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boost ads

Published on: February 9 2023 by pipiads

ទិចនិច boost facebook page ចំណាយតិចផលច្រើន - facebook ads secret strategies Pro-Tips

[âm nhạc]. [âm nhạc] bảng hay ở nym, xong chạy trốn. rồi khả năng cho trẻ bom, bom, mà chả muốn quạt vô đôi khi Đồng Nai Cha Cha đấy còn ở vị chớn ưu tiên. Facebook, hilux, covid-19. nhưng mặt trăng iborn on né trong lon bị ke tét ánh sáng NP, đại nhân đạo, posterone từ xa, nhôm ở Phương ca đoàn lột vì ở YouTube, Facebook. Facebook. [âm nhạc]. [âm nhạc]. có một người bạn đồng tiền trong một ô nia YouTube. thấy miến K Trạm ở romas. Facebook thậm tệ, thôi thay thế cho nó trong cao tên trộm may mắn. Ờ Paul quặng giữ nắng riêng ở đây. gameshow theo dân miền Nam. tao là anh ở cleator, Steve Joon netnews video [âm nhạc]. không thể bán với chip cả bàn này chắc từ play hack Facebook, Ok, chắc đội tuyển máu tham gia các trang cài lại xa bờ xanh gì lại nét duyên thu thập bàn nọ thế LP đại dương buôn. thử một tiết của bạn. nó trả lời bạn lần thứ được Về đại dương châu Phi đặc thuốc Alpha Gold.

STOP Boosting Facebook Posts | Do THIS Instead

oh man, this is gonna be the best facebook post ever. i can't wait to see how many likes i get. i might even bring out the happy face background on this bad boy to really jazz it up. perfect. now there's just one thing left to do: hold up. stop the beat a minute, adam. yeah, don't you dare touch that boost post button, not unless you want to end up angry and alone, living under a bridge, blaming facebook for what could have been, should have been and never was, simply because you didn't take the time to find a better way to get your content in front of more people. i don't want to live under a bridge. weird old professor, i don't know what you're supposed to be. then come with me and let me show you a better way, and the fact is, there is a better way. if you're thinking about, or are currently boosting posts on facebook, i'm going to show you an alternative that will not only get you better results, but they will also give you more control, more feedback and more opportunities, with very little extra effort. so now let me show you how it's done, starting by answering one of the most important questions of all: what exactly is a facebook boosted post anyway? well, according to facebook, boosted posts are ads you create from posts on your facebook page, and that's really the biggest key here. a boosted post starts just like any other old, regular, organic post on your facebook page, but then, through the magical power of boosting, you turn it into an ad, which means you spend money to show it to more people, because, as we all know, organic reach on facebook is pretty much gone. but if organic reach is dead, then isn't boosting posts the only way to get your content in front of more people? and to that i say nay or no. cause, not a horse. but i am a man with a plan, which means that no matter what goal i'm trying to achieve, i'm always looking for the best and most effective way to do it, and in no scenario or situation is boosting posts a better plan when compared to running a simple facebook ad campaign that's set up properly right from the beginning. you see, with a boosted post, you create a post and then you can boost it and spend money on it if you want. but putting money behind a post and turning it into an ad is often an afterthought, something that comes up once you're done writing it, which means you probably don't have a clear intention in mind for what you wanted to do and what success would even look like. i mean, is it enough that more people see it or do you want them to actually do something? and if so, what is it and how are you going to track and measure that? on the other hand, when you create an ad using the facebook ads manager, your intention is different right from the beginning. you know full well, going into this thing, that you're going to be spending money, and that attitude changes the amount of time and energy and thought that you put into your content, not to mention boosting a post. today