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better help ads

Published on: January 14 2023 by pipiads

We need to talk about YouTubers promoting this... (BetterHelp)

Special news segments: *Pew news intro plays in BG*: Special, Special, Special News Segment: Special (Pewds said 'special' 5 times js). Good evening, I'm Poppy Harlow here for your *special* news segment. any youtuber mentioned in this video is just for context. (lwiay intro smile). I am not dragging these people, It's JUST for context. full disclaimer guys, Just context. No, for real, it is just context. *smirk*. I think if this story goes mainstream, which it very likely will- it will have a negative impact on youtubers. What am I toking about? Well, of course, Better Help. you've already heard about it from your favorite youtuber: Better help. *montage*. There is a list of over a hundred youtubers who have promoted this website. It's been all over reddit, my own subreddit. I always see these ads (but not the sweet submissions, jk pewds). try online therapy. try online therapy and you too can grow a magnificent beard, just like this guy. *pewds is just jealous, smh*. Well, what is betterhelp? Well, it's been marketed as cheap, affordable and private online therapy with a professional. That's right, Hooray, professional. I discussed betterhelp in a previous video where I first heard about it and I was cautious about it, calling it a scam, Because I've seen not just youtubers but actual therapists shilling the service Shane. So we really believe it, Felix, You're a sociopath. By the way, this video is sponsored by online therapy, So what's wrong with betterhelp? then You can have online therapy without leaving your house. You can have therapy at home. That's great. that sounds almost too good to be true. Well, yes, yes, because it is With Betterhelp. they have attempted to mass produce therapy. They pride on having 4 million users, And they've gathered this many users by saying this: "If you sign up with Betterhelp, you will pay only 65 dollars, Whereas if you go to an actual therapist and meet face-to-face, you'll be paying- pfftshhh, 150 dollars". So look at how much money you are saving by using Betterhelp instead of face-to-face therapy. However, in their own Terms of Service, they acknowledge that if you are using this site, it is not a complete substitute for face-to-face examination and for a session by a licensed, qualified professional. So it's marketed as a cheaper substitute for therapy, when in reality, it's a luxury, it's an addition to therapy. Look how much money you are saving by not going to therapy. Also, by the way, you need to go to therapy When you subscribe to Betterhelp. let's say you pick the most popular one- 65 dollars per week, but you are billed monthly. So when the 7 day trial runs out, you're immediately billed 260 dollars. So let's say you sign up for Betterhelp, but for a 7 day free trial. As soon as that trial ends, you are charged immediately with the full price of a month- 260 dollars- And even if you immediately cancel, you are still charged the full amount for a month that you will not use, And there's a lot of reviews that reinforce this. Betterhelp says: how long will I use this service? Just as long you need it. You can cancel the subscription of the service at any time. we'll just charge you for the full month anyway. Now I've seen comments saying that if you contact them, they will pay you back. So if you lost money signing up for this, please do reach out. Betterhelp also says that we'll find you an online therapist. Well, uh, you can just do this quick questionnaire and we'll find the right person for you. But in their Terms of Service they also say: "We cannot assess whether the use of the councilor is right and suitable for your needs". So what do they do? They don't take accountability for anything. You can find a therapist that does phone calls or texting by yourself. Better help says themselves that they give no warranty for their willingness to give advice. They make no warranty whether what they say is even relevant, useful, correct, relevant, a, g, a, i n, satisfactory or suitable to your needs. So they don't take responsibility for anything, How convenient. On review sites it says that betterhelp is 69 percent positive and 21 percent negative. So if someone says "Betterhelp really worked for me", That's because they had a good therapist, not because betterhelp provided good service. Because they don't take accountability for any of their counselors, Which then leads to a lot of people having bad experiences. They say themselves that they don't diagnose. the platform is not intended for diagnoses. But then you have really questionable videos of Youtubers saying: "I suffer with binge eating, which I do want to tok to you guys about, because I was officially diagnosed with Binge Eating Disorder by my therapist". I was officially diagnosed by their therapist. Okay, who-who diagnosed you? "If you guys have ever heard of betterhelpcom", Oh, really, So you were officially diagnosed by a therapist. Therapists should not diagnose you, by the way, And better help themselves say that, but still, apparently it happens. "I never actually received any therapy. We just kept setting appointments and he just kept missing them and not giving me any warning or any real reason and was really unprofessional in his messages. So I'm seeing betterhelp everywhere and I'm getting