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best print on demand apps for shopify

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

The 8 Best Print On Demand Companies In 2023 On Etsy/Shopify

Hey Joe, it's folks here. if you watched this whole video today, you're going to have a great idea about which print on a man company you should use in the year 2023.. now I have been selling print on demand products on my own stores for about six years now. I have reviewed hundreds of product samples and today in this video I'm going to be compiling my thoughts on what I think could be the best suppliers for you to use on your own store. quick side note: on the video's thumbnail you will see that I wrote that in the video I'm going to be showing you some printful Alternatives. some of you might think that printful is a great print on demand company and honestly they are. they will likely produce you a very nice print on demand product for you to send to your customers. the only problem is, in my opinion, they are a bit overrated at times. they can be way too expensive for products that you can get from other suppliers that are going to be just as good in quality for a much lower price. so that's why I'm making this video today. if you want to see some more of the print on demand products that I've reviewed, make sure to check out some of the other videos here on my- my channel, and if you are looking for some step-by-step training, make sure to check out my course. there is a link down in the description. inside, you'll get access to over 30 step-by-step videos showing you how to open your print on demand store, and the best part is it is completely free. so check it out. there is a link down in the description. our first supplier is called WC fulfillment and, like I said, what we're going to do is take a look at the app a little bit of the products that they have, we'll break down some pros and cons of them and then I will show you a product sample. we're going to do this for several print on demand companies today, so, as we are looking at them, make sure to let me know down in the comments which one is one that you may try to sell. now, WC fulfillment is a print on demand company, obviously, and they have a very nice assortment of products. essentially, they also have some pretty good pricing on their stuff as well. if we click the get started button here on their site, I believe it is going to take us right into the Shopify app store, where you can install this app onto your store. first. we'll start with some positives of WC fulfillment. they definitely have some high quality products. I have received samples from WC fulfillment from numerous different products that they offer, and the quality is always very nice. they also have a very unique line of products. some of the things that they carry you cannot find anywhere else. I'm toking about print on demand watches or even skateboards for the wall or different types of hoodies and things like that. they also have, in my opinion, some really great pricing options. the same thing for shipping. their shipping costs are very affordable and reasonable. every time I have ever added a product to my store, I don't feel like it's something that is going to be too tough to sell because of the pricing of it. another great feature of this company is they have some really nice mock-ups for you to use. let's say that you wanted to sell this print on demand cell phone wallet case from WC fulfillment. not only are they going to have some mock-ups for you- you- but there's also the ability here to get a video made. you can read about that inside of their app. but in terms of mock-ups, you can see here that they just have, in my opinion, some really nice mock-ups. if I was attempting, uh, to find mock-ups for this product. these ones certainly are good. these would excite me and in the past, when I have sold this product, these mock-ups, in my opinion, helped me to make more sales. in terms of some negatives with this app, because we want to be fair here, we want to tok about the good and the bad. if you check the reviews for this app, as of late they have gotten hammered. I don't know what is going on with their customer service, but people have reporting issues and never hearing back and things like that. now, admittedly, WC fulfillment is a print-on-demand company that I have used heavily in the past, but it has been a few years, so I don't have any updated info about how they're doing. their app is still available. in my opinion, it's one that you could look into and obviously just tread lightly to see if it works out or not not. the second potential issue here is that they ship from China, and if you have watched my channel for any amount of time, you probably know that I am not someone who necessarily thinks that just because a print on the main company ships their products from China, that they should be a company that you disregard. in my opinion, sometimes if you use a print on demand company that ships from China, you can enjoy some lower prices on the products, which is exactly what happens with WC fulfillment. but to some people, dealing with those extra shipping times is not something that you're going to want to do, so I included it here on our negative list and right here is my WC fulfillment sample. this is one of those print on demand cell phone wallet cases, so you can see on here that the print definition is quite nice. if I open it up, you can see that inside this is