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china agent de dropshipping

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

Meeting My Shopify Dropshipping Supplier in CHINA

and is that before you come here, he are the most handsome guy in this town, but you come here now, he's a pickle. how much did you pay for this? bush? we got a pretty crazy tonight. [Music]. good morning guys. I am here in the middle of China, in a city called yee-whoo Yiwu. I had never heard of it. on a map it's like a little dot, but what's really interesting, that little dot is the size of Philadelphia. I'm here in the shangri-la hotel- surprisingly cheap for shangri-la hotel. it's always going on my dreams to stay at a shangri-la because they are amazing. I mean, just look at this room. it's absolutely absurd. but yeah, I'm really excited. parent Li, they have the biggest wholesale market in the world here and I'm gonna go and check out so many products. tok to my supplier, who I've been working with for the past three months with a partikular beauty product that I did five hundred thousand dollars with. we're gonna be chatting about long-term business goals and white labeling and I'm going to visit his factory and he's going to show me their whole production process, how I can get cost down and I'm just really excited to see the whole manufacturing culture of China because it definitely feels very industrial here feel like I'm in a communist little bubble. it's gonna make sure they aren't monitoring me. [Music] to try the country social smoking out here in China. yeah, we can smoke everywhere, yeah. so I'm here with my buddy, Johnny, and he's saying he's going to show me his store right now, which is upstairs in the fifth floor, but they are the sole supplier for, as seen on tv, products which I'm sure you guys are very familiar with. he's very famous here in China and not very famous just doing this. learn the business. I'm favors, yeah, this man of business. so I'm excited to see what they got up there. and we're going up to the fifth floor to beautiful sleek young lady. they're very beautiful, almost empty here today. so now, after touring his store, were going to his factory. we're sitting here in his portion. he was saying: how expensive Porsches are here in China? how much did you pay for this Bush? 200, two hundred and twenty thousand euros, dollars in his currency, that's 1.5 million RMB. that's just ridiculous. the same car in the us- I'm not a car expert- probably be around 70 to 80 thousand dollars. what kind of Porsche? Panamera? okay, car guys dropping the comments below, but that's pretty expensive. I'm pretty sure to let me know. so right now factory is in Ningbo, which is about three hours by car, so we're gonna go there grab some dinner and be as well be dinner time by the time we get there, actually see the production of my product and all those other products. this guy's impressing me. he basically supplies the entirety of. has seen on TV that store that I showed you before. that was in a showroom in the city. very impressive story. right now we're at Johnny's factory that makes appliances, stuff like nutribullet, vacuum cleaner, fryers, stuff like that. this is cultural, I guess, in business, where they make tea for guests. so we're making some tea right now. how could I have water than that? oh, my shine, watch how I wash. I have used other fun tornado, mm-hmm, very good, thank you me. and he said before you come here, he is the most handsome guy in this town, but you come here now he's the second one [Laughter]. so over there they're making a heater. yeah, he wasn't making arts in air, which I'll link right here. very popular as seen on tv products. my maiden, yeah, yeah, yours- include um well, beam, well, host Imam, there's the Steam Mop. so this product alone right here sells on Amazon for around 69- 70 US dollars. the factory here sells at wholesale for 16 US dollars, so that's quite a Marco. this machine here actually makes the case for the Steam Mop of your soft stand. it takes around 30 seconds to make one one. it's about the job. so, apparently, in this area, seafood is very famous, happens. so we're gonna be eating fresh seafood here tonight. that's a very traditional meal that we're going to be out it. we literally came to this restaurant and they brought us into, they're back in the kitchen, which is choosing me what to eat tonight. it's that simple. so here's this little private dining room that we have all set, so we will hold assortment of foods here. I just watched this partikular district economy. Wow, guys, we're done with dinner. that was a lot to handle. the snake was very good, etc. etc. are you come with us? and yeah, yeah, he's gonna come to floss. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is China, Chinese food. I like you in America, in China you make me nauseous, so I must go to bed now. this.