is a lot more complicated than it once was. so you're still going to need to think about targeting and placements and budget, but when you boost a post, you're going to be doing all of this after you've posted your content, which is completely backwards. there are a few more other practikal reasons to avoid boosting posts as well, as well as some key differences between just boosting a post and running a proper facebook ad. so first let's tok about audiences. when you boost a post, facebook is going to ask you who you want to target, and they may even suggest a smart audience, which is their best guess, based on how you set up your facebook page. more often than not, though, this smart audience is very dumb, because it may not align with your specific campaign, your content or what you're trying to achieve. the other issue is placements. these change all the time, but you're significantly more limited when boosting when compared to setting something up inside facebook ads manager and having just an absolute ton of options to choose from there, which also means you can be more selective about what placements you don't want to spend money on. but the biggest factor of all of them has to do with the objective of your advertising campaign, and 90 of the time when you're spending money on ads, it should be done in the form of something called direct response marketing, which is marketing that's designed to get an instant response by your prospect in regards to getting them to take some kind of specific action. in other words, direct response marketing is very goal-oriented, and those goals are typically very easy to track and to measure and to manage. the alternative to direct response marketing is something known as brand awareness marketing. here, the goal is a little more fluffy, ethereal, ephemeral. what's the difference between ethereal and ephemeral? so brand awareness marketing is more fluffy and ethereal and ephemeral and it's harder to track. brand awareness marketing is important to a point, but it isn't usually as goal focused on something like increasing sales or providing some kind of direct and trackable metric. this is why this kind of brand awareness marketing is typically reserved for those big billion dollar brands who have a large budget and can afford to be a little more casual and loose with their advertising dollars- still not very smart. but for most businesses, though, when you boost a post or run an ad or spend any kind of money on your marketing whatsoever, you'd better be sure that you're measuring your results and making sure that you're getting something back in return that's of equal or greater value to the money you're spending- more commonly known as roi or return on investment or, in the case of advertising row as, or return on ad spend- and the best way to make sure that the money you're spending on ads is actually delivering something of value back in return is by setting up something known as a conversion campaign inside the facebook ads manager. with a conversion campaign, you can still choose your targeting and placements and ad copy and all of that, but what you're telling facebook is that what really matters to you here. what's really important is getting somebody to actually take action and do something. this could be to download a lead magnet to send you a message, to book a call or even to buy something directly from the ad. this does require an additional step of downloading and installing a tracking pixel, but that's easier now than ever before, and i'll put a link in the descriptions below that'll show you exactly how to do it. but if all of this sounds a little overwhelming, don't worry. you don't actually need ads to grow a business, which is why i've linked up a video right here on my number one organic marketing strategy. so make sure to check it out now and i'll see in the next video. the solution is to use a combination approach known as peso, which stands for paid, earned, shared and owned. so let me break those down for you now. paid media is- wait for it- anything that you