flashbacks". Obviously, if you meet a therapist face-to-face, you can still have bad experiences, but if betterhelp themselves doesn't take any accountability of finding you the right therapist or any accountability for the actions of their therapist, then what's the point? What do they do besides charging you? It just came to my attention that I missed a portion of the Terms of Service. This one is deeply concerning, and guess why I missed it? They deleted it Just a few days ago. How convenient. this one says that they don't guarantee the verification of the skills, degrees, qualifications, certification, credentials, competence or background of any counselor. with betterhelp, you'll be toking to professionals. just beware that. it's your responsibility to determine whether they are or not. It's your responsibility to determine whether they have any degree or qualification or certification or all these things. What does betterhelp do besides selling you a product that doesn't exist, that they don't sell? a lot of reviews have spoken about this, saying that their counselors was really questionable, with all kinds of crazy stories, and considering how little the actual therapists using betterhelp gets paid, it's obvious that you're not gonna get the best service. people even saying that they most likely just tok to another person. Their therapist just changed throughout the year and they they don't even know who they were toking to anymore. now I can't vouch that these reviews are legit. Obviously they are anonymous reviews, but I can. if you want to do that argument. neither of the good reviews are legit either. If you go to better helps own website- their testimonies- They are filled with testimonies, most of them starting off with text saying Joel was excellent. referring to their therapist: Alex has been so helpful. She is very understanding. referring to their therapist, Jerry is empathetik. while you scroll down and you find this guy: "Julian says that betterhelpcom is a reliable online platform to receive therapy. it can be easier and safer to communicate with a licensed psychologist from home than at an office. a therapist of theirs, Loren McCoy, is attentive and does ask the right questions. you needn't stay alone". Jesus, you needn't stay alone. *pre-halloween edit*. and notike how he says: 'Julian says': "Julian says that betterhelpcom". Who's Julian? His therapist is Lauren. Is he Julian? Is he referring to himself? Is he reading the script so badly? What is this site? What is going on here? the cherry on the top here is that in their Terms of Service, they can share your data and anything toking about mental health related that's. that's really not a problem if that's public information r.


how do i greet you? how do we greet you today? hi, i am velmo. today, hopefully, this is a cute costume. today i'm going to be toking about better help, not because i'm promoting it like every other youtuber is like, seriously, every youtuber, i swear they're promoting better help, but instead i'm going to critikize it because the truth is, better help is a scam. i know you're thinking: how is it a scam? i thought it was supposed to help people. yeah, i thought the same thing too, until i got scammed. i feel dumb, mostly because i fell for their tricks instead of like reading the fine print and all that stuff. so what is better help? better help is supposed to be a substitute for in-person therapy and doing it online instead. now you fill out a bunch of questions about your age, your gender, what your sexuality is, if you're in school, if you're working, what exactly you are looking for helping and what your mental health problems currently are. and at first it seems great because you're like: okay, good, they're asking all these questions. it seems like they're really going to get a good gist of me and i'm going to get a good therapist. and they ask you even like: do you want a religious therapist? do you want a therapist who's in the lgbt? do you want a therapist of color? it all sounds really good on paper. that is until i read the reviews about better help and actually signed up for it myself when i realized that it was a mistake. so let's rewind for a second. the other night i was having a breakdown, as we all do, and i decided impulsively: okay, i need help, i'm going to get help. where can i find help? and the first result that i saw when i typed into google was better help. and i had heard about better help before from youtubers like shane dawson and that therapist who works with him- all these youtubers basically promoting better health. and what i found out from a pewdiepie video was that apparently these youtubers, every time they promote better help, whenever somebody signs up for it using their name, they get two hundred dollars. so imagine they're getting a bunch of money from these poor people who are trying to get help so desperately, only for this thing to not even be actual help. better help likes to compare their prices to in-person prices that you would get with any other therapist or company. they say that example of me- that i would have to pay 85 a week in comparison to 200 from an in-person therapist, and to me it sounded like a good idea, because if i'm going to invest money into something about myself, it better be for my mental health at least. and so i took the bait and i decided that i was going to sign up for better help. so i put in all my debit