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candy rack shopify

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

😘😘 Candy Rack Shopify App Review (2021) 🍬🍬

hi guys, this is chris and welcome to conversion chef. in this channel we tok about shopify applications to increase your conversion. if you haven't subscribed yet, hit that subscribe button so that you won't miss any of our youtube updates. you may also check the description below for the links of the application's review. please also visit our review blog, conversionskitchencom and mailingleastconversionchefclub. let's jump into the video [Music]. in this video we are going to tok about the candy rack one click upsell application. so what does this application do? this is an application dedicated to increase your sales or conversion rate through upsell and cross-sell. what should you expect with the application? first one is that there are many features in this application. the first one is to create a product upsell. another one is that it has auto upselling based on the project recommendations, api, the one-click upsell pop-up. so let's go through these different features as we go along with the video. now we are on the dashboard of the candy rack one click upsell application. you can see here that instructions how to set up your upsell and below that is the basic analytiks as well as the list of your upsell campaigns. now the analytiks: you can find here your performance overview as well as your upsells overview, so you may refer to the analytiks if you want to find out how your campaigns, as well as your upsells, doing. now let's go and create our new upsell and to do that, just click on the new upsell button on the right corner of your dashboard. the first thing you have to do is to choose which upsell you want to create. so before that, there are these instructions provided above. you will be guided how to set up your upsell. so the first upsell is the product upsell you have here if you want to offer existing products from your store and increase your order value. you also have, below that, the smart auto upsell. in this section you are going to let the application decide on what product you want to upsell, depending on the activity of your buyer on your store. so this automatikally detects which product to upsell, basing it on the activity of your customer. so that's smart auto upsell. next one is the gift packaging. you also have here the custom gift note, your extended warranty, premium email support and there are many other features here. so just you can always play on this section and choose which of your upselling, which upselling style you want to create regarding or depending on the purpose or purpose of your campaign. so there are many. there are many other features here, so you may play on this area and see which works most for your store. but for now we are going to focus on the product upsell as well as your smart auto upsell. so let's create a product upsell. just click select and just fill in the information that is needed on this section. so the first one is to name your upsell. let's say that this is your christmas sale and choose which product you want to upsell. so the select product with all the variations added or included. so just click add. add the descr at the description of this upsell. so let's say: this is: buy now and get discounts. they add this product on their cart. they will get an a discount. let's say it's a 15 discount. and the next one is that you need to create. if you want to create a custom discount code, you just have to type it here. let's say that this one, but let's change it to 15.. you have to make sure that the discount code that you have created should be existing on your discount page and on the discount page you can see here the list of your discounts created, such as this: so you have to create the discount or custom discount that you have created, which is this one. so paste that and fix the informations according to your informations here. so that's a 15 discount should be similar or the same applies to all products, minimum, specific products. okay, depending on your preferences and a minimum requirements, customer eligibility and whatnot. so just fix the information, stay here and save the discount code so that discount code will be used by your customers when they check out. so let's see, okay, let's create that and let's visit our online store to see how it works. okay, so, since we have created an upsell for all the products that we have here, so let's say that we have added the store, our cart, so add that to our card and automatikally it has a pop-up of the app: product upsell. so this is your product that you have selected to upsell and this is your description so you can custom. you should customize that so that your customers will be hooked up on your upsell and it does not. it does not indicate here how much discounts they have. so if you can also put that on the description and let's visit our cart, let's see how it looks on the checkout. so there you go: on the checkout, you can already see the discount code that that is being created for this product. so that's how the discount code works with your product upsell. so that's how simple it is to set up your product upsell. now let's see how this smart auto upsell works. so select that. since we have an existing smart auto upsell, we only have one. okay, so just edit that and, just like the product upsell, you can set these informations according to the upsell name and whatnot. so the upsell name, your description. as i've said, it is better to. if you have a discount, it is better that you put it on the description, because it helps your customers to know how much is the discount, your product count, if you have a minimum number of products on their card. if you want to set that, then just select how many products. let's say that if they have three products on their card, they will be able to have a 15 discount and it displays for all the products. so, depending on your discounts that you want to create, okay, so that's just how it works, or how to customize your smart auto upsell. let's see on the online store. so we have here two products on our cart. now let's, since we have, we have set at least three products on the card before it pops up. so let's, let's go and make it three, for example, just make it two. let's go to checkout and the discount code here is 15, underscore all. so let's see if that works. 