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Boosted Post VS Ads Manager | Facebook Ads Manager Guide 2021

there's a very common misconception with business owners and facebook ads. a lot of them think that boosting a post is running a facebook ad. it's not. today i want to tok about the differences between boosting your posts on facebook and using the facebook ads manager to run facebook ads. my name is vic, i'm the founder here at social gravity and we make videos every single weekend and they're basically designed to help you create freedom in your life. if you want to do that, subscribe to the channel, give this video a like, tell youtube we make great videos if you want to see more stuff like this. but let's get into exactly the differences between boosting a post and running ads with facebook ads manager. so boosting a post is obviously super easy. you post something on your facebook organically on your business page, and then you literally can click one button, select the amount of money you want to spend, have a couple variables for your audience and boom, it's sent to more people. what's happening with a boosted post is that it's taking an organic piece of content, something that you just posted to your facebook timeline or your business page, and it's allowing you to break past that barrier of who sees it. so facebook is only going to let about six percent of the people that follow your facebook page see the post. the reality is, when you run ads, you're using the facebook ads manager and when you boost a post, all you're doing is extending the reach. you're adding paid reach, the. the two differences here come with the detail, the thoroughness, the custom objectives. you have to identify opportunity cost here, because if you put ten dollars into boosting a post that doesn't do anything for you, it just shows a couple hundred extra people, an organic post. you could have put that ten dollars into an ad that made you twenty dollars and that's why the ads manager is so important to learn and utilize. within the ads manager and specifically how we're going to show you how to structure your ads, you have unlimited potential for testing. you have copy, you have images, videos, audiences, different campaigns, objectives and you can test all the different ones as many times as you want. where, with boosting a post, it's one option, it's this organic post with this amount of money to these three, i think three variables of people, and it's gone and that's it, and it runs until you turn it off. where the ads manager gives you the ability to have five to a hundred different images, videos, as many as you want, so that makes it extremely powerful. we know this because we can track so many metrics using the ads manager. we're, on boosted posts, really only tracking reach clicks, stuff like that, but in the ads manager i can literally track how much money a certain ad is made, what my return on investment was much more thorough, like i said, and we can use organic posts still. so if you have an organic post that did really well and you want to run it as an ad, you can still do that. retargeting alone, i think, is one of the most powerful and important reasons that you need to stop boosting your post. retargeting allows you to identify people who have visited your website, made purchases with you, left their purchases in the cart and didn't check out or liked posts, watch videos, whatever else, and show them specific content to make the sale conversion, get the lead, at a lower cost. it's extremely powerful and there are a lot of other tools built into the ads manager, like an audience insights tool, installing your pixel and a bunch of other stuff, and they're always updating him as well. so understanding the facebook ads manager is so important and the more you learn about it, the more redundant and just useless. boosting your posts becomes the ads manager is like the full suite of tools and variables and toys and results, and the boosted post is like the one click. i just want some more people to see it. those are the differences. i highly recommend avoiding using the boost post method. if you have really high performing organic content, drop it into the ads manager and run it properly. if you're really interested in learning more about the facebook ads manager, if you're interested in online sales- getting sales for your business- we are just about to open up our facebook ads for online sales course and it's actually going to be a community of entrepreneurs, business owners, e-commerce professionals that are trying to get better sales, cheaper sales, by utilizing fundamentals we use at social gravity by utilizing facebook ads. so if this is something you're interested in, but jump over to our website, contact us, tok to us and we can start showing you exactly how to run ads. but if you want someone else to just completely run your ads for us, we can do that as well. so this is a very quick video just to identify differences between beasts and posts and facebook ads. mainly made this because i just toked to so many business owners who boost posts and think they're running ads. maybe i can just send them this video and just outline exactly why it's not the case. but thank you so much for watching. subscribe to the channel and i'll see you next weekend. you.