information. okay, this is a start to getting therapy again. but then i decided to read the reviews, which is my mistake for not doing way before. so i'm reading the reviews, and the reviews in terms of stars has like a 4.6 star rating or whatever 4.4, i don't know. it's a good rating. but then when you actually read the reviews, you realize that there's something wrong. so people on the reviews were saying things like they took weeks to get a therapist to actually see them and during that time of still trying to get a proper therapist, they were charged about 300 or so, even though they never got consultations. and same goes with people who said that their therapist didn't show up on time or their therapist kept rebooking. they still had to pay so much money for nothing. that was a little concerning. then i realized in a moment: okay, i don't feel safe with this, i'm going to cancel it. so i cancelled my subscription. like 10 minutes later, the next day or so, i look at my bank account and i see that they charged me 340 dollars [Music]. so they didn't charge me 85, like they promised per week, even though i never got a session, nothing. but apparently how it works is that they charge you monthly, and it doesn't matter if you didn't get a consultation or not. they're going to charge you the monthly fee. when i saw that- oh, the way that angered me- i was like i didn't even get help, i didn't do anything and you charged me 340. 340 is not pocket change. okay, i have a part-time job, i work hard, okay, just like anybody else. i don't think that having 340 dollars taken away from my bank account is fair. ultimately is it my fault as well for not reading the fine print of things, of course, but if someone's going to cancel your subscription, then you need to clarify properly what the terms and conditions are, and i feel like they didn't do that, and that's why a lot of people fell into this whole scheme as well. not only is the money bid a problem, but apparently these people aren't even professional psychologists. according to better help, they cannot prove that these people who are giving you therapy have the credentials for it. what guys? this is a mystery that i had to solve by myself and the help of my boyfriend and pewdiepie, because if i didn't know, then i would have been stuck paying god knows how much money and not getting the help i needed, the way other people have experienced. it's insane. how can these people state that they're giving professional therapy and then, in fine lettering, no, we don't actually give professional therapy. it shouldn't be a substitute for that. then what's the point? what is the point of better help? in the end of the day, it sounds like better help is just a scam, a scheme, whatever you want to call it. god, i, um, i want my 340 dollars back. so what did i do? obviously, i emailed them- maybe not professionally, but i emailed them telling them: please, please, please, give me back my money. and they didn't care. they told me: oh, if you need help with money, then we have, like this funding thing that you can apply to, but it's not a loan- like this funding thing that i could apply to to help me pay for the subscription. i didn't ask for that alternative. i want my money back. so obviously i lied too, because they're liars, so i had to lie too. i tell them i need that for my right money. do you think i got a reply? i did not. so i wrote again, again impulsively, asking them: please, please, please, give me my money back. sad face emoji. i have not heard from them. so now, obviously, i'm going to write a proper email. so don't be like me, don't write a very shitty email that is just full of emotion and impulsivity. um, write a proper one and apparently they do give back your money. if you contact them- and i'm going to do that, hopefully i will get my money back. i will absolutely update you guys whether or not they do that or not. out of all things, do not go to better help for help. they aren't as honest as they portray themselves to be, and the fact that these youtubers have no shame in taking their money by promoting it so much on their channels and getting innocent people who really need help to sign up- it's just ridiculous. it just shows so much how one those idols that you look up to on youtube, they don't actually look into their sponsors. so if something as important as mental help is something that they're willing to not look into and promote a sponsor that isn't legit or isn't ethical in some way. imagine the other things they're sponsoring you about. keep a lookout for that. if you experience better help and you were seen in the same situation, i'm really sorry about that. if you had a positive experience, i'm really interested to know how that went, because most of the experiences that i read in reviews they're all negative and they all say basically the same story. yeah, that is my warning for today. guys, if you really need help, if you are suicidal, first of all please call 9-1-1 or go to an emergency room. please, please, please tell somebody that you confide in. if you have mental health issues, please seek free therapy, at least in community centers. at least you can guarantee that these people have their credentials, even if there is a wait time. and, if not, try to see if your insurance can cover mental health therapy from a psychologist or even a psychiatrist. difference between psychologists and psychiatrists, by the way, is that a p?