where your phone would go, as well as all of your money and your cards. so overall, definitely a cool and nice high quality product. also, I hope you're getting value out of this video. if you are, make sure to drop a like on if this did take a little while to put together. our next print on demand company is one that a lot of you probably haven't heard of. they are relatively new to the print on demand Scene. It is called my easy monogram. they have a Shopify app. you can find them inside of the Shopify app store, and what they specialize in are these print on demand metal signs. you can see their product catalog here, showing that they have it available in different colors, different finishes. they even have some keychain options as well. in terms of positives for this app, first and foremost, they offer some super unique print on demand metal signs. those are only available from one other supplier that I know of, which means this is definitely a unique product option. the signs are great quality. when I review a sample for you, you will see that the biggest negative with this site is that they actually don't allow you to make your own designs at this point. everything you see here are what you can actually sell, meaning you you cannot create your own sign. currently, you can only add these existing signs to your store now really quickly as well. one of the things that I did not write about as a negative is I don't really love these mock-ups that are available. I think they are making the product seem a little bit cheaper than it actually would look in real life. however, a positive thing that I forgot to list on my PowerPoint is that the products are made in the United States, which is a plus. keep in mind as well that at some point, they may allow you to actually make your own designs, which might make this app a little bit more desirable for a lot more people. however, if you are looking to get started with metal signs and you don't want to make your own designs and you just want to use designs that they already have available for you, they could be a great option for you. here is a print on demand metal sign from my easy monogram, and if you are looking at this, you're probably thinking to yourself: well, Joe, how did you get one with your pod ninja logo on it if they don't allow you to make your own designs? now, quick spoiler alert: they actually sent this to me. I was working with another print on demand company, which I'm going to show you in a little bit. that actually used to offer my easy monogram signs on their software and they wanted to have me take a look at a sample, so they put this together for me and sent it over. in terms of the quality, this thing is solid metal. you can hear that there it's hanging on the wall with a simple nail, and overall it is a pretty nice pr.

Stop Selling T-Shirts With Printful On Etsy/Shopify Print On Demand Stores In 2022

what are the biggest problems facing print-on-demand sellers in the year 2022? it's not the continuation of the rising facebook ad costs or even the big mystery around why some people get banned from running facebook ads. it's also not the continuation of the increases to fees on etsy. it's also not the inability by some to actually get approved to sell products on merch by amazon. in fact, the biggest problem facing print-on-demand sellers is the constant promotion of selling t-shirts by some of the most popular youtube channel. in 2019, i made this video here, where i started to tok about not selling t-shirts. in 2020, i made this video here, where i continued to make that point. and in 2021, i continued with more videos trying to tell people not to sell shirt. on those videos, i got comments like these: it's not about the t-shirt or whatever you're selling. people buy your stuff because they like your design. if they like your design, they'll spend that money. or this one guy who failed with shopify and printful is all over youtube toking about nothing. or even this one here for every here is how to make money video. there is a don't do this or you will lose money video and people wonder why everyone is so indecisive and, honestly, the majority of the people that made comments like that likely closed their print-on-demand store a long time ago because it probably didn't work out. there was, however, a lot of really positive comments on those videos that i just referenced, so before you comment on this one, please watch the whole video so that way you can understand exactly what i am trying to say. so now, in 2022, i am still going, and over the last few months inside of my print on demand facebook group, i've been giving tips and keeping people updated as i've scaled one of my newest stores to over six figures in sales. now i certainly don't claim to have all the answers, but what i do try to do is share some of the most up-to-date information about what's working right now with print on demand. a lot of the other channels out there just sort of recycle content about things that they did back in 2017, trying to convince you that those things still work today. now here's the basic premise of what i do with my print-on-demand stores. the first is i need to choose a great niche. this is what gets people interested. secondly, i choose high profit products and then i make a great design, and the key here is: i really do recommend shopify and i recommend people to go all in on paid traffic, whether it's with an instagram ad or a facebook ad. to me, that is the quickest