15 all, so let's just apply that. so it has automatikally disregarded the first discount code that is applied. it only have one discount code per check out. our smart auto upsell is working, which is this 15 all, and it has indicated here the discount. and that's also how simple it is to set up your auto upselling, which is very simple and i guess that's everything about the candy rack: one click, upsell, upselling and the smart auto upselling. so if you want to know more about the different features, you may always go to the new upsell and browse them one by one according to the purpose or according to your preference and which fits your store more. and what i can say is that this application is very helpful to increase your sales as well as your conversion rate. so just visit the description below if you want to install it. i have written the link for this application on the description so you may always go on the description and click that to install and what i can say about this application is that it's very easy to use. there are instructions provided, so you will be guided to set up your upsell as well as it creates the analytiks and your list. so thank you for watching this video and i hope that you have learned something, and i hope to see you on the next one. thank you for watching this video. please don't forget to like and share this video, and we are happy to hear from you on the comment section. visit our youtube channel, conversion chef for more videos about reviews of shopify applications that can help you increase or boost your sales. you may also check the description below for the links of the applications and our mailing list. if you haven't subscribed yet, just hit that subscribe button, as well as the bell, to be notified with our new updates. i hope to see you on the

Candy Rack Upsell bugs

hello, i'm going to take a look at the um candy rack upsell app. so i'm just going to take a quick look and we'll just pick the sloth and see if this works. the way our customers do it is they can't just add it directly to the cart, they have to customize it first. so we're going to personalize it and add it to the cart. so i'm just going to pick um, i'll just do a simple one. they pick their font, they picked their color, date of birth and another color. i'm going to do a couple other add-ons just for fun already in our in our personalizer. so i'm going to do a bow tie and then i'm going to add to cart and it correctly offers me the add-on, the little blanket for a 40 discount and a description and i can click on it to take me to the description of it. perfect, that's great. i'm going to add it. so it's been added. i'm going to continue to my cart and what it has to do first is our personalizer app has to create the item that the user originally purchased, this sloth. it has to create it with the right colors and the right fonts and all that. so it's going to do that right now it's creating the slot and it's supposed to take us directly to the cart page, and it has done it this time, perfect. a lot of the time, however, it is not taking us to the cart page. it is taking us right back to the actual sloth page. so i'm we're going to keep testing this. it has created the correct item and it's given us the sloth and we're going to get a discount on it. um, what i'm going to do now is i'm going to get rid of this. should get rid of the slot lovey as well, perfect. and i'm going to try to switch to um, um, uh, mobile. so i'm just gonna do it on an iphone, for example. uh, so let's go back here this time. we're gonna do it with um. let's try it with the moose. let's see what happens here. so we'll just do it with uh. we'll try the bigger one here. i'll just put some random stuff in here. i'll leave those out. i'll add a couple more accessories, a ribbon and some barrettes, and now i'm- we don't want a message, that's fine- and change a couple of the colors. and now i'm going to add this to the cart and we'll see what happens. so it correctly offers me the mousse blanket, which is what i wanted. let me see if i can click on it. yeah, perfect, that's great. thank you, excellent. uh, let's go back and i'm going to add it now when i continue to cart. it's supposed to create the mousse. let's see what happens. so perfect, it creates the mousse. but the problem is it has taken us back to the moose product page and an even bigger problem- i don't have the mousse in my cart or the add-on item of the levy. so that is a big, big, big problem. let's see what is actually in the cart when i go there. so the moose itself is actually there and the levee is there. so that's good, although i didn't apply the discount properly. it doesn't look like. so the item is there and i'm just going to go to checkout. so it's 86.90 without the discount. i'm gonna go to checkout and see what happens. okay, so it's got the mousse, it's got the three add-ons and it does have the most lovey with the discount. okay, so that worked. it looks like it's a little bit buggy though. um, i'm just wondering. and then i've tested this a bunch of times already this morning. sometimes it doesn't add the actual add-on item, sometimes it doesn't apply the discount properly. sometimes it takes you to the cart, sometimes it takes you back to the product page. i would really really like it if we created the product and then took it to the cart. i know there's a setting- um, i know there is a setting- to take you directly to the cart when you've continued. however, i've tried that and what that does is it takes you directly to the cart before creating the personalized item. so that's just a no, no go for us at the moment, because it needs to create the item with the person's baby name and birth date and and weight and colors and all that jazz. so, um, we just have it on default. i'm just wondering if, if someone could take a quick look. it's really, really um, buggy, i guess, is the right word, but um, we're going with it for now and hopefully we'll keep an eye on customers and see what they say. if they're unable, you know, if they get sent back to the product page and they're unable to find, um, the check out, the cart button, which is very possible, then we'll have to, um, we'll have to, you know, just take these off for the moment. so right now, it's actually got all the items in in the in the card up here and if i go to the cart it should have them as well, although it doesn't show the discount that is going to be applied here. but it did apply it correctly at the checkout- 80s at 62 and 25: 87- and we saw that it did in fact put the correct discount code in. uh, no, it didn't. your card has been updated. perceiver isn't valid. okay, oh no, it's right. okay, that's good. okay. so thank you very much and we'll see what we can do.

