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build a business shopify

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

The OFFICIAL Shopify Tutorial: Set Up Your Store the Right Way

if you guys don't already have your own ecommerce store. it is 2022. what are you waiting for? when life gives you lemons- aka a global pandemic- why not make lemonade and start your own shopify store? and, honestly, there's no better time to do it than now, now that online store 2.0 is in full swing. baby, if you're not familiar, shopify is a platform that allows you to sell products online, and online store 2.0 is an updated version of shopify that's going to give you guys so much more control than ever before. i'm so excited to show you. so you guys are in for a real treat, because this is part one of a four part series where you guys are going to learn how to start a shopify store from scratch. and if you're new to this, do not worry at all, because shopify is for beginners. this tutorial, this series, is going to be for beginners, from literally start to finish. i've got you guys covered so excited, so let's just get into this. what's up you guys? i am michelle bally. if you guys are new here, learn with shopify is an official shopify channel, and we are all about teaching you how to start, run and grow an online business, so anything that you want to learn about becoming an e-commerce business owner? you can find it here. you want to learn facebook ads? we got you. you want to blow up your instagram check so you can learn everything that you need in order to start, run and grow an online business. so if that sounds like something that you need in your life, then hit subscribe. so what is shopify and is it right for you? okay, guys, let's get serious for one sec. what is shopify? it's a tool that allows you to sell online- simple as that. so if you want to start a side hustle- maybe you're selling like gym equipment- you'd basically go ahead and make an account with shopify to create an online store and then you can start making money. so shopify lets you sell online through a website. you can use shopify to sell in person through a pos, and you can even use shopify to sell on social media and online marketplaces. so the nice thing about shopify is that it has these built-in tools that are really going to help you through digital marketing. you can create, execute and analyze your digital marketing campaigns. also, shopify has this amazing single dashboard to manage your orders, your shipping and your payments pretty much anywhere you go, and the thing that i like to know is that millions of the world's most successful brands are currently using shopify. that being said, you can be a big business and use shopify. you can also be a small business and you can pretty much sell almost anything- guys- almost anything. don't get any crazy ideas. so, yeah, you can be anyone, you can be anywhere and you can use shopify and be successful. shopify plans and pricing- okay. so, like any millennial, i have a serious fear of commitment. so the fact that shopify has a 14 day free trial, that was pretty necessary for me. i know it would probably be necessary for some of you guys as well. so what i would recommend? literally before you do anything, before you keep watching this video, just click the link in the description box so that you guys can sign up for a free shopify trial. like, literally, do it right now, because you're going to want to do this with me, step by step. so pause this video, do what you got to do, sign up. got it? okay, amazing, let's get started. so, if you notike, there is no credit card required to get this free trial, which is really great, because if you're not into it, no harm, no foul, but if you do love it by the end of this series, you're going to have a brand new shopify store, which is really amazing. so if you do decide you love it and you want to keep your store, what's going to happen is you're going to be on a free plan, so you're going to need to graduate to a paid plan so that you can start accepting real sales. so let's tok about pricing and all the options that you have. so, as far as paid plans go, you're gonna have a few options. if you are a new business, i would recommend you just get the basic plan. that's gonna be 29 a month. that's going to be probably best for most of you. watching the next plan up is pretty similar, but a key difference is that you get a bigger shipping discount. this plan is probably going to be good for a business that's already somewhat established. now, the highest here is the advanced shopify account. this is for the big guys. so if you guys have a number of staff that are gonna all need access to your shopify account, this plan will probably be right for you. if you uh want really in-depth analytiks, this is also gonna be right for you, but i think, for the most part, for most of you guys that are watching. i think the basic plan will probably cut it. so that's what we're gonna be looking at today: how to create a shopify account. okay, so now we actually gotta go in and sign up with shopify to set up our store. so follow along, folks. i'm gonna put this on screen and i'm gonna speed this up because i think this is pretty easy. um, yeah, you can pause if you need to. amazing, okay, so by default, you get this: like ugly, my shopify url. it's gonna look like this one here, but instead we want something that's going to be like clean and easy to remember, like this one here. so let's get a custom domain so that we can cover up