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city market ads

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

Gumball | Darwin's Potato Diet | The Potato | Cartoon Network

mmm fluffy. hey, idaho, my number one, bro. how's it hanging? what's wrong with him, isn't it obvious? um, nope, dude, you're eating potato in front of idaho. the potato, that's it. if it upsets idaho, i'm never gonna eat potato again. there are plenty of other foods i like. i'll just eat those. i'll go after some fries. uh, those are potato too. what did you think french fries were made of french people? smh, dude, smh, huh. also potatoes, wedges, potato, hash browns, potatoes, tater tots, potatoes, croquette potato. but that is brown potato potato salad. uh, i can't believe i've been so insensitive. at least it was only. once each chip is sliced and diced and lowered gently into the boiling oil, then boiled again in the boiling oil. do you have the time chipping a quarter after two before boiling them in boiling oil one final time? what one i'm so insensitive? yeah, maybe you need to think about how other people feel. also, i ate way too many potatoes. i'm proud of you, buddy. openly admitting you've got a problem is the first step to recovery. okay, i have a problem. great, all better. dude, that's not the only step to recovery and that sure doesn't have a back on it, and maybe the problem's a lot bigger than you think i do need help. okay, dude, we've cleared out your locker and your desk. is there anywhere else we've missed? is there anywhere else? i don't recall. could there be any other potatoes? i think we've got them. thanks for leading me to your secret supply, but you'll never find my secret secret. dang. stay strong, bro. i know this isn't easy. this is a very emotional time for me. i keep getting these horrible, devastating mood swings, but it's fine. everything is great. all i need to do is relax, like really, really relax. i'll fight anything that moves. well, he's coping better than i thought you know. a lot of people find doing something with their hands helps take their mind off cravings. let's search for things to do with your hands. whoa, origami, that's a great idea. feel any better? not at all. well, at least it hasn't upset anyone. hey guys, have you seen my parents? they were coming in today to see miss simeon [Music]. no, never mind. clearly, dedication and good intentions aren't working. time to put our faith in something that looks like science but isn't welcome to dr zanthor's. hypnotize yourself to a healthier. you listen to the sound of my voice. you're feeling very sleepy. you're lying, is that? get those chips out of my face. hey, what are you guys doing? ah, do we really have to tell you? or will we just admit that you've been eavesdropping and already have a solution? i sure do. just leave it to scoop dog. oh okay, is he coming here? do we go to him neither, so we just wait here or no. no, no, it's me. i'm scoop dog. it's a new nickname. i'm trying. oh, that was not at all clear. did it work? not really. aversion therapy is just advertising with different music, see [Music]. also, maybe it would have worked better if you hadn't wedged my eyes open with french fries. any other bad ideas? well, how about, mr smalls? group therapy? it's really good. i've been to every single one to cure my obsessive personality. every single one, haven't missed a week. try to, couldn't [Music] you?

How To Get More Listings In California With YouTube Ads - Youtube Ads For Realtors

