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chris waller dropshipping

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

What actually happened to Chris Waller or King Comm

hey guys, it's a. my name is grant Walton, when I was a really good friend with Chris's- if we worked at Target together- I've known him for a couple years, long before he was King comm or any of that stuff- and then Jared's also been a good friend. yeah, my name is Jared. I met Chris about four or five years ago in Starbucks and we first got into the self development and all that together and just kind of started working on things together at an early age and we kind of both split off and, you know, went on our own past and everything. but he's always been a very good friend. he's always been there for me and we just wanted to say there's been a lot of things, a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding that's been coming out about Chris people. I believe that he's, you know, he was on illegal drugs and this and that, and it's easy for people to say when everybody is asking what's been going on, it's easy for people to say, well, it's an overdose this, that. but it actually was not an overdose, it was. it was a toxicity build-up of hydrocodone in his in his body. he had broken his foot and he has struggled with that pain for a good while and and so we're gonna introduce you guys to George, who is Chris's uncle- raised Chris along with his aunt Lana, and he's going to kind of explain now the situation and everything, because we did receive the official autopsy report recently and we're going to there was a lot of misinformation, I mean it, and it wasn't anybody's fault. I mean everybody thought every mean. if you think something is true, you know what you know is the truth if someone tells you. but we have the official truth from the autopsy report and it it's sad, it's, it's really hard. it's been hard for all of us to lose him, because who could have imagined- I know I sure couldn't have imagined- a world where he didn't even exist. I never pictured him actually being gone. I'm sure the same way with y'all, the same way with anyone that dies at such an early age, and we definitely lost a lot that we can't ever get back. but we just have to keep going forward, like he would want us to do, and and push forward with what he taught us and just live our best life. absolutely. long live the king. so long looking. take care, guys. ya know I'm George, I'm the one, my wife. we raised Chris- he's better known as King. we got the [Music] certificate as a accidental there and he hadn't an ecotone toxic accessory, which means he was taking cocaine. everything stuck back there and we knew back and his body wasn't going home, had to kono and it just built up in the system. so to all you friends, our hands and everybody that she cared about it, this is the truth. it was a pure accident. there was no overdose of drugs, maybe sword, and we want thank everybody that gave to his. that's all I have to say because we're tired of all the hearsay which nobody knows, but we do know. now we got the fruit, all right. so I just wanted to take a second - now that we kind of know that- like I just wanted to take a second to tok about just Chris and like you know how he was and especially towards the end, you know Chris, Chris got ghost because he wanted to learn how to love and, you know, just become more, just the better person that he wanted to be and and so you know he. he came from nothing, just like you know, all of y'all have become successful, some of y'all, and some of y'all have it, but he was a person just like everybody else and you know he came up really fast and it's not that they got to him this, it was just something. you know, an accident it's just something that it happens sometimes and but so I just wanted to tell everyone that he was a lot different than you know just the King comm that he put out. you know he was a really great person and I'm blessed to have gotten to spend the three years that I did with him, because I can't imagine have been on a different path where I didn't get to meet him and didn't get to see what he become, and even though that something so unfortunate like this would happen, I'm blessed that I was there to witness like what he was and and how he helped so many people and how many, how many people will still be helped, no matter what. you know, even though he's gone, people will still see his videos for years to come and that you know. even in that short time, he made more impact on the world than any of us are ever going to make sometimes, and so I just really appreciate how everything turned out and there was so much support and all the friends and people came from all around the world to come to his funeral and support him, even though he's gone. I just I just want to thank all for loving him, like I did and like his parents did, and just all the fans and the friends that showed up and comforted each other online and offline, and ghost is doing great. he's living with them, they love him and he's going to have a good home. and I don't know what y'all believe, but I know I'll see crystal again one day too, and he's in a good place. I wish he was here, but he's not. we just have to do the best that we can do and remember him every day, use them as motivation to do things that he would want us to do you.

