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Cinematographers Wanted!!! Get Sony Vegas 7 FREE!!!

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

Cinematographers Wanted!!! Get Sony Vegas 7 FREE!!!

hello tumors its King human here and I
want to get into this Sony Vegas editing
software giveaway this is huge stuff
this is 500 bucks for this soft so what
I'm looking for is cinematographers
because this is not your vlogger editing
software this is heavy-duty movie
producer stuff so I'm looking for those
movie producers that are here on YouTube
and if they're enough of them and they
want to get in on this then I'll have
this contest and give this away to the
best video so here's what I was thinking
first of all I need to know if they're
enough cinematographers real video
makers interested in getting this
software free and the way you make me
know that is making comments make a
bunch of comments if you make I don't
care if you make a million comments one
guy can make a million comments I don't
care do it because it'll get this video
on the most commented page of YouTube
the more people see it and the more
people show interest the more I am the
closer I am to giving this away and all
have a contest next week probably to
give this away if there's enough
interest first they're going to be three
qualifiers I just taught you two toked
about the first one which is make a
comment make a bunch of comments get
this video see and get it on the most
Doug toked about page whatever secondly
you gotta subscribe to king
you got to be a subscriber to King human
to win and I want you to subscribe
because you want to subscribe not
because you want to win free crap check
me out make sure I'm you know I got
philosophies that you believe in and you
know I don't want you to do anything you
don't want to do so I'm not asking
people to subscribe to me that don't
want to subscribe you have to want to
subscribe to me because you like what
I'm about next I'm putting in links to
Sony Vegas where you can download the
free trial version and I want you to go
do that and it'll work free for 30 days
and why do I want you to go do that
because I want to make sure you're going
to actually use the software I've seen
people that got free software and they
uh oh I don't want to learn how to use
it and they give up I mean this is easy
software to use but you know people
still give up and they don't care why
because it's free so they're not you
know if they would have paid for it yeah
you're damn right they would invest the
time to learn it so I want you to learn
the software before we go anywhere and
i'm also going to require it that to win
the software you're going to have to
make a movie and you're going to have to
make a movie using Sony Vegas so that I
know you're really into the software any
version of Vegas and the movie is going
to have to be what you do to help the
planet or humanity and it can be what
you've done what you're going to do what
you do now it doesn't matter it's just
got to be something that shows you help
the planet and the environment or you're
going to help the planet and the
environment or something along those
lines has got to be helpful to the
planet Earth or humanity
and and basically that's it so I just
basically I'm putting a feeler out right
now to see if there's enough interest
hopefully there is if there's enough
interest please make a comment and tell
people get them in on this because like
I say if there's not enough
cinematographers out there the one good
software I'll send it back I'll take it
back and I'll go get the regular sony
vegas and i'll give a bunch of those way
instead so let me know what's going on
and do those dues subscribe download the
trial version make a bunch of comments
all right people Cheers keep on keepin
on and be nice to somebody else thanks
sign our