this is exactly how you can get more listings in California using YouTube ads. this Market is different because the median list price is higher than the rest of the country, or more cities have a median home price of one million dollar and up, and it's really competitive. so what usually works in most markets won't cut it in California. let's quickly go over the market in California so you understand how it's different. there's over 200 000 Realtors and this is the second state after Florida with the most Realtors, and the population is almost 40 million people with over 13 million households. the median home price is almost nine hundred thousand dollars and prices continue to rise across the state, while wages don't. properties sell on average in 72 days. in California there's a lot of diversity in terms of ethnics, ecosystems. there's a lot of tik companies and Market is more sophistikated. overall. people know a bit more and more Savvy and you can't really just like BS people with your ads or have like a wishy-washy ad that could work in other markets. when I say wishy-washy, I'm just toking about something that looks tacky or spammy. the cost of living here is crazy high and a lot of people are struggling to make ends meet, wondering should I stay or should I go? here's how your angle should be different. when advertising over on YouTube to try to get more sellers in California, the hook- meaning the first five seconds of your ad to draw attention- must be totally different to make you stand out with such competition. remember, guys, you're competing with over 200 000 Realtors, all right? so a lot of these have tried running ads before or are still running ads right now, or mailers, postcards, billboard ads, TV ads, radio ads. how are you going to stand out? your hook must be different. okay, how do you stand out? it's easy: look at what everybody else is doing. you're going to find a pattern and then just do something else. right, do the opposite. delete magnet. so what you're giving them in the exchange of their information? the reason in the first place they're clicking on your ad? because nobody's clicking on your ad just for fun, right? they want something in exchange. they think that, okay, if I click on Michael Ruby's realtor ad, I'm gonna get XYZ in exchange, so it's worth it. let me just click on it because it interests me, right? that's the lead magnet. the lead magnet must be educating sellers, because they want accurate and relevant information about how you're going to ensure they sell for top dollar quickly in this market. okay, because the reality is they probably have a cousin or a friend. that's a realtor, okay. so how are you different? if they have a friend or a cousin, they have an edge over you because they already have that trust built in and they probably want to, you know, help out cousin Sam instead of helping you out, because they don't know the difference between you and a hole in the wall. okay, so what more do you bring? this is where having a USB unique selling position as a road turret for sellers is important. if you don't have it as down, then when you're gonna find yourself competing against other agents, you're going to be shruggling a little bit. right now, if you're just getting your business from SOI referrals, you might not have that problem, but here we're toking about expanding out of your screw of influence and your clients. so these people don't know you. you must have a process that you follow to earn their trust and show them how you're different, because if they have the choice between you and their cousin, by default they're going to go with their cousin, right, except if they feel like you know more. you bring more to the table. so the video ad must show professionalism and be high quality. okay, we're not toking about a market selling, you know, a hundred thousand dollar mobile homes, right, nothing wrong with that, nothing wrong with mobile homes and 100K properties. but this is not the market here in California. okay, so we have clients in California that I personally work with- Realtors you know- that are looking to get more listings with YouTube ads that are killing it just recording with their phone- right, the recording ads on YouTube to just with her phone, and they actually are getting three million dollar properties on YouTube. but, you know, in any high-end Market I'd use professional equipment for an ad, right? so, if you have the choice between recording with your phone and recording with high-end production equipment, I'd use the higher end equipment if you have the budget to do this. if you don't have the budget right now, then just start with your phone and then, once you get your first listing with this, then just reinvest back in like paying a videographer for this, for example, just for a nap, right, what's like 300 bucks for a videographer to record an ad for you if you're able to get like 30k back on your first commission with this, right, like no brainer. that's that the reason that is because obviously it's a high-end market, so something like done quickly with your phone or like that doesn't really look professional, won't really cut it. now, additional bonus right here that I want to give you is on the editing side of things. you don't want to have something that looks spammy. right, it might work and actually is work for some of our clients in California. but you don't want to have a lot of like you know, animations, like spammy gifs or like emojis and stuff like that, because it might not work well, especially if the quality of the video is not good. if the quality of the video matches this, then you don't have to worry about it. but my point is you want to make it feel higher and overall, if you look at it from a seller's perspective, do you say to yourself: oh wow, this agent has his business. you know well put together, he looks like, or she looks like she actually cares about you know, his, her image and his, her business. let me give her a call. or do you say, well, I'll never call that real estate agent. right, you want to like, put yourself in their shoes and like: basically have an objective. look on your ad. now. the interesting thing here with the targeting options in California. here are two targeting angles you could take all right. the first one is over on YouTube ads targeting homeowners and people looking to purchase a home. so that would be the first angle. we're targeting homeowners and the one that are looking to purchase a home. so we know they want to sell and buy a new one, because obviously, if they are looking to purchase a home and they already have one, they'll probably want to sell their current one, especially because they meet at home price is just so high, except if they're like super wealthy and they're buying like multiple properties, which, like, is unlikely. now here's the angle number two that is super interesting and Powerful. if you are a realtor in California advertising on YouTube in a market where people might be hesitant to move, as a realtor in California advertising on YouTube, you can actually show your ads to homeowners that cannot afford the house they currently live in. and how do you do this exactly? first of all, you target homeowners and YouTube ads and then you say household income, so you can Target buy household income, the lower ones. so that means that you know they are not earning that much compared to the rest of the targeted area, but you can Target in a neighborhood where the median home price is high. so you're targeting a high median home price neighborhood but you're also targeting a low household income. so automatikally you're gonna increase your chances- your dramatikally- to show your ads to people who are living in a house that's too expensive for them. maybe 30, 40, 50, 60 of their monthly income is being, you know, put towards their mortgage. so they know they have to like downsize or go rent, right. so that's a targeting option you could take and mention this in your actual ad and use the powerful targeting options to tok to you about over on YouTube ads which, like, is not offered by any other.

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Cityads.lk , How to use city ads website , Best online market place to sell your vehicle 2022

[Music] home and [Music] origami uh foreign. [Music] foreign you.