way to make real money with print on demand in the year 2022, and i know there are other ways to sell print on demand products and i'm sure there are people out there that do very well. i will even address some of those other methods in this video today and tok about why i think, as beginners out there, you might not have as much success with those methods. now, before you say what some of the other people on some of those other videos said, keep in mind i started my first print on demand store in 2016.. i eventually had some success with t-shirts in 2017.. i had a store where i was selling shirts. i was using facebook ads, i was using instagram influencers and i was growing my own social media pages to make my sales. i eventually ended up selling that store on something called the shopify store exchange. this is a website where you can list stores for sale. shopify handles the entire transaction to make sure that both sides cannot get ripped off. basically, what i'm saying is: i've had success with shirts. however, it was a long time ago and then something happened. not only were facebook ad costs continuing to rise, but tons of different print on demand companies started to innovate and they started to offer some much cooler product, and when i say cooler, i mean things that customers were going to get much more excited about. i also mean products that were going to make a lot more profit margins for me on my store. now i've been making print-on-demand content and posting about my journey for a while, and i dug up some of these old posts. this one here was made back in 2018, when i started selling hooded blankets from a print-on-demand company called wc fulfillment. over the years, even throughout 2019, 2020 and 2021, and even now, i've continued to try to sell a lot more unique products that make me a lot more profits on my stores. i'm toking about things like car seat covers from the pillow profits print on demand company. toking about all over print hoodies or other oliver printed apparel from companies like printfy or subliminator. toking about print-on-demand jewelry from a print-on-demand company called shine on, and so many more. if you want to check out some of the other videos on my channel, i show some of these awesome products all the time. so this takes us to today, where i'm still making videos like this, and there will definitely be people out there that don't want to hear it. they want to continue to try and sell t-shirts on etsy or on shopify or wherever, and ultimately those people can do what they want. but for those that are interested in learning some things that might be a little bit different than what you're used to hearing, definitely stik around, because in this video i'm going to be breaking down a whole bunch of things that can help you to be successful with some of these higher profit products. so i'm not sure if i actually said this earlier, but my name is joe robert. i make videos here on my channel to help you start grower scale your print on demand store on shopify. if you want to access my free course, there's over 20 step-by-step videos that will help you to get started to actually build your store and get started with facebook and instagram ads. check the link down in the description. you can also check out the pod ninjas facebook group. there's over 50 000 store members inside of that group. there's a link for that as well down in the description. now, the first reason to not sell shirts in the year 2022 is the saturation, no matter what platform you are selling on, whether it is shopify, amazon, etsy, redbubble or anywhere else- they are all saturated. now, this book here was written by someone named dan kennedy, and he is a marketing genius. he toks about a concept called a red ocean, and this, right here, is a red ocean: tons of different sellers, tons of sharks eating all of the fish, causing the water to be red. if you're starting an etsy store in 2022, you're instantly putting yourself in direct competition with hundreds of thousands of other sellers, and if you're doing t-shirts or even mugs, it's likely that your designs look exactly like everybody else's. that's because with those products, it's pretty difficult to make your stuff actually stand out. in this book, he also toks about a concept called a blue ocean, which is an ocean that doesn't have a lot of sharks in it. there's not a lot of blood in the water, which means there is less competition. this to me, in the year 2022, means building your own website where you are actually off on your own and you're not competing with everybody else on a platform for limited amounts of organic traffic. what i would say to do from there is to build your own communities on social media and go all in on driving paid traffic to your store. some of the biggest print on demand stores out there are doing just that, and one of the keys to actually succeeding with that method is choosing better products, things that make you more profits, and avoiding things like a t-shirt or a mug. now let's break this down. earlier, i mentioned that facebook ad costs have been rising. this certainly doesn't mean that we cannot use them. it just means that we need to do things a little bit differently than we did back in 2017.. it means we just have to adapt and choose new products and get out of our comfort zone and get away from some of the things that we are so used to seeing when it comes to print on demand product. take a look at this study here it shows on aver.

