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cj dropshipping to ebay

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

How To Dropship On EBAY With CJ Dropshipping (Copy and Paste Method)

if you're looking to start ebay dropshipping from today. in this video, i'm going to show you a simple, step-by-step copy and paste method that you can use to find a winning product. let's go. [Music]. what's going on, people? welcome back to my channel if you're new. my name is sam and what i do here is break down various different tips and tricks to help you guys make money online. but in today's video, what i'm going to be doing is walking you through step by step, showing you how to find a winning product that you're going to be able to start selling from today, and i'm also going to be showing you how to find the winning drop shipping product that you're going to be able to get to your customers within one to three days, because, as you guys know, when it comes to drop shipping on ebay, you wanna be able to offer your customers the quickest shipping possible, and that's what i'm gonna be showing you in today's video. as always, i don't waste any more time. i want to jump straight into it. so if you find any value in the video, don't forget to press the like button. don't forget to subscribe as well. hit the bell notification. let's jump straight into the video. all right? so the first thing that you need to do to find a winning drop shipping product is start off on the ebay home page and at the top here you're going to see all of these different categories. now, once you get to this stage and you need to pick a category, it doesn't really matter which one you pick. you just need to pick one that you have some sort of interest in, just in case you get any questions about the product you want to be able to answer in the best way possible. so i'm going to click on home and garden and then i'm going to click on pet supplies, because we're going to be doing research down the line to see if the product is selling. at that stage you can pick any product you want and then, if the product doesn't meet the criteria that we're going to go through later on in the video, then obviously don't sell it, but if it does, then you can continue selling it. at this stage it doesn't matter what category you pick, because we're going to be doing more research later on. so now that i've clicked on pet supplies, what we're going to do is come to this section here and you can click on any one of these categories that you want cat supplies, dog supplies, whatever. i'm just going to click on dog supplies, and this is mainly due to the fact that i know a lot of people spend money when it comes to their dogs. so now that i'm on this page, what i'm going to do is scroll down and come to this section right here, so from this point, you can filter it from best match to lowest price, highest price, whatever you want. i'm just going to leave it at best match and, as we can see, the first product that comes up is this dog bed or pet bed. so now that i know that this bed for pets are selling well, what i'm gonna do is go over to cj drop shipping, which is the website that i like to use when it comes to drop shipping products on ebay. so let's go all right. so now that i'm on the main cj homepage, what i'm gonna do is come to this section here and type in dog bed, so we can see that cj drop shipping is currently able to offer us all of these different dog beds that they're able to drop ship to our customers. but because i'm based in the uk and i want to be able to offer my customers within the uk the fastest shipping possible. if you guys are in the same situation as me and you want to drop ship within the uk, what you're going to do is come to this section right here where it says all warehouses, and straight away we can see that cj is able to ship out orders from all of these different warehouses. there's a us warehouse, thailand, china, germany, indonesia, but if we just scroll a little bit more down, we can see the britain warehouse. now, the main thing that you guys need to know when it comes to all of these different warehouses that they have, is that the product availability is going to be limited depending on what warehouse you choose. so, for example, if you choose the china warehouse, there's going to be so many products available for you to drop ship to your customers, but with the china warehouse, you're obviously going to get longer delivery times. however, if you want to drop ship to customers within the united states, then you might want to select the us warehouse, because by doing that, you're going to be able to offer your customers quicker shipping. all right, so now that i've selected the britain warehouse, we can see that these are all of the pet products that they have available currently located within the british warehouse, but the number one product right here is this dog bed, so let me just click into it. there's a few key things that you guys need to look out for once you're on this page. first thing is obviously the price. the next thing that