this ugly url from your shopified man. you're going to go to online store and then you're going to click domains. you're going to click buy- new domain- and then you're going to enter the domain name that you want. okay, after that, you got your perfect domain, so you're going to click buy and then you're going to receive an email from shopify and it's just going to be confirming your purchase, which is great. now don't worry, guys, if this doesn't come right away. sometimes it can take like 48 hours for your new domain to start working. but other than that, we're groovy. we got our new domain name and it's great, so love that. for us. now, guys, it is time to get creative. this is literally my favorite part. so let's start our web design off by choosing a theme. okay, listen, guys. as business owners, we have a lot to think about, so you can either sit and go through all the themes and take an hour to find the perfect theme, or you can literally just choose dawn. dawn is literally one of my favorite themes, just because it's just so easy. it is a brand new theme, so what you would do is you would just basically activate it like flip that switch on um as you start your account. so if you guys aren't already familiar with don, let me show you. let me just tell you a little a little something about dawn. so it is one of shopify's best themes because it just has all these incredible features that help you make more sales for one and secondly, you can really just express your brand with this theme. so i personally love dawn. it's just such an easy option, so let's do it. who is ready to add dawn? so this is how you're gonna do it: we're gonna go to online store. we're gonna hit themes and then we're gonna scroll down to the visit shopify theme store. okay, so from there we're gonna go and search dawn, and here it is. this is dawn, a brand spanking new theme that literally just dropped last year, and it is free, which i love. and, guys, you see these other free theme options here. we've got crave, we've got craft, this one's called sense, which i love. this is taste and studio, and these are all brand new themes i just dropped and they are so sick. i love all of these. so if you're not love and dawn, you have other options, and they're really just designed to help you get started more quickly and get you up and running in a pinch. so when you create your online store with shopify, you can choose between free themes and premium themes, and the free ones that we just looked at are great, but here are some really amazing premium themes as well. uh, these are going to be paid right, so this one is drop, this is bullet, and this is be yours. these are beautiful, gorgeous themes. um, there's also other themes to choose from, other than the ones that i've just toked about, but let's say you're, you know, go.

How To Create A Shopify Dropshipping Business From Scratch (FREE COURSE)

given you're watching this video, you either know about Drop Shipping, maybe try to create a Shopify store, but didn't quite understand the mechanics, dashboard, Etc. or you just haven't started one yet because you have no clue where to start. well, either way, you're in luck because in this video, I'm going to show you exactly how to build a high converting website using shopify's theme Builder. we're also going to cover some essential apps and settings to ensure you're well managed and capable of generating some serious bread. now there's a lot of information out there- maybe not all the best content, but I'm not going to be someone to put people on the spot and judge. rather, I'm going to share with you guys the exact strategies that I'm currently using on my stores which I use to product test, along with strategies I use even on my stores that have hit the seven figure Mark. if I look weird, I do apologize. it's been a long day. I just got to Krakow from split, so Croatia to Poland. but isn't that the beauty? I'm in a complete random country, and to think that you can quite literally be from any place in the world that, of course, has Wi-Fi, craft together your own online store and start getting orders from anywhere in the world is pretty crazy, not to mention with the Drop Shipping model. the best part about it is that you don't even need to be the one that's shipping and handling these orders. your supplier is going to take care of that. but before I hop into this 100 free course, I want to announce a special giveaway for this video. I'm going to be giving away a custom built Drop Shipping Store made by my team. now all you have to do is like this video, be subscribed and comment a question or a place you want to travel to. once you get your eCommerce Journey up and going, I'm going to announce the winner in next week's video, but without further Ado, let's hop into my computer and start this tutorial, foreign. so the first step into creating our online store is to create a separate Gmail account. that's going to separate our business assets information from our personal. so we're going to go to Gmail, create an account. I'm gonna do personal. um, Andy, you come. I apologize, it is in man, it's in Polish, okay, all right. so once you do that and create it, all right, let me translate this real quick. all right, there, we go next. uh, you don't need this, doesn't really matter for now. I'm just gonna go next, random birthday, our personal. one step, all right, confirm. all right, there we go. we are into our email now. uh, that's the main thing. so we got the email set up, all right. so the next thing we