Dropshipping Events with Scott Hilse, Chris Waller and Arie Scherson

hey guys, it's Ryan, thanks for watching. I wanted to create a short video for you guys that are dropshippers. I wanted to let you guys know that, if you live on the west coast, this weekend is an opportune time for people that live in the area that are into dropshipping, because there's two big events going on up in LA this weekend. the first one is going to be Scott Hill. see, he's the top drop shipper in his early 20s, has made a lot of money online drop shipping. he's going to be holding a meetup group over at the Santa Monica Pier. I'm gonna be attending that one, so there should be another probably 60 to 80 people there that are in the same line of business. so it should be a great opportunity to tok to everybody, share stories, tips and tricks of what's working, what's not working, what the expectations are for the CBO changes that are going to be occurring on Facebook Ads here in the near future. another event that's going to be going on all day tomorrow up in the Hollywood Hills in a mansion is going to be another event from Chris Waller and his partner, Sam Jacobs. these guys are at the top of their game, guys. Chris is known as the king, so you guys should definitely check out his videos and also Scott Hill sees videos if you guys want to learn more about drop shipping and learn the tips and tricks and how to set up your Shopify stores, tie it to a very low, and Aliexpress. so I highly recommend that for you guys. but some of the other guest speakers that are going to be there at the event up at the mansion is going to be people like Casey Adams, Dan Fleischman, timbered Gavin Magnus, Yann Stan Biscay, George Klein and Austin Godsey. so if any of you guys are watching these guys videos, they're gonna be attending. it's going to be a great event. so I won't. unfortunately, I won't be able to make that one. I was hoping to get there but I'm just not able to get there. so I'm gonna be going to Scott Hill sees at the Santa Monica Pier. I'm gonna be taking my camera so I can videotape some of the footage so that I can share it with you guys and you guys can kind of experience it for those of you that live maybe on the East Coast or in other countries that are unable to attend. so please, if you want to watch that video, subscribe to the channel. also smack that Bell so you'll be notified as soon as it drops. and also, for those of you who don't know who I am, my name is Ryan. I used to work for one of the largest domain and hosting companies in the world. I used to manage anywhere from 500 to 700 of their top accounts- so people that spent the most money, people that had anywhere from 300 domain names all the way up to 15,000 domain names, and I used to tok with them on the phone every day. I used to be able to help them with their, their systems, with SEO, with how to grow and make money online. so some of the top people that have YouTube channels out there- and I'm sure you guys have seen them and I'm sure you guys are following them- used to be my customers. so I can't say that just for privacy reasons, but they used to be my customers so I used to get on the phone with them and tok with them regularly every couple weeks. so please subscribe to my channel. I come out with videos all the time- videos up top top products for dropshipping, so for helping some of you guys that are just starting out. so please look down below the video, subscribe to the channel and I look forward to tonight's event and sharing that experience with you guys later on. so thanks for watching, guys, and I'll see you on the next video. alright, bye, bye.

