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choosing a dropshipping niche

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

How To Find Winning Digital Dropshipping Niches (INSANE Margins)

if you're struggling to choose a niche for your digital drop shipping store. right now, in this video, i'm going to reveal exactly how i find winning niches for my digital drop shipping brand. so this is going to be a step-by-step process, probably something you've never, ever seen before. so follow my steps, stay tuned. let's go ahead and get into it so that you can start your own digital drop shipping store inside of a winning niche that's going to make you money. that's the whole purpose of this: to be able to build a business that can grow and where we can ultimately solve problems. okay, because the way you're going to make the most amount of money is by solving problems. so, before we even get into the step-by-step process of how i find a winning niche, i first off just want to let you know that you should never, ever, choose a novelty niche. so a novelty niche is essentially something that doesn't solve any problem. note, with digital drop shipping, we solve real life problems with digital solutions, and that's how we're able to make so much money. now, if you try to go into a space- uh- let's say, for example, something like how to build a hot wheels race track- you know that's not really solving a huge uh problem, and i don't know why that was the first example to come to mind, but you know, it's a reality. that's novelty- uh, something on how to put up your christmas tree. it's so specific. it's not solving a huge problem. instead, we solve real life, major problems that almost every single human is going to have. so let's go ahead, hop onto the whiteboard now and, before we get into the step-by-step process, make sure to leave a big like on this video. if you're ready to see my step-by-step process, let's go now. we just covered the difference between problem solving and novelty, and that's very important, because in the first step for finding a winning niche that i want to start drop shipping digital products in, i'm always starting by choosing one of the main four pain point categories that we all, as humans, just naturally have. this gives me a good starting point before we hop on to my phone and doing some of the fancy steps. this is the base that you need to start at, to make sure that you're not starting in a niche that's destined for failure. many people skip this step and ultimately, that's why they aren't getting the results that they want inside of the digital drop shipping space. so let's go ahead and start off with these main four. and it starts off with health- excuse my handwriting- wealth, making money, happiness and then, lastly, relationships. so all four of these categories right here are ones that we as humans typically are struggling in one way or the other. maybe you're out of shape. you wish you weren't. maybe you don't have as much money as you wish you did. maybe you're not happy, you don't know what your purpose is and why you're waking up every day like what you're doing, what you plan to do, what is your motive? in relationships, maybe you're just struggling to find the right partner, or you're struggling with conversation or confidence, whatever that may be. so these are main pain point categories, and this is where i always start when finding a winning niche that i'm about to start selling in. and this is the easy step: right, we're just choosing one of these four. so that's exactly what i'm gonna do. i'm just gonna choose the top one here as health. and now we're going to move into the next step in finding our profitable niche, because we can't just say, okay, we're going to sell in health space, we're just going to sell in the happiness space. we need to get specific and identify what problems we're going to be solving and who we're going to be solving those problems for. so i'm choosing health here. now let's move on to the second step. now. the next step we're following here is going to be taking advantage of one of the biggest trending platforms out right now, which is tiktok. so the purpose of this step that i'm always following when choosing a winning niche is to think of a specific pain point, a specific problem that we can solve inside of the category we just chose. so that was through health. now what we're going to be doing is taking advantage of tiktok. we're going to hop on my phone here in a second and get right to it now. i've been in the social media space since i was 13 years old. that's actually the first way i started making money on the internet was when i was growing themed accounts on vine and then instagram, and i would make money through affiliate marketing, selling shout out space, and what this allowed me to do was kind of understand exactly the mindset of how brands are operating. you know, if they're buying multiple ads every single day or every single week on the same page, that means that most likely they are making money. now, if i see a promo go up and they only do it once and i never see them again. most likely they didn't make money. so what we're gonna do now is hop onto tiktok on my phone and i'm gonna show you exactly how we can pinpoint- now you know, i'm 21 years old now, so things have changed- and how we can take advantage of this trending platform to choose our winning niche. so, hopping on here on to my phone, we've