need to do is create our Shopify store. so we're gonna go ahead and sign up for Shopify here. I have this link right here. you can either go to shopifycom or I have a link below for an extended trout. uh, one dollar a month for three months, so that's pretty nice. we're gonna put in our email [Music]. it's Ecom store at gmailcom. start the free trial. all right, this doesn't really matter, we can just skip all these questions. so skip, skip. for here, the store name. this is optional. you can always change it later or, you know, once we connect our godaddy domain, that's going to be the URL link. so for now, just gonna name it Andy's e-commerce store. next, not in, I am in Poland, but I'm going to set this up for the US. yeah, it's gonna see that. so us, because that's where I live. it's already my taxes, okay, so we're gonna go ahead. continue with email. now we're gonna go ahead and set up a password that we can remember. create Shopify ID, all right. so here is our Shopify dashboard, and this is going to be the interface that we will be having to get used to. so the first thing I want to do, just so I can get this out of the way, is pick the plan, because it is a three-day trial, so it's just a buck. I'm gonna go ahead, choose this plan, put in my credit card information real quick. it's monthly, one dollar for three months. confirm the billing cycle. as you can see right here, it's only going to be zero dollars right now and then on the third day it's going to be one dollar and then one dollar for next three months. so I'm gonna go put this information in and then get back to you guys once it's all filled out. all right, so all I had to do was grab the Platinum, put it in and start the plan, and this is going to allow us to have a visible Shopify store from the get-go. now we're going to say anything about this, all right. so here is the Shopify interface. is the home page. now we have orders. this is where, if you ever get an order, it's going to populate right here. you can have access to the customer information: which order or which product that they ordered. drafts, abandoned checkouts: this is the products where we can go ahead and add all the list of products we've got: inventory transfers, collections, gift cards, customers: this is going to be everyone that has purchased or even abandoned cart is going to be put into here. all right, so the finance is going to show us our billing cycle payouts, everything regarding our payments. next, analytiks is going to give us a basic understanding of everyone that has visited our website: any orders returning, customer rate, average order value, conversion rate. so this is a very important dashboard right here, but I'll see the live live view and then reports. marketing: we're gonna have all of our marketing channels right here. discounts is where we can create custom discount codes. if I want to go ahead and create a 100 off discount code for myself, I can do that. if I want to create a Black Friday discount code, we can all create it right here. we can have access to the analytiks from there. online store: this is we're going to be able to edit our store. we're gonna have access to the themes right here: blog posts, Pages where we can, you know, set up our shipping policies and whatnot. navigation preferences: we can set up our pixels. so that's it for pretty much the main part of it. and then we have settings where we can see our plan, user permissions, payments, check out shipping and delivery, taxes, all that good stuff. but the first thing that we want to do right now is go to apps and then import our first product. so this is going to be very important. we're going to be searching for zendrop On the App Store, all right. so we're going to type in Zen drop. this is going to allow us to import products from AliExpress, so we're going to go to send drop. we're going to download this app, add the app. all right, so we're gonna go over here and install the app. it's just going to take a couple seconds, all right. so we're going to go ahead and create account. now just set up your password. set up your password, what's up? sign up, all right. so here is the dashboard. right here. we can go ahead and search for various products. you can have your import list right here. so any product that you go and press import, go to import list and you can import it from zendrop to your Shopify store, as long as it's linked, as you can see. we can scroll down here, see various products, but the product that I'm searching for isn't going to be available on this dashboard. I can go right here and check it out so we can go type in. I wanted to sell this uh Samurai umbrella, so this is my example product and I can't find it anywhere here. so I'm just gonna go click this import from AliExpress, the link, copy, paste, link import and it's going to populate onto my import list. alright, so now it's going to direct us to the import list and here we can edit what we want to bring into Shopify. I'm going to exit right here, I'm gonna name this umbrella and then we'll say block. okay, so the description. I don't want any of this stuff because it's not useful, it's not insightful and people are going to notike quite quickly that it's a Drop Shipping Store if they see that in the description. it's pretty obvious and for now I'm going to stik with let's see. per unit. let me go ahead and check real quick. it was the 24K was 17, 15.. so I'm probably going to want to sell this unit which is going to be advertised in the videos. it's the highest quality o.