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ReferralCandy Shopify App Tutorial - Referral Candy review

hey there guys. my name is marcus and in this video i will show step-by-step process how you can easily use referral candy for your shopify app store. so the first thing you want to do is just simply click here: add application. when you're going to do it, you want to simply click install app and let's just wait until it's going to install. okay, i'm going to add a password and time zone. click next. we won't charge you until your 40-day free trial is over. pay with shopify and approve subscription. if you want, you can easily like skip the this part and here we go. so thanks for adding your building details. your email is verified and now set up your custom rewards. you can give advocates whatever person you want, and then you can give referred friends 20 off. so i can simply click here: change your rewards. and here we are on the left side in edit referral program rewards. first, give advocates 20 of all products. uh, coupon discount for advocates. you can go like change it to 15 or just change it to euro. that's like really up to you. to have a discount, you need to have, let's say, minimum order of 100. then you can have the coupon expire- uh, 60 days from, or 30 days. that's completely up to you. and then you can get 50 off or whatever for referring friends. now for one-time products. uh, you can have for all shopify products or select collections now when you click here and you can get 50 off so you can really change it how much you want it when you're going to scroll down below further. i'm going to clean, i close this. give referred friends, so this is advocates. give her friends 20. we can go again to edit for 15.. then we can have like minimum order here that i can add or i can have also coupon expire. this is pretty straightforward. minimum order: let's say 50.. and then i would like fifty percent of discount and give friends fifty percent again for all time products: save and continue. and then we're gonna see the reward settings here: store currency changing to arrow euro or whatever currency you have. minimum spending for reward: let's say 50, change at the price that you want. purchase review period: two days. number of referrals required for educator reward: one. and then you can track single use components and then, uh, you would have like the components here when you're going to click edit referral programs. first we saw the rewards that we edited, then we're gonna see the emails and pages. select a theme for your emails and pages and you can simply change the theme. so preview and they can share the link. this is how would it look like the reminder for the email, and this will be for the web and this is a landing page. so this is how would it look like. you can edit it if you want. you can change the logo and banner. then also, you're gonna see the simple theme here. you can edit it and the customization is not that like huge what you can do with it, but you can play around it if you want to. you can change the logo on the left banner, primarily coral, and then you can simply add a theme here, give a theme name and you can edit that if you wanted to. so, yeah, this is how we do it. social media messages: uh, so this is something people can share, what people can share on their social media for whatsapp, facebook, twitter. integration here can connect applications, widgets and settings. manage customers: you can have existing customers right here. you can invite customers and you can like connect the applications here if you want to. so this is pretty straightforward what you can actually do and achieve with your referral candy. it's not that hard to understand. in a dashboard you're going to see the stats and overview and, of course, you need to activate your referral program here now. your referral program is active. customers are now automatikally invited by email after checkout, so when they're gonna get an order, they will get invited by these and then you can send them in email and they can also promote it on social media. so this is pretty much it how it's done and how it can be done about the referral candy. if you're gonna have any questions, guys asking down on comments, are we really happy to help you and provide some guidance. so, yep, thank you very much and have a great day and goodbye, see ya. you.