already chosen our main category, which is health. so, starting off simple, i'm just going to search a broad hashtag that is going to show me current trending posts. so let's just go here and start with health. so this is very broad. let's go over here to hashtags and we're just going to click on it and now let's see what is currently trending- five things you should be doing if you want to lose weight or have a flat stomach. so what i'm going to be doing here is in my notes as well- is taking notes of sub niche ideas. so a sub niche is essentially just going to be an idea for a type of problem that we want to solve with our digital drop shipping brand using that main category. so we know our main category here is health. so now let's take note of our sub niches. so right off the bat here i could say, okay, how to lose weight? boom, it's an idea. how to have a flat stomach: really, we're just taking note of certain problems that people are having inside of the health category. let's keep on going. okay, she's toking about food. it's not healthy. yeah, this is probably not youtube friendly. as a dietitian, i would never buy. i would definitely never. okay, let's see what foods to eat or not eat. keep in mind, these are all just ideas. we're gonna build off of them here very, very soon. let's keep on scrolling. i recommend you do this for at least five minutes, ideally more, and come up with 10 plus ideas. let's keep on going here. keep on scrolling. weight loss: we're going through that. okay. how to improve overall health: very general. well, this is with foods- kind of falls under uh, what foods to eat or not eat. previously, you're ready to die? this one just kind of gave me an idea. habits for health: it's pretty good. actually, keep on going. did you know that? practiking, i mean, hey, you could put in yoga and if you seek treatment from a standard. i've seen a lot of this girl's videos. let's see what she's up to nice. she has her own store digital product recipes- super cool. now i'm going to go ahead and just choose a little bit of a more specific hashtag to look at so i can get some better ideas, and then that's going to help me a lot when i get to my next stage in choosing the niche i want to sell in. it pretty much just becomes a crystal clear picture and puts me on my path to building this brand and making sales as quick as possible. so first thing i'm going to do here is just based on my other ones, kind of based around food, et cetera. so let's try out health food, just the second one here. this gives me an idea. maybe we could help people you know, lose weight, but with delicious recipes. just an idea. digital product: let's keep on going. check out healthy living: free ways to heal your gut- part two: how to heal your gut, gut health, how to get lean. that was a good tik tok. hit a lot of pain points here. okay, now i have 10 specific problems that

Can’t Pick a Niche? 15 Most Profitable Niches for Dropshipping in 2022

What are the best products to offer in 2022?? When it comes to dropshipping, you want to choose something that is both in demand and not overcrowded with sellers, Why Niches with high demand might be amazing. However, if too many players are on the pitch, reaping the rewards would be difficult. It’s important to remember that there shouldn’t be a lot of competition if you want to gain money easily. In this video, I’ll show you the fifteen most profitable niches with low-competition so you can start your dropshipping journey with a bang. Hi, My name is Natalie and you’re watching AliDropship channel. We run this channel for our clients and anybody interested in starting an online business. We want your dropshipping business to grow. therefore, we only recommend the greatest ideas. So what are the most profitable niches with low competition? Without further ado, let’s get to the list. Niche number 1: Solar energy products. Solar energy products are an amazing niche you shouldn’t overlook. They are environmentally friendly and sustainable, which is why they are becoming increasingly popular, And another thing that many customers appreciate is the fact that they won’t have to pay power bills after using it. As you can see from the Google Trends figures, the popularity is increasing. Yeah, but what about the competition? According to the overview of solar power banks. keyword difficulty indicates that there’s not as much competition and global search volume is promising - over thirty thousand. Niche number 2:: Eco-friendly products. As I mentioned, eco-friendly products are gaining popularity every single day. Customers are thinking about their impact on the environment more than ever, and offering eco-friendly everyday products can bring you a ton of profit. According to Google Trends, the popularity of such products has been rising over the last five years and it’s not too late to join. Let’s see what Ahrefs has to say about how saturated this niche is. once more, When we look at the overview of biodegradable trash bags, we can see that keyword difficulty is indeed low. Global search volume - seven thousand. This, together with the low keyword difficulty, indicates that this is the niche to consider. Niche number 3: LED. LED lamps are energy efficient, work amazingly, light up the space with ease and are not hazardous to people’s health, So why not also sell them? People always need something to light up their space. LED lamps are in strong demand, that’s for