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Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

Relaxing Ambience 😌 Beautiful Harp Music to Relax 😌 Calm Harp Instrumental

[Harp instrumental]: "Harp of Ambience".

Relaxing Music For Children - Be Calm and Focused (cute animals) | 3 Hours Extended Mix

♪ Relaxing piano music with bird sounds. ♪ Title: Dreamy Cat. [Music continues the same, looping over]. Subscribe for more sleeping and relaxing music.

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Daily Calm | 10 Minute Mindfulness Meditation | Be Present

welcome to the daily calm. let's start today's session by finding a comfortable position with a tall, straight back. allow your arms to rest gently. when you're ready, close your eyes, bring full attention to this very moment, settling in and allowing the mind and body to still, and with openness, patience and curiosity, bring your awareness to the breath- a deep breath in and releasing it fully. follow the breath as it flows in and out of your body, taking one last deep breath before letting the breath settle, allowing it to feel natural and easy. don't try to force the breath or regulate it in any way. just allow it to flow naturally on its own. so and we'll scan down the body. now, concentrating our attention from part to part, start by bringing your attention to the top of your head and scalp, feeling whatever's happening in this area. you might feel tingling or heat throbbing or soft vibrations. there may be strong sensation or you might not feel much at all. now lower your attention to your forehead, face and jaw. allow the muscles here to relax on your next out breath. let that sensation dissolve. lower your focus to the neck, letting the throat and sides and back of the neck soften. notike any sensation that arises on the surface of the skin or deeper within. now bring your attention to your shoulders, notiking if there's any tension or strain, breathe into your shoulders and if any parts feel tight, allow them to relax. extend your awareness down the arms towards the wrists, palms and fingers. on the next out breath, allow them to soften. now come to the chest, observing the rise and fall of each breath. notike how the lungs expand and contract. direct your attention to your upper and lower back. there may be some intensity is. this is an area where we commonly hold stress. if you notike any tension or warmth or discomfort, just observe what's there. with each breath you take, soften just a little bit more, moving your focus around your abdomen. notike it expanding, filling up with air and slowly emptying on the exhale. and bring your attention to your pelvis. notike where your body makes contact with the ground or your chair, and direct your breath into this area, relaxing into stillness. now scan your legs, observing your thighs. notike where they make contact with your cushion or chair, lowering your attention to your knees and your shins and calves. let your legs soften, intentions, release when you're ready, breathe into your ankles, your feet and toes. let them relax and become soft, sinking into a state of relaxed awareness and, as we near the end of the session, take a moment to notike how you feel. you may find that you're more relaxed, as this is often a common outcome of meditation. this is one of the reasons why it's so helpful to meditate during times of stress. when we're experiencing stress, our amygdala fires up and it's difficult to make thoughtful decisions. so if we find our mind is clouded due to overwhelm, we can use meditation as a tool to calm the mind down. ideally, we want to meditate in a preventative way, so we don't get to that point. the practike is here for you whenever you need it and as we near the end of the session, bring your attention back to the room, wiggle your fingers and toes and slowly open your eyes. i hope you enjoyed today's daily con. i invite you to bring this state of peace with you into the day and we'll see you back here tomorrow. you.

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CELESTIAL WHITE NOISE | Sleep Better, Reduce Stress, Calm Your Mind, Improve Focus | 10 Hour Ambient


Guided Meditation for Calm (Anxiety / OCD / Depression / Pain) Spoken by Michael Sealey

