like in the t-shirt. i actually know how to explain it, but it's pretty good. it's very, very soft. you don't like, you don't feel a difference over here to over here. it's just one solid uh feeling, right. so i don't know, i don't know what that printing process is, but it's, it's like, can you see? it's like part of the t-shirt. does that make sense? as if it's like being stitched in, but it hasn't okay. so that's that one. i actually kind of like this because you just don't feel any. there's no scratchiness, it's all just part of the t-shirt there, whereas this one here, this one's being a bit more slapped on like classic print on demand. so you can actually feel you know that this is on the actual sweater. now you can see the difference here. this is shinier, it's, it looks like it's a bit more in focus. actually, right, the colors are bolder and that's probably because of the way it's been put on. now i'm not quite sure which one i actually prefer, because i love the softness of this, but i love the, the, the boldness and the contrast of this, but either way- i mean both- have the good design. it's not like uncomfortable or scratchy or anything like that, so when you pull it right, the design is not really stretching or breaking, so i think that's really good. we then also have the super thick sweater. the super thick sweater actually is the same as that t-shirt. it looks like it's been put in. it's not. it hasn't been slapped on. the quality is insane. it's really really good. it just looks like it's woven in as part of you know the the, the sweater. so i really really like that. again, it won't stretch, so we're gonna see how this holds up in the wash. now this is another t-shirt similar to the first one. this is going to be more of a grungy look, so it's meant to look scratched and scathed and that's the idea of it. this is still up there with some of the best print on demand quality i've seen. we ju.