Best China Sourcing Agent | Dropshipping for Beginners | AliExpress Alternatives

uh, [Music]. [Applause]. [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]. what's going on, guys? it's george from fulfillment channel, and today i want to tok to you about the drop ship in life. now, you guys must have known already that drop shipping is a business model, right, and it's unique that it allows you to work online. you keep your business online without having any product or any inventory, which does mean you actually have zero control. well, what you would think over the packaging, the delivery, the quality, everything like that, which takes me to my first point of when you're starting to drop your business, the supplier is very vital to the quality, to everything i've just toked about. okay, a supplier or agent is- is extremely vital. to start this up, first, what you gotta do? you gotta set out and find your niche. find a niche that you pure passion for or you know is gonna sell, and then find a supplier that is gonna meet all your demands for that. and, guys, this is one thing that people actually fall down on when starting the business. all right, one big tip is: find a suitable supplier. you don't want ones that are unreliable, right, find a suitable supplier and get the business started. so this is what it is, guys. i'm giving you some tips through the rest of this video and how to find the best suppliers, the most suitable, and drop shipping agents. so let's roll and let's get in. guys, top tip, when you first starting out of this, the first thing you're gonna research and you're gonna go to is aliexpress and alibaba. right, that is a given. i did it, everyone did it. now they're actually not built for drop shipping businesses, so you've got to deal with different suppliers. okay, they actually force you to manually forward them to different suppliers on alibaba and things like that. all right, that becomes trouble, becomes hard work. it's not what we want to be doing. not only that, but, like alibaba actually requires, most of their suppliers are requiring a high moq, and that is not feasible when you're starting off, because the orders you're going to be putting in as you start your business probably will not be that high again. going in there. as you can see, i can speak english. okay, most of the suppliers in there do not have the flexibility to be speaking all different languages. i promise you there is better ones. so, guys, one of the hardest things is what we're toking about is finding the suppliers. all right, do not recommend alibaba and express for that. okay, what i do recommend is actually using the automated apps like dsos, for example. all right, that is integrated within things like aliexpress. okay, d says actually lets you import aliexpress orders, all right, and you can actually store your orders there so the products can be imported and it can be stored all within the app. guys, you've probably already heard about some sourcing agents like source and box cj drop shipping, which already integrate with massive drop shipping suppliers around the globe. okay, i recommend these over decels because they do have their own fulfillment center to process and ship your order. next is finding a drop shipping agent to work on your behalf. all right, you want one that works in the country in your drop shipping from. that is a massive, massive hint. okay, do not get one that cannot work in the country you are actually drop shipping from. now, guys, i'm not just toking about a person- sometimes it can just be a person- but i'm more toking about companies. all right, we have companies that can actually connect your stores with your platforms, with- and i will get on a little bit more about which company i think is the best later on the video. but companies can be agents. do not just take asian as a person they are, who is going to be toking with manufacturers all around the globe, around the country you're in to get the best prize and doing that, negotiating that you don't have time to do, and comparing that to aliexpress, all right, if you get a good agent, you'll have much, much faster delivery time. that is a permanent point that we need to point out. so, guys, just go to the app store, go to google. if you just want to find drop shipping agent apps, all right, there's apps all over. research them, have a look. okay, guys, so i'm not actually recommending, but what i'm going to do is give you some tips on what you should be looking for. number one is service suitability: all right, that takes on store integrations, product categories, destination countries, language and support. all right, that's the suitability of the drop shipping agent that you want. number two is the cost of hiring a drop shipping agent: okay, the product cost, the shipping cost, the service fees, the payment methods- it's not just one cost, you pay, it's all in there and so- and your agent can do that for you. number three is the product sourcing service: all right, so you got the customer support, the product sourcing, private labeling, the moq, the sample, the confidentiality- all right, they're things that the sourcing service from your agent will be covered. number four, and possibly one of the most important, is the fulfillment services. all right, we've got the fulfillment center: quality control, shipping options, warehouse service, returning and refunding- they're all going to be covered by the agent. and number five, of course, is additional value and resources. so, have they got social media? have they got good branding? have they got blogs? are they pumping this around the globe? is it popular? all right, that's what you need to know as well. now, guys, i'm here to tell you that. fulfillment, if you've not visited our website, have one of the greatest websites out there for everything you need. starting up your business with dropshipping- all right, i'm going to take you right there now to let you have a look. while i'm doing that, please hit that like button, hit subscribe, hit the bell to be notified, and let's get straight there. take a look. if you've not visited this website before- right, i'm upset by that. get in the comments, let me know. i'm looking at it right now. fulfillment: right, we have the fulfillment services and the drop shipping from china. all right, we're an incredible company. it feels like family here. i'm super, super excited. it's why i wear the t-shirts, why i'm getting tattooed. all right, because hundreds of people are changing their lives just by clicking this big button and getting a free quote today. okay, get on there and get a free quote. it doesn't cost you anything to get that quote. you can discover more and have a look at what is actually going on around. all right, i want you to get on here and research yourself. the links are going to be down below, but the services are incredible. okay, the offer arranged from drop shipping, china, sourcing, amazon, fba for china, everything right, even photography, world-class photography, crowdfunding. so, get on there right now have a look. alright, i'm super blessed that i get to bring you these videos. so, again, hit that like button, hit that subscribe. i'm super excited. hit that bell if you want to be notified from me. have a very blessed day. see you on the next. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music], [Applause], [Music], [Applause], [Music] you.