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Therapist Reacts to BetterHelp Horror Stories! | Therapist Reacts to TikTok

also what the [ __ ] is going on. okay, hi, everybody, thanks for coming back. if you've been here before, or hi, welcome if you're new. my name is Mickey. I'm a therapist and we tok about therapisty things on this channel. today we're doing a little bit of a throwback moment. for those of you who have been here since the old days, um, you will know that we used to make a fair amount of content about tiktok and like reacting to tiktok videos. um, today we are doing kind of a similar thing, but with a bit of a Twist. I, back in the day, made a video called, uh, like therapist reacts to tiktoks. I've been tagged in or something. um, I'll put that up here, that playlist up here. and since then, um, there's like one type of video that I get tagged in on tiktok- which, by the way, if you don't follow me on tiktok, you should. um, I'll put the thing down here, but it's usually videos about better help, uh. so I thought, since we have toked a little bit about Better Health on this channel, um, that this would be an interesting way and like a helpful way to sort of compile all that information in one central place. before we do that, I want to be super, duper clear, though, because I'd like for this video to be able to live on my channel forever more and to not get taken down- or, I guess, for me to choose to take the video down because I received a cease and desist letter. I want to be super, super clear. the things that I'm going to share with you, um, are my opinion. uh, these are not things that I'm alleging as fact or like insisting or fact, and I also have no like ownership or control over the content that other people have made on the internet. so, grain of salt, as always. but I want to be super clear. I'm not making definitive claims about things that betterhelp is doing or not doing. I'm simply sharing my professional expertise based on the things that other people have said about better help. so let's um dive into the content. while I'm pulling up the tiktoks, I want to also remind you: if you're new here, please subscribe. you can join our fun little Community. we make videos like this, but we also do like a cute, uh, educational moment now and again, so I'd love to have you stay. also, before we start watching these videos, I want to be clear: a lot of these are stitches of the same video. so, in case you're not familiar with the way that tiktok works, you can basically use five seconds of someone else's video to then like transition into your own thoughts about the thing. it's a very common vehicle on the platform, so I just want to clarify. I'm not reacting with the same video over and over again. a lot of them just start the same way because they're responding to the original video. so we'll probably watch that one first and then go from there. okay, like I said, I think it's just helpful context. a lot of the videos that we're going to tok about are stitches of this. how many years do you think it's going to be before we see a true crime documentary about Better Health? good evening, it is my time to shine. do not trust the better health therapist. they are so sketch. my one session with a better help therapist re-traumatized me to the point where I don't know if I'll ever go back to therapy again. let me just demonstrate for you what I opened the video chat to that morning. hi, I'm looking at your file, but it says cptsd instead of PTSD. what's the difference between? let's just see. the next 15 minutes of my therapy session were taken up by them, expecting me to describe to them what the differences were between cptsd and PTSD- kind of something I would hope a trauma-informed mental health professional would know. but alas, our time has grown short and there is more. okay, so we're gonna watch part two of that video in a sec. but I just want to tok about this because in the video that is now not public anymore, one of the fears that I shared about better help as an institution is the potential for folks to receive care that, first of all, is subpar