do not listen to this recording whilst driving or whilst operating machinery. only listen when you can safely relax and bring your full awareness to your own complete comfort. this is a guided meditation for calm you can listen to and enjoy any time you choose. i suggest and recommend this meditation, especially if you are experiencing any symptoms of anxiety, ocd, agitation, depression or even pain, or you would really just like some self-caring moments to find a more peaceful presence of calmer mind and calmer body. hi there, my name is michael seeley and i'm so glad you have chosen my voice here to be your meditation's guide. so go ahead now and find your best surroundings to make yourself comfortable wherever you are listening, making sure you are safe and secure enough to remain undisturbed, at least for this next little while, and whenever you are ready, just close your eyes or allow your eyelids to move to a half close as you relax and soften your gaze and begin to move your conscious attentions and your settling awareness to the gentle rise and fall of your chest, as you become a little more aware of each breath arriving and each breath flowing out within each present moment, simply allowing yourself to breathe continuously and easily. [Music], always with a very natural and normal, easy flow in and a very natural and normal easy flow out. as you take this time and this space to orient a little more to the inside, as you begin to transition consciously into that more watchful and more mindful role where you are letting yourself become the conscious mind, karma, inner observer, giving to yourself all conscious permissions to simply notike and to observe the present movements and the sensations of each passing breathe. and as you do notike these sensations of each breath moving in and each breath moving out, know that there's really no need to breathe in any special way. instead, just allow yourself, in this resting, current awareness, to simply watch and witness the movements of each breath. [Music], observing the breath without judgment or opinion and without inner critikism, as best you can. [Music] by allowing the mind's awareness to settle itself as you calmly observe and return to where each individual breath begins and where each individual breath may end. [Music] and this flow continues, perhaps asking at times, as you witness: is this current breath a little shallow or is this current breath a little deeper than the last? is this current breath moving a little hastily as it arrives or is this present breath somewhat slower? understanding each breath may be a little different because each breath really is unique. as you observe this natural and normal cycle and this tidal flow of breath repeats within you all by itself. or maybe you can become aware too to any subtle changes that are happening within each breath, within this sensory awareness, noting any sensations or any softening movements that may be felt throughout the shoulders as the body breathes and each breath continues, or noting any changes to the pace or the rhythms, the movements of the diaphragm or any movements you can feel within the lower belly [Music], as the breath reaches down there below the chest and moves down, observing how each new breath may also begin to slow itself over time as the settling body continues to adjust and relax in this very simple, self-regulating way. as you become aware to any feelings or observations of the temperatures within each breath, becoming aware to the warmth or the coolness of each arriving breath, can you sense perhaps a slightly cooler air that moves in as it arrives from the outside? and just notiking how that cooler air can be warmed within you as each breath travels in and down, moving in through the nose? [Music]. observing those sensations as you feel the breath moving down and into the breathing lungs, as the breath there is just naturally held and warmed, even for just a moment, and then this warmer breath is released again, as you notike those sensations of the warmer breath flowing smoothly and gently up again and out through the airways, passing that warmer air out over the nostrils textures and returning and releasing that out breath back to the exterior world and within each present moment. now you can just return your awareness again and reorient to these observations of this breathing flow, even if at times your mind's attentions or your thoughts may wander. just notike that wandering or that roaming attention and gently allow yourself to bring your awareness back to each breath [Music], as this kind of awareness of each breath returns you to that role of the conscious observer, the being who is witnessing your own breathing self, the being who is aware of the self that is, i am [Music], the self within conscious awareness who is inviting more and more grounded safety and security into this present space where each breath is just enough and your awareness, through this flowing observation, is enough. [Music] and after a few more moments of simply watching and noting the various sensations or textures or subtle shifts that may come, i'd like you to just take a kind of mental scan now as you begin to scan down within your mind, traveling your awareness down your body from the top of your head and moving that awareness down through the resting body all the way down towards the toes. and as you're doing this body scan, also begin to notike any new sensations or any obvious sensations or any softer or more subtle existing sensations, [Music] or signals, in a way that may also be felt or observed within each resting body part, as you witness now the resting self finding its growing ease. you're extending your observation into any areas of tightness or any areas of present calm and simply notike those differences, noting any differences between those sensations, any differences between tension and calm, and observe any other body parts that may also be changing or adjusting over time, any body sensations that are transitioning or transforming perhaps a little more towards any growing senses of a building, relaxation or a calm or an ease or an acceptance. as you move this light of your own inner awareness down and down, you're just taking note of whatever it is that you find [Music] and each time you do this kind of inner body scan, just continue to observe in this way, without judgment or critikism, observing all of the interior body's own signals of that inner life, the life of your own body, how the body itself really can unwind and sensations can change from moment to moment- understanding how the body itself really does know how to calm itself down. as you touch in now with your awareness, by connecting to the body's wisdom and the body's truth [Music], even without your active or striving efforts, could you become aware of how your body really does know how to relax itself, how to soothe itself, even in those moments when you're aware of the conscious mind roaming or wandering somewhere else, even with a consciously shifting attention, the more you offer your best present acceptance to the present state of your own self, the more the body and the mind really do begin to match up or pair up and begin to harmonize, allowing the body's wisdom to inform the resting mind and the resting mind's wisdom to inform the karma body [Music], as the body's physiology and the resting nervous systems, and even those resting cells actually and positively can change towards calm [Music], towards health, towards healing, as the calming body discovers its own space of ease and the calming mind allows this easier expanding space [Music], allowing simple yet powerful ongoing flow of self-acceptance to really move you now towards a much calmer and much more open relaxing state, because this state of growing calm, you may already know, really can allow so much more room for your increasing and better health, as all of your evolving, expanding self-kindness and your space for self-care may encourage and allow that inner self-repair as this process continu.

