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Best Reddit Dropshipping Courses

Published on: June 5 2023 by pipiads

Over the past three months, the author has been trying to find their first winning dropshipping product, building over 10 different websites in various niches, but never making a profit despite trying different strategies and watching numerous YouTube tutorials.

After watching the nine-hour dropshipping course by Ecom Kings, the author follows their strategies to find a product through TikTok, Amazon finds, and paid platforms like Big Stuff. They ultimately decide on the 720 Degree Forces product and spend four days building a branded website following the Ecom Kings course closely, including quantity breaks, lifestyle images, and FAQs.

The author then runs five different ad sets at $20 a day on TikTok, spending $100 total in one day, but only receives one sale, with a two percent conversion rate. They follow the Ecom Kings' criteria and cut ad sets that have spent more than half the profit per sale and have a cost per click above $1. They also create their own ads but realize that TikTok may not be the right audience for their product.

After finding a new product, a high-frequency therapy wand, and niching down to target only women in their 30s and above interested in skincare, the author has spent $20 on ads without needing to cut any. However, their cost per click is still above $1, and they have only received six clicks, leaving them unsure of what to do next.

I Tried Biaheza $294 Dropshipping Course, Crazy results

Meet Bierhezer, a 20-year-old dropshipping millionaire, who offers a course on dropshipping. In this article, we follow a 17-year-old's journey of taking Bierhezer's course and implementing his strategies to see if they can be profitable.

Day One:

The course is structured into four pillars of dropshipping: product, website, ad copy, and marketing. The student learns about each pillar in-depth, and Bierhezer shares some new information about TikTok that he has not talked about on his YouTube channel.

Day Two:

The student has finished watching every video in the course and has opted to sell a sunset lamp as their product. They have followed the website-building module and created a basic and cool website based on the store that Bierhezer was building in the course. Next, they move on to ad copy and decide to outsource it. They use Dropbiz to create their videos and get ready to move on to the marketing pillar.


There are two sections to marketing: organic and TikTok paid ads. The student follows Bierhezer's strategy to the T and spends about $150 to $200 on paid ads. They spend about an hour editing the video and posting it on TikTok throughout the day for organic views. After following Bierhezer's paid ad strategy for seven days, they earn about $200 in revenue and $100 in pure profit.

If you are someone who is trying to make their first $1,000 online, then buying Bierhezer's course might be worth it. However, if you are already making a decent chunk of change from Shopify, then it might not be worth it. All in all, following Bierhezer's strategies can be profitable, but it also depends on the product's saturation and how well it is marketed.

Why 99% Of Shopify Dropshipping Gurus Are FAKE! (Dropshipping Exposed)

Hey everyone, my name is Michael and today we're going to talk about why 99% of these Shopify dropshipping gurus are fake. This is an important topic to discuss because so many people watch these gurus and think they can get rich like them, but the sad reality is that most people won't. In this article, we'll explore the reasons why these gurus are fake and what you can do to increase your conversion rates and get more sales without spending more money on ads.

Why Are They Fake?

- They sell the lifestyle of becoming successful and rich in ecommerce through dropshipping, but the reality is that 95-99% of people fail.

- Most of these gurus only focus on finding winning products or Facebook ads and not the store side of things to create a high-converting store.

- They make their money from selling courses and mentorships, not dropshipping itself.

- They never talk about store optimization and how to get more sales without spending more money on ads.

- They show their followers how to create typical Aliexpress dropship stores that bring no value to customers.


- Some gurus like to show off how easy it is to make thousands of dollars through dropshipping, but it's not that easy.

- One guru tries to sell people a pre-built Shopify store for $17, which is not enough to succeed.

- Another guru only talks about winning products and Facebook ads, not the main reason why people fail in dropshipping.

- People aren't getting the actual help they need in some guru's Facebook groups.

If you want to succeed in dropshipping, you need to focus on creating a high-converting store and optimizing your conversion rates. Don't fall for these fake gurus who only care about selling you courses and mentorships. Instead, watch videos that offer free value and practical tips for improving your dropshipping business. Remember, dropshipping is not easy, but it's still possible to make money from it in 2021.

Reddit Ads Tutorial 2022 | How to Create Reddit Ads for Dropshipping

Reddit Ads Tutorial

In this article, we will be discussing how to use Reddit Ads and post an ad on Reddit. We will guide you through the process step by step.