but, second of all, is not reflective of the way that the therapy Community typically conducts themselves. there's hair all over my sweater and it's driving me nuts. I want to be super clear. I am the first person to throw shade um at my own [ __ ] profession and the other people in it when we [ __ ], [ __ ] up and because, historically, we've not done a very good job of being very approachable, being very relatable, being very accessible, being inclusive and so like. don't give me it wrong, don't misunderstand. there is very much a need for the therapy Community generally, even in the Like official avenues, for us to like continue working on those things. however, one of the things that I will be very firm about is that the care, uh, the therapists are supposed to be providing and that the industry's standard, approved care that we should be providing is supposed to be like safe. that's the whole [ __ ] gig. that's the point, and so we receive, typically- if you, you know, are like properly educated, extensive training about how to conduct yourself in a way, like I said, is safe but also validating and empathic and encouraging to our clients. and so because of this- the um, don't get me wrong- like I said, it is possible for therapists to traumatize their clients and for that to be like a negative encounter for someone and for someone to like potentially not go back to therapy, but I think, with something like better help, because it's not modeled in the traditional way that therapy usually is, where it's a lot easier for us to prioritize the wants and needs of clients above our own profit margin, the potential for harm there is like off the charts in my opinion. I'm gonna get this video is gonna get [ __ ] taken down. it doesn't matter. I feel strongly about this. this is one of the things that I said in my original video and the reason that I feel the way that I do about some aspects of better help, because [ __ ] like this happens, where someone has a really negative experience with someone who, in my opinion, is not conducting themselves in the way that a therapist typically should, but, because of the way that the company is structured, it's very difficult for a client to hold that person accountable and it can feel very intimidating, and so people can often misunderstand their experience with better help to be a representation of how All Therapy will be always, and therefore refused to go back or be afraid to go back, be traumatized beyond belief and to not want to engage in Services beyond that, which is such a [ __ ] shame. because one of the things that I tok about on my Channel all the time is that, while I uh have a partikular like therapeutik lens and view, there's not a prescriptive, one-size-fits-all way to be a therapist and I have my own way to do that resonates with my people and that's what's important. there are also other therapists who have their own style and like way of being and way of therapizing people and like leans uh into different therapeutik modalities, for example, which means that there is a therapist for everyone. it is very much possible to find someone who Vibes with you on a personal level, whose approach is safe and validating and helpful and most effective for you, and someone better help does this, where they push this like one size fits-all approach. it's bothersome to me and it's potentially dangerous to clients. we're gonna watch part two of this person's video because there is more and it gets worse. this story does not go in the direction that any of you are going to be able to guess. during this time where this therapist is arguing with me back and forth about whether or not cptsd is even about diagnosis it is, they're wandering around their home like this. it just doesn't really make sense as a diagnosis because really it's the same thing as PTSD and I have so many questions like: why the shades? why is your house dark at 8am in the morning- those questions kind of Bend. when this therapist pulls down their pants and uses the toilet in front of me on camera, they started to get up again, at which point I asked: I'm sorry, hold on, is th?