you need to look out for is the processing time, so we can see that it's going to take cj between one to three days from the moment that you buy it from them for them to process it and ship it out to the customer. you also need to make sure that you've selected the right information on the right hand side over here so we can see it shipping from. so we need to change that from the us warehouse to the britain warehouse right there platform doesn't necessarily matter, but you can change it to ebay if you want. and the next thing that you need to check is the shipping method and have a look at the available shipping options so we can see that cj is able to offer us her maze delivery as well as royal mail delivery. both of them are one to three days. normally, i like to select the royal mail delivery, and we can see that there's also tracking available for that as well. the last key thing that you need to look out for on the right hand side over here is the inventory. so we can see these stok levels in the britain warehouse is a lot. there's almost 2 000 units. it's very important to make sure that you have a look at this so that you know whether or not you're going to be able to scale your ebay store, maybe run ebay ads so you're able to get more sales, because you won't necessarily be able to do that if there isn't enough inventory in the warehouse that you've selected. but 2 000 units is definitely a lot and we can definitely work with that. so now that we know that dog bits is available for us to drop ship to our customers, the next thing that i like to do is jump back over to ebay and make sure that the top seller that's selling dog beds at the moment is able to sell minimum at least one every single day. the way that you check that is that you search for the product that you're researching. so in this case we're looking for dog beds. all right, so we can see that this seller sponsored, this one sponsored, and this one's the first one in the list that's not sponsored, so i'm going to click on it. all right, so we can see that this seller's been able to sell over 2 373 different units and they've been able to sell 10 in the last 24 hours. so if i just click on this link right here to double check if they've been able to sell one every single day, so today is the seventh. i'm recording this video early in the morning and they've already sold one today. yesterday on the six, they sold this many. i'm not even gonna count that. they sold a few on the fifth. they sold a lot on the fourth. so i think it's fair to say that this seller's been able to sell multiple, not even just one, every single day. so that's a great indicator for us to know that this product is doing well. so if you want to take it a step further and you want to do a little bit more research before you start listing a product from cj drop shipping onto your ebay store and you want to make sure that it's definitely worth your time, what i like to use is a product research software, and the one i'm going to use today is zeke analytiks. so i'm on my zeek dashboard right now. what i'm going to do is type in dog bed right here. i'm going to leave all the filters the same, because i'm shipping withi.

How To List Products On eBay From CJDropshipping (2023)

hello them. if you want to start creating a list your stuff here into eBay by using a Drop Shipping supplier, you are in the right place, so let's begin. so I'm going to leave you guys a link Down Below in the description if you want to start, if you don't have an account, if you want to start selling here into either your like movie, so let's dig into it. so once we have our account, what we want to do is to sign in. after you signed in, you want to go into my eBay and go into the selling option. this part is really important in in order to start selling here into eBay. it might be a little bit annoying, but I can tell you from my point of experience is really important to do this. so what you want to do is to go into your account and here into account. do you want to go into personal information? you want to build as much information as you can. you want to verify your email, in both your email and your phone number as well. so now that we have verified our account, we can start working here into eBay. so what I want to do is to go into the sheet CJ- Drop Shipping- and here, once again, I'm going to leave you a link Down Below in the description for both platforms. so you want to create an account? it's really, really simple: just need to provide an email on your name and your last name. so once you see something like this, you want to choose products for e-commerce platform. you can choose tiktok, Amazon and see eBay, Shopify or even Walmart- even more of them. so if you go into the eBay here, you can see a lot of options can be sold into your account. but first of all, we want to link our CD drops. you have an account into eBay in order to import the items that we wanted to list first. so what I want to do here is to go into my account, my CJs. I'm going to go into the store. authorization with appears in here. I'm gonna