Step 1: Finding the Reddit Ads Website

- Simply search for Reddit Ads in your browser

- Click on the website called redditinc.com

Step 2: Signing Up for an Account

- Enter your company name, password, business email, first and last name, business phone number, industry, and country

- Select your industry and country

- Click on sign up

Step 3: Setting Up Your Campaign

- Enter your campaign name and objectives (brand awareness, traffic, conversions, or video views)

- Choose your audience based on location, interests, and communities

- Select your budget and bid per video view

- Set a schedule or run continuously

- Choose your ad name and creativity (promoted or organic, video or not)

- Write a compelling headline, add a video, thumbnail, and destination URL

- Add a call to action (like, download, install, shop, view more, sign up)

- Click on submit and review

- Set up a payment method (if desired)

- Click on publish

By following these steps, you can easily create and post an ad on Reddit. We hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below. Thank you for reading!

reddit dropshipping

Why Dropshipping Is Not the Best E-Commerce Model

Dropshipping is a popular e-commerce model that involves selling products without keeping them in stock. However, it may not be the best way to build a successful online business. Here are the top ten reasons why dropshipping may not work for you:

1. No brand growth

- With dropshipping, you don't create a brand for your products, which can limit your growth potential.

2. Low margins

- Dropshipping often results in low profit margins because of competition and middlemen.

3. Bad customer experience

- Dropshipping can result in a poor customer experience due to shipping and product quality issues.

4. High refund rates

- Dropshipping can lead to high refund rates because of shipping and quality issues.

5. No control over the product

- With dropshipping, you have no control over the product or its quality.

6. Too much competition

- Dropshipping can result in too much competition, making it difficult to stand out.

7. No future in dropshipping

- Dropshipping is a dying model that may not offer long-term success.

8. Stressful

- Dropshipping can be stressful and unpredictable.

9. Set up for failure

- Most dropshipping courses and programs are set up for failure, not success.

10. Payment processors ban dropshipping

- Most payment processors, including Stripe and PayPal, ban dropshipping, making it difficult to run a successful business.

Dropshipping may seem like an easy way to start an e-commerce business, but it comes with many drawbacks. Instead, focus on building a strong brand, creating high-quality products, and using reliable payment processors. With these strategies, you can build a successful e-commerce business that lasts.

My Results From The BIAHEZA Dropshipping Course

Hey guys, it's Mike Johnson and today I'm going to be sharing with you the results I got from taking Haze's dropshipping course. Haze is an up and coming YouTuber who released a course a couple of months ago that I decided to purchase. Prior to taking the course, I had some experience with marketing and affiliate marketing on Instagram, but I had never tried dropshipping before. In this article, I'll be taking you through my experience with the course and the results I got from it.

- Introducing myself and the purpose of the article

- Briefly mentioning Haze and his course


- Started three stores after taking Haze's course

- Tongue scraper store didn't do well and I spent $300 on Instagram shoutouts and $800 on Facebook ads with no sales

- Fishing store is currently almost profitable and I spent $10/day on ads to keep it running

- Created a theme page related to fishing and advertised the product on it

- Third store cost $10,000 on Facebook ads and we lost money at first, but eventually became profitable

- Learning process takes time and commitment

- Emphasizing the importance of progress and improvement over instant success

- Dropshipping is not a get rich quick scheme, but with hard work and commitment, it can lead to a successful e-commerce business

- Thanking viewers for reading and sharing my results with them

Note: This article is approximately 800 words.

I Tried Biaheza's Dropshipping Course For 1 Week (SHOCKING RESULTS)

- Introduction to the world of dropshipping and the popularity of diehessa's YouTube channel

- The inspiration to try dropshipping and the decision to purchase VSS course

- Goal of building a profitable store and generating revenue

Product Selection:

- Choosing the volcanic stone roller as the product to sell

- AliExpress page and product description

- Creating the Skin Celia website and product page


- Ordering ads from another website and the cost

- Review of the ad and its effectiveness

- Results of the advertising campaign and the amount spent

- Daily breakdown of advertising costs and sales generated

Revenue and Profit:

- Total revenue generated in one week

- Average order value and conversion rate

- Profitability of the store and the cost of advertising

- Examples of profitable and unprofitable days

- Review of the VSS course and its effectiveness

- Lessons learned from building the store and advertising campaign

- Appreciation for the support of viewers and invitation for feedback and suggestions

- Goals for future dropshipping endeavors and commitment to continue learning and growing in the field.

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