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car ads 2020

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

The New S-Class: World Premiere | Trailer

Hey Mercedes, How may I help you? Is everything alright at home? Let me have a look. The light in the living room is turned on. Do you want me to turn it off? Yes, please. Hey Mercedes, How can I help? I am so annoyed today. Then do things that don’t annoy you. Call Thomas. I’m calling Thomas on the private number. Accept.

Introducing: New Range Rover Sport

Alexa. call Lennard. Calling Lennard. Hi James Lennard. how are you, mate? is it time? can i get going? uh, we're just about to start a show. i'll be with you in a minute, all right. well, you know, quick as you can, 30 seconds. i love range rover. i can't wait to see what it's going to look like. wow, it's great to be here at the home of Range Rover for the launch of the New Range Rover Sport. i'm joined by some fantastik team members who made this launch possible. so let's get started. over to you, Gerry. Thanks, Lennard, and thank you to everyone that's contributed to bringing our latest creation to fruition. In 2005, we launched the original Range Rover Sport. it was in a class of its own. 17 years on, it's an honour to introduce the new range rover sport. so so, ladies and gentlemen, the New Range Rover Sport. this is a vehicle of such compelling character. it will redefine sporting luxury. proportions, muscular stance and taut surfaces communicate power, performance and agility. it embraces the reductive nature of our modernist design philosophy while elevating the key ingredients of its DNA. Look inside and our modernist philosophy continues, creating a balance between sartorial restraint and emotionally charged driver engagement. so, ladies and gentlemen, the New Range Rover Sport, where modernity and refinement meet visceral desire. Oh, come on, Lennard, what's keeping you man? now let's see this car in action, as we put it to the ultimate challenge in Iceland. hey, there's no barrier. this side there's life, that side there's death. the pressure's going to get stronger every last. i mean, where do i start? this power plant is the single largest one in Iceland. to drive the car in the water up the spillway would be a huge chance for you. this has only one final ranting. if something goes wrong, the car would fall off the pilot and drop down 90 meters. probably no more of yes, this is crazy to the point where we don't even know if it's possible. when the water starts to run over the barrier we have just an hour before it reaches 200 cubic meters each second. it isn't safe at all. i made up already, coming down steady. okay, the we're moving camera's going off the camera. wow, the new range rover sport. what an amazing challenge and what an impressive drive by our stunt driver, Jess Hawkins. we will see her in action again a bit later on. come on, so five years in the making. it's on-road performance, go anywhere, capability in a class of its own for refinement. it's sporting luxury with more attitude than ever, just as it needs to be. it doesn't matter what the world throws at it. the new range rover sport has got it covered. under the surface is bristling with the latest tik that allows you to command any terrain, and tik that gives you that connected, refined, modern luxury. our latest and best- electric hybrid- is a propulsion system like no other and an all-electric capability for almost every journey, as you can travel more than 80 kilometers on a single charge. electric hybrid also means electric performance: 510 ps combined power from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 5.4 seconds. then there is dynamic air suspension, a new tik that features air springs with two air chambers. this keeps the car flat in fast corners and during hard acceleration or braking, and all-wheel steering responds faster and more smoothly every time you turn the steering wheel: more agile at low speeds and more assured at high speeds. wherever you're going, new range over sport- it's ready for every challenge. come on, leonard, when you're going to call me back? how are you? i'm good, mate. i was waiting for your call. i didn't know you were getting in the car. i just saw you on the and now you're unbelievable. you're like magic. how are you, i'm good. what do you think about a new ranger over sport? i hate it. oh god, i love it. it's amazing tok to me about the interior of the car. well, first of all, why do you use Range Rover? it's safe, it's cool and the audio is fantastik. so it's actually gone even quieter at the car so you can hear the singing even more. but it depends who you're singing with. you know, sometimes you want it to be a little louder, so the entire interior of the car is quieter. yeah, you even have noise reduction speakers in the headrest, speakers in the headdress- yeah, that take the noise and then produce an anti-noise and therefore reduce the sound. so how many speakers have we got in this car? 29, 29, 29 couldn't squeeze in 30.. am i right in thinking the air quality in this car is the cleanest of any car on the road? it's pretty much that. yeah, pretty much, or exactly. it probably is legally. so what was the thinking behind the interior of this car? what we really want is to make sure that it's nice, relaxed, quiet environment. when you get out of your car, you end up with more energy coming out and when you went in, so it's like that. you like that, did you like that? i love the idea of getting out of the car and having more energy than i get in, yeah, so i can't imagine that'll be the case when i've picked up my kids from school. but tok to me about this central screen. i love this. yeah, the center screen is really, really important because within two clicks you can basically get to any functionality on the screen, for example, air quality that you can see here, where you can even see what's the air quality outside and what's the air quality inside the car, and then we can purify it or we can use the ionizer to even enhance the purification. what's different about the range rover sport? there's a unique concept about the range rover. from the start it was about off-road capability with refined luxury and put them together and that is the real power of the british engineering. right, it's british. you've kept the thing that i think everybody loves about range rover and just brought it that bit forward. hey, should we? um, should we head out? yeah, why not, let's go? can you sing? what are you gonna say? i don't think that's good for your audience, but, friend, if i start to see, all right, there we go. alexa, open the gate, opening gates. all right, here we go. i can't believe i'm the first person to drive this car. hey, you are the very first. it's the best looking 4x4, sleek. they're so understated, they're so cool. we're going to sell that. thanks, james, he's such a great guy. so wherever you are going, be it Iceland for the ultimate drive or simply hanging out with friends in la, the new range rover sport is the car you want to drive. thank you for being with us tonight for this truly memorable occasion. but before we close, let's see our stunt driver, Jess Hawkins, put heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua to the test on the track. this car feels like it's ready for me to unleash the beast within. yeah, wait, can we get around this corner first, please? all right, let me get a little feel of the track. we say inside lane quickly. yeah, let's go keep it to the inside. inside, inside, inside. come on, aj, bring it out to the left. that is the perfect racing line. thank you very much. yeah, a guy in 100 mile an hour here cruising with you like trying to impress you around corners. what did you listen to before a fight? yeah, rap music. man, what music you went to? quite like my house. can you shuffle? can i shuffle? yeah, cut shapes. i don't want to toot my own horn, you can. but okay, absolute, keep left, keep left. we are going top speed around this corner. oh, keep it locked, keep the steering, i'll keep the steering, i'll keep the stereo done. oh, yes, not bad for a beginner, AJ, A beginner Thought, I handled those corners nicely. that wasn't you, that was the car. you want to see what it can really be this car? yeah, that's what i just showed you. make it there, get out. can you sing? no, i think i can dance.