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yoanne wanted to be sick if we could just get all this candy inside of our house so we don't come here every day. yeah, but who would do that? I mean, I'll do it really. yeah, doing right now. let's do it what it's doing right now. right now, I have a question. is it possible for me to purchase one of every box that you guys have? did you guys have like a stok of that? all right? well, it looks like we got to find another store that can supply all of this candy. I'm thinking somewhere like a wholesale place, maybe like Sam's Club or Costco. one of them will have it. so, of course, if I'm gonna purchase all this candy, I need to make sure first that there is an area in my house where we can do this, and I had to buy shelving for it. we went to multiple stores and there was no stores that actually had the shelves that we needed, so I had to purchase the shelves online and wait a couple of days. so you made it over here to Sam's Club. let's see if they got what we need. we found the aisle and let's get stacking. I'm going to be getting one box of every single thing here, regardless if I like it or not, it doesn't matter. geez, dark chocolate, cookies and cream. are they just like all open? well, this one's taped that thing. no, they're literally all open. it doesn't even matter at this point. [Music]: what if it's too much? so, as you guys can see, this is what we have so far, but there's a complete, whole other aisle. let's get it. oh, that's open. baby bottle, toks, Baby Bottle Pops, lollipops- I was a tongue-twister, by the way. we're just getting all boxes. obviously we're not gonna get stuff that's wrapped in plastik. short people- Wow, only had two tall people here to get something for you. this is sick, dude. this is literally like a childhood dream right now. every skittle. no man may be the best idea. you ever had Lyons, right yo? if anything, we're getting more here than we would. I want anyone. ring pops, sour straws, airheads, extreme brother. we need another cart Tootsie Pops and the guy blow pops. yeah, this is all falling literally. have too much? no, never too much. I think he might have gotten one of everything. Lance, I'm trying to stay away from the gum and stuff, cuz I know we're like probably never gonna know, and I mean that would be an excessive amount of gamma if I literally got one of every piece of gum. I will get one pack of gum, though. pick one juicy fruit. there you go. yeah, [Music]. people are looking at me like I'm crazy. like what am I doing with all this candy? I'm gonna eat it. yeah, we got a lot of candy. [Music] got it going. honestly, I'm hoping we can fit all this in my car, as you guys can see that back on, that car is pretty much completely full. we actually did get these boxes where we can store more stuff in there and it'll be a lot easier to bring all the stuff inside. so we wrap, put the rest in the back of the car and go home. [Music]. so we just have to shipment in of the wire shelving. so now we're gonna put this all together. now it's time to add the candy. [Music]. oh my god, this is insane. oh, I cannot believe I actually did this. Wow, it really works perfectly. [Music]. [Music]. now know what I saw sans bub. you want to know the price of this entire video. until the guy saw me why. you know how much this cost I seen was, wasn't it 500? no, it wasn't over $1000. get out of here. look bruises doing them had. it was more than 500 for just ease. candy Bruce is good, okay, so they can do with us. it was a thousand two hundred. this everything all together is like almost 2000. I had the bottom of mine. we actually went to a lot of different stories that may we couldn't find my for this. yeah, home people, because now I am my very own candy bar. we don't even have to go to while I was here, so you don't have to my pantry anymore. yeah, you guys are pretty much gonna raid mine. we're going to push the table back over just for the video. yeah, look how perfect it fits. it's grainy. two days ago, like six months, decorating a house. I'm trying to be nice and like every situation, these boxes in this. I guess this is for us in the family: eats everything. just grab everything that we saw. where it's Sam's clothes? I think you're nuts is proud of Mike. we got a store. yeah, [Music], the craziest ideas, but we did know dad's gonna get it back cuz he's gonna be here every day. no, he did, it's just mom opened that wrong. so we turn to the other regulators. we the past like 15, 20 minutes. we just say they're opening up on the boxes. Brittany's gonna be Rover all the time you and Dad get candy and on guitar, all right, well, thank you for coming- like- okay, there's probably some people out there that do, but like this much. it's crazy and I don't know what any of it. I just my OCD is kicking in because this is the only box not open. yeah, honestly, and we're just toking. we're sitting here looking at this. we realized that there's a lot of candies in here that we've never even tried in our lives, so I'll possibly end up recording that on the vlog. of course, if you guys are not yet subscribed, hit that subscribe button. I'm also throwing up the thumbs up symbol so you guys can hit that thumbs up button too. hey, maybe if you hit the thumbs up button, you can get a piece of candy. that's a little weird. it's like feeding kids, okay, but yeah, there's some candies on here. I literally just want to bring kids here and be like: look at this. alright, guys, that is gonna do it for today's video. I want you guys to leave a comment down below of some crazy ideas that you guys think would be really, really cool for me to do for a video. if you guys leave a good comment and I end up using the idea, I will give you guys credit in the video and put your comment on the screen as well. yeah, other than that, I will see you guys next time. peace [Music].