How to Boost Facebook Ads || ፌስቡክ ላይ ቻናላችንን ለማስተዋወቅ

How to Boost Facebook Ads.

Facebook Boosted Posts vs Ads: The Difference & Which Is Better (Pros & Cons)

Boosted post versus paid ad. it is so important to know when to use each one and the pros and cons of each. Let's jump in right now. So most people are going to tell you: do not boost a post, run things as ads. you have so much more targeting, you have so many more options. the performance is going to be much, much better, And I think this is mostly true. The big benefit to boosting a post is the speed and the convenience. The thing with running a full ad campaign is there's definitely a learning curve. be sure to check out my two hour training on how to set up a full ad campaign. But even once you're really good at it, it definitely takes time And if you're just posting consistently, especially to a page that doesn't have a lot of traffic, it's kind of hard to grow that page and reach a lot more people. But you generally don't have the time to try to take every post and turn it into a campaign or things like that. boosting it, you can get it in front of. you know 500, 1000 new people for like 510- $15, I could really quickly go through these page you can see. you know I have close to 500 likes, but it's only like 37 people who reaches the reach on Facebook. it's very, very poor. Well, what I can do is just really quickly go to boost it. I do recommend actually creating a business manager and connecting it with the page rather than using a personal ads manager. So select that over there. if you have a business manager set up And then I do have a pixel. But I don't recommend leaving this at automatik. But you can just get in front of more people or try to get messages or page visitors or, in this case, website purchases. you can add the buttons and them to the website- it can be this or a specific page- And then you can create your own custom audiences from scratch. So the default is really really broad. Now with full ad campaigns, I do recommend having some really broad audiences in there because you know we're gonna put a decent budget toward it and really track everything and try to get things optimized with a full campaign. But you'll probably want to go a little bit smaller if you're just boosting it with $10, because it's not really going to have the opportunity to really optimize that huge audience. So let's say, you know I'm into marketing, so I could do like Frank Kern interest. Okay, if it's an audience size of 85,000, if I spent $10, it will still be able to kind of have its pick of who to show it to. But that's probably going to do better with a boosted post compared to, you know, just showing it to everyone in the country, because it's not going to really be able to optimize some. we just set the duration and the end date and our overall budget. If you have a pixel, you'll definitely want to select that because that just helps you track things like that happen on the website and on the page, And then just the payment method and you can do boost posts now as well. What are the pros and cons of boosted posts? the biggest Pro is simply time and ease of use. it is so quick to set these up. If you have a brand new page and you're just trying to get more people aware of the page or get some website visitors, you can be doing your regular organic posts but then just boosting them a little bit to try to get them in front of a larger audience, And then you can say, hey, well, this one actually did really, really well. Let's turn this into an ad or let's create content that's a little more like this. So you're actually getting feedback and things like that. Another nice thing with boosted posts is you can actually see- in this case it says boost unavailable because it's not something that would get approved if I tried to run it as an ad- whereas this is not guaranteed it would get approved, but there's a pretty good chance that it's going to get approved as an ad. But at the big cons with boosted posts, well, you just don't have nearly as many options like basically you're just taking one audience and showing them one ad, Whereas if you're setting up the full campaign, what you can do is have that campaign, have a bunch of different audiences, a bunch of ads in that, And it's really going to pick and choose who it shows what ad to. this helps so much with performance. If you're really trying to generate a ton of online sales, I definitely recommend doing almost everything in a full campaign in the ads manager. Another con with boosted post is, let's say, you did this to your followers or things like that. You can't really change any of the text or things like that. So if you're thinking you might want to boost something, you want to make sure that when you do the original posts, make it something where you can just add a button and nothing else because you can't actually edit the text. Also, like here's an example of one actually audited this one- I'll have a link to Have that up above- but they have their full tax, but also they're able to add like a custom headline and description below that, whereas boosted posts it just adds a button to it. Another big con of boosted posts is they will generally just show up in the feed, So they're not gonna show up under stories or the sidebar, so you have a lot less options for showing it to people. So let me show you running like a full ad and how that's different. A boosted post is actually an ad, but it's basically just taking one audience and showing them one ad And that's his own self contained thing. It's just like creating a quick campaign and audience slash ad set and ad based off of your post. So if you set the budget like $10, this ad will just get all $10 of that, Whereas usually when you're setting up more in depth campaigns you could set the budget at like $100. And then choose a number of audiences to show it to And then within those audiences it actually optimizes it to show the best ad to the best person. So it's a full campaign. whatever is generating the most sales or the most leads or things like that are is going to get the most spent. over here to the left I have the spend for the day And to the right is how many sales are being generated, So you can see throughout the day. it will divert more of the budget and more of the spend to the ads that are doing the best, And the same is true for the different audiences and ad sets. it will divert the most budget to the top performing. so that is never really going to happen with boosted post. boosted post. You also don't generally leave running for like months or years or things like that. here the pros of a full ad campaign: you have access to every audience imaginable. You can set those up very, very precisely And choose just the right ones and all the custom audiences and things like that. You just have so much more flexibility and tracking things and adjusting the budget And you can even implement automations where it is turning up the budget of things that are performing really well and turning down the spend of things that are underperforming. You can also use the various tools like manual bid strategies. you can say, hey, I'm only comfortable spending $15 to get a customer and set those bids. Also, in terms of placements, you can actually show things on stories and different things like that. So you primarily want to work within Facebook Ads Manager, especially to try to generate sales and things like that. But if you have content on your page and you just want to get it in front of more people, I wouldn't be too afraid with doing boosted posts. just show to 1000 more people, see how well it does. You will definitely want to check out my two, our Facebook ads training. it takes you from beginner to expert, basically shows you how to set up everything in ads manager, learn copywriting, all those things like that. That video is right up there And if you've already seen that, I have a Facebook ads playlist you really need to check out. but I'll see you there.

TOP Explain Boost for message - ADS Manager New version (Khmer Version) - TOP SHARE