sure. Keyword difficulty for the small LED lights is very low. The number of potential customers is estimated to be over seven thousand. With a thought-through marketing strategy, you can manage to get a huge number of buyers. Niche number 4: Home office equipment. Home office equipment is one of the most profitable niches for one simple reason - …. In many countries with restrictions coming back and forth, people NEED to work from home. It means they’re buying equipment and in the countries where people are returning to the offices, some individuals work from home simply because it is more convenient and cost-effective for both employees and employers. This niche offers a wide range of different products, but we advise you to pay attention to laptop tables and computer accessories (webcams, mice, keyboards, etcetera). When looking at Google Trends statistiks, we can see that analysts highlight a sharp increase in demand for home office equipment. Even though keyword difficulty may make it seem like this niche is difficult to enter, global volume searches reveal that this niche is quite popular: one hundred and sixty-two thousand potential customers. Niche number 5: Bathroom accessories. Let’s tok about bathroom accessories, which are not only useful but also have a high perceived worth. Everybody needs them. Check out this soap dispenser from Sellvia. It’s an amazing product to sell because people won’t need to touch it with dirty hands. It will dispense just the right amount of soap. no more, no less. Google Trends shows us that this type of product has recently increased in demand, And to be sure that it’s a good idea to dropship bathroom accessories. let’s just see what Ahrefs has to say about, for instance, simple soap dispensers. Keyword difficulty is extremely low while there are more than fifty thousand potential customers around the world. It looks like a gold mine, doesn’t it? Niche number 6: Health and beauty products. Health and beauty products are one of the most evergreen niches out there. People have always and will always need to look after themselves and their bodies, and that means they’ll need products. Google Trends suggests that there has been a stable demand over the last 5 years, and it doesn’t seem to change soon. Even though it appears that this niche is highly competitive, it is not. Take a look at this screenshot. The keyword difficulty is low and the global search volume is around twelve thousand. If you do some marketing, you can expect a lot of success. You can learn more on how to dropship health and beauty products in the United States in this artikle on our blog. Niche number 7: Pet products. Pets…an irreplaceable component of human life. People love their furry friends and they don’t skimp on them. Every consumer may discover something they enjoy because there are so many different products from different manufacturers, And that offers huge business opportunities for dropshippers like us. The popularity of pet products has been consistent, with some peaks around 2017.. Now the popularity is not wild (which is good, because high trendiness doesn’t last for long) and it means we can enjoy a stable flow of customers. If we decide to sell a pet feeder, we’ll see that keyword difficulty is not high, whereas potential customers are around four thousand. And that is JUST for the pet feeder. I’m not toking about many other products for pets. Sounds promising, doesn’t it, Niche? number 8: Gaming accessories. Another profitable niche with low competition is gaming accessories. Why, Since the pandemic breathed a new life into it, consumers are spending more than fifty billion dollars on them. Just take a look at the number of searches. Impressive, right. And one of the greatest things about it all is that there’s a wild demand for such products, while the competition is quite easy. If you want to sell gaming accessories, you can buy a pre-made copy of an existing store that generates over twenty thousand dollars in revenue a month. It already has imported products and is ready to go online. A pre-made store is a much easier way to start than creating a store from scratch. Follow the link to learn more about it and see what this store is for yourself. Niche number 9: Bluetooth gadgets. Bluetooth devices are one of the most useful innovations of the 21st century. They make our daily life a whole lot easier. These products will never be removed from the list of the most profitable niches. For example, this anti-lost smart bluetooth tracker sells like hotcakes because it saves people so much time searching for their keys, wallets, phones and so on. As you can see from Google Trends, the popularity of Bluetooth gadgets has been consistently high for the previous 5 years. Competition in this niche may appear to be wild, but in fact it’s relatively low. More than 7 thousand potential customers can bring your store success. Niche number 10: Personal safety items. Personal safety has always been a concern for many. Everyone wants to keep themselves and their close ones safe and sound. Thanks to modern tiknologies, plenty of items can help with that. Look at this cute but powerful alarm: When you pull the pin, it starts producing a loud noise that draws attention immediately. Or this necklace - it looks like a normal cross, but nobody knows that you can break car windows with them and fight. Over the last 5 years, demand for such products has been continuously strong Competition in this.


