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Block Instagram Ads: Easy Steps!

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my YouTube channel, GetAssist Net. Today, I will be showing you how to remove ads on Instagram. If you're getting annoyed by the number of ads you're getting on the Instagram app, I'll show you how you can hide them completely. So, without any further delay, let's get started with the video.

Steps to Remove Ads on Instagram:

1. Open the Instagram app and scroll down until you find any ad that you want to hide.

2. Tap the three dots given at the top right of the ad.

3. You will get a few options, including reporting the ad. However, if you want to hide it from your news feed, tap Hide Ad.

4. Instagram will ask you why you want to hide this ad. You can select It's irrelevant or any other reason you find appropriate.

5. If you want to completely hide ads at once, tap on the Instagram logo given at the top left.

6. Here, you will see two options - Following and Favorites. Tap Following.

7. You will only see the content that has been posted by the people you follow on Instagram. You will not see any ads or sponsored content that you are not following on Instagram.

That was all for this video. I hope you found it helpful. If you did, don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more interesting and useful tutorials. If you have any suggestions for my next video or any doubts related to any of my videos, do let me know in the comment section down below. You can also visit my website, GetAssist Net, that has a lot of similar content. Thank you for watching!

Block ALL Ads on iPhone in ANY APP iOS 15 - (FREE - Late 2021)

Hey, what's up guys! Musa here and in today's video, I am going to show you how to block ads on your iPhone. Finally, we have found a way to block ads on iPhone and this method will block pretty much every ad on every app, like every game and every app that shows you ads. I will also show you before and after results, so let's dive right into it!

Steps to block ads on your iPhone:

1. Download Luna VPN app:

To block ads on your iPhone, you have to download an app called Luna VPN. You cannot download it from the App Store, so you have to follow this method to download the app.

2. Search for Luna VPN on Safari:

Open Safari and search for Luna VPN download iPhone on Google. You will see a link that says Amben Networks. Click on that and you can see the Luna VPN. Scroll down until you see Install Luna, just click on that.

3. Install Luna VPN:

Now, go to settings and you can see Profile Downloaded. Click on install and you have to put in your password and click install again. Here, you can see your Luna VPN, just click on that and you can see your VPN here. If you just click on this VPN, you can see your Luna VPN and it says connected.

4. Block ads on apps:

Now, let's see how to block these ads. Go to the app that shows ads, like Wall Craft. If you open Wall Craft, you will see an ad. But, if you just click on this wallpaper, you can see there is no ad. You can open any wallpaper and it doesn't show any ad.

Similarly, if you open a movie app, like the one I showed you in my previous video, you can see the movie is playing and there is no ad whatsoever. This method is legit and it blocks ads on every app.

That's it, guys! This was the video on how to block ads on your iPhone. Thank you so much for watching and please consider subscribing to my channel so that I can grow this channel. Comment below if you find this useful and tell me whether this method blocks ads for you or not. You can watch my other videos by visiting my YouTube channel. Again, thank you so much for watching and I will catch you guys in the next one. Peace out!

Ads Block without any app || in Kannada || Noufal Techy

Have you ever struggled with writing articles that flow smoothly and engage readers? Do you find yourself repeating phrases or using unnatural sentence structures? If so, don't worry! In this article, we will provide tips and tricks for improving your writing style, including the use of contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms.

Tips for improving your writing style:

1. Use contractions to make your writing sound more natural and conversational. For example, instead of do not, use don't.

2. Incorporate idioms and other expressions to add flavor and personality to your writing. For example, the ball is in your court or it's raining cats and dogs.

3. Use transitional phrases to connect ideas and create a smooth flow. Examples include in addition, however, and on the other hand.

4. Interject with expressions like well, hmm, and you know to make your writing more engaging and personal.

5. Avoid dangling modifiers, which occur when a phrase modifies the wrong part of a sentence. For example, Running down the street, the tree caught my eye should be Running down the street, I caught sight of the tree.

6. Incorporate colloquialisms to make your writing more relatable and accessible. For example, instead of it is raining heavily, say it's pouring outside.

By incorporating these tips and tricks into your writing, you can improve your style and engage your readers. Remember to use contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms to create a natural and conversational tone. With practice, you'll be on your way to becoming a more confident and effective writer. Thanks for reading!