Increase Average Order Value With These Simple Shopify Apps

welcome back to another video. if you're a shopify store owner, i'm going to be going over these simple ways to increase your average order value in the next 24 hours. it's going to be that simple. i'll give you some apps that i use to increase my average order value: best practikes, um, and really how to implement these things into your store so that you can scale your average order value. you know, have a better row as on your ad spend, get more high quality buyers in your ecosystem and start making more money. if that sounds good to you, then like this video, comment and subscribe and let's hop right into it. hey, my name is jason. welcome to my channel. i run a multiple seven-figure agency. for the past four years, i've helped generate my clients over 75 million dollars. this channel is for business owners looking to scale their business with paid ads systems, you know, creating more visible offers and ultimately making more money. so make sure you subscribe and i hope you guys enjoy the video. so the number one way to increase your average order value right now is by selling more or giving bundles on your landing page. so whenever we onboard clients, we always make them a custom zipify landing page where, no matter what the product is, if it's a, if it's just like this one single product that they want to sell. we make bundles where it's like: hey, get one at this price, get two at this price and get three at this price. i'm telling you right now that your average order value will completely hike up if you simply just sell more than one item on that first landing page. giving them an incentive where they can get two for the price of like one and a half and they can get three for the price of two, giving that proposition is gonna make people spend way more money. okay, that's the first way. the second way is by basically psychologically triggering them to spend more because of your product images. no matter what landing page i'm using or sending traffic to, i always make sure that my product images have more than one product in it. my ads have more than one product in it, because if i go to a landing page where the first image i see is three- for example, hair oils- i'm now programming my brain to now think: oh wait, do i need three? maybe i do need three so that when you see that bundle on the bottom of the lander, you're more susceptible to buying it because of the value proposition. okay, it's like a buy two, get one free. whatever the case may be, that is going to program your prospect to buy more than one. the other way that i increase my aov on the landing page is by actually using like custom numbers for my bundles. so the one bundle i would say is: you know, um, you know this price. and the second bundle is: you know, buy two bottles, most popular. and then the third bundle is three bottles that would be best value. saying those things or maybe backing it up with you know, most popular, 83 percent of people get more than go get two bottles or more, like using statistiks like that is going to increase your aov drastikally. this is mostly for people who are converting people. already. if you can sell more than one, your aov should be going up. you know 15 to 25 in these x 25. you know 20 24 hours, excuse me. the third piece is going to be cross sells and down cells and upsells. so once you're able to harness those aov boosters on the first landing page, you know having your product images have more than one selling. a second and third bundle: you know toking about most popular, best value. you know giving those discounts when they buy more. the next step is going to be: how do we take people from buying this thing to then getting the ascension and the ascension or upsells. the two best upsells are always more of the same again, and then faster or better results. so, for example, you know, if someone gets two bottles of hair oil, the next page might be like: hey, listen, i know you got two bottles and you didn't get the three bundle, but like, you can get your third bottle right now for this price, which is 80 off what it would usually be, so grab this now. more of the same always wins every day of the week. second upsell is gonna be faster or better results, and that would be, you know, maybe the shampoo and conditioner, because i get my hair oil, get my hair growth. well, how am i going to get faster, better results? well, the faster, better results is in sustaining those results. so now you can use the shampoo and conditioner in the shower to make sure that your hair growth is faster and it stays longer and it stops that hair loss. that's a great upsell. so that's just a really good example. that should definitely pertain to your business, for sure. um, same thing would be for. like my services, be like: hey, like you're converting people through facebook and instagram, okay, let's run your tiktok, snapchat and google ads. it's more of the same, faster, better results. those are great upsells. and then email marketing, sms marketing, you know, maybe building you a crm, those are faster or better results of what you're already getting. harnessing the back end: that's something that a lot of businesses don't look at and also they don't