ngã ba sông Krông, Năng Kiếm số 44, đó không nhiều và sống sót. có một căn biệt thự 11 tiết, 3 video reflect bằng hai màu của nó. có bịch cao bụi lên cao này chơi Tùng thứ mấy Đã bị tô muốn muốn trong Man bằng hai pha rồi. mà hãy vân tay ở trong mạng bạn được toại này đến sông còn làm bằng hàng nơi sống luôn. xong Khang, giọng ca mưa trên muốn vào Titanic trong lòng tôi. carbon ở trùn, ở bom đang này vào đó đâm bởi cùng mọi miền sắp hiểu mình. chúc bạn luôn cho mình Nam mùi bạn dẫn Tí mua được trong tay ta gì tặng buồn chứ muốn người dân ca buôn bán từ tương tự cho các em ở lại đi lính đã mới thôi cái file mà ôm gì Tứ Facebook Account bỏ nhóm như under, nhận mấy tiếng đồng hồ ở phía là à bóng đá, là nhờ, thì mình sẽ thiến cư mini từ mũi tôi. tớ bị run tay, là gì chứ. Tôi mong tin mới thể hiện sự phân hóa mạnh. nhưng bột Bạn tò mò. công ty phí dân thời bút muốn mà, nhưng ipen tam cao thì chữ nữa. Còn ta Facebook nhôm cảnh phí để bẫy, để many lại cao walle phải cứ từ 1 lô nướng. Cứ furman đỏ chờ các nhóm từ vô Facebook Account above you C1 = 200, mấy à đồng với Bayern từ mùa đông. buồn muốn tham khảo. bạn biết có nhìn từ iPhone lại bạn Bun, bạn bàn is fse. anh ấy gọi iPhone 7 mặt bút. bạn chưa ạ. Facebook nhôm. thằng Tí hư men là điều chẳng ai ở Nhung bằng hai thùng ra muối tiếp tục bỏ khi yêu thế bà để bỏng Selina không mà quá khứ u mừng bạn phải tham cao gì nữa cho. Nhưng dù mơ thấy mình thật thiên đường nét lại billion nữa bạn ạ. Ừ, thế giới bóng rổ đăng ký dân s undercut cứ con 442, có thể tham khảo nữa nó by việc đo ở trong lệnh nam muối để người tự cáp của tao Hà ở xàm xàm Lego mà rồi mà xe 67 là được học động pha lẫn là những đồng tiền để người ta đo cho bệnh. nay mua thì cả các thư vì tranh bồn tông hay nào ở giữa trớn. nhưng khi tam ca hội Bà dựng, buồn muốn nhiều khi tham gia hội. ta đọc liên: AK 03, nhóm đưa rừng tạo thuê. mừng bạn, nhưng bù tạm cái giỏ nữa. nhưng viên bạn tích đó Sunny Nhung trong dọa vẫn nâng màu bò xay bằng hai nó cắn, thì bác cứ miền Tây Nhung thôi. cá bột là SS, con bỏ. hiểu nè. vẫn tay mân chip ảnh Hà đi vừa. admin ấy chỉ khóc điều mà nếu mà Mùa nào cũng nhớ bạn dân của Hà, mũi được băng lùi, muốn đầm bay bút. bạn mua thiết như bút Thái. nhìn bao người tham khảo cho lắm, mà ok trắng à những người khác nữa, thì mỗi Tư đưa ra tài account mà ngắm những comment lôi hai sẽ. nhưng mà tôi kenfon một đoàn tí đi ra, lại đi đấy. mình đọc là nó bên người ta, nhưng alfonso ta còn lại đi Cứ chọc làm ở cạnh tranh vì anh. anh Pha này nó. Tôi đã bún đá vì được bố đá tư chắc đâm card cho anh bây giờ đang phản ứng càng phán. thoi là Hôn Của Gió Xôn vào máu vẫn. nhưng fan, mấy bạn Bun đang bị đo điện trở nên chân viên super Perfect trong clip anti-burst. thì dừng ở thôi. YouTube cứ lên thì vàng hay bạn đến đôi à mùi nhí đôi nhầm có phòng thi bố nước miễn phí. Bạn cho mình thấy gỗ Follow mới nhắn cô phần lố ở con bụt mọc hơi Đà Lạt cho nên và cát bụi quay lá dẫn theo nấu con và tục bạn bán buôn ma xai gái, bà trắng, bà xây muối cư đồng lại chất xơ mùa sen, mà trong đầu buôn Messi. em còn trên này nó khô luôn rồi. mà chạy cao tại đến nay [âm nhạc] ban cần ý bạn Bọn toàn ý cư sĩ nội tiết có thể thu ban Sam, son môi Magic Coi, chừng này nó là một mình sẽ cứ xao showbiz bạc côn đồng phí bạn trai IP không tốt hả chạy miễn phí, chẳng có trả lời. 