Block ALL ads with this…(and speed up your internet)

How to Block Ads and Protect Your Network with Agar

- Get rid of all the ads and protect your entire network with Agar

- Learn how ads work and how to block them at the source

- Also improve your security and privacy with Agar

How Ads Work:

- Use Wire Shark to see DNS requests for ads

- Agar responds to ad requests with nonsense, preventing them from loading

- DNS sinkhole technique used to block ads

Improving Security and Privacy:

- Default DNS server provided by ISP is not trustworthy

- Use own DNS server to regain privacy and control

- Change DNS server on router to use Agar DNS server

- Use DHCP reservation or hard code IP address to prevent changes

Advanced Settings:

- General settings for parental control and longer statistics storage

- DNS settings for adding more upstream DNS servers and enabling DNS SEC

- Client settings for controlling access for individual devices

- Filters for adding more DNS block lists

- Agar is a powerful tool for blocking ads and improving security and privacy

- Easy to set up on Mac, Linux, and Raspberry Pi

- Advanced settings allow for even more control over network access

How to Block/Disable Ads in Samsung Galaxy A12

Are you tired of constant ads popping up on your Samsung Galaxy A12? Do you want to learn how to turn off various services within the software to stop ads from appearing? Look no further, as we have put together a step-by-step guide to help you disable Samsung push service notifications, deals and offers within Samsung apps, personalized Samsung ads, and block ads via Chrome and Samsung internet.


1. Disable Samsung push service notifications:

- Open the settings app

- Tap on notifications

- Go into included apps

- Toggle off the all apps option

2. Disable deals and offers from other Samsung apps:

- Open the settings app

- Go into apps

- Find Galaxy Store and select it

- Tap on notifications

- Toggle off the show notifications option

- Repeat for Galaxy Themes

3. Disable personalized Samsung ads:

- Open the settings app

- Go into privacy

- Select customization service

- Toggle off the customized ads and direct marketing option

4. Block ads via Chrome:

- Open the Google Chrome app

- Tap the three dots

- Select settings

- Scroll down the page and locate site settings

- Tap on pop ups and redirects

- Ensure this setting is toggled off

- Head back to the site settings

- Select ads

- Ensure this setting is toggled off

5. Block ads via Samsung internet:

- Launch the Samsung Internet app

- Tap on the three lines

- From the Samsung Internet menu, select ad blockers

- Download a suggested ad blocker

By following these steps, you can stop ads from appearing on your Samsung Galaxy A12. While the steps may vary depending on your Samsung hardware and software version, these general instructions should help you turn off various services within the software to block ads. Say goodbye to annoying ads and enjoy a smoother browsing experience on your phone!

How To Block Ads on Amazon Fire Stick or Android TV Box or any devices

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel! Today, I'm going to show you how to block advertisements on your Android setup box or Amazon Fire Stick. If you're looking for this type of video, stay tuned and subscribe to my channel for more Fire Stick content. Don't forget to hit the bell button next to it so you won't miss any updates. This video will be helpful for you, your friends, and family, so please share it.

Blocking advertisements is important to avoid interruptions while streaming. In this video, I will show you how to block ads on your Amazon Fire Stick using an app called StopAd.


1. Download the app called Downloader on your Fire Stick.

2. Open Downloader and go to the website https://stopad.io/.

3. Click on the link called Blocked Ads and download the app for free.

4. Enable Apps from Unknown Sources in your Fire Stick settings.

5. Install the StopAd app.

6. Go to settings in the app and click on Update Filter Lists.

7. Set your preferred update timing and turn on the toggle switch on the top corner of the app.

8. Enjoy ad-free streaming on your Fire Stick.

StopAd is a handy app that blocks ads and creates a VPN setup without compromising speed. You can install this app on your Android or iOS device as well. Share this video with your friends and family who might find it helpful. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and hit the bell button for more Fire Stick content. Thanks for watching!

[English/How to] block ADs/Advertising in Apps or Social Media like Instagram with Blokada

Hello and welcome to my new video! Today, we are going to talk about how to get rid of the annoying advertising that bombards us on our smartphones, especially when we are browsing through social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. We will explore two ways to block these ads, so let's get started!

Option 1: Using a different browser

- Use a browser like Kiwi that has a setting to hide annoying ads

- Set up the browser as your default to avoid seeing ads on social media apps

- Add a shortcut to your home screen for easy access

Option 2: Using an external app

- Download and install an app like Blockada

- Set up filter lists to block ads on specific apps or direct links

- Use white lists to allow certain apps to show ads

- Select a DNS server that is secure and fast

By using both of these options together, you can effectively block ads on your smartphone and save bandwidth. It's important to note that some features may not work on the browser, so it's best to use both the browser and the external app for optimal results. Thank you for watching and I hope this helps you to get rid of those pesky ads!

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