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Facebook Ads For Car Dealerships Tutorial - Facebook Ads 2020

what's going on? pixel hackers, Christian number six from pixel feet. here and in this video I'm gonna show you step-by-step how to run facebook ads for car dealerships. but before we get started, make sure to smash that like button and subscribe to the channel, and make sure you watch until the end so you can see how. optimize the campaign as I go and watch the real results come in. let's go so. when it comes to car cells and dealership Facebook ads, or if you're in car souls yourself, if you want to create your add your own ad, you can do that, and this is its type of ad that we're gonna do: the ones that get tons and tons of comments, where people reply and you, as a sales man or your team, if you're a manager or a dealership owner, you can have your team get back to them, but not only in the comments. they're gonna message you directly into your inbox on your dealership page and they can set up appointments to have that people come in. now it is very, very important that you do not skip through this video, because if you skip, you're gonna miss steps that are vital for this to work. if you don't follow this video step by step, I'm warning you, it is not going to work. okay, with that said, let's get started. so this is a competitor page. this is not my page. they have the pretty video. it's okay. I come to keep the usual inventory must be decisions. no, regardless of how they would get prices allows uncommon. so what I did was on our page for the dealership that I'm running these ads for. it's pretty much the same type of video with the same type of copy. cuz car dealerships they have to have a bunch of legal stuff to have to go through and you have to be really careful with your copy because it's a special credit type of ad, just like housing, you can call people out and bad credit and stuff like that. so that's it. let's get started. so the first thing that you're going to do is you're gonna go make sure you have a pixel installed on your dealership page if you're a dealership. if you're not a dealership and you don't have a pixel, I would suggest that you tok to your manager, whoever it is, and see if you can tok them into let you install in the Facebook pixel. I'm not gonna go on through on this video on how to do it, but I have other video in this channel that shows you and walks you through how to do it. I'll put the link in the description and you can watch it if you need to find out how to do that. because the with the pixel, it's very vital that we track everybody who lands on that dealership website and look at their behavior. if we can use this data to our advantage, we can create custom audiences of people that are most likely to buy, who are the right now looking for a car, and get Facebook to surf that ad and get him to come into to your dealership, get him to communicate with you. this is my mass for pixel for old dealerships. so all my clients have multiple clients across the country. I use the same pixel for all the clients. so this is my master pixel. all that data from all those websites is going to this, this pixel. so this is very powerful. all right, so there goes the pixel and now we're go to our ads manager and I'm gonna go ahead and create a new campaign. okay, so I already have the name copied and pasted that on there. that's gonna be blur out special ad category. very important that you choose us is you're dealing. would credit? choose credit? then you're gonna choose messaging. and where did it go? messaging? because you want people to message you. that way, your sales people. if you're a sales guy, you can get back to them set up an appointment, or if you're on the dealership, you can have your sales team get back to them. okay, so the first ad set. I'm just gonna name it the same because I'm going to keep it wide open, since it's a local campaign, and then my ad name is gonna be alright, save that it's easier for my editor not to have to blur everything. okay, so, as you can see, credit is chosen right here: messages. so, depending on when would you watch this video? campaign budget optimization might be mandatory. if that's the case, this is gonna be flipped on and that means you set your budget at the campaign level, meaning that whatever you budget here is when it comes to our ad sets, which is, our different targeting options. Facebook is gonna cycle through all those ad sets and spread the budget accordingly, where Facebook thinks is is best or to go. I still have the option of ad set budget optimization, so I'm going to turn this off and I'm gonna control the budget myself. okay, so now I get to the ad set level. this is the ad set level. and now you understand what I meant by that, because I'm gonna have just one here for now, but you're gonna see I'm gonna have multiple ones. I'm gonna spread the budget between all of them. so my daily budget for this campaign is four hundred and forty-four dollars a day. okay, if, again, if your sales guy, you don't have to spend as much a day, you can start with as low as five bucks a day, ten bucks a day because it's a local campaign. okay, this is a big client, so they have the money to spend and it's for the whole team, not just one guy. so that's the other thing. you gotta be able to keep up with this. okay, so we're going to go in here gonna ask you message destination. we want clicked to messenger, okay, and then I'm gonna set my budget for this one. I'm just gonna leave it at 20 right now because I'm not sure how many outs that's I'm gonna do and I'll deal with the budgets later. but this is where you set your budget. my campaigns I start all at midnight, so I'm gonna start this one at midnight tonight. okay, you always want to start your campaign some midnight, because if you started in the middle of the day, Facebook's gonna seller eight the spending to catch up or the lost time, so it doesn't optimized properly and, as you can see- I see making as you're choosing your placements and all that stuff- you're gonna see these numbers change. so this is the whole country right now, 220 million people that are active on Facebook. but this is a local campaign so I have to dealership address here. I'm going to put that in there and then Facebook finds that automatikally and then there you go see how the number dropped. now it's only 41 thousand active people, right. so this is what you don't have to get super or highly. you know crazy where you're targeting in here. I'm gonna use custom audiences and look-alike audiences for this campaign because I have the data, and I'm gonna do a couple of ad sets with targeting, just because you never know if those are going to perform better and have the budget to do it. so why not write and listen? they're all gonna bring me results. it's just a matter of me optimizing throughout the days for the ones that are doing the best, okay, so alright, so we got our. I usually set it a 15-mile radius, xx the most. let's do lucky 17 on this one, because the population is not a big and that it's pretty much the same. so, okay, so we go down targeting this ad set. this specific ad set is gonna be wide open. okay, it's wide open meaning I'm gonna let Facebook do its thing. just cycle through the local area. optimation for ad delivery: we won people who are most likely to have a conversation with you through messages. okay, we want people who are gonna tok to you guys so they can tok them into get into coming in and and taking advantage of that offer. you know, bit control. you don't have to worry about that because we're doing automatik bidding and next we're gonna go to our at level. okay, now that I showed you before you should have a post like this on your page, that you create it if you don't have one. so, same type of copy. you know a video and then already did that for our page and you know. so I'm going to pull that up and what you're going to do is, once you post it, you actually click the post and I can grab that URL up here. okay, and I can go to my edit right here on my ad level. make sure you have the right page correct. I have multiple pages, so I have to change this manually. but if you only have one page, it's gonna come u.