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China Sourcing | Sourcing Agents vs Manufacturers | Dropshipping for Beginners

[Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. [Applause]. thank you. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. what's going on everyone? welcome back to fulfillment Channel now. today we are toking about the difference between sourcing agents and manufacturers. we're going to explore which one is better for business starters. so let's get right in. so if, before you import products from China, you need to know a few Concepts, right, like what kind of supplies is there, we have manufacturers, like we've just toked about, and, of course, sourcing agents. now, how do you choose between them? so, in our opinion of fulfillment Channel, sourcing agents is by far the greatest option. now, why is that? let me tell you. so what is a China sourcing agent? Associated is a person or a company that represents buyers to soft products that are out of buyers reach. so what a source and ages actually do? first of all, they select and they investigate the right suppliers. they deal with the price, the negotiation, the product control, the shipment and much, much more. okay, they are providing a One-Stop service. okay, for managing your Global business. now let's tok about what a manufacturer is. now, the definition of a manufacturer is a manufacturer is a person or a company that produces products. now, a matter of fact, you can display into free different types. all right. so they are made to start, which is MTS, made to order, which is MTO, and made to assemble, which guess what is MTA. so, because I'm trying to explain to you which is best for a business starter, this is why my answer becomes sourcing agents. five real reasons. why is, like I said, source and agents provide a One-Stop service. okay, they deal with everything: Market analyst, product research, product buying, profit calculation, everything. you gotta think all of these things I'm saying are quite hard to do. let's take product buying, for example. all right, product buying. you have to deal with things like quality control. like I spoke about, negotiations, they do all this in the one stok. we know that, in general, bad products can affect your business. high quality products can manifest your business. all right, and it's one stop. sourcing agents: they deal with all that for you. they do the quality control guys. while they're doing the quality control and they're getting the global shipments ready, they're doing all this for you can actually concentrate on your marketing plan, which is either one of the best things you do personally to get your business company. well, guys toking about manufacturing, why don't you? why don't you think they're great, right? I just think communication is a massive key to business. Now, One Stop agents. they know how to communicate real. I'm not saying manufacturers don't, they're incredible. all right, whoever produces the product, the manufacturer cares about the material, they care about the process, they care about the time the Intensive laborers took, but unfortunately, buyers don't care about that. when you go to the shop and buy your milk, you do not care how that was the carton was manufactured and what Warehouse was the plastik made. okay, the producer does, because they make it. buyers care about getting a high quality product on time, what they ask for, and that's why that's number two for sourcing agents. all right, because it's a lot easier for the buyers and the sellers to communicate. now number three is source and ages. actually have a low moq, all right. when you're first starting, you're not really going to use that much of the products. you're not going to order big books, are you? whereas most Manufacturing actually have a minimum startup because they've manufactured that product right, so they have minimums. when you're starting your business, you might not want to hit that minimum yet, which is why they can help startups Source an agents to get a lower moq with high quality products. number four is social ninja. actually have a faster delivery time. okay, the professional in this. they're quick at this. manufacturers have a time that they could get, which is suitable. it's originated to do this daily for millions and millions of different products. then get fast delivery time straight to you, okay. number five: social media is actually more flexible. okay, why are they most flexible? because they can actually Source Products from hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Manufacturers. so you got to think it's like having an office in China with you've got a sourcing engine because they're so flexible. all right. if you've got a manufacturer, they have to stik to what they're manufacturing. they've got less flexibility. now some do have a bit of flexibility, but not the kind of sourcing age. you can just ring up and start a new manufacturer from all over China. all right, like having an office dead. that is the five why sauce needed, in my opinion, is better. I hope you love this video. if you did, hit the like button, hit the Subscribe and keep support on this channel. hit the Bell if you want to be notified about the next video. I'm from fulfillment Channel. I just want to say: get yourself to our website. I'm gonna share the screen right now. you can see my voice going up and how excited I'm getting because watch this. if you have ever looked at our website, you will see how incredible it is. all right, it's the ultimate fulfillment services and drop shipping from China. all right, I've been toking all this video about what is bird. this is a global fulfillment and Drop Shipping Services Source from China. product photography Shopper, everything you can think of. we've got a catalog full of products that you can get your hands on your Drop Shipping right now. all right, please, please, please, get a free quote on your starting of your business. speak some people. let me know in the comments if you already have been involved. there's a reason I read this show. there's a reason. this company is like family to me. okay, we are helping people around the globe start up their businesses. so again, hit the like button, hit subscribe, hit the Bell if you want to be notified and get on. fulfillmentcom link should be down below and I will see you on the next video. [Music] [Applause] [Music], [Applause], [Music]. thank you.