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Top 8 Best Shopify Apps For Print-On-Demand in 2021

in this one i'm going to go through eight print on demand apps that you can get in shopify that will help you set up some print on demand, drop shipping for items or posters- a lot of different types of apps here with some different products and services, so i'll go through all eight in this video. printful are really really big in terms of their business- not just the amount of people that use them. they have factories and distribution in south and north america, europe and also australia as well. they say that they can turn around products in two to five days for most items, so that's a pretty good turnaround comparatively. uh, in terms of actually getting an order, printing something unique on it and then sending it out. you get all the usual options for printing, so you can just print something onto a garment. they have embroidery as well, cut and sew, and you can also put photos, logos, anything printed onto mugs, for example, so that's a different process as well. you can also order samples from them and get a 20 discount on that. so if you do want to maybe start printing on something, for example, t-shirts, you can order a t-shirt and just see what it's like before you actually start selling it, which is obviously a good idea. they also have a mock-up generator as well, so you can actually upload your image or your design and then see it on the product- that's even before you've ordered any samples- just to see the sizing and if it works good. that is pretty much the same for all of these apps, though i would call printful one of those sort of middle ground mass market types. you're not going to get some really unique items. there's not like a really high end sort of branding to it. it is just good products, solid products at a decent price and a big shipping network, which may be important. printfire is completely different to printful. so printful is a company and they own everything from top to bottom. so they own the warehouses and all of the printing factories as well. so all of the printers and all of the equipment and manufacturing processes and hardware- that is all owned by printful and you deal with them as a company. printer fire different because they are a vendor network. so actually there are lots of different independent uh print warehouses and print-on-demand companies that essentially club together and work under printer fire and there's some disadvantages and some advantages to this. so obviously, if there are a lot of different independent print-on-demand businesses in different areas, then in different countries or regions, you're going to be dealing with different businesses with slightly different products and slightly different quality control, slightly different shipping times. if you do sell in a lot of different regions or countries, then this could start to become a headache, dealing with essentially different businesses and all of the issues that goes with that. there's also uncertainty in terms of just quality control and making sure that you have these same products in different regions, and if you maybe are selling two different countries, then that is something you have to consider. so while this may introduce some uncertainty in terms of the different suppliers that you might be working with, obviously on the flip side, the advantages of this is that you maybe gain some really local suppliers and that may actually work to your benefit. they just may be very local to your customer base. shipping times may be reduced. you also get a larger variety of items depending on which supplier you go with. so in some areas you may actually just get access to products that you can't get with the bigger suppliers. so, yeah, there could be some disadvantages and advantages to using printed fire. also, something to keep aware of is that prices may actually change per supplier. so even if you are selling more or less the same product, like a t-shirt, in two different countries, then you may actually just be getting different prices for that and that actually may work out to your advantage. some areas may just be quite a lot cheaper than others and therefore maybe in that region, if people don't want to spend too much on t-shirts, you can actually just reduce the price a little bit. so it really depends. again, there might be some areas where you benefit and some areas where you don't. i put guten on the list because they integrate with so many different types of e-commerce platforms- not just shopify, but you have etsy as well- woocommerce. so if you do sell on various different platforms, or if you are setting that up or want to expand a little bit, then going with them may be beneficial. other than that, it's really standard fare for print on demand. you get the usual products: hoodies, t-shirts, leggings. you also get phone cases and mugs as well. they're based on the east coast of the states, so if you are around that area, shipping times may be reduced for you. so something to keep in mind. t-launch actually offers a customization tool for your customers, so if you want to open a store where your customers can actually upload some of their photos or anything like that, then they can do that and then that will be printed and sent to them. so obviously a lot of people maybe just want to make some unique gifts for the holidays or something like that- on a mug or in a t-shirt, maybe they just want to print a family photo or anything like that. then you can actually offer that service to your customers and essentially just be a middleman between the customer and the print-on-demand service. t-launch- even though t is obviously for t-shirt- do have a lot of quite unique products that i've not really seen elsewhere. so you get shower curtains- uh. you get blankets and mouse pads as well, but even cutting boards, which i think is kind of unique. i haven't really seen that anywhere else and might be something unique you can offer to your customers. they even offer customized dog bowls, which i think obviously if you've got a store that is surrounding pets or dogs, this is just a no-brainer to have, as you know, something that maybe you can't make it, but just offering that service to your customer base. i know a lot of pet lovers, dog lovers. that would be an awesome gift for them just to have their dog picture, like on the dog bowl. it would be a great gift, something unique, and those sorts of things maybe sell quite well, depending on what store you have. of course, t-launch also do quite a lot of marketing materials for you so you can get product mock-ups made. so if you do actually start printing on, let's say, a mug, they will actually make the mock-up for you so that you can put that in your store, which i think is just a good thing because it makes you look way more professional. if you have a product mock-up rather than just a picture, which does take a lot of work to make, look actually really good and professional, you're gonna have to photoshop it and make the background either white or black or something. so them doing that for you actually is worth quite a lot of money overall. pixels are a really big company. they actually work with a lot of worldwide brands already, like dc comics and national geographic, even marvel, and with pixels they they do print on some physical items, but what i would say is the usp of pixels is printing out uh, photography or artwork actually into big prints and artwork that you can hang on the wall, even posters. they can print on t-shirts, bags, pillows, mugs, the usual print on demand- fair, but for me definitely pixels is. maybe, if you're a photographer and you have a lot of work, you know really high grade stuff. you know like landscapes or cityscapes, just those really high-end things that you may sell to people just that they can put on their wall to decorate their house. you can get some really high quality prints from pixels. you may have heard of spreadshirt or the shopify app is called spod. this company has a pretty good reputation for quite fast turnarounds, pretty much quicker than most of the others. that's the average turnaround: an.