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what's up you guys? boss a Medicare and this video is going to be a little bit just friend. the reason is because one of the great econ legend can come original name, Chris Waller, has committed suicide. he died, I guess a day or two years ago and he- she- committed suicide. as far as I know, as far as the resources that I had then I reached out to, they've confirmed that he committed suicide and it's it's a sad day for me. it's really a sad day for me cuz II was just 21 years old, absolute legend. I saw his journey, you know, like everyone, like when I was starting out in. you know, I do social media marketing for four different businesses. that's my gig, that's what I do. I do social media marketing and I got into it because of e-commerce, because I started out with a Shopify dropshipping store and I was learning and I was struggling and had- I you know- resources like income at that time who were giving out such great free information. you know it could have helped me a lot and so I know like he helped a lot of other people as well with his videos and he was just an all-around genuine guy and an awesome guy and the funny thing is like I, when I watched his videos, when I used to, you know, see his videos- it never seemed like he was sad. you know, he was always smiling, had some light on his face, always plush, and always happy and smiling. so it never showed that he was going through some mental depression, going through some issues. but, guys, this is what it is like: just appreciate and be humble, just appreciate what you have. you know, whatever conditions you are, just be happy if you're breathing, if you're waking up healthy and if you're breathing, just be happy about it, because you never know. you know who was going through what, like apparently, according to the worldly standards, he had everything. he had, money and everything going on in his life. you know he was doing comfortable and according to materialistik standards, whatever you say, cars and house and whatever and all the money he had. but he didn't have peace, you know he wasn't satisfied with it. so at the end of the day, like, what did money do for him? like literally nothing couldn't bring him happiness. so enjoy what you have, enjoy the struggle, enjoy the process, coz that's what it's all about, okay, and take the time out, relax, have some fun, go out with friends, with family. I mean, that's why you know, like all the time people were preaching hustle, hustle, hustle, grind, grind, grind. I hate them because, like it's life is not only about that. life is about whatever you're making, whatever you're earning, enjoying that as well with your friends, with your family. I'm not saying going on trips and flying first path, buying Lamborghinis and all that, whatever money you have, just going out on a nice dinner with friends, having you know some fun. that's what it's all about. money or this, like this entrepreneurship thing that we guys are in in social media, marketing, Facebook ads and all that dropshipping. our purpose is to have freedom right, so that we can do whatever you want to do whenever you want to do, and if we are not doing that, then the whole purpose dies. and so I'm really sad and rest in peace, Chris smaller. my prayers go out to you, condolences to your family and rest in peace. man, I I really hope you're at a good place and and we'll still keep watching your videos. still, they'll keep your legacy alive, we'll still keep delivering value and remember to cherish the moments that you have.

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Make 6 figures selling these trending products

I'm about to show you guys three verified products that you guys can start selling today to make over a hundred thousand dollars with your Shopify store and, just for a little bonus, I'm gonna show you why these products are working and the interest that I would target on Facebook. so let's go alright. so, like I just mentioned, I'm literally about to show you guys three verified and winning products and how you guys can go out there and market him and the interest that I would target myself. but before I jump into that guy's, for those who don't know, the event is coming up. it's July 28th. there's gonna be people like myself, RH Harrison, Sam Jacobs, Dan Fleshman, timbered people like that. it's gonna be insane. it's coming up July 28th in Los Angeles. you've know the first thing in the description: to see more about that. but what you guys should do immediately is pause this video. go to my Instagram, right here at that, christo. I'm giving away over $10,000 worth of tikets to the event because I know a lot of you guys don't have enough money for a tiket, so that's why I'm giving away, because I want you guys to learn as much as possible. so go to my Instagram- it's right here at Kris, oh, and go to my most recent post. it's gonna explain the giveaway and how you can win and, seriously, this is something you don't want to miss. we have people like Tim bird speaking. I mean, he spent over a hundred million dollars on Facebook Ads with over 1 billion dollars in return. like this is him right here. it's insane. we have people like Casey Adam speaking. we have my friend, Pham Mirza. he's actually sold a company at 32 million dollars in revenue, which is insane, so he's gonna give you guys insight as to how he did that. and we have the pillow guy, who has made over eight figures selling pillows. so, guys, you're literally about to learn all the steps you need to create a successful store, and not only just a drop shipping store, but an