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Emotional Car Commercials | Advertisement | Ads Part I

wonderful. if you want to be, but recognize that he was greatest among you, shall be your servant. that's the new definition of greatness. position of greatness. it means that everybody can be great. [Music]. grace, Oh, generated by love. so yourseif good. get the mirrors all justike, you can see everything. okay, just stay off the freeways, all right, I don't want you going out on those yet. just leave your phone and your purse. I don't want your text. okay, there you go, be careful. thanks, dad, call me that not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a Subaru. I got a question for you. what does this city know about luxury? [Music]. what is a town that's been to hell and back know about the finer things in life? I'll tell you more than most. you see, it's the hottest fires that make the hardest steel. [Music] had hard work into fiction and the know-how that runs generations deep. every last one of us [Music], that's we are. that's our story. now it's probably not the one you've been reading in papers. you, on being written by folks who've never even been here, don't know what we're capable of, because when it comes to luxury, it's as much about where it's from as who it's for now. we're from America, but this isn't New York City or the Windy City your sins and we're certainly no one's ever seen. [Music]. this is the Motor City. this is what we do. [Music], [Music]. [Applause] [Music], [Music].

Top 5 Best Car Ads

[Music]. nay, empty, a winner gets to drive. no, with a empty Renault, driver, space for everything who ran a passion for life. [Music]. [Music]. [Music]. this is beautiful. personal dignity, of course. [Applause]. in search of more uneven roads and longer roads, kill to take on anything and head off anywhere for everything. the new Honda WRV is fairing to go. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. no one messes with the badass. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. there's reason for all things to be. [Music]. open summer. what good is water if it doesn't flow? [Music]. what good is the earth if it doesn't move? what good is an SUV? it's not a beretta, only Greta. in the ultimate SUV, you.