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[2020] Best Shopify Print On Demand Apps

hey, what's up? it's Joe Robert, back again with another print-on-demand video, and today I'm gonna be breaking down the top three print-on-demand apps and some of the products within them that you should be selling on your store. we'll jump right into the video right after this, hey guys. so, like I said, my name is Jill Robert. I am NOT a guru. I am just a regular guy who has figured out a way to make some money on my Shopify store. if you guys are new to the channel, make sure to say hi down in the comments below. you have any questions at all, just put them down there and I will be sure to answer some of them in a future video. if you are looking for some more in-depth print-on-demand training, you guys can check the links down in the description. we have a whole bunch of stuff down there for you. the mission for today's video is to show you guys the top three print-on-demand app that you should be using on your store, and will also take a look at some of the products inside of those apps that you guys should be trying to sell. inside of this video today, you guys will also get a first-hand look at the official app of p OD ninjas calm. it is the one that I recommend. in addition to that, I am going to be showing you a few other apps that I've used over the years and ones that I also really like. if any of you guys are using these apps already, please let me know down in the comments, and if you're selling a product that I did not mention today, also let me know about that as well. I wanted to show you some things that we're doing inside of my Facebook ad account. as you can see, this is a product that we launched recently and it's doing quite well. we got about 259 sales here and this has been going for a few weeks now. now we got three very profitable and sets here that we have moved into a CBO campaign. we do have a retargeting ad set that is set up as well. that has generated about 18 sales overall, doing very well, very profitable. it is a averaging 11 dollars and 71 cents per order, which is definitely super profitable. we make about $25 before our ad spends here, so we're profiting about $15 per sale, which is very good. if you guys want to see more about how I structure these campaigns in a future video, mainly with lumping in this retargeting ad set. just drop a like on this video. if this video gets a 100 Ickes within the next week or so, I will definitely make a video showing some of this strategy. alright, guys? so the first app that I am going to show you is actually the official app of peony ninjas calm. it is the app that I recommend everybody to use, simply because it is one that I have used for a very long time and it is one that I have had a lot of luck with. so I want to introduce you guys to printf I. like I said, they are the official app of piadina just calm and the one that I recommend simply because I've been using them for a long time. they have a ton of awesome products that you guys can sell on your store and, in addition to that, most of their items shipped from the United States, which is definitely a huge plus if you are running a Shopify store. one of the things that is cool about the printf I app is that they actually do not print any of the stuff themselves. they actually just connect you to the suppliers of the partikular product that you are looking to sell. one thing that's cool about this is it gives them the advantage of being able to connect you to a whole bunch of different suppliers that offer a ton of unique product. before we jump into the app and I show you guys a few things about it, I want to let you know that, because I have worked with them closely for a few years, they have provided my entire audience with a coupon code where you can get a free printf ID premium account. basically, what printe fide premium is is it's an account upgrade that gets you a 20% discount on every single order that you sell with their app. so if you guys want to use that code- the code is ninja 50- just add it to your payment section and you will be able to save 20% on every single order that you sell with them. hey guys, so in the beginning of this video I told you if you have any questions, you post them down in the comments below. I want to refer to one of the questions that was posted recently. it is from perfect find and they want to know how to add social proof to your store if you don't have any sales yet. so if you guys have watched my videos for a long time, you know I toked about how social proof is very important to building your brand and if you don't have any sales, it might be difficult for you to add social proof right because you don't have any buyers to get reviews from. one of the things that I recommend you to do if you don't have any sales at all, is to try to grow your social media accounts, because then what you could do is you could screenshot comments that people leave. if you post pictures of your items, you could even reference how many followers your social media pages and those two things together will sort of build your brand, especially when you are starting out. you guys have a question and you want me to answer it in a future video. like I said, just post it down in the comments below and then, in a future video, I will answer it, just like this, in the middle of one of my videos. so first, what I want to do is show you some of the products that print if