🔥 Shopify For Small Business ✅ How To Use Shopify For Small Businesses

shopify for small businesses. hey guys, welcome back to the channel. in this video, i'm going to be showing you if shopify is a good e-commerce platform for small businesses to get started and everything you need to know about the shopify platform. so let's get into it now. the first thing you need to know is how do you get started with shopify. well, you're just going to go on to your new tab, you're going to type in shopifycom and you can go on to the link in the description box down below, which will lead you to this page, and you can just click on start free trial over here and get started with your free trial for 14 days or two weeks. now shopify is not available for free, so you're gonna have to pay to get started with shopify after your free trial and, as a small business, that might be a difficult decision for you to make. but the basic version of shopify only starts at 30 dollars, which i think is pretty affordable even for a small business, because i started my scrunchie business last year and i started with the basic version of shopify. i did later on upgrade to the shopify version, but that is something that is totally up to you. well, how do you get started, okay, so once you have created your account, this is going to be your basic dashboard and you can see, on your left you have your navigation panel, at the bottom you have your settings and then on the right you have your account and account settings and stores. so you can create multiple stores from one account as well, which i find to be a very useful feature, because when i started my scrunchie business, i did start like accessory business at the side as well, and i used a separate store for that, although that closed up, but still it was a good journey for me to be able to create two different stores from one account. so, for 30, you can create multiple stores on shopify. well, how do you get started as a small business on shopify? well, the first thing is that you need to go on to the product section and then you need to upload your products, and i'll show you guys that in a minute. but before i show you guys how you add your products, i'm going to show you guys one of the best features that i love using about shopify that you are going to find very helpful as well as a small business is the analytiks feature. so if you click on analytiks over here. this is going to be your analytiks dashboard and this is all good, but if you actually go into the report section, you're going to be able to get detailed reports on sale so you can see sales over time, sales by products, sales by product variation, vendor, discount, traffic, referrer, building, location, all of that stuff. and the most important in all of these reports i find to be behavior reports. so if you go on to the behavior section, you can find many different reports on what kind of people are viewing your products, what people are purchasing them, how often are people looking at them, and all of those detailed analytiks are present within the behavior section. and, as a small business, you're easily going to be able to change your marketing strategy accordingly once you monitor the customer behavior from this report. and this is really helped me optimize my scrunchie business as well, because, as i said, i also opened up a accessory business, but i realized that scrunchies were more popular. i was getting more traffic on the scrunchie website or store, as i was getting, in comparison to the accessory one, and these reports actually were the reason that i closed that up and focused on the scrunchie business instead. now, after that, how do you really go on about creating your online store? well, you're just going to click on online store on the left over here and you can see. you have your themes, blog posts, pages, navigation and preferences. now a simple way to start is going to the navigation first, and now i have these menu items. so you're going to click on main menu over here and then i'm just going to delete these menu items that i have present already, and what i'm going to do is i'm going to add new menu items so it could be shop now and i could add that over here. so, whatever kind of products that you're selling or you can, instead of adding like directly all products, you can click on collections and then you can add all collections, and you're just going to add that over here. so once people are led to the collections, they can choose what collection they want from, and then you can add another menu item called maybe contact us, like this, and then you can link the page of contact us over here. we're just going to add that over here and then you're just going to click on save menu. so i have these three basic menu items linked for my online short and make sure you do this from over here, because on the actual ecommerce editor you're not going to be able to edit the menu items. you're going to have to come back onto your dashboard and edit those from here now. after that, if you go on to your pages section, you can add as many pages if you want to, if you want to illustrate your work or if you have like a business model, if there's any information about your business that you would like to convey, like your journey or anything like that, you can click on add page over here and add all the information you want and link that into your navigation panel and below that you have your preferences. so any kind of social media sharing, google analytiks, facebook pixel, customer privacy- all of that stuff you can find over here for your ecommerce front. now, moving on to the more important part is your actual theme, so you can scroll down, click on theme, scroll down and go into the theme library, click on explore free themes over here and then you can customize any of these free themes and, as a small business, you don't need to waste time on finding someone to code your website for you. you can just use any of these sample themes and i'm just gonna go ahead and get started with one to show you guys how easy and simple it is to get started with shopify and make sure you also get started with shopify with the link in the description box down below. so what i'm going to do is i'm just going to pick out a theme that i like. so, once you have picked out the theme that you want, you're just going to click on customize over here and we're going to get started with customizing our theme. so this is like the basic empty theme that i have. i'm going to just click on these little sections and i'm going to remove these sections because i really don't need them. and i want to keep this as simple as possible because you don't want to over complicate your initial ecommerce store, because you're going to get all confused and it's going to be all difficult for you to manage. so that is why i recommend to keep it simple. but i'm going to click on add section over here and the basic section that i want on the top of my store is: i like to add like an image with text and i'm going to move this up from these three dots. you can move and drag sections up and down. so this is going to be my first section and i am going to select an image. so, let's say, i'm just going to select lego, i'm going to go into the free images section and i'm going to click on shop local. i'm just going to add this and then i'm going to go back and i'm going to click on select. now i'm going to close this up, the image section- and now i'm going to change the heading. so the heading is going to be like by organic cotton and then i'm going to write like a description about the product, so whatever description you might want to add for your business accordingly. so once i have done that, i'm just going to go back, and what i'm going to do now is i'm going to customize the pages that i created. so not only this is like my home page, but after my home page you have your products. so i'm just going to click on products over here and you can see i haven't added like a product page directly, but i have my shop now page. so i'm going to click on my shop now page and then i have my catalog. so i have my new year's gigs or any.