Dropshipping Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a Niche

So you’ve decided to open an e-commerce website and got stuck on the stage of choosing a niche. What mistakes should you avoid at the beginning? Hi there, My name is Olesya. I work at AliDropship Company, which created the ultimate dropshipping solution for WordPress, and my goal for this video is to help you with choosing the best niche for your store. Here are the 5 most common mistakes people make while starting an AliExpress dropshipping business. I really don’t want you or anybody to make these mistakes. So what’s the first one? The saddest drop shipping mistake that can be made at this point is going for a VERY broad niche. Let’s take ‘Clothes’, for example. If ‘Clothes’ is the niche AND the main keyword, the store owner is definitely going to have a bad time. No doubt you will find thousands of matching items on AliExpress and will upload them on the website. Then what? What to do next? From the point of view of SEO optimization, the ‘Clothes’ niche is hopeless. An extremely competitive niche, vague keyword – none of this is good for an online store. Even carefully targeted Instagram ads won’t help much. The niche “Organic clothing” is somewhat better. The “organic baby clothes” is the best. Be more specific. Sometimes people seem to be ready to sell literally anything that is considered to be gainful If they know nothing about their niche apart from its good financial potential. they struggle with picking the right products, identifying their target audience and communicating with the customers. One of our most successful clients is Mousslim from France. Check out his stunning story on our blog to get inspired. This is what he shared with us: “when a fan of your niche reaches out to your Instagram and sees your content, he directly knows or feels if you know your niche”. In other words, if you operate in a niche you’re not quite passionate about, it’s challenging for you to catch the interest of like-minded customers and form a loyal community around your store. This might not be so important for the experienced entrepreneurs, but if you create your first store ever, it’s really important to have a connection to what you do. Otherwise, promoting something you don’t really like might be really hard. So please consider the niche, which is not completely unfamiliar to you, and pay attention to your interests. Imagine - you spend some time and effort in building a suitable store, invested money in paid ads –. Imagine - you spend some time and effort in building a suitable store, invested money in paid ads – and then found out that there are not enough high-quality AliExpress items to add to your store. You can promote and sell a single product. However, in our experience, to have a successful dropshipping business, you need to publish at least 20 products in your store, But that’s still not enough - you’ll need to add some more products to broaden your product offer from time to time. If there are no related items on AliExpress, it’s harder to make upsells and cross sells and get people to purchase more from your store. They also can’t be your repeat customers if you don’t have any new product arrivals when they check your store the second and third time. So be sure to consider this, even if the niche idea you’ve got looks perfect at first sight. Let’s suppose you’ve chosen a niche based on your interest which seems to be trendy. at the same time, You create a store and make beautiful designs and then discover that this store idea is already widely used by high-profile market players that attract all the existing customers. Or you’ve successfully processed a number of sales but notiked that the final revenue is too tiny to be worth the effort. To prevent all this, you need to do your own research and examine the niche that seems to be a good fit for you. What kind of research do I mean, and how can you do it? Сheck this artikle on our blog to learn our proven method. There is another way to do the same task - try our free dropshipping niche tool for this purpose - I will leave a link in the description below. All you need to do is answer 11 niche-related questions. the system will calculate the niche potential, rate it on a scale from 1 to 5, and give you basic recommendations on the most preferred marketing activities for this specific niche. One possible strategy for choosing a niche for your drop shipping store is focusing on super trendy items. They quickly become hot and discussed – and quickly come out of fashion (spinners are a good example of such a product type). As soon as it gets forgotten, you will need to rapidly switch to another super hot category. Traditionally, a less risky approach is to choose a niche with a more or less stable demand and slightly update the product range over the course of time. For example, spinners were hot at one time, but a store selling spinners is done in few months. A store selling fidgets for children or grownups is much better. The owner of such a store can add spinners to the product range. Then, after they come out of fashion, the store is still safe and sound. Whatever strategy you choose, your niche should give you the opportunity to adapt to market changes. A niche that makes you stik to a unchanging customer segment or unalterable product line is not a good choice for a long-lasting business. Please never fall for any of the common ecommerce mistakes. Stay aware, be alert and invest your time in selecting the best possible niche for your store – the financial outcome will be totally worth it. One more thing I’d like to add - if you are new to dropshipping and know nothing about AliDropship Plugin, check this video. This is dropshipping tool for WordPress sites that can help you to start dropshipping with minimal investments. You can also download our free dropshipping guide to get step-by-step instructions on how to start - check the link below in the description. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments and subscribe to our channel. Bye.