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Better Help Ad and Bad Therapists - Tim Dillon

and then this is better help. i mean, if you've listened to the show, if you have any familiarity with this show, the idea that this company- i mean truly amazing that they would do this ad. we promised to be good for this run of the and i'm being good, i'm saying i'm shocked, yeah, and pleasantly surprised. we have a long history. we have a long history with them and that's nice, but it's good, because what it is is it's counseling. do you get that? it's counseling when you're sad or when you're mad. dan has problems. you went to a therapist right? dan has prop because plenty problems. dan graduated college and went: wait a minute, why, why do i have to leave it? you know, many shitty people in his generation are like: why do the beer pong tournaments have to end? but they do. so he got sad about that. he was sad and he had to go to a therapist and go. i don't understand what's going on. he had to leave florida. he'd leave the beach, put on shoes and be a human being and it was sad and challenging and new. but during the pandemic it's hard. i'm not who cares, i love they send the copy like i don't know what i'm doing. it's when you're sad or mad or anxious or you're in a loveless marriage. you can call betterhelpcom, atlp, betterhelpcom- what's the promo code? so this i have to read directly. this podcast is sponsored by betterhelp and tim dillon show listeners get 10 off their first month at betterhelpcom. tim d, i don't know how i feel about therapy. it's good. you were in it for a while, right? yeah, i had to stop, though my therapist was too old and kind of like out of it. like she was like i'd be like telling a story and she'd be like what's uber? i'm like you're missing the point. it has nothing to do with what i'm trying to tell you. how old was she? i don't know. like an indistinguishable old, you know what i mean. like she was up there, like really up, but probably close to 80, pushing 80. 74, how did you get her? she was free. i mean that was. that was kind of good. what did she do? are you sure it was a therapist, not like an old lady in a church? i wasn't sold, i wasn't, so it might have been his own old woman on a park bench. you were toking to. like you're like forrest gump. yeah, i told her one time. i was like, yeah, i'm thinking about doing mushrooms. she's like that sounds nice. i'm like, well, maybe this isn't super helpful, like i don't know. she's like i love mushrooms, peppers, onions. you put them in a pan, you saute them and if you do it right, your husband doesn't punch you in the face [Applause]. i mean, i love you. you have an elderly therapist. yeah, she's nice, though. she's nice had it like i had one. i had one. uh, i had one therapist. this is literally a fact. i had one therapist was an irish guy. um, the worst kind of thing. is this the worst therapist, because they're all so funny? and uh, i believe i was like i don't know what. i was like 14 years old or something, and he's like at the end of the session, like all he seemed to surmise, he was like: all right, so you're a homosexual and you love george w bush. i was like, yeah, i think he has the right strategies for the time we're in. i think we have to honor our commitment to the people of iraq and i'd like to suck dick and i don't know what, why those things are all. but at the end, that was like at the end of the thing, that was like his diagnosis. he was like you're like bush, but you don't like bush. you know, i'm like right. he's like all right. well, that's 97. i'm like i'm all right well.

What’s it Really Like to Work as a BetterHelp Therapist?

what's up everybody? i hope you're doing well. so a number of months back, i posted a video with the exact same title as this one and, for legal reasons, i opted to remake the entire video, just to make it absolutely crystal clear that the contents of this video reflect my opinion, and there's no way to claim anything that i'm saying as fact. but the content of the video is basically the same stuff. you'll just hear me sprinkling a little bit more clarity about things that are definitely my opinion. now, without further ado, let's hop straight into this video. so for the longest time ever since i knew that better help existed, i've always kind of wondered what it was like to work for them. i mean, you hear things here and there, but i just wondered what the experience was like. so much so that a number of years back, i actually attempted to record a video like this one where i applied to be a better health therapist. now i'll admit that i did not execute that video very well. so now is the opportunity to call do over. i really want to know what it's like to work for better help. so for today's video, i posted to my instagram stories inviting you all who've worked for betterhelp to share what your experience was like working for them. in partikular, i wanted to know about three things: how does betterhelp pay, how do they treat you as the clinician and how do they treat the clients? i received several responses via those instagram posts and i compiled them all together and i'll be sharing those anonymously in today's video where we really dive into the question: what's it really like to work as a better health therapist? i can completely see the appeal of working for a place like betterhelp, because maybe you're seeing it as a place to kind of fill your open slots while you're trying to build your private practike, or maybe it's like a side gig on whatever your main gig is or, you know, maybe it's like your full-time gig and it's sending clients your way and filling your schedule. now i'd like to emphasize that this is completely anonymous feedback and it only represents the opinions and experiences of the folks who responded to my instagram posts. so i removed all identifying information and compiled it