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How to Find a FAST Dropshipping Agent: No More Aliexpress! Best Aliexpress Alternatives 2021

in this video i'm going to show you how to find a drop shipping sourcing agent, a person that you build a relationship with so they can source your orders- whether it's from china or the us- for your shopify store and ship them extremely quickly to your customers. you can scale with them, they can give you discounts on your products- all the strategies that you can use to find that perfect agent for your business. a lot of people ask me: what do i use to dropship, what do i use to send products from china to the us if we're not using aliexpress or, let's say, alibaba? what you do use- even though there's companies that i'm going to tok about in this video that are great. they're, tiknically, agents shipping for you from china to the us. you can also find your own independent agent. that's not a company that you pay monthly and they treat you just like every other customer. they treat you very personal, on a personal level. they build your business with you. they give you product ideas. one of our students recently scaled up to 20k a month from a product that his agent suggested to him, so i'm gonna show you how to find that type of agent right now. the first place where we start is on aliexpress. we want to search on aliexpress. even though it's not the best place to find suppliers, to find people that are selling products, we can at least reach out to these people on aliexpress and build a relationship with them. so let's say that let's find a product on the homepage. so let's say that you want to sell dresses like these, or let's see if we can find something else. so let's say you want to sell coffee machines, for example. you're in the coffee niche and you find this partikular product and you want to sell something like it or products just like it. you can go to the shop that is actually selling this product. so here we have highbrew official store. i don't think hybru is a giant brand. we can also google them just to make sure that it's not a brand in the us or a brand in any other country. so let's just do high brew hybrid. amazon 301. okay, so they show up on banggood. it's probably a chinese brand, but what we can do is we can go and reach out to this partikular person or to this partikular store called hybrid official store in china. the store has been open since august 29- 2019- so almost two years now- and you can contact them directly here and you can also- if i take this sales source out, it's almost made half a million dollars- take this out. you can check on the actual seller rating. so this is a great way to start narrowing down who you're going to reach out to. so you can go to aliexpress, find the product that you want to sell- in this case, the coffee machine, find multiple suppliers and start reaching out to them, depending on the item as described: rating, the communication rating, the shipping speed. now, if you go and reach out to these people and you say, hey, i'm a newbie, i don't have any sales, can you please be my agent? they're going to absolutely ignore you. so if you don't have any sales, you at least want to have some, maybe 5 or ten. if you are getting multiple sales, the more sales are better. if you're getting 20, 30 sales per day, that's perfect. you can reach out to them, tell them that you're getting 30 sales per day and that if they're willing to actually build an agent relationship. but you can ask them: it's just: are you willing to build a relationship with me as my agent? i need somebody in china that is my agent to ship my orders to my customers in the us. i'm getting 20 orders per day and i need one as soon as possible, and you'll see a lot of different replies from these different stores. some of them will ignore you. some of them will reply no, i'm not interested. but when you find two to three, this is a great way to find some agents that are already selling on aliexpress. they're gonna build that relationship with you one on one and they're gonna help you build your business. the same thing applies for alibabacom. so these are the first places that i go: aliexpress first, then alibaba. for example, let's say we want to go for a coffee machine again, and even though a lot of suppliers overlap from aliexpress, they're also on alibaba. you'll find some, all some new suppliers here. for example, this one: shenzhen high up science tiknology. shuhai electric appliances- code two years, verified and ignore the currency. i'm in ukraine right now. uh, shuhai youngsen electric appliances. ko hai young cena- like okay, so the same, same, same same, okay. unisec electric tiknologies- these people have been in for four years. so how you analyze all these people on aliexpress? you can go to the name right here. then you see where they're from, in this case china, how many years they've been on the platform, the more, the better. if they've been there for more than two, three years, that's awesome. verified, great. and this one: it basically measures their performance online. if they have five of those diamonds, that's awesome. if they have one, it's not an indicator that they're a bad supplier. but you want to be careful with them. so the more diamonds they have, the better. so this one has two diamonds, that's awesome. let's see if we can find one with multiple diamonds or more diamonds than two. these all have two, two, three, three, four. that's awesome. so 13 years in the business. it says coffee machine. it is a very expensive coffee machine. they made 480 000 in 33 transactions. but a person like this or store like this would definitely be a good one to start reaching out to. you can see what they're doing, you can see how many years they've been in the business. you can call them up, you can contact them and i would definitely create an account on alibaba. start reaching out to these suppliers that have been in this for more than 10 years. they have on-site inspections, on-site video, so it's definitely somebody to trust with your products. you can start building a relationship tok to them. again. the more orders you have, the easier it is to communicate with them. just a quick note: i just want to congratulate jorge from san francisco for winning our zero to three hundred thousand dollar case study that i do with my student, johnny. i'm sure that adds a strategy, everything behind it. if you wanna win it, all you gotta do is comment down below whether it's where you're from in the world, where you're watching me from, or question that you have about drop shipping or drop shipping agent. make sure to subscribe, hit that notification bell and hit that like button down below and i'll pick a winner from this video. the next step that you can follow is try to look for companies that act as drop shipping agents. they're not one person being your agent with a relationship with you, but they are a company that has a bunch of customers that they're. being an agent for one of those companies, sourcing box. they've been pretty good. even though they have some issues, just like every other supplier out there, they're still pretty high quality, their products ship out pretty quickly and even though it was chinese new year, they're still dealing with a lot of orders that now it's doing very well. so definitely a good supplier to trust and to keep in mind. they basically do everything for you. they source the product. if you want a product that you want them to sell but you can't really find it anywhere, they can source it, they can check if it's a quality product, they can fulfill it and they can also brand your products. the more orders you have, the more ability they have to brand your packages, custom package everything and make it look much better for you. so definitely would recommend to go for a company like this, and there's also other companies like hyper sku. it says one stop drop shipping solution, or eprolo. eprolo is a little bit more hands on, like you actually need to do a lot of the work for getting those orders and getting those products processed and fulfilled to your customers. but it's also one that you should consider and should look into. so there's many of these suppliers. there's also like fulfillme.