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Video Ads will Boost Your Sales Online - Awesome Video Ad Compilation

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Empire Pictures 1985 American Film Market Ads

hello everybody. it's edward. as i promised on the podcast, if you were to go to this page you could see this short video of me with some of the issues of the variety from the various film markets. this first one i'm going to show you is from the eighth myfed film market, which was in october of 1982. the reason i wanted to show it was because of the ad that was in it, a two-page ad for metal storm which was directed by charles band. of course it was made before empire pictures began, so it was being sold by an outfit called arista films. and then we're going to skip the 1983 american film market to get to the 1985 american film market, uh, to show you, uh, how important these bibles were. here's canon's uh ad you can see it starts on page 19.. and they usually kick off with what they consider to be the most important film in their system at the time, which in 1985 they were big on. sylvester stallone, over the top, got itself a four page spread. remember we started on page 19.. there were so many canon movies. here's something called number one with a bullet- i don't remember if it got made or not. allen quartermaine in this lost city of gold which was then just called quartermaine. here's a captain america that almost got made in 1985.. thunder warriors, just picking up random ones. i remember we started on page 19.. they still had ads going all the way into the 70s. they were trying to sell so many movies. and then, if we go to page 97, you can see empire international at the american film market. uh, here's a, a pre-sale ad for zone troopers. uh, you can see, principal photography was set to begin on february fourteenth 1985. reanimator was act was completed by this time and you can see they actually had screenings of a promo reel to try to sell it outside of america. and then after that we have savage island with linda blair, which we toked about on the first episode. we have crime lord, which was one of the movies that never got made that we will be discussing on this episode. troll and eliminators- we've toked about those before. journeys through the dark zone: uh, we did tok about that briefly on the first episode. uh, to, as we did teravision, laser blast 2, which we discussed on the second episode because it never actually got made, but it did, but it didn't prime evils you can see. and then an ad showing off, uh, ghoulies, which had already made over seven million dollars in a few uh weeks while only playing in 62 percent of the theaters, while the dungeon master had grossed almost 3.3 million dollars while only playing in 34 of theaters nationwide, and also announcing the spring 1985 release of transfers. and then, i apologize, these were sent to me, uh, secondhand. i don't know why this page is cut, but you can see they are also starting to sell off some of the titles on empire video.

Dubai: Is a 550 m Giant Donut around the Burj Khalifa Coming Soon?