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How To Design A Shopify Store In 10 Minutes (Step-By-Step)

having a bad website will kill your chances of success on shopify, even if you have the best products and ads. it's so much harder to see results with a low quality store. so in this video, i'll be sharing the exact store template that i'm using right now to generate over a hundred thousand dollars a month, and i'll be showing you, step by step, exactly how to easily build one for yourself. if you're new here, my name is jordan and i'm currently documenting the entire process of growing my ecommerce brand with as much transparency as possible. so if you're interested in starting your own online business, make sure to subscribe for new videos every single friday. also just want to say thank you guys so much for 50 000 subscribers. so to give back to you guys, i'm gonna do something that i usually don't do. i'm gonna give away a free one-on-one coaching call to one of you. to enter the giveaway, just drop a comment down below, follow me on instagram and dm me. when you're done, i'll be announcing the winner for this next friday. anyways, let's get started with the video. first things first. here are some live results that i'm getting with this exact template. so, as you can see halfway through the day, i've already done over 2500 in sales and if we look at yesterday's stats, you can see that this store is averaging around five thousand dollars a day. everybody is always asking about profit, so let's take a look. yesterday i did around fifteen hundred dollars in profit and today, so far, halfway through the day, i'm at around in profit, which is close to 30 daily margin. i'm not showing this to brag, but just to prove that this layout is working. today, i figured the best way to explain this would be to make a sample store that follows this exact template, so that's what i did. let's have a look at that sample store. so this is a store that i created in the home and garden niche- the type of stores that i like to build to test products look just like this. basically, we're building a nice, clean, branded store with good logo, good images, multiple collections inside of that niche, high quality products and images and, overall, a trustworthy and legitimate feel. i get dms every single day of people asking me: why am i struggling to see results? and then i look at their store and it looks like this: if you take the time to make a nice, clean, branded website, seeing success with ecommerce is going to be so much easier. this kind of store is perfect for testing products because it is branded, it has a trustworthy feel, but it's also broad enough that you can test a variety of products without being too constrained. i like to call this kind of store a hybrid store. it basically bridges the gap between a general and niche store. building a store like this is really not that difficult, so i'm gonna break down how to do it right now. the first thing that you're gonna need to come up with is a clean name and logo. to come up with names, i highly recommend you guys check out this tool called lean domain search. basically, you can take any word or phrase that you like and plug it into here and they're gonna show you websites that are ready to go that have this word inside of it. so in my case, i used the word flora because it fit perfectly for the home and garden space, and i scrolled and scrolled until i found the name flora flow, which i really like. all of the names on this website are available to purchase for the com domain right away, so i would take some time and try to come up with at least five phrases that would fit with your branding. so now that you've come up with a name, you need to create a logo now. i know graphic design might be intimidating to a lot of you, but nowadays there are a ton of tools that make it incredibly simple. one of my favorite tools to do this is actually called canva. canva has a bunch of these logo templates already built into the app, and it's actually what i use to build the flora flow logo. you can literally scroll through their library and find a clean logo for your brand in seconds and know this video is not sponsored by them. i just really like their product. so, as you can see, the template that i use for the floraflow logo is right here. i literally typed in flower. i looked at the options, i found this one and i just simply typed in the logo name and then i made it a little bigger, centered it in the middle and i deleted the bottom and i made a logo for the brand in 10 seconds. now, look, it's going to take you longer than 10 seconds and you shouldn't rush the process, but i would highly advise you guys. use that tool to build your logo. i'm also a big fan of photoshop. for my brand that i'm running right now, i designed my logo in photoshop, but it's a lot more advanced and not very beginner friendly. once you've got a name and a logo, the next step is to build out a nice home page for your store. now, when you're running ads to this store, typically you're going to send people to the product pages. yeah, you might have a cool product, you might have a cool product page, but if your customer starts browsing around your website and they get a weird vibe, they're not going to spend money with you and even if they do, the chances of them remembering your brand and buying again are so slim. so this is the exact layout that i use for all of my home pages. let's break it down. there are a ton of themes to use on shopify and it can kind of be overwhelming. this store is actually built on the impulse theme, which is by far one of my favorite paid themes, and if you're looking for a good free theme, i recommend that you guys check out debutify. i've used both of them and personally i like impulse a little better, but if you're on a low budget, debutify is an amazing option. first things first. we need a nice and clean header. try to come up with something creative that introduces the people to your brand in a very inviting way. now i could have easily wrote the best products for your home and garden, but i think it's