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Picking Your Niche (Dropshipping 2022)

now that we started brainstorming for a niche, it's time to actually pick one and create a brand around it. in this lesson, i'll be covering whether you should build a niche, one product or a general store, how to conduct industry research and find a good market that has potential, and also we'll be covering how to deal with competition in our market, diversify our brand and sell products and saturated markets effectively. so, as you all know, there's three drop shipping store types. you could have a one product store, a niche store or a general store. a one product store is a store that only has one product and there's very limited testing with this, so i do not recommend it for beginners or intermediates. you need to be an expert, to be honest and really know what you're doing to get this going, to make it effective and make a lot of money from it without wasting a ton of time and without failing a bunch. i love niche stores. we're going to be toking about them throughout the whole course and it's what we're going to be focusing on. a niche store is a very branded option that allows you to sell multiple products in the same niche. it's what i found to be the most profitable time and time again. a general store can sell anything from every niche, but you can't brand them well. you can't build data towards the same goal because you're selling all these different products and all these different niches. another con is you're going to be facing walmart and amazon, which is everybody's go-to for almost anything. niche store benefits: you'll only focus on one niche. once you learn the niche, you don't have to learn something else and you are going to be doing research a lot. all of the data builds towards the same goal with a niche store. that's great. you can test literally hundreds of products within the same niche with only one brand. we're gonna be going in cycles very quickly. so if we find something not to work, we cancel it, we kill it and we bring in something new, and if it works, we scale it and then we bring in something new in and scale that too. it's easy to build systems for a niche store because once you do it once, once you find out how to write product descriptions for your niche, it's easy to just replicate that system to another product. and you gotta make sure before you pick your niche that it has a market potential. conducting research in the niche you're interested in, that's gonna be your key to success. you're always gonna be doing this. it's ongoing. you are never gonna stop conducting your research. that's why it's important to pick a niche that you really love, because you're always searching up new things in this niche and while you're conducting your research or your niche, you're gonna wanna see if this niche contains evergreen products. make sure that you can sell products throughout the whole entire year with your niche, and that means you can sell them in fall, spring, winter, summer, literally every season, throughout the year. and i see people making the mistake all the time and they go ahead and build a holiday store or a trend store. do not build a holiday store. do not build a trend store. make a niche store that has evergreen products that you can sell throughout the whole entire year, because you'll make so much more money. you'll have less headache and then you can literally sell it ongoing. while picking your niche, you want to make sure your niche has successful competitors in it. if your market doesn't have a lot of competition, there's most likely gonna be no money to be made in that niche at all. before jumping the gun on your niche, research as much about it as physically possible. if you jump the gun. you're gonna regret it later down the line. like: take time with this process, make sure it's a good fit for you personally. like you need to know, this is the niche for you. don't just think about the money. in my first three years of drop shipping, i've built over 15 different brands and in my journey i should have built three at most. my first brand i ever built- okay, that's my foot in the door- to know what drop shipping is, learn the ins and outs. my second one is what i thought i wanted and then, by going through that kind of scaling that second business, i should have known at that point this isn't what i want. and then my third business should have been what i'm passionate about. and instead, what did i do? i followed the money, even though i had a gut feeling that it wasn't what i wanted to do. i was all about the money at that time. huge mistake: i didn't do my research first for my first, like 12 brands, and i faced a lot of upfront failure because of it. a lot of wasted time. i wasted money pivoting these brands later on just because i didn't do my research up front. research your market potential with google trends in a niche before you decide to- oh, let's hop in this niche and see if it makes money. research first how to use google trends. go there, only pick a niche that's up trending over the last five years and countries you plan to sell to. if there's a steady uptrend in a niche over the last five years, that's a really good sign. when you're searching, you want to be creative with your searches. search a bunch of different variables in each niche. look up products that you plan on selling to to see if that specific product isn't an uptrend over the last five years. so before we get into more ways how to conduct research, we're gonna go to google trends first. we'll use the golf sports equipment as an example. so i'm literally just gonna type in golf and right now we'll see the interest over time over the past 12 months. so we're gonna take this and we're gonna go over the past five years. this is already categorized for the united states. you can see here that golf repeatedly goes back up and down and back up and down, and back up and down and back up and it's kind of like growing a tiny bit year after year. you can see, because this low point, it's kind of the same here, but then the low point kind of gets a little higher here and then the low point gets a little higher here, so you could see that it's trending up. the niche is trending up over the last five years. so if we're going to be focusing on selling products in the united states, we're gonna want to sort by united states. if we're planning to sell golf equipment all over the world, we're gonna sort worldwide and you're gonna see the trend for worldwide over the last five years. let's compare golf to um scented candles and you want to see what's more popular worldwide over the last five years. you're gonna see that golf absolutely murder scented candles. so let's do an example, a different example. let's say basketball, and now you can see how it compares. people are a lot more interested in golf than they are basketball. so while you're conducting your research and you have like 10 different potential niches, put them all in google trends and see which ones are the best for market potential. so more ways to conduct research for the niches you're interested in, search product names and similar products to the ones you're interested in selling on search engines and search for brands in your niche on google. only take advice from the professional stores. our competitors are going to be real brands, not drop shipping stores. don't go to like some doodoo website and take advice from it. only take advice from websites that are like, very professional. you know for a fact they're making sales and you go to their social media accounts and they have big followings and they get good engagement. these are the niches we're interested in. these are competitors we're interested in. a good way to like, really find a big competitor's social media account if you go to their website, go down to their footer and look if they have any social media accounts. search on social media too to see how many followers they have. you can use tools like socialblade to see if they're growing at a steady rate. okay, so this is socialblade and it's a tool that you could spy on competitors social media accounts- wit.