together in a excel type spreadsheet so that you can see that information without kind of outing the folks that gave that feedback. okay, i've been jibber jabbering for a while. let's start hearing about what people had to say about better help. let's first tok about that first question: how does betterhelp pay? i specifically asked how much better help pays per hour and right off the bat you'll notike that there's quite a range of pay represented here in people's responses. i don't claim to know why there's so much discrepancy here. one thing that i consider that might be possible is that maybe some of the folks who responded worked for better help quite a long time ago and hadn't been working for them more recently, and maybe their pay has changed over time. also, please keep in mind again that all of the numbers that are reflected here are just simply what people submitted as what they claim their experience was. in the excel document i listed people's reported pay from lowest to highest and you'll see there's that huge range, with the lowest pay starting at 15 an hour that someone reported all the way up to 50 an hour. so there is a huge range here. but you'll also notike that for the majority of the responses that i got, things are hovering more in the like 30 to 40 dollar an hour range and if you average out the responses from all these different folks, it comes out to 33.79 per hour based on what people claimed they made per hour working for better help. now i can't know if that's actually reflective of how much someone might make on average per hour while working for better help, but i will say i can imagine, especially if i were an early career therapist and i heard that i could make 33 dollars an hour while somebody else was in charge of doing all of the marketing for me and i could effectively work from home with very minimal overhead costs. that sounds very appealing. but on the flip side, now that i've been in the field for at least a little bit of time, not only do i know that i can definitely average far more than 33 dollars an hour per client hour, but i'm also well aware that, at least for me and for a lot of therapists, around 20 to 25 client hours per week is what most of us consider to be full-time work, for a few different reasons. one is just that we have a lot of admin stuff that we have to get done. so if you're doing 40 hours a week of client work, your total hours of work per week are actually far more than 40. because you have all like note taking and all these other things that we do on the back end, that can take a surprising amount of time, and also, again, for the average therapist. seeing that many clients per week is incredibly emotionally taxing. so it's helpful to keep that in mind as we look at this reported average pay of 33 dollars an hour, that for most folks we may not be multiplying that by 40 to get what the total pay is per week. it's possible that for many folks we're multiplying it by something like 20 or 25 to get what the weekly pay looks like. but just for funsies, because who doesn't love a little bit of math? let's work out that math real quick. if you actually did those 40 client hours per week for, let's say, 48 weeks a year so you can take a bit of vacation at an average pay of 33 an hour, that comes out to just over 60 000 a year, which, depending on what lens you use, some people might say that's a lot and some people might say that's a little, but certainly higher than the average pay in the us and so cool. but let's switch it up and imagine for a moment that you might be working 20 hours a week instead, which might be a little bit more reflective of what the average therapist in private practike is doing. then if we do that same math and it comes out to just over 30 thousand dollars per year, you can decide for yourself if you feel like that is decent pay or not. but i think it is very reasonable to say that you could be working 20 client hours in a lot of other settings and be making more than 30 000 a year. now, of course, all of this is absolutely speculative. i have no idea how many client hours the average better help therapist is working, or even if 33 dollars an hour is the average pay. but just based on the subset of people with what they reported, this is kind of the math that's shaken out. in addition to reporting their average pay while working with better help, many folks also added additional comments, which i think adds some color and perspective. one person says they only allow 45 minute sessions, which equals cents 22.50 session. now, this is an interesting perspective. now, of course, i haven't worked for better help to kind of test out whether this is accurate or not, but i have seen that they offer 45 minute and 30 minute sessions. so if what this person is saying were true, that would mean if, let's say, your average hourly pay is 30 an hour but you have a 45 minute session, maybe your pay for that session might look something more like 22 an hour. or if it's a 30 minute session, then maybe it's 15 an hour. of course, this is only representative of my personal experience, but personally i feel like two 30-minute sessions with different people is a lot more work than, say, a 50-minute session with one person. one way to conceptualize how i experience a therapy session is, rather than it just being like flying an airplane for 30 minutes, it's getting the airplane ready, taking off the airplane, flying the airplane, landing the airplane and getting off of the airplane every single session. so you have to squeeze all that stuff into a 30 minute window and then do it all over again in a separate 30 minute window instead of, say, maybe one 50 minute window, for example. the amount of work involved is just a lot more again, at least for me. okay, now, this is interesting. somebody commented it depended on the length.

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