I actually sells, and one of the things that I like about print if I, like I said earlier, is that they have a wide variety of products, and this is because they're able to connect you to the suppliers of these products. obviously, for clothing and apparel, they're going to have all of your typical stuff, but when it comes to some things that may be sort of unique, they definitely have that stuff too. they recently added a lot of all over printed stuff. you guys can get t-shirts, leggings, t-shirt, dresses- which is pretty cool. socks, you know those are always a good seller. especially nowadays, a lot of people are doing personalized socks for print-on-demand. they also have a line of eco-friendly products in here as well. they have six in here. they have organic t-shirts, some stainless steel mugs and some drinkware, which is also cool, and then, in addition to that, they also have a ton of awesome canvas and wall art type products. one thing that you'll see here is in green. it shows the print fi premium price. so earlier I told you guys about the code that I have with them and what you guys can do is if you use that code, you're going to get these items for this price. remember, like I said, it is a 20% discount when you use a printer five premium account. another thing that is really cool is inside of the print. if I app, when you are looking at a specific product to sell on your store is you can see some really awesome ratings of the various suppliers that make it so. as you can see, we are looking at a t-shirt here, inside of the print defy, a p-- and you can see this number here, right, what they do is they have formulated this ranking system for these different suppliers. what this is going to allow you to do is find the best supplier for your business. you guys can see some data on how these suppliers have performed if you hover over this question mark. this print provider ranking is based on errors that they had in the past, it's based on user reviews and it's also based on orders that were delayed in production times. what this is going to do, like I said, is going to give you a better look at who is actually producing your product, and you're going to be able to make a decision based on the ratings that you see. but, as you can see, with this partikular product, two of the providers have a nine point rating and then the other three all have a 9.7. inside of the print defy app- here you can see the estimated production times as well for each product. if you look right, here tells you on average how fast that product has a tracking number generated for it, which is a great indicator on how fast. it's actually going to ship. another thing that I really like about the print: if I app be.

The Best Print On Demand Shopify Theme

what's up guys, welcome to a new Shopify print on demand Series where we get into the fifth episode of what we're doing here today. and really, what we're going to be doing is we're going to be purchasing and utilizing a premium Shopify theme so that we can essentially give ourselves the Boost in conversion rates. now I'm going to explain the science behind why we use specific Shopify themes. now you guys can use whatever theme you want. if you've seen my other videos, you probably know my explanation as to why. if you haven't seen them, it's perfectly fine. I'll just explain it very, very quickly right now. the reason why we're using a premium Shopify theme, or the reason why I'm using it, is throughout my whole, entire e-commerce Journey, I've realized that you can't just use a regular store, kind of like what you're seeing here, and when I say you can't take that with a grain of salt because you can. you can just go out there and use what, what you have, but unfortunately it decreases your conversion rate and you have the chance to increase your conversion rate with certain apps and certain things that can help you. now, the reason why we're not using specific Shopify apps that are paid is because the costs really tend to add up, especially for a lot of beginners- and this is a beginner tutorial- sometimes it takes a little bit longer just to find out how you want things to work out on your store, and it could take just a little bit longer, like I said. so, every single day that you're using a Shopify app, you're gonna have to pay for it and it comes out at the end in a monthly fee. and you know, using one, two, three, four, even five different Shopify apps really is not a big deal, but with the amount of apps that we are going to need to boost our conversion rates at the highest level possible, it's going to be very, very significant amount every single month. it's going to be well over two, three hundred dollars a month just to continue paying for certain apps. so the way we combat this and the way a lot of people combat this is they actually don't pay as much for apps, but they use, uh, premium themes and- and usually the premium themes is either a yearly or a one-time fee. um, and that yearly or one-time fee- it just depends on where you get your theme- is what takes care of it for you, and there's also different. you know different businesses structure their themes differently. I'm going to be using the Pod theme, so the Pod or theme pod shop, uh, which is theme pod shopcom. you guys can uh search it. I'll leave my affiliate Link in the description box down below. uh, they tok a lot about the different things of how this you know theme helps you for print on