e-commerce brand. so, guys, like I said, go to my Instagram right here at christo and look to see how you can win a tiket to the event that will change your life. so, with all that being said, guys, let's jump into the products. so the first one here is something you, a lot of you guys, are already familiar with, and you would call them pop sockets, right, and I mean you could call them phone holders- it's whatever you want to call them, but these are most well known as pop sockets and for those of you that don't know, trying to find a picture that explains it really well, it like pops out on your phone. it allows you to hold on to it and like stand your phone up on its side when you want to watch a show or anything like that. but they're super cute, they're super fun. oh yeah, just like this, just like in this picture right here, so it pops out and you can stand your phone up and they're super cool. for those of you that don't know, there's a massive red ball- pop sockets- right here and I think exactly what they sell. and just to show you guys, these guys kid over 900,000 monthly visitors, so they're definitely doing millions of dollars per month just selling these things. so they're very cheap. they're sixty-two cents. I wouldn't really do like a buy one, get one free and you could market these without being on sale, just like fifteen dollars even, because that's what pop sockets does here's they sell theirs for $15 even. but what you could do is build a brand out of it and do like a buy one, get one free and just market it using image ads. something like this could work very, very well with image ads, which I'm gonna tok more about when ever getting to be Facebook advertising in the marketing aspect of it and how I would do that. but seriously, I mean, you could just run- any one of you could run- an image like this on Facebook and it could work. honestly, I've been seeing higher conversion rates and higher quality traffic with image ads instead of video. so keep that in mind, guys, and I'm not to go to the second product, but I do want to let you guys know that I'm just gonna go over the products really quickly and then I'm gonna go to a Google document that shows why I would sell these products and how you can make them work yourself. and then, third, I'm gonna show you guys the Facebook interests that I would target for each of these products and a why so. the second product here has over 22,000 orders. which, guys it's. there's no such thing as saturation. I always say there's no such thing as saturation. if you're good enough, you can market something, you can be successful. I mean, think about the restaurant business. there are thousands, if not millions, of restaurants out there, new ones coming to the market every day. the new ones leave the market every day. but it doesn't mean because there's so much competition that you can't be successful. all you need is good marketing and a great offer. but anyways, with over 22,000 orders and 4.8 stars, this one looks very, very promising. I'm not gonna go in-depth on why you guys should sell it, just yeah, I'm gonna do that in the document. but this is just a second product. it's high-waist shaping. Penney's has a lot of orders, great reviews. so, yeah, let's go into product three. product three has over 9,000 orders here. it's got great image ads again that you could use to market. this would make your store look very branded, very professional. it's super cheap. and 4.8 stars, four thousand reviews- everything here looks really, really good. and so those are the three products, guys. so now i'm going to jump in the document and why you guys should start selling them today. alright, so i'm in the document now and before i show you guys, i do want to mention something. too many of you are used to selling, this sell. all you do is you put a product in front of somebody and say, hey, this is 50% off, buy it today. and you get frustrated because you test the product after product of your product and your marketing this sale and it never works. it's because people don't buy a sale. people buy with the emotion and justify with logic. something being 50% off is not emotional, guys, so you have to market some sort of emotional experience outside of the product and the sale. it being five dollars off, ten dollars off, however, is logical, and so that will be what justifies someone's emotional purchase. and so now, with that being said, something like a phone holder right here, like the pop socket thing is, it's an expression of self. you're not selling some phone holder, phone case thing or convenience or anything like that. you're selling a way for someone to express themselves in a cute way and show something off to their friends. and, like I mentioned, people buy all the emotion and justify it with logic. and, depending on the design of the pop socket that you choose, love and emotion are already present. and what I mean by that is- like I saw this Catlin here- people who aren't emotional about their cats. a lot of you probably have animals and you love your animal right. like I've got a dog- his name is Prince ghost and he's super cute. like I buy him toys all the time. I don't really look at how much I spend on toys just because I want to give him a good life, you know, and make him happy and excited and things like that. and so whenever there's love already tied into something, it makes it a lot easier to sell because there is emotion already there. you don't have to sell it right. so you could literally use image ads of like these paws and like the cat face and target cat specifically and people will most likely buy it because there's the emotion involved and you're giving them a good offer here as well, like a lot of people love sea animals and oceans and whales and dolphins and things like that. so you could specifically target dolphins and whales in the ocean online and run a single image ad and do a buy one, get one free offer and do something like that, because the emotion is already tied in due to the design. so, anyways, with these phone holders, like I said, you're selling a way for someone to express her personality and express themselves. you're not selling some