What can a dropshipping agent in China do for drop shippers?

hi guys, what's up. I'm Sonic from big and Roxy team. we episteme cuando city in China began. top sippin is in one stop drop shipping agency. we program sourcing where how stories and order fulfillment for jobseekers all around the world. thank you, rector. we have customers from USA, from UK, from Canada, from India, etc. top shapers. as a freelancer, the top shipping process should be easy and fun, but here is the fact. drop shippers would beat with a lot of difficulties during the now. so see all the order fulfillment processing. for example, managing multiple products from multiple supplier is quite difficult for the drop shipper. if you are drop shipping from honey express, it is quite difficult and costly, especially the non processing time, and alone or shipping Tom would hurt the buyers experience, even hurt the brand reputation. so that is what began to to help our top chakras to solve these kinds of problems. so we purchased directly from the factory and we provide free storage and weight to the order fulfillment. so they're cheaper. they just need to enjoy the postage CEOs, with a lower cost and under faster shipping and faster for a fulfillment processing. if you are already top dripping from an Express platform, notike for 100%. you will get a quite lower price from us sometimes is even up to 40%. nor why? because we are purchasing directly from the factories, not from aliexpress. as you know, some centers on the honey Express platform. they are Topsy person themselves, so they need margin and you get a higher price. anything you could have found on the unexpressed, we could purchase that directly from factory in China. if you are already cooperating with our top shipping agency in Channel and you want to find a better one, please try us. we are quite confident that baganz is a reliable agent. why? because we believe slow is faster. so we provide many services for our customers to solve their problems, such as we - the quantity inspection- and we provide private maple service and we could input a service car or personnel. thank you carrying the packages. so any kind of customized services you need, we could do that for you. we were to build a one-stop system to process all the orders from our customers and it is quite easy to use. we have an app. you just need to add the app to your Shopify store or eBay store and then, when new orders come in, they could automatikally get into our one-stop system through the app. when you are ready to fulfill the others, our warehouse team will process the orders right away once the package is shipped out and unique Express tracking number will be generated and get back into your Shopify store. so during the whole process you need to do nothing. so it is really quite useful and easy for the truck shippers. by the way, we are already cooperating with more than 20 different international freight company so we could sip to any country around the world, so we all choose the most suitable one for your orders. we was a big believe that small profits and quick turnover- what a big of customers succeed, especially in the top shipping business. once of customers succeed, then we will succeed. so we very charge very small for the services we provide for our customers. these services of the create venues for themselves, such as get a better price, control the risk and stiftung. we shred believe that we could create more venues for our customer and then they spend on us. so if you are ready to skill, don't hesitate to contact us. we can't. is force already here to help you succeed. so much for today. don't, please, don't hesitate to contact us. it's low risk. we could. we hope we could grow together bye.