demand. basically, it's a theme created specifically for print on demand. um, every single conversion rate boosting factor in here and you guys could read through it. um, they, they got a ton of different stuff here. uh, it helps your your conversion rate and boost that conversion rate and it's a, you know, a really, really good theme produced by Bots and apps. so, uh, I'm gonna go ahead and jump on this. I already purchased the theme. this is the actual second license that I purchased. uh, maybe one day I'll show you guys my other store, my other print on demand store, but you know, then again, I don't want to deal with copycats and things like that. so we'll see what happens. but at least you guys are seeing this store with this theme. so I went out of my way, purchased the, the actual store. uh, purchase the actual theme for the second time and I'm going to use it. but before we even upload it, um, because I already did purchase it, let's go ahead and take a look at the demo. so to view the demo, uh, you could just go to literally themepodshopcom or click the link. uh, the affiliate Link in the description box down below it will take you there. just click this demo link and here it says password. now, if you look here, it says use password pod theme Pro. so I'm just literally gonna copy this and I'm going to paste it here and hit enter and their theme or their store is called fruit mode. so I'm going to get rid of this and this is a demo of what the store could look like. so they have a bunch of different products here and I'm not sure if I'm right or wrong, but doesn't this look like a printful phone case? I could be wrong, but I think I've I've used, I've sold phone cases before on a different store and it was very, very similar to this. I could be wrong, it could be a different company, but to me it seems like printful. um, here is the home page. uh, there comes a frequently asked questions page, about us page, um, contact us page. wait, there's a little image here. yeah, so about us page. we have the catalog, which I call this the product page, but product pages or product grid page, but really it's a collection page and that's really the true uh terminology for it. um, here we have the home page and we can look all kinds of different. you know, features to it. you have what's referred to here as a product Carousel, which, for those who don't know, a product Carousel is essentially products that are in a list form to where it just kind of spins like this, as you guys can see. so it looks very, very professional here. here you have a banner split by a um uh product, a smaller product grid with only three products, but, you know, looks okay. I'm not sure if I'm gonna use that feature, but we'll see what we'll do. here is a cool sliding banner. I love this idea. this idea is really really cool. um, here we have blogs, so blogs are okay. we're really going to be using blogs for the SEO purposes. very, very important to be doing this uh, for the way we're going to grow our uh theme or, excuse me, our store. it's going to do really, really well. and of course, you have the footer and along the side of the footer you're going to see these pop-ups where it says: someone purchased a, someone purchased up, whatever. this is called the sales proof or social proof pop-up, and what this does is for the end consumer. it creates two things: it creates trust and it creates incentivization. um, so, if you guys are familiar, this is there's a lot of different science behind this- but if you're familiar there, uh, you guys know Warren Buffett. Warren Buffett has a business partner named Charlie Munger. now, Charlie Munger used to actually work in a, a lawyer's office, prior to him becoming this investor or whatever you want to call it, and he had to study human psychology and human psychology. he learned a lot about what makes people buy certain products. uh, they were a, a litigation team that would sue different types of businesses because they would trigger people to buy certain ways and they would sell false products and things like that, and what he learned was is that people who use certain tactiks can increase sales dramatikally, and he actually took those skills and those things that he learned and invested in companies that encompassed these same things. one of the things is social proof, and this is an example of social proof: when somebody else tends to buy something, it's more likely that people will feel more comfortable to buy something else. uh, IE. also, here is a um. I forgot to mention this. this is a product, uh, tabbed. excuse me, what do you call this? a product collection tab? there we go, um, so here you have the different tabs. at least this is what I call it. I'm not sure what they call it. we'll we'll find out in just a minute. but these are essentially different tabs and these are. this is really effective. if you're going to be doing print on demand, you're going to be presenting products from different um categories within one Niche. you can have, like collection one, collection two, collection three, so different Collections, and these products will be presented in different collections, which is a very, very clean look. of course, we have the search product function, and so this is called fruit mode. so let me search for like apple, for example. let's see if Apple exists. okay, so there is an Apple product here. I can click on it and will take me to the product page. now, the product page there.