[Case Study] $4M in 30 Days Selling Socks

this is a case study video breaking down four million in sales and 30 days, and towards the end of the video, I'm gonna give you guys a winning product that you can use these same strategies for. what's up, guys? I'm Chris, also known as King, and I just want to let you guys know real quick that if you look in the description below, you'll find a link to the Royal blueprint, which will show you guys hours of me building and scaling the new store to over a hundred thousand dollars in the first six days. so if any of you that need to help with finding more products or getting sales or anything like that, just go to the first thing in the description and see if it's good for you. but that's enough tok for me. I don't want to hold out from everything you're about to see in this video. make sure to watch all the way to the end. like I said, I'm gonna give you guys a winning product that you can use these exact same strategies for. but yeah, let's dive right in, and if you guys hear some scratching or barking or anything during the video, it's this guy going crazy, so don't worry about that. and so just a quick overview of everything we're about to cover. so in this case study we spent over a million dollars for a Forex return of four million in 30 days. 90% of it was done with picture ads and there were a few video ads in there, which I will show you all the ads in a minute, but one picture ad made over 30% of all the revenue. so literally one picture ad made 1.2 million dollars and the product was custom cat and dog side. a lot of you guys are probably like what the heck? and so don't worry, I will explain all of it. but average order value was around forty five to sixty dollars in. the conversion rate varied between eight to eleven percent. so everything here was really optimized: the upsells, the conversion rate. so what I'm about to show you guys is the four million dollar product and store, the winning ad, creatives, testing and scaling strategies, why it worked so well and how you can replicate it with a winning product to replicate it with. and so right now I'm gonna show you guys the store. I'm not gonna go through every little funnel and upsell and things like that. I'm just gonna show you the overview and a few of the pages and products and descriptions and things like that, and then I'm gonna go to a slide explaining the key takeaways from this store. so let's go. pup sucks calm. it looks great on mobile as well, but I'm just gonna show it to you on desktop and so it's a fairly basic theme. you know, they don't have anything crazy going on besides this gif here with snow falling. I think that's really cool. of course, they have a few custom coding things going on here, like what you hover over this button, it moves a little bit, which is, you know, I catching. it keeps people on your store so it decreases your bounce rate. but from the very beginning, on their homepage they say: personalized prints give the gift of puppy love, and so they're basically selling their entire image right there. so not only is it personalized and exclusive, but you're giving a gift of love, right. so people don't have to keep scrolling to figure out what these guys do. it's all right here on the first page people land on. if we scroll a little bit lower, we see that they tie in a little bit of emotion into their marketing because you give them hope, right. they're proud supporters of the Humane Society and so that makes a huge impact right there. so even if someone isn't buying this product for a gift for someone else. they could just be buying it to support the Humane Society and animals that are abused and things like that. and just real quick, if you think this little guys cute, drop a like on this video. is he worth alike? are you worth the like, bro? how many likes where you are? and then it just goes over a few of the different products here, like, as you guys can see, this is a dog one, a cat when a Facemash, one where it's all over the place, and then just a custom classic, and you know, there's tons more on here we could click shop now and see. and then it goes over how it works to basically explain how simple the process is: you snap a photo, you upload it, you order the product and their production team will create it. they also have social proof. so it's like hey, we've been viewing on business insider KLA TV, the jam, CBS, LA Miami Herald, things like that, which is huge social proof. like, okay, this isn't the scam. like this is totally legit. and then here at the very bottom, they're showing off a little bit about the community and their Instagram page, which i think is super cool. it allows people to stay connected and feel like it's a real brand, and also they just have cute puppy pictures down here, which is super cool. but this is the entire home page and honestly, it's flawless, which is one it made four million in 30 days, because it explains who they are right here, it explains a little bit of the impact that they do and that you, as a customer could be a part of, and so then