be looking Eevee. so here into Evie. what's going to happen here? it says you haven't authorized any store yet. so we need to authorize our eBay store in order to start selling, right? so I'm going to choose add store and here's the store name. so what you want to do, if you don't know what is the name of your store, let's go here into my eBay. and here what I want to do is to go into my eBay, for example, here into my eBay, I'm going to hit into my selling options and here into my selling options. I have the account that appears in here. I'm going to get into activity here. this is the name that I have available, so I want to copy this store. I'm gonna go into my CJ once again. I'm gonna paste this name. I'm going to get into authorize. what I need to do is to review in Grant the application access. after that I need to agree and continue. this is, uh, directly from eBay. so you want to keep your page- both eBay and ta dropping- already opened. so once you have successfully done that, we have the authorization success. so now that we have the authorization, what we want to do is to go into the home section of elv CJ dropshipping. I'm going to go here into my eBay. I'm going to get into summary, and here what I want to do is to look for products that can be fittable for eBay. so I'm going to choose eBay here into eBay. we do have a lot of options, so, depending on what kind of content that you're going to be starting to sell is the option that we can start to sell? let's say, for example, that it just for this uh tutorial, the purpose of this tutorial. what I'm going to be choosing is, for example, this uh fashion interview law earphone, or actually you could look for. let's say, for example, here the category hitting it. hit into plus and here into plus. let's say that I want to focus it only into the Consumer Electronics, here into the Consumer Electronics. I do have a lot of options to use so I can choose. let's say, for example, I'm going to be: I'm just going to be using this first one, because I don't want to focus into the product, I just want to be focusing into how we can import this into our store. so what I want to do is to select this option that says add to QE. so I'm just going to be focusing into just one option. I want to hit: enter my CJ once again or go into the directly into your QE. if you don't see that yet, I'm going to be going back just for a second. hit into the QE option, and actually I do have like more options. um, I'm gonna be closing this for a second. I'm going to be selecting this option. I'm going to be deleting this, confirmed, and this one as well. so I'm going to be choosing this headset of the Bluetooth speaker indicate into list now. so what's going to happen here is going to be popping up this listing section. so this one is going to be shipped from China warehouse and the store. I have a store of Shopify, but you want to focus into eBay store, so I'm going to be choosing this option. now, the listing side. do you want to please make sure the total quality product listed does not exceed to the listing limit on eBay? so what you want to do is to is to check it out here, how many you have in the inventory. so, as you can see, we have 3, 36 000 option. if I go here into my section of selling, here into eBay, what I want to look for, I'm going to hit into my eBay, I'm going to hit into selling and here into selling. what I want to find about is about how many listing I can do. for example, I can only list up to two thousand audit for free every month. so I'm going to get into learn more. so what I just need to do is to verify my account and have to be sure that I have enough items left to list on eBay. I only have Siri available, but you might be having more if you have a account limit or you can increase your items in here, for example. what I'm going to do here is to choose the how to increase listing quantities on eBay. so it's going to be popping up the block section where what I can do is to go into the selling option here into the selling you want to go into the monthly limits. so what happened in my case is that I didn't have a payment method file and for that I needed to to use a plan in order to start seeing how many listing I have available for my store. so this is the way that we can do this. but in order to have more than one item to list on eBay, we need to choose a specific plan so we can start selling here into eBay as a Drop Shipping section. so that's totally up to you guys. it's going to be taking a while, but I'm going to be leaving you with that information and I'm going to be leaving you the artikles of CG Drop Shipping so you can see the details of how you can improve your listing here into eBay. you might want to see if this is something you can do in order to don't pay absolutely for anything else before you want to list more than just one item, so hopefully gas was a very useful video for you. don't forget to like And subscribe to this channel if you want to see more about this. eBay options. thank you so much for watching this video and I will see you guys. the next one.