5 Best Print On Demand Shopify Apps

in today's video, you'll learn about shopify's best print on demand apps. if you're thinking about opening an e-commerce drop shipping store selling printed clothing, mugs, fridge magnets or any other customized items, and don't have the resources to hold a large inventory, then this video is for you. my name is rory hughes and i am from acquire convert, the place where entrepreneurs go to learn shopify growth, and in this video, you'll learn about which app is better- printful or printfy- and how to set up your shopify store with printful, in a follow-along tutorial. so keep watching. so why print on demand? you may be wondering why print on demand? well, these apps can help you process orders automatikally, customize designs, print according to order specifications, attach branded labels to orders, ship the items in a timely fashion around the world. we've made life easier by taking the top two and listing their pros and cons, so let's dive in printful. it's completely free to install and use. you only pay per ordered product. printful features in all the best print-on-demand shopify app lists, so why buck the trend? its thousands of positive reviews are a good indication of its performance and popularity. you can customize all sorts of different products, have them printed by the in-house printful team and get them shipped rapidly from the us, mexico or europe. main features and benefits: one stop print on demand, ordering, inventory, printing and shipping services. products are shipped automatikally within three business days. shipping costs can get as low as 399 in the usa. production is controlled in-house from start to finish, meaning consistent quality. a wide distribution network in north america and europe. over 230 customizable products, including backpacks, hats and phone cases, as well as clothing. custom product branding: second to none: custom tags, inserts and stikers. very strong on embroidered designs. your customers can design their own items in your store. built-in mock-up generator provides design ideas or templates if you don't have your own logo design and photography services available. discounts offered on sample products allow you to test out new offers affordably. and the negatives: some users may find developing products a little more complex than using other available apps on the market. products may work out slightly more expensive than in other apps, but most users find that the quality and consistency make it worthwhile. if you're considering printify versus printful, then keep on watching the next section to make a decision. printify: the price is 29 us dollars per month, but it provides discounts on orders for up to 10 stores. there is also a free plan available for a maximum of five stores. enterprise plan is available on application. printify is another mainstay of best of lists when it comes to shopify print on demand apps. it's always there because of its strong feature set and performance, evidenced by over 1300 largely positive reviews. the app has an official add-on for shopify store compatibility with more than 250 customizable products printed in over 90 locations across the world. this is one of the largest and most established services for stores that are looking to sell globally. main features and benefits: customize and ship over 250 different types of products from an ever-growing catalog. all production and order fulfillment is taken care of by printfy, printed in many locations from the us, uk, germany and australia via a network of printing partners. a easy to use mock-up generator to design products and preview them direct to garment sublimation, cut and sew, embroidery and other printing options available. it's ideal for beginners looking to get established in drop shipping. very cost effective according to almost all users. 24: 7 merchant support, even on the free plan. premium plan is ideal for established brands with up to 10 stores and multiple print on demand brands. in this case they also offer 20 discount. any negatives: occasional reports of slow dispatch from users because they use multiple printing partners around the world, the printing quality may vary. now let's see how easy it is to set up your store on printful. step 1: log into your shopify account and, under apps, click on visit the shopify app store. step 2: type printful into the search bar [Music]. step 3.. click on the printful app and add the app [Music]. step 4: sign in with your email, facebook, google or apple account [Music]. step 5: insert your name, email, setup, password and sign up. step six: choose one of the selections from the drop down and voila, you're ready to connect your store [Music]. so did you enjoyed today's video? then make sure to like the video and subscribe to the acquire convert youtube channel right now. just click on the button somewhere down here, then click the notification bell to make sure you never miss any of our free videos. if you want exclusive shopify app discounts and shopify marketing tutorials that we only share with our subscribers, then head over to acquireconvertcom, yes, and sign up for our newsletter. it's free, but now it's over to you. so which app from today's video will you choose- printfy or printful? got more questions? leave a comment below the video right now and we'll get back to you with more free advice.