Best Dropshipping Supplier China alternertive to Alixpress for Dropshipping From China

hey guys, how's it going? this is sunny from these and today we have dance and okay, so that is in our warehouse and after, in a way, we were in the international market and now we are in the warehouse, and then we'll have some questions for me. so I just take this chance to make a video. so there, for some of you know, my youtube friends and new customers, if you want to understand more from us, so you can. you know, this is just a fan q question and answers video. okay, okay, supposed to take a look at our house. what happens when I order a shop before was ever important. yeah, okay, let me. today we have two ways of coverage and the first one is which look for you on, which teach you which way we will find a director, you know, factory for you, and these are fun and this is. and the second one is: yeah, the second one is if you have an existing supplier, so you can ask you the prior to the inventory to our warehouse and we'll ship you and we don't have a order for economists or we have the integrations with Shopify, so everything will be out automatikally. yeah, yeah, so you don't, you don't have to play CSV files, or you know, or a widget, yeah, that's. you know, it's a poorly all medication, integrating it with Toby part [Music] I sent for my factory here? yeah, we will, we will for storage them on the show [Music], [Music]. okay, and when we can order from occupy and the first thing we need to do is to creating the label, and after the label is printed, and then we will give the label for our shooting, you know, sitting down and they will read, yeah, right there, no, over there, we can, and they will cheep-cheep them. and in this part, in this part, this is for you know, to check the quality every time, no matter we buy from factory or the immigration, visit the front door, existence prior, we will check what here. so, to make sure that all the poor, it is ok. before, before the dimension, we have a partikulate this, this to death. you know this test and this test is mainly for checking the port. yeah, so I have one for that, but this is how we could be. and then they can compare it. everything is fine, yeah, yeah, that's it, because quality is very important for 25 sellers and because you cannot touch the product. so with us here we can touch and feel, we can compare. if everything is fine at that point, okay, we will put them on the shelf. yeah, yeah, we all fall before it reports. yeah, yeah, if we don't have very good quality control, you will get complaint from customers. we will be send them. yeah, and here are put for the, you know, printing the labels. this is the production line. actually, it's not for that. tonight. it's a tribulation here every time with the other order from here, the director, there, you know, they say: you know, this is a Express Pass, so this is the code. brandy, we can make you local. all right, yeah, so if you make money, so when your customer care, that a get this. oh, I don't need another factory to make my own, you don't? yeah, you don't need to find a factory, just, you know, send us all the designs and we will make the boss or friend a boy. yeah, yeah, so this is for Brandon. I hope they know by this stage you are ending, yeah, yeah, like branding package. yeah, you see, this is a father. it's automatikally, you know, when they print in the label, when the label is printed and they were put in here and this whole line will separate them. so it's about 1 pm in the afternoon, so our high here is the best, the. the busiest moment is about 5 o'clock in the afternoon. so, as you can see, this is the e jacket. we package package. this is the most common package, you can see it. so it's a yellow envelope: United States. yet, Thank You, United States. so, as you can see here, F means warm and this is this is yeah. this is yeah, this is a hockey cell. from China to the to the USA. so, for the shipping, you know we have more than 18 different shipping solutions from China to the United States and the fatty, the Pharisees shipping that we have which is also economically, it's the USPS, Indonesian, from China to us. it's about, as you can see, there are different shipping methods and all the difference in the method will be flagged and separated here. awesome, yeah, this is a. this is to send products from China to us. a warehouse- no, it's not for Amazon, it's over here, because we have warehousing. some of it, some of the customers. they want even faster and you have high bar, oh, yeah. so which sorts of products here? and we've had them together. and Sifu, you have to get like three PL that they, yeah, in this way we can make the, you know, make it backdrop. so yeah, yeah, make it fast. it's like Amazon, just try, right, yeah, and you can. a kid will come here to pick it up without ya detail. they will come and keep detail packages and you can't really come pick you, no way, and okay. so if you have any other questions, you just make a comment below and I will reply all your comment and I will reply in China. oh, yeah, yeah, okay, okay, I will see you in the next video. thank you, alright.