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How To Work With Cj Dropshiping eBay Dropshiping With List Item | shopify | woocommerce ebay sinhala

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How to Start Dropshipping on eBay with CJ Dropshipping [FULL Tutorial]

in this video, I'll show you how to start Dropship on eBay with a legit Drop Shipping supplier, CJ Drop Shipping. these are the steps that I will cover: register a seller account and connect it to your bank account. find profitable products to drop ship and CJ Drop Shipping, and list items with optimized titles. and I'm also going to give you a bonus tip: a business plan to scale your eBay Drop Shipping business so fast. so make sure that you watch the video till the end. so CJ Drop Shipping is a Chinese company that provides a One-Stop solution for Drop Shipping. they Source Goods, process orders, fulfill them and ship to buyers. the future products are often cheaper than what you will find in AliExpress, and they can also Source Products on your demand. CJ Drop Shipping has multiple warehouses around the world: in USA, Germany, England, China and so on. the Chinese Warehouse is their main Warehouse, with greater product range, but your customers would have to wait a little bit longer for the shipping. all right, and before we jump a little bit more on CJ dropshipping, let me show you how to create a eBay seller account for Drop Shipping. You should follow this Rule and this planning day one: register an account on eBay. they, too, interact with eBay, search and purchase cheap item. day three: connect your bank account, US bank account- and if you don't have US bank account, you can always expand a year and revolute. day four: list your first product from home. and day five, contact eBay to increase your selling limits. and day six, list your first Drop Shipping product. and, by the way, if you're liking this video, hit the like button. it means a lot to me and to everyone. now let me show you how to create an eBay seller account. let's go, all right, ladies and gentlemen. so the first step is to go to ebaycom and once you're there, you click register. then, here you fill the first name, last name, email. now, let's do it together. I'm gonna just create a new store with you and when it comes to email, I highly suggest to create an email that is related to your store, to your work, okay, instead of using a personal email. all right. and then I'm going to click here, create account. and after this, the first thing you do, you come here and the corner, and then you click account settings, and then it's going to open this page right here, and then you come here, you put your personal information and just click. I am, of course, going to blur now a little bit for you guys. and once you have filled information here, you go to payment information, because you will have to set up your payments, all right. so this is the payment section, and here you can add credit card, debit card and if you're in the United States, you can connect your US bank account directly here by clicking add payment option. but now, if you are international seller, you can use services such as payoneer or revolut to get us or UK bank account to connect with eBay. and, for example, payoneer is quite simple. you just go to their website and click here, sign up. it just, it's really straightforward. okay, it's really easy to do. now the tricky part is to connect payoneer to your eBay account, and I am going to show you how to do that right now. I'm just going to use um, another store. all right, ladies and gentlemen, let me show you how to quickly connect payoneer to your eBay account. and you go to payments and once you're in payments, you click register now and then shows: uh, here I took the steps to connect to Pioneer account, sync eBay to Pioneer, add credit card and submit registration information, and then you just click get started. we're going to keep it. we're going to continue with an individual account, okay. so, yes, you choose the option yes, keep this as an individual account, and you click continue, all right, this is the second stage, where you sync your profiles, and then they ask you if you have an existing view on your account, and you do, all right, so you click yes, sign in. and this is the part where you connect your eBay account to your payoneer account. go ahead and sign in, as you can see it automatikally does for you. then go ahead and click on continue and then this is the third step where you're going to add a card for selling costs. okay, and then you just type your credit card information here and once you have filled all the information, you go at the bottom of the page and then you click continue. so we're at the final stage of submitting the request, check everything, and then you just click submit request and eBay will contact you once everything is set. now it's also important to mention here that it takes a little bit, all right, it takes up a little bit of time. sometimes it takes even weeks for it to get a proofed and connected. now let me show you how to find winning products winning Drop Shipping products in CJ Drop Shipping. there are two ways. first way is manual research and the second way you is using an automated research tool. okay, let's go over the first way together. and the first one is to manually go on the website and then you can select the warehouse here, for example, here warehouse, and you see there's warehouses all over the globe. in this case we'll choose Us warehouse. and now here you see all the products that are available for you to sell from this warehouse, and then you scroll down. you look for a product that stands out to you that you think will be good for