How To Find The Best Dropshipping Niche

oh, this is awesome. check out the kid. yeah, that's really awesome. he's living his best life. he's better than you, by the [Music] way. oh, you're watching. hello there, my name is annas and welcome to on how channel. if this is the first time you're watching this channel, my name is ns. i'm working for you, so if you have any video requests or any questions, you can find my instagram in the description box, or you will see it right now on the screen, or just drop me a comment below if you are dead lazy, and no worries, i do reply to each comment on, also each message on my instagram. so in this video, i will be showing you the most important task, or the most important thing and drop shipping business, which is finding a good drop shipping niche. because even if you do have a really great store design and have a really great team behind it, if you are not in a really good niche- that's trending, it will be trending in the future, or maybe, as they call it, evergreen niche. you will not be able to succeed that long. so that's why the most important thing in dropshipping is finding a good drop shipping niche, and this is really good, not just for drop shipping, if you, if you are able to discover new trends or products that will be trending in the future, you will be able to make some money. apart from drop shipping, wherever it's- affiliate marketing or social media marketing, whatever it is, you will be able to make some money because, simply, you don't know something that other people don't, and that's the golden opportunity. in this video, i will not copy some artikle or other video and they will show you the average tricks that everybody already know. no, the things that i will be showing in this video is completely unique and almost all my videos are like that. i do not share the simple tricks or something that everyone already know. i try to stay unique and show something that people will find it unique and new, and for that in this video, i will be showing you a website that you can discover trended products or trending niches on it, and we will use that website to find a specific niche and from that one specific niche, we will find multiple niches that actually trending or high selling right now or everyone is looking for them, and that's actually just the first trick. the second trick that i will be showing you is finding trending niches or good drop shipping dishes through tiktok application or tiktok platform, and we will not use tiktok application on the phone or tiktokcom, the website or something like that. no, and we will use a unique platform that's provided by tik tok the company itself to discover new trend and products and content. and let's just keep it honest here, tiktok has some really good creativity and there is a really good content creators on tik tok and i hate tiktok myself and i don't like it at all, but it is what it is. but also there is some really good videos that they do explode on tiktok because they are simply sharing a specific product that people do like. that's why they do like that video and comment on it. so simply, the video becomes viral because a sample product- and i know some people they did make millions visit on products- they did explode on tiktok videos. so right now you know what we will do in this video and, without any more checking, let's get to it. as i said, the first thing we will use a website to find trending products or trading niches and from that website we will find specific niche, one specific niche. we will find multiple niches based on that one. so you guys have more flexibility and also more options. so the website. simply head over to google search engine and type in exploding products, not topics. there is the website called exploding topics, but they did launch a section where only they show you the exploded products. so just hit enter or just scroll down description. i will put link for the website in the description box and here is the website right here. so the first thing you're going to do is change the time frame. as you can see here, it says five years, which is too much. so just click on it and pick one year or three months. i will go for three months so it will show me only the products that's trending in the last 90 days, and after that let's just scroll down to check them out. snake, i don't think this is related to drop shipping. nft, which is cryptokurrency stuff. vaccine booster- oh no, do not go for this one. no, let's just forget about that. scroll down again. google classroom hoodie track suit. okay, let's just go for a hoodie. as you can see here, it says hoodie and the growth for it is 131 in the last three months, not in the year or two years or five years, only in three months and the growth is 131 percent. and you might be thinking why a sample product like a hoodie will be trending right now. well, the thing is, the platform did discover that some partikular hoodies are trending and people lot searching for them and, for example, i did saw on facebook ad library a product that the owner of it has over 100 ad set with the same creatives and everything. he's probably making thousands of dollars per day and the product is is a hoodie for squid games, which is the the trending series right now. so we will go for this hoodie to discover other hoodies that's actually trending right now and to do that, simply head over to google search engine again and type in google trends