مرحبًا بالجميع في موقع Looking 4.. اليوم ، سأصطحبك إلى المدينة حيث يمكن أن تظهر أكثر المشاريع جنونًا. كما فهمت, ، دعنا نتوجه إلى دبي ، في الإمارات العربية المتحدة ، لمناقشة مشروع مثير للدهشة بقدر ما هو مثير وسط المدينة. مدينة جذابة بامتياز ، دبي اليوم في طور كونها ضحية من نجاحها. في غضون العشرين عامًا القادمة ، من المتوقع أن يتضاعف عدد سكانها تقريبًا ، مع تدفق أكثر من 2.5 مليون مقيم إضافي. لتوقع هذا التحدي الاستراتيجي الجديد ومحاولة جعل المدينة أكثر استدامة مما هي عليه اليوم, ، نفذت السلطات الإماراتية خطة دبي 2040.. عقيدة جديدة تضع قواعد التخطيط الحضري لمستقبل المدينة الإماراتية. وقد أعطت خارطة الطريق الجديدة هذه أفكارًا لشركات معمارية معينة لاقتراح رؤيتها للمستقبل في دبي. هذه هي الطريقة التي تخيلت بها وكالة الفضاء ZNera ، والتي لم تكن, في أول اقتراحها, المبتكر ، مفهومًا مبتكرًا تمامًا ، وقد عمدت "داون تاون سيركل" لا مزيد من الأبراج العمودية الضخمة التي تشكل أفق دبي ، أرادت شركة الهندسة المعمارية عكس النموذج بالكامل من خلال اقتراح ناطحة سحاب أفقية, تحد مجنون, وثوري تمامًا, يمكن أن يغير وجه المدينة بشكل جذري. لن تكون دائرة وسط المدينة ، كما قصد المهندسون المعماريون ، على مستوى سطح الأرض ، ولكنها تطفو على ارتفاع يزيد عن 550 مترًا, مع محيط ثلاثة كيلومترات ،. يجب أن تمر الحلقة على إصبع. أكثر المباني رمزية في المنطقة المدينة, وهي برج خليفة قمة يبلغ ارتفاعها 828 مترًا, وهي ليست أكثر أو أقل من أطول هيكل بشري. تم بناؤه على الإطلاق لأكثر من 20 عامًا ، حلمت دبي بالعيش في السماء. وتوضحها لنا مرة أخرى بهذه الرؤية المستقبلية الفائقة وسط المدينة. هذا الهيكل الضخم لن يكون ممتلئًا. فقط المخطط سيكون بمثابة خلفية لحياة سكان المستقبل كلها تشبه حلقة أو دونات عملاقة للأكثر جشعًا شكل. لم يتم اختياره عشوائياً, بل لاستقراره. حسب رأي المعماريين, يجب أن يصبح هذا المبنى ، المنبثق مباشرة من فيلم خيال علمي ، وفقًا لمصمميه ، معيارًا حقيقيًا للاستدامة الحضرية في الشرق الأوسط. فهو يجمع ، في الواقع ، بين الحاجة إلى السكن والإرادة البيئية ، مع نكهة المستقبل والجنون التي تشكل هوية مدينة دبي. ينصب التركيز أولاً على الظروف المعيشية في مثل هذا المبنى. يريد المهندسون المعماريون إنشاء مناخ محلي داخل المبنى ، بعيدًا عن الحرارة الشديدة والضباب الدخاني الملوث الذي يسود بقية المدينة الإماراتية. يكمن حلهم بعد ذلك في الركائز الخمس العملاقة التي يجب أن تدعم الهيكل. وستحتوي على أجهزة تنقية هواء ضخمة, طورها فريق المهندسين المعماريين. تنقية على نطاق واسع يجب أن تكون فعالة داخل المبنى وخارجه أيضًا, في المنطقة بأكملها, بين الأعمدة الخمسة للحلقة. من ناحية الطاقة ، ستأتي الكهرباء من العديد من الألواح الشمسية المثبتة على الحلبة. يتم تخيل الجزء الداخلي ، المسمى Skypark ، كمساحة خضراء. تربط الطوابق الخمسة من الهيكل وتسمح لنظام بيئي حضري كامل بالعيش. يُعتقد أيضًا أن الحديقة تمارس الزراعة. داخل هذا النوع الجديد من الفقاعات ، يتم توفير جميع المعدات اللازمة للعيش المستقل. يجب أن تنتشر المناطق السكنية, والمدارس, ومراكز التسوق, والمساحات الخضراء, وحتى الحقول الزراعية على الأرض, بهذا الهيكل الهائل للغاية. ابتكار آخر: ، سيتم دمج النقل العام مباشرة في الهيكل. يجب أن يقطع الترام الكهربائي الجوي الحلقة من طرف إلى آخر بسرعة 100 كم / ساعة. الهدف المعلن هو تمكين أي شخص يعيش هناك من الانتقال من طرف إلى آخر في مدة أقصاها 20 دقيقة, نوع من الاكتفاء الذاتي. يذكرنا بالخط ، مشروع نيوم, الرائد في المملكة العربية السعودية ، والذي بدأ بناؤه الشهر الماضي, كما تحدثنا عنها مطولاً في فيديو مخصص لذلك. إذا كنت مهتمًا, فسأضع الرابط في الملف وفي الوصف. وبالمناسبة, ، إذا أعجبك هذا الفيديو ، فلا تنس أن تضع إبهامًا. قم بالاشتراك في القناة حتى لا تفوتك القنوات التالية. لكن دعنا نعود إلى دونات. مرة أخرى, ، تثبت دائرة داون تاون, سيركل أن المشاريع المثيرة الناشئة في العاصمة الاقتصادية للإمارات ليست على وشك التوقف. ومع ذلك, ، لا يزال من الصعب معرفة أنه يمكن أن يخرج حقًا من الارض. يبدو أن السعر الفرعوني ، وعقود من العمل في وسط المدينة ، واستخدام التقنيات التي لا تزال في طور النشوء ، يحكم بالفعل على دائرة وسط المدينة بالبقاء في حالة نموذج ثلاثي الأبعاد. أدرك المهندسان المعماريان للمشروع أيضًا أنه, في ظل الوضع الحالي, ، يكاد يكون من المستحيل إكمال عملهما, Mais la démarche des deux architectes est en réalité tout autre. Comme ils le racontent dans un artikle de CNN, ils souhaitaient que cette vision futuriste, que l'on qualifie d'architecture prospective, serve à lancer une réflexion collective sur la ville. غدا, ممزقًا بين التنمية الحضرية المكثفة والرغبة في مدينة مستدامة, ، سيكون من الضروري, بالضرورة, إعادة التفكير في النموذج الحضري لدبي حتى تتمكن المدينة من تحقيق هدفها حقًا. ولذلك فإن "سيد الخواتم" الجديد, هذا هو قبل كل شيء استجابة مقدمة من هذه الشركة المعمارية لمشاكل الازدحام والاستدامة الحضرية, مشكلة واضحة بشكل متزايد في وسط مدينة دبي ، حيث يثير التكثيف الشديد أسئلة. على أي حال ، إذا كنت مهتمًا بمفاهيم معمارية مذهلة مثل هذه, ، فإنني أنصحك بشدة بمشاهدة الفيديو الخاص بي على ناطحة سحاب مكسيكو سيتي ، وهو نوع من الهرم المقلوب الذي يجب إدخاله في الأرض على بعد 300 متر من الأعماق, تحت وسط مكسيكو سيتي, الضخم بلازا. أضع الفيديو هنا. مع ذلك ، سأتركك وأراكم قريبًا في Looking 4. Ciao.