you. you know, for example, like we can also filter out for prices. um, let's say price, let's make the highest one here, for example, you know, just drip cough coffee maker, for example. all right, let's take a look into this product. so here we see the, the photo, of course, the title, the product price. there's free shipping, all right, and one of the things I look for is to look where the products shipped from and how many units they have to ship. so in this case you see it's shipping from the OS Us warehouse, and then they have over 4 000 products to ship, which is a good number for Drop Shipping, and then down here, um, it's also important to look at this estimated delivery time. so three to seven days track information is available- it's always good. and then you come here you see the total Drop Shipping price. so total Drop Shipping price would be seven to one dollars. and then you look down here you can see the estimated uh processing time and the weight. so, as as I mentioned before, this product here has free a shipping fee and a free service fee, which is a call at inspection, pack inspection, so on, always important to go down here. see the package size, the weight, the item description, see if everything's there. of course you can always improve this if you wish. I always look for the buyers reviews and so in this case you don't have a buyer's review and I normally recommend to Dropship products with buyer reviews and the more positive reviews the better. if there are no reviews, I wouldn't risk selling it. but okay, just for the sake of this example, let's keep this product okay. and after this you have to register, of course. if you haven't registered, you just go here um, click register and you feel all the information here right, and then click next. so we create an account. now it's a drop shipping, and so let's go back to the product which is here, and then it might ask you to log in again and then shows you haven't, uh, authorized any stores yet. so you come here and you add store and then you put your eBay store's name and authorized, and then, of course, you need to log into eBay and then you put your password, then, here, review and create application access, and then, of course, you agree and continue and that's it. so you have authorized your store. okay, here's the store, public name, store typo, and then, uh, it's authorized and activated. since now we have the our store authorized you, it's time to list the product to your store. so you go back, let's go back to the product. so we're back in the product and to list it to your store you simply click list and once you do that, this pops up. so it's important to put your price here. let's say, for example, for science 71, we cou.

How To List Products On eBay From CJdropshipping In 2022

hi and welcome back to our channel. in this video we are going to tok about how to list items on Ebay from CJ Drop Shipping. let's get started. CJ Drop Shipping is a platform that offers a variety of Drop Shipping services for e-commerce sellers, including product sourcing, order processing and shipping fulfillment. it can be synchronized with the most popular e-commerce service providers like Shopify, eBay, woocommerce, shipstation, Lazada and shoppie. dropshippers mainly use CJ with their online stores to make order processing easier. the website offers selling and distribution of over 400 000 items stored in eight International warehouses. the selection is pretty broad. you can find various categories, ranging from beauty products to Furniture to electronics. you first need to create an account on CJ Drop Shipping. click on register on the top right corner on the sign up page. select your country or language from this drop down menu, fill in the required Fields, accept the user agreement and privacy policy and then click on next. on the next page, enter a username, your name, your phone number and then click on confirm. after successful registration, you will receive a welcome screen with a user questionnaire. the questionnaire has questions like: which platform are you running your store on now? how many orders do you need to process per day? what categories of products do you mainly Market? select your answer and click on submit. you can either fill the questionnaire or click on skip now to go to the dashboard. on your dashboard you will see many platforms like tiktok, Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Shopify and Walmart. if you want to use CJ Drop Shipping for your eBay store, click on eBay. you will be taken to the eBay page of CJ Drop Shipping. here you will find all the products that you can list on your eBay store with CJ Drop Shipping. expand the category list by clicking this plus icon and select the category from the list below that you can set your range for Price, inventory and lists. below the product thumbnail you can see its name, how many stores have listed them and its price. you can also save any product to your wish list by clicking the heart symbol. scroll down to see the complete list of products and once you have selected your product, click on it. you will be taken to the product Details page. here you can see the complete description about the product, like its name, price range, available colors, shipping fees, service fee and many more. there are many images over here that show the product in different colors. hover your mouse on the image to see a zoomed in view. on the right side you can see the seller's name, its country and the seller's rating. scroll down to see the complete description. here you can see some options like connect list, customize, add to queue, add to sq list, buy now and photography request. if the product is already on your eBay store and