much better to put something that has a little bit more flair and life to it. so in this example, i put stylus essentials for the modern home designed to elevate your lifestyle. if you're struggling with copywriting, just go look at some of the biggest brands out there. in terms of this image and all the images on the site, shopify actually provides a bunch of really sick free images and a lot of people don't know about this. so if you go down to image and you click on change and you go to free images, you can search up almost anything. so in my case, i searched up flower and you'll see that shopify has a bunch of these really nice high quality images that they're constantly updating almost every single week, and they're really fire. the next thing i do is typically put one of our collections on display. in this case it's the best sellers, because those are my favorite products on the store, so i wanted to put those front and center and when they click on it, you're gonna see that these are our top selling products and a nice, clean, organized page. we also give them an offer with up to fifty 50 off on the select products, and it's just something that gives them some incentive to click and start shopping. the next thing that i really like to do is show some type of mission statement for the brand. i think that this really helps your customers connect with you and feel like they're a part of something greater than just buying a product. so you can see, what i put here is that we want to help over 10 000 people create their dream environment through providing our own unique products worldwide. now, this is going to be different for everybody, so make sure that you come with something unique for your brand. and once again, i just took the image directly from shopify. now, the next thing that i threw in here: it was just a promotion. you don't need to have this, but i included it because i thought it looked nice, so you can just see it's 50 off of our spring and summer collection. and then i just put a little blurb about stay at home and stay at peace with these essentials t.

Shopify Tutorial for Beginners 2022 (FULL Store Setup Guide)

in this shopify tutorial, i'm going to take you through, step by step, how to build a professional shopify store from start to finish. we're going to cover every single step, from signing up to shopify to launching your finished store, ready to sell your products. that includes choosing a theme, customizing your store website, adding products to your store and also important things like setting up your legal pages, your payment providers and your shipping information. i'm also not going to waste your time rambling about things that aren't important and then try to sell you a drop shipping course for 9.97. this video will simply help you getting your shopify store up and running as efficiently as possible, while also learning how to use shopify. so let's get started. so the first step is to go to medicsmediacom forward slash shopify or simply click on the link down below in the video description. this will get you a 14 day free trial for shopify. so do that now and we'll go from there. great. so once we're here, we can simply type in our email address right here and then click on start free trial, and then we also gonna have to set a password for our new shopify account, and down here you can also see the current url of your new shopify store now. you can change that if you want to, but eventually you're going to want to get your own branded domain, something like medicswatchescom anyway, so i wouldn't worry about that too much. and then you can click on create your store. now they want to ask us a couple of questions about our business, which we can actually simply skip right here, and then they ask us for our name and business address, which is actually required in order for us to create a new shopify account. so fill that out right here and then click on enter my store. awesome, so that will take us inside of the shopify dashboard, which is what you're gonna learn how to use in this video. however, we're not gonna cover every single thing here in the shopify dashboard, because a lot of it is self-explanatory and i think the best way to learn everything is to actually start building out your store and then learning by doing learning the features when you actually need them. so i want to dive right into the fun stuff and start building out our store. alright, so the first step is to go ahead and choose a theme for our new online store. so we're going to go to online store here on the left side, then we're going to go to themes, and then we can see that the current theme that is already installed on our online store is the dawn theme. this is the default theme that comes with every new shopify store. now, choosing a theme, you want to make sure that the theme already is kind of the design that you're looking for, the structure of the of the website that you're looking for. so you have a minimal amount of work you have to do until you are ready to launch your store. so what you can do is you can go to actions, click on preview and then you can see how this current theme is actually built up, and then you can decide on if this is actually the right theme for you or if you want to choose a different theme. now, if you want to choose a different theme, you have a couple of different options. so here, when we scroll down, we can see that there are some free themes that we can use that come with the shopify plan, or it can also go to the shopify theme store right here and then also check out paid themes, which you're gonna have to pay for. so what you can do right now is to go through some of these options. i would recommend to first click on explore free themes right here and see if any theme here really fits your brand, your, your kind of store or the products that you want to sell. so eventually, all we have to do then is to add our products, add our branding and add all of our content, and then our store will be ready to go. what i'm gonna do in this video is simply choose one of the free themes right here. so i'm gonna click