and again i will put link for it in the description box. you don't need to do all of this. just scroll down description box and you will see google trends here, and simply type in hoodie and hit enter. okay, the first thing you're going to do is change your country. my country is morocco. let's just remove it and keep it worldwide. if you want to go for a specific country, go for it. i'm going to go for worldwide and, as you can see, here is the trend here and lately it is going up, and which is a normal thing because the winter is coming, so people are looking for hoodies. so let's just scroll down here in this section, the countries, and if you see the countries- united kingdom, sweden, ireland, netherlands, united states- this is all really good countries for drop shipping because these countries they do buy online a lot, so they do shop online. let's just scroll down and here is the golden section that i want to show you, as you can see related queries, which is a keywords that's related to hoodies, that's trending or exploded lately and- and, by the way, this data is from google themselves. so this is 100 aggregate, maybe 99, but that's enough, i think, as you can see. the first one: carl jacobs hoodie breakout. this is really going really high right now. the second one: brown essentials hoodie, and this is easy gap, i think, mr weinstein hoodie. three thousand percent brown gap hoodies. girlfriend, carl jacob, i don't know who's this, car jake, it's not. this is not relevant for me anyway. open arms hoodies- uh, mambasita hoodies- among us hoodies and shelter, essentially, and so on. as you can see, there is a lot here. even if i keep going like this, you will find 250 percent for this, lucky me. i see ghost hoodies, which is crazy, to be honest, and you can go in like this. there is a lot here: 25 as you can see. it says 25 here, which is the limit you can see here, and this is just the first method to see related products to hoodies that's exploded lately. the second one, which is head over to google search engine again and type in keyword planner, and if you are not familiar with this keyword planner, this is also a tool that's provided by google themselves. well, you can see each keyword and all the search traffic for it, which is the number of people that's actually searching for this partikular product on google search engine, and also i will put link for this in the description box. after you did access it, you would need to be already signing in a google account, which is really obvious, and after that, head over to this discover new keyword key option right here. simply click on it and it will open this option. so, simply, i'm going to search for hoodie and, before we hit, enter you.

Profitable Niche Selection in 2023 🔥 How to Choose a Dropshipping Product to Sell in 2023

what's up everybody? Anton here from dropshiplifestylecom and I was just out here hanging out on this gorgeous Beach behind me and I was thinking about product selection and specifically, how many people are likely to be looking for profitable products to sell online in 2023, and the thing that made this thought first pop into my head was that the economy is definitely shifting and, unfortunately, I think a lot of people are either not going to be getting promotions at work or not have that opportunity for advancement, and that would be like best case scenario. worst case is, I think a good amount of people are going to be unfortunately getting let off and looking for opportunity to create their own income, and that's what we're all about here at Dropship lifestyle. so I thought let me put this out there as kind of a PSA and share what I consider to be five tips for, most importantly, profitable product selection- how to choose the right products to sell. so let's go ahead, let's get into it. I'll share these tips and hopefully they can help you to build your first or your next store. uh, whoops, don't mind that, but anyway, I have your attention, so let's begin. so the first tip: when it comes to profitable product selection, if you're thinking about getting into Drop Shipping in 2023 is price points. okay, one of the things I have been preaching for years, but that is now more important than ever. and when I say price point, I mean your average order value for what you sell to your customers, and what I want this to be for your business is at least over two hundred dollars, but ideally you should model what we do in our own businesses and even have it one thousand plus. now, I will say, once you start to get to two thousand dollars or more for the average order value, there typically is some more pre and post sale work that goes into it: people asking questions before they buy, people asking more questions once the products are delivered, simply because they spent more money. but in my opinion, this is more important than ever because, as you might know if you've been in business before, ad costs now are up since the pandemic, which means if you do what we do, you are going to have to spend money on ads to make money and you want to make sure you're selling expensive products so you have enough profit margin to be able to profitably buy ads when people start and they choose a low price point, especially now with ad costs back to where they were pre-pandemic. that's going to mean that unless the margins are there, you're not going to be able to acquire customers profitably, and that'll mean you build a store with