want to get over confused with in the very beginning, so you upsell later on, once the concepts proven. now the apps that i'm using to increase my average order value are: number one is zipify. zipify allows me to make those custom landing pages where i can sell those bundles and i can make those custom images on the landing page to make sure that i have more than one of those product images. second app is zipify ocu. zipify ocu allows me to have those upsells down, cells cross sells after they leave that first landing page to increase my average order value. another app is candy rack: one click up. so i've toked about this in one of my other videos but just to reiterate, it is a great way to upsell people before they even go to the order form and put their card information in, so having them take something with them as well, or maybe a free gift to then incentivize them to then leave checkout. another way to increase aov is not just the average order value of the purchase instantly, but down the road is gonna be email and sms. okay, so we're covering abandoned courts using text cart. i toked about this in one of my videos, how we're forexing some of our shopify stores with tax car. text car allows to recover 4x or more abandoned carts, brings forex more revenue to the store, allows you to scale. you have a higher average order value for every person who comes into ecosystem. email, claudio, sms. you could use sms bump or you could use clavio as well. take in that buyer who came to your ecosystem. because how this could work is this buyer comes into the ecosystem. they pick the two bottle, bundle the next page, grab another bottle. now i have three bottles. okay, get the shampoo and conditioner. okay, now i just add another 50 bucks to my order. okay, i finished my order. three days later i get an email for a hair mask or for our mega hair growth oil. okay, i might buy that. now i'm taking the buyer from like 50- 60 bucks to over a hundred dollars over a seven day, 30 day period. then i'm sending an sms out in month two where they can buy this new product release. now they're at like 150. so increasing that ltv of how the buyer comes your ecosystem is going to allow you to make more money. so hope this video helped you. i appreciate you guys stopping by. make sure you guys like, comment and subscribe and i will see you guys in the next video. thanks [Music].

Top 10 Shopify Apps You SHOULD Be Using In 2022

what is going on today, guys, shopify store owners- okay, welcome back to today's video. this video is for you. if you're looking for the top shopify apps that you should be downloading on your store in 2022, make sure you guys stik around like comment and subscribe and let's hop right into this video. [Music]. so there's a lot of apps that you can select on your shopify. you know app store. there's, you know, um review apps. there's upsell apps, down sell apps, landing page apps. i'm gonna be going over the most important apps that you should be downloading on your shopify store to increase conversion rates, make more money. you know what's the most cost effective apps that you can use that do better than more of like the mainstream expensive ones. okay, and there's um underground apps right now that i'm using to almost 4x my shopify sales and i'm gonna be toking about in the next video. so make sure you guys subscribe and stik around and let's hop right into it. so first app is going to be luke's l-o-o-x. this is a great app to use because it pushes photo based reviews on your product pages. a lot of people depend on the free, you know pro uh. you know uh message uh. reviews which are just like text only, which can all be faked, or you can just upload them from alibaba or you can upload them from aliexpress. these are kind of getting outdated because people are starting to realize that you can just simply export them and then import them right into your store just from your supplier. so there's really no like effort applied. there's no actual transparency in the photo reviews, um like in the actual message reviews. so luke's is about nine dollars a month. you can download it. basically, what will happen is, once it's integrated, it will show it on the bottom of your product pages automatikally and then all you have to do is go to the bottom of the page, send your customers there to upload reviews, but they can add a photo. so what will happen is you can set it so that on your actual shopify store, when it's live, you can have the photos with the stars with the actual comment pop up on the top right hand corner or the bottom left hand corner or whatever, whatever corner you want. you can pop up only five star reviews too, so that while someone's scrolling on your landing page, they can see all of these reviews popping up with, you know, the five stars, they can see the text and they can see that photo as well to accompany the review, so that your conversion rates are higher. if they do click that photo review as well, it actually does send them right to the add to cart button or the buy now button so that, like, sales process can be very heightened, um, and you're using social proof to sell while they're scrolling, because i feel like a lot of the times we just rely on like, underneath the product price or