on explore free themes and i'm actually going to go for the brooklyn theme right here, so i'm going to click on the brooklyn theme. they also have a couple of different styles for each theme, so you can click on different styles and decide on which one you like the most. i'm gonna simply stik to the classic style right here and then i'm gonna click on add to theme library here on the bottom, and then, once the theme has been added, we can see it right here, and in order to actually change from the default theme to the new one we have just added, we need to go to actions right here and then click on publish, then again confirm right here, and now our theme will change to the new theme that we have just added and now we want to start building out our store. so we're going to scroll up again and then we're going to right click on customize and click on add link in a new tab. this way, we still have our shopify dashboard open in the background and we can work on our shopify store in the shopify editor right here at the same time. so now we are in the editor of shopify, which we can use to build out our online store website. so i'm going to give you a quick overview over how this works and then we're going to start to build out our website. so here on the top you can switch from different pages. so right now we are on the home page. you can also switch to your product pages, to your collection pages, blog pages and so on. but most of the work we're gonna do here on the home page and you're gonna see that all the other pages- like product pages, checkout pages- they're already built up for you, so there's not much design that we have to do on these pages. then you can also change from desktop view to mobile view or full screen view. so eventually you want to make sure that your store looks very good on mobile as well, because a lot of the traffic nowadays online comes actually from mobile phones. but however, we're going to build out everything here on the desktop view. then the site is built up in different sections, so it always starts with a header section here on the top and then on all the way in the bottom there's the footer section where you're going to have a couple of links and your legal pages and so on, and in between the header and the footer there are the sections which you can decide what you want to put in here. so by default we have a slideshow section here on the top where you can feature your store or your products, and we also have a menu here on the top which is part of the header. then we have another section, the rich text section. right here we have collection list, we have feature collection and so on. these are all sections that you can add manually and also remove. so, for example, if you want to remove the which, the rich text section, we could simply click on it and then we can click on remove section right here on the bottom. now, depending on what screen size you have, this menu might also display here on the right side for you, but for me it's here on the left side- then you can click on remove section right here and, just like this, this section is now gone from our website. you can also add new sections by clicking on add section here on the bottom left, and then you can decide on what kind of section you want to add. so let's say, we want to add this rich text section. again, we can simply click on which text section, then it will add it here on the bottom and now we can also drag it to another position. so we can drag it here up to maybe below the slideshow, and there we go. we have this section now on our home page again. so let's actually start building, and the way we're going to do it is we're going to simply go from top to bottom and we're going to start with the header. so we're going to click on the header here on the left side and the first thing we're going to do is to add our logo to our store. so i'm going to click on select image right here and then we're going to choose the logo that i have prepared for this specific store. so i'm going to click on upload an image and then i'm going to choose this image right here, which is:


hi everyone. its Mike, with launch of startups and in today's video, I want to teach you how to start a six-figure clothing line. the reason why I chose clothing line is because I want to show you guys that it's not about finding a or reinventing the wheel, it's finding. it's looking what works and then tweaking it so that you can be profitably, you can find a good product. okay, so, with t-shirts or clothing lines, I feel like there being a new company or new brands being made every day and a lot of them are actually successful. a company that if you're actually into, if you watch YouTube videos and you are into fitness, it is something like alpha, so alpha, we athletiks. if you follow him on, if you follow Christian on YouTube- I've seen some of his videos- is that he's created this brand for his clothing line and he does really well. you know, probably sales from millions, millions of dollars worth, because he does these certain launches and just kind of figures out what his demographic of customers who want. well, what I want you guys to know is that he didn't. he didn't then you know, the sweater or the t-shirts or anything like that, but he created a brand that were a niche that was being underserved in the market. okay, and he does fairly well. so it's fairly easy to create a six-figure company from a clothing line if you know how to market it and you know how to find a demographic that's being underserved. so I mean, like, let's take a look at his hoodies- there's not a specific design to it. he doesn't have, he doesn't flash a certain logo or anything like that, it's just the name and actually, if you read the comments and in his YouTube videos or like Instagram posts or anything, people want the clothing line that has no brands. I mean, that's the thing right now is people like to wear clothing that doesn't have any brands, but you know he's can still sell it for fifty two dollars and the brand is located back here. so when my hoods down, you can't even see the brand. but he's