it's like: hey, here's a few products that if you're ready to buy based on what you already know about us, go ahead, shop now. and then it explains how it works, just to let people know how simple and easy to process is, because I'm sure that is one of the biggest customer rebuttals is: oh man, I don't know how complicated it's gonna be or what's the quality gonna be like in things like that, and then social proof to really influence the Buy. so this right here, like I said, is: go pup stoks, calm you can, but in your phone or anything like that- and look at it. and so now I'm gonna go to a slide real quick of the key takeaways of the store specifically, and so one of the main takeaways is: it's very professional. you don't need custom coding or an expensive theme or a professional designer, developer, to have a very good store. yes, pub socks did have designers and coders and things like that to make it look complex, but it's not necessary to make a life-changing amount of money, but overall you do need a very professional look and feel on your store, which really just comes down to a solid domain name, a good logo and a good color scheme and, you know, no spammy pop-ups or anything like that. another great thing about this store is the ordering process is very simple and, like I just showed you, they outline it on the home page- the first four steps- and you take a picture, you upload it and then they process it and send it to you. that easy. another thing is it's a very simple product description. for those of you that gone through my case study, you know that simple sells. and here's the pub socks product description. by the way, since I didn't show it, it's just a few different colors and images of the products. of course, you can choose a size- how many different faces? so all of this is really good just because it makes it a lot easier of an ordering process and better customization and things like that, and so they literally have one selling point right here in the description is you can't always take your dog everywhere, but you can wear pup socks all the time. and then it tells you the material like: it's so basic and simple but the product description doesn't need to sell because the product sells itself. the product and audience is already passionate and so they're just selling to the passion. the description doesn't need to sell the product when there's already passion there. there are also some really great upsells on the store just because after you buy a product or even add it to the car, there's a lot of different upsells like: hey, buy one more for an extra 50% off, or people who bought this product also bought this, and overall there are a lot of great upsells on here. pre and post purchase to increase the average order value, which is crucial to making a lot more money for your ad spend. and just a little bonus thing: the store has a D rating on speed right, and so it's got like a 60 out of a hundred load speed, which is not good at all, which is why I said it. it just goes to show, like I outlined in the world blueprint, simple cells, an

REVEALING A $509k+ Product - [Case Study] - Dropshipping

in this video I'm gonna show you how this product made over five hundred nine thousand dollars and towards the end, I'm gonna give you guys a winning product very similar to this one that you guys can replicate. let's dive in what's up, guys. I'm Chris, also known as King, and before I dive into the video, I just want to let you know that down below, if you didn't know, you can find a link to the free Facebook group with over 20,000 other Royals in there. it's a tight-knit community of my viewers here. so if you're really dedicated to make this work and just what other people to connect with, that's gonna be your way to do it. so go to the description below and you'll find a link to join the free Facebook group if you haven't already. of course, down below you're also gonna see a link that's gonna go behind-the-scenes of me scaling a new store to over one hundred twenty thousand dollars in the first six days. so make sure they take a look at that after this video. but that's enough tok for me, so make sure to watch all this video. like I said at the very end, I'm gonna give you guys a winning product you can replicate and, of course, if you have any questions, make sure to leave them in the comment section below because I can answer them in a future video. so this right here you're seeing on screen is the store. I'm gonna show you guys the store, the ads, and I've also built on a PowerPoint explaining exactly why this work and how you can replicate it. and before I go in-depth on breaking down the store in the ads and everything, I do just want to calculate really quickly how they made this money. so this right here is a Chrome extension I'll use, called similar web, allows you to track how much traffic and visitors that a store is actually getting, and so, around when they launched it the first month looks like they've got about eighty thousand. the second month about 600,000. third month, four hundred thousand. next month two hundred fifty thousand and the next month five hundred thousand visitors. and of course, I'm sure these guys are marketing multiple different products. but let's just say, over the seven months, if they've been marketing it, they got a million visitors. considering they get at least five hundred thousand every single month, I'm sure that's a pretty solid assumption and I'm sure they actually got more visitors to this landing page. but that's how we're gonna calculate it is, with 1 million visitors to this product, all right. so, like I