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Hải Dương có sợ khi bán hồ sơ dự thi của mạng cà phê chân tới anh Huy chia mua là cái này capo taxi thoại. bạn có thể trông thấy Ok, không tơ ba Menđen ở logo mantan power men. vận tải nó về để buôn tơ nơ chiffon đơn hàng ấy nhớ mình, mà lực là một mình mạnh chắn ở vietfones muốn K1 bồi dưỡng cư Dương Đại. bạn bù được góp hệ. mình sẽ thấy không Mấy bạn nhân dân từ các bưu, từ canxi và to từ Mũi Né, TP Con sửa mũi nặng ở tim xa mà thành tạm đó bạn tìm sai, mà còn thấy bi quan trong cộng đồng dân tộc họ bồi dưỡng như thì mua để ra thẻ toàn mình gọi cho bạn ơi, sao cả mình đã gọi sáng TP tổng hôm nay tim xa rồi bọc là nụ hoa lớn. hơn nữa, tôi nàng lại bạn sẽ có thể dùng home Anh bảo hiểm tài khoản ước trên nước. tôi chẳng cần anh. tôi áo sơ mi đẹp, tinh nghệ, bỏng và đầy bùn. ơi, sao mình sẽ quả trứng thì thơ nghỉ và nhưng mở nhiều người chứ kể cái thôi, nhá, nè ra đi rồi gọi em DJ Mini. cái này hơi, nightlife, bar, lệ khá thả khi Appstore n = thọ lắm. nhưng Dương buông, tớ Có áo sơ mi. là tin mạng này giống chị ta muối ta thoại, Facebook, Thu các alen, mình đến từng chùm bệnh lắm. Hay vi, Ai có tk, chụm lại cho nên đấy, nó mới chuẩn côn Awards. bàn tay lấy hai cành lư của bà, thấy càng lớn, cứ dịp hai lại còn run khoáng hay quán bún cho họ Hồ Chợ này và cho Bác Hồ tặng vì thằng You may mà bộ đặt chân lên. tao yêu mày dân quần noyce trong bùn ơi còn hô tặng vì yêu, mà vẫn bút to hội rồi nè bọn nó cái này vẫn cứ. Em mệt, thì nghỉ đi được. Admin, tôi lấy đây ra tại khai trả bạn điều dõi khay tre. cứ việc written lấy cho ai chẳng yêu. nên đặt khe thứ mấy, thứ mấy, happening. nhiên ta làm này khai môi hay khai mong muốn như anh bên này. thì bạn dân ở con lợn và tập hoa muối để mantissa buồn với chế. bà phải nhôm có tay thay vì lái trong dùm. mình đang cư Thọ mỗi múi button Thì tim xa nên thú cưng I năng ở thù bancore chán, hay những buổi tới cư Ờ. School On The Host và số 7, chương có ao nâng hình học sinh tiếp để mình restore chonburi. ta chi tiêu xa chia phần tạp hóa lên men tim xa thôn được nghỉ. hai dân cư nghe. 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Em ở đâu. bàn chân thì mới cứ trôi cả anh không ít. bạn động cơ Diezen thuyết thứ Ui cho anh, dù không mấy bạn đi, bạn nhấn tung mây nắng ở ven đại là lại nôn ở dưỡng bà from six certified Ok rất là với đại dương ở miền mầm non bút cư dân những đánh người thầy dân trong ba này bằng chân có đột Marin Nhung tạo Cường nhung lụa đẹp vì trong loại xe mà bộ nào nhé, Bạn cứ thì mỗi cứ bụi. mình nghĩ chúng tivi cứ bụi mà chị, bạn ví dụ bệnh nhân đến hơi trong mạch Khác ư niềm vui nhộn, hay lại bạn muốn chụp hết lại một định kỳ. chúng mang bút Messi ở đây cho nó đã bút mà xây bưu điện Nghệ An, comment cùng sinh xây địa chỉ. các bạn gửi chị, gửi đồ Jesus tinkles đôi chorus, 2 năm sinh tồn tại Bạn dân nông viên ít được a khái niệm vi đột biến thì các buôn đâu mà sĩ ba lô mashi, nhưng Quang Tùng dung thì mày nên Mimi, mà bây giờ lại tìm mỗi cư ingame, ấn bạn ingame ảnh cưới, nên bà sẽ thì bikini lạnh lùng. comment và xây đấy đi BTC là xe lên. comment và xây đại quan tài bằng lời ca này, cả bút Thư, thì không có nghĩa để ra các bạn sẽ dẫn tự cảm. nên còn màu xanh, cây dân mạng lý tính từ cái kê đó ren thường xuyên và rất nhôm. yêu thấy cưng dùng vô cái này. em ghi cho mình Bạn chọn lại. em ghi cho anh chuyệ.