Mini Case Study: Facebook Video Ads That Convert 50% Better | The Calm Marketer Podcast

this is episode 113.. are your facebook ads tanking? are your costs going through the roof, but you're not getting any leads? imagine if you could get a flood of leads for the lowest cost possible. the secret is meme video style facebook ads, and in today's episode i will reveal a mini case study where i uncovered what i learned after running meme style video ads. so let's get started. welcome to the calm marketer podcast. my name is kenneth fong, a digital marketer on a mission to help businesses thrive. i'll bring you on my marketing journey, where you'll get to learn from my experiences as an infp navigating and extroverted world and get actionable marketing tips for your business. thanks for spending some time with me today. now let's begin. so i wanted to tok about a really great win for one of my clients in today's episode because i've been just struggling to get a solid low cost per lead for them. so to give you a little bit back story, they are a solar business, so what they do is, within their state, they offer solar panels to qualified homeowners, and we've been working since last year together and it was really great. the initial two to three months of our engagement. we were able to get them a cost per solar lead at around i would probably say- i'm gonna pull up my analytiks right now just to give you some solid numbers around what we were offering them. so we were getting leads at around 40 per lead on average, and within the solar business that's pretty, you know, that's, that's pretty standard, that's pretty average. and as the months came along, so, for example, in january of this year, lead costs started to go up. so it went from 54 to 79 per lead to 48 per lead. so it started to slowly creep up up to the point where, in february, uh, the cost per lead skyrocketed to over 250 dollars, and that's per lead. now, during this whole time frame, uh, we always run new sets of ads. so basically, every week we test a new copy, new imagery out and, for whatever reason, it just wasn't working. you know, our primary media that we used, our primary creative, were images and let me tell you, we ran over a hundred different types of images since our engagement. initially things were good, but after a while things just started to slowly creep up and i wanted to do something different. i see, you know, just looking at competitors in the space, looking at other ads, that really caught my eye. one thing that i notiked was that what really caught my eye and what i thought was pretty ingenious were videos, and specifically those meme style videos. so what are meme style videos? they're basically the meme images, uh, but in video format. so you have, you know, the top black bar, on top, which is whatever text, and then the bottom black bar is another piece of text and in the middle is the video and i envisioned, you know, my client, uh, just explaining the benefits of solar and what homeowners could, could save after after they go solar and just different benefits and and things like that, and and so that was my idea and uh, so, you know, we were speaking with the client and we were able to have them record a quick three to four minute video just explaining the benefits of solar and explaining their program and also, what's most important is calling out the specific type of person they wanted to work with. so, in this case, what we wanted to really target were people who were previously uh denied for solar. you know a lot of people they don't qualify, uh, but this specific client, they were able to get financing for homeowners who probably might not have the best credit or, you know, debt to income ratio or whatever it may be, and give them this opportunity for solar. so we called out the specific target market we were trying to reach and in the headline of this meme style video, you know, we added a catchy headline and in the bottom part, instead of having a statik sub headline, what we did was we transcribed the video and put uh captions. so this is really helpful for people who watch a video on silent or mute or people who, you know, want to read while they also listen, right? so we added that and it was a square, so this image dimensions were 1080 by 1080, so basically square. and we use this video for to test out and the results as of today, march 23rd- we've been running for a little over a week now- and the cost per lead is- let me pull it up here: the cost per lead for this video ad turned out to be turned out to be uh 22 per lead. that's crazy- from over 250 dollars per lead down to 22 bucks. so i can tell you with data that video style meme ads really work- um, for, for solar sales. for if you are a solar consultant, if you are a solar professional, meme style videos can work. you know it's worked for us. so i highly recommend you try it out. and it's pretty easy to create because you don't necessarily need to fiddle around with designing things. all you need to do is just whip out your cell phone, record a quick three to four minute video explaining the benefits of solar and what makes your program unique, and upload that into a facebook video and see how it performs. because, uh, so far, you know over a little over a week now and 22 dollars per lead, so really great numbers, and i just wanted to share that with you and and have you, you know, give it a shot. now. what's really important here is testing. you know you need to test out different ad creatives every single week, maybe multiple times a week. make sure that you are constantly testing out. you know we wouldn't be at this stage where we are at right now if we weren't testing. so my, my recommendation is to always test and to really understand who your avatar is. if you don't know your avatar, it will be really hard to create the copy and to create that hook, that hook that catches people while they're scrolling facebook. so make sure you understand your avatar, and i learned different tactiks on how to understand my avatar through the click funnels. uh, one funnel away challenge. um, it's a 30-day challenge where they basically take you by the hand to build out an entire campaign from scratch, and a big focus is really understanding your audience. and if you want to learn more about the one funnel away challenge, i just click the link in the description in the show notes and check it out. but definitely give this video meme style a shot and see see how it works. let me know if what you think. if you want to contact me, go to bitly forward. slash the calm marketer, that's bitly forward. slash the calm marketer and shoot me a video message, an audio message or a text message and ask me any questions. if you want to collaborate, let me know. alright, thank you so much and have a great day you.