been able to create a brand around alpha Lee and athletiks and you know these styles could be easily found on Alibaba. so that's one thing that I want you guys to really focus on and really think about is what you don't need to come up with these really cool designs of t-shirts or anything like that, but I mean when he first started- yes, like, if you wanted, like I know I use live fit apparel, so they're there more so on the fitness online. but in terms of designs, so let's take a look at men's t-shirts so you can see, like, look at their designs. you know cool designs and they hit the demographic of that California skater that also likes to work out and that's the demographic that they found. and these guys are also a multi-million dollar company. so if these guys are multi-million dollar companies, you guys can create an easy six-figure income from creating a clothing line. if you can find a demographic or a market that's being underserved, okay. so if you, if you do the hard part of finding that market and find branding it in a way that reaches us specifically to that demographic, then you can do well. and what I want you guys to do is actually go on printful. so I've toked about this before. they they take your products or they have these certain products right here that are like pillows, hats, wall, are all over t-shirts and what they do is you choose whatever t-shirt you want to sell and then they actually you upload your design. so if you wanted to go like on, you know, lift it and you created this specific design right here- nothing, stuff, twenty-four dollars and then you upload it here and you actually attach it to your Shopify. so they integrate really well with the way the Shopify that now you could put that design on this t-shirt and, yes, the price is fairly high because these are print on demand services. so for nine dollars and selling it for twenty four dollars a pop, it's not bad. okay, that's not bad. but later, once you get enough sales and you feel like you can order that bulk order to get a cheaper price, then you can go to Alibaba. okay, but doing it this way you will not have any upfront costs. okay, so this will help you build some upfront cost prior to actually ordering that bolt case or that bulk, the bulk orders from Alibaba to get a cheaper price. so you can see here is that they have t-shirts, hats. you could develop that whole brand, a whole logo and all that specifically for all these products. I mean they got socks, they got leggings for women, they have all over printing tanks, pillows. you could develop this whole brand, okay. so the cool thing about that- I you know like this, like I said, they integrate well with all these types of platforms, Shopify specifically- you can go down here to what I love about them is their branding services. okay, so they include a branding stiker free on all your packages. so as long as you upload a logo for your products, they can slap that on to the box and they have no idea that it actually came from printful. okay, they also offer inside shirt labels. so inside this shirt will say your logo. again, they have no idea that it's coming from printful and they think that it's coming directly from you and they. what's what I love about this, compared to drop shipping, is that you, you can offer next day, you can offer standard delivery. you know, three to five business days. when you dude drop shipping, sometimes their products will come from, you know, within a month and that can really aggravate your customers. so, especially during the holidays, everyone's trying to get it before Christmas and if you have a drop shipping site and they don't order by December 1st, good luck getting their product and look how much of the sale you're gonna miss from this. you know, after December 1st, first, leading up to Christmas, you're gonna lose a lot of sales. so these are just other branding services that they offer. they are, you know, this is. this is what they can actually have- return addresses they can put when I love. another thing I love for 75 cents is these packings that you could put so you could put like a 20% off your next order. so it's like these really unique branding services that you cannot do when you're doing drop shipping. okay. so this is a great way to get started. if you have no up for, if you don't have money to fork over that bulk order purchase from Alibaba- okay. so if you go to Alibaba and then you type in t-shirts and what I like to do always check these three trader shirts- gold supplier and assess supplier- these are the more well, the more legitimise legit suppliers that Alibaba has actually checked out or you know, like assessed, or their gold supplier, because they sold a certain amount and there's there's just a little bit more of an assurance when searching for a supplier, as long as you check these three and then you're not worrying about unbranded supply or anything like that, okay. so look at this. you find when you're looking for a supplier after you feel like there's a good demand based on you doing it through printful. you take a look at their transactions. these guys are doing 80 thousand dollars in the last six months. maybe you can find something bigger than that, like these guys are doing it- five hundred dollars. and then you their t-shirt manufacturer companies and they can make these t-shirts that originally were there for, you know, eight dollars. I believe that you can get it for as cheap as five dollars a pop and then sell it for $25 or upwards, and then now you get five times the amount of what you are paying it for. okay, so that's, and this is a great way, and this is the little trick that I want to show you guys- is the difference with everyone else trying to create a clothing, clothing line or any anything that comes with dropshipping, is that they they don't know how to have the pictures. they don't know how to create pictures for their clothing line. so this is a little hack, a little trick that I found. okay, nobody really knows about this. it's called place it, place it, dotnet, okay, so you know, place it down it and you can click up he.