you want to list it again, click on the connect button. if you want to add this as a new product to your eBay list, click on the list button here. we are continuing with the list button. here you will see a pop-up window open. select your Warehouse from this drop down menu. by default it will be China warehouse, but you can change it to any other available Warehouse from this drop down. select your eBay stores that are connected with CJ Drop Shipping. here you will see the product specifications like image SKU, CJ color, CJ model, CJ Style, CJ price, shipping fee, service fee, total drop shipping cost and your price column. scroll down and you will see all the variants of your product. from here you have to select the country to which most of your orders will be shipped. select the shipping method from this drop down. it will depend on the country you have selected. below you will see the estimated time, shipping cost and tracking information. if you don't want to make any changes in the products details and descriptions, click on the list it now button. or else, if you want to make any changes, click on the edit before listing button on the product edit page. select your eBay store from this drop down. now come to the product tab. here you can change the title of the product or else keep it as it is. add some tags for the product and keep tags count between five to seven, but don't exceed to more than 10.. it may affect the searchability of your product. now click on the description tab to make changes in the description. this is a simple text editor with features like font size, bold, italic, underline, alignment, color and hyperlink. simply go through the default description and make the changes as you want. at the end of the page you can see images as well. now come to the image tab. by default, all the images will already be selected. if you don't want to add any partikular image to the product description, click on it to deselect it. now come to the variance tab. scroll down to see all the different color variants of the product. you can see Columns of images: SKU: CJ color, CJ model, CJ style, CJ price and shipping fee. click on any of them to make changes. if you want to make changes in the price in bulk variance, enter your amount here and then click on ok. now come to the shipment tab. select your eBay store from this drop down and then select your shipping Warehouse from this drop down. then select the country to which most of your orders will be shipped from this drop down menu. here we have selected United States of America. based on the warehouse and your selected country, all the shipping methods will be displayed here. you will see Columns of shipping method, estimated delivery time, shipping fee, service fee and tracking information. scroll down to see the complete list of shipping methods and compare all of them. once you have confirmed everything, click on the list it now button and right after clicking on list it now, your product will be listed in your eBay store. so this is how you list items on Ebay from CJ Drop Shipping, and with that we have come to an end to this video. we hope you liked it. if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment below. for our next video, stay tuned and stay subscribed.

How To Start Dropshipping On Ebay With CJ Dropshipping | Ebay Dropshipping

welcome to the channel, guys, today we're going to go in great detail and tok about how we can actually do Drop Shipping for eBay. now there is a lot of individuals in the market that are thinking about getting the financial freedom and breaking away from the nine to five Rat Race, and obviously you can do that from a lot of platforms, but one of the platform which really stands out is ebaycom, because eBay gives you control over what you need to sell and how you need to sell it, and this is a platform where you can buy, sell, trade anything and everything, and for that reason it has become one of the biggest Platforms in the industry. and obviously I highly recommend anyone that wants to get into the Drop Shipping business to check out ebaycom, because it understands, knows exactly how and what to function and gives an opportunity to individuals that do not have prior experience About Drop Shipping. and these videos that we're creating for you guys is to give you guys a competitive advantage in the industry, because right now the drop shipping industry has become very, very, very competitive and you need to understand the different Dynamics before you get into it, and that is the reason why we've done our research and we've gone and created different tips and tricks for you to get a competitive Advantage. but before you start selling on eBay, the first thing that you need to do is head over to a website which is called cjdropshippingcom. now, cjdropshippingcom is a platform which gives you an opportunity to find different products which are available across all the different platforms, such as tiktok, Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Shopify and even Walmart, and you can check all the different recommended e-commerce websites over here on the top. and the reason why I, personally speaking, I feel that cjdropshippingcom really gives you a chance to Source the partikular product that you want to sell and then ship it to you at a very reasonable cost. one of the major things that you need to keep in mind, guys, whenever you get into this industry, is that the difference between success and failure is the amount of research that you do in selecting the correct direct product and then selling that partikular product. in today's video, I'm gonna tell you exactly how you need to do that and how you need to link your CJ Drop Shipping account with your