a product type that never takes off. and remember, we want to do this profitably because what's the point of doing the work if we're not getting paid for it? what's the point of building a store selling inexpensive products, getting a bunch of traffic, getting a bunch of sales, fulfilling a bunch of orders, if there's no money left over at the end of the month? and moving up in price point is one way to definitely get yourself there. so, first tip for profitable product selection: in 2023, you want your average order value for every sale that comes in on your store to be a minimum of 200 and again I would say, ideally one thousand dollars or more, okay. second tip that I want to share is in regards to what I will put as DS suppliers. okay, drop ship suppliers. now, some things have changed over the past year. one of the big ones was oberlo, going out of business. now we never use oberlo, just disclaimer, but many drop shippers did, and oberlo was an app that you could plug into your Shopify store that allowed you to drop ship directly from China, so you would get orders. the orders would be sent to a warehouse or a fulfillment center in China. products would get shipped from there to the states or wherever your customers are. right again, we never use that. but because it closed, a lot of people started finding us and finding out how we do product research and how we find suppliers to actually fulfill orders. so few tips on this point will kind of expand out to it. the first: I think this is the biggest. as per usual, you want a minimum of 20 suppliers, but I would say, going in now to the New Year, 30 or more is even better, better now. the reason I want you to find so many suppliers for whatever Niche you choose, is because you want to have lots of variety when it comes to product options, but also lots of different ways for customers to find you, because one way that people find us is by searching for the exact products that we sell. so I'll give you an example here. I'm writing this out as I tok through it with you and I'm on. I guess you would call it an easel with a flip chart. so if I were going to build a store that sold flip charts and I can only find three different companies that made flip charts that I could drop ship for, then I wouldn't want to be in that Niche. I would move on, because that's not enough variety, it's not enough security, knowing that my business is distributed amongst all these different brands. and just to be clear, I'm not saying that I want 20 to 30 plus suppliers that all make the same exact product. I'm saying I want that many suppliers that make the same product type. so let's go into an example that might work. for an example like this: right for a flip chart or an easel, I would want some suppliers that had options that were just like this one, maybe a dark gray metal finish with this specific width- I think it's three feet wide- then I would want to find some that had the tall and narrow ones for a customer that wanted that product type. I would want some that underneath this, also had a white board if people wanted to use that option when working through their flip chart. I would want some that have wheels. I would want some that are collapsible so people can bring them to conferences with them or to workshops, right, whatever it may be. so just keep that in mind when I'm saying find 20 or, ideally, 30 more brands or suppliers you could sell for in your Niche. I'm not saying they all make and rip each other off and sell the same product. I'm saying they have the variety of products within your chosen Niche. now, a couple other key things here is that these brands should not be ones you pay to sell for. they shouldn't be middlemen. they should be directly the companies that manufacture and Warehouse the things you want to sell. and again, 20 to 30 plus is more important than ever going in to 2023, if you want to choose profitable products to sell online. going back to the example, if I found three brands that made these, maybe I get approved to sell for one or two of them the first day. well, what happens if one of them goes out of business or runs out of inventory? then I'm stuck and I don't have a business anymore. so there is Security in bigger numbers. that is why this is so important, okay. third thing we want to tok about when it comes to tips for profitable product selection is brand loyalty. brand loyalty when it comes to drop shipping. you want there to be none. okay, and an example I typically give because it can clearly visualize it for most people is. let's say, you were thinking about getting in to drop shipping on Shopify in 2023 and you were looking for profitable products and you saw what I said so far and maybe you thought you know what. okay, what's a product that is pretty expensive? maybe a tablet- right, I recently bought an iPad. or maybe headphones- I recently bought the new Bose noise canceling headphones. maybe I'll sell those. well, one problem you're going to find first of all is that there's not going to be that many suppliers. but even if there is- let's use the tablet example- even if you could find 20 or 30 different brands from China that make their own crazy named tablets, well, guess what? that is a niche, that is a product type that has a ton of brand loyalty, and even if you build a store and you sell from 30 different brands for tablets, you're not going to do well because that Niche is dominated by a few big players. that e