the product title there's just like: hey, five stars and it has x amount of reviews but little. do you realize that not everybody's gonna scroll away to the bottom and just read reviews? that's why we have those popping up, you know, every three to five seconds in the top right hand corner on mobile, so that we're taking care of those objections. the second app is going to be ultimate sales boost. ultimate sales boost allows us to add urgency, scarcity and trust badges to our product page. so underneath the product price you can add like: hey, free shipping today. only, with a little emoji of like a truck that looks like a fedex truck, you can add a scarcity thing where it's like: hey, only seven left. um, and then you can add trust badges. so trust badges are underneath the add to cart or buy now button where basically it will have like the badges of payment methods that are available. so you take care of all those objections to some people like using paypal, they like using apple pay, they like using amazon pay other than discover mastercard, visa or amex. they like using those other options as well. the third app is page speed optimizer. the biggest reasons why i think some people can't convert ads as well as they like on their shopify stores because your page speeds are way too slow. people are clicking an ad and they go to your page and it takes forever for the thing to load and it also ruins you like your account quality on facebook if people see that your page speeds times are like over five seconds, like facebook's gonna make you pay more for your reach because those people have to be more patient for the full page to load. so adding just a simple page speed optimizer to your store is going to help conversion rates. it's going to help people. you'll have that more instantly gratifying trigger of like: hey, i can just scroll and keep reading. i have to wait for the next section to load. number four is going to be a payover time option. so that would be sezzle klorna after pay or quad pay, or you can use shop pay. that already comes with shopify. these are apps that allow your customer to pay over time. you would be astonished at the amount of people you know. we have a store right now that has a 19 product and i would say about 34 to 35 percent of every single customer would rather pay- you know, five bucks a month for four months than just spend the 20 bucks right now. so giving that lower barrier to entry for your customer is going to allow your conversion rates to rise as well and also your average order value, because if people go into checkout and they're more excited to obviously buy because they get paid over time, they're going to add more to their cart. so it increases your average order value as well. and that brings me to the next two apps, and the first one is candy rack: one click upsell. candy rack- one click upsell is a great app for, you know, upselling people right before they go to checkout. so there's actually an api plug-in that you can use in candy rack, where it's actually really simple to set up, where it takes all of the data from your store- the keywords of other products and it actually will upsell products based on what that product's name is that people are mostly buying. so, if you know, we have a client where they're selling batting gloves. so candy rack automatikally says, okay, you know what they're buying, this batting glove. well, based on our store's data, they also are more willing to add this and this and this to their cart and it then ranks it one, two, one, two and three so that your upsells are already optimized on autopilot. so that's a great app. second one is zipify ocu. that's the other upsell app that we use. zipify ocu is a more advanced upsell app. it doesn't just upsell people before checkout and it can upsell people after they even buy and on the thank you page. so as soon as you click pay now on that shopify checkout, you'll get an upsell and then, if you take that upsell, you can do a downsell if they say no and then you can do another upsell and then, once they get to the order confirmation page, where it has like the order number and all that, you can then have a thank you page offer so you can increase your average order value even more to the point where you could just double up and have candy rack before they buy and then have zipify ocu's after they become a buyer. and then that brings me to the page builder apps. so you can use pagefly, you can use shogun, but i recommend zipify page builder. okay, zipify page builder um works with zipify ocu, with those upsells, but zipify page builder just historically is, you know their support is better, their developer, you know code and obviously the user friendly parts of building a custom landing page are a lot easier. their page speed times are even faster, which is important, like i toked about before. so if you want to make custom landing pages- which you should be- if you have a shopify store for your best-selling products, that is going to help you drastikally increase your conversion rate as well. people are kind of going away from the regular product pages that you're used to seeing, that are default on the store. so that's why we recommend our clients- and we obviously do that for our clients- and