said, just to calculate it really quickly, let's say we got 1 million visitors to this landing page and let's say they had an average of a 3% conversion rate which, like I said, depending on your store and your product, will vary, but that's the industry. average is about a 3%. some stores have 10 plus some source have a 1 and a half, but let's just say they had a 3 percent conversion rate. so we multiplied 1 million visitors times point zero, three, I would give us 30,000 orders on this product. so they did 30,000 of a million visitors at 1697 and that comes out to 500 $9,100. of course I'm sure they made more than that on this product just because of how well the advertisement did, but you never know. that's a ballpark range for how much they made with this product. so anyways, guys, I just wanted to show you really quickly how I would calculate that. but now I'm gonna dive into breaking down the store, the ad, the ad copy and everything, and why it worked. so here's the store doing things like this. I highly suggest you guys to do this is called quantity breaks and when you do this, people are more likely to buy multiple, which will increase your average order value, which overall, is gonna make you a lot more money in the long run. this checkout badge I personally want to use- I think a lot of drops who pursues it- and it's very colorful. it kind of goes against the scheme of the store. I don't think it looks good. I would use a black and white one that looks really branded and sleek. but hey, if it works, it works. their product description is awesome. as you can see, they bowled certain things to make it stand out, just because if you're lazy you don't want to read it, so you're just gonna scroll through the product description and your eyes and your mind you're only gonna catch the things that really stand out, and for them they bolded things so that certain things would stand out. one thing they're doing- great as well, but not a lot of people do- is gifts like these are really eye-catching and it also just showed you how the product works even more. you guys can make gifts online just using a software called giffy and over all you're seeing that they don't have very many words, but they do have a lot of gifts and a lot of descriptive images. towards the bottom here they have five customer reviews. I haven't suggest you having more, but they did write them themselves. you can tell that this is not something from Aliexpress, because if it's from a Hell Express it's gonna say: love the product, shipped fast, very good quality, Wow, something like that. I just wanted to show the store really quickly. now I'm gonna show you guys the ad and, like I said, I did break all of this down in a PowerPoint that I'm about to show you. that explains everything that they did right and how you guys can replicate it. so this right here is the video ad. I'm gonna play it really quickly. I'm just gonna tok a little bit about it while it's running. so first thing is it's less than 30 seconds but it's a really quick video and you can see that they don't have a lot of text on there. they have a few headline benefits pop up here and there, but I mean it's very quick, very simple. I'm just gonna let the rest of it run just so you guys can watch it. you, like I said, they have super fast cuts. it's super quick and straight to the point and that's exactly how your video ads should be. you can also see that it's very low quality, so don't stress the quality too much, guys. you want to stress the benefits and the true reason that someone would buy it, because it's marketing over everything and good marketing doesn't come down to the quality of the image or video that you're using. anyways, this is their ad copy right here. so I got over two point six thousand comments, four thousand shares and fifteen thousand likes, and it got three point five million views, and they launched at about seven months ago. this is their ad copy. I think it's pretty solid because now, in the very beginning, they have a very controversial headline. now I only take 20 minutes to pack up. this is something that not a lot of people do, so I think it's very catchy and it intrigues people to learn more. here they outlined three benefits: keep things tidy, reduced pack up time, waterproof and durable, and then they have a double link: get it here. overall, the ad is very quick, straight to the point. it's very controversial in terms of their headline, but overall it has great engagement, great amount of views and it did very well for them. and so now in a PowerPoint, I'm gonna break down everything and why it worked and then give you guys a product to use yourself, okay, so number one why it worked is that a very, very catchy video ad. what I mean by that is it was very short, very quick. they had a lot of really quick, snappy cuts. everything was sped up times, five or six or something like that. it wasn't real time speed and so it was very quick and that's how your video ads need to be these days and centering as consumers. we have the attention span of a goldfish now, which is like two or three seconds, so you need something really quick and really snappy. another reason it works so well is because the hook that they had in their ad copy was very controversial. it said: now I only take 20 minutes to pack up, which that's something that isn't relatable or common, and so when it says something like that, people are like: wait, like it. it takes me two hours and do my laundry and then pack my clothes for a trip or something like that, and so that inspires and intrigues people to learn more, because that could be a massive