eBay account. so, whatever product that you have, you want to get and sell on your eBay, you can clearly easily link it and get it from CJ Drop Shipping, and it will ship it and import all that information onto your eBay account and you can sell that product very easily and efficiently. now, obviously, you want to select a product that has a market, you want to select a product that is selling and you want to select a product that has potential to make you rich, and for that reason, I want to select a product and give you a product that I personally feel has that ability, and I'm going to show you exactly how that needs to be done as well. for example, if you see this product over here, which is the winter glove touch screen riding motorcycle, all we need to do is click on it. once we click on it, it's going to open in the new window. in that window, we will see all the information there is about this partikular product, for example, the price the product is for, the different colors that's available and the size. but the thing that makes CJ Drop Shipping stand out from its competitors is the information of where that partikular item is being sourced from, who is the supplier- and the supplier name is available. the country where it's from is available as well, and information about where you want it to be shipped from and what inventory you wanted from, and obviously the inventory number is given as well, and if you scroll down, you can check the platform that you want to link it to. any one of these platform can get this partikular product as well, and where you want to ship to as well is clearly mentioned, and you can select it the way you want it shipped, how you want to get it connected, what is the description available for it? everything and everything is available, and this is one of those product which is being sought out very greatly at this moment in time. now, the thing over here that needs to be mentioned- and the thing I always recommend individual- is to understand the product nature, understand the psychology of the consumer. right right now, there is an element where people want to select a partikular product, but do not go in Greater detail in understanding the different aspect of that partikular product. there are different age group tests available, there's different genders that are available and obviously there are different markets that are available. you want to select a product which is Evergreen, a product which is available in every single country, which is required in every single country, and once you select a product of that nature, you can easily start selling it. but how do you do that? how do you search for it? it's very simple. all you need to do is select the information from here. for example, we're going to select this information and then we're going to copy it, and once we copy it, we will head over to our website, which is called trendsgooglecom. before we search for that item, I will show you that. what is the interest that is coming up? for example, globally, everyone's toking about Ecuador versus Senegal in Poland. what are people toking about? and what Indonesia, where people are toking about? what are people searching? and obviously, all this information gives you elements to understand what, what the world is thinking about. now there's two different types of research. one is primary, the other is secondary. primary research is where you physically will go out and ask people questions and gather that information, analyze that information and then, based on that information, understand what product people would be willing to buy. the secondary research is where you will use elements already available on the internet. who have done that research? and use that information to select a product. the first thing that you need to do once you head over to trendsgooglecom is select the country where you want the information from. so we're going to change this from here and we're gonna go and scroll down and select the us, because obviously we want to cater for the individuals living in the United States, because that is a massive market right now. once we do that, we're gonna go back over here and we're gonna search for the keyword that we spoke about now. once we do that, we'll see and we'll scroll down what people are toking about. now. this is a Thanksgiving over here and people want to get this partikular product and obviously there are two, 2 million searches. that is available. people are toking about this, people want to get this partikular product and obviously this information is available over here for it. if you want to go even further and actually give an element only of winter gloves, you can delete all this information and search for it. so when you search for this, you will get the different information in regards to what is happening in this precise moment in time. so you can clearly see the level of Interest has increased from 37 to 100 in the past one month and if you scroll down, you'll be able to see these sub-regions in the US that people want to get this partikular product and that clearly shows that this is an item that people want to buy and people are interested in. now we know this is a good product to get which is available on CJ dropping. so how do we take it to our eBay store? the first thing that you need to do is actually sign into your eBay account. if you do not have an account, I would highly suggest for you to create an account. it's very simple. you can easily continue with Google and once you click on it, you will get signed into your eBay account and get it registered instantly, because Google gives you that ability. once you have done it, you need to head over to your CJ Drop Shipping acc.