2020 Cadillac CT5 First Impressions; 'Super' Car Ads | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #241

hey, toking cars fans. we really love making toking cars each week, but we want to make sure you enjoy it as much as we do. that's why we've created a survey to find out what you like best about the show, what you want more of and what we can improve on. go to see our org slash toking cars survey and let us know how we can make the podcast better. we really want to be your favorite automotive podcast and your responses can help make that happen. thank you for your help and enjoy the show. we just bought a new twenty twenty cadillac cts sedan and give you our first impressions: discuss some car related commercials shown at this year's Super Bowl and detail why it's key to keep your pet restrained while driving. next on toking cars: [Applause]. [Music]. [Applause], [Music]. hi everyone and welcome back to another episode. I'm John linka, I'm Gabe Chen and I'm Mike Montikello, and the Super Bowl was this week. this past week, half the country's watching for the game, the other half probably for the commercials, and there's always a couple good car commercials, and we found three of them. partikularly, one that generated a ton of interest on consumerreportsorg gave the genesis SUV, the new GB eighty, two or three row configurations, two different engines available, tell us about it. so it's a midsize luxury SUV aimed right at the sweet spot of that market segment of mid-sized luxury SUVs where the lexus RX is doing very well and so far Genesis has been offering a line of three sedans and you know where the market is going these days, partikularly in luxury segment: fph SUVs, exactly, and yes, and this model, the GV ad that's coming out this summer, is really gonna put Josh's on the map with it. yeah, they've had a hard time with some of the g90 and the G ad moving. you know, they haven't been selling, selling. I'm not setting the world on fire. price-wise, I mean, we're estimating it's probably gonna start at like the high 40s and top out at like mid 60's, sure, sure, with all the luxury. Kouta mom, if he will, Mike, what do you think of that? that vehicle, not the commercial, we're not critiquing them, but yeah, yeah, I actually thought the commercial itself was kind of boring, but but yeah, it's cool to finally see it, you know, to see what it's really going to look like. and I think that, unlike you know, the funny thing is the GA T and G 90 are great sedans and- and of course, I love driving the G 70 but, as Gabe said, they haven't sold that well. but I bet you know, now that you enter this very important market with this SUV, now they're probably gonna sell a lot. like you said, entering that SUV market, a lot of people, I still think, don't know what Genesis is. they don't understand that. you know it's a luxury arm of Hyundai and they don't maybe even know how good it is, because those cars are all really good and when you bring an SUV out- which is where you know so many people seem to be going these days, yeah, it's. if they're not on the map now, I bet they're going to be after that thing enters the market. and, and you know, the big thing for Genesis so far has been much like Lexus when it was first introduced decades ago: a lot of the luxury, a lot of the features, lower price- yeah, you know they're undercutting the big boys, so to speak. you know we there's a lot for the money, yeah, and yeah, pre decent value and I'll say that their controls of the infotainment is pretty user friendly as opposed to we're just about every other luxury make has been going for nation Lexus, partikularly Alexis, and from what we've seen of the interior photos. the interior looks fantastik well and you know, one of the final things, based on the key Italia ride, based on the Hyundai palisade, both from Hyundai Corporation- knock out of the park SUVs when they first- or introduces you, you know it, it bodes well for the GB 82 also really make a big impact. yeah, let's clarify: the GV 80 is not based on a palisade and the Telluride it's a rear-wheel drive based kind of platform that will share with the upcoming redesigned G 80. so it's, it's a whole. it's gonna have a whole different feel. yeah, I didn't want to say it me matters you, just in the event of those coming out, how well they did. that's brand new, exactly good. so the next question we're not going to critique is about the Hyundai Sonata. wherever you come down on the accents of the actors, we're not going to pretend to have those, but we don't know what beef here. no hockey. you toking about smart POC. that's the best I got. yeah, we're sorry, I already ruined it. so it had a very interesting aspect of it, because this is not is a good car. we have one in test right now. we're pretty impressed with it, but the smaht POC feature that you're toking about very interesting little cutaways in the commercial and Mike tell us about the feature and what they did there, right? so I mean you can look at it like I mean, does it really park itself? well, it does, within reason. I mean, you know it's not like it's gonna be able to parallel park for you, or or even, you know, do a 90-degree turn. but you know, if you can get it pretty lined up, a tight parking spot, that's. its benefit is that you can be standing outside the car and you could park it, and it has the ability to turn the steering wheels. let's turn the steering wheel to get it, you know, a little bit, yeah, kind of lined up. but what's funny about that is? I mean, first of all, I thought the commercials hilarious. I'm not from Massachusetts. we have a couple people on staff from Massachusetts. I don't know if they don't have a good sense of humor, but I thought it was hilarious. the accents were supposed to be over-the-top. but here's the question: how useful is are these type of, you know, remote parking systems? because, think about it, the parking spots really tight, right, so you're trying to get in there, well, now these other two people can't get in, or, and you're also, you know they can't get in and out of their cars or, and you're, you're taking the risk of a door ding to your car when they do. so, really, if you think about, the only way these systems are gonna work well is if all three of those cars have smart POC, sure? sure? I mean we, we borrowed a sonata that had that feature and I remember watching. but well, Jake Fisher used it at a restaurant we're at, you know, and he kind of walked up. you're holding the fob and you're pressing the buttons in it and it does pull out. I think it's key when you go to a place that has small parking spaces and someone- I don't know, a giant SUV or pickup truck or whatever, even a small car- they just pull it right in there against your door. you know. so you're, you're, you're faced in the same way back and it's getting that, getting into the car without climbing through the window or the passenger side. you know, so you can pull it out a little bit and do that. did you try? yeah, I tried that feature. that's a really neat feature. I mean, you hold the key fob, the car moves back and forth. it only moves back and forth. let's clarify in it. so you know the, the ad, as creative as it was, could have been interpreted some other ways, but yeah, I think it's. it's a pretty neat feature. also, note that you're gonna have to get Sonata Limited- at most $34,000 to get that feature. it's not on every Sonata, of course it's. it's, it's cute. it is certainly helpful in some situations. I don't know if it's worth moving up, if you're figuring, you know, looking at buying a less expensive Sonata just to get it. so finally, the, the last commercial piqued our interest was the new GMC Hummer, our Hummer by GMC that's coming out making some big claims. first of all, Evy, yeah, so that's, that's huge just compared to the way the Hummer brand was exactly all out on fuel usage versus now economy. yeah, I mean, you know the, the Hummer h2 got 11 miles per gallon overall in our testing. and now you're you're toking about something that's you know, theoretikally you know more of a green vehicle because now it's electric powered, fully electric powered. so complete turnaround out of the brand. but yeah, they made some. there's some bold claims in there. you know, zero to 60.